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  1. It looks like bow aiming is fixed too. I can consistently drop a dear now with the arrow hitting almost exactly where the aiming dot was before the shooting animation starts. Thanks Hinterland!
  2. Thank you Hinterland! You guys are tops!!!
  3. Hi Raph, I love the update! Adding lost and found boxes was genius. Was there a change to bow aiming? And does wind affect the aim? Before the update I never miss bow shooting a deer in the neck. After update I missed 3 times in a row with the arrow visibly going to the left of where I aimed it. When testing my aim at the PV target in a wind storm, all arrows consistently hit the bullseye. Some players have opinion that wind does affect bow shots, but I don't think so. Love the new "Pleasant" Valley
  4. I just got the new update and loaded up Mountain Town to test if the crash when exiting a building got fixed. It seams so. Thanks Hinterland!
  5. I had this exact same problem after intel graphics update. installing an older driver fixed the problem. This was for Intel Iris Plus 640.
  6. Sito


    Great job Raphael and Hinterland! I have over 2500 hours in this marvel of a game. I have never loved a game before until this.
  7. Well I liked your story I had to go camp there for an evening too.
  8. Before I report this I want to ask if anyone else is experiencing this.... 1. Hit windows key by mistake or alt-tab to another window (which pauses the game) then go back to the game and the graphics is frozen. Sound works, and I can move around blindly but the screen does not change. If I am near the door, I can exit out (by randomly rotating and clicking) but the screen remains the same. Frozen with a view of just standing inside the door. 2. Hit windows key by mistake. 3. Hit windows key by mistake. Grrrr! I hate my stupid laptop! *Sobs uncontrollably*
  9. Maybe related or maybe not but I get sound stuttering with a certain wind sound. I am working with support to try to fix it. Report it as a bug and maybe it will give a clue to the devs as to what is going on.
  10. Thank you Raph. Always enjoy the Milton Mailbag. One thing I wondered about... Player reputation. It seems that some players have a reputation equal to the number of posts. Are they really so popular? Or do they have a alternate account that they use to upvote themselves? Are you able to tell? Seems that most players have about 20% upvote to posting so a 110% upvote to number of posts seems fake
  11. The can opening thing when placed next to a fire is not a glitch. It will warm your can of food. You can place tea and coffee too to warm it up. Click on it when warm to eat or drink.
  12. "or (c) you came across as rude..." LOL. Yep. No rudeness needed here. Good for you Raph and HInterland to keep rudeness as unacceptable.
  13. I keep noticing new things as I move to each region. I expect PV to be equally awesome once I finish with TWM. I love PV! Thanks for the spelling. My brain simply can't remember how to spell these Greek or whatever words. Nor English for that matter.
  14. Have you noticed the new bird sounds? The wind? The sky? Today I stood on my porch on TWM hut during a raging blizzard and notice that the snow blowing is exactly how it is IRL. Then the wind died down and the snow fall turned from heavy to light with the distance view coming from near to far exactly as IRL. Good job Hinterland! You know exactly how a Canadian winter with (cant spell apocolpis?) would be like. If you are from a warm country, welcome to the Great White North This is what it is like in winter in Canada in some places. In the game lore something happened to the atmosphere so that everything became cold so that even southern British Columbia became extremely cold. We don't have blizzards in real life. Need to go far far north for that. But Canada is big, cold, dark, and has long dark nights.
  15. Blizzards! I didn't notice before with the 1.48 update because I was running through them in a panic to get back to base and I was more concerned with finding a revolver so I could shoot a wolf with it. Fast forward to 1.53 update and I am standing on the porch of TWM hut in a full blizzard raging outside and I am totally amazed at the quality of the snow effect raging around hut and me as I step out into it. So much better quality visual effects! Good on you Hinterland! Keep fixing the little bugs and ignore the rage quitters :)