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  1. Hi, I study forestry and because of that I’d love to see more types of trees in the game. I’m Dutch, so I don’t know a whole lot about trees in Canada, but currently find it a bit disappointing that there are only two types of matured tree. Birch and what I assume is both the cedar and fir trees using the same model (fully matured cedar trees aren’t common where I life, so I don’t know if they grow very differently from fir’s). There aren’t even any matured maple trees in the game! How could the tree whose leaf is on the flag be so poorly represented? I’d like to see some matured maple trees and maybe some oaks. Deciduous trees have very different growth patterns from conifer trees so I think their addition would make the game world look more dynamic.
  2. Is there a reason why getting progress on feats is disabled in custom difficulties? It seems rather strange to me. It feels like a punishment for modifying to difficulty to my preference. I personally enjoy playing with high cold, a small number of predators, a large number of prey animals and lots of plants and natural resources. But with the feats system as it is I feel obliged to play on the official difficulties. I could see feat progression being disabled in custom difficulties of balance reasons, but in all honesty it doesn’t make any sense to me. It’s a single player game so it’s not like I’m ruining it for anyone else. And I honestly don’t see how one could really break the feat progression using a custom difficulty. I’d suggest just enabling feat progression in the custom difficulty modes. I can only see upsides for the overall player experience.
  3. 1. I think it would be nice touch, if your character can handle rifle, or other weapons with more confidence when increasing character skill. That means handling the bolt, reloading etc. In the highest rank you should be able to cycle bolt fast, while you are aiming. For flare gun, you insert a new shell right after empty shell extraction. Its slighty based on Escape from Tarkov and also "Practice makes perfect". 2. For interiors, where is no fire place nor stove is craftable can heater (or stove) comes handy. It can heat one small tincan, or provide emergemency source of heat. Its crafted from old can, one cloth and it consumes one fire accelerant for one hour. Something like this: Let make empty tin cans even more useful! Feel free to discuss.
  4. I would like to Hinterland add knitting in TLD : shirt : 5 cloths ; 2h shoes : 4 cured leather, 2 cloths ; 4h gloves : 2 cured leather, 2 cloths ; 2h 30 scarf : 5 cloths ; 1h 30 But maybe make the game too easy ?
  5. You guys can add a option to game to remove your backpack and put somewhere you want. When you reach your safe house or someplace like that, your backpack can be heavy and don't want to drop your gear to ground. I know it's sound like little bit useless but this will make the game more functional. Put this idea to someplace. it can be really useful.
  6. We need new items to survival mode like batterys and flashlights and tents or something like that But most of all this game needs co op mode because games are much more interesting whit co op 1-3 players survival. All my friends told me that this game could be much more amazing when we have co op for this. And i like this game a lot. 👍
  7. Hello fellow survivors; I had recently been having game crashes when transitioning while playing on PC. Sometimes I could play normally, but it seemed that I ran into problems any time I transitioned from outdoors to indoors or vice-versa. Of course, I went through all of the troubleshooting steps, and nothing seemed to work. This is when I decided to tinker with graphics settings; if it's broke try to fix it, right? As soon as I turned Vertical Sync ON (Under Display in Options), I have had 0 problems with the game crashing. I was already using the -force-glcore tag since my computer is a potato. I am posting this here just in the hopes that maybe I help out someone here who is also having problems. Good luck, and stay warm!
  8. I have been playing the long dark for a while now on my Xbox, and the game is great but I would really love to be able to use keyboard and mouse rather than a controller to play it. Everything just feels much slower when you're using a controller for tld, and it just feels much better with a keyboard. And rather than just telling people to get a pc, it could be easier to just add keyboard and mouse support to the game. Xbox has opened up keyboard and mouse support to a select few games and I'm hoping that hinterland studio could add tld to that list. Hopeful this will happen someday.
