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  1. If you have a bedroll in your inventory, you still get the warmth bonus of said bedroll while passing time / sleeping in the car.
  2. I should clarify that I meant possible bear spawns, there can be up to 4 bear spawns in mystery lake. The lower the difficulty, the less likely it is that a bear cave will be active.
  3. The number of bear spawns per region depends on difficulty. Mystery lake has 4 bear spawns. One by the lone lake cabin, one near trappers, one in unnamed pond, and the last one in the clear cut near the entrance to the destroyed lookout. You can check if a bear cave is active by looking for animal bones.
  4. Then you use it as a base, or leave back to forlorn muskeg
  5. Both of these issues have already been addressed, but I'll restate them here. The heater: When the aroura hit, it fried all electronic components, meaning the heater would be incapable of working. The Gas: It is assumed that all the gas tanks of the cars are run dry, so there is not gas to harvest. Running the car: while not technically impossible, it would be very hard to start the car, as even with the aroura, the starter wouldn't work. Thus meaning the car would need to be started manually. This would require the know-how to start an engine without power. Why the starter
  6. No, the long dark is single player only.
  7. Oops wrong post. Here's the right one
  8. I made a similar suggestion a while ago that didn't get any attention. Instead of new challenges, there would be additional difficulty's for each challenge
  9. This is an intended feature. Hinterland made it this way for a gameplay reason. They thought the revolver would be too good if you could move while aiming, since you can already fire without aiming. "You sacrifice mobility for accuracy"
  10. Most of the mechanics in The Long Dark make sense, whether that be from a gameplay stand point, or a realism one, they all make sense. One of these outlier mechanics is Salvaging. I mean come on, how do you break down a Prybar, with your bare hands, in 1 hour? It doesn't make any sense. I propose a solution to this, a rework on how you salvage things. The biggest change would be the ability to use tools to salvage certain items. For some items, like the prybar, a tool will be required for salvaging. I will go down the list one by one, for each item, and list the changes. Prybar - C
  11. The moose can respawn for only 1 day then vanish again for 30 days, so if you didn't check his spawn location one day, you might have missed him.
  12. It can be around 30 days, it varies depending on difficulty though.
  13. While your idea sounds interesting, we would need more details. For example can you craft it, what can you put in it, how long does it keep things hot etc.
  14. On Xbox, to take a screenshot press the the home button, then the x button (not at the same time) then upload it here
  15. I don't know much about cars so I wouldn't know, but in regards to your response to how the tunnel collapsed, you misunderstood what I was describing. Initially, the tunnel was partially collapsed, open enough for Astrid to squeeze through. Later on before Will got there, the tunnel fully collapsed, rendering it impassible.