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  1. As I mentioned in my other post, here is the poll. Original post found here in the "General Discussions & Misc Topics" portion of the forum located below:
  2. In my current run, it's just occurred to me... I kind of wish that the drop zone for items was a little tighter. I mean specifically the area around you where items dropped from player inventory appear on the ground. While I acknowledge that this is a personal preference/quirk of mine... I find myself spending a lot of time dropping items, only to them pick a lot of them back up and re-dropping - repeatedly, trying to get them in a tighter pile. A specific example of this... I use one of the tiny crates in the Mountaineer's hut as a coal bin. I find myself having to climb up onto the crafting bench to be able to get over top of it and drop the coal in... but since most of it lands in fairly random way in the "drop zone" I end up picking most of it to try it again. After much effort, I have a nice little box by the crafting bench what very neatly holds all my coal. I guess I just wish it didn't take so much effort to be able to do this It may sound silly, but I can easily spend a large portion of my in game day trying to "tidy up" piles of things: Sticks, cloth, coal, charcoal, stones, pelts... pretty much everything that one might end up wanting to drop at one point or another. *I also really wish there was a weapon rack in the Mountaineer's Hut...*
  3. FrozenCorpse


    Even the biggest pencil... 15 grams... (and I actually couldn't find any heavier than 10grams) vs. 600 grams. just sayin'...
  4. I'm a relatively new player but I'm enjoying the game immensely. I Don't know if this has been suggested or addressed previously however have you thought of stone Tools created by flint napping? You could create arrowhead, knives and hatchet's I would suggest those have a low % chance of breaking which would increase when the condition % is decreasing I would also suggest that these items lose condition faster than normal items due to being made out of stone. And lastly I believe that a new suitable type of stone can be added to the game that would need to be searched for. As I say I am unsure if this has been suggested or discussed but I do believe this would be a useful addition to the game.
  5. Bergmann

    Wish list

    Каждый раз при замене одежды, нужно чтобы вид от первого лица также менялся! Например меняет персонаж перчатки или куртку, меняется вид удерживания оружия, ножа и т.д. Добавьте возможность строить что-то новое, укрытия (на поверхности) или небольшой домик. Добавьте возможность рубить свежие деревья. Добавьте новые угрозы. Разновидности медведей, волков, лосей, в каждой локации должны абсолютно отличаться от прежних. На каждой локации должно быть свое собственное поведение для животных. Не похожее на остальных. Добавьте новую живность, например птицы. Пусть будет возможность питаться их мясом. Добавьте возможность переносить вещи, пусть сумка вмещает больше КГ. Либо нужно добавить деревянные сани. ОБЯЗАТЕЛЬНО, добавьте возможность автоматического выхода из сна, при риске обморожения или переохлаждения. (все время я погибал только по этой причине)
  6. I pretty much play interloper only and I gotta say that though I love the early challenge of it, I absolutely lose interest when it comes to the inconsistencies of hunting. I had a wolf near Carter Dam that was limping very slowly after I hit it with an arrow and tracked it to the dam. I turned away for 2 seconds to grab some twigs, turned back, and he was just gone. I combed the whole area and double checked for tracks and nothing. He had seemingly just disappeared! Waited a night in a nearby trailer to see if I could just look for crows and that maybe I had just barely missed him the day before. Nope. No crows around. There were crows nearby on a corpse across the bridge, but nothing around me whatsoever on my kill. Kind of tilting when you spend an hour and a half making the arrow, go through the whole bait and shoot process, track the wolf, and then just as it's about to die it literally disappears or bugs out; couldn't tell which. That was the final moment that made me just walk away from my game, despite how well it was going. Two previous times in the same game I had tried the bait and kill tactic, which worked flawlessly, only to be screwed over by the ridiculous animal pathing while they are fleeing. Holy what. Both times I shot a wolf with an arrow only to result in that wolf just running for the mountain sides, which are steep as hell and a guaranteed sprain. They will just run around these highly steep slopes to the point where following them isn't an option and you are better waiting them out. Problem is, they often die on a very hard to reach part of the mountain so again, guaranteed sprain to get to them. I don't mind the reworked sprain system, and I really like the change to make it more apparent when you will get a strain, but with that system you cannot have such crazy animal pathing AI. Can't you folks make it so that they prefer to flee on more level or downhill terrain? I just don't get why they flee up mountains. It's not realistic and it's very immersion breaking with the sprain system. Nearly all or most of my limbs are actually sprained by the time I get to the corpse of my hunt. That's just silly. Also I don't know if it was a bug or not, but I was tracking a wolf that was at the point where it was barely moving it was so near death. I got a little too close and the wolf attacked me, which is expected. What wasn't expected was that after I fought it off, he ran away at full speed for quite some time. Just weird. Like his healthbar reset or something. Everytime I come back to this interloper game I get really excited just up to the point that I start hunting wolves; then I just encounter some game design that is just so frustrating that I usually exit the game. I really cannot stress enough that the rest of the game is just soooo well designed but that this particular aspect of the game is just super frustrating. Idk maybe I am the only one that gets frustrated by this but it's such a game ruiner for me that I just wanted to say something about it.
