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  1. I'm not saying this will improve the current challenges...but as a speedrunner, for me it would. This is my VERY SHORTENED wishlist for them... Hopeless Rescue: Please leave the flare gun exploit so we can collect at the crash site in PV and not all the way up TWM (as an option for a shorter run). The Hunted Part One: PLEASE...1 guaranteed can of coffee at the farmhouse to avoid a million restarts..or at least increase its spawn rate....cos its very low atm. Archivist: Please...make it like 4DON so we can have Aurora every day....and then this might also become a speedrunning challenge with replayability. Also, please give us an in-game timer like Hopeless Rescue for these challenges to keep checking. And can the timers (or at least your complete time) show seconds...not just we can optimize the runs and start shaving off seconds... I know this some of these are a longshot...especially that can of coffee...but hey....I made a list and checked it never know.... Looking forward for the December Survival update.
  2. Hello hinterland and comunity. Sorry for my english but. I love this game so I thought how to improve it. One night I was wondering what is forlorn muskeg special. Sorry but I have to say nothing except it's a swamp. So I thought it would be good to add a beaver. Maybe you think it's useless. But in real life his tail can be used as whetstone and its skin is very waterproof. Of course it also has meat. For example from leather can be made waterproof socks and as I said from the tail whetstone (not high quality but usable). It would be very useful for late game. But the beaver is not so easy to catch and could only be caught only with traps. Only in special places where we could see the entrance, for example, from the non frozen water. It would also be very beautiful to model dams from branches and mud. Of course, some branches larger and smaller could be collected. And add some trees and bushes between the dams. Not much to make it always seem open. And specially fallen trees with beaver tooth marks. And so I ask you could do something like this and even improve this amazing game? Thank you for reading and replying ❤️
  3. Hello hinterland and comunity. Sorry for my english (and my photoshop skills) stink could be added it would be easy, for example, as if we have unprocessed meat (those 3 dashes) only it would have a different color it could be added over time or especially by running a disability for long non-washing would be itchy skin itchy skin could not be cured until washed and it would make it impossible to have a 100% condition that would always go lower like a parasites it could be washed easily and a bathtub could be used for washing maybe just with non-potable water (for example 3 liters) and one cloth like a sponge would be enough thanks for reading and replying ❤️
  4. Alright so 2 days ago, I hopped off the tailgate of my dad's pickup and landed on my foot sideways. Yeah I know. Ouch. So I went to the doctor to get it xrayed because I was pretty sure it was broken. I really couldn't tell since my adrenaline was pretty high. Anyway. They slapped a bandage on the sprained ankle and to my surprise I still wasn't able run at full speed incase of a surprise wolf attack. My suggestion is this. You get a sprained ankle. The pain affliction, whereas now where it makes painkillers totally useless, should impair your focus much more. For example, you can't do maintenance on your tools or crafting, unless you take pain killers. The pain killers should let you keep your focus for a short while but the pain should persist through the duration of the sprain, making pain killers a balanced and useful mechanic instead of the sugar pills they are now. Now. The bandage. The bandage should let you move slightly faster and get rid of the limping screen effect. That's it. Still no running. And the heal time should be 2 days of rest because it's still a video game. In reality a sprain could take several weeks to heal, but I don't think anyone would want that here. Wrist sprains would be very similar. Same thing with the painkillers. But with a bandage, we should be able to shoot a firearm or pull a bow, however VERY inaccurately. Accuracy would increase with use of painkillers, but still more inaccurate than a healthy wrist. I know the long dark is a game, but it is based around realism. So it should be a scaled down version of how it would REALLY be. Sprains do not magically go away with slapping a bandage on them. Although this is an improvement from the original sprain mechanic it's still just not right
  5. I think it would be great if item condition, pictured as number in inventory could be hidden for player and item condition can be assumed by item look. Some food items look exactly same for all conditions (canned food for example), but all food could be inspected right after opening ("smells good", "looks horrible", etc). It brings more cautious gameplay, than comparing simple numbers and even various item variants already existing becomes even more usefull. We probably dont need various models, just switching textures (example spoiled green venison). What do you think?
  6. I think a packet of pasta should be a new food item to provide about 350-450 calories. It would have the "Warming Up" effect. It would need a pan to be boiled in, though, I reckon a can couldn't fit a packet of pasta. What do you think?
  7. I think it would be nice to add beavers and rats(let me explain first). The beaver has already been mentioned by others but I wanted to share my vision on how it could be implemented in the game. First, the rat. It's simple. You can place small traps in indoors to catch them and when cooked, gives about 150-250 calories. It could save your life if stuck inside with a monster blizzard outside and no food. Finally, the beaver. There would be dams across the maps. You can get firewood from it and you can dig a hole thru the nest to have access to the water and be able to fish. It would be really useful in areas were there is no fishing hut. Beavers will rarely spawn (They would be as rare as the moose but would spawn as a family of two or three and rarely four). They will defend themselves if attacked (pretty mutch the same way as timberwolfs) or if approached too close. You can catch them with snares but there is a high chance of it being broken. They can be scared by throwing rocks but not stunned. When they are killed, they give about 4.5 to 6.5 kg of meat, 4 guts, a beaver tail witch can be used as a wetstone and a hide that can be used to craft a new accessory: the beaverskin poncho. It cost 6 beavers hide(Im not shure if the number is balanced. Let me no what you think) and 5 guts. It has 1 degree of warmth, 8 degrees of windproof less mobility and 100% dryness. But it is really fragile. It covers the head, torso and a part of the legs. Since it doesn't cover all the legs, it just gives a 25% dryness bonus. It would be really nice tool to help when a surprise blizzard hits and you have no choice but to make an igloo. Edit: Let me clarify the 8 degrees windproof. The game only counts the windproof value of the outer layers and the poncho covers the head and the torso so it counts for the two of them.
  8. Well now that I've read the Dev Diary, I may as well just get this on the table... I want a Timberwolf Cowl so badly right now.
  9. Just an Idea as my first suggestion: I have been thinking that a lighter should be added to the game. One that you could use to start fires, and use as a light source. I was thinking it should be designed like a Zippo windproof. And that it could have a high spawn rate on corpses, and a modest spawn chance as a loose item inside buildings. Like the classic Zippo, it would be a petrol lighter, so maybe it could have it's own lighter fluid can thingy to keep it fuel'd up.
  10. OdaSamurai

