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  2. I chose the third option, but would suggest rather than a "Complaint Department" and "Compliment Department," or the more "dramatic Rants and Raves" titles, a simple "Player Feedback" section. For just that... feedback, both negative and positive. Just pure feedback. Not containing any feature requests or change requests (Wish List), Questions to Raph and/or the devs (Milton Mailbag), questions to the community about strategies or preferred methods when playing the game as it is (General Discussions/Wintermute/Survival Stories/How To Play). Just... feedback about likes and dislikes. Things that don't really fit in anywhere else, though General Discussions is the catch-all subforum already. Keeping in mind that Hinterland does have a "Contact Us" form on the actual Hinterland website, where people can send feedback, privately, directly to the studio, so it does not attract attention from the general public. You have an interesting idea, worth considering, just not sure it would siphon off any of the "less desirable" behavior, or encourage more of it.
  3. In the mines, when you see through the gate door you can see a small little background area, so I was wondering if you would do this for all of the windows on buildings and such, allowing to know how dark it is and what weather it is without going outside, and would be pretty nifty
  4. As I mentioned in my other post, here is the poll. Original post found here in the "General Discussions & Misc Topics" portion of the forum located below:
  5. While I do frequently post to various forums on the web, and read many more, I see myself often becoming more and more frustrated by some of the content that I read. Not so much "what" is being "said", but "how" it is being "said". There is an anonymity to posting on forums that tends to result in something less than "decorous behavior": On behalf of newcomers and forum regulars alike. Between the three main forums that I routinely check for TLD content, the Hinterland forum is by far the least offensive. Be that as it may, I still have had my moments here. I do realize that those of a more "youthful disposition" are often inclined towards a more "spirited discourse" and nowhere in the forum rules is it stated "There shall be no shenanigans whatsoever.". Sometimes, you put your tongue in your cheek and you give someone a playful jab in the ribs. I get that. I have a sense of humor. For the love of Pete, people do need have some thickness to their skin or every tiny disagreement / misunderstanding will draw blood. I am accepting of the occasional "casually sassy remark" being made even if it's not between familiars. That's not what I'm taking issue with here. My issue: People come onto the forum and dump a toxic, vindictive post venting their frustrations and displeasure with the game design or developer choices then either run, or lurk in the shadows while others members prod that steamy cow chip; tossing it back and forth like some hot potato. Then, some of what's been complained about will resonate with similar issues others might have taken issue with in the past and it turns into something not unlike the mind-numbing screech of feedback from a PA speaker when a mic is being held too close to a floor monitor. If I hear too much static on a radio station, I turn the channel. If I hear loud screeching feedback coming out of a speaker.. if I can't reposition the mic or turn the gain down, I'll step out of the room. There's an analogy in there somewhere. My suggestion: I'd like to see another sub-forum (or maybe two) added to "General Discussions" forum. If it were just one, then it could be called "Rants and Raves" just like on Craigslist. If it were to be two sub-forums, one could be something like, "The Complaint Department", and the other, "The Compliment Department". I favor the latter. This way, members could vent all that frustration in a place where the design / development staff could respond at their convenience (or not, depending on the tone that was taken). Also, with a compliment sub-forum, when something really seems to be working well, has been resolved in a way that players really like or they simply want to express their gratitude & appreciation for an aspect of the game they really like, they'll have a venue specifically designated for them to do so. I know they can now.. it's just that it kind of all gets tossed together under a "General" heading, and I'm thinking it might be a bit more efficient if it were expanded. So I'll be following this up directly with a poll.. also in the discussions forum. Three choices, Leave it the way it is, Rants and Raves, or Complaint and Compliment Departments (sub-forums). Thanks for your time.
  6. I threw a rock at a wolf once out of pure curiosity to see what would happen. Of course I miss, the rock hits the snow and the wolf is like "huh? What was that? *pads over to mystery rock but sees me trying to hide behind a tree* You!! How dare you throw shit at me!!! .. He didn't live for very long after that. hehe I love trolling wolves, especially when they deserve it LOL.
