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  1. me too! seen so many videos, now want to see the real thing! bucket list update!
  2. Caught this clip in a random video the other day and it reminded me of The Long Dark. I imagined this is what it would look like if I was able to play in real life. Let me know what you think of this clip!
  3. from the looks of things, your doing all right... love that sunset picture on Forlorn Muskeg!
  4. well said! too many "victims" out there today who always want to blame their own failures on someone else. Game on!
  5. I get that all the time... except it's usually after I have already shot him once... following the blood trail and he suddenly just winks out of the picture only to be found later in a completely remote part of the map! There's some doubters here on the forums that will tell you this sort of thing never happens, thanks for providing definite proof of bear teleportation!
  6. I'm not gonna say it's easy to avoid frostbite, but you gotta pay attention to the signs and prompts for the condition that the game gives you. I got it once or twice when I was lightly clad being wet and hypothermic while becoming lost in an unexpected blizzard. it sucks and I ended up abandoning my game as it happened early on. I would encourage you to carry on and try to keep your character alive. I haven't looked at the wiki in a bit so I checked and here's what they had to say when I looked today, let me paste this from the fandom wiki: Frostbite is caused by wearing frozen clothing for an extended period of time, or by having warmth lowered to freezing level with part of the body exposed (not wearing clothing). Each instance of frostbite reduces your maximum condition level by 10%. Frostbite is currently the only affliction to have no cure. Players should take care to pay attention to their 'frostbite risk,' so that frostbite can be prevented A player can only receive 5 instances of frostbite at the same time, resulting in a maximum of 50% reduction in maximum condition It is possible to have frostbite multiple times on a single appendage.
  7. The moose spawning randomization and migration algorithm seems to be working, probably much better than the dev expected since there's almost no way to predict where those damn moose will spawn. I suppose that is why a couple of guaranteed moose spawn locations were introduced during one of the last updates. There is one for sure now at the Forlorn Muskeg to Bleak Island transition just down to the right after leaving the cave. There's supposed to be another one, but the location escapes me. I remember reading about here in the forums but can't remember which thread otherwise I would have left you a link. I bet @ManicManiac has a idea as to where this other location may be. Perhaps he will chime in on this thread. My own experience has been varied, but since Winter's Embrace, where I found a moose in just about every region I transitioned, I have been running into Moose with increasing regularity. In my current play through for example, I randomly spawned in DP and almost immediately a moose spawned on the bridge. Of course I managed to successfully take it down and subsequently another moose spawned roughly 45 days later. I ended up taking two more moose at approximately 45 day intervals between harvests. So 4 moose harvested within 170 days of game time on the bridge in DP. Subsequently I decided to camp out in DP long term to see if some kind of pattern would continue and now I'm at 250 days in my run and I haven't seen a moose in DP since.
  8. hmm... and your using the workbench that is over by the fire barrel ? you sure it isnt because you dont have the necessary items to craft? I'm only asking because I had a similar experience and it turned out that the reason was I was short an item or didnt have the right tool for the job. If not, you should probably open a trouble ticket with the dev team
  9. Desolation Point Who wouldn't want to live in a lighthouse? I'm currently playing a vanilla voyager game in DP and have spent 230 days in the region. The only thing I miss is having a fishing shack... So far I've had 4 moose show up on the bridge and that has kept me well fed and clothed. Plus when I want religion, I just gotta cross the street to get to the old church. ūüôŹ oh, btw, only averaging a blizzard every 3-4 days
  10. You didn't say how long you've been playing TLD and that "experience" does impact your gameplay from time to time. Some of us on here have been playing since day 1 and honestly you learn something new each time you play the game. I saw myself in your lamentations as I could relate to practically every situation you described in your post! lol For me, it was just the other day, I discovered an accessible area inside Hibernia fish processing where you climb up in a pipe to get to some boats that are stored up there and I found an awesome stash of loot up there. Who knew? apparently everybody else but me! Yeah, so I can relate when you run outside without your clothes on as I like to take my boots off before I go to bed. then I run outside without any shoes on... anyway, good stuff OP!
  11. I had just finished a big bowl of indica, or should i say "in da couch..."
  12. pretty neat video right? I'd like to see a greater diversity of wildlife as well, and cougars in TLD would be very fitting considering that something like the world's biggest concentration of wild cougars something around 4000 cougars call British Columbia home with apparently a quarter of those residing on Vancouver Island. But considering the cougar population density, there's only been approximately 5 cougar related attacks on people in the last 100 years. Apparently there is more than enough deer to keep them satiated and they really tend to avoid contact with people. If your thinking that they should be introduced as yet another predatory threat to the player, then I would have to say no.