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  1. @hozz1235and @stirfooThanks!
  2. I can understand why you would do that. It would be nice if they let us get some progress in custom, though that would get people tweaking settings in order to make feat progression easy, which would kind of defeat the purpose of earning them. Of course, though, that is my opinion and I wouldn't complain if they did add feat progression in custom mode, as I would like to play it.
  3. Great story! It had an almost poetic feel to it and I enjoyed reading it. Though I wonder how the pilgrim managed to not run into that annoying bear near the mountaineer's hut. 🤔
  4. Being the only decent-sized source of prey, maybe they have no time to eat. Can't be much fun, being on the bottom of the TLD food chain
  5. @UpUpAway95Thanks! @s7mar7inAlso, thanks! I completely agree with playing and waiting, instead of 'chasing the feat'. It makes it feel more rewarding, in my opinion.
  6. Amy pulled Mocha towards her, who continued her frenzied barking. At least it filled in the silence as she searched for a reply, getting up and dusting the snow off of her clothes. The others did the same. "We just came to say hi." Her gaze landed on the bandage, "You alright?" "I'm fine." Erik responded, dismissively. "What are you doing with a gun, anyway? There's practically nobody here anymore and the people that remain have better things to do than rob you or something." "You can never be too careful." The man responded, somewhat vaguely. Amy realised that it would be
  7. I'm trying to not light campfires everywhere and things like that, in order to just earn feats as I go along, and finally got my first one. Took a while, but I'm pretty pleased to have one.
  8. This looks like a really good idea! It's currently installing as I type. Though I dislike using maps, I will definitely be using this as a handy companion if I ever do need it 🙂
  9. When you see dog food and actually want to eat it because it's a good source of calories
  10. I haven't tried that, thanks! It is a bit of a bummer to be unable to use f10, though I'm sure that I'll find them someday
  11. After a while of searching around, James had managed to find everything that he wanted. After quickly changing into it, he sized himself up in the store-restroom's mirror. There were several spots emerging on his forehead that annoyed him to no end, though he focused more on the clothes and ignored them. Sure, his shoes were a size too big and everything looked mismatched and baggy, but he felt more like he fit in with this crowd of isolated weirdos. Maybe that was a bad thing, though at least the walk wouldn't be so painful. He was halfway through the window when some guy came striding
  12. I have a story that I hope you won't mind me sharing. So, to set the scene, I am on a week-10 day survival (Voyager, because I was trying to learn the maps without getting wolf-mauled) and I had been cosily residing in the Hunters Lodge in BR (Or whatever that cabin's called) I had managed to break down everything so it was a neat and tidy, albeit empty, little base. The wolves had long since been vanquished and I was living comfortable. Too comfortably. I began to grow bored of the simple rabbit-hunting and just aimless wandering and decided to pay a visit to Spence's Family
  13. I completely agree! I really like how unlike most games, it has a perma-death feature. It's far more enjoyable to test the limits and learn things by facing the consequences instead of hand-holding and the ability to simply reload the save file. It truly feels like survival at times, especially when you begin to get fond of a particular run.
  14. I would like to do one of these, though I don't really know how to get them on here. I tried pasting, but the image turned out far too small. I would appreciate some help on how you do it. Here's some that I pasted. Please excuse how small they are.
  15. I think that earlier in the topic, I mentioned something about being unable to use F10. I take the screenshot and nothing is found on my desktop. Puzzling, though I hope it doesn't affect my shots too much.