  7. Depends on where I'm at, I'm more of a nomadic player and I like to keep moving. But if I have to pick my favorite places to have a base camp, they'd be: 1. Camp Office - Mystery Lake. The camp office is a centralized location and you don't really have to go far for supplies, food and non-predatory animals (mostly deer) are plentiful around the lake and general vicinity. 2. Grey Mother's house - Milton/Mountain Town/Milton (Thanks Hadrian lol) Grey Mother's is a treasure trove of supplies, food, plus the whole town is also a treasure trove of stuff. 3. The Quonset - Coastal Highway. Like the camp office, the quonset is a centralized location(if you can get past the swarm of wolves that are usually in the area lol) 4. Hunter's Lodge - Broken Railroad. I like to call this location "My Castle" because look at the place, three whole floors of stuff lol! Hunting is also a viable option as you have plenty of wolves and sometimes a moose will be there as well. Plus you can climb down the rope and pick off the bear that wanders the area for extra meat. 5. The Farmstead - Pleasant Valley. Like the hunter's lodge and grey mother's house, it is also a treasure trove and like the camp office and the quonset, it is also a centralized location with a short-ish walk to Signal Hill which can possibly have some of the best items in the game(I have found the expedition parka and rifle with a couple boxes of ammo and rifle cartridges just hanging out on the floor)
  8. Yes, I am aware of that. and each of those items deserves a holster...
  9. A few hints to do recordings - definitely use OBS as @stratvoxrecommended. It's free and the configuration wizard does most of the work for you. - use your video card's native encoder if possible. You can select this in your recording options in OBS. For nvidia cards that is called NVENC, for AMD cards it's "Advanced Media Framework" IIRC. The advantage here is that you can offload most of the encoding work to your graphics card (which has specific hardware for that) and save your Processor work it is poorly suited for. - 720p and 30 frames as @DaveMcD suggested are plenty for youtube - if you still get lags drop the bitrate a bit. I've had satisfactory results with as little as 2000 kbps with 720p@30f - use a different harddrive to save the video on if you don't use SSDs. - the most important audio is your voice. Make sure your voice can be heard loud and clear Things that helped me get better at doing videos (I'm occasinally doing videos on how to use software we develop at work) - Talk to an audience even if there is no audience because there is an audience - Be descriptive and explain things: Why you do what you do, what you are planning to achieve with what you are doing, what your overall goals are, what is good about this and that, and why that or this is bad - If you have nothing else to talk about explain things, even off topic, even if you think most people will know them already. Someone will not. Good luck on your run!
  10. On topic: I personally can understand the hate the new system is getting if you take just a shallow look at the issue, and I do agree that it is getting indeed a bit funky. But then again, and I would like for people to think about this from a "game creators perspective", the new system is much more responsive and transparent and offsets that it better communicates the risk of a sprain with a higher cost attached if you fail to act accordingly. It's pretty much as simple as that. I see that treating several localized injuries with individual doses of broadband painkillers feels unintuitive, but then again if that wouldn't be the case it would incentivize the player to a mindset along the lines "now that I got one sprain I gotta break 'em all! ... and heal 4 for the price of one" meaning that subsequent failures to comply would be less severe when in fact they should if anything be more severe. Plus don't forget that you can still sleep all of those problems off in just 4 hours, no matter how many limbs you ruin. All in all I think the devs would seriously appreciate if anyone here had the magic bullet how to make this fair, fun AND intuitive while not gimping the mechnic to a meaningless roadbump. I just know I don't have this magic solution, and considering how much talk has gotten into sprains over the past few years (!) I don't think anyone has it. About the case that you can accidentaly treat your sprained wrist with disinfectant when you actually meant to put it on your neck because you had a wolf nagging on it ... yeah I get that. That's like nobody would eat raw meat by accident when all he wanted was to put it on a cooker. This was identified ad excessum as a problem after Vigilant Flame came out, and that's how we got that little popup if one tries to munch on a raw bear. In short: in my opinion it shouldn't be possible to treat a condition with something that doesn't work by accident. While I must admit that this hasn't happen to me in like... forever... I get that this is frustrating. And while I see that "quality of life" improvements are something you can clearly do more harm than good (especially in a survival game) there is also that kind of frustration that's so not fun it actually ruins the game for you.
