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  1. With the PS5 and xbox series S/X coming this year, nvidia announcing its next gen of gpus and amd announcing theirs on the 28th of october, ray tracing will be something more common to have support for, TLD could really benefit from ray traced lighting similiar to minecraft where ray traced lighting looks far different. Ray tracing would also also finally absolve the debate about the lighting being unrealistic at times. Unity also supports ray tracing so it shouldnt be too much work. heres a few comparison images i found of ray tracing on vs off
  2. Although the story is great, it is something that I don't entirely like playing through more than once. Since I got the game on the Switch, I've been playing it alot, and I'd love to continue onto Episode 4 (whenever it releases) with the items I acquired on PC in Episode 3.
  3. RobC


    Why not make a standard compass available as a tool. It would be useful for mapping and planning movement. Perhaps it doesn't work well during the Aurora.
  4. Two possible new game modes or additions. 1) Treasure hunts - Maybe this is an additional option to regular survival. You get a picture of an area in the game when you start. The area can be anything but not easily recognizable. The developers pick one out maybe 50-100 possible areas that would randomly be chosen at the start. When you start survival you get a picture of it with a clue on the back. I think the item you get will need to be something unique. Maybe its a special Hinterland axe that needs less sharpening, or two water containers that are the same weight as an empty can but hold twice as much water. This may be asking too much, but a rope ascender would be nice. An ascender lets you get up ropes much easier with less energy by simply standing up with your legs as it locks onto the rope at the bottom. 2) Rescue mode - This would be like a race against the clock kind of mode. You start out at a random place and your goal is to rescue somebody. You get the area and place that you need to get to. The game gives you an appropriate time limit. This is kind of like the Hopeless Rescue challenge except more locations.
  5. So...I am fairly certain that when you enter a building the outside world sort of ceases to exist. I'm no programmer so I don't know what that may be called. But assuming that is the case maybe the devs can consider this possibility. Take the boards off the windows and let us see outside. If I'm using this word right you could make an "instance" around the house and show things like the weather outside if there are deer, a bear, or wolves nearby. It wouldn't need to show what is literally outside, but since I believe there is a system in the background tracking the positions of animals and I know there's a system tracking the weather the instance beyond the window should be able to at least simulate to a degree what's going on. It would be nice to look out the windows.
  6. My little sister thought of this one, and I promised her I would suggest it somehow. What would need to be added to the game? certain trees that are designated to produce sap (I don't think they would have to be too rare, as there are a lot of "nerfs" that I talk about below) a tap, and potentially some way to fix it or build another one a container similar to the Unpotable Water container where the sap would be put in the player's inventory. They would not need to make a container for the syrup, as there is already jars of syrup the player can find. From some very quick (possibly unreliable) research, I found that it takes about 24 hours of cooking for sap to become syrup, so the amount of firewood would be immense. It also said that 50 gallons of sap turns into 1 gallon of syrup. On Wikipedia I read that "Most trees can produce 20 to 60 litres (5 to 15 US gallons) of sap per season." That means that if 3 trees produced 15 gallons of sap each over 60 game days, the player would almost have 1 gallon of syrup left after boiling. It might throw the balance of the game off, but if anything, it would make a sweet challenge where the player is tasked with making a giant syrup plantation! Sites:
  7. Seems like the natural thing to do would have been to allow complete sets of clothes from different types of animals. For example hat, coat, boots, pants, and mittens all out of rabbit skins. Same goes for all clothing types for wolf, deer, bear, and moose. You can still mix and match but if you wanted to be highly mobile you would go with all rabbit. If you wanted to carry less and be really tough go for all bear skins. --- I also just think it would be cool to wear all rabbit or all wolf, etc...
  8. Rob S

    Try these ideas

    First of all I'd like to say the game is fun the concept is great the idea behind everything is amazing there just needs to be a few changes. 1 you should be able choose your own geographical location doesn't shouldn't have to be in Canada you should be able to play anywhere you want for me it would be the Pacific Northwest United States, 2 better selection of survival gear and weapons does Canada not have archery or weapons of rifles and shotguns?. Three the graphics kind of neat but needs to be more realistic Sharper Image has better trees 3 harvesting would you should be able to cut down trees you need better tools. And that's just a handful of things that would make the game better.
