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  1. I found this while looking at the new roadmap, thought it could be more concrete evidence of what the trader may be... (Notice the boots hanging under the rifle) (Now look at the icon for the Trader) I'm super excited to see what great work hinterland comes up with next!
  2. One of my biggest gripes with the long dark is that snowfall is still painfully bright during the night time. Not only is this unrealistic (snow doesn't glow, it needs a lightsource to illuminate it), it's also quite literally painful on my eyes. Simply making snowfall dark at night would solve this. The snow would still block your vision and make it hard to navigate as it should, but it won't be downright uncomfortable anymore. It might not look that bright in the attatched picture. But I promise It's really painful for me, especially when it's actually moving across my screen. The second attatched picture is of nighttime snowfall in a different game. TheHunter Call of The Wild. While it's overall a much brighter game and has a very different artstyle from The Long Dark I still think it's a much better example of what night time snowfal should look like. Black. Those little black dots are snow. I think the snow in The Long Dark should be similairly black at night. I've already for this on the wishlist forum but sadly I don't think we're ever getting it as an official feature, or even an accessibility feature. I love playing on endless night mode, but the painful look of the glowing snow is making it impossible for me to play it for an extended period of time.
  3. It is clear, that some of the Tales From The Far Territory features haven't been revealed yet. So do you have any guesses, as to what else that expansion holds? Here's my guess, and it's a bold one. Ziplines! Just think about it. First off, there is a bunch of new rocky regions, that we'll get to explore. Second, TFTFT have already addressed some old wishes like cooking, base customisation, sleds (the free survival update adds a thermos), and ziplines have been heavily suggested in the past. And third, I'm sure everyone noticed how much Hinterland like incorporating one-way "gates" into their level design, and a zipline can serve as one of such one-way shortcuts. What do you think about this guess? And what else do you think is going to be added to the Tales From The Far Territory?
  4. Throughout the history of The Long Dark, the UI have been updated a lot, going from this To this The difference is staggering, yet there's still a lot of room for improvement. Here are some of my suggestions for making TLD UI better. 1) First aid menu. Honestly, that part of the game only got worse as it was updated. Back in the days, we had a separate first aid tab, where one could only use the items, that would help to recover. Now you have to find the correct item in your inventory first and only then use it. Not only that, but you can waste your medical supplies by using them for wrong afflictions. Seriously, how can you even ATTEMPT curing food poisoning with a bandage? Do you just eat it? Well, you can't use it afterwards, so this is my headcanon now. The worst part is that players would only use the wrong item in two situations. It's either a misclick, or a misunderstanding of game's mechanics. Neither should be punished, in my opinion. The best way to fix this would be to add a "use" button to the status menu, and to make it so the players can't treat afflictions with items that won't help. 2) Crafting menu When I turn my mousewheel ONCE, the blueprints tab scrolls though a WHOLE PAGE. That's extremely disorienting. It would be better to change it so that a single turn of mousewheel would only scroll though a single recipe. Like this. Another way to improve the crafting menu is to add the "available recipes first" option This option would be especially useful for the new players, who don't yet know if they can craft anything from the materials they have. 3) Missions. Why can't I move it with my mouse wheel? 4) Start fire There are two problems with this part of UI. First, all the materials are sorted alphabetically, and not based on the success chance. Just... Why? Second, nobody cares about fire starting base chance. Sure it does matter, but no one needs to see their crit. chance as they aim. The same applies here, you can already see the chance of success, anyway. On the other hand, it SURE would be convenient to know the time it takes you to start a fire. Unfortunately, it's nowhere to be seen. I think, this menu would look way better like this. Well, those are all the UI-related problems I could think of. If anyone has something to add or disagree with, fell free to comment.
