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  1. We’ve released our v1.72 Hotfix for ERRANT PILGRIM. If you encounter any issues while playing The Long Dark please visit our Support Portal. To stay-up-to-date with news and information about The Long Dark and Hinterland, sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Twitter (Game | Studio). If you have any other questions or are just curious to know more about the game, please also consider joining our weekly Milton Mailbag Q&A. CHANGELIST v1.72 [58487] [General] Fixed an issue that caused the message "Unable to restore the game from a previous save. Press confirm to return to the main menu." to appear, after performing a transition. [General] Fixed an issue that caused food’s cooking progress to reset after the Player performs a transition. [General] Fixed a crash that could occur if a Stag or Rabbit was removed from the world, while being chased by a Predator.
  2. We’ve released our v1.71 Hotfix for ERRANT PILGRIM. If you encounter any issues while playing The Long Dark please visit our Support Portal. To stay-up-to-date with news and information about The Long Dark and Hinterland, sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Twitter (Game | Studio). If you have any other questions or are just curious to know more about the game, please also consider joining our weekly Milton Mailbag Q&A. CHANGELIST v1.71 [58341] GENERAL ART FIXES [Enviro] All Regions - Fixed numerous areas where the Player could become stuck. [Enviro] All Regions - Additional pass for locations where the Player could get outside of the intended play area. [Enviro] All Regions - Fixed various clipping and floating objects. [Enviro] All Regions - Fixe numerous texture pop, stretch and flickering issues. [Enviro] Windows will no longer glow during the night. [Enviro] Fixed an issue that caused Players to teleport, if they fell off the rope climb in Bleak Inlet. [Enviro] All Regions - Fixed a variety of floating and clipping objects. [Lighting] Fixed an issue that caused corrupted lighting to appear on various objects in the world. UI [UI] Fixed an issue that caused the Episode 1 intro cinematic to freeze, if the Voice or Master volume slider was set to 0. [UI] When repairing at the Milling Machine, the correct repaired condition is now shown. [UI] Fixed missing line break in Bleak Inlet description. [UI] Updated the Forlorn Muskeg description to include the Bleak Inlet transition. [UI] Updated localization and fixed typos. [UI] Full Lantern Fuel now properly displays correct weight WINTERMUTE [EP2] Added additional checks to ensure the Old Bear does not become stuck. [EP2] Aurora lights now appear properly after the Old Bear knocks over the tram. [EP3] Players can no longer skip the Timberwolf Tutorial, by placing a survivor at the same time the tutorial triggers. [EP3] Fishing sound effects no longer persist after catching the Big Bass. [EP3] Players can no longer get stuck after the Mine Collapse cinematic. [EP3] When loading a save at the Mine entrance, the crates will no longer appear in new locations. GAMEPLAY [AI] Stags now animate correctly after being felled by a Wolf. [AI] Fixed an issue that allowed Timberwolves to become hostile, regardless of game mode settings. [AI] Fixed an issue that could cause Wildlife to slide under certain terrain, such as ice and steep hills. [AI] Polished Stag and Wolf animations and transitions. [AI] Wolves will no longer attack immediately after completing a Crafting or Harvesting action, while near a fire. [AI] Fixed issue that prevented Timberwolves from attacking the Player, if they have entered and exited a vehicle. [AI] Timberwolves will now only pick valid locations to wander to, preventing them from becoming stuck. [AI] Add check to ensure Wildlife is always on navmesh. [Gameplay] Updated the location count for Faithful Cartographer to include missing Mountain Town locations. [Gameplay] Interrupted Progress made while repairing an item with the Milling Machine is now saved as progress, instead of repaired condition. [Gameplay] When reloading a Revolver in a vehicle, the casings now stay in the car. [Gameplay] Lost and Found Box added to Bleak Inlet. [Gameplay] Stags now check for collision when falling after death, to avoid falling into objects. [Gameplay] Torches pulled from fires will now properly randomize their condition. [Gameplay] Tea will no longer remain hot forever. [Gameplay] Added check to ensure equipped items used in crafting are unequipped correctly after crafting is complete. [Gameplay] When harvesting shelves, unrelated items will no longer drop to the floor. [Gameplay] Added additional checks to ensure Badges and Feats are not removed when moving between game versions. [Gameplay] Fixed an issue that caused unusable items to appear in the Lost and Found box. [Gameplay] Added additional check to ensure Wildlife conditions persist after exiting and re-entering a Region. [Gameplay] Fixed an issue that prevented Rifles from being placed on gun racks. [Gameplay] User can longer perform Fix or Repair actions when in the dark, as intended. [Custom Mode] Bullets now spawn correctly, when Low Availability Resources is enabled, in Custom Mode.
  3. Please let's make sure this thread is only for questions for @Raphael van Lieropthe Creative Director of The Long Dark. It's not a place to put your ideas for the game or things you'd like to see. Ask questions about The Long Dark, game development and more but please avoid posts that are more a list of desires with a question mark at the end. Thank you.
