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  1. Please refrain from discussing Episode 3 events outside of the appropriate forum.
  2. Posts removed for Episode 3 spoiler content. Asking general Episode 3 questions is fine but too many people still have yet to play Episode 3 for spoiler content outside of the WINTERMUTE forum. Thank you.
  3. As the contestants are starting to get their packages, please feel free to share with us if you're posting pictures of them on social media or elsewhere. We'd love to share them out with our wider community. Thanks again for participating!
  4. Please contact our Technical Support team at Thank you.
  5. Please refrain from discussing the events of Episode 3 (or any of WINTERMUTE) outside of the WINTERMUTE sub-forum. Thank you.
  6. Moved to WINTERMUTE forum as discussion of Timberwolves currently includes Episode 3 spoilers.
  7. Hello community, The last six weeks have been pretty busy, with launching Episode Three on October 22nd, supporting our annual Four Days of Night Halloween event, and finalizing our next big Survival Mode update. We said we’d do our best to deliver you one more big update before the end of the year, and I’m here to tease out a bit more information about what to expect in December. The next update is called ERRANT PILGRIM, and it features some new stuff we’re pretty excited about: A new region. This will be our first region to feature a two-part environmental puzzle of sorts — in order to unlock the region’s full potential, you’ll need to access it from two different locations. There’s a new area with several industrial buildings, and this region will be the first to feature Timberwolves in Survival Mode. Watch out! A new challenge. We’ve taking inspiration from the community’s “Deadman” take on custom mode settings, and have created our own version as a standalone Challenge mode which, frankly, we think is the toughest experience we’ve ever made. Nobody in the office has been able to complete it yet. (Don’t worry, we’re exempting this new challenge from the Challenge Mastery achievement. We’re not monsters.) New gameplay systems. Without getting into too much detail at the moment, we’re introducing a few new gear items, tools, and systems that should help make late-game survival a little more viable for most players. You might get a hint from the piece of concept art included in this dev diary. New Feats. We haven’t shown the Feat system much love since we introduced it, so we’re adding three new Feats, to give you some gameplay objectives to work towards as handy new buffs for your Survival Mode games. New Survival Mode music. 10+ more minutes of brand new music, from Survival mode soundtrack composer, Sascha Dikiciyan. The Return of Fluffy. Hmm? Did I mention Timberwolves in Survival Mode? Relax. They’re only in the new region. (For now.) There are some other tidbits here and there, some quality of life updates, and of course, lots of bug fixes. We hope this next update comes just in time for you to fire up The Long Dark over the cold winter holiday, when it’s best appreciated! You can expect the next Survival Mode update to land around the middle of December, depending on how long it takes us to get things optimized and the bugs cleaned up. We’ll launch it with our customary update video, fully narrated by yours truly. Should be fun. Keep an eye open on our social channels as we’ll likely share more tidbits about the update leading up to its launch. As usual, this will be a free update for all current owners of The Long Dark, on Steam (where the game happens to currently be on Sale), Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the other platforms we’re currently available on. This might also be a good moment to remind you to nominate The Long Dark in the Labour of Love category in the 2019 Steam Awards. Thanks for reading, and look for more bits of info over the next couple of weeks! – Raph
  8. Please avoid discussing details about Episode 3. Thank you.
  9. For help with this issue, or others, please contact our Support Team at Thank you.
  10. Moved to Technical Support forums. We also suggest contacting our Support Team at the if you want our team to look into the issue. Thank you.
  11. We have no plans to support 32 bit, going forward. This change was required to address a number of issues that can only be resolved with moving to a 64 bit version for Windows. We offer the Time Capsule if you would like to continue playing on an earlier version that supports 32bit. - The Hinterland Team
  12. Thank you to everyone who entered our Astrid Cosplay Contest. Everyone's costumes were well done and we are grateful to everyone who invested the time and creative energy in participating. The Hinterland Team liked the entries so much that we have decided to extend the Runner Up prize group from 4 to everyone who entered the contest. We are pleased to announce that while the decision was a hard one, given how great the entries were, the winner is @MrsMilton! All entrants please send this account a Direct Message (DM) with your mailing address and hoodie size so we can start work on sending out the prize packs. Thank you. - The Hinterland Team
  13. Moved to Wish List forum.
  14. We released a patch last night for North American PS4 players, the only ones affected buy this crash/freeze issue in the mine. Once you download you should be on v1.63 and the issue should be resolved. Thanks for your patience.