  5. With all of the speculation going on right now about what sort of "fauna" Hinterland are going to add in the Tales from the Far Territory, I'd like to present my idea for a new forest animal. It seems like the wildlife in the long dark is overwhelmingly hostile. Timberwolves, bears and moose want nothing more than to see your lifeless body. Boars and cougars that are being suggested by the community don't sound very friendly either. I wouldn't be surprised if in the next update, even the rabbits would start to attack us. I wouldn't want foxes to pose any danger. Sure, any animal can hurt you when provoked, but generally, foxes are scared of people. And if one were to attack you, it wouldn't be nearly as dangerous as a wolf (and you fight those regularly in TLD). No, I'd like foxes to be harmless creatures, who still wouldn't mind stealing a rabbit you killed. Observant and agile, they would be nearly impossible to hunt in the same way you hunt dear of wolves. I can even imagine them dodging your aim, once they become aware of you. When you aim at a wolf, it tries to flank you, but its path is predictable and you can easily line up your shot. But foxes would do anything not to have the end of your boom-stick pointed at them. So, how do you hunt foxes then? You'd have to use decoys, a rabbit, a fish, or a piece of meat will surely make a fox lower its guard. No, it won't come anywhere near you, but it will become careless enough for you to take a shot. But you better be quick! Once a fox grabs your decoy, it will run away to safety. Why would you hunt them? A fox's fur could be used for a long warm scarf. I do feel like scarfs are not treated fairly in the long dark. I can't recall a single time when I'd leave my home wearing two hats, but going outside in winter without a scarf? That is not a good idea. Still, in TLD scarfs are an inferior type of clothing, which can be fixed with this addition. The relationship between foxes and other animals is simple. They hunt rabbits and avoid everything else. If you find a fox running through the forest, it might be smart to follow it instead of pulling out your gun. It will either lead you to a rabbit growth, or to its den. I suspect, with the new animal spawning system, rabbit growths will become more random, and thus, harder to find. If you're quick enough you can flip the script and steal a fox's kill by scaring it off with a stone when it kills a rabbit. Fox dens are little holes hidden between rocks, or under the trees, inside them, you can find some rabbit carcasses. You shouldn't expect a lot of meat to be left, but the guts and the pelt might still be intact. What do you think about this idea? I'd love to hear your suggestions for how foxes could function in the long dark.
  6. There's no guarantee we'll ever get this game, but we can still come up with some ideas. So, what do you think, would be too big of a change to be added in the current game, but would perfectly fit the sequel? Here are some of my wishes for The Long Dark 2 Actual snowdrifts. The ones we have now are way too solid. You just walk on top of them, when realistically, you'd be waist-deep in snow. Introduction of snowdrifts would open a way for the tool that was teased in the earliest versions of the long dark. The shovel. Transport. And I don't mean cars or jetskis. That would be too OP for the "vulnerability fantasy" of the long dark. I'm talking about hand-operated cableways and minecarts. I guess, Hinterland can add something like this already, but only as a quirk of a new region. But I want to be able to drive though the whole trans-great-bear railroad! Realistic animal behaviour. Or at least, more realistic. It's a game, after all. But right now, wolves are just back-and-forth walking security guards, who can and will be distracted by a rabbit running by. I'd like to them to hunt in packs, together being able to defeat a moose (and then any overconfident survivor, who tries to take this moose away). I want deers to notice you from far away, if you are not being as quiet as a mouse. I want bears to hunt other wildlife. Swimming. If you fall under the ice, you have to actually get out of there, none of that "fade to black". If you need to cross a stream, you take your boots and pants and maybe even jacket off to do it. If you see a cool looking box underwater, you take a deep breath and dive. All the while losing your body temperature and risking suffocation. Physics. You know, like gravity and stuff... Do you have any ideas that could only get realised in "The Long Dark part 2: the longer - the darker"? Make sure to share them!
  7. A lot of people thought that "a new gear item" Hinterland teased was going to be a bear spear. Getting a ballistic vest was a welcome surprise. Except... We still want to get that bear spear. First introduced in December of 2018 this gear item was left exclusive to the story mode for 3 years. I believe, you wanted to add it to survival mode even back then (don't remember, where I heard it, though), but adding it to the non-scripted part of the game turned out to be a big problem. But I don't understand how is that a problem... So, a bear is charging at you. You equip the spear and hold LMB. If by the time the mauling animation should start your stamina hasn't run out, you go into a struggle instead. That struggle would be no different from wolf struggles or the Old bear struggle from episode 2 (except, maybe you don't recieve any damage during it). You mash LMB until the bar is full. If you succeed, the bear runs away bleeding or even dies on the spot. If you fail, you get mauled. Such a strong weapon should not be easy to make. Forging a spear head should take 20-30 hours (a lot of coal would have to burn) and require both heavy hammer and instruments as well as 4-5 pieces of scrap metal. Then you would have to attach it to the maple sapling shaft. Each bear struggle would cost you a 10% of spear's durability. Some might think it's too much. But actually, if you're good enough, you can kill 10 bears with one spear. I think, that's fair. Once the spear is broken, you can harvest 2 sticks and a broken spear head from it. The spear head can be fixed on a forge with 1-2 pieces of scrap metal in 5-8 hours. OR you can break it into 2-3 pieces of scrap metal, if you don't value your hard work. I don't think the spear should be effective against moose, but it may serve as a high-defence/no-damage weapon in wolf struggles. It shouldn't be hard to implement, right? I'm sure, all the players would LOVE to see a melee weapon added to survival. Sure, we already have knives and hatchets, but those are only used as a last resort against wolves. The spear would serve as a GREAT combination of offence and defence.
