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  1. We certainly have not forgotten about the forums. Just different bits of information are better shared in different places. Don't worry the forums will have the most complete and in-depth look that we release of Episode Four and any future updates. It remains our primary channel.
  2. As noted you can play previous versions of The Long Dark if you're a Steam player:
  3. Merged two threads into one.
  4. @JaySovereignthat is a wonderful screenshot and we're immensely glad to have you playing The Long Dark and as a part of this community. Please reach out to us if we can help in any way, even if it's just to talk. Also for help please visit: That goes for everyone who might be having a tough time. We appreciate all of you, and want to thank you for contributing to the forums and remind you that taking care of yourself is as important as taking care of others.
  5. We currently do not have a date on when the store will reopen. This will largely be determined by conditions in our home province of British Columbia and when we feel that it's safe to return to working regularly from in the studio. Most of our staff have had at least one round of vaccinations at this point, but the province is still under some restrictions around travel and work. The best advice we can give is to be patient, and to keep your eyes on our Twitter account: If we have anything to announce it will appear there.
  6. Yes. We aim to keep the game the same on all platforms, and all of WINTERMUTE will be released for any platform that we're on. When Episodes Four and later Five are out game owners will get an update with the new content.
  7. Several posts removed. Please treat other forum members with respect even when disagreeing with them. Thank you.
  8. Deleted two posts. It doesn’t matter what level you play on. Please don’t insult or attack people for that. Thank you.
  9. We're sorry to hear that you won't be playing The Long Dark again. We're glad that you've enjoyed it up until this point, and we're really proud of the work that has gone into the game, and excited for what's to come. We're certainly aware that people are eager for more of the WINTERMUTE Story Mode and as we've said (including in this Dev Diary) we can't wait to share it with you and are hard at work on it. If you feel like depriving yourself of something you enjoy and call an "awesome game" just because we have not met some timetable you've imagined then that's your choice and you're fre
  10. Hey @yolithanks for the feedback. You can share some more here if you like, we watch the forums and will take note of it. Thanks!
  11. We’ve released our v1.94 Hotfix for The Long Dark. If you encounter any issues while playing the game please visit our Support Portal. To stay up-to-date with news and information about The Long Dark and Hinterland, sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Twitter (Game | Studio). ***** GENERAL FIXES [General] Fixed a systemic issue when tracking time that caused tracked time in Challenges and the Journal screen to be incorrect. [Gameplay] Fixed an issue where liquids would not become “Burnt Dry”, when being cooked for too long. [Gameplay] A
  12. Great shot! Just as a heads up we have a thread dedicated to screenshots that people would love to see this in, rather than individual threads for each image you're sharing.
  13. Just as a heads up we have a thread dedicated to screenshots that people would love to see this in, rather than individual threads for each image you're sharing.
  14. Please try to post in English. If you want we do offer foreign language specific forums but otherwise we encourage you to at least provide an English translation vis Google Translate.
  15. This thread is very close to being locked. For a seemingly benign topic there has been a lot of reports about posts in their thread and it seems that it's more contentious than expected. It's fine to have different opinions, and to state your view on how best to play The Long Dark. If you prefer one technique over another, that's great and it's useful to share your thoughts. Do so. However, there's nothing to be gained in your argument by insulting people who disagree with you. Statements like "That's a stupid way to play..." or "Nobody who knows what they're doing would..." ar