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  1. Damn, player! you are a bear killing machine! on a side note, what's the decay rate like when you stash them for a long time. the warmth bonus of a bearskin bedroll is definitely a big bonus but does to tend to drop as the condition does. so how often do you have to do repair your stashed items?
  2. either way, congrats on the milestone!
  3. Yeah PV is kinda spread out to be herding for sure. Works so much better on Coastal Highway out on the ice. In PV you might want to try saturation trapping by the barn area and put up literally a dozen or more snares. They will reap bountiful harvests each and every morning and you'll spend most of the day butchering them. As to hunting the deer, perhaps try a flanking approach. Work your way back down to the tree line and just wait there in crouched mode. Even if you spook some deer initially, they typically work their way back towards their original positions at which point you can
  4. Try crouching as you approach your prey. Even on Pilgrim mode when your crouched, you are very stealthy. Often the animals won't notice you until they are practically upon you. If you haven't achieved level 5 with the bow yet, it's when you stand up that the animals will react to your presence most assuredly so be prepared to stand and draw and fire the bow in rapid order. Not so much a problem if your armed with either the revolver or the rifle and fire from a crouched position. And yes, it is actually a bit more difficult to be a proficient hunter on Pilgrim because the wild
  5. yeah okay, but i still only climb the rope once...
  6. I think you missed the point entirely... It's not about storage, it's about facilitating the movement of materials while minimizing the rope climbing requirement. Using the rock storage containers, a player can load up to 60 kilos of gear climb the rope carrying an additional 30 kilos of gear, in essence being able to transport 90 kilos of gear with a single rope climb. Your saying you'd rather do three rope climbs and the subsequent obstacle course 3 times in order to achieve the same results?
  7. Outstanding! 2100 days! that's like 5 1/2 years on the island! Do you recall how long ago when you started this campaign?
  8. In need of fresh ammo, I've made my way back to Bleak Inlet and the cannery. Found this poor soul in his permanent resting state nestled against an empty coal bin. Upon examination he wasn't carrying anything beside the clothes he wore. Considering his proximity to immediate shelter, I'd venture to guess that he sat down here out of sheer exhaustion, either during a blizzard or during the darkest of nights. Probably night time and a blizzard in retrospect. Considering he was just a few meters from either a car, a trailer or even the kitchenette around the backside of the dock from t
  9. well thanks for sharing it then. If you scroll up a bit, you can see the pic I posted as soon as I built my rock cairn on the steps. I can know store 30 kilos of gear, climb the rope up nearly fully encumbered and then retrieve my loot from storage bringing me to almost 70kilos of gear. Of course I can't walk up the stairs carrying that much loot so I gotta make two trips, lol! Either way this is a great idea and very practical solution! So after I built one on the upper steps, I wondered if I could actually build one on the wreckage of the bottom stairs, so I went out and collected e
  10. Yes, perhaps if there is going to be a TLD II then maybe it might have more survival mechanics in place than the current version. I always envisioned using one of the fishing huts with a door on it to act as sort of a walk in smoker. All the resources are already present in game so creating something new from scratch wouldn't be necessary. Imagine you string "line", made from cured gut, across the inside of the of the shack. There you drape the meat over the line and make a long burning fire in the potbelly stove. On the stove you put a pot and in the pot your place your smoking materials
  11. lol, you wouldn't be the first person to suggest dried meat or fish as a preservation tool for long term survival. I've posted the same request here on the wishlist myself on more than one occasion. But in terms of long term food storage, they game already allows for cooked/raw meat to be stored outside, either in a container or not and it has incredible shelf life so to speak. You can even still cook "ruined" meat at bring it back up to 50% and store it outside for an additional long time before it goes bad. Even then you still eat it and sometimes you might even avoid food poisoning whic
  12. I'm gonna have to agree with @Sito here and remark that it probably is a Steam error in that your saved game stats probably didn't sync up and then subsequent updates overwrote certain achievements. I know it's a pain, but I've been playing since 2015 myself and this has also happened to me more than once. The biggest thing I would lament is if certain badges, like 4 Days of Night, Escape the Dark Walker and Winter's Embrace were missing. No way could you recreate those. But at least with achievements, those at least can be "re-achieved" just by playing the game anyways. Like you said, "
  13. You can do that. Depending on whether or not your carrying a bedroll, the rest function will give you a slight increase in resting temperature depending on the condition of your bedroll. without a bed roll, at best you will get +3 degrees C warmth bonus from resting in a car. Standard bedroll in near perfect condtion up to +5 warmth bonus and if you're carrying a bearskin bedroll up to +12 warmth bonus. if you really wanna max out the warmth, make a fire on the hood of the car, weather permitting and you can turn the inside into a luxurious dry heat sauna! obviously doesn't work in blizza
  14. @Zaknafein Freaking Outstanding! However so impractical as to be almost useless. But as proof of concept, well done, indeed!