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  1. Let’s be kind and not label particular tactics or methods as being stupid. Call them inefficient if you want, that is probably closer to your intention.
  2. Moved to appropriate forum.
  3. These are all good questions and part of what we have to decide. We don't want to give answers in part because some of these don't yet have answers, and we'd rather present a complete version than allow us to get involved with defending something that might not be a final decision or have an answer taken out of context. As for timelines, we've learned not to give timelines, as they just lead to disappointment.
  4. We've previously said that working on a system of mod support is something that is a goal for the team. What we would like to have is a way for modders to create mods, and share them and an easy way for players to install them while knowing that installing a mod will not adversely affect their game, or system. That is something we need to figure out on our end, how we want that system to work and our goals with it. So we agree that allowing players to mod their own games is a goal, at this point without official mod support we are unable to offer any form of technical support on modded ga
  5. Moved to the WINTERMUTE subforum.
  6. Let’s stop arguing over font colours. Also let’s try to be sensible when using colours and font sizes. Some emphasis is useful but don’t use them just to troll or be annoying. Thank you.
  7. Thank you we've fixed that.
  8. Dear community, It’s time for an update on Episode Four progress, which I’m sure is the topic at the top of all your minds right now. Episode Four Progress The aurora illuminates Blackrock Penitentiary, Great Bear’s maximum security fortress and the main location in Episode Four. We’re at the stage of episode development where I’ve been able to complete a couple of full run-throughs of the entire episode from start to finish. This is an important stage as it shows us what we have as a contiguous experience (this is different from how we build and test during deve
  9. Merged topics, and removed two posts about there being two threads on the same topic.
  10. Moved to the Wish List sub-forum.
  11. Please avoid using the Hinterland Forums as a dating service. We have members of all genders and orientations, so please interact with each other respectfully. Suggesting that people DM you if they're good looking isn't appropriate. Thank you.
  12. As we've said in the past, and in other threads this week, Episodes Four and Five are in progress. We will have more information about Episode Four coming relatively soon. Both Episodes will be completed and delivered as part of our commitment to The Long Dark players.
  13. Once again this topic is getting off track. To be clear it began with the (mistaken) belief that Hinterland was running out of money and needed to sell DLC or layoff staff or close, and was a discussion whether or not under those circumstances it was okay for the studio to sell DLC so we could finish Episodes Four and Five. To reiterate, we are financially secure for an independent studio, have not cut anyone's hours, laid off staff, and have no intention of doing so. Episodes Four and Five will be coming and will remain a part of the initial purchase of The Long Dark. To be clear, if you