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  1. 1000 Fires! This one right here, number 1000! I never thought I would be playing this game long enough to have ever attained this achievement. This isn't just going out and throwing stones at bunnies til you hit one, but you gotta work hard and long to get this feat unlocked. I had pretty much given up on the idea long ago. Think about all those matches, tinder and sticks that it takes to start a fire. then multiply that by 1000. Yeah, right? So how long did it take me to reach 1000? I purchased TLD thru Steam in early August of 2015, at that time my version would have been V.257 and I don't recall this feature being part of the achievements or merit badges available in the game at that time. So from whatever date the counter started from, it took a good long while in real time to become a Fire Master. (close up) Checking my Steam stats, I've logged 1723 hours playing The Long Dark so if I did the math right, I've been averaging about 3 fires lit for every two hours of game play. Either way another couple of months and it would almost be 4 years to the day. Wow, never thought I would be playing the same game 4 years later and still loving every minute when I do. Who else has hit 1000? Love to hear about it if you did. Please feel free to comment. Your feedback is greatly encouraged and appreciated. Thanks for reading!
  2. Need some help with a caption for this... So far, all I can come with is... Boink?!? that arrow is actually floating magically in the air where it hit the bear as he was walking to the left of the screen. at the point of impact he teleported into the background and is now heading to the right. broke my arrow too.
  3. better than mine... I got the next step down the 960. Your is better, last time I looked at Steam stats on system hardware, the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060, is in like 38% of all the machines based on subscription data. I am probably due for an upgrade. I've only been holding off on account most of the new stuff is VR ready and the down side is there's still a limited amount of good VR game programming.
  4. We got ourselves a situation here... We've gotta Broken Arrow... funny thing is, he already took a rifle round point blank in the face! Either that or I just put a nice hole thru one of his antlers. Anyways, finally got him on the fly as running by. The arrow somehow suspended itself at the exact point of impact. crazy huh?
  5. a sure way to avoid any issues... not exactly practical all the time however!
  6. that looks like a picture of the animal's soul escaping its body. shuffling off it's mortal coil, so to speak...
  7. nope, the only thing special about it was my perspective, not as a crashed aviator, but more like an explorer finding a crashed aircraft deep in the mountains. Laying dormant and long forgotten. Sorry you couldn't wrap your head around it...
  8. I am playing one of my surviving 500+ day characters in a self imposed quest to find as many revolvers as possible and for the first time since the story line broke have I returned to the scene of the crime, so to speak. As I was retracing old ground up by the transmitter tower the terrain stuck me as being familiar yet foreign all at the same time. Whatever the feeling, looking up the hill just made me what to get to the top As I was reaching the crest, I could make out the familiar looking shape highlighted by the bright sky behind. With the caw of the crows in the back ground, my gaze comes across the remnants of this crashed airplane. Seeing it like this for the first time felt more exploring the downed cargo plane on TimberWolf Mt and I rather enjoyed having that perspective , considering I randomly spawned this character in Mystery Lake. Scooting around the wreckage I found a fair amount of useable loot. Pretty good find overall and made me look forward to "retracing" my steps back down to the origin point. This old bird was a solid aircraft. They way it's just impaled in the trees there with it's wings still intact speaks well for the toughness of this airframe. A glimpse at the back. Looks mostly intact from here. Pretty tough airplane! Crows doing their dance for the dead, makes me wonder what I will find below... Dinner is served... provided that there's a little meat left on that carcass below. now just gotta climb down, down and down Well, doesn't this look just cozy? Found some good loot in the wreckage, Harvested tons of Rose hips on the way. Was worth it just for the medicinal herbs. There's the other ski and a few bits of the wing and fuselage. Looks like most of what was inside the plane ended up down here. Little solo over-nighter. Bushcraft skill intermediate - cooking venison on hot rocks, making herb teas
  9. I am going to have to see if I notice an audible difference in my game play. It could be that you are experiencing in audio form what I am encountering visually. I suspect that this "buffering" or "choppy" effect is somehow connected. i wonder if it has anything to do with the actual hardware in my system. Not sure if a driver update or change could solve these problems but then again all my other gaming programs don't behave this way...
  10. Is it just me??? Noticed with the last few updates that the wind resistance vibe/mechanic when walking against the wind, has created this stuttering effect on screen that is kinda making me nauseous and feels really clunky too boot. My FPS indicator jumps between 35 and 58 when the wind blows, not sure what that is all about but maybe could be part of my problem. Maybe it's the subtle flashy strobe light effect of the wind, but sometimes it gives me a headache especially when I got a long ways to walk and usually into a head wind. Anybody experiencing anything like this?