  9. IWBNTH = It would be nice to have When placing obviously if the item is RED it cannot be placed for reasons and if the item is GREEN it can be placed. What this suggestion is about is for when, for some reason, the placement state of the item oscillates rapidly between RED and GREEN. Clicking to place the darn thing while this is going on tends to get the "item is too close to another item" and sometimes it will stop cycling and actually turn GREEN and then can be placed. It can take a while and some patience to actually get to that situation. I am a keyboard and mouse player so providing for a key that allows the placement action to be completed once the item cycles to GREEN might be helpful (to my temper and patience 😁 ). I find it annoying as well that when trying to place something that the act of moving my finger to the LMB can cause the GREEN item to move minutely and go RED. Just a thought. There now I can get back to fighting with getting fish laid on a floor rug/mat.
  10. i just realised how i am posting too much on this wish list xD today i posted 4 new ideas so yeah it a lot... i will add all my ideas in one post instead of making new post everytime i have an idea so my first idea was to being able to OVER customise our sandboxes. what i mean by that (beacause we already can play a lot with it) is: - being able to disable the spawn of everything in the game and its spawn chances so you can really decide if you dont want certain items - being able to start with wathever we want at the start of a sandbox for example: (an aluminum can a a rock) or (socks and a knife) or (nothing) -being able to makes the world colder (i mean really colder) -100C degrees if we want -being able to make the weather cycle even more random on a shorter period of the time and being able to make the days longer/shorter and the same for the nights -being able to chose exaclty where we spawn -being able to save custom settings not juste having a code that is linked to the specific settings... this could let us make EXTREMELY difficult survival situation and controll how it starts Now my second idea is a challenge idea wich i think could be even more difficult than as the dead sleeps beacause the trouble here is everything that you have in ATDS but also you have time as a problem... (the beggining has been ispired by someone on the topic so it is no mine) You live near milton at the paradise meadows farm and it is the end of the winter... you take some week off to go see a member of your familly at the blackrock federal prison. when you are there an earthquacke happens at milton and blocks all the possible entrances to the region. except one: by forlon muskeg at marsh ridge. The only way you can get back to your familly to check if they are safe is by FM and the winter is near ending... we all know that FM is a dangerous path during winter so its not even imaginable near the spring as the ice gets thiner and thiner, sooner or later the path is going to be untakeable. But our hero wants to try his luck and start by foot from Blackrock and travels to his house. now the challenge is right here you will have two days to go from blackrock to your house and without taking the fastest shortcuts it is not going to be possible. on the way multiple dangers will come: blizzards wolf packs bears hunger. everything that we know. now if you finally get to marsh ridge alive you will still have to go from milton bassin to your house and there is still thin ice and big bears there... you will have to pay attention. the last part is the most beautiful one if you finally get to your house after climbing one of the highest climbing spot in the game you will finally see your home and a beautiful and peaceful spring hitting the plains as a reward for this challenge... Now here is an idea about a new region that would really make sense to implement a semi industrial/semi comercial zone on the coast... i know that the devs are already working on a new region but we never have enough ideas ! The idea is a region in wich all the goods in the long dark come from. If we think about it there is no propper habour so i was thinking that we need (for logical issues and player interest) a map that is connected to sea with an habour and to the rest of the world with a railraod and a road connexion. Some stores like a little grocery store, outdoor store for fishing and hunting, drug store, even a small airport could be nice to have . Where did will thaught he were going to land ? And there is already two planes crash on this island there gotta be some big air traffic near great bear. The kind of place where the local population could go once a year to refill their stocks for their watchtower or trappers cabins hehe. this leaves some space for another map that is conected to a road between BI and CH maybe blackrock? or a national park? (this is only speculative if there is no road between bleak inlet and coastal highway my idea is a little useless so i have to fill it with something xD) abandoned touristic national park could be nice just sayi'n ; ) So this last idea could seem a little crazy and i dont expect a lot of feedbacks in favor of it. In fact i dont even know if it would be great to the game this is why im putting the subject on the