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  1. looks like the wind is blowing so hard the cabin is leaning over
  2. Yeah, honestly I was surprised initially when my first two kills harvested out to 3.5 and 5 kilos respectively, when I made that post back in December. upon resuming gameplay, however, subsequent kills definitely yield more meat when harvested. Last couple of times me and Timmy tangled I was getting solid 6+ kilo harvests. Game just seems to continue to improve with each passing day, doesn't it?
  3. kinda dark, hmmm? ...t'was a dark and gloomy night and as I slipped and fell on the ice, no one laughed, although the ice made a few cracks, lol
  4. I'm ready to repel down there and harvest that big boy! I hope you tried shooting an arrow or two at him!
  5. nice close up! I bet that sharp stick in his eye musta hurt a little
  6. You could cover the entire upper walkway at Bleak Inslet with cured timberwolf pelts...
  7. great shot of that arrow in flight! from that angle I'm thinking a good shot to the head. how did it all end up?
  8. no, alas, you cannot. I've tried many times with a variety of hides, to no avail. the only thing that i really haven't tried is to maybe get just a portion of a hide to cover just a part of the hole and then kinda patch multiple hides around the opening. dont know if that could work, but maybe somebody could try it the next time they find themselves up on TWM and let us all know? hint hint, lol
  9. Yes, I think it is certainly doable but as you pointed out @MrsHoneypot, if you deliberately travel without a sleeping bag you probably should plan your movements wisely. I guess my question is why? Considering the basic bag only weighs in at kilo, I think there are quite a few other things that you can shed from your inventory to drop the equivalent in weight. For example, check out the amount of matches you are carrying. I typically end up with a ton of match books, both wooden and paper, not to mention 2-3 strikers and maybe even 2-3 magnifying glasses. Considering I almost never use the magnifying glass, for me that is just dead weight. same goes for all those matches. by the time i put 20 or more boxes of matches in a storage container, I've sometimes easily reduced my carry weight by over a kilo or more. Now on the other hand, if you like playing the game with a self imposed hardship like that, game on! on a side note, you may be onto something. This would make a pretty good achievement type of challenge mini game imho. You don't get a bag when you spawn and you have to sleep in at least two or more beds on each map and you have to cover the whole island and you only have a limited time to do it. what do you think?
  10. For those of you whom have completed this challenge, let me say congratulations. I've attempted it on a few occasions only to find that I lack the tenaciousness needed to complete the task. So, I am curious, what's the least amount of effort required to achieve this accomplishment? ie, do you have to clear all the shadow from the map or could a player only sketch those areas that pop up on the hud while leaving splotchy areas hidden? Also, how much charcoal did it take you to finish? Any advise you have that your willing to share would be greatly appreciated!
  11. where do the missing arrows go? I thought I had heard something about the recent updates that fixed loosing an arrow when the animal died on top of it. Supposedly the arrow now can almost always be recovered. For the most part I've found this to be case, especially in those cases where I get an instakill on deer for example and almost always on a wolf bleedout situation. but the last two times I tangled with the bear in particular, I shot him three times during one encounter and twice on another encounter. Both times I only recovered a single arrow. net loss of three arrows out of 5 fired. Both times they dropped not too far from where I shot them. I combed the area on multiple occasions over the next few days just to see if maybe they fell out or whatever, but no joy. just curious if anybody else getting similar results in your gameplay?
  12. When you overnight in the cannery workshop, you might as well make the best of it. Here's my version of a raised platform bed! I cured a deer hide up on the wall to create nice soft headboard and the floor is carpeted in cured hides which sure keeps the chill off the floor at bay. The bearskin bag is super comfy, I think it adds +10C when you use it.