  9. I really like your game but i wanted to give a suggestion. In The Long Dark, there are 3 firearms; the hunting rifle, revolver and distress pistol. And unfortunately the characters always keep their finger on trigger. People who are into firearms know that trigger finger discipline is the #1 security precaution about firearms and it is so important. You should never put your finger on the trigger unless you are ready to shoot. Players spend hours on this game and see that security problem for hours probably, if they use firearms in the game. Firearms are a big part of that game and lots of players learn something from your game. Such small graphical designs can even teach something. And it would be great if the game has teached players the basic firearm handling rules like "trigger finger discipline", "barrel discipline" etc. Or maybe game can warn us when we point the weapon to ourself in inventory menu? I think you are a successful company and fixing such a small design problem won't take longer than minutes. (Sorry for my bad English, i think you can understand me.) PS: (Guns don't kill people, people just kill people using guns. Every gun is safe if you know how to handle it!)
  10. I literally reach the ammunition workbench in Bleak Inlet and I didn't know I was going to die to electrical leak in 1 second. My 50 days of efforts just wasted in ONE GODDAMN SECOND!!!! You guys have to fix this bulls**t or balance the damage for players to not kill them in a second. I know leaks were giving damage in game but I just step on cable and died. That's what I'm angry for. I really appreciate you for your work but you guys have to show some more effort to these simple request. I hope someone will read this and take care of this problem.
  11. whirls

    Renewable Items

    upon starting the game it says, it doesn't represent the reality. I also like it, because more interesting stuff can be added into the game (like wolves attac humans, ...). Therefore why not make more items renewable - even if it is unrealistic? It doesn't mean to make the game easier 😉 - Like every 50 or 100 days, mushrooms, berries, etc. will spawn. - Or having a replacement for matches like fire stones? - Human made stuff like ammo and clothes are being spawned again after some time or being dropped by newly crashed planes? Providing a sandbox with endless conditions will motivate players to keep playing even when they waste (accidently) alot of stuff - like me.
  12. Am I the only one that wishes water from toilets was nonpotable? I understand potable water from toilets with the back tank as the water in it isn't any different than water from the Tap, the tankless toilets however should give nonpotable water as you are getting it directly from the toilet bowl which would be contaminated and highly unsafe to drink without boiling it first. I personally avoid getting water from tankless toilets as it just feels wrong to get safe to drink water from the toilet bowl. If tankless toilets gave nonpotable water it would give more use to the water purification tablets. I find the tablets pointless currently, as the only way to get nonpotable water, as far as I know, is melting snow which you need fire for so you will end up boiling it anyway no need for the tablets. The only use tablets can give is to save a little time but I always multitask while I boil my water so I never really use purification tablets. Now if the tankless toilets gave nonpotable water then I would be more inclined to use the purification tablets as I wouldn't want to start a fire just for a bit of toilet water. Also another note the toilets with the tank could give both nonpotable water as well as potable water obviously the potable water would come from the tank and the nonpotable water would come from the bowl. I really hope this is added in the future as it feels so wrong getting fresh water from the tankless toilet.
  13. I thought if the Darkwalker event comes back or is fully implemented into the game (might not happen lol), here a few ideas to add to the Event: 1. Entity Speed: I think that the longer you live, the faster the Darkwalker becomes, so that you can't easily avoid it all the time, and one way to deal with this ties into Point 2. 2. Hitpoints: I think that you should be able to hurt the Darkwalker, not kill it but just to slow it down. There should be times where small parts of its 'body' appear and are temporary weak points, 'Chinks in the armour' if you like, and are targets you could aim for and slow it down. Point 1 and 2 means we have to pick up a weapon if we want to live longer, which puts pressure on pack weight. But this should be optional, and be enabled for people who want a challenge. 3. New Rune, Sight: more of an aesthetic rune, allows you to see the Darkwalker for a certain period of time. It would be cool to see the thing that is so bent in killing you. Can be used only once a playthrough, like the Dispel Fog Rune. 4. New Rune, Banish: like the Ward Rune, but banishes the Darkwalker for a second, but shorter, grace period. Again, can only be used once per game, and maybe can't be used when under the Anxiety or Fear affliction. 5. New ending, Escape: now I know this doesn't tie in with normal TLD gameplay, but I feel there should be a chance you can get out of its realm and get a new ending other than "The Darkwalker Devoured You", since why bother running from it if you gonna die anyway, and I like an objective to work towards. But maybe if you do want to die to shadow wolf demon, then you can disable it. 6. Electrical disturbance: whenever the Darkwalker is near you, the lights could flicker to add to the mood a little. Just another aesthetic idea.