table I was just thinking about some random things that could be happening during a sandbox randomly but those things can completely change the way you play and you will have to adapt. i am talking about forest fire, earthquacke, BIG BIG BIG blizzard, etc. the type of things that modify the environement for ever (in a single sandbox) those things like the forest fire could destroy some part of the forest or even small buildings and change it forever lets say there is a population of deers living in that burning forest then once it has burned down the deers will migrate and you will have to find where they migrated if you wanna eat the next couple of days. the deers will never come back to the burned forest. In the case of a building you will no longer be able to acess it (there are already some buildings that have burned versions so i assume thst it wont be that difficult to add that, same for trees. the earthquacke could block entrances to some regions (as we know it regions all have multiple places where you can acess em so you will have to take other path some could be longer than before. it could also scare animals away, lest say you are tracked by a wolf it could be the one event that saved your live but will make it more difficult after that... big blizzards could destroy windows of houses making em less protected to the cold. it could also take down big trees wich could potentially block entrances to places in the world. maybe they could even make you unable to breathe if facing the wind it would force you to stay inside during the blizzard. now, individually some are easier to implement in the game but for the big blizzards especially i think that it would be extremely difficult to implement it would need to be falling tree coded case by case and widows coded case by case it would also require to make every interiors building that would have breakable windows to now adapt em to the outside map... Please if you want to add ideas to my list (im talking about the custom sandbox list) do not write a seaprate comment quote it so at the end we can get a full and complete wishlist also feel free to comment and give your feedbacks on the other subjects have a nice day y'all
  11. Hello everyone and before you read this long post I want you to know I am in no way attacking the game or the devs, I played the game a fair bit and I totally get how passionate they are about it and I don't want to ruin anyone's mood, but before leaving the game for a while I thought it would be nice to share my feedback I don't normally do this, but this game gave me a lot of emotion and I feel it's just fair that I take a bit of my time to let the devs know how I felt about it, my impressions might be more common than they seem.. I can't bring myself to play this game after 60-70 hours, for several reasons. Essentially, the game is at its most fun when you're almost dying, freezing and without supplies, it really shines in these moments and the devs' vision comes to life beautifully, the problem arises when you have stuff and you get good at the game. It becomes boring, a clicking simulator without any depth, you start to see the code behind the game instead of the game itself, and it's the worst thing that can happen. Why doesn't the long dark have 10's or even 100's of thousands of players concurrently instead of just thousands? this is by far the most beautiful, immersive and deep survival game out there, it originally surprised me when I discovered it but now I think I understand.. it's not that deep! after the first hours of absolute wonder, it becomes really really repetitive, boring and slightly depressing to play. I understand it's supposed to be like that, and in a way you're not supposed to have stuff, you're supposed to wander around always on the brink of death and that's the game at its best. But.. Every survival game has this phase in its gameplay, when you're weak and defenseless and you have to gather strength, TLD is ONLY about that phase, when you become stronger and full of stuff there's nothing to do, literally. You just have to eat/drink/sleep and you win, that's the game. I've been reading the forums and reddit for a while and it seems the solution the community found was "self imposed challenges", basically ignore certain parts of the game in order to get more enjoyment out of it, and that's perfectly fine I do it all the time in most games I play, the problem I find with this one is that outside of said "challenges" the game is terribly EMPTY! do I have to do the developers work for them? I'm sorry guys but sometimes while playing I feel.. cheated, it's like 10% of a survival game with a superb atmosphere, good but ultimately pointless exploration (always the same 30 items.. no variation) and nothing else, it's like minecraft without interactivity, or 7DTD without crafting, it feels unfinished and lacking in content. What would make me come back to the game and what is essentially my criticism of it? once you're geared up and moderately comfortable on Great Bear, the fun is over. If all the fun in the game comes from not being good at it or playing an artificial version in your head (self imposed challenge) or playing interloper with even less variety in gameplay, can I really say it's a good