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  1. thanks for validating my claim @JMK
  2. yeah yeah, I know... If wishes were fishes, we'd all be eating! my wish would probably entail a complete redesign, but it would be cool, right?
  3. I was trekking thru Hushed River, grabbing the satchel up by the signal fire, finding myself with two satchels now got me to thinking how nice it would be to be able to use a satchel as a 5 kilo storage container when you weren't equipping it as gear. I kinda wanted to flesh that out a little more than just giving the player an extra 5 kilo carry advantage. Why not be able to store that 5 kilos of gear in the satchel? Then when you pick it up and equip it, you automatically get the weight increase and whatever is in the bag is now part of your inventory. A player could create a variety of go bags employing the satchel like one of the many backpacks we come across in the environment during our travels. In some way I could see myself crafting multiple bags each containing varying loadouts. I like the fact that a player can maintain the bag using cured leather. You find it fairly abundantly so that's an extra bonus.
  4. I hope you've tried the "fix" since reading these thread. as previously mentioned: I don't know how it works. But it helped. Delete the two files. Steam\steamapps\common\TheLongDark\tld_Data\Plugins\lib_burst_generated.dll and Steam\steamapps\common\TheLongDark\tld_Data\Plugins\lib_burst_generated.txt I did create a backup file just in case, but it wasn't necessary. hope it works for you too.
  5. hey @raginvald, dont know if you saw these last posts, but the solution has been shared by @k0s0ff
  6. @k0s0ff, you're hired! did just that and BAM! game launches and no more crashes... how did you figure this out? Thank's man!
  7. so are we on the correct forum to get help from Hinterland or do we need to repost this issue on another thread. cant imagine there's only three people getting this error while attempting to play? @Admin?
  8. and only just started happening since the new update? ditto on the win 7
  9. Anybody besides me having issues getting the game to launch? I am launching via Steam if that makes a difference. But my symptoms are that in midst of loading, I get a error notice that tld.exe is not responding. any word on whats up with that?
  10. I was expecting to see the wolf pack pull down this horse, but was surprised when the horse started rolling about in the snow. The idea that the wolves had never seen a horse or anything bigger than themselves was an explanation that I'd never have thought possible. Goes to show you how little we really know about wildlife behavior.
  11. sorry it's not working out for you... nobody else has made an effort to comment, so not sure if problem you're experiencing is widespread or just problematic for you. if it's easier for you, you may just want to YouTube it yourself. just put in wolves vs. horses in the search bar and it should come up as one of the first clips on file.
  12. Outstanding! mind sharing a screen shot of that map? would love to see what it looks like without an smudge!