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  1. (Apologies if this has been posted again before now, and apologies to Fahrenheit users, because I only converted the first few numbers, I hope I get my point across to you) As anyone who's played this game for a decent chunk of time knows, wind is your enemy most of the time. It carries your scent to predators so they detect you faster, it blows out your fires and, most importantly for this topic, it reduces your warmth vital on top of the ambient cold air temp. It's no accident clothes in survival have a maximum warmth bonus of 39 ° Celcius (102.2 Fahrenheit) while your maximum windchill
  2. This is a suggestion for hinterlands devs and I welcome discussion of this concept. Please let me know it there is a better location to post this. as a future game (in a TLD game series) it would be cool to see a similar storyline (same location and event) except from the perspective of a local to the island. Like a hunter or a worker at the cannery (in reference to the note left on the cannery desk.) if it was from the perspective of a homesteader/hunter, maybe there would be added tools and features to match that. New weapons, potentially the ability to learn animal calls, bea
  3. Salut moi j'aimerait bien ajouté de jumelle dans TLD qui permettrai de voir 3-4X plus que la normale. Dite moi si vous êtes pour ! ; )
  4. Short and skinny version: whittling or having a smoke while I waste the day away just enjoying the scenery. Like many of you there comes a point in survival mode where I’ve already explored every region and set myself up a base in each that I always return to just to see how much longer I can survive. Currently my stalker run is about 250 days and going strong, plenty of food and resources stalked up at each location and more than enough bullets/arrows/fishing gear/snares to keep me going for as long as I don’t let stupid happen. At this point I want to kick back and enjoy the
  5. Like, The Notes Left Behind are cool and all, but i would love it if there were more notes, lore! And yes, i know there is story mode, but I mean in survival mode! I would love to be able to go to different places and archive all this stuff. Put all the cool story mode lore entries into survival mode so that I could stumble across them and learn from them. More notes to find out what happened and flesh the world out a bit more then just strictly when you are playing story. Like the family who headed north from mystery lake. I'd love to be able to find out where they ended up. More Notes t
  6. Hey, Hinterland! Here are some bugs in the game that I sent to tech support for 2 years, but which were never fixed. Also a couple of my ideas, suggestions and comments.
  7. Is there any reason for book reading to be only done in 1 hr increments? Countless times I ve miscalculated how much calories/water/daylight remaining and have my reading session interrupted because it's too dark to read/im too thirsty/hungry/tired to be able to read. The interruption makes sense but why would my character re-read 1/5th of the book when interrupted? For example, in comparison to book reading, crafting can be stopped & resumed at any time and I don't see any reason for book reading to not work in a similar way.
  8. So, I don't know about everybody else, but for me, this Nomad Challenge is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard. Now, keep in mind, this level of difficulty is not due to the "challenge" presented, but rather the challenge within the challenge, which is: Boredom! Seriously, guys, I think you should reduce the time required to be inside of the specific building down from 3 Days to 1 Day (or less). It is soooooooooooo easy to do on Voyager difficulty that I'm getting very bored from it. I'm receiving absolutely no challenging aspects of this so-called "challenge". In fact, I'll be able to comp
  9. Hi Most of the indoor locations are pitch black in the night, even when it's clear skies outside. This darkness makes it a frustrating experience to navigate indoors; making storm lantern a must-have object, only to light it up for a couple of seconds most of the time until you find your way in/out. In real life, your eyes gets adjusted to the darkness, and you'd see the outline of some/most objects. It'd be understandable to not get the same level of ambient light on the nights with a fog, blizzard or cloudy nights compared to clear skies with a shining moon and stars but right now it
  10. So I know that challenges are a deliberate alternative to the long haul of survival mode, but I can't help but think there could be more done to make them viable for a long term run. I think that a lot of players complain about the end game in survival and the challenges could fill that niche if they lasted longer. If they were expanded to be indefinite then challenges could be more entertaining. Here are my suggestions for overall tweaks. Afterward I have a few ideas for entirely new challenges: - IMO the beginning of survival is the best. I think there could be more of a del
  11. Wouldn't it be great if we had a basic bear traps in the game? It's so common and popular device that i don't have idea why isn't it in the game yet. We already have rabbit traps but we don't have anything for the rest of the wildlife, and of course a regular bear trap would work for anything that is size of a bear or smaller.
