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About Me

  1. Hey, just throwing in an idea here, bet I'm not the first one to come up with. First, amazing game, huge fan. But I found a little issue, or rather an inconvenience. Aiming guns with controller is quite challenging, so I thought you could add some kind of aim assist feature. Temporary solution I found is just switching to a mouse real quick, when you need to shoot. I don't know how hard it is to implement this feature, but I'm sure lots of players will be glad to see it. Thank you! P.S. Long-term suggestion - some kind of co-op for 2 people, or any multiplayer that would fit the g
  2. After about 500 hours, these are some of the things I think the game would benefit from or at least things I'd like to see implemented. I tend to favor more realism and immersion, as well as more options for the player. Let me know what you think. Starvation as an affliction. Being continuously starving or ravenous for 30 in-game hours will cause you to develop starvation risk, shown as a progression bar similar to how hypothermia/intestinal parasite risk already works. As the meter progresses you'll gradually get de-buffs to fatigue, by 1% per every 5% of risk with a max fatigue lost b
  3. I can not wait for the next update to be announced or discussed. I anticipate a overhaul to the map, textures and certain collisions. TI would like to see an Ai update to the bear to make it less botlike if that makes sense, and I have yet to find a bunker.
  4. Having even a meagre allusion that there were once natives on Great Bear would be interesting. This would heavily depend on where Great Bear Island is, though. B.C? If it's near Haida Gwaii or the Discovery Archipelago, totem poles, carvings and other art pieces would be beautiful in the art style. I could imagine a few instances where this could be ominous, too. NWT or Nunavut? Very unlikely, since no one on the island speaks ᐃᓄᒃᑎᑐᑦ hitherto in the game. Despite it's unlikeliness, it would be interesting to see inuksuit dotted around the map. This would not even need to be a st
  5. Howdy, I'm posting this topic because I have been thinking about blacksmithing in TLD (The Long Dark) I love it, it's not too unrealistic, but then not too realistic. But I think Blacksmithing can go even more into depth and add that much more to this amazing game. Blacksmithing is crucial when it comes to making your own tools, but we are never really given much more than three options to craft metal items. Their isn't a skill for it as well, and I know resources and time to model or work on this part of the game is super far off or maybe not even in the future, but I'd like to comment anyway
  6. I would love a way to bury the many lost souls we find out there. Maybe it would take six hours and a shovel. Maybe you would be rewarded with some sense of inner peace. I mean, not only is it really weird to share a room with a dead guy for several weeks, but I feel like it adds some humanity to this bleak situation. Also f#!k those crows! Its such a pretty sounding game but its like constant crows sometimes! Love the game!
  7. Many players hide when they see the aurora, spending the night reading instead of going outside, to avoid the dangerous animals. Collecting the console entries has helped for players who want achievements or stories, but not for the "survive the longest" types. For those, I'd recommend adding in two new types of apparel - heated coats and instant hand-warmers. Heated coats, outside of an aurora, would be okay. They'd just be a coat. Instant hand warmers would be mediocre outside of an aurora. But during an aurora, the heated coats & instant hand warmers
  8. There is currently a mechanic for climbing a defined location by hand without a rope. Those locations are not very high (which means it is not difficult to skyrim down, level by level) and the act of climbing is a continuous act once started (whether going up or down) for each level. I would call this "free" climbing. Suggest that, from time to time, as time allows, the devs consider putting in more such locations, even climbs with many more steps that players could use to access specific (dev selected) spots for reasons such as "I did it", "Wow what a vista", "I always wondered what wa
  9. Erm ...bear with me, I know the in-game nutrition has been debated with gusto. I too have thought about it for a long time. My bold conclusion is that it would make sense to flat out repair the in-game calorie counts by giving everything a 50% energy boost. Meaning both the character's daily consumption and the yield from foodstuffs. This would not change any mechanics. In my opinion, the only real negative from this would be some lost continuity when comparing historical TLD exploits. The advantage would be a more realistic game world. Now this sounds strange, but I'd also prefer a more
  10. this item must can be repaired, i love them to use for protection but when a wolf attacks me it loses %5
  11. I feel like either you’re lucky with this or not on survival. Just around 100 days into my current run. No hammer found anywhere near any forge of course. First hammer I found was in the cannery in BI... where I was shocked to find no forge... Strangely, crafting bullets has somehow become easier and faster than crafting simple arrows. Is it just me or does it seem really ridiculous that the only way to craft an arrow head is by smelting reclaimed metal in a forge? I mean you have access to quality tools, whetstones, work benches with vices, etc. You should be able to craft arr
  12. I was just enjoying my time on a stalker survival. i had already survived 26 days and was leaving the coastal highway, but i was extremely tired and had to take a sleep. And then a blizzard came during my relaxing sleep and i died. I would like to be able to wake up or cancel the sleep. And if its not possible to wake up controllably, then at least make it so that you wake up automatically, if your'e cold or you start taking lots of damage. Now i know you cant really notice anything while sleeping, but i'm pretty sure your'e going to wake up sooner or later, if your'e freezing to death, no mat
