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  1. I can't try it because I don't live in a place where the high for the entire year is -10. Just to go through your list, maggots are fly larve. Insects don't operate in sub zero temperatures so there would be no maggots. Second point about bacteria/fungi....they don't grow either. Now as to your third point, hard and dry. Well yes it will become hard since it is frozen and I am on the fence about dry. Freezer burn is when the moisture from food escapes, but if you bury it in the snow would that prevent it from drying out? I am not sure. Dum_Gen already linked about nutritional value. Just to mention though, I do have some year+ old meat in my freezer that was frozen raw(so plenty of bacteria). It is sealed, but nothing is wrong with it. That's the closest I can get to the long dark.
  2. no, freezer burn makes things taste bad. You can still eat them just fine. Unless you have evidence to say otherwise of course. I do know that people have eaten mammoth fairly recently and that is quite old.
  3. If something like this were done then I would like to be able to put meat into peanut butter jars and such to reduce wolf scent.
  4. You can just turn the wolves off in custom games. Or turn them to low...whatever works. Maybe that's not an option if you're playing story. I do think that wolf behaviour is pretty strange now. The second you aim they go crazy, whether they see you or not, whether a wolf would even understand or not. Then they start strafing around like someone playing team fortress. It's really strange.
  5. Since food shouldn't be spoiling anyways(it's all frozen), I don't have an issue with it sitting for years at 0% and still being edible.
  6. I haven't read 95% of this thread, but I think in the end it comes down to control. Hinterland wants all the control, customers want all the control, valve wants all the control, etc etc. The real objective is to find a balance that most people can agree with. Personally I haven't purchased a game on steam in years I think because it has too much control, telling me I require an internet connection to reliably load a game and also allowing devs to force patch in loot boxes and other things. Most of the control is with companies and not customers and they know their customers will accept it so they stay there where it's comfortable. I am mostly talking about AAA publishers here, but all the CEOs know gamers are generally pretty weak. That's why they keep screwing people over and they know the people they're slapping in the face will beg for more. It's pathetic, honestly. All the people calling for boycotts because of human rights abuse or customer exploitation just eat up that next call of duty or diablo. I bet 98% of the people who purchased that WC3 abomination will be yelling that they won't be buying D4 because of the real money auction house and macrotransactions as they pre-order the game having long forgotten that blizzard supports murdering people.
  7. The game is not set up so that you can live forever. While you may be able to prolong the inevitable you will eventually die because things like metal, cloth, and saplings are realistically a limited resource. Matches will be one of the first things to run out if you're using them as a regular fire tool, so using the lens will keep you alive a little longer. After that I would imagine ammo would be a major concern as bullets and arrows are limited, so snaring/rocking rabbits as much as possible would be next. Eventually though you will run out of cloth so using as much animal clothing as possible is important. Animal clothing requires metal though which you will run out of. As master_arne said, beach combing is your only real chance for long term survival as the non-renewables can spawn there. Eventually you will probably be naked in -80 degree weather though, relying on massive amounts of wood to keep you warm as you collect rabbits for food as you can no longer fish or hunt other animals. At this point you're pretty much doomed. If you play perfectly, you will slowly burn through your thousands of kilograms of wood and food as you sit there naked, every piece of metal and cloth in the game consumed. And as life ebbs, terrible vistas of emptiness will reveal themselves before you finally fade into the long dark.
  8. So I recently have been trying out the as the dead sleep challenge and I have been unable to find a bedroll. For hours and hours. I feel unable to complete the objectives without one as it involves rope climbing. Perhaps if I knew the maps better I could manage without one but I do a lot of wandering around trying to figure out where to go. I am still wishing we could make one....
  9. I think the show was decent. Some things were good, some things not so much. A few things didn't make any sense at all... Anyways I will watch the next season assuming it is going to be made. I hope the good things stay good and they make some improvements.
  10. I am an ethical vegan and I snap rabbit necks left and right. Doesn't bother me in the least
  11. I imagine this will likely end up in court in various countries. Not specifically for hinterland, but just generally with companies trying to control which PC people play their games on.
  12. I wonder if hinterland is violating steam's TOS?
  13. I finally had a chance to play with the nice doggies at the cannery, holy crap there are a lot. They play differently than the rest of the wolves which I like, but there are just so many of them. Pack after pack runs up to me and donates their meat. Some of them are running off with my arrows though, so not all of them are fully invested in their donations.
  14. Since people are having posts removed for false information I will assume that hinterland is asking for money from nvidia for them renting their hardware to people. As much as I dislike nvidia generally I have to say I am in their side in this case. Again, assuming that’s all true. I haven’t cared to look into it much still, I am not so black and white that I am going to hate on hinterland for this. I *think* that the devs at hinterland are treated like human beings instead of torches to be spent and thrown away like at blizzard. This is a big thing for me. Also I am happy that they redid the episodes to make them better instead of just throwing some poop in our face once they had their money.
  15. This is excellent. Our character minmaxed for goating really well. We traded our ability to step over sticks and walk up hills but we will never ever slip down a slope.
  16. I am not saying who I agree or disagree with, I would need to use and understand the service to make a call for myself. However I am happy any time people start to dislike nvidia because they've been pissing in our faces for years and people seem to still like them. I can't understand it.
  17. Yeah I play with sprains disabled. I tried them again with the new system but it's still not there for me. I think a lot of the problem is I try to get up a hill, hit a wall, and then strafe against the wall to find where the magic spot I can get past is. I probably spend a lot of extra time on hills because of this so I just end up being sprained forever. I think what would be nice is if the snow we couldn't walk on was a little darker or something so that we could tell where we can or cannot go.
  18. Always gotta like seeing adorable animals. I recently got a deer boop...what's a good image hosting site? I might upload the pic I have for people to see
  19. I think this is the first time I've seen the long dark in the spotlight.....and it's pretty negative. I wonder if this will end up hurting the studio. We will likely never know. Oh well.
  20. I do agree that the person rotates their neck a realistic amount.....but our character cannot move their eyes or turn any other part of their body which makes what we can see in real life vs the game to be extremely limiting.
  21. I think our character is actually an AI that was uploaded into a human who suffers from this... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fibrodysplasia_ossificans_progressiva It would explain so much. Spoilers for chapter 5 guys, sorry. *Just because I don't agree with everything doesn't mean I don't like your game hinterland team*
  22. If you eat the rabbit's organs you can get the fat you need. I would assume our character does this as eating only muscle meat would cause you to be deficient in so many things. Protein poisoning would be only one item in a long list of issues you would develop.