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  1. Took this shot during an Aurora. Seems that the Aurora is a lot more powerful than we previously suspected...?
  2. this shot reminded me of something Tim Allen might have said.... "Got the ice maker working overtime now, just need more power so I wired in some 12 volt batteries I had laying around!"
  3. I've had the temp decrease over time although in my case I did not add my remaining pieces of coal after I brought the forge up to 180 degrees. In my case, I merely added reclaimed wood and if memory serves, it went down about 10 degrees between each 10-11 hour crafting session or rest period that I gave myself. Now anytime I leave BR I try to bring back at least 3 lumps of coal if not more when I had back to Maintenance yard.
  4. well, there is enough coal laying around the yard and there may be a few chunks up at the hunting lodge. i found a sufficient amount to get the forge up over 150 degrees so it was usable, but there's only enough for one crafting session... If you can gather up enough fuel to keep the fire going while you sleep, you may be able to craft non stop for a few days. the fire does "cool" down so you could drop below 150 depending on how long you keep it burning. I would suggest that you lay in a huge supply of firewood and get all your metal scrap ready as well as cloth. lay in a good supply of food and water, take a few breaks and go outside, but you can keep that fire going for days on end. happy crafting!
  5. Ironic, isnt it? Got a forge here at the maintenance yard and you end up having to travel to the next map section to gather coal that is nearby an existing forge...
  6. Decided to launch a new game this time randomly spawning in the Broken Railway area. I was able to gather (find) about 11 pieces of coal total and most of that was already on site scattered around the maintenance yard and after checking each cave as well. None of the caves had any coal in them and even after 45 days in the area have not found any new coal sources. Is there anywhere in this area that coal is supposed to spawn?
  7. And in that moment... My super powers were revealed...
  8. well, that was mine for sure... certainly isnt a friggin mod! Glitch in the game and we for damn sure shouldn't be censored or threatened with being banned from the forums. if anything they should have moved it to support to see why problems that like continue to affect a game that has been in "development" for 4 years!
  9. do you recall which one it was? could have been mine, but if that's the case, then they owe me an apology because i dont use mods in my game .
  10. Just curious as to why you recently posted this? Did you recently delete screenshots that you suspected were taken with the use of mods?
  11. thanks for the heads up. so in that case, leveling up just takes skill books and wildlife hits. Apparently no other factors involved?
  12. Hare Harvester? I dunno... help me caption this pic?
  13. I actually just achieved level 5 with the revolver recently. I am wondering if results vary by difficulty or setting for in my play through, it only took 60 wildlife hits to reach level 5. I found 4 skill books and 5 revolvers during my forays. Most were poor in condition require extensive repair. Not sure if or how repair action affects experience points but it does seem to improve accuracy when taking deliberate aim.
  14. Been living the good life out here at the fishing village in my self imposed quest to produce enough lamp oil to fuel those 18 lanterns I've looted so far. After a marathon fishing event I think I pulled in a pretty good haul of fish. I did pull one of the biggest fish I've ever caught in this game so far, a Coho Salmon weighing in at 5.62 kilos. That was a massive fish. Took almost an hour to cook an yielded near 1700 calories. I messed up on lamp oil yield, so sorry if you were curious. After another marathon cooking event, i knocked out all these fillets. I am now freeze drying the fillets on my outdoor makeshift drying rack trying to create a fishy version of beef jerky. I figure this cold dry air should wick off any remaining moisture preparing them for storage. 60+ kilos of fish yielded around 3.5 liters of lamp oil. For some reason I was expecting a greater yield while I was busy cooking all that fish. But in retrospect it seems like the volume of lamp oil produced equals roughly 5% of the start weight and that appears reasonable. It will take a lot more to produce enough to fill and maintain 18 lanterns, but it will make for a boat load of torches. Either way, let there be light!