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About Me

  1. Hey all! New to the forums! Greetings from Newfoundland Canada! Had the Game for at least 4 years now. LOVE the game so far and the addition of Ketchup Chips, and Maple Syrup is Genius. However, what about some other Canadian favorites? What do you all think about about left behind packs of "Cured Maple Bacon", or "Tin of Vienna Sausages"? The sausage tin could be used like the tin cans to boil water or make Teas, only you get 0.05kg of the product rather than 0.10kg. And of course the bacon would be a rare spawn. Also maybe add random cans of beer, which would also help thirst and h
  2. I'm one of the unlucky people who is unable to play the new episode because of the Unity engine issue that is stopping MP4 files from playing on Windows 7 machines. The support article states that you need to remove all MP4 files found within the directory specified, if you want to play any of the episode. However, that means you're also effectively removing what appear to be important cinematics from the episode, including the epilogue. But it gets worse, because if someone new is just starting, the entire introduction of Astrid and Will, as well as the events that landed them in Great Bea
  3. Polaroid in Ash Canyon.mp4 This must be a bug,so I got it with another bug. Can they be fixed in next update? @ hinterland
  4. Shadows can be seen during the heavy fog and blizzard. Even when you can't see the sun. Even when you can't see the object casting the shadow. This part is really immersion-breaking for me. I look up - terrible blizzard doesn't let me see the sky. I look down - a perfect sunny day (a little windy, maybe). That's not how light works. I think, this issue can be fixed by linking the transparency of shadows to visibility of sun.
  5. wombler


    I just think a shotgun would be a great add to the game. I feel a shotgun also is probably one of the more common homestead defense weapon and wouldn’t be surprised to find one on great bear island. for balancing I think it would be cool to make it shoot bird shot so its less effective against say a bear but you could maybe shoot down the crows and harvest them. or have it if you shoot a rabbit you get less meat.
  6. Why there is not episode 4 trophies? When episode 3 came they added more trophies. I think it would be more fun with trophies.
  7. The game is good, let that be said. However the game is very empty. There is very very little life in the game. You can hear alot of animals like owls and woodpeckers but none of them exist. I would like that things already in the game be interactable. For example, crow/ravens are in the game but you can not hunt them, I don't see why. They could be a good way to get feathers and meat. In the future other birds can make other arrows making a want to hunt certain birds. Foxes, wolverines, owls, beavers, goose are all things that can be added and could even be region specific giving the player r
  8. At least 2 other people on these forums have had trouble trying to complete the Steam Puzzle in the power plant BECAUSE they were treating it like a steam puzzle. One thread is focussing on the walkthrough and the other has devolved into a shouting match. Instead here, I want to discuss the problems I had with the steam puzzle and why. (Disclaimer: some of this content originally appeared in another thread but it was lost amongst the name-calling. I deleted my content from there and moved it here with some expansions; I don't mean to cross-post but I want to explain my gripe in a civilised
  9. It would be awesome if you wouldn't have to open your status menu to check the temperature. When you press Tab you can see the time of day, quests and the survivor's needs. Would make sence for it to show the temperature too. I mean, always having to open some kind of menu (for a few seconds, but still) just to check how cold it is... It breaks the immersion. That's how I think it should look (but with a semi-transparent background, of course)
  10. The meaning of the existing one is not so easy to guess. When I first saw it I thought that was an error. As if a sprite got lost. I know it's supposed to represent a slope. But that's just a triangle! A lot of new players won't understand what it means until someone tells them or they sprain a dozen of ankles. Not to mention that it looks kinda ugly... The Hinterland Studio artists are awesome. They know how to do their job and they do it with passion. But it feels like they spent no time at all designing this one. I think, it should look like a mountain. That would get the point ac
  11. Guys I would like to still have the Wintermute ep1 background on the main menu. In a future update could you let me choose which background I want to see? make it a configurable option. thank you !!
  12. You can't craft anything out of bandages. So why are they still in the "crafting ingredients" section of inventory? I think, Hinterland simply forgot to change it after adding the new (years old) recipe for wound dressing.