    A few ideas

    Hi y'all It's my first post here, so, before anything, I'd really like to take a few words to congratulate everybody on this amazing game. Been playing it 3+ years now, and it's been progressing amazingly. A special shoutout to the art team, cause, damn that game art is something I can't describe. I don't take game screenshots for no reason other than feats I've done and want to keep/share, but I've taken 30+ screenshots of TLD just this last 15 days, I just can't stop, every sighting and sunset brings something Now, for the real matter at hand, I have a few little ideas, so, here they go - all open for the community discussion/criticism (is that the right word? I'm not native). 1 - The very thing that annoys me, is the "thin ice" mechanics... From the start, it always bugged me, but you can always go around it, of course. However, lately I've run in some of those "bad luck times" - killing a bear, just to watch it bleed out in to thin ice, and not being able to use it, etc. My suggestion here is a few changes/tweaks. I know they are not LITTLE to implement, and would take some work time, but I think we can get to something everybody would appreciate. First, I'd change the thin ice to be weight dependant. So, in the areas where thin ice is marked, it should have also a weight cap per m². If the weight is passed, it just cracks away and drops you in water. However, if you come in lighter than the cap, it should just crack and make noises (don't think that should be a visual indicator that you're "ok" or not, that would be unrealistic, however, fewer noises or something could work as indication of how much danger you're on) but not break. Or, could also be just a little less chance of breaking. This would also mean, that if you REALLY need to cross somewhere, you could drop some gear, just to be a little bit safer to cross it - cause of course, if its weight-dependant, YOUR weight would also affect the ice. Also, the mechanic of "time breaking" (breaks if you stay too long on thin ice)... I don't know, kinda don't like it either... How do you all feel about it? Is that really how it works? If you hear a crack on thin ice, and just stay still, or, move slower, does it still break? IDK, but I'd really like some changes in this mechanic, and those are my suggestion here 2 - A rope mechanic should also be nice. There are few things I get you can do if you have a rope, even without much skill with it. But I'm not saying a mountaineer rope, just a normal rope. Could be crafted out of guts, weaved. Can be used to drag animal corpses (could overwrite the quartering thing that I've never ever used) back to base for safer gathering. Could also be used, in conjunction to the first mechanic above, to lasso a prey out of thin ice, if the animal's weight itself isn't enough to break the ice, but the animal's + you is. That would mean not wasting that deer meat, cause that's something that brings me saddness: Killing a animal, taking a life, and not being able to use it's resources. Feels bad to kill something and not use it, even when it's not your fault. Could also work (but here, could be something with the mountaineering rope instead) to lower "extra weight" down, before you climb down yourself. Would, of course, cost you energy and calories to lower down something, based on how much weight you're lowering, but in my experience, I've found it frustrating to not being able to climb down cause I have 2kgs of extra gear above the limit... Lowering down attached to the rope, another mountaineering rope I'll be needing few meters ahead to climb down the next wall, instead of have to drop the rope, climb down, drop gear, sleep to recover energy, climbing up, picking the rope, climbing down, getting the gear, so I can proceed... That's not HARD to do, but damn that's frustrating. I'd rather lower the rope first, thru the first rope, and spend, say, a quarter the energy of actually climbing down to lower it, and then actually climbing down and picking up the rope to preceed. How do you all feel about that? Have you faced such things before? Please share 3 - Random book entertainment. This here... I don't know, I'll just throw it out there: All those books you can burn, but not read, you could open a space in the forum, where people could post content - I'd guess most would be stories, but as long as the community likes it, could be anything - and the