  8. Yes, you read that title right, and yes, I am speeling currektly . What I propose as an item that might be in one of the upcoming DLCs is not a Bear Spear, but it’s lighter, shorter, and less deadly little sister, the Boar Spear. It would be a semi-unique item with a chance of spawning in such locations as the Broken Railroad Hunting Lodge, in a cave in HRV or Ash Canyon, or in some other remote location. In use, the Boar Spear would be similar to the Bear Spear, except that it will not be a guaranteed kill. It would allow you to fight back against a bear, or maybe a moose if you stretched it, just like with a wolf, but with more damage being taken by you. I’m thinking it would weigh 5 KG, be repairable with 4 scrap metal at a milling machine, and also perhaps be throwable. What do you guys think about this idea?
  9. So I was thinking about the unlisted skills Firearm cleaning and sharpening. It would be nice if they were made into actual skills with levels. Stones could be an option to sharpen blades and have it tied to the sharpening skill on efficiency, The stone would be a one time use sharpening tool and then be consumed. Firearm cleaning kits would be nice to be repairable with using cloth, metal scrap, toolbox, and workbench. Sharpening level 1: Stones have a high chance of decreasing durability of a blade instead of sharpening. Whetstones consume 5 durability per use. Durability of blade is increased by 2. Time to Sharpen 12 minutes. Sharpening level 2: Stones have a moderate chance of decreasing durability instead of sharpening. Whetstones consume 4 durability per use. Durability of blade is increased by 3.Time to Sharpen 10 minutes. Sharpening level 3: Stones have a slight chance of decreasing durability instead of sharpening. Whetstones consume 3 durability per use. Durability of blade is increased by 4. Time to Sharpen 8 minutes. Sharpening level 4: Stones have no chance of decreasing durability during sharpening. Whetstones consume 2 durability per use. Durability of blade is increased by 5. Time to Sharpen 6 minutes. Sharpening level 5: Stones have a slight chance to not be consumed on use of sharpening. Whetstones consume 1 durability per use. Durability of blade is increased by 6. Time to Sharpen 5 minutes. Firearm cleaning could be tied into repairing cleaning kits, maybe tie the ability of actually repairing them to level 3-5. Durability of the cleaning kit and amount repaired could reflect the ratio's above along with cleaning times.
  10. Part of the charm of TLD is the simple graphics, your imagination does the heavy lifting. But having the option to play the game in more detail would be pretty cool I think. Either on a console that could support it or on a PC/MAC with sufficient hardware. Not sure if a dedicated texture pack would be the way to go, or adding support for modding and let the community add things at will, like for Skyrim.
  11. It's been a long-standing request that the water you carry in your inventory freezes over time. I've been sceptical about this idea before, as that would unnecessarily complicate the UI. But I think I came up with an elegant solution, that would avoid this problem. What's important is not making the it too complicated. Of course, you could come up with a system where the water you just boiled is 100°C and then it starts radiating its energy until it reaches the equilibrium with the outside world, and if the temperature of the environment you're in is below 0°C, then upon reaching 0°C the water would begin to freeze, and once it's frozen its temperature would continue falling until it's be the same as the world, and then if you wanted to drink it you'd have to warm it up, and for that... BOOOORING This sort of realism is not good for the gameplay. Sometimes, you should simplify a mechanic, make it less realistic, and that would make the game better. Here's how I think this system should work On this picture you can see 1 L of 66% frozen water. What it means is, 66% of this water is now ice, and if you tried to drink it, you'd only be able to consume 0.34 L, and be left with 0.66 L of water that is 100% frozen (in other words, 660 grams of ice). If you were to add 1 L of water to your inventory, it would become 33% frozen. The water would freeze if the temperature is below 0°C. If it's above zero, it should melt. The same rules apply, whether it's in your inventory or not. I think the water should freeze and melt at about 0.5 L/h rate and there should also be a 1-hour window of water not freezing after you left a warm environment (it takes time for water to cool down before it starts freezing). Of course, when you are on a long hike through the Timberwolf Mountain, it is difficult to find a place warm enough for ice to melt on its own. That's why there should be an option to melt your ice on fire. It should take the same amount of time for ice to melt as it does for snow (don't question the physics of it all). Of course, such a change would require for there to be 2 more options in the "Water" section of the cooking menu - "Melt ice (potable)" and "Melt ice (unsafe)" (unsafe water freezes the same way potable does). This set of changes would make it more difficult to carry around liters of water, without worrying about dehydration, and push players to make campfires in order to make more water, as they explore the world. A similar system could be used for coffee/tea/meat.
