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  1. It's been a while but I think that I'm a little more experienced with the game, and bears, and I'm going to restart my mini challenge. This time, though, I'll start in PV and spend a week or so there before figuring out how to leave for TWM. I'm hoping to find a hatchet, rifle, knife, hacksaw, and storm lantern before I go though I won't bother spending months searching for loot. I'll give myself a week there, tops, of looting and prepping. And then I'll begin the actual challenge. Day 1 Luck is on my side as I start in the farmhouse with dawn on its way. My clothing is alright and I
  2. I haven't played wintermute much yet, so I apologise if I make up 'lore' that has already been explained through that. I think I got to around Grey Mother, before I stopped playing it. I'm just not a fan of story mode games, though I might try it again someday.
  3. I'm enjoying reading through this so far. Love how you seem to be slaughtering every unlucky bear in your path
  4. I am by no means a veteran at this game but I suggest LonelyWolf (a great TLD youtuber)'s tutorial on how to avoid wolves. When I was suffering from wolfy-phobia, it helped me out a great deal (Though many of his tips have probably already been stated by the veteran players, it's worth checking LonelyWolf out, in my opinion)
  5. The reason I randomly had her house vanish was mainly to get to hopefully create a friendship or whatever between her and Christine (Though whatever happens happens) and I had also seen many burned down places in the actual map, which made me wonder how they actually burned down. "Pretty sure." Part of her wanted to call her boyfriend, but she was afraid of saying the wrong thing when he picked up. If he picked up. Christine looked as if she didn't really believe her, though picked up the phone, dialling the number to speak with the authorities. An automated message responded after s
  6. I like quite a few of these ideas, such as the bear-in-cave idea and the forest/woodland idea. Somewhere that I'd quite like is a maybe medium sized mostly woodland map that has maybe one or two caves, with resident bears of course, but otherwise appearing desolate and empty. Wildlife could be perhaps pretty common, with a decent amount of deer, maybe several 'packs' or two to three wolves around key areas and bears inhabiting most, if not all, of the caves. Since it's a wood/forest, I would expect it to have a fair bit of wildlife. Not loads, but enough to keep you on your toes. W
  7. @BeanI typically try start at the hut, though I will next time try spawn there. I love hacksaws in TWM. The amount of food and clothing in those containers is perhaps a little too much but I'm not complaining.
  8. In PV I definitely recommend the Farmstead/Homestead (I forget the name) Pros: It's central and near some places with quite a lot of supplies Large rabbit spawn location at a nearby barn A small hay-barn next to it that has a place sheltered enough for a fire for when the blizzard gets too cold for a snow-shelter Lots of game (Deers, Wolves, Bears, Rabbits) Six-Burner and quite well lit most of the time Pretty warm Rifle spawn chance Cons: There is a pack of three to four wolves pretty nearby and plenty more near the large barn. Though pretty easy
  9. Haha, I hope that Karen got what she deserved..and I don't mean the manager I think this was in HRV as I awoke to a pretty cold day to go try enter the ice cave as I sought out the signal fire. What can I say, I'm a sucker for sunrises! So..I looked down and for a moment actually thought these were my feet. I'd just loaded up the game and somehow ended up pretty close to a corpse. It creeped me out for a moment, haha. (Also, this screenshot was so hard to take, holding the mouse still to take the screenshot and pressing the windows and print-screen button is
  10. @upnorthFirst of all, sorry for not contributing lately. I've been pretty busy working on other things but I'll add to this topic soon! Secondly, I'd love to hear the lore and plot ideas! I'll try to come up with some of my own as well.
  11. I wish you could see better what was happening in this but 1. I'm too cowardly to get a better look 2. As you know, the f10 thing doesn't work for me so I can't do high-def images (I think F10 is for normal HD ones. Though I may have gotten F10 and F12 mixed up, which happens 3. On the laptop I'm currently on, I play on a low setting, so that doesn't really help I left the mountaineers hut, intending to follow the stream and see where it goes. I open the door to see two dead deer and a wolf walking to where I want to go. He had obviously been busy during the night!
  12. That's a really cool idea! I'll get to illustrating soon, hopefully! Also, I hope this part isn't too bad. They pulled up after fifteen minutes at Erik's house. Not that she'd call it that. It was more of a shack, a tumbledown, wooden shack compared to the cosy wooden cabins around the town. "Welcome to my humble abode," The male gave a grin, seemingly uncaring about the state of his cabin, "Want to come in for a bit?" Amy shook her head, ruefully. She wanted to get back to her own house after a night and nearly a day without it, "I really should get back." "Fair enough,"
  13. Okay, I would think that Pleasant Valley's Home/Farm/Whsteveritscalled-stead is a firm favourite of mine, along with the entire map. I have so many memories and long (20+ is classed as an achievement for me) saves. Plus it has a rifle and a six-burner. Honestly, aside from the wolves littering the farm, it's a perfect base to me. There is a fireplace, its warm inside and typically light, so much storage space, and it is near a temporary base of mine in the village. To add to the positives, there is a barn nearby with a bunny-site, and wolves and a bear if you ever need more fo
  14. @BlinkMoFriedThank you! Several in-game days later, I finally cooked it all and somehow evaded cabin fever! Next, I'll have to try with a moose! Not sure how that'll go, though
  15. I had noticed that as well, but I suppose that this aurora could be a bit different or something maybe. Also, Merry Christmas everyone!