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  1. To be fair, they intentionally made it long so it was more of a pain to use. They really did not want gunsmithing to be an easy access feature, you have to work for it. But I do agree, there should be a way to skip part of the climb at some point.
  2. This challenge entails dressing like a soldier ready for war. Pt 1 Clothing - Minimum requirements You must wear: 1 Military coat (50% condition or better) 1 pair of Combat pants (50% condition or better) Combat Boots (50% condition or better) at least one wool or cotton scarf (50% condition or better) at least one pair of wool socks (50% condition or better) Driving Gloves or Gauntlets (40% condition or better) at least one pair of Thermal Underwear (any condition) 2 thin/thick wool sweatshirts (50% condition or better) All other unoccupied clothing spots can be whatever you want. Military coat and the combat pants must be on the outer layer. Pt 2 Food and Water 1 MRE 2 Cans of Pork and Beans 2 Candy bars 3 cups of Coffee Over 3 L of water (over 0.79Gal of water 1000 calories worth of any other food Pt 3 Tools Hunting Rifle 15x Rifle bullets Hunting Knife (improvised is ok) 3 Recycled cans 1 Firearm cleaning kit 1 whetstone 2 fishing tackle 3 flares Pt 4 Locations Spawning region - Coastal Highways (Only for Normal/Hard) Forbidden regions - Mountain Town Complications - No use of the Bow, You cannot enter any type of vehicle (ie cars, trucks, train cars, plane crashes etc.) You cannot snare rabbits (but you can shoot/throw rocks at them) Pt 5 Difficulty Normal: Play on Stalker, acquire the above listed items Hard: Play on Stalker, acquire the above listed items, but you also need to get a moose hide satchel. You also cannot enter Hushed River Valley. Impossible: Play on Interloper, acquire the above listed items, expect no rifle and bullets. You must now acquire the bow (you still can't use it) and 5 arrows. You also don't need to get a MRE. You must end in the Pleasant Valley endpoint. (see Pt 6) Disclaimer: I have not tested any of these modes, so they may end up being impossible to complete. Pt 6 Ending Once you have acquired all of the above listed materials you must bring them to either the Trapper's Homestead in Mystery lake, or Signal Hill in Pleasant Valley. Good Luck, I would rate the normal difficulty version (using Hinterland's difficult rating system) a 3, so have fun. -SpanishMoss
  3. How do you know there aren't any already? Lurking in the shadowy corners of the map, and avoiding contact.
  4. I agree, the lost and found boxes are a curse and a blessing at the same time.
  5. Well, this feature would have to be limited because small bottles of lamp fuel can only hold 0.50L of fuel max. (0.13 Gal) But if they added to less than 0.50L, then I would agree with you, it would be much nicer.
  6. Also, fires should affect weak ice, you can literally place fires on ice. If you keep a fire going too long on ice, then the ice could weaken. Sorry for my over use of "ice"
  7. It doesn't make sense that weapons can be equipped easily, there should be a longer time delay before you are able to use them. Ex 1) Rifle The rifle is (hypothetically) attached to the side of your backpack by 2 clips. When you request to take out your rifle, the sound of two clips unbuckling should be heard. Then que the standard rifle pull out animation. This would take from 2-3 seconds depending on how tired you are. I understand many people have mentioned a sling, but here is my view of it: now, the rifle pull out would now take 1-1.5 sec (depending on your tiredness). the rifle would now go from bottom of the screen to the top, simulating the rifle being pulled over your head. They the rifle would come down from the top of the screen, ready to use. Ex 2 Revolver/Flare Gun The Revolver and flare gun are (hypothetically, again) inside your backpack, so you have to take them out. One of the main reasons the Revolver is good is because of the quick draw, so the non-holster draw will still be pretty fast, 1-1.5sec. The zipper on you bag is unzipped, then cue the revolver/flare gun draw out animation The holster (called Small Arms Holster) is a clothing item that can be found, or crafted (called Improvised Small Arms Holster) out of rabbit skin (3x rabbit skin, x2 gut, knife, 5hr) It can be placed in the accessory slot, and has 5-10% waterproofness, no warmth/wind bonus, and 2% protection. with the holster equipped, the draw time is now 0.5-1.25sec. Ex 3 Bow The bow does not have a alternative method for faster pull out, but can now be pulled out slightly slower. Ex 4 Stones Stones also do not have an alternative pull out, but are now removed from the backpack similarly to the revolver/flare gun. the stones are taken out individually, meaning after you throw one, you have to reach into your bag and pull out another one, at 1-1.5 sec each. Thank you for reading, This concept could also simally be applied to lighting tool (lanterns, torches etc.)
  8. These would be similar to how coffee and Tea work. Insta-Noodles would be found as a food item in packs of two. They cannot be consumed until they are heated over a fire with water (the same amount used to make coffee/tea). They would provide 300 calories when consumed, and would give the Warming Up effect when eaten. But, they would stay hot for a longer duration of time, (ei 4 hr hot instead of 2hr) Meaning they could be used as a way to recover warmth long after they have been heated up.
  9. What they forgot to mention is the new Aurora only mine in Costal Highways (it’s along the highway between the log sort and the rock collapse) Not my video but shows a tour of the mine during an Aurora:
  10. I was carving a pumpkin and the first thing to come to mind was:
  11. Hinterland, why are all the red icons different colors? It’s really bugging me.
  12. Raph: I feel that sharing a end date for thinks makes people more angry if I miss them. also Raph: Ep3 coming out October 22!
  13. A few questions A lot of the carin’s have the tag “it’s story has yet to be written” will their stories ever be written, or will they remain untouched? Why can’t you re-cap/put-out flares? i haven’t actually tried this, but what happens if you throw a torch/flare into the water In costal highways/desolation point? You can places cold cooked teas near a fire to warm them back up, but why can’t you do this with raw meat? Thanks for taking the time to answer all our questions -SpanishMoss
  14. The Go! Energy drink is meant to replace/add a new version to the stim, but the effects are similar to coffee, but coffee doesn’t have the headache effect afterwards, I see the Go! Energy drink as an alternative to a stim, but without the condition boost. So my question is this: would you consider buffing the Go! Energy drink?