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  1. So I see that Admin put in a post on how to open the door, I've followed the unlock instructions precisely, retrieved the hammer and returned to the door. All the ice has melted but the door remains locked??? Ok, so now what? I've tried half a dozen times now but no joy. So besides quiting the game and starting a new one, what else can I try?
  2. Interesting topic and as memory serves there was an article in the Vancouver news back in early 2019 about invasive wild pigs spreading in B.C. That being said, most of these feral pigs were reportedly contained to the interior portions of the mainland although there were reports of some sightings of feral pigs on Vancouver Island, however their numbers were very limited. "The University of Saskatchewan study says feral pigs have earned the distinction of Canada’s most invasive mammal because of their growth in the prairies. 58 per cent of the animals’ growth in Canada has happened
  3. ding ding ding, I think you just hit the nail on the head! I didn't think about that aspect at all, but it does make a lot of sense considering that everything else in the game is literally a hand painted representation of real world goods and materials. Thanks for pointing that out. Doesn't mean I like the new style any better though
  4. Congrats on playing over 1100 days with your Voyager character! Maybe now is the time for you step up the difficulty in your game play and begin a new adventure in Stalker Mode! (just a thought 😏) Anyways, considering that natural resources like birch and maple saplings are limited, it only stands to reason that at some point if you live long enough on your playthrough, you will eventually run out of arrows. However, considering that you can easily get 8-10 shots from each arrow before breaking them it also stands to reason that it can and will take you a very long time to completely r
  5. Indeed it does look like it could be a real magazine. I remember subscribing to a publication called "Field & Stream" and their covers looked very similar to the old style skill book. I suppose you have a good point that some suit with a law degree was one of the reasons for adopting the lame style of covers we see on skill books now. On the other hand, was this cover a veiled way for Hinterland to reveal what their in game rifle was modeled after?
  6. true that, but well worth the time and effort. what else you gonna do while you wait for the next update?
  7. Right on!!! I just made a post similar to this. Some things just shouldn't be changed for the sake of change. Game On!
  8. If you haven't played the old maps from the time capsule, you really should consider doing so as you'll gain a new found appreciation of the evolution of the game. That being said, if you are not so inclined to spend the time playing the old maps then you may want to just browse thru the thread "Share Your Screenshots" as you can watch the evolution of the game one frame at a time from the player's perspective. That's where I came across this little gem, buried in time, and realized that some changes to the game just aren't worth it. Old School Book
  9. It's only creepy when you go up there in semi-darkness during an aurora and the green light is streaming in the windows, then you notice the bear's eyes are glowing with a weird yellow light... and then you hear a voice saying, “Blood is really warm, it’s like drinking hot chocolate but with more screaming.”
  10. that is sad. poor teddy sitting alone, dead and forgotten. Toys only come to life when they are loved and played with, their life force fueled by the love and imagination that only a child can have for their toys. I wish Teddy were a static object so that I could pick him up and save him from an eternity of loneliness in an abandoned old house on an abandoned old island.
  11. @Lohaan Thanks, I too thought your moonscape shot to be outstanding! Great eye for the natural beauty of the game. For me there is something about using flares and lanterns for lighting. I didn't even know you could see the tail section of the plane thru the window of the mountaineer's hut until someone pointed it out to me. Glad you liked it.
  12. I find that the best thing to practice your archery skills is to use the carcass of one of your recent kills... You can practice either close precision shots or long distance ranged shots. Either way, you are rewarded with a satisfying "thunk" sound and sometimes you even get a blood spray effect!