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  1. Crafted with a ton of wood & scrap metal. Damn heavy once crafted so you can't lug a bunch around. A 2m (3 foot) section of fence that will stop animals from crossing. Can be used to block off sections of broken porch railing or fence off an area from predators.
  2. Just recently started playing Long Dark again after not touching it for quite some time. I’m happy to see a lot of quality of life changes they have made (for example, not being able to cook while doing something else). And it got me thinking, what other things could they possibly add/improve? 1. Make scarves an accessory item. 2. Be able to sleep anywhere without bed warmth bonuses. When I was a newb a while back, I made the mistake of forgetting my bedroll and spent hours in a gas station mending clothing and crafting and was ready to go to sleep. Well... to my amaze, I forgot my bedroll and there was a blizzard outside and it was pitch black (this was before I knew you could sleep in a vehicle, I probably would’ve of froze to death though). So after realizing that I was going to die due to exhaustion, I ran outside with a storm lantern hopelessly searching for somewhere to sleep. I died... anyways, I think it’s just common sense to be allowed to sleep on the floor and just not have bed warmth bonuses. 3. Be able to siphon lantern fuel from one lantern to another. I hate having to choose between either a good lantern with low fuel, or a bad lantern with high fuel. 4. Be allowed to hacksaw the barrel (and even stock) of the Lee-Einfield to reduce weight. This can be balanced by reducing accuracy. And after sawing you can harvest scrap metal and fir firewood I suppose. And to clarify, I know this game isn’t supposed to be centered around weapons and it shouldn’t be complicated. Well, this isn’t complicated. It’d be complicated if I advocated for needing a file, sandpaper, gun vise, steel wool, and a power drill with (forgot the name of the compound) to re-crown the barrel. 5. Hand warmers. Expendable temporary small heat sources. 6. Pen or pencil for mapping. This can speed up the mapping process and it’s a much lighter alternative to charcoal. 7. Hand to match in-game clothes. I’m wearing gloves so the hand should have a glove. Not sure how hard this would be to do though. I don’t see them spending a lot of time on something that is purely for aesthetic. 8. Dragging a carcass. Here’s a hypothetical, for some odd reason, you decided to go kill a deer on the ice at coastal highway. But here’s the catch, you forgot a tool to gut it. Instead of dragging the deer with you back to the garage, you instead are going to have to make 3 trips back and forth. I’d rather make 1 slower trip than 3 repetitive normal ones. Not to mention, I don’t want to have to gut the deer in the blizzard when its corpse is only a few feet from a cave. I have have more ideas but these are the most in-depth meaningful ones I feel. Thoughts?
  3. So I was thinking sure the game is lone survivor mainly but what about adding living npcs in limited numbers thru out the map the max there could be is 10 and you could either help or leave em to there fates idk just a idea that popped in my head
  4. You can find lighter fluid around in the form of Accelerants, so why not Lighters? You could find them on porches, in cars, occasionally in houses, and largely in commercial areas such as the Orca Gas Station. The design would be a standard Zippo (or maybe Bic) lighter with the Hinterland logo on it. You could use it to start fires, or as a poor quality light. You could also use it with the spray cans to produce a "special" effect...
  5. This is the current iron sight (first picture that is a video miniature) And this is the old iron sight (second picture. the rifle aims at a wolf) I think the old one was better. The one that we have right niw does not let us shoot at more than 25 meters without missing. I dont have anything to add the title says everything
  6. This suggestion/complaint is for all platforms, and honestly, for all games, especially on consoles. Please give us the option to disable aim acceleration. It's one of the most frustrating things in gaming. Being able to reduce the look speed is moot if aiming isn't also influenced. Or at least let us alter vertical and horizontal speeds separately.
  7. Hey there! I'm a new user around here, but I've played the game since long ago in my older steam account. This is probably a cliché topic, but I would like to know what's the community opinion about this. You see, I really LOVE the badges in the game, for the events and for the challenges, and I think most of the people will agree with me. I consider myself as a completionist player, and I'm not saying that the 4DON badges need to be hide, in fact, I think there is a better way to do this. Right now for anybody who buys the game on steam, they simply can't reach the 100% progression bar on the badge category because they count as extra badges you need to unlock to get that bar filled up, right? So what I'm saying is... why not simply move those badges from place? Like, Idk, create some extra category named like "Event Badges" and put them all in there for previous and futures in-game events, without a progression (%) bar in THAT specific category. This way the people who didn't manage to get the badges from previous years won't be so upset about having something in the game that they simply can't complete. This is like the collectibles you can find in wintermute and survival mode. These items don't add any additional weight or count in any way in the inventory, but have their own special category where the player can go and "examine" them at any time. My suggestion would be to do the same with the event oriented badges instead of simply "hide" them. (I don't know if that can actually be done...)