game? can I suggest it to my friends? I have to be honest and say no, and I don't like it because I see how passionate the developers are and I know it's their first game, but when you look at it objectively, this game is unfinished and in need of more content. We need something to DO with our resources, outside of keeping ourselves fed and clothed and healthy. We need simple building, build a table or a cupboard, or a rack for drying pelts and meat. We need use for basic survival tools and materials, stuff that is everywhere in this world but it's not used: plastic, rubber, copper, natural gas, salt, sugar, different metals, power tools, all the stuff that you see in the game but can't interact with. We need a higher goal both in survival and story mode, like finding out ways to restore electricity or basic industry, helping random NPCS that can die at any time, we need very basic physics so we can carry branches to our camp/cave instead of being forced to freeze to cut it right where it stands instead of moving it 20 meters away where it's safer, or be able to move a cupboard or couch (with caloric cost of course) to personalize my living space, guys anything would be better than the barebones experience we have now. It's too niche and I feel it's a waste, because adding more stuff doesn't detract anything from the game and you can always give players the options to disable it, or play "self imposed challenges" without it, it worked up to now didn't it? you could very well have a game that sucks you in for more than 200 hours a game with what you have here! let the first 50 be exactly as they are now with hoarding, raising skills, learning new stuff and stabilizing, and from then on give the player a chance to assert themselves over nature again if they are skilled enough, use books to lock the extra stuff for natural progression, you found a "Basic Chemistry" book, "Basic Building" you slowly get better at it and gather more tools and stuff. And i don't want an "easy mode" with this, let me build and then take it all away with a 7-day blizzard, or a giant wolf pack that sets camp right outside my door, allow me to fall from grace and feel actual loss from having to move on and change location, do MORE! ... Outside of pure content problems, the technical state of the game is good but sometimes wonky. The inability to not jump, but at least HOP, or just raise your feet more than 20cm off the ground is just insanity, it breaks immersion constantly and makes you feel like you're not actually controlling your character in-game, would it really be that difficult to implement guys? AI is very difficult to program realistically so I won't blame the devs too much but.. please fix the pathfinding, whenever wildlife gets stuck somewhere it emits a loop of sounds that break immersion, it sounds like a machine gun. As I already said this game would benefit amazingly from very simple physics, it's probably also why we can't properly jump.. and one last thing about the story, just a thought. The story is just mediocre, not bad and not good, but I see you are focusing a lot on it with voice acting and writing. Do you really feel the game is complete and the only thing missing is the story? is it really the top priority in terms of money allocation? isn't it a bit of a waste especially considering the mixed reception? for 90% of your players the story is not important at all, actually the sense of mistery and wonder is a bit ruined when you play it, I don't want to be disrespectful and tell you how to do your job, but at least from my perspective, is it really worth it to spend that much time and focus on something most players just ignore or don't like? just my two cents.. Sorry for the long post, but I think it speaks volumes on how much I liked this game and how strongly I feel about it, otherwise I wouldn't have bothered. Keep up the great work, and I hope to come back one day to a more complete survival experience, this game can easily become a 10/10 masterpiece with a few extra years of content and updates, for now it's a brilliant seed of a game that doesn't exist yet, and what exists right now is fun for a while but ultimately pointless and boring, except when you lose everything and then it gets fun again for half an hour, rinse and repeat.. give us a higher goal and this loop will become 10x more addicting, because you're building up to something, instead of just passing days without any real goal and that's it, hope we can have a nice discussion on this, and thank you for reading
  12. Travois, a type of sledge formerly used by North American Indians to carry goods. A travois would help us move things that easily make an outting to get food into a much easier venture. Adding a book that would teach skills that would expand our abilities In-game would widen our abiility to survive for longer and make the game even more enjoyable.
  13. I have noticed that some beds or bunks can have slim metal pipes in the bed head or foot. Could we harvest it? The result would be metal arrow shaft. It could be more durable, probably heavier which can mean higher bow decay and higher bleeding chance. I have limited experience with archery. Maybe it would be like shooting crowbar from bow. But maybe it could work.
