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  1. While there are always a lot of things I think many players would love to see more off like new regions and more animals there is one very fundamental thing I feel The Long Dark is lacking in right now. And that is late game. For those not familiar with the term, video games that focus around gradually strengthening your character can often be divided into multiple stages. Early game, mid game and late game. The early game of The Long Dark is very well defined, you spawn, you explore your surroundings and start scavenging for useful gear. All your skills are at level 1 (except may
  2. Bimbobjoejr.


    We've all had that point in your playthrough where you're wondering how you missed that shot or you can't tell if that's a wolf or a bush. This has probably been done to death but imma try it anyway. Rifle scope- A scope fitted for a .303 hunting rifle,makes long range shots easier. Has a magnification of 2x - 6x. .33lbs Military scope- A military grade sniper scope, meant to pick out targets from a great distance. Has a magnification of 3x -12x. 1.10lbs Revolver scope- Standard revolver scope, making shots easier. Has a magnification of 1.5x. .22lbs Binoculars- A hunting g
  3. Greetings, i believe it will be a great quality of life change, if you could place your firewood into campfires per drag and drop. I usually have huge piles of wood next to my campfire and in my oppinion cooking is much more fun, when you don't have to open the inventory all the time to place wood and meat. I already stoped using cooking pots for this exact reason. I hope you guys agree and if not tell me why! Much love, Mags
  4. Hey, Hinterland! Here are some bugs in the game that I sent to tech support for 2 years, but which were never fixed. Also a couple of my ideas, suggestions and comments.
  5. Hey Folks and devs, After spending 130 days in wilderness in survival mode, my journey ended by surprising accident again (my previous attempt was stepping on fire). Not by a bear, or wolf or even a cold weather. i was running around in warm weather comfortably in +32 degree C attire, and slept on outside w/o paying attention to my effing glove getting wet. I was planning on climbing a rope, so i figured let me sleep a bit more before the climb. i did barely notice the frostbite warning just before clicking the sleep, but in truth it never occurred to me one of my clothes could be wet. Th
  6. After playing a while I've took frequent breaks from the game and come back to the game because it is a unique experience. However after exploring the map after a while I have become acquainted with most of the maps. I dare not claim to have 100% the maps and the thought of venturing into bleak inlet without a rifle or Timberwolf mountain (and beyond) without end game load out is still a dream for me. I would like to see a visual update and see more variety in the future. Adding more spawns for structures and decorations would be welcome, but there are still areas where traversing is like skyr
  7. Salut moi j'aimerait bien ajouté de jumelle dans TLD qui permettrai de voir 3-4X plus que la normale. Dite moi si vous êtes pour ! ; )
  8. Hi, sorry of this is in the wrong place, but I want to ask a few questions or get a few opinions on Survival mode. i’m in the middle of my first major survival run (died before in the first weeks, but this is my first successful run. 90 days) and i want to ask if there is an optimal way to keep supplies and food/ what the optimal way to play the game is. To sort of describe how I am doing, i am well armed and equipped with good clothing, but my biggest concern is my manufactured food. The trip that I am on is to clean out PV, and ive already salvaged food from the plane w
  9. 5 types of arrow heads: metal, stone, bone, glass, wood. Each of these materials already exist abundantly in the game. Pros/cons: 1. Metal: longest lasting (indestructible), greatest damage, requires a forge. 2. Stone: requires stone napping as a skill, requires work bench and red tool box, not indestructible like metal but will last 2 or 3 arrow shafts, slightly lesser damage than metal. 2b. Bone: requires harvested bones, work bench and red tool box, similar to stone they will last multiple arrow shafts but not indestructibl
  10. The TL;DR of the suggestion is - add an optional setting to remove Will's/Astrids portraits from the character screen in survival mode, replacing them with silouettes for character ambiguity. I enjoy making characters in videogames, coming up with what they could look/act/think like, coming up with my own stories. I remember playing the game in early development when there was no Mackenzie and no Astrid. There was only a guy and a gal - no face, no backstory, no detailed appearance, only male/female and some basic voicelines. I liked it that way, because it allowed me to imagine for mysel
  11. This is an idea from the survival game, Green Hell, which I will link the specific item below (Once on that wiki, scroll down a bit and it shows the bone brew) and also Green Hell has the system of making stews, which I will also link that below (Scroll down to Soups and Brews once on the wiki): Now in order to make this item work, we would first need a way to extract bones from animal carcasses. If they added this, I feel that only tools can be used to extract the bones and nothing else (However,
  12. a attachable scope that can be found in the world and has the same rarity as say the flashlight. effects with scope would be what you expect from a attachable scope in a majority of games with scoped weapons. put it on. find the target. zoom in to find the kill-shot area on the body of target. boom bam pow now ya got dinner. disclaimer I know that you guys have made it quite clear you DONT want to make the long dark a FPS where you wander around with a fully automatic military grade weapons in what is supposed to be a (semi) realistic game set in a post apocalyptical Cana
  13. Me and my friends are huge fans of the game but there is no way for us to enjoy the game together. I understand the gameplay is revolved around single-player and the feeling of loneliness and of how cut off from civilization you are. But I suggest an option for co-op in the survival mode where there can be a maximum of 2 or 3 players. This could maybe be achieved in the form of one playing as Mackenzie and the other one playing as Astrid who then have to survive together. What do you think?