  13. After 20+ hours of enjoying the game and apart from a few wonky moments not being bothered by anything too hard, getting thrown out of Jeremiah's hut after the bear fight screwed me over so hard I just quit the game. I don't know if my playstyle is unintended by the devs but this seems like a major oversight: Jeremiah's hut was a dropoff point for all kinds of supplies for me, also I had lots of pelts curing in there. When I got thrown out of the hut unannounced, all the stuff I had in there got put into my inventory and now I am standing in the cold with 60+ kgs of gear, not able to move and
  14. Добавьте в игру возможность использовать термос для кофе, представьте хотите спать, а надо идти по морозу до своего дома, а тут на тебе горячий кофе без костра
  15. Hi, during the two last days i were working on two maps that would illustrate my idea of this new Wendigo Mountain-Cave Region. i made a regular map and a cave map that is as big as regular region. based on the whiteberry ones we often see. I have been dreaming about enormous caves for the game since a long time i think that could be a valuable thing to add. and it would introduce new way to play and give idea for thoustands of new challenges, personal challenges but official too. Here is the idea: The fist map look pretty much like timberwolf mountain but a bit smaller. There is
  16. I have only recently started playing The Long Dark and exploring the maps and searching for my next shelter is wholeheartedly the best experience I have ever had while playing a game. I am not playing survival mode outside of the maps that were in episode 1 and 2 because when the other episodes come out i want to explore the landscapes for the first time so i can truly enjoy it. A lot of people are discussing procedurally generated maps but I know for a fact that having decent procedurally generated maps will take a huge amount of effort and time. Because of this I think that adding support fo
  17. This might have been known. But I found that in Wintermute if a wolf is approaching you, you can save and reload the game and it will despawn the wolf.
  18. Hello there! I am really excited to see the upcoming Ep 4 launching (and it launches at my birthday!) I d like to mention a few things, that I hope will be improved before it launches. 1.) I am waiting for a fix on custom mode for 2 years now. Every year I contact the support, they answer nice and quickly but it doesnt get fixed afterwards: When I select "low loot" but rifle and revolver spawn "yes", then no rifle cleaning kits can be found. I travelled half the game world, I found 2 rifles and 3 revolvers, but not a single cleaning kit. This kept my from playing for almost 2
  19. We need Spear in game. To build it you need Scrap metal, Two pieces of Spruce wood and Cured gut. You can throw it and hit upcoming wolf with it or even fight against bear like in wintermute. Is it possible to make something like that?
  20. Howdy, I'm posting this topic because I have been thinking about blacksmithing in TLD (The Long Dark) I love it, it's not too unrealistic, but then not too realistic. But I think Blacksmithing can go even more into depth and add that much more to this amazing game. Blacksmithing is crucial when it comes to making your own tools, but we are never really given much more than three options to craft metal items. Their isn't a skill for it as well, and I know resources and time to model or work on this part of the game is super far off or maybe not even in the future, but I'd like to comment anyway
  21. As a possible new leveled skill. The point would be to make it easier to actually follow a bleeding animal and locate it. Currently, the tracks and blood drops fade 1) after a while if there is wind or snow, 2) after a while if there is NO wind or snow, or 3) after a while after the animal dies. Also it some times takes a noticeable amount of time for the droplets to appear - I have been tracking a deer or wolf then came to the apparent end of the blood trail, cast about, returned to the last spot where I saw blood drops then 'there are more blood drops". Level 1 - default as pe
  22. Although the story is great, it is something that I don't entirely like playing through more than once. Since I got the game on the Switch, I've been playing it alot, and I'd love to continue onto Episode 4 (whenever it releases) with the items I acquired on PC in Episode 3.
  23. Regarding modding, since judging by the latest announcement about episode 4, it seems likely that it will be a thing at some point in the future... ...assuming the existence of mod maps (please!), I'd love to see this feature: Use some of the game world's empty caves as mod connection points (disabling achievements for mod-linked worlds); if there are no mods active they'd remain the usual caves, but there'd be a menu option when starting a new game to choose from your list of installed mod regions and bind their entrance points to whichever mod connection points you'd like. That'd be f
  24. It's not unheard of where greenhouses exist in colder areas that have little no summer with the proper insulation. I have read of greenhouses in the Arctic made of Aluminum with bubble wrap insulation that work in winter. Also water barrels that help keep the interior warmer and humid. That being said here is my suggestion: - Ability to find Greenhouses in milder areas like Coastal Highway / Pleasant Valley. - Seed Packets found while scavenging for supplies. - Bags of dirt can be found like the Stump Remover and Dusting Sulfer. Produce that loses complete durability and can no
  25. Hi! Recently I had this idea popping up in my head and after discussing it with a few people I thought I'd throw the whole idea up here on the forums to see what others think. We all know how annoying wind can get when it...yet again...blows out one of our campfires. We do have interior fires and windshielded fires in certain locations, but it would still be a useful addition to add the ability to craft a windshielded barrel, or some kind of small windshielded object, that can be put on top of a campfire to make it windshielded. To balance it out the barrel should only be able to be craft