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  1. Yeah I agree. If they have time I think they should add them in. Otherwise I think they should probably focus on other things because it really doesn't change anything gameplay wise.
  2. odizzido

    Canada Day

    I think what might be cool is some old radio shows that are out of copyright. Like the shadow or something. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-scB7ndNUVQ edit--------- One thing I would like to say is I really hope oh canada doesn't play. It's a terrible song.
  3. Even on low and maximum wildlife decrease you may find there are too many wolves, but you can try it and see in a custom game.
  4. The decrease over time, from my understanding, drops the number of animals some but only to a certain point. I don't see it making too big of a difference so I don't really have much of an opinion on this. I don't know the numbers though. Something I would like to try out and see how it feels is drop the number of all animals significantly, increase the roaming area of them, and also make foot prints last a lot longer but decay with wind+snow. That way animals are less predictable as to where they are but if you're observant you can track them down in the right weather. Or you can get lucky. Now obviously you would get a lot less meat overall so the amount of calories on each animal would need to be bumped. I would probably bump the cal/kg to realistic amounts(1870 on deer at cooking 5, for example) and increase the number of kg of meat on each animal as well. Each kill can be harder to get, but more rewarding. Personally I think that sounds more fun than swarms of animals everywhere in their tight little areas. But I've never tried it so I can't say yet. I find once you start actually playing around with ideas you get a much better idea of what works and doesn't in the actual game. And anyways nobody knows how modable this game will be either so who knows what is even possible.
  5. I would likely go with the purse too. Moving faster means less time spent outside which is the same as having warmer clothing, in terms of distance you can travel. Plus the purse will still be good after you find better clothing.
  6. hahaha. Ahhhh good stuff. I really do like getting lost in a blizzard.
  7. odizzido

    Canada Day

    I was originally going to say programming in fireworks might be a lot of effort, at least relative to some chips, but then I thought it might be cool if you could use them to scare off those 500 wolves wandering around the train car you want to investigate. Useful and pretty. Sounds decent to me.
  8. I don't think there is a single answer for this. My question is what is your limiting factor? Are you being killed by wolves? The cloak is good for protection. If it's the cold that's killing you maybe the cloak could be good for a while if you have nothing better, but if you're always heavy and slow the satchel might be better as you can get from point A to point B more quickly. So, are you limited by carry weight? Wolf damage? Just the cold? If you figure that out you will have the answer for your particular situation.
  9. I really liked dying when I first started this, but I know I am in the minority for this.
  10. Yeah. I was hoping that the devs would have chose -10 because that was the temperature where something changed and it would offer a different style of play. I guess 10 was just a round number. Oh well, a lot of people seem to like it so that's good.
  11. Oh yeah. Actually I didn't think of that. I have played like one or two games like that but I think by staying away from mobile and AAA I've missed almost all of them.
  12. Yeah things can get funky when updates are hitting you and changing the game as you play it.
  13. I have never once gotten frost bite. Being stuck at 30% life is pretty brutal haha geez. Frost bite is really bad though, IRL, and honestly 10% perma condition loss seems like a slap on the wrist. I would say you will soon slip into the long dark.
  14. It's in game days, it almost has to be. To do 25 days of real time within the month this event is running for people would have to sleep four hours a day and then every other waking moment be playing TLD. No time for shopping or cooking, unless you don't want to sleep that day
  15. I find it likely they want to do it the way they did for the achievement stuff. Hinterland has already shown they don't want to have them in custom games because they're worried people could make really easy games and get them. If they put winter's embrace in a custom game they would disable achievements and then a lot of people would be unhappy.
  16. Did it change how you play at all? Or was it more of the same but it took longer to get to positive temps?
  17. Yeah, and I don't think it's a mistake to make the game accessible to everyone. I encourage it generally. Apart from modding, I do wish we had more control over custom games though so us hardcore people could get what we want. I guess when you've been playing games for 30 years that's what happens.
  18. I think I am remembering incorrectly, from what I am reading. I should find that episode and see what he actually said. Maybe I just misunderstood at the time.
  19. I think finding a bottle in hushed River would be difficult. While it is true all Canadians bring a litre bottle of maple syrup with them on hiking trips it's also true that it is the first item to be consumed, likely within the first 5-10mins of the trip.
  20. There are certainly enough animals though. I thought any snow that had a slightly pink color should be avoided for giardia? I mean yellow too, yes. And brown especially. I am not an expert or anything. I just seen to remember the pink thing from survivor man
  21. May be a coveted maple syrup cache. I hear Canadians are a strange people...
  22. Yeah. I wish I could cut the number of wolves by like 10-20X but make them much deadlier somehow.
  23. seems like a cake walk to me, but I have stopped playing after around six in-game days. I don't think I will go back.
  24. Does anyone find the temperature drop to change anything for them at all? I thought this might be interesting but after playing some I found, compared to my usual settings, that the cold was less of a threat than I am used to. Here is why The indoor temp drop of 10 degrees isn't enough to change anything. With a few minor items, indoor temps feel above freezing and aren't an issue. You just regenerate any life lost to the cold overnight anyways. Sure you might lose 30% of your life harvesting that animal but when you can just sleep that back overnight it's nothing. I even went down to about 20% life and got hypothermia but I was back to full life and completely fine in around a day and a half. Since you have to sleep 10+ hours a day anyways this hardly has any effect at all. I am used to playing with sleep regen off and minimum awake regen. If I lose 30% of my life to cold in those games it takes days to recover so the cold ends up being far more deadly despite it being 10 degrees higher. I know I am probably atypical here but that's my experience. I still think it would be interesting to have outdoor temperatures have an effect on indoor temps. I think you would need to add waking up when it's cold though, otherwise people will be "forced" to sleep in one hour chunks which is just tedious.