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  1. Keep meat fresh not cooked outside to always be able to cook it to 50 pct. instead of cooking it I don't understand what that means. Really I don't think meat outside should decay at all. It's like -20 all the time, meat would easily last for years.
  2. Primitive tools have other advantages. For example if people want to try surviving on hard in only timberwolf mountains chances are they will find no tools, no weapons, and very little clothing. Since tools are required to make anything, that's it, you run around in your underwear forever and eat rabbits. It would be cool to be able to make a knife and work your way up from nothing without any pre-existing items.
  3. I THINK it's the case if your clothes get wet enough you can get frostbite. I know they're certainly less effective as they get wet. When you're afflicted with hypothermia or whatever it does show your portrait as naked(I am not sure why....maybe to give you a strong visual indication something is cold?)
  4. Was one of your clothing items 100% wet maybe? That's all I can think of.
  5. Very cool I started wintermute but decided to wait until you guys have finished it before playing through. I am glad you are getting rid of fetch quests, they are awful.
  6. I would, and will if possible, make a mod to greatly reduce the animal population and respawn rates but also bump up meat levels to realistic amounts. I would also make wolves and bears more dangerous to fight but also make it so they have a much higher chance of not wanting to fight you in the first place. So pretty much a realism mod I guess.
  7. There would need to be two conditions for things like axes. Condition which says how close the item is to breaking, and sharpness. It would be neat if sharpness could effect the time it takes to do tasks with it.
  8. I mean that's just one of the annoying things about steep hills. Not being able to climb hills you could easily in real life is just annoying in general. Same with not being able to step over a tiny log or anything higher than a matchbox. It's like we're playing an early 90s shooter.
  9. I always disable those parasites because they make no sense. How bad of a cook would you need to be to not see that it's still raw?
  10. Would you consider adding in % spawn rates for animals instead of low/med/high? I would love to try putting them at maybe 10-20% of what low is currently.
  11. Could you imagine if we got both wolf/bear traps and meat attracted them? We are already swimming in meat, that would give just unimaginable amounts. And the more wolves/bears we killed the more wolves/bears would come. Endless mountains of meat. edit-------- Oh one thing I want to mention....if we did get a craftable container(would be nice) I would like the weight limit to be high. I end up storing wood in a bunch of different containers and I find it tedious.
  12. I just turn off my monitor. It's the only way to play IMO.
  13. odizzido

    Wolf skins

    Or hang them from the walls for a warmth bonus or something
  14. While I can't imagine finding grenades in Canada it would be hilarious. Throwing grenades at wolves? Makes me laugh just thinking about it
  15. I would prefer not to have this, at least in this format, it just doesn't make sense. I would love to see more reasons to explore though.
  16. I like preparation things like this. Coffee to fuel climbing activities(which makes no sense to me), drinking tea before going out, repairing your gear before a longer expedition, bringing a lamp for a cave. I think it would be cool if we could sleep with cooked stone as well.
  17. Also I just want to mention....if shelter improvements happened then maybe we could turn off the free heat we get in buildings right now
  18. I think small very easy mods would be a good place to have things right now. Something like a mod that reduces animal spawn rates by like 90-95% but also makes them drop realistic amounts of meat with proper calorie amounts. That probably wouldn't be much work and would change how the game is played significantly. It's also a great way to test out how things like that would feel.
  19. The wolves all want to give you their meat. I was playing a bit yesterday and three wolves generously followed me back to my current base and donated their meat to me right close to my door for easy harvesting. edit----------- There are too many wolves...and animals in general I think.....but especially wolves.
  20. I love that video. We need this in a cabin
  21. I never thought about it but that's a really cool idea.
  22. oh god....the horror! Actually if there was one singing fish cabin in the game I think that would be hilarious
  23. Something about smoking.
  24. I would like the option to have the highest end gear still spawn when set to low spawn rates, but make it really rare. I am looking for reasons to keep checking closets and such once you get the "best" gear available.