  14. I have noticed a problem that seems have cropped up rather recently (I attribute to whatever else was updated when Escape the Darkwalker event update occurred). I hope that this can be resolved. Basically from a stack of items, like a stack of sticks, fish, fir wood, and even picking up rabbit carcasses, etc. it has become difficult to get a response when hunting around the pile to be able to pick up something. For instance with a stack of sticks, it was usually pretty easy to pick up the sticks, one by one, of course, as your cursor roved over the pile, but now as your cursor roved over the stack, the tooltip "stick" will flitter on and off. It can be difficult to get the "stick" to show so it can be picked up. Running the cursor along the edges of the stack - the head, tail, and sides - seems to be much more fruitful. Single items do not seem to have this issue unless it is a rabbit carcass. When dealing with a snared rabbit, I found that pointing the cursor at the center of the carcass yielded no response but putting it at the head or butt end got a response and the carcass could be picked up. So things were not broken but certainly seemed odd and can be a bit of a problem and frustrating. With no expertise in this, I suspect a collision issue has arisen for items in close proximity to each other - like a pile of sticks - and for, whatever reasons, the ends of the stick can be responsive while the "collision" issue may block access to the stick at any other point. I have been reminded about how dropping a torch or other item into a pile of sticks has caused me to have to pick up a bunch of sticks until the item tooltip showed up even though the item was pretty visible in the pile.
  15. this morning the first snow came here in finland, and i almost slipped on The icy Road, and then I tought it would be a nice mechanic to TLD that you could slip while moving on ice just like you do on steep hills, except it often happends very unexpectedly and The damages can be worse. For example concussion If you hit your head or some other limb on The hard ice. The chance of slipping depends on how fast are you moving. This gives us a whole new contexts of having friction on your shoes. The More friction they have, the most likely you are not going to slip. For example some leather shoes have very little friction and you are very save with some boots like The insulated boots. The amount of friction is different on different shoes. You could add more of it on your shoes by using a sharpening Stone, or sandpaper, or a cheese grater, or by making more grooves on your shoes or maybe there is a whole new tool for that (ok maybe The cheese grater idea was a bit cheesy). This could also prevent slipping on steep hills. Now i guess the smoothnes of The ice depends on the weather, like If there has been a big blizzard and theres a lot of snow and the ice has made a Cracked and rough top layer. Or If its just very cold, the ice might Be very smooth or something, i don't know how the temperature effects ice, but im pretty sure it does somehow. This could Be a very annoying mechanic for sure, but it would make the game harder, and what mechanic that makes the game harder isnt fun!
  16. So probably a no-brainer and one that's come up before but could the devs add trench foot? It's an affliction from having wet feet for a long period of time, so it could be implemented as a result of wearing wet boots for days on end without drying them. It can also include a bacterial element which can be easily treated with ingame items that can be gathered. Penalties for letting it set in could include movement speed loss and additional fatigue. It incentivizes players to dry off their boots by fires every day or every other day, but as it's a rarer affliction that builds up over a long time period it may go overlooked, and be a bit of a surprise.
