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  1. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/galleries/fascinating-facts-about-passports/norway-passport/
  2. When a wolf is chasing you and u go to a new area the wolf should follow you unless your going through a mine or something. Once you are placed in the new map you get a head start before the wolf spawns corresponding to how far away the wolf were when you exited last map. Also if your booksmart maybe give the ability to heal more from reading books than without booksmarts or consume less ressources
  3. There is no shortage here. Everything is as in the old days except empty streets and all events are cancelled. The only thing to worry about is if you get fired. Personally im good i can work from home so all is fine for me Last Tuesday i was working on work laptop while watching Afreeca Starleague Season 9 from my PC, had an awesome time here in my sweet home https://liquipedia.net/starcraft/2020_Afreeca_Starleague_Season_9 I even got the corona for 2 hours i suspect. I had the burning feeling in my lungs but no fever and then it disappeared again. Its funny to think they would shut the whole society down because of that, but what do i know. Like for most people just get the virus deal with it and get over with it. I wonder what they would have done if the virus was more deadly, say 20% of infected people died
  4. Once i had problem with sleeping then one day after i had played this game many times i read somewhere that in traditional chinese medice (TCM) Reishi is considered to calm the mind, so i tried it and now i can fall asleep with no problems. I can also confirm if u take a lot of it (more than 12 drops) you can see weak closed eyes hallucinations
  5. Its the tennis badge - now u can play tennis.. Anyway how do u make it say day 34 top left?
  6. Thats why u bring a bedroll - and u can find a bear bedroll on the map somewhere - might not be there on interlopper though but i found it on stalker, albeit i had my own bear bedroll to begin with There is also a bed nearby in another building. You have to open a door to find it
  7. Even 1° below freezing is enough to maintain rate at -20% condition each hour. 'Feels like' temperature must be brought above 0°C (32°F) to end this state and stop the condition loss. The hypothermia affliction will set in after 2 hours of freezing, doubling the rate to -40% per hour. Surviving more than 3 hours while freezing is unlikely. https://thelongdark.fandom.com/wiki/Warmth
  8. You would be dead before it would be finished - and if ur not freezing you wouldnt build it in the first place.
  9. Say u weight 80 kg + 30kg its 110, add some more for the snow. This guy weights 180 kg and has no problems jumping around. Besides there is not snow everywhere
  10. If you want heat from a fire remain after the fire, you can heat up a stone put it in water and the water can heat you up. But to do that your fire would need to have a certain temperature and/or duration. Then im fine with it. If its just a small fire the temperature bonus should dramatical decrease as it does in real life. Edit: as a bonus there can be a small risk at heating up the stone as the stone can explode. I think wolves should ignore fires that are in the process of being started, but already established fires should be respected. Decoys should be held in hand and the wolf should come up and take it out of your hand. It will take it and run away. And when you have your weapon ready to fire the wolf should already be a good distance away from you. If its like this then you choose between weaponising yourself or distracting the wolf not both. Then maybe there could be a wolf management skill and once you have a high level of that you can drop bait. The decoy or bait should be no less than 1kg of meat or a can of dogfood with condition of 50% or above
  11. raw fish eggs from Coregonus, raw whale skin, locally termed “mattak”, caribou liver , ringed seal liver are all good sources for vitamin C
  12. U can build a snowshelter - it takes 45 minutes
  13. Nah it would be better to craft some sort of an alarm. It would be quite easy since you have open wires laying around, so all you do is attach ur alarm to the wires and when there is electricity the alarm goes off and you wake up. Optionally, but i dont know if this works, you put your bedroll on a wire, wake up from electrocution, just you now have to deal with being burned, but its manageable. You definitely should not wake up just because the sun goes through an anormaly the car thingy is quite obious, so no reason to talk about it, obiously Hintrerland would have changed it looong time ago if thats what they wanted.
  14. If you look here You see the first arrow head is called swallowtail broadhead, and i think we should be able to forge such an item. Here is what an arrow expert says about it: http://www.evado.co.uk/Hector Cole/gifts.htm But we need to be good at archery before we can craft such items. So it could be good vs beer and moose while simple arrows can be good vs lesser threats such as rabbits