  12. There are a few things I really don't like about the way firestarting works in TLD right now. 1) It's too easy to start a fire 2) Firestarting lvl3 makes tinder completely useless 3) Firestarting base chance is confusing for the beginners 4) Burning time is... Weird... Let me get into a little more detail... It's too easy to start a fire. Let's say, you have a firestarting level 1. You use a piece of reclamed wood and wooden matches to start a fire. The chance of success is already 40%. Isn't it a bit TOO generous? If you have a firestarting level 2, you'll succeed yousing the WORST materials HALF THE TIME! There's no use to carry around books or accelerant. There's already a 50% chance of success. But that's not all of it. Get to level 3 and all the tinder becomes completely redundant too. There's LITERALLY no reason to use it now! And one of the feats allows you to start with it. Isn't it insane?! I think, the main culprit here is the "firestarting base chance". I've got a bunch of problems with this guy... For one, it confuses the beginners. How? Well, let's look at this picture. Here it is. Right next to the estimated fire duration and chance of success. A lot of new players are confused as to why it doesn't change when they change the fuel add an accelerant. They don't know that it doesn't change. But if it doesn't change, why show it? It doesn't give a player any useful information when starting a fire. "Chance of success" is what everybody should be looking at. Why can't you put "firestarting base chance" into the skills menu right next to crit. damage chance and fishing time. Or even better... Get rid of it altogether. Don't laugh yet! That's not all of it. What if the tinder had an affect on the chance of success? Let's say, cattail head would give you a +15% chance, tinder plug would give a +25% chance, +40% for all the paper (cash, newsprint, etc.) and +45 for birch bark, making it a hard choice, whether you burn it or make a tea out of it. That way, even after you get a firestarting level 3, you'd still use tinder to increase your chances. With each level you would get a firestarting BONUS (+5%, +10% and so on). In my opinion, it shouldn't increase up to +50% as it does now (actually, it's +90, but you start with +40% so...). Instead you should get new abilities like starting with coal or using friction to light a fire (maybe, it would give you a -60% to -40% disadvantage?) I'm sure, players will LOVE it. And the last bit... The burning time is weird. I start a campfire that should last for 4 hours, I sleep for 4 hours next to it... And when I wake up it still has an hour left. Did I wake up earlier? Did I use more fuel than was needed? No, for some reason, the minutes that it shows are actually longer than all the other minutes in-game (like when you cook, or sleep, or read...) I heard, it's like that because in TLD fire lasts longer when outside (which makes no sence, if anything, it should be the opposite). Maybe that time is added because of the skill level, idk? I'm not saying you should remove this feature, but why not just show the ACTUAL time remaining?