  17. whirls

    Improving UI

    The keybindings seems to be resetting every time I start the game. I am playing it without internet connection. Is it necessary? Heard it will be patched in December. In Inventory: - The focus of one item should be kept when changing the sorting ( like stones are selected, but when you change sorting from ABC to Weight, another item will be focused on ). - When items are sorted by weight and you drop one items, which is stacked, you lose the focus of that said item. Would be great that the focus would be kept - When opening a container, you cannot scroll in their until you click in its inventory. Woudl be great if you could start scrolling in the containers inventory on mouse-over - Dropping or transfering items could be made much easier by additional keys. For example when keep pressing CTRL key all items will be dropped or transfered without asking how much. Another key like Shift would only drop half of the clicked items... Items on the ground: - sometimes or often stunned rabbits cannot be picked up somehow, doesn't matter how much I spam around my clicks and move my mouse around - also picking up 1 from 20 items lying on the ground can be a pain in the ass. Somehow items nearby prevent each other to be selected and picked up again
  18. Simply as the title says. We could even make a sled from an engine hood ...
  19. Would be great to be able to recover from Frostbite again. Todays case: I spawned in Timberwolf Mountain and the whole time up to the pleasant valley, I didn't had a hat, which in turn my frostbite didn't recover at all even when sleeping a full night in a preppers cache. How about that a "Well Fed" affliction would counter one Frostbite? So also the Well Fed affliction would disappear.
  20. Make clothes you are wearing less heavier than transported cloths. Maybe some pants could be equipped with tools, which make these tools then also feel less heavy
  21. Loving the game and have been playing it for a week now. Wintermute and the overall aesthetic is lovely. I know some Canadians and FN people online and while chatting with them about the game, it made me think that some FN people would be a nice inclusion as characters in Wintermute. Both for some representation and the potential for rich and intriguing stories coming from their experiences and culture. I’d love to be able to find out about the native history of bear island and interact with some FN inhabitants. Especially pulling in other story threads like the Old Bear could make for some very interesting stuff
  22. Hi together, this suggestion is the reason why I found this place. The game is very great. The graphic is an USP - I like it and the many game mechanics are awesome. But after playing a few weeks I became demotivated: There is no challenge in something you can't know or can't understand. I can't know how much calories, water, fatique I lose or get, when I sleep, stand, walk or run. Despite of other opinions, it seems that running still makes sense to use for daily basis. You just need to save enduarance for climbing or fighting wolves. I collected some key factors about rates and needs but regarding fatique there is no information I could find how much the character lose when standing, walking or running. Besides I believe that these rates and factors are changing from Update to Update. Therefore I would like to see them in the game's UI. Without transparency game mechanics become unimportant and the game become frustrating rather challenging. If the developers want to hide these details from the gamers, then at least please provide something like a configuration or header file, which contains all of these parameters and factors. One good example is Don't Starve Together, where scripts are all viewable and even mods can be created. Maybe hinterland could make The Long Dark mod friendly as well? Thanky you! More suggestions coming XD. Do whatever you like with them
  23. - Can tracks be made to survive for days please? Except of course after a storm or snowfall - Maybe a tracker skill can be introduced that makes the tracks more visible or last longer - When entering a building, a "running bleeding wolf" would lose its arrow and bleeding state. Maybe instead that wolf can be saved and once leaving the building this state can be recovered?
  24. This is a small cosmetical change, that will nonetheless make ammunition crafting much more immersive. It simply changes the looks of Ammunition bench. First of all - I was never a big fan of ammo crafting, but I have to admit, I was wrong. Its pretty well done and actually makes a game better in my opinion! Now, to make it better. Right now, the biggest immersion breaker with ammo crafting is that it requires no primers. This can very easily be fixed by updating the ammunition bench with some boxes that will have a name of a primer-making company. I am all for a "Bullseye" primers box logo, and put 2-3 big boxes of it on the empty shelves of the Ammunition bench, or maybe two small boxes on the table and one big below the table. If the ammunition bench has overwhelming surplus of primers, there really is no need for it to be included in the crafting recipe. Any comments and support for this idea would be greatly appreciated.
  25. Happend to me: moose stumped on me. I got a broken rip and used 2 bandages and 3 "pain-killer" teas. Another painkiller or that tea made by berries were missing. So I still needed to heal up by myself for 120 hours ... Why not just reduce that healing time? In my case it would be 5/6 of the time substracted, means 100 hours less and I had only 20 hours left to go.