  4. We have pushed v1.37 builds out to Time Capsule just in case there was an error. You should now be able to play the last updated version of Vigilant Flame.
  5. We've edited the opening post by @jeffpeng to remove some details about how to download earlier builds outside of Time Capsule. We will look into the claim that it's v1.35 rather than v1.37 uploaded to Time Capsule and rectify it if that is the case. Thank you.
  6. We are continuing to work on bringing The Long Dark to the Nintendo Switch. We don't have anything to announce beyond that at this point.
  7. The Long Dark has never had support for mods. It is something that is on our road map for the game's future, but not something we have the capacity to support at this time. Due to this updates may at times break unofficial mods since as we are improving the game for our players it may chance things that these unofficial mods rely on to operate. While we are allowing theoretical talk about whether or not people would like modding to come to the game, we are not allowing discussion or promotion of any mod in particular. This is because unofficial mods can cause issue with how the game operates and we are not able to offer technical support to anyone who has modded their game. So please if this discussion continues refrain from offering instructions on how to apply existing mods, where to find them or what exists. Thank you.
  8. [SPOILERS for Survival Mode Gameplay!] Below you'll find a list of locations in The Long Dark's Survival Mode. We hope these might be useful to you in completing the Faithful Cartographer Achievement. NOTE: In v1.19 of The Long Dark, we've released a fix for an issue with the Faithful Cartographer achievement that was keeping it from unlocking for many players. The fix is retroactive but may require performing one mapping action per region to update the Achievement “checklist”. *** In the list you'll see two categories - Icons and Location Triggers. Icons: Major Locations and Region Transitions that you will see on your in-game map, when zoomed in or zoomed out. Location Triggers: These also appear on your in-game map, but as text-only when zoomed out. As an example, we've cleared a portion of the Mystery Lake Region map to illustrate this for clarity: Mystery Lake Icon - Camp Office Icon - Carter Hydro Dam Icon - Forestry Lookout Icon - Trapper's Homestead Icon - Leave Mystery Lake Location Trigger - Unnamed Pond Location Trigger - Train Loading Area Location Trigger - Rail Tunnel Location Trigger - Frozen Creek Location Trigger - Derailment Location Trigger - Lake Trail Location Trigger - Dave's Quiet Clearing Location Trigger - Ice Fishing Huts Icon - Leave Mystery Lake Location Trigger - Logging Camp Location Trigger - Carter Hydro Dam Location Trigger - Max's Last Stand Location Trigger - Lake Overlook Location Trigger - Trapper's Homestead Location Trigger - Destroyed Lookout Location Trigger - Clearcut Location Trigger - Deadfall Area Location Trigger - Alan's Cave Coastal Highway Icon - Abandoned Mine Icon - Abandoned Lookout Icon - Quonset Garage Location Trigger - Rabbit Grove Location Trigger - Bear Creek Campground Location Trigger - Log Sort Location Trigger - Coastal Townsite Location Trigger - Commuter's Lament Location Trigger - Train Unloading Location Trigger - Fishing Camp Location Trigger - Silent Clearing Location Trigger - Jackrabbit Island Icon - Leave Coastal Highway Icon - Leave Coastal Highway Location Trigger - Abandoned Lookout Location Trigger - Misanthrope's Homestead Location Trigger - The Tooth Location Trigger - Rockfall Location Trigger - Waterfront Cottages Pleasant Valley Icon - Abandoned Mine Icon - Signal Hill Icon - Barn Icon - Three Strikes Farmstead Icon - Leave Pleasant Valley Icon - Farmhouse Location Trigger - Point of Disagreement Location Trigger - Burned Ridge Cave Location Trigger - Pensive Pond Location Trigger - Heartbreak Bridge Location Trigger - Long Curve Location Trigger - Upper Falls Location Trigger - Picnic Spot Location Trigger - Derelict Cabins Location Trigger - Hilltop Cave Location Trigger - Misty Falls Picnic Area Icon - Leave Pleasant Valley Location Trigger - Lower Falls Location Trigger - Rural Crossroads Location Trigger - Skeeter's Ridge Location Trigger - End of the Road Location Trigger - Pleasant Valley Outbuildings Location Trigger - Three Strikes Farmstead Location Trigger - Pleasant Valley Farmstead Location Trigger - Cascading Falls Location Trigger - Lonely Homestead Location Trigger - Contemplation Bridge Location Trigger - Signal Hill Desolation Point Icon - Hibernia Processing Location Trigger - Hibernia Processing Icon - Lonely Lighthouse Icon - The Riken Icon - Leave Desolation Point Location Trigger - Blocked Highway Location Trigger - Waterfall Location Trigger - Broken Bridge Location Trigger - Little Island Location Trigger - Matt's Truck Location Trigger - Katie's Secluded Corner Timberwolf Mountain Icon - Mountaineer's Hut Location Trigger - Mountaineer's Hut Icon - Wing Icon - Tail