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  1. Once again if you are going to post in this thread please do so in a manner that expresses what YOU like about playing The Long Dark and help others engage with the game in a positive manner. Simply telling someone they're wrong for their opinion, or insulting them, is not helpful.
  2. Posts removed. Please try to deal with one and another with respect even when you don't agree. Thank you.
  3. There should be at least one cache in Pleasant Valley even on old saves. Now however there will be one out of a possible nine caches. This only applies to new games, though even in older saves you should still have at least that one cache.
  4. Thank you to those of you who have responded here since our intervention a few days ago. This is a wonderful example of how to share disagreement and handle negative feedback in a positive way by sharing tips, tricks, and resources rather than just reacting to someone's dislike of the game in a negative and combative manner. It's natural to react less than ideally to someone who you feel is insulting something important to you, but sharing why you love it and helping them address issues they might have is a significantly more productive reaction.
  5. It's a good place for people to share their ideas and discuss and debate what they'd like to see come to the game. Some of the ideas will not be coming to The Long Dark, such as co-op play, but many of them potentially could. For example as announced in our May Dev Diary we are working towards Mod Support. We typically do not draw a direct line between a forum thread and a new feature, but certainly this is where we are most aware of discussions and thus it's the best place for players to surface ideas that may inspire something in the game. We also check other venues, social media, steam, and so on, but this is where we tend to find the most detailed and relevant discussion of the game.
  6. We’ve released our v1.77 Hotfix for FEARLESS NAVIGATOR. If you encounter any issues while playing The Long Dark please visit our Support Portal. To stay-up-to-date with news and information about The Long Dark and Hinterland, sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Twitter (Game | Studio). ***** THE LONG DARK v1.77 (62748) CHANGELIST KNOWN ISSUES We’re currently investigating an issue that results in some locations not appearing in the Journal, when viewing the Faithful Cartographer’s achievement progress. A full list of all locations can be found here. GENERAL FIXES [General] When using a Spray Can to place a symbol, quickly selecting “Erase” while still spraying will no longer cause a soft lock. [General] Cap on the Spray Can will now match the colour of the Spray Paint. [General] Windows found on the Forestry Lookout can no longer have Spray Paint applied to them. [General] Spray Paint will no longer clip through snow, when sprayed on picnic tables. [General] Added additional checks to ensure Players can not exit the game while a save is in progress. GENERAL ART FIXES [Enviro] Fixed an issue in the Mystery Lake to Mountain Town transition that caused invisible collision to spawn, blocking the Player. [Enviro] Fixed an issue in Mystery Lake that caused some logs to appear to pop into the world. [Enviro] The Milton Park Notice Board now checks for collision when retrieving a Polaroid, preventing the Player from being able to interact with the Polaroid from an invalid direction. USER INTERFACE [UI] When building a new Rock Cache, errant text will no longer appear briefly on the screen. [UI] When editing Rock Cache Notes, in the Journal, the character limit is now properly enforced. [UI] When editing Rock Cache Notes, in the Journal, the Player can now use backspace to delete previously written content, as intended. [UI] When viewing the Journal, the scroll bar will now animate correctly when scrolling through content. [UI] When viewing Rock Cache Notes, in the Journal, the Edit option will no longer appear unless there is content to edit. [UI] Fixed an issue that prevented Players from editing previously written Rock Cache Notes, in the Journal. [UI] When viewing the Map, the Player no longer has to press Escape twice if they try to exit the Map, while having the cursor over a cluster of icons. [UI] Fixed overlapping UI when inspecting a Polaroid. [UI] When deleting a Rock Cache icon cluster on the Map, “Delete All” now properly removes all associated icons from the Map. [UI] Text size has been increased on warning messages as it was appearing too small. [UI] Fixed overlapping Text and Button icons found on the Map, when using a controller. [UI] Fixed incorrect Map cons for the Coastal Houses found in Coastal Highway. [UI] When Spray Painting in a previously surveyed area, the “New Area Surveyed on Map” message will no longer erroneously appear. [UI] Indoor markers will no longer appear on outdoor maps, after spray painting certain buildings. ALL GAME MODES [All Modes] A Full Moon during a Snow Storm will no longer allow the Player to perform actions such as crafting or reading a research book. [Audio] Fixed missing wind sound effects during a Blizzard. [All Modes] Surveying is restricted during low visibility weather, as intended. Mac Only [General] Spray Paint Markers will now appear correctly on the map. ### END OF CHANGELIST ###
  7. If you are having technical issues such as crashes please contact our Support Team at
  8. We’re sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy the game. There are player guides on YouTube from the community if you want more guidance, and our community is quick to provide tips for new players. Thank you for trying The Long Dark. For others please allow people to express their opinions. Negative views on the game are allowed and shouldn’t be met with insults. You can disagree and argue why you like the game but don’t insult others on our forums. Thank you.