  13. This is a small gripe but it would make me (and I'm sure others) happy. I wish that when I enter the fire starting menu and I have a lit torch in my hand that said torch would be listed first instead of matches. It is a common strategy to use a match to light a torch, then light the fire with your torch so as to not waste matches. This would save me a bit of clicking (and a couple wasted matches when I forget to check that the torch is selected as the starting item )
  14. So, continuing the theme of letting players live with the consequences of their mistakes, what do you think about toxic gas in the Last Prospect mine? Because I was nearly killed by it in my longest survival run, and I would die, if I didn't Alt+F4 in time (I'm not proud of it). You see, usually, it's a long chain of poor choices that kills your character in TLD, not some random challenge that you failed. But in that case, the life of your survivor might end just two seconds before you can exit the elevator. This immediate fatality doesn't suit TLD, it makes the game worse. So how do we solve it? New Affliction: Lung Damage. I never said there should be no consequences to breathing this gas for too long. When your timer runs out, you have five more seconds before your health reaches 0%. But don't think you're fine once you're out, because for every 10% of health lost to the gas, 5% are lost semi-permanently. By semi-permanently I mean you'll recover 2% each day. This means, if you escaped the gas at the last possible moment, and somehow survived, recovering 50% of your max. health will take 25 days. Is this too much? Well, it's still better then losing all your progress right then and there. And I think it's a way more The Long Dark way of "punishing" players. On a sidenote, the reason why I couldn't get out of the gas in time is this thing. "Clean Air Valve Socket: CLOSED" "NO VALVE HANDLE IN INVENTORY" This text clearly indicates that I have to find the valve handle to open the socket. Just like in Wintermute. The only problem is that this handle doesn't exist in survival mode. So wouldn't it make more sense for all the sockets in survival mode to be static objects, with no text deceiving you into thinking you can interact with them? So here you have it, two suggestions for the price of one. What do you think? If you have something to add, make sure to do it in the replies section!
  15. Alpenwolf


    The possibility of being able to make a pulka would be great. It seems to me that it is less tiring to pull a sled than to carry a backpack over long distances and would allow more equipment to be carried. Ex: 10 hardwood, 5 dried deer skins, 10 dried guts. Afterwards, it's up to you to try to tame a wolf or a deer to pull the sled. 😁 Maybe check with modders.
  16. I kinda talked about it in the replies to some other post, but I think this suggestion deserves its own place in the wishlist In the episode 2 after you forge the bear spear you have to visit three radio towers where you'll be fighting the Old Bear. This mission is a great improvement on what we had in predux, and I really like it in concept. In concept. But when it comes to execution... Don't get me wrong, I still like the fight, it's very good. But it could've been great with a single change. The Old Bear shouldn't insta-kill you. In fact, it would be better if he was LESS lethal than any ordinary bear. But how does that make sense? More damage = higher stakes, right? Not when you can reload your last save. In fact, since the game auto-saves right before the fight there are NO stakes at all. If you set the spear too late/early, you die and restart. And it repeats, until you finally get it right. But even if losing in this fight meant permanent death, it would be annoying, not challenging. I always thought that The Long Dark is all about making your choices and suffering their consequences. When you die, the choice that led to it might have been made hours ago. Sure, you can get jumped by a wolf or accidentally walk off a cliff, but way more often it's hunger, hypothermia, and fatigue that cause your death. So, what does it have to do with the Old Bear? Well, this is an example of The Long Dark not letting you live (or die) with the consequences of your mistakes. You placed the spear too late? Death! Try again. The fight would be much more challenging (in a good way), if you could mess up once (or even twice), but you'd have to pay for that. I'd much rather have Mackenzie's clothes torn to shreds and struggle to recover from having 5% of health left. This is intresting, this is thrilling. Looking at the loading screen after being mauled isn't Next up on "Let players live with the consequences of their mistakes" - How to improve gas leaks in the Last Prospect mine.
  17. While large important announcements are shared here on the forums, many smaller announcements and teasers are shared exclusively on twitter. Many people on the forum do not use twitter and would prefer to get their information directly from the forums. My suggestion is simple, add a sidebar to these forums where recent posts by the relevant twitter accounts show up. (These being RaphLife, intoTheLongDark and Hinterland) This would allow casual forum-goers to get the same information as twitter followers, without having to go to another site. (A site which many would rather not visit!) If this isn't appealing, there should at least be a locked thread in the Updates subcategory that contains copy pastes of tweets where it can still be viewed by all. Thank you! -SpanishMoss
  18. Yeah, so this suggestion is about as morbid as you can get, but, seriously, why are we not able to drink the blood from animals that we kill? TLD is about surviving at all costs, after all. From a gameplay perspective, this would make sense, and not be too unbalanced. Blood from a freshly-killed animal is still at that animal’s body temperature, so if you were desperate and didn’t have any matches, then drinking a cup of blood could be a desperate measure for a desperate situation. It would likely give a few calories, as well as a high risk of infection, unless it was cooked first, in which case, it would effectively be another kind of tea. My proposed amounts of drainable blood (in liters) per creature: Rabbit: 0.15L. Deer: 3.5L. Wolf: 3.2L. Bear: About 20L. Moose: 32L. Now, obviously, bagging a Bear or Moose and draining all the blood out of it would render you overencumbered almost immediately... and, unless you’re Dracula, there is no way you will ever need to drink that much blood. To avoid this “teeny tiny problem”, I propose the following solution: For every in-game minute an animal bleeds out, it would lose 10% of it’s drainable blood supply. Now, how would you drain the blood out of a dead animal? I have no idea, but desperater times call for desperate measures. What does everyone think of this idea?
