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  1. you just did... so whatcha got?
  2. Bringing the ole cannery line back into production...
  3. Working my way thru the cave transition between BI and FM I spy a glimmer of light ahead in the dark tunnels of the cave. I see the smallest shaft of light emanating from a narrow hole in the rock ceiling above my head. The air is bitter cold and small snow flakes are slowly falling through the hole from above. As my eyes follow the snowflakes spiraling down to the cavern floor the flickering flame of my torch reveals this chaps final resting place. His death was probably slow and agonizingly painful. Impaled and eviscerated after falling and landing on a sharp cluster of stalagmites, this poor guy died broken and bleeding and utterly alone
  4. yeah me too... I just usually strategically lay an animal hide over the "paper shavings' on the floor essentially like a floor rug. Still trying to come up with something to dress up the broken flower pots...
  5. i've found these so far... three of cover books and this one blank cover books from the church in PV
  6. It's always a bummer to find a dead guy in the house when you're planning on bunking down there for the night... dude manages to haul himself all the way up the stairs, past a kitchen full of food and water, a bathroom with medical supplies only to miss sitting down on the couch in his final moments. He must have been bleeding fairly profusely considering his blood soaked bandage...
  7. I've believe that each of the cover books has it's own corresponding open book. or am i mistaken?
  8. if only I hadn't chopped up that broom for firewood... i feel your pain especially when it comes to unmoveable clutter and debris. Since there is no immediate solution on the horizon any time soon, I've found that the only solution is cover up clutter I can on the floors using animal hides and sleeping bags... 3 well dropped sleeping bags on the sitting corpse upstairs in camp office will practically make him invisible... here's how I dealt with it.
  9. nope, the clothing slot for the headgear only gives you the one slot on the outside for the rabbit skin hat. I was hoping the same thing for the moose satchel on the other side, lol
  10. I'd like to see something like that too, but since it probably isn't going to be happening any time soon, practice throwing a rock, if you haven't done so already. there's even a merit badge in game for stoning those bunnies, just in case you weren't aware. I think it was called something like "stoned like a caveman..." if you need some tips on how to improve your stone throwing marksmanship, just ask, cause a few of the community members have done some great tutorials on how to become a better bunny slayer!
  11. following the caw caw caw of a murder of crows flying about in the distance I found this unfortunate soul. His backpack yielded a worn hoodie and when I turned out his pockets I found an old faded polaroid photo... If only he would have stumbled to the tree adjacent to his final resting place, he may or probably would have been saved.
  12. I got jumped by a bear in midst of reloading my pistol... I got tackled just as I was loading my fourth round and when the bear animation took over, it looked like a slow motion as the casings were knocked outta my hands from the bears weighty impact