  12. While there are always a lot of things I think many players would love to see more off like new regions and more animals there is one very fundamental thing I feel The Long Dark is lacking in right now. And that is late game. For those not familiar with the term, video games that focus around gradually strengthening your character can often be divided into multiple stages. Early game, mid game and late game. The early game of The Long Dark is very well defined, you spawn, you explore your surroundings and start scavenging for useful gear. All your skills are at level 1 (except may
  13. I’m just going to throw my ideas out there for weapons, transportation, and new NPCs. decent amount of weapons, only 2 transportation though. Although I do have some ideas for NPCs. 1, forged pike, a non legendary version of the spear for larger enemies like bears and plural for moose. 2, shotgun, either double barrel or Remington pump action. Maybe a SPAS-12 since there is plenty of preppers, and that’s a good weapon to have during an apocalypse. 3, scoped rifles, a better way to aim your rifle. NPCS, 1, hostile survivors, carries decent clothes, knives, axes, and if y
  14. Hello there, I've just became a new addict to The Long Dark, and I would like to know if will have some kind of new building Options, not necessarily houses but, maybe storage devices?Like chests, bookshelves, kitchen stuff... though a full house would be nice too! Hehe
  15. EMI Box Weight: 5.00 kg Decay: Does not Decay Rarety:Extremely Rare Description:The EMI Box is a Metal Suitcase that looks a bit similar to Astrids Case but with slight texture differences with a Label Saying:Property of the Canadian Goverment, Electronics Containtment Box Locaiton:The İtem is located at a small bunker at a highly mountainous and windy region only accecsiable during an Aroura Night Usage:Electromagnetic interference kit Box (also known as a EMI Box) is a rare hard to acguire heavy item, it has a 2.00 kg containtment space and can be
  16. It's kinda boring to see the same green arm texture when you are wearing different clothes. Being able to see the clothes you are wearing in game reflected on your arms will increase immersion significantly. - arms textures - with layers too if possible eg: if you wearing a red sweater underneath a blue ski jacket, then the red texture of the sweater can very slightly pop out from the sleeves of the blue of the ski jacket. - hands textures - with and without the various gloves the hud element of fingers should have textures of the various gloves.
  17. Several things, probably more QoL, maybe not all consistent with the title. 1. Extend the "place" function to items (single items/unstacked/whatevers) in inventory. E.g. so I can "take" a hacksaw from inventory and "place" it on a work bench instead of having to drop it on the ground/floor/snow then "place" it. I would assume that stackable items might eventually come under the "place from inventory" in some fashion, but single, unstackable items might be a first step. Might be a similar issue to the food part of the radial menu regarding inadvertent consumption of unsuitable food ite
  18. When you look at the terrain of old regions like Mystery Lake or Coastal Highway and compare it to the new regions like Bleak Inlet and Ash Canyon you notice one thing. The old regions have very little variation in their terrain and few interesting geographical features, while the new regions are full of cool and unique places and have way more variation in their tree and grass types. They also have more interesting terrain features and just generally look a lot cooler. That's why I'm proposing the idea of revamping the old regions by making some slight adjustments to their terrain and repl
  19. I have always found “The Will to Live” achievement alluring. The idea of surviving for in game years, having to plan months ahead, and inevitably leaving your mark on nearly every crevice and corner of Great Bear have the makings of a great survival story. However, on the lower difficulties the monument of this achievement is somewhat diminished on behalf of the plethora of supplies, tools, and weapons available. I personally found that by day 150 or so on stalker their was very little reason to do anything and few external threats on account of my gear and supply reserves. To amend this
  20. Having played the game for quite a few years now, I have found the most engaging, enduring aspect to be the realistic, engaging survival mechanics. How hunting, scavenging, cooking, staying warm, mending, making cloths, and all the other little things you do to stay alive interconnect is grand. given so, there are a few additions that would make me very happy the first would be, once you have maxed out your sharpening skill, the ability to either use stones to sharpen or midigate the damage inflicted on wet stones. As it stand even a fantastic sharpener has to have a wet stone which
  21. Introduction - When it comes to a new difficulty level, a lot of things have to be considered, and a lot of play styles taken into account. This post is a comprehensive idea for a harder difficulty than interloper. I urge you to read the full post, and comment on any section that you think should be different. Assume that everything is on Interloper setting (such as no guns no MRE etc...), with these being the changes from those settings. The name - To go along with the theme of "adventurer" synonyms, as the name of the difficulties, I have chosen the Sojourner, meaning "a person who resi
  22. This is an idea from the survival game, Green Hell, which I will link the specific item below (Once on that wiki, scroll down a bit and it shows the bone brew) and also Green Hell has the system of making stews, which I will also link that below (Scroll down to Soups and Brews once on the wiki): Now in order to make this item work, we would first need a way to extract bones from animal carcasses. If they added this, I feel that only tools can be used to extract the bones and nothing else (However,
  23. I reposted this with a few tweaks because I didn't think my first version was good enough or was a finished product. (Sorry if this comes across as a ramble) So I know people don't really liked the idea of building in the long dark but I'm thinking that my idea can fit into the style that the long dark already has going, in simplest terms so you don't have to read all of this, it's a large snow shelter you can build almost anywhere that's snowy and flat with optional constructible pre placed items inside. Not all of my ideas make 100% sense like the buildable work bench giving you m
  24. Bimbobjoejr.


    We've all had that point in your playthrough where you're wondering how you missed that shot or you can't tell if that's a wolf or a bush. This has probably been done to death but imma try it anyway. Rifle scope- A scope fitted for a .303 hunting rifle,makes long range shots easier. Has a magnification of 2x - 6x. .33lbs Military scope- A military grade sniper scope, meant to pick out targets from a great distance. Has a magnification of 3x -12x. 1.10lbs Revolver scope- Standard revolver scope, making shots easier. Has a magnification of 1.5x. .22lbs Binoculars- A hunting g