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  2. ..wonders if there will be a new custom setting for Timberwolves or will they piggy-back off the wolf setting...?
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  4. This one was a bit too interesting- first run after revolver update, desperate for food in Muskeg so followed a wounded wolf onto the ice. when I came out of the harvest sequence this big lad was about 10 feet away. stroke of luck number 1, still had my revolver equipped. Stroke of luck number 2, my panicked instinctive trigger squeeze fired a round just as the bear reared up to charge. straight through the snout, dead as a doornail. I've backed up a bit for the photo.
  5. I know what you mean... I've taken hundreds of more 'interesting' shots, but I think this will always be my favourite:
  6. finding the same issue here, that the bleed out mechanic is not functioning properly either. I tend to be able to drop a bear with one rifle bullet, and allow the bleed out mechanic do the rest.
  7. First of all, Milton Mailbag seems to have died, but I’m writing it anyway. Secondly, I love the game, and I’m personally happy for buying it and it delivered amazing value compared to current scene of games. Finally, the question: do you guys think of the Early Access as a necessary evil that will be avoided in the future? I see that Hinterland suffered and still suffers criticism from the community for not releasing a completed game (story mode wise), and it gets bombarded with a storm of requests for new items. I don’t think that it is fair, the game is great as it is, and for example I don’t see anyone messaging Electronic Arts complaining about FIFA 20 (these sport franchises get away with 60 dollars every year for half baked games full of bugs). I honestly think that all of these started with Early Access, which made it look like the community could have their wildest dreams come true. On another hand, I think Hinterland handles communication poorly, like the release countdown that should never been put in place; jumping into reddit and later leaving; or calling long standing game mechanics as “exploits”, as if the players were evil hackers that are breaking the game. Anyway, the community is not used to such open channels for communicating with the developers, and the developers are not used to them either. I don’t think that Hinterland’s next game should be released like everyone else is doing it: full release at once, with no community engagement, full of bugs, with DLCs from day one. But I don’t know if either side learned their lessons by now.
  8. This is exaclty what this thread is about. We now could finish it under 9h. With TWM the record was little under 15h as far as I remember. We already have a few threads about the "old" route
  9. It is is is! I also go through phases - sometimes I play TLD a lot and then I just take a break - but It's practically the only game I've been playing for the past 4 years. I haven't finished Wintermute though. I started twice or three times, but it never made me come back.
  10. I guess it would come on thursday. No sense in it coming on the weekend as hinterland will not be working during the weekends.
  11. Ive seen this tweet too and i’m surprised by this kind of communication...but i enjoy it!!!
  12. Yeah that bugged me for a while now. The socks are some really weird outlier. Normal socks don't have the same steep repair time, although (unobtainable) climbing socks do. Maybe it is since they are made of wool, and it is considered harder to fix? Then again all head gear has the same basic 30 minutes repair time. I don't know. On the other hand you can clearly make the argument that fixing pants should take considerably longer than fixing a base cap. Maybe this reflects actual item durabilty (a stat we don't get to see) ? No idea, really.
  13. Lohaan

    Challenges Update

    Indeed they do offer assistance in that regard. For now I'm just using the timer on Bandicam as I record my sessions. Thanks for your input
  14. I guess this is the biggest reason I can't really see this happening. Just think about it: let's say HL actually implemented stray dogs into the game. Imagine the outcry if you could actually kill and eat them. And I think many people think the same about beavers. I mean .... there are enough people having trouble killing virutal rabbits. Now virtual beavers? What I do actually like is the idea of dams, mostly to spice up the really bland landscape of the Muskeg. I've always wondered if there isn't anything that could be put into this feature deprived frozen waste. Well, I guess dams would be something.
  15. So I was repairing some items on my current interloper run and I noticed something I've never noticed before, Is it just me or should the repair times on these items not be reversed? I only had fishing hooks on me no sewing kits
  16. Just post your output.log! There will be important informations why the game is crashing. At least you will know if it's the graphics card or your memory. My guess is, that something is wrong with the your graphics driver, too many programs running in the background, or the game is using your onboard card instead of the better one. I'd say it's the second point. Windows 10 is just too heavy and uses too much recources. I mean, playing games on a laptop is a joke anyway, but playing on an slow i5 + using win10? That's just speculations, please post your output.log.
  17. Water. Anytime I pass time, even fishing or sleeping, I have to have water boiling. Then I bottle it and leave it there because I can't carry it 😐
  18. Okay... I'm stoked! That machinery... is it for crafting ammo, I wonder?
  19. ya I was boiling a very large amount of water and during the process forgot to add more wood to my fire and I went to pass time just as the fire went out which caused me to drink non potable water... first time it's ever happened.
  20. Oh shut up I've got it 1 time in 4 years that's still 1000 times less then you have.....
  21. Maybe I've been lucky and never drank bad water but I didn't even know this was a thing until recently when I read about it on the forums. At first I thought it was a joke too. I'm slow sometimes.
  22. Thanks for the info I kinda wish it was less of a chance to get it though not that it really matters I cured it and all but I'm like 900 days in and to see that number 1 next to dysentery in my journal is just a little annoying.
  23. @stay puft I've found it's not guaranteed, but a very high probability.
  24. For the first time ever in all my years of playing I got dysentery while cooking water and accidentally hitting the wrong button while trying to pass time 🤦‍♂️ The thing is I canceled drinking it right away and didn't even down that much and instantly got sick so I guess what I'm wondering is dysentery guaranteed every time you even take a little sip of non potable water?
  25. Second time I've seen this bug (now, duly reported to Hinterland Support), but it made for a good screenshot. 😉
  26. Yeah for best results you really gotta spam snares. I like to put down ten in one spot. That usually completes the quest in a day.
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