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  1. pre-redux was a awful for new players getting stuck in exactly this positron
  2. I have not seen glitchy behavior with normal wolves, only the timberwolves are a buggy mess. I played on hardend survivor, so I didn't get the flare gun in the beginning, and couldn't get a gun until getting the one by the power station in the broken down house. Let's just say lot of torches snd crouching were required to get anywhere. I personally thought it was pretty fun to dodge all the wolves, but if people don't like having to crouch everywhere I can be annoying.
  3. The best way is this: light a flare/torch and drop it on the ground in front of you. Wait until the wolf walks up to you and start snarling. Hold out a stone/gun/bow . Aim at the wolf , but don't fire/throw. Boom, the wolf will run away in fear. For timberwolves, use a campfire and actually shoot the wolves/ use noise makers
  4. I understood the puzzle fairly well, except for the first time when I tried to solve it. The puzzle was bugged and unsolvable, so it took me 20 minutes of trying to get no where, until i reloaded a save and restarted the game and that fixed it. As for the color of the dials, I also initially thought it was backwards, until I saw that where the levers were frozen, it was red, thus meaning red=no steam.
  5. @Admin Are you going to be adding achievements to the epic games store version of TLD? Epic games recently announced support for achievements so I was wondering if that was in the road map. If you are adding them, will they apply retroactively, or will we have to start from scratch? Thanks! SpanishMoss
  6. For finding your save game files, they are in %appdata% go back to local> hinterland > and some of those files are your save game files. Ask for 2 TLD instances, check task manger, (right click on task bar > task manager) in the processes tab, show more programs, and look to see if you find 2 TLD instances
  7. Yes, sprinting DOES make you warmer, but only by a small amount, usually not noticeable with the temp arrows. Also as a gentle word or reminder, please make sure you submit your questions in the correct subform. (For example this post should go in How To Play subform)
  8. I assume it has something to do with there not being any windows 11 compatible drivers yet
  9. The game is meant to run at lower pc specs, so there is no way to enable it.
  10. And the worse version, picking up a revolver shell casing, and shooting the ground because you forgot to put away the revolver
  11. D. Have TLD on epic games launcher so there aren't any achievements.
  12. It's random, only if you're lucky will you get a long duration torch