  7. I would figure that several inhabitants of the area would have left behind at least a little bit of alcohol. Maybe whiskey, rum, or something of that sort, and I would think that using this stuff would have some immediate positive effects while trying to survive. Of course, it would also have some pretty steep drawbacks in the near future after using of course. Maybe when consumed it adds a small amount of calories, some thirst, and maybe 25% less damage to condition if attacked by wolves or bears, and you cause 25% more damage when struggling, but after the effects wear off it makes your thirst meter deplete 50% faster for a couple hours and severe headaches? This may have been suggested in the past, but thought I'd throw it out there with the possible effects that kind of make sense within the context of the game.
  8. hey guys, i'll go straight to the point, one of the most common household items in all of the world are thermal bottles, they can keep cold liquids cold and warm liquids well warm for longer periods of time, I thought was maybe used the same mechanic from the storm lantern, but instead allow you to store tea or coffee (I don't think storing pork and beans or peaches would be a good idea) the thermal bottle would keep the liquids warm for longer and would help out when you have to come home from a Blizard and also help in the late game when the ambient is colder allowing the player to stay outside for longer, also to balance it out they should be made rare, and also since they can't be crafted by common manners (they have to pull a vacuum to make it perfect) you aren't able to fix it, and it loses its effectivity the lower the condition gets. That's it, I hope you guys like it. :D
  9. I love wheelguns, but the one in TLD feels like a semi-auto in some regards. The hammer/cylinder don't move when dry firing (I forget if they do when shooting, but I don't think they do) and the thing apparently ejects rounds automatically! When popping the cylinder open to reload the fired chambers are empty. That is silly beyond belief and quite honestly breaks my immersion a whole lot more than it should. The fix really is simple and could be done in one of two ways. 1. Fired chambers don't automatically empty, just add a small clinking sound effect and perhaps a delay when the firearm goes down off the screen. This would be indicative of removing the empty shells manually. When the firearm comes back onto the screen, the chambers are empty. 2. Fired chambers don't automatically empty, take a page from Alien Isolation's wheelgun. For those unaware, no matter if you've fired all six rounds or just one the main character hits the ejector rod and empties the cylinder when reloading. All unfired rounds are retained and you then reload the empty cylinder. This second one would, in some ways, punish players who only fire off a single shot and then reload but at the same time it's accurate! It's not all that easy to eject a single round, doubly so if it's freezing cold outside. Therefore, you have to choose either to take a long reload after every round or just reload when you're empty. This second one could also lead to some fun Dirty Harry-esque moments where you're faced with an angry wolf and the following scene plays out: Player faced with snarling wolf: "I know what you're thinking. 'Did he fire six shots or only five?' Well to tell you the truth, in all this excitement, I kind of lost track myself. But being that this is a .44 Magnum (probably, it doesn't actually say in game but I'm assuming here), the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off, you've got to ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky?' Well do ya, pup?" Wolf: *Bork Bork* and charges. Player faced with charging wolf: *Click* "FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU..!" In reality, it's only a minor complaint but it's a complaint that's near and dear to my heart.