community itself could give the approval, and then, get the content patched into the game, randomly changing this and that book to have the said content. You'd not have to worry about checking stuff about the content (as the community would do that, by looking, reading, and approving or not that post. If said post has X number of approvals (you set the bar here) that is a go, it's post is then locked, and the content, put into the game. Bad stuff would be ruled out by the community, and when you're in game, if you need to spend x minutes, waiting for water to boil, of meat to cook, for exemple, you could just pop open a book and read it. As I said above, just throwing it here, not really developed this idea, but hey - the community is here, YOU, reading this, you are here: help develop that. Just tought to give those books some other use than just fuel (and later in the game, not even that use anymore), and would also put something of this community in there, could sign the player's name as the author at the end and all... Thought it'd be funny. 4 - Edit-Adding here: Being able to burn tinder as a tiny little fuel would be nice. On my current playtrough, I have 60+ tinder stacked on the ground of my base, and can't do anything with it... Could be able to compress 20 in a 30 minute fuel, for instance... But yeah, I don't know if that's the right balancing or not. This is it for now... Tought of some other stuff, but quickly ruled them out for being stupid/not realistic or just not general public's taste at all. Thx y'all for reading all this, I think I extended myself a taddy little bit And comment bellow, participate, would love to read your toughts, positive and negative
  11. I was thinking that as a food item in the game you could collect oats. Then maybe cook it on the fire with water or even condensed milk. This would give maybe 600 calories but would have the warming up bonus if hot from the fire and a new bonus called slow calorie burn in which the rate at which calories are used up is slower. Apparently thats what oats are good for. I think. I haven’t really properly researched it. Tell me what you think 🤔
  12. Don't know if it was proposed or discussed about it 😅 So as we all know most of the dishes requires a little sparkle of salt, so almost in every house you can found it. Well sugar maybe are little scarcer in these times and maybe we can remove it from this topic right away. But salt is quite unique ingredient, it is capable to lower freezing point and also prolonging food validity. My suggestion is adding at least salt and make it interactive with raw food (prolonging food condition). It also might have some interaction with carcasses maybe? But we also know that salt makes us quite thirsty, so if we use that food we would get more thirsty. Also there is sugar mentioned in topic, maybe adding sugar to coffee or teas could give it more calories, or... We could eat it right away - and get calories, but if we use it to much it could have some kinda of consequences. Moreover I'm interested in idea of smoking fish, but I think I saw somewhere this topic so i'm not getting it too wide with this food interacting. Its kinda discussion topic, I would like to hear all of yours opinions on this, maybe I could find some tips of conserving food :)
  13. musrass


    I think gaiters would be an excellent addition to the (rather disappointingly small) selection of accessories in the game. I imagine them giving a small boost to mobility, maybe even warmth – but mainly mobility since no other clothing item does that. And it would be great if there was a craftable variant...
  14. It would be awesome if players could switch between all the different menus and music tracks I would sure love it!
  15. I find that newspapers, books and, recycled cans have zero use my thought is to be able to make paper logs out of the paper (3 pr log) or books (1 per log) and line (2 per log that also uses up excess gut) and as for the cans make them into scrap metal at the worktable
  16. i think there should be penalty when you wear too much clothes and become extremely over heated. "Feels like" can exceed 50 °C (122 °F) in TLD with no punisment. High temperatures should cause: 1. Discomfort (you cannot sleep). 2. Thirst and increased water consumption. 3. Make your inner layer wett by sweat. 4. It makes you stinky due sweating (scent attracting predators).
  17. Yavind

