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  1. I know that every post you make says there is nothing wrong with the game but I am surprised that even you don't see it as an issue that someone has to leave their game running for hours doing nothing because they're trapped and cannot pass time. If you actually don't see anything wrong with staring at a black screen for three hours doing nothing at all then you must be the only person who doesn't.
  2. odizzido

    Fishing feat

    I think fishing is a hard thing to deal with. If you make it so it's actually worth fishing(you gain more calories than you spend) then you can fish an awful lot and you never have to do anything else for food. If you make it not worth it(spend more calories than you gain) then you never fish unless you need lamp oil. I suppose you can have lower fish amounts over time which I think already happens, but I really do see it as hard to balance fishing. I don't know how I would do it. And players are so used to it now that changing how it works would make a lot of people upset.
  3. Wow that sounds awful. I am glad I disable cabin fever in my games.
  4. A number of guns can be shot decently with mittens on. They just need to be designed for it. I doubt either of the ones we have in game are but I don't know.
  5. You don't even need to throw stuff down. If you could use items as you wished in the game you could pull the rope up to the top, fill a container with everything, tie the rope to it, then lower it back down. Then you simply climb down and grab your stuff. edit------------ But yeah this is something I've wished for too. I would just drop logs and such right off the cliff. It doesn't matter if they get any damage.
  6. A sail boat rescue would at least work. Though since this was almost certainly a world event it's less of a rescue and more of a change of scenery. That would likely still be good though since nothing is growing and almost all the animals will be dead soon enough. Maybe the bears would live....maybe. You could even have the objective of making or repairing and stocking up a sail boat.
  7. odizzido

    Bear spray

    Bear spray is quite common in canada from what I've seen. It would be funny if it behaved with the wind realistically so you could end up spraying yourself.
  8. Only issue with that is that the event that caused everything to break down in TLD killed anything that used electricity. Apparently simple things can work though, such as lights(which also means simple electrical stoves should work too, but they don't) but complex things which require good timing like an engine just don't function anymore. Of course I am saying that when they have added buffer memories. I guess cars would probably work during an aurora, at least for a while before the gas becomes unusable in less than a year.
  9. So I've been poking around with the new update and something I want to ask if anyone else seems to be noticing that there are fewer wolves? I play low spawn on a custom game and I happened to start in milton and from what I recall it was a constant slaughter but I've only had a few encounters in 1.76. I am not complaining or anything, I like that I am not wading through never ending wolf corpses, but I don't see anything in the patch notes about it so I am not sure if it's just in my head. Though maybe it's a bug and I shouldn't be posting this....well, I will risk it. Hopefully it can stay as a happy accident if it is a bug. edit------------------ Also I feel like repairs and such have gotten easier? Maybe I am just going nuts though.
  10. A tragic sewing accident. Will must have swallowed the needle and it stabbed him right in a particular nerve as it drove into his spine causing him to be paralyzed. Normally someone would survive this, but Will was already suffering from severe degenerative spinal issues which causes his inability to lift his leg more than an inch or turn his head. It's a blessing that he faded away, really.
  11. That is interesting. I don't claim to know how it all works, I wish I did, but I don't. I wish I were smarter.
  12. Pretty sure they respawn, from my experience.
  13. I would be pretty interested in seeing a post sometime in the future with the telemetry stats you get. I've enabled it so you guys get some data from me.
  14. I have always enjoyed your bunker find posts Thank you for making them. And an expedition parka is certainly top loot.
  15. My frame rates in TLD with max settings are great. I am running an old i5 750 from 2009 and a GTX970. Unless you're running one of the first quad core CPUs ever made your PC should be able to crush mine in terms of gaming performance. There must be a software bug which is killing your performance.
  16. I got too annoyed with not finding a bed roll for rope climbing. I started the challenge a few times and never found one.
  17. I didn't know that the weight changed when you wear clothing. That's nifty. I will maybe check that out tonight. In the misery mod for STALKER:COP clothing all has a set weight, but when you wear it it also give a bonus to your max carry weight too. So in TLD if you only had pants it would be something like 1/30kg with the pants in your inventory, and 1/30.2kg with the pants being worn. I find that system to be pretty good. edit---------- Yup, just tried it. Clothing weight decreases when you put it on. Not very obvious but it's there.
  18. If the ice pick climbing were ever implemented I would hope that it's done properly. Adding QTEs is something I would be adamantly against. That said you could blur the line to it being okay for me, similar to how it was done in the newer tomb raider. In the newer tomb raider when you needed to "re-pick" the ice you would use the same key that you normally use to pick the ice. That feels a lot better than many other games with QTEs where you have to press some random and unrelated button to not die. Like if a wolf attacked in LTD and it pops a line up saying "press the [ key in 0.5 seconds to not die" that would be just awful. So awful. edit---------- Also since it came up can I just say that the first newer tomb raider intro level with that cave thing was bad. It was just so bad. All those QTE and button mashing parts. What a terrible way to start out a game. It's a great game but the intro stage just sucked.
  19. I am just going to mention that nothing that relies on magnetic fields or electricity works in the world of TLD. This would include compasses and the majority of watches. I would actually be in favour of introducing mechanical watches and removing the time wheel we have now. It would be a little thing you could find to help you make better decisions. I think it could push players to pay more attention to the game world, either the sun or a watch, and less attention to a ghostly wheel of time knowledge. It would be cool if our character could actually put their watch up so we read the time off of it.
  20. The way I see it is you run out of ways to improve your condition. I think there are a couple ways this can happen. The first is you get the best clothes and weapons and you're set really. The rest is maintenance which is where it can get boring for some people(myself included). Now the other way to run out of ways to improve your condition is lack of challenge. Who cares if you have +30 degree clothing or +50 degree clothing if both of them keep you perfectly warm. Getting that extra 20 degrees doesn't actually help. What I am really saying is that if you have extra good clothing you can craft then you need extra challenge to come with it. There are a few ways I can think to solve this but the basic foundations of what I would try are not and likely never will be in the game. I don't really feel like doing a bunch of fruitless typing tonight so I will just leave it at that. If the devs see this as an issue maybe they can come up with some ideas.
  21. That might actually be nifty. You can get frostbite if you have your weapon out for too long
  22. Yeah I am not sure what's up with that house, I've never fallen through the floor anywhere else.
  23. Lighters would not be overpowered. I will just leave this here
  24. Check the basement. I've fallen through the floor in that place
  25. That sounds pretty fun bring able to get lost in a blizzard is something I like