  8. The interface boundary for this cave entrance could use some adjustment. Maybe in some future update. I am standing what must be maybe 20 or more feet from the cave entrance itself, where the interface would normally be expected, and I can enter the cave from where I am standing in the image. Now that is not so bad, but what gets annoying is that because the zone of the interface boundary extends so far out, if you face towards the cave even a little bit you will get the Leave Bleak Inlet indicator. You can still move things around or place things so long as you are facing away from the the interface boundary and your orientation never cuts the plane of the boundary else the item will disappear into inventory. Again, not a big problem but annoying.
  9. Travois, a type of sledge formerly used by North American Indians to carry goods. A travois would help us move things that easily make an outting to get food into a much easier venture. Adding a book that would teach skills that would expand our abilities In-game would widen our abiility to survive for longer and make the game even more enjoyable.
  10. I have noticed that the bridges whose travel way (i.e. road surface) consists of logs now cause a significant amount of bouncing motion when being walked across. It is very obvious, unsettling, and annoying. Now I found, in Bleak Inlet, that the bouncing (the log irregular road surface) can be so pronounced that I can get [sort of] stuck much like trying to cross a railroad track which has motivated me to complain about it.
  11. It would really be appreciated if we could have more control over game sounds in the "Options" menu, more specifically the ability to adjust the volume of waterfalls (dang that's loud in the headphones relative to other sounds!) and wind. Please and thank you! 🙂
  12. So I was playing the game for the first time and loving the experience. But I noticed that the game felt a little empty in survival. While that's fun and all the noises remind me a little of Dead Space, I found myself wishing I had a budy to go on an adventure with or maybe make our own structures to try and survive the cold without having to search for that one building to live in. Plus the map is HUGE and AMAZING but sometimes feels lonely to cross the entire map solo. I play on PS4 and would love to hear what other people think since I found a new survival game that I love and has the ability to constantly keep me on my toes.
  13. Add a pencil or pen with which you can draw the terrain on a map.
  14. I love the hunting mechanics in this game and think that they add a lot of depth to the game cycle. I do however find that some details of the hunting rifle seem a bit sideways. The hunting rifle is a Lee Enfield of sorts, but it is missing some big details. Owning multiple of this rifle personally, I feel I can speak to the detail changes needed. For one, the rifle sight picture is off. I respect the need for a mechanic that makes landing a shot difficult, but it does not resemble the actual optic. I will attach images of the proper sight picture for reference. Having the narrow sight in the front makes the game feel more fair instead of having shots seemingly disappear into the ether if you are even slightly off with the extremely large front sight in game. Second, upon reload of an empty magazine with zero ammo in the gun, there is visibly a round still in the magazine in game. This is an easy programming fix and I have also included an image of an empty magazine for reference so that it may be corrected accurately. Third, the rifle action is too slow, especially with someone who has supposedly decent rifle skills by skill level 5. Even a novice like Mackenzie can quickly cycle an Enfield bolt as that is how they were designed. Here is a link to just how fast it can be cycled with basic practice. I propose instead of buffing critical chance and other invisible skills as level increases, adding hit areas on the animal and buffing the cycle and reload time for those times when a bear is charging or you just barely missed that deer. This will also challenge a player with ammo conservation as they may find themselves wasting more ammunition if it did not take 3 seconds between shots as it does currently. This game actually inspired me to buy Lee Enfields and since then have increased the immersion into the game. Tweaking these minor corrections will only serve to improve the game immersion and better represent the true, Canadian wilderness, Lee Enfield. Thank you
  15. I remember the days when that 3 kg rabbit carcass was too heavy to move so you had to stand in a blizzard to butcher it. Now we can scoop up the rabbit. I WISH we would get similar changes to the metal boxes and plastic boxes found around the game. They would make organizing my meat piles so much easier. Specifically I'd have it so you only get the prompt to pick it up if it has been both searched AND made empty. However, I think any method of allowing it to be moved would be great. IIRC people have done in game tests on meat decay rates outside on the ground vs outside in a container....and it stays longer inside a container. If that is the case, then how about allowing us to move ONE KIND of container but having it not keep meat fresher. I know this isn't the first time this request has been made. I'd really be intersted in hearing what kind of game balance is risked if it were to be implemented.
  16. Howdy, I am loving the games and am quite addicted at the moment. One thing I would like to see is more saplings around the place for bow and arrow making materials. They are pretty sparsely spread out and hard to find. Given the effort involved in getting crow feathers and arrow heads it would be nice if it was easier to find trees in a forest. I tend to move between regions semi regularly and don't want to be carrying branches to the next zone or check spoiler maps to find locations.
  17. Lumi

