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  1. Outstanding! mind sharing a screen shot of that map? would love to see what it looks like without an smudge!
  2. at the very least once, for a quick look around. it's seems to be so much easier once you have some good gear and equipment. good luck @Lancja!
  3. great shot. reminds me of the iconic gun barrel views of the old James Bond movies introductory credits!
  4. ...just like when i was kid... constantly waiting on the Rocky and Bullwinkle show!
  5. I've had that happen to me before as well, but not on Stalker level. The instant degradation of recently dropped items has got to be a glitch. just another reason for me to avoid HRV...
  6. couldn't agree more. Maybe if it connected to another region and you had to use to transition to that area it might have greater appeal, but the complete lack of fishing spots and the lack of ability to craft clothing makes it less inviting or even relevant to the game or story line.
  7. the transition hatch between TWM and PV or one of the random spawing prepper caches?
  8. piddy3825


    in the voice of William Shatner, "that's double icehole on you!"
  9. bring it ! make the old fresh and new again!
  10. ...and your scraping every bit of cover off the map right? yeah daunting is a good word to describe this task. Plus your dodging wildlife too? exactly why I have never completed this accomplishment, requires real dedication and effort. I look forward to reading more of your adventures!
  11. yes, very warm and inviting. the shadowing of the chairs really adds some depth to the room. good eye!
  12. piddy3825


    damn batteries and their constant bar-b-ques....