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  1. Hello everyone, With the Switch launch behind us, I wanted to update you on our activities around THE LONG DARK for the remainder of this year. NEW EVENT: ESCAPE THE DARKWALKER (October 29th - November 12th) This year’s Halloween event, ESCAPE THE DARKWALKER, is different from what we’ve done in the past. In broad strokes: In an endless night, you are stalked by an invisible, malevolent entity bent on your destruction. Keep your distance from the entity for as long as you can. Once it closes in on you, you die. The only objective is to survive for as many real-time minutes as you can. You can’t hurt the Darkwalker, but you can slow it down. Using special spray paint Glyphs, you can temporarily dispel or attract the entity. You can play in any region of the world, but you can only stay in a region for 30 real-time minutes (Note: all timings are being tuned based on playtesting and may change before the event goes live) before toxic fog will appear. When the fog appears, you’ll have 5 real-time minutes to escape the region before you die. Once the fog takes hold, the region is impassible. A lot of your strategy will come down to where you travel and how far ahead you can plan your movements through the world. Since you can’t see the entity, you’ll have to count on what you can HEAR to stay alive. Listen for the entity’s cries, its footsteps, and how the spooky music builds as it approaches your location. You can run but you cannot hide! Walls won’t keep the Darkwalker out. So your success depends on the route you take through the world, and how you manage your sparse GLYPH resources. Why did we decide to switch up the traditional FOUR DAYS OF NIGHT formula? We took on your feedback about the last few iterations of our annual Four Days of Night Halloween event. One of the consistent things we heard was a sadness around missing the timed event for various reasons, or the fact that it was hard to get all the badges without playing every single day (I mean, we *want* people playing The Long Dark every day, but sometimes life gets in the way!). We also wanted to freshen things up this year and do something different that would perhaps embrace a bit of a stronger “horror” vibe than we normally would in the game. Halloween is a fun holiday and this gives us the opportunity to play around with ideas that might not make as much sense in core gameplay, but can provide a lot of suspenseful enjoyment for our players! ESCAPE THE DARKWALKER runs from October 29th to November 12th. Participating in the event earns you some special unlocks, including a new Custom Mode unlock: Endless Night. DECEMBER SURVIVAL UPDATE We’re working on a new update to Survival mode, for a planned December release. This update will include a variety of UI improvements, some tuning changes, and two new gear items, but the highlight will be a new region: ASH CANYON. We’ll release more details as we get closer to the update, but this piece of concept art might give you some ideas. EPISODE FOUR The team’s been working hard on Episode Four, and as I outlined in my last developer diary, we have delayed the episode until 2021 due to COVID. Look for an update on episode progress some time in January. HOLIDAY SHUTDOWN Just an early reminder that the whole Hinterland team takes an extended holiday between Christmas and New Year. We’ll share the dates closer to the holiday. During this period, support and test resources will be limited, so we appreciate your patience as it will take a little longer to respond to any reports you send through the Support Portal. We’re looking forward to seeing what you think about ESCAPE THE DARKWALKER. Get ready, and have fun with it. - Raphael
  2. Having put the above comment through Google Translate it's a defence of mods. Which is fine. To be clear we're not against discussing mods in general terms, but we don't want people to be encouraged to try them at this point. When we are able to release official mod support then that's different, as we'll have a method of installing and controlling mods that make it easier to do and protect the game. At this point we are not able to provide Support for people whose game doesn't work after using mods, or who have issues. If you use mods on your own and find that enjoyable that's fine for you. However, we're not ready to support them and allowing discussion on our forums of them is a tacit sort of approval.
  3. Just a reminder we don't allow the promotion of unapproved mods on our forums. Nor do we suggest that people in anyway edit their game files because if something gets broken it's not something we're able to offer support for. Post removed.
  4. Sorry you're having this problem. Please report this issue to our Support Team at and they can investigate. Thank you!
  5. We have to do that manually on our end. Please confirm that you'd like that done and we'll take care of it for you. Sorry to see you go!
  6. We’ve released our v1.85 65960 which addresses several technical issues relating to the game on Nintendo Switch. Included is: a fix for an issue at the end of WINTERMUTE Episode One that prevented a cinematic from triggering blocking progress to Episode Two. Updated localization for all languages If you encounter any issues while playing The Long Dark please visit our Support Portal. To stay up-to-date with news and information about The Long Dark and Hinterland, sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Twitter (Game | Studio). ***** THE LONG DARK v1.85 (65960) CHANGELIST Fixed an issue that caused the final cinematic of Episode 1 to not trigger correctly. Updated localization for all languages.
  7. We’re sorry to hear you’re having this issue. Please contact our Support Team at and they can assist you.
  8. Let's try to move this thread forward in a constructive manner. Thank you.
  9. There is a bug (on Nintendo Switch) at the end of WINTERMUTE Episode 1 that prevents a cinematic from triggering blocking progress to the next episode. We have sent a fix to Nintendo. For a workaround visit:
  10. For a workaround visit:
  11. We're aware of this issue and sent a fix in our next patch to Nintendo. We're working on messaging to discuss a potential workaround which we will share shortly.
  12. Your posts, both which were deleted, were aggressive and insulting. You misread our original post and are now arguing with us against the forum guidelines. We are offering advice to both yourself and @ManicManiac about how to better engage on the forums which includes neither of you shutting down other people's ideas and allowing more space for people to have their ideas and share their suggestions without jumping on them with critical feedback. There was nothing wrong with your original posts but you've decided to continually insult a fellow forum user. So having not managed to get our point across with our first post here are more direct requests: @ManicManiac please if you find that your replies are upsetting someone give them space @sonics01 remember that people are just trying to discuss your topic with you and if everyone just agreed with you it wouldn't be that interesting a conversation. Also do not insult people or call them names. The next stage of this is a thread lock, so please both take this advice. Thank you.
  13. Posts deleted. Let's just relax a bit. It's fine for everyone to share their view on the forums, that's the point. If you don't agree with someone else's view politely state why, but there's no need for insults. One thing that is important is that everyone feels that they have a space here to share their views. Going forward it might be more useful to see other people's posts or threads with suggestions as an opportunity to look at the game in a new way and put yourself in the shoes of another type of player. Rather than dismissing something because you like how it is, it might be useful to see how an interesting idea or addition could make the game better. So rather than ending a conversation with "Here's why that won't work" it get broadened and becomes more inclusive with a "That's a good idea but how about this as well?" Or "Interesting idea how would you deal with X?" Look for opportunities to continue the conversation rather than shutting it down. Thanks.
  14. The trailer was developed by Hinterland.
  15. Sorry to hear that this is happening for you. We'll pass this on, but if you get a chance please contact our Support Team at and they may be able to help! Thanks for letting us know!