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  1. Welcome to the thread! I look forward to seeing what you'll add to the story
  2. Beautiful! I especially love the raven/crow in the bottom corner. Just curious, what digital art program did you use?
  3. Are those being sold in the camp office shop as well? If so, consider me a customer! I'm sure my survivor has a bit of cash spare for one or two of those delectable sausages 😂
  4. Oh, I didn't notice that the counter had been messed up. I'll edit my post now, sorry about that! Edit: Oh, it seems that I can't edit it. At least you've managed to get it back to the number it should be.
  5. 42. Choose your starting region as Bleak Inlet when you don't even know the map. Found out that's a pretty good way to lose a new survivor
  6. I got it on gamepass unfortunately, so I can't vote, but if I could, I definitely would! TLD deserves that award, and it's great to see how you all have so much love for the game
  7. Oh wow, that's ridiculous! I wonder how it's possible to survive longer than a few days in such freezing weather. Would definitely be a challenge
  8. I've been going through a lot of challenges over the past few years, but I agree with @singapore, they help me become stronger. Everyone has their own personal battles that they're fighting, and I have mine. They are difficult, but I'm holding onto the belief that things will get better
  9. Did that yesterday and with headphones on. Nearly gave me a heart attack! Definitely going to just put the revolver away first next time...
  10. I've personally never tried it, though I've seen tld streamers and the like manage to bring one down with a flare gun. However, only when they were in close distance and if it was a critical hit, so it's probably unlikely to just kill it outright. However, I'd assume that the flare gun would still kill it eventually. Could be wrong however so feel free to correct me. Does the bear start to bleed when it runs off?
  11. Haha thank you, and great idea! We'll have all of those pesky wolves trained in no time! Imagine a pack of timberwolves just pulling you onwards, chasing the deer meat on a fishing pole. Now that's one way to fast travel around the map!
  12. Yep! Never seen them sleeping before, so I was surprised by how cute they actually look, despite the fact that it could wake up and maul me if it felt like it
  13. Went exploring Ash Canyon and found this sleepy little guy!
  14. A lead and harness! So you could attach it to your nearest friendly-ish wolf and take it home with you. Although since you can't tame them, you'd definitely have your hands full Maybe, if you got enough leads and harnesses, especially on stalker, you could get a sled and attach the wolves to it so they could pull you along like huskies! Now that's what I call a realistic survival experience
  15. Sunset in PV where the weather, for once, isn't intent on ending my poor survivor