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  1. Yeah I went inside for an hour on the one that sank into the ground to warm up. It was there before I went inside, gone after.
  2. Yeah I have lost two carcasses recently because of this. One in coastal highway and one in desolation point. It is making surviving difficult...
  3. When I first started playing I found a quest key in a visor in story mode. But that was before the redux. I’ve never found anything in survival mode and I never check anymore.
  4. I will fish on occasion these days. I never used to, but it can be something to do while waiting for hides to cure so you can have warmer clothes for travel.
  5. Enjoy your time off and thanks for everything
  6. I am just glad I don't want to use any feats so that doesn't bother me. Sucks for other people though.
  7. Yes I understand consolitis has taken root. It’s the reality of pc gaming now, unfortunately.
  8. ...huh I wasn't expecting people to not want this. I guess throwing rocks while trying to pick up rabbits is a good thing.
  9. I would like to request adding in better key options. This has always been an issue in this game, but what finally made me post is that I am playing a game on a difficulty setting where I cannot find ammo around the world but I did happen to find three rounds in a revolver. I just wasted one of those very valuable rounds trying to open a door inside a cabin. If a separate use button existed this would not have happened. Thank you.
  10. I don't understand why you don't want to run custom? You can make it even harder if you want, but disable wolves from spawning. Also I do think that you should be able to avoid the majority of wolf spawns. But maybe there are just 5000 wolves running around on loper. I wouldn't know because I only play custom with the lowest spawn number possible for all animals(still wishing I could turn it way lower).
  11. I haven't played this yet but the way I see it is that the new region/wolves seem really dangerous but offer very little reward. Sure the revolver is good, but you really don't need it to survive. Why take a huge risk and a lot of time on something that doesn't help all that much? I suspect that people will check out the new region because it's something new but after that it won't see very much use.
  12. Yeah it's not on GoG yet either. I think steam is a lot more hands off and the devs just take care of it themselves there. It's both good and bad. Personally I prefer GoG even if I miss out on events and get updates slower.
  13. I haven't played since that has happened. It seems like it's really strange. The fact that people are posting about it says that it really doesn't make sense or fit. I can understand why they did it but hopefully they will figure out a better way to deal with it. Maybe if you're too close to the bait the wolf will still attack? Make head shots at least more difficult without making people think the game is bugging out.
  14. Those are all really good. The timber wolves are really terrifying in that one pic, my goodness I will have nightmares(which may include scritches).
  15. Looks really good. I liked the video. For those who haven't seen it:
  16. Yeah you would have to find the angle, calculate the delay, then play the sound twice. I am certainly not a game dev but it doesn’t sound that hard. I am also not the person who would implement it so I am not going to spend much time finding out if I am wrong or not. As to the game not ticking quickly enough, well everything is reactionary. I move the mouse and a whole bunch of stuff happens before I see the results on screen. Just because the game can’t capture my movements exactly doesn’t mean it’s terrible.
  17. I haven't heard of this which makes me wonder if you have any cured gut. It looks like you have 0 to me but the picture quality is low so I can't say for sure.
  18. When I was first checking out TLD I did some story mode, I am quite sure I found a key in a truck visor for the house.
  19. Sound has always been bad in video games. It's almost always a volume difference instead of a sound delay even though I can't imagine a location based delay would be much more computationally intensive than a volume change. It's easier though. Easier to understand and people are used to it. It would be neat to try to implement delay based sounds in TLD though.
  20. I play custom games so I have no idea how many I've done.
  21. I don't expect this, but I would love the custom settings to be more custom. Be able to turn animal sliders all the way to 1% so it could be a month before you see a deer but then also have the deer have realistic meat amounts and for you to eat a sane amount of food. Really what I want is a text file with all the numbers, like this essentially: [rabbit] weight range = 1, 3 calories per kilo = 1200 spawn rate = 0.5 etc, etc
  22. That's....not saying much. Apparently it's not what I think it is, but I think they are going to add that graphic to the game.
  23. I think our character is actually in a wheel chair with wheels like this: That explains why we cannot jump or get over tiny objects. Also why we can't go up slopes that aren't very steep at all.
  24. From what I recall you cannot even shoot through the completely open windows in the farm house in pleasant valley. I understand that to the game it's simply a wall, but from our point of view it's pretty awful. It would be nice if it made a little more sense in that way.
  25. Eating raw meat by accident. It's probably the consolitis that causes it.