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  1. When I look at using cans for metal I start wondering how much of our metal is steel vs aluminum. It may make the game too complicated to worry about it, but aluminum arrows might be cool. Or other ideas for it. Also just looking, it seems that aluminum melts at 660 degrees and steel is like 1500. Apparently you can melt down aluminum without too much trouble... Anyways I won't go any further than this since I am not the one making the game.
  2. If we had a use key, like e for example, then that would never be a problem.
  3. Yeah it’s crazy sometimes. It might have something to do with blizzards degrading clothing regardless of whether you have cover or not but I am not sure. I once read a book by a fire in cover while a blizzard raged. My clothes fell apart in no time.
  4. Currently I am generally playing darkest dungeon, misery mod for stalker COP, space engineers, and path of exile. I am looking forward to xenonauts 2.
  5. I very much enjoy reading these updates Thank you for taking the time to write them.
  6. I will snap bunny necks left and right, mountain goat downcliffs, use the starvation exploit if I am playing on default settings(I assume custom doesn’t work for story mode), and use everything I can to my advantage. I leave nothing off the table.
  7. Thank you for saying this I am pleased you are looking to support them in the future.
  8. I will not be playing wintermute until it's finished and all patched up. I like to get the best experience possible and I like to play it all in one go, or as close to as I can.
  9. I like hinterland as well, from what I know of them. I am glad I was able to purchase their game. I just want to mention though that when you purchased factorio and TLD, it was on the understanding that the game wasn't finished yet and that you're buying into a work in progress that may or may not go well. TLD seems to be going well, and I am glad to hear factorio is going well too as that's a game I plan to look at once it's finished.....however not all games end up this way and it's a risk we buy into.
  10. I have to say I disagree with it just being a way to complain. For me anything that takes me out of the game world and gives me frustration, however small, is immersion breaking. Not being able to step over tiny things is frustrating for me, probably because it impacts me in the game world.
  11. Oh...I've been playing with the setting on low when I really wanted it on the highest. I wonder what other settings I have misinterpreted.
  12. Cool I very much like the updates
  13. I use custom to turn off T1000 sleep regeneration among other things. I guess I am trying to make the game as realistic as I can. While personally I would have feats enabled no matter what since people should be able to play how they like, they may see it as people needing to put in a minimum amount of effort to get them. Either way it doesn’t bother me since I don’t use feats.
  14. I think this problem could be solved with percent based settings in the custom mode. Deer spawn: 1%, You might see a deer in 100 days if you're lucky Bear spawn: 100000%. It's freakin' bearmageddon out here. Loot value(how good an item can be): 100%, you can find everything Loot chance: 1%, the expedition parka could spawn, but it probably didn't Sleeping heal rate: 5%, sure you gain 2% life from sleeping which is realistic I think, but it's not the T1000 regen that you get on the current low setting.
  15. As mentioned alcohol would only accelerate your death, however you could always add like a chemical heat pack or something. My parents have these packs that you mush up and they produce heat. They put them in their gloves.
  16. Good. I completely support a good working environment where people aren't subject to the garbage that people working in the AAA industry are. It's insane to me that people get mad about that.
  17. I would be happy to have the indoors get as cold as the outside, but also be able to heat up with a fire and retain the heat. Smaller houses could take less to keep warm giving you a choice to make, and you could maybe have a house improvement mechanic added. Maybe use some of those animal pelts to slow how quickly the house gets cold again.
  18. Fir is a limited resource so I would be against using it as a consumable. It would make it the same as matches. There needs to be a point to this too, giving the option for fire when no other options exist so it can’t be too hard to attempt. Personally I would have the fire bow require a cured gut and a stick. Or shoelaces from the shoes you spawn in with and a stick. Fir or cedar could be required in your inventory but not consumed. No knife or anything should be required. the chance for starting a fire with the bow should be 100%, but the time required would be unknown, like fishing. that would make it easy for gameplay and a source of unlimited fire. The downside would be you could try all night and fail, burning a lot of calories and wasting your night when you may have been able to find matches instead.
  19. Not being able to step over tiny obstacles is probably number one, but generally anything that is really easy to do in real life being difficult or impossible in game is the most jarring and maddening. Having to eat three bears in a month is pretty jarring too. Edit——- And although I disable them(which is great) intestinal parasites are crazy. How can our character be so completely incompetent with cooking? I hope they can be disabled in story mode too when that’s all done and good to play.
  20. Due to my settings and playstyle I rarely find more than a couple lanterns or other useful things like that but I will drop them in places that I use them. Whatever saves some weight is something I like to do. I never craft axes for the same reason
  21. yup. I can't say for sure because I've not tested, but on custom games I THINK you can have loot quality higher and drop loot amount down, so you can still find a revolver but it's going to be more rare than it would otherwise be.
  22. I really like the custom mode this game offers, I would love to see it expanded to be even better.
  23. Yeah. I tried sprains again after the revamp but I was getting them way too easily still. Luckily hinterland has some good devs and the feature is optional so I've ended up playing with it disabled again.
  24. aww I found something I don't like about the new zone I need a hatchet to get past certain places, but I've always found hatchets to be a waste of resources to make so of course I don't have one What's really awful is that it's this small bush that is blocking me. My character can scale down an 80 degree cliff completely safely but can't get past a bush or step over a stick.