  13. Hi. The attached printscreen show the Payload bar almost full (>90%) while the payload is only 81% (sac à dos is french, it means backpack)... In addition, actually the Payload bar should be part of the HUD, as it's something the character permanently feels... No need to add the exact payload value to the HUD, just the bar... The payload bonus green symbol on the HUD is useless... Regards.
  14. i wish binoculars because i have some problem with spotting the wild life like wolves and bears etc, it would be also helpful that you can see resources like houses or cars or plant life and probably it helps the new players at this game also please add it thats will be really helpful
  15. Starvation would cause you to become colder, as you're loosing fat insulation. You could lose a degree in temperature as you starve (not sure if that's the case irl). Fat could become an important mechanic, as it is in real life for people living in arctic conditions. Different foods could show how much fat or protein is in them along calories, allowing players to better balance their diet. More fat providing the aforementioned insulation, while more protein providing less fatigue. Too much of each having their own negative effects.
  16. I think it would be cool to add candles to survival mode. Players could place them to permanently illuminate an area. The candles could be crafted from animal fat as a new resource. I always like setting up little homey bases around the map and I would enjoy lighting them up :)
  17. Right now in The Long Dark most of your playthrough will be spent during daytime. And during that time the game looks great. The game also generally looks great at night. With one glaring exception. The falling snow particles at night. The falling snow particles at night aren’t just bad, it’s downright disorienting. I’m not joking when I say they give me a headache and make me feel uncomfortable. Moving the camera quickly will leave me completely disoriented, and not in a good “it’s so dark I don’t know where I am” kind of way, but in a “these white particles are making it hard to
  18. It would be a very nice quality of life update to give players an item pickup prompt to choose whether they want to keep the can after eating canned foods. I find myself often carrying several empty cans with me because the cans go directly to your backpack after eating canned foods. This would stop that.
  19. Otzi the iceman was found with charred birch bark containers used to carry smoldering coals, insulated with green maple leaves, over long distances and for long periods of time. I think this neolithic skill would make a great addition to the long dark. It would save on the amount of matches used and the lifespan of firestrikers. Fire could be made out of crafted birch bark containers and use rubber from car tires all around most of the maps as an insulator. I have some other ideas as well that I'll list below: Being able to make pemmican from animal meat, berries or raisins, etc. a
  20. Hello All, Just a feature that I would like to see if possible, and it's not a huge change, but I think it would make a pretty good addition. That change is the ability to do 2 things at once. For example: Walk & Drink Walk & Eat Walk & look at the map...(Think Mine craft look down map comes up, Look up maps goes down...) Walk & take meds... Walk & I think you get the idea.... It just annoyed me when I have to stop to do every little thing especially when Im on a time limit...and sorry if any of this has been brought up before. Its been about 2 ye
  21. I make this solely because in all of Ash Canyon I found two scrap metal and (as it happened) no hacksaw (but I went to Timberwolf and got one) to turn three (maybe four) metal pails into scrap metal. In going around Ash Canyon, I can be surprised at how meticulously tidy the previous inhabitants were. No junk piles and trash heaps which could be scavenged for things to be harvested or broken down. Where are the ruined (broken) picks, shovels, hatchets, knives, and clothing items, etc.? It is not as if there was regular trash pickup or a regular trash run to a landfill back in the civi
  22. Hey Folks and devs, After spending 130 days in wilderness in survival mode, my journey ended by surprising accident again (my previous attempt was stepping on fire). Not by a bear, or wolf or even a cold weather. i was running around in warm weather comfortably in +32 degree C attire, and slept on outside w/o paying attention to my effing glove getting wet. I was planning on climbing a rope, so i figured let me sleep a bit more before the climb. i did barely notice the frostbite warning just before clicking the sleep, but in truth it never occurred to me one of my clothes could be wet. Th
  23. My thoughts about Skills and progression: the bonuses obtained through skill improvement (calories bonus, no timber use, more critical chances, etc) are awards for using that skill many times, and not neccessarily a way to "make things easier", althoug they often really do. So, i think Hinterland could award players that makes consistent use of rope climbing, mainly those who like to set homebase on mountaineering regions, through turning Rope Climbing as a skill itself (long time i thought that, only now i gathered courage to type it) My suggestion: Level 2: now u learned a kno
  24. I'd like to share with you some ideas that came to mind while playing. Some ideas are small things, other mechanics that improve the survival aspect of the game. - 🦌 Female deer: Most deer herds are female. It would be enough to remove the antlers from some of the models, so as to make the males even more special! (more meat, more guts, use of the antlers for tools such as knives or other would be fantastic) - 🗻Flint: it would be nice in the game to have the possibility to be able to create simple objects like a spear or a javelin with a tip of flint tied on top,
  25. MLKDY

    New skills

    I think mountaineering, first aid, and crafting should be skills. For first aid, well, if your constantly using bandages and cleaning your wounds, then you would know the best ways to do it over time. The skill can be things like infection risk not going as fast as before, or maybe some way to prevent cabin fever for a day. Next, crafting. I think making your crafted items last longer and be more efficient could also help, because if you've made a specific item over time, like a torch or a knife, then you'd probably know how to make them last longer, and how to use less supplies. Maybe somethi