    Christmas event

    Will it be a christmas event for the game as we approach the season? I'm thinking if there is a "secret" file in the game that activates itself when the date on the computer shows closer to Christmas Eve. I imagine broken christmas lights around the rooftops. Curved Christmas tree inside some of the houses, with Christmas decorations on and Christmas presents under the tree you can pack up and find toys .. Also that it is possible to collect, for example, a Christmas hat to add to some collection. Maybe an *achievement where you have to find Santa's hat, and it can be anywhere in the game in a random place anywhere on all the maps. And there is only one of those hats. Imagine how awesome this would have been. Maybe make this as a christmas challenge in the game? "Find Santas Hat". And that is where all the christmas stuff is
  18. I would love to see thermal hot springs in the game. Somewhere you could warm up and maybe restore a little health. Wouldn't that be awesome?!
  19. I had this idea as I was walking through Mountain Town looking for revolver cartridges and other overlooked loot: what if tools had different parts that degraded? For example: hatchets and knives have two parts: the handle and the blade. Each of these parts have their own condition, meaning you can have a handle with a lower condition than the axe head/knife blade. The tool would still have an overall condition that is an average of both, but upon further inspection you would see the individual parts of the tool. This would also change what tools break down into. Instead of just scrap metal and wood, they would break down first into their base components leading to the potential of being able to take a hatchet with a good handle and one with a good axe head and combining them to make a hatchet with higher condition than before. As for repairs, blade items would still be repaired with whetstones. Handles could be repaired either with tools or with wood to make things easier. This would also apply to the rifle and revolver. To keep it simple I'd say three major parts: lock (action), stock, barrel with maybe the magazine as well. The lock and barrel would be repaired with the cleaning kit with the stock being repaired with tools or wood just like knives/hatchets. The hacksaw would still probably be the same as is, requiring tools and scrap to repair the blade and handle. For the hammer, would the head even realistically degrade? It's more or less just a lump of metal so it'd probably be the odd tool out. All in all, I feel like this would make maintenance a little more challenging and time consuming but could be a way to revamp the maintenance skill to something more than just a number.
  20. I would figure that several inhabitants of the area would have left behind at least a little bit of alcohol. Maybe whiskey, rum, or something of that sort, and I would think that using this stuff would have some immediate positive effects while trying to survive. Of course, it would also have some pretty steep drawbacks in the near future after using of course. Maybe when consumed it adds a small amount of calories, some thirst, and maybe 25% less damage to condition if attacked by wolves or bears, and you cause 25% more damage when struggling, but after the effects wear off it makes your thirst meter deplete 50% faster for a couple hours and severe headaches? This may have been suggested in the past, but thought I'd throw it out there with the possible effects that kind of make sense within the context of the game.
  21. Yavind

    Add potatoes

    Raw meat is found in the refrigerators in abandoned houses. So when it comes to fresh products that can last a long time, I mean potatoes can last at least as long as raw meat. So what about adding potatoes? Potatoes can be found in potato bags in basements or refrigerators in-game. Why exactly potatoes? Potatoes are rustic, simple and hearty food item. You can do anything with potatoes. Make baked potato, cook potatoes, roast potatoes. To make homemade potato gold(crisp),.. just add a little salt. The potato has a long shelf life and it is rustic food. Adds some quality to the game.
  22. Вот вышел 3 эпизод, появилась парочка новых предметов, "яркий" (в двойном смысле) пример: "Морской фальшфейер" :D. Но его нельзя найти в выживании, хотя логично было бы увидеть в маяке в "Зоне опустения", или в рыболовных будках на "Прибрежном шоссе". От этого уж точно не станет хуже, будет лишь больше разнообразия, Кстати, я не говорю о прям "Сюжетных" предметах, по типу "Инсулин" и "Именная одежда".
  23. It is possible to set up Hypothermia level but not other diseases. I'm playing on the nearly hardest custom settings and would like to make diseases as much painful as on the Interloper.
  24. I propose to change the mechanics of the dressings in the game: 1) Make them impossible to create. (so that they can only be found). 2)add bandages to sterile (slow infection rate) Why do I find this change necessary? I believe that at the moment the bandages in the game are created very easily, and almost do not cost resources, which is why they lose their value, which in turn reduces the tension from the fear of a possible fight with predators. There is also an alternative proposal: to divide the dressings created by the character (rough dressings), and factory-made dressings that can only be found (for example, in pharmacy boxes), and which will give the sterile effect that I described earlier. Thank you for your attention and good luck ^^
  25. I suggest introducing a function that will automatically return to the character’s hands a weapon that was automatically removed before entering the story building (a club from the third episode as an example). This will slightly increase the mobility and convenience of the game (especially there are dangerous animals in front of such buildings). Thank you for your attention ^^