  10. A lot of people may have been asking for this for a quite some now, but it couldn’t hurt if the dev team can make the game on console to be enhanced on the Pro and X, since they have offer 4K resolution and HDR. So I’m thinking that it should be added to the options menu under display settings to enable which resolution, Framerate and enable HDR which is supported on which console platform that you own, just a little suggestion.
  11. Bergmann

    Own wish list

    Add the ability, when every time if you change clothes, you change a first-person view also! For example, changing the character of a glove or jacket, changing the type of holding a weapon, knife, etc. Add the ability to build something new, shelters (on the surface) or a small house. Add the ability to cut fresh trees. Add new threats. Varieties of bears, wolves, elks, in each location should be completely different from previous ones. Each location must have its own behavior for animals. Not like the rest. Add a new animal, such as birds. Let it be possible to eat their meat. Add the ability to carry things, let the bag hold more KG. Or you need to add a wooden sled. MANDATORY, add the ability to automatically get out of sleep, with the risk of frostbite or hypothermia. (all the time I died only for this reason)
  12. I kind of wish that they would shrink the rabbit hitboxes down a little bit... I personally liked the old way, before they reworked it. I mean, I think it should be tricky to hit a rabbit with a rock. I think perhaps they made it a little too forgiving when they reworked it. Lately I've been noticing that bad throws, that really should have been misses, still stunned the rabbit... and it felt kind of cheap. I do wish they would shrink that hitbox back down a little bit... maybe not as small as it was... but definitely smaller than it is now.
  13. I know we already have cabin fever, but I think that it would be neat to have a mental health meter that is affected by: how much you eat and drink, pre-existing conditions such as one that makes you sad when you kill rabbits or causes mood swings (maybe there could be a badge that effects how many, if any conditions exist), reading a self-help books or adopting a pet rock. good mental health will make you perform actions quicker and burn slightly fewer calories. bad mental health will make you burn slightly more calories and your character can become grumpy, causing him to give up occasionally while performing actions like crafting or sowing and maybe even refuse to get out of bed. what to ya'all think?
  14. In this thread, I am soliciting players specific ideas & suggestions for things they would like to see included as NON-ADVANTAGEOUS additions to their gameplay experience; for which, they would be willing to pay the cost associated with a DLC as a means of financially supporting the Hinterland studio. These are 10 categories / suggestions I've either read somewhere along the line, or that I would like to see in a Supporter Pack: 1. Reskins: - Tent reskin for the Snow Shelter (same crafting components, looks like a mountaineering tent with a fly). - Skillet (functions with the same stats as the cooking pot) - Jeremiah's knife (limited possibility for spawn of his knife per play-through: Same stats & durability as combat knife) - Hinterland merch appearing in spawn tables swapped out for their respective counterpart in-game items (toggled?) 2. Decorator Pack: (Role Players / Campers) Items placed outdoors would despawn when player exceeds a certain range so they couldn't be used for trail markers. Items set in a "camp site" could be tagged as persistent with the player permitted one active camp site at any particular time. Reskins would be subject to the same decay that their respective counterparts were. The view out the front of the tent would need to be identical to the snow shelter...(?). Non-consumables (decorative): - Glass of water - Glass of wine - Mug of beer - Bottled beer - Bottle of wine - Steaming hot beverage (cocoa?) - Plates (decorative, placeable) that function as an interactable surface that players can place food items on. - Place setting (silverware, decorative) - RP Functionality: Sitting on tree-stumps and chairs (possibly technically complicated). Would love to sit when I role-play camping, mend or handcraft... (could even be added to game later in an update, but given to supporters earlier) - RP Functionality: Functional coat racks (no benefit to drying, same as floor or surface drying. - RP Functionality: Store hatchet stuck into wood (stump, bough, downed tree..). - RP Functionality: Lean rifle against things vertically. 3. Misophonia toggle: Eating audio swapped for barely audible variants. 4. Elegy Visual Poem 5. Select Episode Intro cinematics (possible complications where additional music licensing fees are concerned). 6. Game designer interview collection. 7. Identity-secure behind-the scene Studio tour. 8. Great Bear inspirations (collection of images and video montage designers utilized for creative inspiration). 9. Meet the voice actors: (Interviews with or short video highlights of the process). 10.Gag reel (funny glitches, fun in the recording studio, etc.). What other things can you think of that you'd like to see in a Supporter Pack?
