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  1. aww I found something I don't like about the new zone I need a hatchet to get past certain places, but I've always found hatchets to be a waste of resources to make so of course I don't have one What's really awful is that it's this small bush that is blocking me. My character can scale down an 80 degree cliff completely safely but can't get past a bush or step over a stick.
  2. Oh that's cool. I didn't know that, obviously. I've just never really used them I guess.
  3. I have finally made it to Hushed River Valley, and I must say I am impressed with it. It looks great, I very much enjoy exploring it. I love how when I entered it I could get a nice high up view of where I was about to go, that was a great touch. I really like all the detail in this new region. Great job everyone involved. One thing I also quite like is that the caves(that I have seen) are colder if it's colder outside. I very much like the extra feeling of realism there as well as the extra sense that they may not be 100% safe, temperature wise, if it gets cold enough. It makes me want to prepare for cold nights which is very cool. I would love it if houses were similar, and I think it would be very cool if we could heat houses with fire....like have a house warmth bonus that goes up and down depending on how hot fires are compared to how cold it is outside. Anyways I am getting off topic. So yeah, awesome job everyone involved. I am loving this region
  4. I just disable cabin fever so it doesn’t matter if they remove it for me. If it were replaced with something else I would check it out though, so that’s my vote.
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    I find where i go tends to be dictated by the fact that I need a forge to make knives and arrows so I can actually do stuff in the game. Once that is done I will typically wander around. In my current game I am heading towards the new region. Hushed river valley? I am not quite sure how to get there yet so it has taken me over a week of real life time so far. I would play more but I have limited time right now so it takes a while. I am sure if I played more I would have familiar routes that I follow. I simply don’t have the knowledge to optimise that way.
  6. I would love to see sliders. Like deer population from 0-100%, 1% meaning you would see a deer like once a month. I also wouldn't mind seeing an option for realistic food...as in you're not eating a bear every week. I think having wildlife be much more rare but also much more valuable would be interesting. Also I would like an option to have the highest end items spawn but very rarely. Currently I never see any of the neat items and have little reason to explore because nothing I find will be worth anything. If I set the loot higher so I can see those items then I am swimming in loot. Sliders could solve this too. Max loot value at 100% and loot probability at 1%.
  7. I find I don't have a preference between the old or new system. They both feel fine. On the newer game I started on 1.56 I have hit something like 18/19 shots with the rifle. Lots of those are wolf kills. Before the update I hit about the same.
  8. Cool. I am sure I've had a couple days where I couldn't go outside for more than a minute or two but I don't think I've ever had four. Sounds kinda fun.
  9. I wear all crafted gear since my settings don’t allow me to find good items like snow pants or parkas. I wish they were just super rare instead but oh well. So yup, rabbit skin hat and gloves, wolf or bear jackets, deer pants, and then whatever I happen to find. If I am lucky that will be two thermal underwear, a wool hat, and a couple thin sweaters. The non-crafted loot on the lowest setting is pretty bad and makes looking around for clothing fairly pointless. slightly off topic, but do prepper caches not spawn on the lowest settings? I’ve never seen one and I’ve resorted to looking up maps and checking out all the spawn locations but so far I’ve never seen one.
  10. Yes to this. I made a post about this earlier but nobody else seemed to have the issue. I was running 1.5 at the time and wolves were doing that for me too. Actually my game ended because a bear teleported right infront of me. Weeping bears are serious business. I haven't had this issue yet with 1.56, but I haven't put too much time into the latest version of TLD so I can't really say if it's fixed.
  11. Every strategy that the game mechanics allow is valid I think. And they all have their place.
  12. Perhaps the best thing would be to have a simple debuff that increases as you are starving and goes away as you eat. For example for every calorie spent when at 0 calories would start increasing the debuff. You would repair it by eating, the calories you eat could remove the debuff the same way. so for example if you hit zero calories and burn through 1000 more while at zero the debuff would keep track of that 1000 calories and will exist until you eat 1000 calories. If you only eat 750 then you will have 250 left on the debuff, but the debuff will not be added to anymore until you reach zero calories again. It should be very simple to understand and work with then. You could even remove the health drain for starving then, and only drain health if you’ve burned through like 50,000 calories or something(there could be a bar the fills much like risk for parasites and such). I am not sure if I explained this super well...
  13. I don’t think making your condition go down even faster while starving is the best way to solve this. The issue is that you can use your health bar as food, starving and draining it and then at the end of the day you “eat” a bunch of sleep. Currently with how the game is I find the best way to solve this is to have regeneration as low as possible while still existing so you have to stay fed a long time to heal even minor damage. But this only hides the issue. I think to actually solve it the starvation system needs something different. My personal favourite idea is having a body fat system where under eating would burn fat and over eating would add more on. Once your fat level drops to a certain level then your endurance and carry weight would start dropping and you die eventually. I don’t know if the devs think this would be too complicated for people but it’s what I would at least try out
  14. Cool, thanks for keeping us updated :)
  15. The cooking system is okay with me. It's a little clunky, scrolling through the pots is really slow for example, but it's usable. How you can get intestinal parasites from well cooked meat is beyond me though. As to the fire system, again it's okay. I do think there is too much dependence on matches. I really do feel there should be friction fires which would take the most time and calories to start. But yeah, other than that it's fine. I don't feel they need to do anything with it, but the new cooking system is certainly better than the old one to me so if they have some good ideas then that would be cool to try out.
  16. I use GoG so I don't have the 1.53 patch yet. Thank you for your reply
  17. Are animals teleporting for anyone else? I was just playing and following a bleeding wolf and it teleported fairly far away multiple times. Then a bear teleported right infront of me and killed me. It could be a freak glitch, I have only really played one game so far. I am on version 1.5 and never had this issue in previous versions.
  18. I already do play custom with low animal settings....they're still far far too high. I don't play with high calorie burn though, because even on the lower settings for that you have to eat like an entire wolf every day which is completely ridiculous. What I really want is for wolves to be rare and more dangerous if you fight them, but also for them to provide food for a longer amount of time. I want to not find food for a few days, and that one wolf I killed to be running out, my snares to be empty, and me deciding to go fishing but put that on hold because there is a deer that I just found which is a rare and bountiful find. Currently it's just like, oh, more deer. I eat multiple deer every week. Anyways when I finally start modding this game I will do a lot of that. Hopefully it won't be too big of a pain to do it(I very much want good modding support).
  19. I started two new games, in both of them I found a revolver in the ranger hut or whatever it is up high in pleasant valley.
  20. The overabundance of (mostly) animal resources, honestly. There are simply too many animals for there to ever be a threat of starvation, especially wolves. Wolves are extra bad because they provide home delivery. If we had maybe 10% of the wolves and maybe a third of the rest of the animals the game could be better for me. I have never fished in this game, not once. I've never had a reason to because of the unlimited mountains of meat that run up to me.
  21. I really like that guy. Something about his videos makes me feel good. I wonder what the nutritional profile of those trees are, I would love to know.
  22. I think it would be cool if the devs would accept fan written material and place them around the world as journals or notes or other things. I think it could add something to the game. You could even burn them as fire starter to give a bit more of a personal feeling and importance to starting a fire.
  23. Cool, I liked this One part made me laugh as it's so TLD. Eating an entire bear in a week. haha. But yes I liked this