  11. I smell a goating challenge. Hold my beard ... Going to try to get a close up of the panel by goating to the roof. For some reason my house does not have a solar panel and instead burns pro-pain. The attempt did not end well. The attempt did in fact land me on the roof. That's good. Now there is a dead goat on the roof. That's bad. Start a new game and the house is demolished. Failed to reach. Tried again. Same house without panels. This time reached the roof and survived.
  12. I know we sort of had a similar conversation a little while back. I still find that I don't have much use for pain meds these days. I collect them and I store them, but I find I never really feel the need to use them. The pain effect doesn't seem to really hinder us in any meaningful way, and it doesn't last for too long (all things considered). Yes, there is the blur effect around the periphery and a bit of a sound dampening effect... but if we get a sprained ankle, treating the pain won't let us get back to sprinting. Bandages seem to be more valuable than pain medication since the system was reworked. (*edit: I did forget about pain impairing our ability to read skill books... that's a good point as well) However, I do like the ideas put forth though about dosage vs the number of pain afflictions. *Specifically: if you have four sprains, have the option of taking up to 4 doses in that one action. This way you'll use the same amount of medication, you just won't have to repeat the action 4 times achieve that same result.* @ajb1978 & @ThePancakeLady both have some really good thoughts on this, and to those I agree.
  13. To obtain this shot. Vertigo Endured Brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Long Dark Rocky Mountain Goat. edit: The pain infliction is great for taking pictures with the vaseline on the lens look.
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  15. Deleted two replies as we are getting a bit off the original topic and starting a vaudeville bit. Talk about the original posters issues with the game and the subsequent replies. Thank you.
  16. So I kinda just noticed something. Hinterland stopped making transition regions apart from a few caves, the last real one we got was (I think) Crumbling Highway witch was added all the way back in 2015. I would like to see transition regions have sort of a resurrection as long as it doesn't hurt the quality of the main region of course.
  17. I do think taking painkillers 4 times, and needing to chose which sprain or pain affliction you take them for is a bit unintuitive. I will agree with @ajb1978 on that, and I do think you should have to up the dosage a bit to treat multiple injuries. A choice of 2 pills or 4 pills, if you have more than one injury that require painkillers to treat. A single injury could present only the option to take 2 pills. And I also feel that you should have to chose which injury to apply different treatments to. You are cold, out of your known element, desperately trying to stay alive in a way that city life never made you learn. Sticking 2 Tylenol on top of a laceration should do nothing. Putting a bandage on your aching head should do nothing as well. Dosage choices for multiple similar injuries does make sense to me. IRL, if my arthritis pain is not too great, 1 Aleve usually makes it lessen enough for me to function. If it's really bad, I may need up to the maximum daily dose (3 pills) to put a dent in it. Same with "regular" headaches vs. migraine headaches for me. In game, I just play it like we are taking Aleve or Tylenol, an OTC pain med, since I have seen no pharmacies around where prescription meds would have come from. Maybe they should change the art to look more like a "typical" aspirin bottle instead of a prescription bottle? But this is a game, not IRL. They wanted, and needed, a way to make your choices and actions mean something, and have some impact on gameplay. Not a general "cheese-it-all" mechanic that might feel shallow and unimportant. And they did give us Custom Settings, to turn off sprains, and camera dampening to turn the limping-gimping animations on or off. And the options for certain less-life-threatening injuries, to just keep going without treating them, letting time/sleep heal them over a really "unrealistically" short amount of time. Heck, we can even sleep off food poisoning over 18 hours, if we have enough condition to survive, with nothing else draining condition at the same time. I am fine with it as it is. It makes me stop and think about what I am doing when I play, something a "thoughtful" game experience should do, IMHO. It isn't overly complicated (it could be much more so for the sake of "reality"). It just requires my attention enough to make me feel it. Just like taking my 12 prescription meds IRL does. If I am not paying attention, and take the wrong one, for the wrong thing, at the wrong time, I do pay for it.