  9. If you are going to share an opinion on the forums you can expect people to consider it and react reasonably but there may be people who disagree with you. This is a final warning for this thread please arguing and focus on sharing your opinion of the topic.
  10. If this conversation is to continue let’s do it as an exchange of opinions and ideas and not a fight. We can disagree without resorting to arguing.
  11. Two threads merged as they were on the same topic.
  12. Removed some posts. Just to be clear we have always had a delay between when an Update is released on Steam and when it reaches GoG. We work hard to keep this to a minimum. Yelling at us about it doesn't make it go faster. Locking thread as this topic is well out of date.
  13. Hey @Dr. S. can you please reach out to our Support Team at Thanks.
  14. Hello Community, We’ve just updated The Long Dark to v1.76 (62505) — FEARLESS NAVIGATOR. For a detailed breakdown of the new features and changes, please review the latest Update video. Full Release Notes are available below. SURVIVAL MARKERS Find Spray Cans in the world. Leave markers identifying important survival information such as the location of supplies or dangerous places to avoid. These in-world indicators appear on your map so that you can find things back even days or weeks after you’ve left a region. ROCK CACHES Build a landmark to help you navigate, and create emergency supply caches along commonly travelled routes. Review your Caches in the Journal, and leave notes on what you’ve stored in them so you can find vital tools or resources in the future. VISTA SURVEYS Hard to find Polaroids in the world indicate locations that offer sweeping Vista views of a region. Get to those locations and Survey them to reveal the majority of a region’s map! IMPROVED CHARCOAL SURVEY The Charcoal Survey action now reveals an enhanced radius on the Map. Surveying from higher altitudes now increases how much of the Map is revealed. MAP & JOURNAL IMPROVEMENTS Turn layers of information on and off in the Map. Locate and rename Rock Caches. Keep track of all Surveyed locations to know if you’ve found them all. Especially useful if you are hunting locations for the Faithful Cartographer achievement. TELEMETRY & QUALITY OF LIFE New Autowalk accessibility feature ensures comfort for players with hand or wrist issues. New Opt-in Telemetry gathers gameplay data the development team will use to inform future balance and feature development efforts (Note: Telemetry is defaulted to OFF and needs to be turned on in the Options>Privacy settings.) …in addition to the dozens of general improvements listed below. ***** THE LONG DARK v1.76 (62505) CHANGELIST KNOWN ISSUES These are issues we’re currently tracking and will be addressing in an upcoming hotfix: [UI] When viewing the Rock Cache Notes in your Journal, the scroll bar will not scroll. [UI] When viewing the Rock Cache Notes in your Journal, the edit button will appear, even if there are no notes to edit. [Audio] Sometimes during a blizzard, ambient wind sounds may become muted. Players on Mac may not be able to see Spray Paint markers on the map, when sprayed on the ground. Players are unable to edit Rock Cache notes when playing on a controller. GENERAL FIXES [General] Fixed stuttering when looking towards Wolves, while in Milton. [General] Fixed null exception that would occur when lighting the Pot Belly Stove. [General] Bear sound effects no longer play when a carcass is removed from the world. [General] Updated Steam Controller profile. [General] Fixed an issue that prevented Players from being able to save or load their game if the save contained invalid data. GENERAL ART FIXES [Enviro] Numerous optimizations to improve performance. [Enviro] Fixed numerous areas the player could become stuck in. [Enviro] Fixed numerous areas the player could get outside of the intended play area. [Enviro] Fixed numerous clipping and floating objects. [Enviro] Performed various optimizations to avoid texture popping. [Enviro] Added casting shadows to numerous trees. [Enviro] Improvements to item placement system to reduce