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  1. We’ve released our v1.93 Hotfix for The Long Dark. If you encounter any issues while playing the game please visit our Support Portal. To stay up-to-date with news and information about The Long Dark and Hinterland, sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Twitter (Game | Studio). ***** GENERAL FIXES [General] Fixed an issue that could cause player’s Custom Keybindings to be reset. [General] Fixed an issue that caused the camera to shake erratically, if the player tried to aim while freezing. [General] Fixed an issue that could prevent the
  2. Removed one comment. Let's keep the suggestions sensible and avoid overly sexual language. Thank you.
  3. As @hozz1235the Time Capsule feature (for Steam owners) is the best way to play previous versions of The Long Dark. Obviously these are old versions of the games and we're not doing any work to ensure they're up-to-date for current hardware but if you're wanting to play the game as it once was that's the best way to do it!
  4. Posts removed. We're trying to encourage people to share their views without overwhelming or drowning out the views of others. Not everyone will get it right each time, so please be patient with each other. If someone doesn't give as much details as you'd like and you're interested in their view politely ask them to expand on it. Thank you.
  5. Thread closed. We gave warnings previously. It's fine to have opinions and differing opinions is what makes this forum valuable and worthwhile. You can share your views without insulting each other, or at least that is the objective of the forum. As pollyannaish as it might seem we believe that our fans and players are capable of more constructive conversations. It's fine to disagree, and it's fine to never resolve a question of taste. Ultimately we want to see the best arguments on all sides of an issue which may help us frame and make decisions around development.
  6. Last chance for this thread. We want to hear people's ideas, and views on when they think that we're doing something wrong. We want to hear from people who disagree with them. We would like everyone to realize that if you're on this forum it's because you enjoy playing The Long Dark and only want to see the best version possible of the game. It's perfectly fine to have different opinions on what that "best version" would be, or what should be done to get there. It's okay to say, "I disagree with you here's what I think..." For the most part discussions here
  7. We're looking into this and other issues with the forum.
  8. The Hinterland Forums will be down for maintenance temporarily. They should be back online later today. We will keep you posted as soon as they are live again! Thank you for your patience.
  9. Two posts removed. Please refrain from insulting other forum members. It is fine to disagree with them, or to clarify what you want, but not acceptable to attack them. Thank you.
  10. Sorry to hear that you're experiencing this issue. Please contact our Support Team at and they can investigate it with you and hopefully find a solutions.
  11. Admin

    More guns

    Posts removed since it got off topic. Stick to the original discussion of whether there should be more guns in the game. Thank you.
  12. A few posts hidden. Try to disagree without insulting one and another or being disrespectful. It's fine to have different styles of play, different opinions on the game and regions but try to do so while treating everyone with respect and kindness. Thank you and have a great New Year's Eve / Day.
  13. Just a note, normally we'd have this answer for you right away but the studio is on holidays. We'll try to find out what we can and get back to you. Happy holidays.
  14. The thing is that there are WINTERMUTE players and Survival Mode players and then people who play both (as well as Challenges). We get people telling us that we shouldn't develop Survival Mode and focus only on WINTERMUTE, and this thread obviously is the opposite. Neither is right, or wrong, it's all opinion. The fact is that we've promised and sold the game as having a five episode WINTERMUTE Story and we are committed to doing that. Survival Mode was something that was surprisingly popular to us and we are happy to support it and continue growing it but the plan from the start an
  15. Posts removed. Yes Reddit exists you are allowed to go there. The sub-forum there however does not typically allow for this sort of insulting of other members. Regardless if you feel the need to insult people there’s a large internet out there for you. If you want to talk about The Long Dark and can keep on topic then this forum exists. Please return to the subject at hand. Any further posts not addressing the OP will be removed. As a note it could be useful to read our Rules and Guidelines. Further the general idea is that while it's fine to debate an issue with so