Section Location Trigger - Landing Gear Icon - Wing Location Trigger - Echo Ravine Location Trigger - Secluded Shelf Location Trigger - Echo Peak West Location Trigger - Engine Location Trigger - Engine Location Trigger - Andre's Peak Location Trigger - Crystal Lake Icon - Leave Timberwolf Mountain Location Trigger - Eric's Falls Location Trigger - Deer Clearing Location Trigger - Summit Location Trigger - Echo Peak East Forlorn Muskeg Icon - Shortwave Tower Location Trigger - Bunkhouses Location Trigger - Poacher's Camp Location Trigger - Shortwave Tower Location Trigger - Muskeg Overlook Icon - Leave Forlorn Muskeg Location Trigger - Old Spence Family Homestead Icon - Leave Forlorn Muskeg Location Trigger - Hat Creek Location Trigger - Marsh Ridge Icon - Poacher's Camp Location Trigger - Waterfall Broken Railroad Location Trigger - Locomotive Engine Location Trigger - Rickety Foot Bridge Icon - Leave Broken Railroad Region Icon - Maintenance Shed Location Trigger - Hunting Lodge Icon - Hunting Lodge Location Trigger - Landslide Location Trigger - Broken Bridge Location Trigger - Maintenance Yard Location Trigger - Hunter's Blind Mountain Town Icon - Paradise Meadows Farm Location Trigger - Spruce Falls Bridge Icon - St. Christopher’s Church Location Trigger - Graveyard Location Trigger - Paradise Meadows Farm Icon - Orca Gas Station Location Trigger - Wood Lot Location Trigger - Milton Park Icon - Leave Milton Region Icon - Leave Milton Region Location Trigger - Town of Milton Location Trigger - Radio Tower Icon - Spruce Falls Bridge Location Trigger - Wood Lot Icon - Crashed Plane Location Trigger - Picnic Area Location Trigger - Orca Gas Station Location Trigger - Wood Lot Location Trigger - Rocky Refuge Icon - Hermit's Cabin Location Trigger - Crashed Plane Location - Old Schoolhouse Location - The Arch Location - Milton Basin Location - Crashed Prison Transport Bus Location - Cave Location - Cave Ravine Icon - Leave Ravine Location Trigger - Raven Falls Trestle Icon - Leave Ravine Location Trigger - Ravine Basin Crumbling Highway Icon - Leave Crumbling Highway Location Trigger - Road Collapse Location Trigger - The Arch Location Trigger - Abandoned Harris Home Icon - Leave Crumbling Highway Winding River Icon - Cave Icon - Carter Hydro Dam Hushed River Valley Icon - Leave Hushed River Valley Location Trigger - Quarrelling Falls Location Trigger - Lonely Cave Location Trigger - Watchful Falls Location Trigger - Valley View Point Location Trigger - Banner Falls Location Trigger - Pensive Vista Location Trigger - Lake Cave Location Trigger - Landslide Location Trigger - Mammoth Falls Location Trigger - Moose Overlook Location Trigger - Many Falls Vista Location Trigger - Hushed River Location Trigger - Twin Sisters Falls Location Trigger - Reclusive Falls Location Trigger - Mysterious Signal Fire Location Trigger - Monolith Lake Location Trigger - Peak Cave Location Trigger - Offset Falls Location Trigger - Long Shot Falls Location Trigger - Valley Cave Location Trigger - Cloudtop Falls Location Trigger - Little Bear and Cub Falls Location Trigger - Stairsteps Lake Bleak Inlet Icon- To Forlorn Muskeg Icon - To Ravine Icon - Echo One Radio Tower Icon - Last Resort Cannery Icon - Workshop Icon - Fallen Lighthouse Location Trigger - Last Resort Cannery Location Trigger - Coastal Highway Terminus Location Trigger - Frozen Delta Location Trigger - Fallen Lighthouse Location Trigger - Cannery Worker Residences Location Trigger - Pensive Lookout Location Trigger - Echo One Radio Tower Location Trigger - Raven Crossing Location Trigger - Long Bridge Location Trigger - Lower Raven Falls Location Trigger - Ravine's End Waterfall Location Trigger - Summit at Ravine's End Location Trigger - Landslide Location Trigger - Washed Out Trailers
  9. We will be performing a minor update to our forum software today around 12 pm PST. During this update the forums may be offline. Thank you for your patience.
  10. It is not going to be abandoned. We realize that not everyone is following us on social media, reads interviews about the game or knows what’s going on but we have been releasing sizable free content updates regularly. If the game had come out and nothing had been released your view would be reasonable. As it stands however it seems to run counter to the evidence and have been worded in a particular combative manner. You seem particularly upset that we thank our players for their support. We understand that not every culture is into being polite and grateful but surely it is better to acknowledge the support of people than to continually expect them to do so. On the topic of politeness please familiarize yourself with our forum rules before continuing to post. We do have higher expectations for our posters here. You can criticize the game but we do expect polite discourse and that you treat others with respect including the development team. Thank you.
  11. Please report issues with The Long Dark using our Support Portal at
  12. Please contact our Support Team at