frequency of out of reach items. [Enviro] Fixed many minor art bugs to improve general polish in Bleak Inlet region. [Enviro] Environment art polish to improve sight-lines between major visual landmarks in Bleak Inlet. [Enviro] Removed extra window outlines that could appear on Trailers. [Enviro] Fixed several instances of trees placed incorrectly in Coastal Highway. [Enviro] Fixed several instances of collision being incorrect on porches in the Milton townsite. USER INTERFACE [UI] Fixed an issue that caused icons on the Map to no longer populate, after mapping or discovering a large number of locations. [UI] Updated alignment on help text to make it consistent. [UI] Added missing Map icons found in the Town of Milton. [UI] Added missing Map icon hover text, when viewing the Derailment in the Ravine Crummy. [UI] Fixed missing UI elements when viewing notes, while the HUD is disabled. [UI] Fixed an incorrect tooltip found in Options->Display menu. [UI] Cooking UI now displays updated weight of items, instead of always showing the base weight. [UI] Added Audio options for selecting Headphones or Speakers. [UI] Fixed incorrectly named transitions areas on the Bleak Inlet Map. [UI] Updated labels on transition zones to be more consistent. [UI] When Crafting Tinder Plugs, the craft value will no longer appear as Rounds. [UI] Updated scroll bars to work consistently across all menus. [UI] Removed an extraneous line in the Skills menu. [Loc] Fixed multiple instances of overlapping Russian text. ALL GAME MODES [All Modes] Added Lost and Found boxes to all remaining scenes. [Gameplay] Players will no longer lose Stamina if they are holding shift, while lighting or extinguishing a Lantern. [Gameplay] Replaced the non-interactable stack of papers found on the Workbench, with an interactable version. [Gameplay] The Cooking Pot now provides the correct bonus when cooking meat. [Gameplay] Breaking down items will no longer cause nearby gear items to drop through the ground. [Gameplay] Updated the water in the Mine Tunnels to deal less cold damage. [Gameplay] Fixed bug where Revolver Bullet weight changed when added to your inventory. [Gameplay] Improved moving items to the Lost and Found box, if they have fallen outside of the world. WINTERMUTE FIXES [WINTERMUTE] Completing an Episode 1 or Episode 2 Side Missions now displays a completion message. [EPISODE THREE] Fixed an issue in the Mine exiting Pleasant Valley, where players would be repositioned after reloading a saved game. [EPISODE THREE] Added missing foley to the second part of the Mine Tremor cinematic. [EPISODE THREE] IDs are now removed from the Players inventory when completing the Fallen Star mission in Episode Three . [EPISODE THREE] Removed access to Timberwolf Mountain from Pleasant Valley. [EPISODE THREE] Fixed the spawn condition of the Revolver found in Molly’s basement. SURVIVAL MODE [Survival] Fixed incorrect spawn rate for the Prepper Cache found in Pleasant Valley. [Survival] All cabins now display smoke coming out of their chimney, when a fire is lit inside. [Survival] When sleeping, the save file screenshot will now occur after the player transitions from sleep, instead of during the transition. [Survival] Players can now place a Rifle on the gun rack found in the Hunting Lodge. [Survival] Cancelling while drinking Coffee will now award the appropriate amount of progress to the “Straight to the Heart” Feat. [Survival] Pre-Spawned campfires will no longer respawn, when loading a save where they were previously broken down. [Saves] Implemented a check to force the Aurora to be enabled on Survival Mode save files created prior to the Aurora being enabled. ### END OF CHANGELIST ###
  15. Posts cleaned up. Please be aware of our posting Guidelines when commenting. We realize that people are passionate about the game but that is no reason to be insulting to each other or to the development team. We have a community which we want people to feel free to express their thoughts and views and with that comes the requirement of mutual respect. Treat us like people and treat each other that way as well. Thank you.