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  1. I would like there to be music playing when u turn on the radio during aurora events or perhaps you could find car batteries and set up an electrical wiring yourself and have music. You used to be able to hear music but now its just scatter. Also so what kind of music should be playing? Well i found something like Lost in the storm could be great. Try see if you can hire him for the music team 😊
  2. Its hard the first 30 days because you dont have arrow and bow and 1 wolf can easily kill you in the right circumstances and with some missmatched luck
  3. Last week i was out shopping and because of easter and stuff like that i got a free scratch card. I thought it was some stupid shampoo you could win but i took the scratch card anyway. Upon further investigation i realised you could win good prices. It was on your next shopping run you can get 10% 20% or 50% discount. But only on 3 particular days. Wow i thought and scratched it. I got 20 % discount. Last day for shopping was today. So i head out to the big shopping mall that lies far away on the other side of the city center compared to smaller shopping mall that lies close by. I was going sh
  4. Les Strouds surviving in Norway The long dark style. Light cabin fever, rose hips, deer carcass and heart beat when the going gets tough, is stuff that is included.
  5. Then i dont get challenged 🤔 - the challenge is to challenge yourself 😄
  6. i dont know i find interloper hard enough as it is
  7. Do you think this challenge could be fun? Its very basic - the war on drugs has been won so no drugs. No stim, no energy drink, no coffee, no tea, no mushrooms, no old mans beard, no antiseptic, no birch bark tea, no pain killers, no rose hip tea, no antibiotics, i might have forgot a few but you get the point. If you get an infection its problematic because it will kill you. There are two ways to easy out of it, in the beginning of the game declare which one you will use or perhaps just die with the infection. 1. In the name of self defence lets say you are allowed to cure an infection
  8. @SpanishMossi dont have that option
  9. @Stinky socks yeah Nvidia has something called control panel - if you go there you can define it
  10. Antialiasing 4x anisotropisk filtering 4x
  11. Hi im using headphone with 7 loudspeakers, so i dont know if its because of this, but is it possible to lower the sounds of wolves? It always sound like they are breathing on your neck when in reality they are multiple 45 degree flare throw away. Like can u find a soundfile of wolfgrowling on your computer, play it, record it, and have it with lower volume then replace that file with the one you just recorded?