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  1. Thanks for posting. We're looking into this, and we appreciate your patience.
  2. Admin


    Yes, we updated this in the recent Hotfix. You can find more info here: Also, so you don't have to comb through the whole document, this is the relevant line: [Accessibility] Updated Mature Language Filter to include some lines that were missed. Hope that helps, and thanks for playing!
  3. This is a known issue we are working on. Thanks for your patience!
  4. This is a known issue we are still working to address. Thank you for your patience.
  5. Thank you for the feedback, folks. Reminder to file a bug report if you encounter additional issues:
  6. Hi Community, Some players reported that they were unable to open the Control Room door after the ice thawed while solving the Steam Pipe puzzle. If you encountered issues with this puzzle, please read on for a quick walkthrough. For information about Hotfix v1.97 [85101], please click HERE. 1 - Beginning at the first set of pipes, turn the valves in the order shown below: 2 - Turn back the way you came, opening this valve to allow the steam to melt the pipes in the main junction: 3 - Once open, follow the newly defrosted pipe to the s
  7. Hello Community, We’ve just hotfixed The Long Dark to version 1.97 [85101]. This hotfix addresses issues that emerged with the launch of Episode Four, addresses certain gameplay bugs, and offers general game improvements. Please find the full list below. (NOTE: list may contain spoilers.) It may take some time for changes to take effect as platforms update. Thank you for your patience. There are two issues in particular affected players should be aware of: For any PlayStation players impacted by missing Episode Four Trophies at launch; we have a way to potentially regain your
  8. Thank you for posting. This is a known issue we are working to address. Thank you for your patience.
  9. Are you able to file a report via our support portal? It would be helpful to have a few supplementary pics if possible. Thanks for your patience!
  10. Hi all -- we're still working on this one. The upcoming Hotfix should address this issue, but we'll release more information as it becomes available.
  11. There are a couple location bugs. Thanks for your patience as we work on them.
  12. Thanks for your interest in the Hinterland Store. We haven't posted an update as we don't have any new information to share at this time, and we don't have an estimated date to re-open just yet. We are still planning to re-open when it is entirely safe for us to do so. We appreciate your message, and hope to bring you Hinterland merchandise again in the near future!
  13. The issues some players are experiencing on PlayStation are still very high-priority. Thanks for your patience!
  14. Hello everyone! October’s been a big month for Hinterland and The Long Dark. In case you missed it, we launched Episode Four: Fury, Then Silence. So far, the response has been overwhelmingly positive, and we’re grateful for that. Current Issues With Episode Four, like most of our big releases, we tend to find issues post-launch. I wanted to address a bit about how this can happen. Right now we are tracking 3-4 issues that are impacting a small number of players but in highly visible ways. They include: Windows 7; there is an issue with video compatibility on Windows 7 whi