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  1. SpanishMoss

    Fire Barrels

    I agree, if you've ever taken a torch out of a campfire or other firebox in the dark, you can immediately tell the torch is far far brighter than the firebox, most notably at night. From a gameplay stand point, it makes sense, the torch has to be brighter to light up the surroundings so it won't be useless. But it is an inconsistency that has bugged me for a while
  2. SpanishMoss

    My Idea

    Hi i'm spanishmoss yt from the LMG stream. Well written Panda, hope everyone agrees.
  3. I have explained why this doesn't work, so here's the quote
  4. I don't think this idea should be implemented into the normal sandbox mode, but rather it should be a challenge with increasing difficulty. Such as survive x number of days, then go here to get rescued or something like that. That way the people who enjoy having no way of rescue cant get upset. Otherwise, those ideas would be a perfect challenge.
  5. Looks like they have a lot of work to do on Mac....
  6. Interesting suggestion, overhauling the bear sounds like a good idea. As for the new animal, I don't think we really need a new one. We could just use the crows, as their purpose is already to show you to dead corpses are. When in comes to corpses, they kinda have to just "disappear" otherwise the world will be cluttered with dead animals all around the bears lair. But all in all, a good Idea.
  7. Have you filed a bug report on the support portal
  8. If you are in WINTERMUTE, there is an timed autosave, in sandbox, there is no autosave, you can only save by entering a building or sleep/passing time for at least an hour. If you did these actions and it did not save, report the bug on the support portal. But most likely, you aren't getting your save back.
  9. Depends on how you "accidentally lose" it, if you die, there is no getting it back, if you forgot to save, there is also no getting it back. If you saved, but it didn't load the save, you can go in the files and load from there. Make sure you understand how to save so you don't get frustrated when all your progress is gone. Easiest way to save is enter a building, or sleep/past time for at least an hour. If there is a bug with saving, report it to the support portal.
  10. Currently the only use of H2O2 is treating infection risk, but this is the place to suggest an alternative use.
  11. I've twice now forgot to take antibiotics to treat food poisoning before sleeping, if you don't, you'll be at 20% condition when you wake up (if your at full) I wasn't, so you can guess how that went.
  12. You need simple tools and scrap metal for the repair.
  13. When I first saw the Maple Syrup, I was like "Yaaay". Then I saw that is was only 850 calories. Then I thought to myself, "this seems too low." I then did the following calculations on what the calorie count SHOULD be. It should be ~1400 calories, and here's why. (ignoring game balance) First, I had to know how many grams of maple syrup you get per bottle, but there is no indication on the bottle itself. So I got a can of pinnacle peaches (which was marked as 500g) and set it next to the bottle of syrup. (sorry I could not get a picture) I found that the diameter of the peaches was the same as the syrup bottle, but the syrup bottle was taller. This meant the syrup was over 500g, I guessed it to be ~550g. Next, I had to see how many calories you get per serving of maple syrup, and for that, I consulted my bottle of maple syrup IRL to find it at 60ml of grade A natural syrup like in the game, was ~210 cal. Next, I had to convert 60ml into grams ( I used this website to convert it) which (in maple syurp) was ~80 grams. Finally, we can divide 550 by 80 grams (to get the number of servings) to get 6.875, and multiply that by 210 cal to get 1443.75, or about ~1400cal for The Long Dark's maple syurp bottle. I don't know if this is reasonable with the current frequency of maple syrup, but this is what the calories for one bottle should be (let me know if I made any mistakes in calculations.) -SpanishMoss
  14. This would be pretty difficult to implement, because how buildings work is that they are not actually in the location they are located at. Meaning if you phase through wall, there would be nothing there. The interiors are located in a different place, meaning you couldn't put a window that actually worked. Hence why none of the windows are see through.
  15. The revolver in the long dark is a double action revolver, meaning you don't need to pull back the hammer to fire. You can only "fan" the hammer on a single action revolver. Meaning this wouldn't work with the current revolver