  19. I have always wondered what it would be like in TLD Survival if you could prepare and transport meat and fish, with minimal smell possible, using Tupaware. I think it would be fitting and fun to also add a system where you might get bonuses for eating certain combinations of food together, with also more penalties added for not maintaining a full diet.
  20. Okay, this suggestion is a morbid one, but why are there no dead people in the cars? I think adding them would increase the immersion, and make the long dark more diverse without oversaturating it with content. And now, when survival and wintermute are separated, including this little change is easier than ever.
  21. The addition of the "well-fed" bonus was a smart idea. It helps to close a somewhat cheap loophole in which players could intentionally starve their character to save on food consumption. Now, 'fasting' is a less attractive tactical choice as the +5kg carry bonus is too good to pass up. I think a similar bonus for maintaining hydration and stamina would be a welcome addition. Granted, most players don't consciously go without water or rest unless they have no choice as the penalties are more severe, but it could still push players to play more methodically and add another layer of realism to the risk/reward systems of TLD. I think a small bonus to fatigue would be welcome, such as by reducing rate of depletion when moving, sprinting, performing physical tasks, and/or lowering the rate of depletion of your needs. Or perhaps just increasing the overall penalties for dehydration and fatigue, like increasing crafting and harvesting times.
  22. Okay, maybe "necessary" is not the best word here. Basically, those are the changes that have no reason not to be made. The game would only benefit from them. And opening the list... CONSERVATION OF MASS Weight of many different items in TLD makes no sence. For example, lichen wound dressing is crafted using 3 pieces of beard lichen. Each one of them weighs 0.01kg. That means, the dressing weighs... 0.1kg. You see, I'm a math student and my instincts tell me that something's wrong here. I just can't put my finger on it... Jokes aside, either the mass of lichen should be increased to 0.04kg, or it should take more lichen to craft the dressing. Here's the rest of stuff the weight of which should be changed (tell me if I missed something) Newsprint roll - 0.1kg -> 0.2kg Coffee and all the teas - 0.1kg -> 0.25kg Improvised knife - 0.75kg -> 0.7kg Improvised hatchet - the weight should stay the same, but it would require more metal. 5 -> 9 (sorry, interloper players) Here's another weight-related problem. Canned food! As you eat it, its mass goes down to zero. But it should only reach 0.15kg, as this is the weight of the can. In my opinion, it should work similarly to spray paint. And while we're on the topic of cans, you should recieve one when you use up all the coffee in a tin. A full tin of coffee would have to weigh 0.2kg instead of 0.05kg and coffee in it would have to be inseparable. I think, this change makes a lot of sence. INVENTORY There are 6 tabs in your inventory. All of the items you find or craft fall into one or two of these categories: fire starting, first aid, clothing, food and drinks, tools, materials. Unfortunately, some of the items are not stored in the right section of your inventory. A good example is the bandage. Ever since the release of "Faithful cartographer", there's nothing you can craft using it. Still, to this day you can find it among the crafting materials. The rest of these items are... Water purification tablets - it's a tool (maybe it could also fit into the food and drinks section) Reclaimed wood - yes, it's a fuel, but it's also a material, used for crafting snares Hook and line - crafting materials, but not tools (not yet) Arrow tip and arrow shaft - the same idea. It's a material. Can of gunpowder - not a tool, a material Revolver/rifle shell casing - a crafting material Charcoal - a tool, but also a material Rose hip/Reishi/Birch bark tea - first aid, but also drinks Go! Energy drink - I really don't know if it should count as fist aid. Leave your opinion in replies. Recycled can - a tool, but also a crafting material. CONDITION Many items have different condition meters. Not all of them should. Matches, painkillers, antibiotics, antiseptic, money, coffee tins, herbal tea, flare shells, lantern fuel, jerry cans, and water purification tablets should have their condition at 100% all the time. Some of them don't lose their condition at all, others lose it so slowly that it doesn't have any affect on the gameplay. All of them clutter your inventory. This should be fixed. MISCELLANEOUS Read and unread books should look differently. When you put an empty spray paint can into a container it should disappear. 0% condition food, on the other hand, shouldn't. (I can still eat it when I'm desperate) Toilet water shouldn't be potable (If I have to boil snow from Timberwolf Mountain, I should have no choice but to boil this water too. Actually, this change would make purification tablets way more useful) If one of those DLC's Hinterland keep teasing will allow us to eat more than one cat tail stalk at a time, we all are going to buy it. Seriously, all of us want to be able to eat more cat tails. PLEASE! I BEG YOU! DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY YEARS OF MY LIFE I SPENT EATING CAT TAIL STALKS?! At least, make eating them faster. That's it! Leave your own ideas in the replies section. If you have any questions or (constructive) criticisms let me know!