  18. You are correct in that TLD is finite play, but honestly you are more likely to die of anything else before you run out of the "non-respawnable resources". And even if you do die from the lack of non-respawnable resources well as they say "nature always win", it just took it's time doing so.
  19. I love the game period. I had no problem with episodes 1 & 2 and I enjoyed them as they were. I actually liked how long it took to play them. I like the updates but I don't like how fast I was able to buzz through the new revised episodes 1 & 2. I love to explore so the old episodes made it that more fun for me because I spent hours going through them. I'm on pins and needles waiting on episode 3 to come out....I'm ready! You and your crew have done an excellent job on this game. Don't lose hope or get discouraged, your loyal fans are still patiently waiting and supporting you 100% and praising The Long Dark to everyone who will listen! Other games are just so boring compared to The Long Dark. I've been playing 35mm, The Forest, Stranded Deep and now Mist Survival....I'm sick of them, boring, I can't wait till episode 3 comes out!!!!
  20. Lucky find on the rifle - I searched the Hunting Lodge three times (with and without lantern, in daylight and night time) and didn't find a rifle there even though that's where I most expected to find one.
  21. That's what I mean, just up the required dose for multiple. Currently if you apply painkillers to a bleeding wound instead of your sprain it does nothing. I personally don't think that should be excused with "You weren't careful to select the right ailment, therefore you should suffer."
  22. I'm not sure I know what you are trying to say... you are not making much sense right now. Alright... I will happily take you though the paces: Firstly, I was asking in earnest what you were trying to convey, but you have replied in an unnecessarily rude fashion. If you noticed what I quoted, you will find that your grammar was a bit odd, and your sentence seemed a little nonsensical as a result. I mean, granted you've been rather snarky on this thread anyway, but lashing back at me for trying to clarify your typographical errors really wasn't warranted. I do hope you have a pleasant day.
  23. I think it's interesting that the sprain system now is, in some ways, back to the way it was in one of the super early builds. Like before I even started playing, and I only know about it from reading the pre-release alpha changelog. Sprains used to require a special bandage to treat, and at some point they updated it to only require painkillers. Now we're back to requiring bandages. I would say I think that painkillers should just treat ALL your pain at once, with one dose. Because I mean if I have a headache, and my nascent arthritis is acting up, one dose of Excedrin is probably good for the lot of it. Since "pain" doesn't really do anything besides stop you from reading books, painkillers are almost entirely useless at this point. May as well superpower them, give them a bit more reason to exist.
  24. I think solar panels, yes. Milton may be remote, but it's not completely archaic. The Orca station supports electric cars, which is something I only see in cities with populations of maybe 50k or greater today. It stands to reason that if in the near future, Orca gets enough electric cars to warrant a charging station, people probably have solar panels too.
  25. Actually matches pretty well with Great Bears failed attempt to become self-sufficient. Despite the reputation solar panels have for some people, for a private person they are probably the least expensive way to get some self-sustaining electricity.
  26. If you don't have a need to take your laptop around with you, like if you're going to just be using it around the house and don't need it for school or work or whatever, I always recommend a desktop over a laptop. For a number of reasons. Incremental upgrades--replace or upgrade individual components as the system ages Better airflow--less likelihood of overheating Modular design--if one part fails, just replace that one part. Tends to be less expensive than a laptop of comparable power Edit: And if you're technically inclined, you can basically set up as a household server, with multiple monitors in various areas of the house, set to duplicate the display. Use a wireless keyboard and mouse, you can start playing in the bedroom, then pack up and play from the TV in the living room instead all without stopping the game.
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