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  1. using the high resolution F10 there were many that didn't make the cut. I found that when I pressed the F10 key, the screen sorta just freezes in place while the app internalizes the screenshot and it's hard to capture some elements without loosing some completely. Like get the muzzle flash for example, you have to aim using the mouse while having your other hand on the F10 key and kinda hope you get a decent shot. I'd maybe miss the muzzle flash for example but would then capture the blood spatter effect. It wasn't til I hunted the bear that I was able to get both a muzzle flash and a blo
  2. seems to me the bear has been nerfed down so that just about any hit from any weapon will bleed him out over time. Having hunted both the bear and the moose with a revolver, it will kill them both. It's more a question of when, not if. My last revolver take down of a moose, took 7 rounds of revolver ammo before he dropped.
  3. Generally I don't even carry the rifle after finding the handgun and a sufficient amount of ammo. I typically carry the revolver and the bow together until I reach level 5 with the bow. Then I usually leave the revolver and the rifle behind when I am just out for the day foraging, cutting down on the carry weight thereby improving on mobility and stamina. Hunting is a different story and since you can crouch early on with both firearms, that aspect comes in handy when hunting deer and/or thinning out the local wolf patrol. As tools, however, the firearms each bring a different elem
  4. Next game I'm gonna go custom settings and dial up the loot for maximum salvage. this is an old pic from that save game before I started the Illumination project. This is how many fuel canisters I was able to collect not including the little pints of fuel you can find when looting or frying fish! Takes an awful lot of fuel to fill on jerry can!
  5. Thanks for the nice words! It's been a lot of fun in this particular sandbox and although I wish it wouldn't have ended so abruptly, especially from an area where I have perched myself many times before! It's amazing how light truly changes the view and subsequently the mood of this game. Without light, the world of GBI is a terrible lonely place full of despair, death and decay. With light however, the Island seems more enchanting, livable and friendly. That last sandbox, was also the one and only time where I was able to locate both bunkers in ML and PV and both just happened to be Hunt
  6. those tanks had long run dry in most cases long before the aurora event. as the world economy further collapsed and deliveries of goods and supplies, including fuel became more interrupted, many people had already abandoned their homes and workplaces. However, I agree you'd think that given all those propane bottles on the entire island, there would have to a few that still contained fuel. right?
  7. After spending two weeks of transiting from DP to ML dragging my collection of lanterns and dwindling fuel oil supply I bring you to another installment of Illuminating Great Bear Island Mystery Lake never looked so good... The Radio Tower The Abandoned Lookout Trapper's Camp Office Fishing Cabins
  8. the limited and rather scarce availability of fuel and the rapid burning rate of the lantern, not to mention the added weight does in my opinion severely detracts from daily regular usage under most gameplay conditions. I do like the light it produces especially when navigating caves and tunnels and when looting dark spaces in buildings etc, but comparatively the torch does all that in addition to being used as a "weapon" to scare off wolves where as the lantern just helps to point out your location when you're trudging thru the forest. no throwing a lit lantern at a wolf and if you get jump
  9. Falling in love with the rifle all over again! I'd be the first to endorse the bow over the rifle any time but the ability to crouch using the rife does have some decent advantages as compared to the bow especially early in game when you don't have much in the archery dept, but you probably do have a rifle maybe even two if you know where to look. The ability to progress in proficiency rather quickly in mastering the Rifle , between cleaning, shooting and reading feels well balanced and as previously mentioned that added bonus of being able to crouch long before achieving leve
  10. I actually tried it with fires. you're right that the wind is definitely a factor, but the real issue is that the fires don't really illuminate very well. considerably smaller light pattern and little to no shadows making it a lot more difficult the further away you get. On the plus side is you can get pretty far away if you make a 12 hour fire and the weather stays calm... oh, and the firewood requirement weighs you down so much it takes an insane amount of time sourcing all that wood and staging it. only other drawback is the fire placement can be very fickle and often