  14. I’ve recently been looking around online at some pretty cool Kentucky rifles, and thought how cool it would be if there were muzzleloaders in TLD. I’ve made many threads about new weapon ideas that some people didn’t agree with, but I think I’ve really thought this one out as the cons out-way the pros so it’s not OP. So if you don’t agree, that’s fine, just make sure that your not rude. Anyway, the muzzleloader would be a very powerful flintlock rifle that would be in the game. It could only be found in select regions, which would most likely be Bleak Inlet, Coastal highway, and Mountain town and would have a pretty rare spawn chance (Only one would spawn in the select few regions I listed) Once found, you would still need a few more things to make it work. You would need gunpowder, which would be made at the ammunition bench in BI, shot which could be made at a forge, and shooting patches made out of cloth which could be made in the inventory. You would also need a ramrod which could be crafted at a workbench from a maple sapling and scrap metal, but their is a chance that the rifle could come with one. The gun would be heavier than the hunting rifle which would affect aiming stamina and obviously take longer to load, but packs a greater punch. When first starting out with the weapon their could be a small chance that you put to much powder in or not ram the contents down the barrel fully which would affect recoil, durability reduction per shot, which would already be more than the hunting rifle, but this could be eased with a new skill. Increasing in level will reduce the chance of having mishaps while loading and will reduce the amount of durability lost per shot, increase accuracy, and increase aiming stamina. The muzzleloader could be repaired at the milling station like other guns, be cleaned with a firearms cleaning kit, and would provide some scrap metal upon scraping it. Now your probably thinking that you wouldn’t pick it up because of the hassle that this weapon brings with trying to use it, but that’s the point. Like I said, the muzzleloader hits harder than any other weapon, making it great for hunting large game like bears and moose. This damage buff comes at the cost of one shot at a time, less accuracy and more condition loss, rare spawn in a few select regions, and the other items required to fire the gun. Hopefully you agree with something in this thread, and if you don’t, that’s fine. Any suggestions are welcome.
  15. So...our idea of a gourmet feast is throwing a slab of meat onto a hot stone? Practically speaking I like it. However, I would like cooking to expand. Slice or cube up some meat throw it in a pot add some mushrooms and/or milk make a dish out of it. Discover or find recipes. Cooking can be expanded to be much more interesting a feature. As much as I love meat everyone craves some flavor in their diet.
  16. For someone who enjoys wintermute (so far, can't wait for 4 and 5) i found the complete map and player direction/location marker to be incredibly helpful since I've never been so good with 'realistic' navigation. that's why I think it wouldn't be a stretch to implement an automatically complete map and player direction/location option to custom survival (and maybe as standard in pilgrim). i know that it would help greatly with those who have difficulty with this sort of navigation system and since it's an optional feature in your run, it won't affect more experienced players who prefer the normal navigation
  17. Not sure if this topic was talked about, apologies if it was. I was thinking of potentially adding a strength skill in the game. We mostly carry a lot of heavy items when we travel, as well as travel very far, and I believe adding this skill should give a very slight but realistic benefit to the player. Just some ideas: -The struggle bonus against the wildlife would be easier the higher your strength (but not over powered) -At the highest level you can walk thru snow just a bit faster (no where near running speed) -Added bonus of 2.5 kg carry weight at mastery with a .05 increase with each level -Walking/running would burn less calories each level -Maybe an increase to the stamina bar at level 5 The skill itself would increase very slowly by how much the player carries and how long they travel for. I do believe the game shouldn't be made super easy, but I think that many players would benefit from this added skill. Just my thoughts ☺️ P.S Let us make snowmen! ☃️❄️
  18. In TLD custom games, their should be a option to change the decay rate of a snow shelter. I think this because, in normal game play it decays way to fast, and for experienced interloper players they should be able to make the game hardier. I don't why I think it will make the game hardier, but I do. Do you agree?
