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  1. If the dev team needs inspiration for a sequel to The Long Dark, i have a few in my mind. Its USSR somewhere in the Ukrainian Soviet 1932, the government confiscated all the food in the region and has taken it all and sealed of the area aka holodomor. Some defiant people have saved food in secret places, but they are gone now - You wake up at a hospital that was allowed to keep you alive, but now its time to go outside and survive / alternatively you were a government worker that was allowed to eat food therefore kept alive, but you annoyed the wrong people and now suddenly your no longer a member of the inner circle. A weak gamma ray burst hit earth or earth was hit by the out skirt of a gamma ray burst You survived because you are a scientist and just by chance happened to be in a special metal anti gamma ray room so you were protected from gamma ray.
  2. So yeah i watched this i enjoyed it and there is a recipe for a good hungarian dish
  3. outerwould = outerworld
  4. There could be a plane to land on ice https://www.wired.com/2015/03/landing-ice-runway-less-crazy-sounds/ The problem is more you need to send a signal to the outerwould where you are and need rescue. This gives three problems to overcome. You need to craft a device that can give such a signal, or find one, like radio signal. This device should be immune to magnetic storm CMEs (coronal mass ejection) so maybe build a Faraday cage for storing it using lots of scrap metal. Needs to be used when the CME is at its lowest so you need a device that can measure severity of magnetic storm which is meassured in teslas. You could make such a device with inspiration from this video: A non electrical weight can be found Wires can be found, electricity in those wires are fueled by the sunstorm Magnetics can be found You dont need to be able to calculate the magnetic flux, just know when its weakest. One more thing you would need is to read a book about all this so you gain knowledge about electricity and magnetism ūüėõ
  5. Well here is the video without having to download it
  6. Just a little atmospheric video looooong dark3.mkv
  7. Thats so cool. I might not use the new mapping functions out of need, but i will use them because it would be realistic to be mapping this way and it will give more immersion. Thx for this Now we just need meat to deteriorate faster when stored outside due to carnivores coming to take the meat. Make a rock formation if you want your meat to deteriorate slower
  8. Jumps on a train in Kiev with goal to reach Odessa Jumps
  9. exeexe

    Air glow

    You have my permission to include airglow into the game. What is airglow? I didnt really care enough to get an explanation but an example of it looks like this And you can only see it when you are in class 1 (maybe class 2 too) of the Bortle scale - that is when you have no light pollution. Its the right and green stuff on the image. So i think its reasonable to imagine being in Canada far away from everything during a disaster that hit all electricity that you can see airglow
  10. http://getwallpapers.com/collection/enchanted-forest-wallpapers I like to accompany them with Carbon Based Lifeforms - Nattväsen
  11. If you want to not die from inaction just do something If you want to sleep just turn off computer and go to sleep
  12. Would be great if u could mark your map Like i drop a riffle in a house then i go to my map and mark on my map that i dropped my riffle here
  13. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/galleries/fascinating-facts-about-passports/norway-passport/
  14. When a wolf is chasing you and u go to a new area the wolf should follow you unless your going through a mine or something. Once you are placed in the new map you get a head start before the wolf spawns corresponding to how far away the wolf were when you exited last map. Also if your booksmart maybe give the ability to heal more from reading books than without booksmarts or consume less ressources