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  1. To me it's a repetitive activity that my fingers don't need to deal with, I played enough megaman when I was younger. I use autohotkey to deal with piles of sticks. Just hold down z and move the mouse a little and I am good.
  2. Yeah see that would be cool and make sense stone. Maybe you could still makes bear mittens which would be really warm, but then you would suffer some penalties like it's difficult to use rifle/bow in some way, increases time to gut animals, that sort of thing. Having a lot of choices to make in the game like that would be cool.
  3. What I would really like is to be able to make all clothing slots out of all animals. Rabbit coat, bear gloves, moose hat, whatever.
  4. Pleasant valley farmhouse is probably my favourite place so far. It has that warm outside spot which I like to pass time in waiting for the weather to get better. Best of all you can see inside when it's dark which is pretty nice. Mystery lake is close to a forge but finding your way around indoors when it's night it a pain in the ass because it's completely black, at least for me.
  5. If you're wearing gloves I think the chances of burning yourself is really low. I've stood on a campfire to test it, but I was also wearing two pairs of socks and boots. I don't mind that it doesn't burn us in those conditions. I mean, I am thankful that it's not like this at least. Still, if minor burns were added for naked parts of the body I wouldn't complain. I am not sure it would really add much though as people would pretty much always have gloves on.
  6. odizzido

    Thunder Storm

    That's neat. I've never spent much time in south east canada so that's probably why I've not even heard of this before.
  7. odizzido

    Thunder Storm

    May I ask where you live henroe? It's cool...and so alien to me....to think that you've never experienced winter conditions like TLD.
  8. odizzido

    Thunder Storm

    As a canadian, I've never heard thunder during winter that I can recall. I've never seen lightning during winter either.
  9. I think this is a great idea.
  10. yes, they have the current version + a patch for the older one. You have to keep it if you want to keep it. If the devs say it's okay I could send you 1.21 or 1.29 from gog.
  11. Cooking is being reworked anyways for the next major patch.
  12. Look at all those sprains. What were you doing, walking?
  13. Sounds like your problem is mostly with steam, not this game. I am new so I don't have anything before 1.21 but I can play 1.21 or 1.29 right now. I never have to update, and if I do get the update it doesn't delete my older versions. I don't need an internet connection to play either. I purchased this game on GoG.
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    Hot stuff

    Yeah I've wished I could do that pretty often as well.
  15. The videos, I expect almost certainly. Doesn't mean that the conversations can't be rendered on the spot though.
  16. Actually I've found that setting sleep health regen to zero and awake regen to low you need to keep yourself in good condition almost all of the time or you die.
  17. I know fire bows can easily...well, easily for people who are experienced with it.....start a fire in sub zero temperatures, and I know the you can light a fire on snow easily as well. I can't imagine it being a problem for someone who knew what they were doing. On ice you would have a nice stable base...snow would be a little harder but you can pack it down. Related, I saw this video with a neat way to start a fire
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    When your game is on low resources finding a quality toolkit is actually pretty rare. If you make a kit a requirement to make the knives you might as well just go right to one of the forges unless you just happen to luck out. If you're not playing with low resources then you're going to find knives anyways and won't need to use it. I think what needs to happen is you can just make it with stuff you can find everywhere but it takes more time. Tools need to be sufficiently worse as to not make the metal ones worthless as well.
  19. I think it might be easier to just have your character screen have a weight. For example you start off at 180 pounds, you die at 140 pounds, and weight can go up and down depending on how much you're eating.
  20. This is one of the reasons I consider TLD to be an autohotkey game. Way too much clicking. I am not going to give myself carpel tunnel fighting off wolves and picking up sticks.
  21. It's not really 600 calories though, really. Just looking online they say an average deer has 55 pounds of lean boneless meat, which means with the fat, organs, etc that you would be eating in TLD you'd get what, 80 pounds? 36.4kg of real deer is around 68000kcal. TLD you can harvest meat in 0.5kg chunks with the average deer having 9kg of meat, so 68000kcal/18 is still 3777kcal per day if we use real harvest values and calorie density of real deer and assume 0.5kg of deer in TLD is actually 2kg. So really eating 0.5kg of deer in TLD is pretty realistic since you can really burn through calories in the north during winter.
  22. odizzido

    Basic Bed

    I don't have a bedroll in the game I am currently playing which means my character can't sleep if I am going on a long journey unless I am lucky and find a bed.....if we could just sleep anywhere that would be lovely.
  23. just because something gets freezer burned doesn't mean that you can't eat it. It just won't taste as good.
  24. I'd love this, but I can only imagine how much effort it would take to make it decent. Maybe something to look at after the game is done?
  25. Glad I am not the only one who looked at the oil lamp, with the flame burning inside and said gee, my character must be completely hopeless to not see this as a fire starter. Then again, this is the same person who constantly sprains their wrists walking down a hill.