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  1. lol, i just scrolled back and look at your original post and turns out I could make things out pretty well much to my chagrin. however, I do like the lighting effect in the update version. the pics definitely give off more of an abandoned/ruined/forgotten post apocalyptic vibe. Still think that wolf is kinda smiling at ya!
  2. now you see him.... Now you don't! Where's Waldo?
  3. this is what it looks like when the aurora give enough light to see and turns on the computer but you cant craft anything at the workbench or read a book. this time I'm in the main cabin at ML
  4. thanks, me too. I was able to make out that wolf though in the others but had no idea about the first two. what are you doing skulking around like that in the middle of the night? that wolf looks kinda like he knows you? "nice doggy..."
  5. @J80H, good to know. I might just divert when I get up to Mountain Town after all. Thanks for the heads up!
  6. From what I heard, a player had made it all the way to the signal fire only to find the satchel, was not there. That alone is a good enough reason for me to avoid the place. That being said, I'm still having fun playing this event.
  7. @odizzido, Shasta was a regional brand in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle/Tacoma/Portland areas. They may have reached up into Vancouver, BC just based on proximity.
  8. I really want to be as thorough as I can be in my quest for syrup and explore as much in the world as possible before the weather or wildlife do me in, but... From what folks have posted, it sounds like some spots may not be worth the effort? So is climbing the summit at TWM a silly notion? What about the coal mine in CH, I'd have to wait for an aurora to get down in there. And HRV, not my best map, I'm kinda reluctant to go there fully equipped in good weather, lol. I'm trying to map a logical route that will allow me to maximize the search without having to do any backtracking. I see excursions into HRV and TWM as riskier side quests since there's only one way in and one way out. I do feel more comfortable tackling TWM for certain. I'd appreciate any thoughts or opinions on any strategies you may be willing to share. Thanks for reading!
  9. I wonder if Shasta is still around. They had this jingle where somebody would pop open a can and they'e starting singing "I want a pop, I want a Shasta!" and of course they'd be holding an orange flavored drink.
  10. I actually got 5 once in PV. Found one in the PV outbuildings between the town hall and the farmstead. then found 4 in the farmhouse. One in the usual spot by the toaster, one in a kitchen cabinet. One in the backpack on the bench by the bathroom and one actually in the refrigerator! Never ever happened again.
  11. Hey fellas, my two cents... As I recall, when custom settings were introduced part of the idea was that folks could "share" their "custom games" via the code that is generated when the game is launched. I guess the idea is we share the code, which is probably exactly how Winter's Embrace works currently, except for the part where I put the code in myself. I've never seen any discussion in the forums on sharing custom game codes but it might be worth throwing the dice and seeing what comes up. Seems to me there's always lots of discussions about game balance and whatnot so I'd think there maybe some interest could be generated. Look how "Share your Screenshot" blew up over the years. This could be huge! I just tweaked a powder puff game for my niece, turned off blizzards and turned on high intensity auroras! Every day is nice day and the lights are on at night! lol
  12. Outstanding marksmanship and quick thinking under pressure! Dropping them both practically on top of one another, too! You get my vote for the Nomad of the Month award! Btw, what are you gonna do with the hides, since your doing a Nomad run? Look at the size of those bear feet!
  13. I found this combo in a fishing shack... Made me wonder if this is random placement by the AI or is this pairing of flavors intentional. Is grape soda and ketchup crisps an actual thing?
  14. quonset hut in CH. it's not that they dont come on at all. but twice now, it's happened.