  23. Can't remember if I've posited this before (and if so, it was before covid), but on any level you'll end up with a few empty cans. I'm no expert, but I would think that actually some of the bits from using a knife on a can (without a can opener) could couple with copious other cans and create some fishhooks. Maybe some mechanism that involves new, lower-level items to build up, because I feel the current scrap metal that will repair important things is too important. Honestly, if scrap metal can repair a hacksaw, I feel that's too glorious for simple scraps that could easily create fishhooks. Just my two cents.
  24. So tinder items like newspaper and money become useless at some point in all our survival runs, an item in abundance that we have no use for. And wolf pelts, while useful in early game and more essential on Interloper, quickly lose out to the Bearskin coat and Expedition parka on all other difficulties. What if there was a layered clothing system, allowing wolfskin gloves, hats, pants, even shoes? What if each animal pelt was geared to a specific stat? Bears for warmth, Moose for protection, Wolves for windproof, Deer for sprint? You could strategically mix and match for different regions or scenarios. And we'd all be showing off and debating our combinations. Perhaps even set bonuses could come into play? And paper can be pretty durable in stacks, why not incorporate it somehow into the crafting system? If that seems too far fetched, than perhaps as a new crafting item, let's call it "Trail Mix", that requires newspaper, money, or tinder to make. You equip it and when used it creates some kind of texture onto the ground, similar to spray paint. Or perhaps it could be a sustained effect when activated, creating an intermittent trail as you travel, as if you poked a hole in a bag of colorful sand and attached it to your leg to find your way back. Of course, they would decay after a week or so. I was using the tin cans to mark a path back to my fishing hut because I was having trouble finding it in bad weather. Now with noisemakers in the mix, cans have more value. I think tinder-based items are overdue for the same treatment.
  25. I've had this idea stuck in my head for quite some time. The Lond Dark is a game about surviving in a cold environment. There's snow and blizzards, and you have to wear warm clothes. So when you're outside, your biggest concern is the temperature. But what about indoor locations? Somehow, every house is always warm. Even Mountaineer's Hut is warmer then the outside, despite there being a giant hole in the roof. Upon finding a house, you don't have to worry about freezing, so the only time you'd start a fire is when you need water or food. What's my suggestion? Buildings should lose temperature over time. This would continue until the temperature outside is the same as inside. To battle this, fires should warm buildings up. This way, you'd have to actually burn some fuel to keep your shelter warm. The rate at which a building gets colder would depend on how well insulated it is. This way, Camp Office, for example, would only lose 1°C per 12 hours, while the Mountaineer's Hut would lose 5°C per hour (which is still too generous, but hey, it's a game). How effective fires are at raising the indoor temperature should depend on the size of the location. Trapper's Cabin, being a rather small house, would recieve 10% of fire's temperature per hour, but some big location, like Carter Hydro Dam would recieve the same 10% over 24 hours. Not to make Mountaineer's Hut (and other buildings like it) useless, houses wouldn't lose any temperature, while a fire is burning inside. If you can light two fires in the same shelter, their effect should stack. Of course, all these values would change, depending on the difficulty, and the whole thing would be optional in custom settings. The examples I've listed, is how I'd like for it to work on Stalker. On Pilgrim, managing the indoor temperature would take almost no effort. On Interloper... Ehh, it's difficult enough already, maybe this change could be balanced by making clothes and matches spawn more often.