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  1. At least it's an option and the more the better. I've always felt very limited in where we can sleep.
  2. You can sleep in a snow shelter without a bed roll?
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    Day 791

    So reminds me of this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hihEhsdwiIk
  4. I think also you have to consider that if you're not ambidextrous your off hand is going to be horribly inaccurate, dual wield or not. Holding a storm lantern isn't difficult though.
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    One thing you could always try is try dropping everything, decide on a task such as hunting, then carry a bow and some arrows and nothing else. As you go about your stuff you can make note of what items you could have used. Personally as a base I've found I like to carry a ranged weapon, a knife(they're light), something to start a fire, a can, a bedroll, a litre of water, and food for about a day. I will tend to add things to that depending on the situation, for example a crowbar if I am in a new area, a light source if I am going through a cave, etc. Personally I don't like axes. They offer very little and are quite heavy. Heavy hammers are only good for ice fishing or at the forge so I don't typically carry those either. There are other things such as fishing line/hook that are light enough that I am good carrying all the time even if I don't plan on using them because they're so light.
  6. If the movies are indeed upskipable that is pretty bad. I do agree that the controls could be a fair bit better, but unfortunately they're unlikely to change as they've been designed that way intentionally likely due to consolitis. I have other issues with the game too, it's certainly not perfect. However there are quite a few things I do like about the game and they heavily outweigh the not so great parts. Since it's still in development I am hopeful that at least some of the weaknesses can be solved but in the end if they're not I will be okay with that.
  7. Being able to use both hands for whatever sounds good. But again, not going to happen. The problem is it would take too many buttons and the game is already suffering from consolitis.
  8. Seems like an okay place to put those new vista photos too.
  9. It seems realistic to me and makes sense. But I wouldn't get your hopes up.
  10. I don't think it's their intention for us to just hit the pass time button either, otherwise we wouldn't eat an entire deer in just a couple days. I think if we had another renewable source of light that we could do indoors that might help. Typically I find I have cook days. The sun it out, I start a fire with the magnifying glass, and cook the pile of meat I have. Like 20hrs of cooking straight because I also want a pile of water too. Now throw in a bow drill(two sticks+cured gut+rock). You could use that to start fires inside in the dark to break up cooking and give more to do in the times where it's too dark and cold for anything else. Obviously the drill would have to be worse than a magnifying lens, use more calories and take more time, plus you need to craft it. But when your other option is to pass time it could be worth it. I think it would also be neat if they give the option to practice skills too. Reduced use of resources to gain skill but you don't get anything useful out of it. I could see myself doing that on occasion. I mean another thing they could do, but I don't think they will, is add the ability to insulate homes. This would of course require them to create a temperature system for houses and also allow houses to get cold enough that you would want to insulate them in the first place. I think it would encourage "camping" though, which as far as I know is against what they want. Something to see from the modding community I guess.
  11. Honestly I feel like they should rename the regular wolves to dogs. It would fit better with why they are always solo and how there are so many of them and also why they're in the towns. Maybe they would think calling them dogs would be too hard on people, but I feel it worked in STALKER. But yeah, I would very much like to see more life in wildlife.
  12. It's still quite cool to see. That looks like a fair bit of firewood. Thanks for posting I wish stuff like this could spawn with low loot settings to give more incentive to explore but oh well.
  13. Sound in video games has always been bad. I don't understand why not a single game(I have played) has used delay based directional sound instead of the volume change/mute that is in everything. The extra sound processing can't be that much can it? Play the same sound file for both channels and delay the side further away from the sound by whatever the extra distance is and allow the sound to be sped up of slowed down slightly as people turn the character's head. I could go on but there is no point. All these CPU cores and nobody cares to use them.
  14. I am curious as to why we are limited to five per region. Is it a limit in the game's code? It is performance related? Something else? It seems strange that you would even think to put a limit on them so there must be a reason.
  15. Yes to this. I have never found purification tabs to be of any use, but if you could get water without a fire it might change. At least sometimes.
  16. ah okay, thanks for sharing
  17. How far north did you go?
  18. Having very high use of everything seems to be hinterlands thing. Whether it's eating an entire deer in a couple days, not being able to sleep for even 12hrs without taking damage from dehydration, or repairing your gear like the snow is acid. I think they're trying to keep people having stuff to do in the game that way but I would be interested in seeing about giving players other or different tasks. Once mods come out it will be cool to play around and see what can work.
  19. [Survival] All cabins now display smoke coming out of their chimney, when a fire is lit inside. For some reason this was a change I really liked. It's small, but it gives a feeling of life to the world for me. As to all the rest it seems neat, but I will have to see how it actually works in game before I really know how I like it. Since I don't know a lot of the maps well at all I think it will be a good test when I next start a game. I was really hoping for a craftable improvised bedroll or the ability to sleep anywhere. Oh well.
  20. Is that bot I smell? One post, way off forum topic.
  21. That's a train I don't board. I expect something small like adding markers to maps and that's it. I find that's beneficial to me.
  22. Ah. I read the title "Facewear and hat slots separated" as separating the two slots into one face and one hat. After reading the OP that is what they're saying, you're correct. I would be in favour of having one hat and one face slot.
  23. How would having one hat slot and one face slot make the game easier? It would infact limit the player more than it currently does and scarves are not as warm as hats making it more difficult that way. Personally I do agree that I don't see it as necessary either, for me, but when I look at it it does make more sense and doesn't have any negative impact for me if they change it. Since there are no negatives and only benefit for other people then I think it's a good change to do.
  24. I've never seen them before. Maybe they're the lost and found boxes?
  25. Cool, let me know I am curious. I mean I guess I could always try it myself, though it would be a bunch of burning hair(four dogs)