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  1. Aaargh! Where do I get a flare gun?
  2. I'm going to Canada! This is awesome, as I live in the UK where everything is horrible. However, until a few years ago I thought of Canada as a place of maple syrup and horseback cops in red coats. Since then I have played a video game which has informed me that Canada is in fact a perpetually frozen, wind blasted snowscape in which survival is only possible by stoning rabbits and snarling packs of hungry wolves are your constant and only companion. British Columbia in November? I don't have an expedition parka, nor any insulated boots. I am very afraid.
  3. I'm going to get laughed at, I know it. But I feel sorry for the Old Bear. I think Jeremiah is a crazy old guy, and I don't want to kill the bear just because he told me to. Yes, I know grizzly bears can be dangerous in real life, but usually only when they feel cornered or if they're injured, or if you threaten their young. The poor Old Bear has arrows stuck in him and that'd make anyone mad! He's probably been living in this part of the forest for decades and Jeremiah has shown up and started shooting arrows into him! I feel really bad following him around the map, shooting at him. Poor Old Bear