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  1. I just finished this cave walk. Quite amazing. I started from my cave a bit north of Stairsteps Lake and walked a log down to the river then into the Reclusive falls entrance. I wanted to start there rather than in the middle green entrance so i could do the grand tour up to the fire signal. I knew about the previous 2 entrances but never knew about the signal fire entrance. It is a bit hidden when you are exploring around the signal fire area. It was so easy to navigate without even a second look at your map. I just kind of had it in my head and all the turns fit with what I expected the dire
  2. Wait! What?? Is this an acknowledgement that you added something strange to PV farmhouse?
  3. There is a rifle under one of the hibernia cots that you can only see by crouching and wiggling around until your aiming dot lights up on the tiny piece of rifle butt visible. I wish i had taken a screen shot.
  4. +1 on listening to the various HL music rather than classical. I never turn on the radio during aurora since finding that it only plays the same every time. Alternatively: rather than music, static and creepy barely discernable something that sounds like a voice saying something. Nothing distinct enough to give you any assurance that there was someone else alive.... but just maybe?
  5. I just finished exploring this cave. It made a lot more sense to see it how it actually is and not worry about the warp of spacetime or matching the exits to the surface. Thanks for taking the suggestion. I will do the other cave next. I came specifically to HRV to do these.
  6. My wife hates the "fart eating" sound as she calls it.
  7. Awesome. Yeah it doesn't make sense when you try to match the cave system with the HRV map. But seeing it alone in 3D makes a lot more sense. Next time I am in HRV I will explore the caves again with your map.
  8. Custom Stalker with Agro off, lots of loot but really cold, max item decay. I play long game. 500+ or even 1000+ and I want the weather to fight me all the way.
  9. Raph has said he is exploring DLC and official modding for TLD after EP5. I think TLD will here for a long time. No more story but survival will continue for sure.
  10. I only did the ice caves once just so I could say I did them. I would rather go around. HRV is one of my fav places and I learned every corner of it. But yeah I was surprised where I came out at the end of the ice cave walks.
  11. I would like to see the HRV ice caves. I can't quite wrap my head around them even when using paint to mark dead ends. I know there are maps but I stopped using them as i prefer to go in blind. But still to see the caves would be nice.
  12. Nice post! I found the game from a CBC news article. Was totally intrigued and now have thousands of hours on it. TV has been off ever since.
  13. There. They replied. Hinterland does not do BS. Covid is BAD here even with high vax rates. Safety is priority for us Canadians. I applaud Hinterland's safety protocols and working environment and they already explained why their e-commerce store is shut down. Grow up!
  14. Thank you Hinterland and Raph! You and your team have produced the most awesome game I have ever played.
  15. Hinterland explained in one of their announcements. But can reply to your snarky tone themselves it they want to.