  15. Hi, since this was seriously driving me crazy for several evenings, I thought I'd share it. Maybe it saves others some trouble. If you run Ubuntu with the newest NVidia drivers (430.14) and TLD starts up all black, use: ./tld.x86_64 -force-glcore42 -popupwindow -screen-fullscreen 0 Then click your way to settings and change the resolution to a windowed one which fits your screen. Fullscreen won't/can't work for some reason at all and if you ran fullscreen earlier, now you got just a black screen. Note: the above can be added in Steam too with Properties/Launch Options as: "%command% -force-glcore42 -popupwindow -screen-fullscreen 0" . With those parameters I was able to change the overall resolution and run as non-fullscreen. I don't know where the settings are stored, but hand-editing the Unity3D prefs files didn't change anything. Also, the -screen-width/-screen-height command line parameters seem to have no effect; -show-screen-selector also didn't work (I made sure it finds all libs with LD_LIBRARY_PATH). There are plenty of tips in the internet about SDL2 being the problem, or that LD_LIBRARY_PATH is required or the SDL_DYNAMIC_API is needed, or one has to run 32-bit version instead of the 64-bit version, and so forth and so on, but none of those worked. I guess the problem is in fact the NVidia driver somehow, since I run Steam in an LXC container based off of Ubuntu 14.04 and with the exception of the new NVidia driver userspace that container was otherwise unchanged. The only thing changed on the host side was the 430.14 kernel driver. Also, my other games exhibit similar problems right now and running in a non-fullscreen/window helps. With only the -screen-fullscreen 0 the initial "wolves are not really psycho killers and this game won't make you Bear Grylls" screen was shown OK but then the "scrolling nightly mountains with sponsors and beautiful music" was all black. No graphics ever appeared after that. I hope this helps someone else as well, and you can play again this great game. Thank you folks of Hinterland for making this game, I really mean it, it is a masterpiece. (I'd like to see new areas though...) Cheers!
  16. Revenant

    Cooking pots

    A simple wish. Cooking pots are sometimes hard to come by in this game and essential for making large quantities of water and cook things faster, like meat. A way to make cooking pots from scrap metal at a forge would make surviving the quiet apocalypse a little bit easier and add in more ways to use the forge and heavy hammer.
  17. As is fairly common knowledge, it is the toilet tank and not the bowl which can have the potable (usually) water in it. I'd like to request that the interactable portion of the toilet be the tank; not the bowl. Additionally, I'd like to add Hot Water Heaters as a major source of water (when they are located in structure interiors with an ambient temperature above freezing OC). On the subject of toilet bowls.. perhaps some water might be available from this source too, but could be tagged as both [non-potable] and [possibly contaminated] giving it a higher risk roll for dysentery? On the subject of different values for dysentery risk rolls. If potable water has a dysentery risk value of 0, water collected from less risky sources like melting snow and waterfalls could have (the standard) non-potable value of [1]. Water from the reservoir tanks of toilets or hot water heaters could have a non-potable value of 1.5. Water taken from a toilet bowl could have a value of 2 or 3. This higher risk-value water would need to be kept separate from other NP water lest it taint any previously collected non-potable water already in a particular container. Since I'm really only guessing how risk rolls work, hopefully you get the general concept. I can see now how the simplification of the system mechanics might be preferable over a complex system where player confusion over "the history" of the various types of water they've collected could have disastrous consequences. Perhaps, once the water collection & management system is developed further in the game, players would be discouraged from taking an inordinate amount of water (from heater tanks holding upwards of 40+ gallons) because they'd need to provide appropriate containers themselves. A 5-gallon jerry Jug (JJ) could be added for storing or transporting large quantities of water, but could only be transported in-hand once a certain amount of water was in it (>2 gallons?). Picking up or adding a JJ to one's inventory containing +X amount of water in it could render a player immobile. They would have to either select it from the radial menu or choose "transport" or similar from the item HUD which would then permit walking with one hand slot occupied. Furthermore, if 2 hand slot functionality is ever implemented, it might be possible to walk while carrying a JJ and a revolver.. but aiming might well be difficult? Out of all of this, I think I'd be satisfied if the interaction portion of a toilet were to be simply moved from the bowl to the tank, and toilets without a tank (such as those found in Carter Dam) were to have no salvageable water. However, I wouldn't be disappointed if the system for water collecting and management were to become more complex following the addition of waterfalls and hot water heaters (and toilet bowls?) to the list of potential sources of water. Thanks for your time.
