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  1. While I do like the idea of making bleak inlet more valuable, I also like games to at least be consistent in their world. We can make items in the forge that are extremely similar to the crampons already. Why would we need the mill, other than because it would make bleak inlet more valuable, to repair or make crampons? That's my only problem with the idea.
  2. You can try running the tld.exe file directly. I don't know where you have it, though you could do a file search. Also just going to leave that DRM is really annoying. I don't know how steam ever became so popular.
  3. This of course would be a really good idea. I grew up playing quake and half-life so I know the value of player made maps. There are plenty of skilled and creative people out there. Hinterland has a history of being highly resistant to letting people add to their game though so I wouldn't get your hopes up. edit--------- Please don't make it steam workshop though, I hate that garbage.
  4. Bic lighters don't work when it gets cold because the fuel is below the boiling point. You can warm it up of course, but that's extra to deal with.
  5. That was still the initial plane crash map?
  6. Personally I like hushed river valley, minus needing a hatchet to get past a couple little bushes
  7. I loved survivor man. Still do of course, but I've seen all the episodes a few times so I don't watch them anymore. That was a fun episode. I liked when he caught the fish because he was really happy. I also remember well how to slice the fish to help keep them good to eat for longer. edit--- Looks like I am watching it haha edit2-------- When he says it's colder than it looks I understand that better now. I spent a week or two in cambridge bay and being that far north nothing tall grows so you cannot see the wind like you can down south in yellowknife for example. That is
  8. I think it's okay to have certain areas be more or less difficult than others. Personally I don't like dealing with forlorn muskeg so I never go there. But that's my personal preference. Not every area needs to appeal to every person, IMO.
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    Forest area

    I have always thought forest zones would be cool in games, but the reality is they never work out so well in any game I have tried. Maybe it's because the monsters can always see you easily because the trees don't block their vision like they would in real life, or perhaps it's because all the assets are repeated so it looks more boring and is harder to navigate....I am not sure. I just know that in 30 years of gaming I have never seen a forest work well. That's despite the fact that I really want them to.
  10. I think it would be neat in the intro of the story mode to see Will pull out a compass to try to figure out where to go and see it spinning around uselessly.
  11. Our character minmaxed too much. We can mill out rifle parts to repair one that is at 1% condition, regenerate to peak condition from the brink of death in a single day, and survive on 500 calories a day indefinitely. But we can't tie a knife to a stick or step over a twig. That's actually a pretty good build, when you look at it.
  12. I think the thirst thing is obvious. When you can't even sleep to full rest without taking damage from dehydration something is not right. I completely support increasing the thirst storage capacity to be double or triple of what it currently is. Just to mention though, people living in colder climates do not need 3-4L per day. As someone who has lived in both hot/humid and cold/dry places there is a pretty huge difference in how much liquid you need.
  13. There are few animals because the dev team is small and making new animals takes time. All of the weights in the game are much higher than they should be, minus water. This includes carry weight though. Just imagine all weights are in pounds, not kg, I guess? (I know that's a terrible answer, but that's all we have) And yes spears and bear spray would be obvious additions.
  14. I don't think it would add any real performance hit to have heating. Once every 15 in game mins... inside temp = inside temp - ((inside temp - outside temp) * house cooling rate) The cooling rate is a value that can be assigned to each house just like temperature is now, so 0.03 or whatever. No need to do any complex volume calculations or anything. This would also open up the ability to line the walls with animal furs or something to drop the cooling rate from 0.03 or 0.029 for like a bear pelt or something. That could be neat I feel.
  15. I use celcius. I think only like 6-7% of the world population uses F? edit---- Also I agree that -200 is nuts, but I just used it as an extreme example. I would like to have those "extremes" in all settings so I could put wildlife population down to 5% of its current lowest, for example.
  16. No, everything would die. However even being able to select it as an option, if you're insane enough, should be available in custom games IMO. The boiling point of oxygen is only -183 degrees though so everything but plants would suffocate.
  17. I would like it if they really allowed a lot of freedom with that by introducing slider bars, or even a box we can type a value in to. Colder over time starts at 0% which is none, 100% with is whatever the current max is, then you can push it to 500% or whatever so its like -200 on day 30. If you wanted.
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    Talking about not being able to step over twigs reminds me of this
  19. Hopefully if they did add a thermos the devs could look at this
  20. It sounds fine, in concept.....but are you guys ever really in a situation where you have no water access unless it's on the first day or two in the game?
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    I think for myself what I would most like to try is a realism overhaul. Real weights for items, a sane amount of weight to sprint up a mountain with, real calorie amounts for foods, sprains that are much more crippling but far less frequent, far far fewer animals which drop a realistic amount of meat, and home heating/insulation system because houses aren't magic warm boxes.
  22. If you have no access to a bed(roll) then you cannot sleep without a snow shelter.