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  1. One of the highlights of going to Ash Canyon is the Technical Pack, a permanent +5kg/+11lbs to your caring compacity. But what happens to your old backpack? This is what I propose happens to it. When you pick up the technical pack, your old backpack is dropped on the ground by your feet. It is not know what your backpack looks like, but presumably it is the same green backpack found all over the world. However, it would look more weathered and worn than the normal green backpack, to distinguish it. It's name will be unique too: "Old Backpack". Attached to it will be a note that pops up when yo
  2. If you carry any amount of meat, even if your scent meter is not visible, wolves can still track you. I had the same issue you have, until I dropped all the meat I was carrying. It's annoying that the game doesnt tell you this, but even one piece will allow them to smell you.
  3. Look at The Long Dark wiki, and search for hatchet, it will show you possible locations near you
  4. Ok the location of the setting it pause menu > options > display > HUD type > switch to "always on" . This will allow you to always see your temp, fatigue, food, water and condition (health bar). I would also highly recommend looking on the wiki for more info on afflictions, how they are caused, and how to avoid them. The Long Dark has a big difficulty curve, playing story mode to get a feel for the mechanics is important. Survival mode is extremely difficult for new players, so get acquainted with the game before trying it. Good luck out there! -SpanishMoss
  5. If you go into your inventory and select the first tab at the top, it will indicate all the affliction you have, negative ones are either yellow or red in color, hovering over each affliction will indicate the cause, and treatment. As a new player I would recommend turning on HUD to always on. Idk where it is in options ill send a message when I find it
  6. One-shoting a moose with rifle and skill level 2, right next to trappers
  7. A compound bow is an interesting idea, with a few changes to your original idea, I think it could work However, I have one big problem. Archery Skill. At level 5, because the compound bow is better than the normal bow, it will be unbalanced. I assume the archery skill affects both bow's equally, so the increased damage will apply to both bows, and increased damage on the compound bow might be powerful enough to start 1-shotting most enemy's, which is of course not balanced. To fix this, there would either need to be a separate skill, or the within the current skill, each bow is affected differ
  8. To summarize everyone's points, No, it is not impossible to make TLD multiplayer. Yes, it would be pretty cool. Is it practical? No. The amount of game mechanics that would need to be modified would be monumental, in addition, Hinterland is a business, not a charity, and while they value their game more over money, profit's are still a big factor in success. If the dev teams dropped what they were doing and attempted a port to multiplayer, we could expect that in a few years. But that would mean no updates to the game, and without updates, people would be less interested in buying the game (or
  9. huh i guess you have to lower your master then
  10. New arrows is something that has been hinted at for a while, these would make some good ideas for the dev team to use.
  11. Wolf AI has gotten better at pathfinding to places that it used to not be able to, such as some porches, caves, and other outdoor buildings. While the wolves don't really come into the hut very often, they are more likely to grab you through the wall. This is even more common when it is a bear, as their hit box to be grabbed it much larger. Standing in the middle of the hut, or not agro-ing a wolf before going in can help avoid that issue
  12. Co-op mode has been suggested about 1000+ times on this forums, and the answer (from hinterland) is no, the game mechanics are just too deeply rooted in single player, that they would all have to be changed or modified to enable multiplayer. Hinterland is a smaller dev team, so it would take 2+ years to even come close to implementing co-op. It would be more efficient to make an entirely new game rather than to modify this one. Please... stop asking about co-op, its not happening.
  13. Reduce the wildlife sound in the settings menu. esc > options > audio > wildlife sounds > lower it . Or just lower your master sound