  18. The PS4 supports USB and Bluetooth keyboard/mice. However, they only work in games that implement native support. TLD on PS4 is already good, but would be great with mouse and keyboard support baked in.
  19. I just saw a spider scurry on my wardrobe, a big one too. Here in Oz, spiders are quite plentiful and certainly terrifying. This made me think... Imagine if spiders were added to the game? wouldn't that be fair dinkum horrifying? Perhaps unnecarry, but still an interesting detail. theey could cause an affliction, too! perhaps they could be rare - or imagine walking through a cave only to see a particular chamber crawling with them! black widows, perhaps. Maybe you'd find one under the stairs in the camp office or something.
  20. Hello everyone, we all know that in the survival mode, there are two characters to choose from, right? And what if there would be an opportunity to choose for example to survive as a teenager. Well, well, what or an elderly character. Yes, in the game of growing up there would not be .a means the game would be all the same. But there is one thing. An older character would tire faster, just like a teenager. Yes, and the clothes would have to hem. If something is not so sorry.
  21. There's all these houses with locked cellars. I wish that would change someday. Maybe HL could just make most of them locked doors and then put house keys in some of the cars and on frozen corpses.. Sometimes there might be some identifying clue on the person or vehicle that hinted to the location of the house that the keys belong to, sometimes the face of the corpse might resemble a figure in a picture frame in the house.. Or it might just be that, once a player has accumulated a number of these sets of house keys, they could simply revisit houses whenever they pass through and pop in to check and see if any of their keys fit the cellar door... Normally, I try to set my loot to a stalker selection (chance for everything), but I turn the other settings down as far as they'll go so I get as few actual loot spawns as possible. Even having continuously low loot spawn rates, I really get a thrill when I find a well-stocked prepper cache but it's such a rarity. Also, it's so risky to be climbing high into the hills looking for hatches with the threat for sprains being what it is. These cellars could serve as prepper caches in a way. Filled with goodies, maybe even too much loot, forcing the player to leave most of it behind... Just spitballing an idea...
  22. I would love to see thermal hot springs in the game. Somewhere you could warm up and maybe restore a little health. Wouldn't that be awesome?!
  23. Ayo! I am an auzzie and Vegemite makes me happy. anyone who hates it cannot call themselves Australian. It might make A funny and random addition to the game perhaps, so YEE ₕₑₕₑₕₑₑ ᵢ𝒻 ᵤ 𝓌ₐₙₙₐ ₙₐₘₑ ᵢₜ ₐ𝒻ₜₑᵣ ₘₑ ₜₕₐₙ 𝓰ₒ ₐₕₑₐ𝒹 ᵦᵤₜ ₙₒ ₚᵣₑₛₛᵤᵣₑ
  24. i think it should be awesome if every time we die the game save the location and we have a chance to find it in other saves (we whould not be able to recover our items) and another thing that i think is a good idea is to perpetuate the game ( new difficulty option ) if we choose this new difficulty, every containers that we searched in the previous save will be empty (if we taked everything ) this idea match a little bit with the previous idea and i think it will add another fun part to the game.