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  1. "don't eat the yellow snow, cause that's where the wolfies go" a welcome sight most days especially considering the high protein low fiber diet predicated by being trapped on this island besides being outdoors that allows for the aroma to quickly dissipate it can take years to fill this outhouse to capacity. indoor plumbing on the other hand becomes practically useless especially after the you've removed what water there was cause you were thirsty leaving you with a constant reminder that you need more vegetables in your diet Introducin
  2. well, I certainly can understand how a mechanical clock would be unaffected by EMP, but actually stopping at the same time as the other mechanical clock on the island seems completely impossible in that case. hmmm... more questions... as to all the same battery powered clocks, I would have to agree, those were probably all brought in via bulk as you would suggest. probably goes hand in hand with the old company store or trading post. They got a good deal on clocks and bought out that model at discount prices. As for all of the pictures being the same, too. That's probab
  3. "laptops and fluffies and bears, oh my"....
  4. i hope you havent harvested anything yet and try to light those fires... now that would have been a great pic for sharing on screenshots!
  5. you both make bold observations that lead to yet more questions indeed. I hypothesized that the difference was between battery powered clocks and mechanical clocks. Makes you wonder why every building with a clock in it on the entire island all has the same brand, but then again it plausible so it works. Since it would appear that these are battery powered clocks, why wouldn't they start keeping time when the aurora conditions were perfect? Heck we get to use computers and play the radio while illuminating an area using a functioning flashlight, why wouldn't those clocks just start ri
  6. one of these things is not like the others... things that make me go hmmmm? why are the grandfather clocks different? are there no wind up clocks on the island? would the event have affected wind up clocks as well? was it am or pm when the event occurred?
  7. I stared wistfully out at the horizon to the mountains on the mainland. I realized then and there I might not be going home for while... I waited until dusk and under the aurora of the night sky I fired my first flare round up into the night ski the flare, it fell to earth with significant force to make a loud dull thump and there it just burned sitting on the ice. Remorsefully I turned towards the sea and again I fired a flare in hope that anyone, please anyone, might see it and rescue me with an audible splash, the flare dropped in
  8. there's some truth to that but it's the multiple attacks they are capable of that becomes the problem for me. I rarely just get a single stray wolf, I typically encounter them in groups of 3-5. sure I might take a little damage but with multiple encounters their numbers can wear a player down fairly quickly in the event there's no convenient shelter nearby. I just make sure now to reload often, even if it's just two shells and I rotate thru my weapons that way I keep the odds in my favor.
  9. you just never know what's in a crate... what's inside? Awesome! crate full of dried rosehips! holy snickerdoodles Batman!!!
  10. I found these laid out like this when I returned to my base the other day. something felt off while I was out like someone or something was watching me. of these thing is not like the others...
  11. Thanks for the heads up on the bullet breakdown, I working my way towards becoming a pistolero and routinely now carry two revolvers, one on each hip! As to my kill count, since I quit carrying meat of any kind when I am outside now, since my initial post, I've noticed a relatively considerable decrease in aggressive wolf behavior. At least they aren't homing in on my presence due to the allure of the flesh scented pheromones I had previously been exuding. Now they gotta be a little closer and see me before they come a running! I started to boost my shooting skills by staying close to a
  12. just curious as to what's the most revolver cartridges you've found? I'm down to 37 rounds right now and thinking I should start heading out to the cannery now?
  13. lol, I'm always carrying meat of some kind. either it's for my provisions for the day or it's freshly harvested wolf carcasses! Thanks for the heads up. I'm gonna start setting up food caches where ever I can and give the "no meat" in inventory when traveling longer stretches outside strategy a try. That should hopefully minimize their ability to "lock on target" they way they have. Good info to know. Thanks again!
  14. Since I've started playing Stalker mode more often, I've started to really improve in my wolf avoidance techniques and my pistol aim has gotten deadly to say the least. I find myself 78 days in on a new run and by now I'm armed to the teeth with bow & arrow, flare gun, rifles and revolvers. I just never expected so much hostile wildlife with built in homing beacons that almost immediately lock on to my location and then shoot a bee line straight towards me. So far, I've endured 323 wolf encounters, 57 wolf struggles and have killed 135 wolves. Comparatively I have managed to k