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  1. Are you sure he's wrong? Piddy lists that barn location (between the crates) and I think I remember finding it there in Interloper as well.
  2. The weather in Pleasant Valley is a bit on the brutal side.
  3. @hozz1235That's a great thread, but it seems like it's too long and too focused on beginner elements for it to be useful to people who have a couple hundred hours of survival play under their belts. I thought it might be fun to have a thread of more obscure stuff.
  4. That is a major pain in Interloper if you don't have an axe crafted yet.
  5. I wanted to have a thread of little useful oddities in the game that even experienced survival players may not have discovered. Here are some of mine: Meat and fish cook more quickly in a pot than just placing them directly on a stone or burner. If you're scrounging for firewood inside a structure and don't want to go outside, look up. Often you'll find planks in the rafters, or harvest-able wall decorations. The flashlight secondary button can paralyze aurora-influenced wildlife
  6. Now that would be cool. More permanent than the snow shelter, it could make a great "forward base" for hunting
  7. I've never found anything up there in either stalker or interloper.
  8. @GlflegolasIn between sittings I huff wolf-scented air freshener.
  9. I eat wolf meat routinely, but it has to be managed. 1. Only eat it in 1kg "packages", to maximize calorie / risk ratio 2. The risk of intestinal parasites is non-linear. For example, the risk of eating one 1kg "package" of wolf meat, is only 1/4 of the risk of eating two 1kg "packages" in a 24 hour period. Try to never eat more than two in a twenty-four hour period. This will cap your risk at 4% per day. 3. Cooking level 5 negates all intestinal parasite risk from cooked meat, so eat as much as you want at that point.
  10. Imagine ending your thousand day survival run staring at the key on the other side of the cell door.
  11. There was also an award for "distinctive art style" (or something like that). Sadly for 2021 titles only.
  12. Maybe Steam will report first, second, and third place. Could still be helpful if they do that.
  13. Just think how much less comfortable you would feel if you could be swept into a chasm by an avalanche!