  14. Should there be animals in the towns like stray dogs/cats?, like realistically there are always strays out there even in the freezing cold and it just seems weird that the towns only have rabbits and wolves.
  15. Your body needs water, everyone knows that. And If you don't, the effects may be rathet serious and might last long. One of The first signs of dehydration is headache. This effect is already in the game, so it would Be pretty easy to make. So once you get thirsty enough, you get applied with headache that lasts until you drink something. But it doesnt dissapear instantly. It lasts a bit after you have been hydrated. The longer term effects could Be something like this: If you are too dehydrated for a long time, you get an effect that makes you weak and tired. It gets worse, the
  16. Currently in the game there is only one type of arrow head that you can put on an arrow and it is just called "arrow head" and looks like a normal, thin, sharp arrow head. Using the workbench to combine 1 normal arrow head, 3 crow feathers and 1 arrow shaft makes a "Simple Arrow". I suggest adding more arrow head types to make hunting and protecting yourself from animals charging at you more diverse and with more strategy. Some new arrow heads can be like these: Broadhead: It will be crafted just like the normal arrowhead but instead of taking 1 scrap metal for 2 heads, it will ta
  17. As I was writing my piece about black powder weapons, I had another idea while sipping my coffee. Native to the cold Finland, with my trusty thermos always by my side, I cannot help but wonder how no one in Canada seem have them. A very small addition, but could add a fun "treasure hunt" and a small mechanic to gain the ability to bring hot beverages on long journeys. That is all, thanks for the great game
  18. I think that there should be an option for setting a default weapon for struggle scenarios. If this exists, I have not found a way to do it. Playing on XB1.
  19. I just came from a thread talking about snow and water and it gave me an idea. A new feature, the ability to eat snow. This is an ultimately last resort action for if you don't have water or the materials to start a fire. The way this would work is you would equip a tin can then look at the snow to collect some in the tin can, then you can eat the snow. This will slightly hydrate you, maybe like 15%, just enough to maybe save your life. The downside is it comes with a risk of making you sick just like drinking nonpotable water, as well as dropping your temperature and giving you a risk of hypo
  20. I tried to look through the forums to see if there is a suggestion about this but didn't see any. Anyhow, I would love the devs to add black powder weapons into the game. I think there is good potential for some spare time tinkering with these weapons added, since one could for example; hunt for the parts, melt lead into balls over camp fire, craft wooden flint from the tinder that is everywhere but useless past early game. Also, I think a lot of required mechanics are in the game already, so implementing this should not be a problem (I say this with zero knowledge about making games).
  21. Hi Guy's. I know in the December update we can find a bigger Back pack. Buttttttttttttttt! I have only one major request or more of a demand. I have saw it have been ask but in a topic whit a bunch of other request. A sled to transport are loot from one region to the other. Maybe find a plan somewhere that will add to the crafting and then being able to build it. Or an old one that we have to repair before we can use it. And when you pull it your stamina can drop faster so you have to pause more often. This could be a really cool quest for the next region
  22. The Bolt Cutters item would be right at home in the Survival game mode. Just like the keypad-locked door at the Last Resort Cannery requires you to trek across the map to a radio tower to get the combination to open the door, the Bolt Cutters could be used similarly. Be it in an already existing region or in an entirely new region, the Bolt Cutters could be used as the "key" for getting into an area that is inaccessible due to it being behind a locked gate. You could even put the Bolt Cutters in a region far away from the location that it grants access to, meaning that the player will have to
  23. Sometimes I've wondered about what´s going on in the world while I'm walking around in the snow trying to survive. I mean, the situation in Great Bear island seems to be pretty obvious but what´s going on in the "mainland"? So, maybe we could find some collectibles that would only spawn after a certain amount of ingame days that come from the mainland, so our knowledgle of global events could be built, adding more depth to the "silent apocalypse" part of the game. For example: -A small sailboat could get stranded near DP Lighthouse (around day 30) after a blizzard, in the pockets of
  24. Polaroid in Ash Canyon.mp4 This must be a bug,so I got it with another bug. Can they be fixed in next update? @ hinterland