  19. Hello, fellow survivors. Preface Everything I suggest here should be taken as that: a suggestion, even if I don’t explicitly state every single time that I intend it to be a suggestion. Also I do not claim to be better at designing a game than its proven to be successful game designers. But I play the game, frequently, in depth and at a fairly high level, and hence I think I can allow myself to make suggestions how to improve it. What I do suggest is an alternative path to make long term survival harder - alternative to the drastically “improved” Wolf AI. Apparently the developers see a need to adjust the viability of long term survival, and to a certain degree I agree. What I do not agree with are the means this is sought to be achieved. Not because the resulting challenge is too hard, but because it alienates long standing players and in many aspects betrays established core concepts of the game. Also I do not tackle Timberwolves in this intentionally. They are their own fish to fry, and as such do not apply to most of the game as it stands being restricted to Bleak Inlet which I personally consider to be “in beta” as much as the Timberwolves themselves. Finally: not all of those ideas are mine. In fact they are more a compendium of good suggestions from an amazing community that has a lot of great ideas to improve their favorite game. What I try here is to bring some of those together in a balanced fashion that still achieves the developer’s goal of making the late game more challenging while keeping The Long Dark true to its roots and without alienating players. Please do feel free to add to, criticize and utterly demolish this if you can argue your point of view. Just please keep it civil, factual and respectful. You are entitled to your opinion, I am entitled to mine. The new Wolf AI In the current state wolves behave in a highly inconsistent manner. Some of this inconsistency may be due to lackluster implementation, but the bigger share of it is probably intentional. This makes predictions very hard and puts an over-emphasis on luck or better: the lack thereof. In a game that presents you obstacles there should be the appropriate counterplay available to overcome these obstacles. This allows for expression of skill and experience and gives the player the feeling that their actions do matter. Reducing mechanics to random chance removes the player from the equation, and degrades the question of success to a mere roll of the dice. This rewards players for refraining from taking action altogether and punishes those players that want to enjoy a more active playstyle, furthering - not disincentivizing - inactive late-games as we do experience now. Currently wolves do two new things that have been introduced recently: Wolves and fires The first thing is that they do not flee from fires anymore, but rather wait a certain amount of time (10 ingame minutes?) before charging the player. This renders fires as defensive positions rather ineffective since this does no longer allow to perform time lapsed actions. Pointing a weapon at wolves - any weapon, including stones and guns without ammunition - causes them to flee. The interesting thing here is that there are apparently three random checks for a wolf to flee: when it becomes aware of the player (this has been in the game forever and it's fine), when it becomes aware of the fire, and when if decides to charge the player. This makes wolves highly unpredictable and invites the notion that it is best to avoid them altogether, basically removing wolves from the game and reducing them to a sudden (and rather random) death. That wolves do no longer flee from fires that are being in the process of creation is a welcome change that removes the possibility of just being able to mindlessly wander about and “drop” a fire to remove any wolves in pursuit. That wolves however do no longer respect established fires as protective zones is something I can't agree with. Since the inception of The Long Dark fires were safe zones that protected from wolves. That bears do not adhere to this logic is a controversial topic, but has been long accepted since. What I propose is to keep the “hold ground” mechanic when approaching the player holding a torch or a flare, or a player in the process of being creating a fire while holding a torch or flare, but revert to wolves consistently fleeing from already established fires. Players that try to create a fire without having a burning torch or flare equipped are fair game and a wolf should charge them in any case. Also players that aim weapons at wolves while at a fire should be subject to retaliation rather than the wolf fleeing. (While we’re at it: the same should be true for both bears and moose, meaning they should respect established fires unless they are defending themselves.) So in short: flares and torches buy you a bit of time, established fires are safe zones as long as you don’t take aggressive actions. This emphasizes the importance of carrying a torch over how the game used to work - which meant that just having a single match was enough defence - but also retains the players ability to create a safe zone to sleep, craft, harvest and cook outdoors if the player manages to build a fire protected from the wind and