    Humming and song

    I recently watched a review for The Long Dark, which was nice and all, but one suggestion they had was something to break up the monotony of long trips through the snow, and his suggestion was to have the character hum, or whistle, or sing a song to themselves while they walked. I personally think that's a fantastic idea. I'm somewhere in the middle on the "dislike of spending ages romping through snow" spectrum, I think. I can quite happily take in the sights while I travel Great bear, but on the other hand I recently almost died my trying to save time and mountain goating off a cliff. Think about it though, your character would hum a lonely tune while they walked along. It would fit the isolated theme, be a really cool feature (like in rdr2, where your character hums) and could be potentially be dynamic, i.e their humming becomes more off-key, raspy and broken as they deteriorate and fade into the long dark, and of course would immediately stop if they're near and see animals, as not to alert any prey/threats. I think it'd be a really cool way to fill in the long hauls roving. I also think it should be really, really optional. As in, toggle-able in the options menu at any time just like sountrack music. What do you think?
  18. It would be really nice if you added alcohol as an item, both for consumption and medical usage. you could have beers and whiskey and all kinds of alcoholic types. they would have drunk sideeffects but maybe they would give you a temporary warmth like how energy drinks give temporary energy. if you get a infected wound you could use strong alcohol as a disinfectant if you dont have antiseptic on you.
  19. Please add a spray for a shelter/safehouse. when the location spraypaint came i thought i could mark buildings as my safehouse or places as a shelter, but that specific option never happened. an example i made, please add this
  20. In the beginning when id log into the game as far back as 2016 when i first got it i was greeted by a moving image of trappers cabin with that wonderful music in the background. However ever since Episode 3 came out the scene has changed to Thomson's crossing with a different(and still very good) song, but i miss trappers and that got me thinking. It's a small touch but could we have the ability to change the scene of the background on the main menu by completing challenges or discovering a location? For example completing Hopeless rescue can give you a background of the lighthouse or completing Whiteout can reward a background of the Quonset set in a harsh blizzard. That's it and i hope I'm not the only one that misses trappers cabin. I put some pictures here as ideas for backgrounds so you can see what i mean.
  21. Boneviolin


    I think a new animal would fit in The game. Like a fox, hard to catch, fast, doesn't have much meat, a warm light hide, some more nice enivorement to The game. Maybe not a very useful feature to the game, maybe this could be more of a way to get more warm clothes, than a new way of getting food. If there aren't any foxes in Canada, then I might just sound like an idiot😐
  22. Ever since the addition of the Timberwolves, which I've enjoyed immensely, I have been wondering what other unique wildlife the developers possibly could add to further the game's depth and challenge. Since the game is set in a frigid Canadian wilderness I was thinking it wouldn't be far out to add unique variations of already existing wildlife like they did with the wolves. Perhaps they could eventually bring forth polar bears either in a reskin of the bear with maybe enhanced strength and senses, or maybe have a variation in how the predator functions and attacks, similarly to the wolves. Other concepts I was thinking about were perhaps the addition of cougars, but I would assume this would take longer to add considering there isn't something like this in the current version of the game. It would be amazing to see any of these ideas come to fruition later down the road. This is already by far the best survival experience I have played, much love to Hinterland Studios.
  23. Rares

    New way of MRE

    Can you make the MRE with the option to open it and to see the food like:main meal,energy drinks(made with water),protein bars,candy,etc.I"m a really big fan btw.Add more types of MRE.
  24. I got a few suggestions for the game that might improve it if you ever see this. Cauterizing wounds could be a good mechanic of first aid to heal bleeding, but at the cost of some condition and needing to use painkillers after if you want to stop the pain. You could just get a knife or hatchet and heat it up at a campfire or by a match if possible. This could be a useful mechanic if bandages are not available to the player. Now an ability to zoom in or have an item like binoculars would be amazing since it's hard for me sometimes to see far away. Also, I like to explore the world carefully to make sure I don't get surprised by a bear or a wolf, or when I need to track a stag from a distance. A zoom in feature of binoculars would make the experience better for players like me, taking there sweet time to survive the snow apocalypse. I would be glad if these things were added but it's just a suggestion, I like to make sure that this game can be the best for everyone.
  25. Salut moi j'aimerait bien ajouté de jumelle dans TLD qui permettrai de voir 3-4X plus que la normale. Dite moi si vous êtes pour ! ; )