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  1. When I first saw the Maple Syrup, I was like "Yaaay". Then I saw that is was only 850 calories. Then I thought to myself, "this seems too low." I then did the following calculations on what the calorie count SHOULD be. It should be ~1400 calories, and here's why. (ignoring game balance) First, I had to know how many grams of maple syrup you get per bottle, but there is no indication on the bottle itself. So I got a can of pinnacle peaches (which was marked as 500g) and set it next to the bottle of syrup. (sorry I could not get a picture) I found that the diameter of the peaches was the same as the syrup bottle, but the syrup bottle was taller. This meant the syrup was over 500g, I guessed it to be ~550g. Next, I had to see how many calories you get per serving of maple syrup, and for that, I consulted my bottle of maple syrup IRL to find it at 60ml of grade A natural syrup like in the game, was ~210 cal. Next, I had to convert 60ml into grams ( I used this website to convert it) which (in maple syurp) was ~80 grams. Finally, we can divide 550 by 80 grams (to get the number of servings) to get 6.875, and multiply that by 210 cal to get 1443.75, or about ~1400cal for The Long Dark's maple syurp bottle. I don't know if this is reasonable with the current frequency of maple syrup, but this is what the calories for one bottle should be (let me know if I made any mistakes in calculations.) -SpanishMoss
  2. This would be pretty difficult to implement, because how buildings work is that they are not actually in the location they are located at. Meaning if you phase through wall, there would be nothing there. The interiors are located in a different place, meaning you couldn't put a window that actually worked. Hence why none of the windows are see through.
  3. The revolver in the long dark is a double action revolver, meaning you don't need to pull back the hammer to fire. You can only "fan" the hammer on a single action revolver. Meaning this wouldn't work with the current revolver
  4. Go to the inventory, go to the tab with the skills, scroll down to the notes and start typing (I think)
  5. I'm kidding, this is what the wishlist is for isn't it? @ManicManiac
  6. SpanishMoss

    Face Masks

    Introduction: As we all know as of making this post COVID-19 is spread throughout the world causing many country's to "shut down". Most of these country's employ face masks as a form of protection against the virus. The Long Dark does not have "viruses" in similar fashion, but face masks could still provide some benefit. ===Disposable Face Masks=== Disposable Face Masks will be found in boxes of 3-6. The box would weigh between 0.05 - 0.15 kg, and each mask would be about 0.02 kg. The masks could be worn in the accessories slot(s), but only one could be worn at a time. The masks condition decreases at a rate x4 faster than normal condition loss. The mask will be worn over the head coverings (meaning it takes damage first during a wildlife attack) Stats: Warmth +0.5 C | Wind +0.1 C | Waterproof 5% | Protection 0 | Sprint -0% ===Cloth Face Mask=== Cloth Face Masks are similar to Disposable Face Masks, but they are harder to find, and come singular. They weigh 0.1 kg each. These masks decay at the normal rate, and also can only be worn one at a time. They cannot be used at the same time as the Disposable Face Mask. The mask will be also be worn over the head coverings. Stats: Warmth +0.7 C | Wind +0.2 C | Waterproof 7% | Protection 0 | Sprint -0% Conclusion: These stats can all be changed, I am open to suggestions. (Disclaimer, I play the game in imperial units, so the stats may make no sense, I tried to convert them.) -SpanishMoss
  7. Will the "new items and features" be permanent? Or will they be only for this event?
  8. In my opinion, the best place for getting cold fusion would be at the summit, if you get a lot of firewood up there you can stay for many nights. I stayed there for about 3-4 days before heading back down. But no, i have no idea if the mountaineering hut counts as outside, but I wouldn't bet on it.
  9. To be fair, they intentionally made it long so it was more of a pain to use. They really did not want gunsmithing to be an easy access feature, you have to work for it. But I do agree, there should be a way to skip part of the climb at some point.
  10. This challenge entails dressing like a soldier ready for war. Pt 1 Clothing - Minimum requirements You must wear: 1 Military coat (50% condition or better) 1 pair of Combat pants (50% condition or better) Combat Boots (50% condition or better) at least one wool or cotton scarf (50% condition or better) at least one pair of wool socks (50% condition or better) Driving Gloves or Gauntlets (40% condition or better) at least one pair of Thermal Underwear (any condition) 2 thin/thick wool sweatshirts (50% condition or better) All other unoccupied clothing spots can be whatever you want. Military coat and the combat pants must be on the outer layer. Pt 2 Food and Water 1 MRE 2 Cans of Pork and Beans 2 Candy bars 3 cups of Coffee Over 3 L of water (over 0.79Gal of water 1000 calories worth of any other food Pt 3 Tools Hunting Rifle 15x Rifle bullets Hunting Knife (improvised is ok) 3 Recycled cans 1 Firearm cleaning kit 1 whetstone 2 fishing tackle 3 flares Pt 4 Locations Spawning region - Coastal Highways (Only for Normal/Hard) Forbidden regions - Mountain Town Complications - No use of the Bow, You cannot enter any type of vehicle (ie cars, trucks, train cars, plane crashes etc.) You cannot snare rabbits (but you can shoot/throw rocks at them) Pt 5 Difficulty Normal: Play on Stalker, acquire the above listed items Hard: Play on Stalker, acquire the above listed items, but you also need to get a moose hide satchel. You also cannot enter Hushed River Valley. Impossible: Play on Interloper, acquire the above listed items, expect no rifle and bullets. You must now acquire the bow (you still can't use it) and 5 arrows. You also don't need to get a MRE. You must end in the Pleasant Valley endpoint. (see Pt 6) Disclaimer: I have not tested any of these modes, so they may end up being impossible to complete. Pt 6 Ending Once you have acquired all of the above listed materials you must bring them to either the Trapper's Homestead in Mystery lake, or Signal Hill in Pleasant Valley. Good Luck, I would rate the normal difficulty version (using Hinterland's difficult rating system) a 3, so have fun. -SpanishMoss
  11. How do you know there aren't any already? Lurking in the shadowy corners of the map, and avoiding contact.
  12. I agree, the lost and found boxes are a curse and a blessing at the same time.