provide enough fuel to it. Wolves and decoys The second change concerns wolves and their behaviour with decoys, also known as bait. Wolves do no longer pick up decoys unless the player is excessively far away, and also picking up decoys at all is highly inconsistent, but I don’t think that’s intentional - and indicative of a bug. What should happen is that once a player drops a decoy the wolf tries to acquire it as fast as possible, e.g. sprinting. If successful the wolf should escape as fast as possible, possibly while engaging in “evasive maneuvers” to throw off the players aim. If the player actually aims a weapon at any time in the process the wolf should indeed charge the player if still within reasonable range. This would achieve a multitude of things: decoys would again reliably serve their intended purpose of dropping the aggro from a pursuing predator. But it would also make it very hard for players to “exploit” decoys as bait as was stated by the developer's multiple times. If a player still manages to successfully hit the wolf that is the appropriate reward for them risking a struggle if they don’t. Both solutions aim to retain the player’s ability to reduce the threat from predators reasonably, while removing the ability to exploit either fires or decoys to hunt wolves (or big game) without the possibility of retaliation. General balancing changes to make late-game more challenging Since it is the apparent wish of the developers to make long term survival in The Long Dark more challenging I want to propose a few “knobs to turn” to achieve this with without frustrating the actual setting and feel of the game, but still achieve the desired uplift in late-game difficulty. Also a few points serve to mitigate some of the hardship put onto players by other points. Combat starvation more effectively While the non-punitive approach to combating starvation - the introduction of the Well Fed Buff - received a lot of praise from the community, I feel like Well Fed isn’t doing its job properly. If starvation is intended to remain an option to bridge periods of low access to calories then at least it should not be possible to maintain this state indefinitely. There are several ways to tackle this. One would be to simply raise the damage from starvation. But it has been pointed out several times that surviving without food is possible for weeks, which is at least technically correct. What however is not possible is to remain highly active while being starved of calorie intake and maintain this indefinitely. What I propose is to introduce a debuff that triggers once a player is actually starving, e.g. has run out of calories. This debuff would be called something like “Starvation Risk” and wouldn’t do anything on its own for the time being, but would stack up to “Starvation” over the course of 48 hours (2% per hour). Removing “Starvation Risk” is done gradually as well, with 2% for every hour of being fed. Once reaching 100% the player contracts the “Starvation” debuff, which comes with a heavy fatigue penalty akin to suffering from hypothermia, and also prevents all condition recovery. Curing “Starvation” would require to remain fed for at least a full day, with the timer again gaining if starvation occurs again. So for example being fed for 12 hours, starving for 4 and then again being fed for 16 hours would still cure “Starvation”. Being fed for 12, starving for 4, and then again being fed for 12... would not, but still require 4 more hours. To balance this after losing Well Fed (and right after starting the game) a player would have a 3 days grace period before starving would trigger “Starvation Risk” again, adding up to a total grace period of 5 days before having to face “Starvation”. That means a player that’s generally aiming to meet their calorie requirements isn’t punished immediately for failing to do so for a short time. Players generally successful in fact are probably never faced with it. The concept behind this is to prevent long-term starvation as a viable strategy without punishing players for intermittent drought periods too harshly, and to incentivise an active playstyle that revolves around acquiring resources such as food and firewood and as such is more susceptible to predators over a passive playstyle that mostly revolves around passing time, sleeping as much as possible and evading actually playing the game. Remove Cabin Fever With having to procure food to stay alive there is more than enough incentive to go outside and no further need to punish players that prefer to stay in man-made shelters most of the time. Aside from that Cabin Fever is easily worked around and mostly a relic of the "Leaderboard" days. 0% food should not be edible Once food reaches 0% it’s gone. Maybe allow harvesting the empty can from expired canned food, but that’s it. This applies to old-world food as well as to harvested meat. In canon with that…. 0% meat should not be useable Once meat reaches 0% it’s gone, too. The player cannot cook it any longer, and hence no longer apply 50% condition to a piece of bear meat that has been lying around for 1000 days. This prevents infinite stockpiling and incentivises a playstyle that is more rooted in the now rather than the then. Add salt and self-made jerky (dried meat) To balance meat going bad eventually salt is added to the game, which can be found in rather large quantities in kitchens. Meat can than be cured over the course of 5 days indoors. Cured meat makes thirsty akin to beef jerky, loses 25% of its calories, and does not receive a 50% condition bump as cooked meat gets, but loses only a fourth of its condition if stored indoors compared to cooked meat. Also it is not smelly. The concept behind this is to allow players to prepare food for travels to counteract the much more dangerous wolves (compared to pre-Errant Pilgrim) and also to store some of their hunting surplus for later at the cost of time, while not invalidating cooking as the preferred method of preparing meat if immediate consumption is intended. Blizzards should apply their temperature malus faster While it is fine (and probably preferable) that blizzards don’t apply their temperature malus while a player sleeps, it should not take several seconds for the temperature to drop and hence allow the player to “dodge” a blizzard from clicking Sleep fast enough. This would make stocking firewood more important if wanting to indulge life in a cave. Currently a player living in a cave can dodge a blizzard by just sleeping it away without ever having to light a fire, while still enjoying the fire duration bonus you do not get from indoor fires. Living in a designated safe house should not be disincentivised. Fix traversing very steep terrain downwards Currently it is possible to traverse almost perpendicular terrain downwards without more of the occasional sprain risk. This opens up very powerful shortcuts. It is, for example, possible to slide down from the Timberwolf Mountain crash site all the way to the open air Cave (the one with the abandoned campfire) without more than a few sprained limbs. Many more of these shortcuts exist in the game, most of which were certainly not originally intended by the developers. I’m not sure where the threshold should be, maybe at 70° (90° being straight down), but removing this from the game and letting the player fall very steep descents would make a lot of maps as challenging as they were intended to be as the risk of falling would be much higher. While this might cause some backlash from the “goating” community, I think most can agree that this being currently possible removes a lot of intended challenge from the game once you figure it out. Closing words I again want to emphasize that these are ideas and opinions, and that they certainly are no blueprint to be implemented verbatim. But I strongly believe that these changes would help the game to be more challenging and even generally better, while helping players wanting to be more active and reward them for it - all of it while keeping core game concepts intact. Thank you for reading.
  20. Skh

    revers calendar

    Hello. Soory for my bad english. I play in TLD more than 500 hours. Please, make that jornal begin from last date and not from first day, than no need every time to scrool list to last day to make note. Bacause when you play more than 200 day in the same survival and you love to make note, every time you must long scroll list to last date and it make me very borinig and upset. Thanks for good game.
  21. Growing crops, to using them, to making meals. Solo play is fun, but Ive always wanted to share my experience with a friend. Maybe were they start at coastal highway and you start at mystery lake and ofcourse death is permanent for both players. A game like the long dark where it’s really meant to feel like your alone and no ones out there, maybe sometimes you don’t have to be alone. I just hope it wouldn’t ruin the base game.
  22. Alright, so I have made some suggestions about customizing the "primary" bases on each map. Kinda like one might do in fallout. However, I've got one more element I'd like to suggest. Nick Nacks! They can be almost anything, some action figures, bells, dolls, even the skill books could qualify. Just have a place in the home you could fix up a display. With the skill books a bookshelf or regular shelf. A regular shelf would suit most anything. That aside another thing one could practice is the art of taxidermy. We have to hunt anyway so why not? Make the place a little more homey. It could help to delay Cabin Fever, if you'd like an effect with it. Everyone knows collecting things helps keep one engaged once you've managed to get through the survival grind and developed those handy dandy sills.
  23. I suggest that there should be co op multie player me and my friend like the game its 4 stars right now I'll bump it up to 5 stars if they ad a multie player
  24. Playing Survival Mode (on PS4), finally have all the materials to craft clothing, yet am unable to "begin crafting". Yes, I am at a workbench. Is there something I am missing or not doing? Any suggestions are appreciated, thank you. Thanks, Beaut
  25. i had a idea last night what if you could make storage with like a certain set of materials like you had to harvest and cut up like birch or other types of sticks and we could do some basket making or such to be honest this would be helpful for places like the trappers cabin for storage space. sorry this is so quickly spit out this was some fever dream stuff.