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  2. I love the game period. I had no problem with episodes 1 & 2 and I enjoyed them as they were. I actually liked how long it took to play them. I like the updates but I don't like how fast I was able to buzz through the new revised episodes 1 & 2. I love to explore so the old episodes made it that more fun for me because I spent hours going through them. I'm on pins and needles waiting on episode 3 to come out....I'm ready! You and your crew have done an excellent job on this game. Don't lose hope or get discouraged, your loyal fans are still patiently waiting and supporting you 100% and praising The Long Dark to everyone who will listen! Other games are just so boring compared to The Long Dark. I've been playing 35mm, The Forest, Stranded Deep and now Mist Survival....I'm sick of them, boring, I can't wait till episode 3 comes out!!!!
  3. Lucky find on the rifle - I searched the Hunting Lodge three times (with and without lantern, in daylight and night time) and didn't find a rifle there even though that's where I most expected to find one.
  4. That's what I mean, just up the required dose for multiple. Currently if you apply painkillers to a bleeding wound instead of your sprain it does nothing. I personally don't think that should be excused with "You weren't careful to select the right ailment, therefore you should suffer."
  5. I'm not sure I know what you are trying to say... you are not making much sense right now. Alright... I will happily take you though the paces: Firstly, I was asking in earnest what you were trying to convey, but you have replied in an unnecessarily rude fashion. If you noticed what I quoted, you will find that your grammar was atrocious, and your sentence was a bit nonsensical as a result. I mean, granted you've been rather snarky on this thread anyway, but lashing back at me for trying to clarify your typographical errors really wasn't warranted. I do hope you have a pleasant day.
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  7. I think it's interesting that the sprain system now is, in some ways, back to the way it was in one of the super early builds. Like before I even started playing, and I only know about it from reading the pre-release alpha changelog. Sprains used to require a special bandage to treat, and at some point they updated it to only require painkillers. Now we're back to requiring bandages. I would say I think that painkillers should just treat ALL your pain at once, with one dose. Because I mean if I have a headache, and my nascent arthritis is acting up, one dose of Excedrin is probably good for the lot of it. Since "pain" doesn't really do anything besides stop you from reading books, painkillers are almost entirely useless at this point. May as well superpower them, give them a bit more reason to exist.
  8. I think solar panels, yes. Milton may be remote, but it's not completely archaic. The Orca station supports electric cars, which is something I only see in cities with populations of maybe 50k or greater today. It stands to reason that if in the near future, Orca gets enough electric cars to warrant a charging station, people probably have solar panels too.
  9. Actually matches pretty well with Great Bears failed attempt to become self-sufficient. Despite the reputation solar panels have for some people, for a private person they are probably the least expensive way to get some self-sustaining electricity.
  10. If you don't have a need to take your laptop around with you, like if you're going to just be using it around the house and don't need it for school or work or whatever, I always recommend a desktop over a laptop. For a number of reasons. Incremental upgrades--replace or upgrade individual components as the system ages Better airflow--less likelihood of overheating Modular design--if one part fails, just replace that one part. Tends to be less expensive than a laptop of comparable power Edit: And if you're technically inclined, you can basically set up as a household server, with multiple monitors in various areas of the house, set to duplicate the display. Use a wireless keyboard and mouse, you can start playing in the bedroom, then pack up and play from the TV in the living room instead all without stopping the game.
  11. So you solved the mystery! Bravo, you are correct.
  12. Hawk

    A rant

    Here! Here! The admin is a better man than I, assuming of course he's a guy. 😁 I think the if should have been an I.
  13. Determining if it is my lack of expression or your lack of understanding, or a combination of both - and if to what degree - is beyond my humble capabilites.
  14. I found a very good approach of dealing with the no-showing Episodes: I simply don't give a freeze anymore. In my head TLD is this amazing sandbox game I pumped almost 2K hours of gameplay into and it took a really long time to get "stale" - but never so stale I don't pick it back up every few months. To me the Story mode is an experiment gone wrong without a conclusion, and they don't even need to give me the remaining episodes for all I care. And it's not really without reason that I came to this conclusion. I remember back when EP2 came out and I got to the point where I had to get myself molested by that bear 6 times in a row, running around naked in the snow because the bear ate all my gear. All I could think was "geez, this is stupid as hell". Well, turns out the Redux variant of that encounter was pretty much the same just with loading a lot in a rather interesting-in-a-retarded-way blend of The Long Dark and Splinter Cell. "geez, this is even stupider than hell" I remember thinking. Story mode died for me, then and there. If waiting a year for an already stupid part of the game to become even worse.. nope. So, no, I don't care about what Wintermute means anymore. I don't wanna know why Will and Astrid seperated and if they will get back together and live happy every after (albeit with bear induced PTSD). I don't wanna be put through the grinder some more time to end up with the next cliffhanger that will resolve sometime in 2022. I don't wanna wait for a story to conclude in a game I bought in my early thirties by the time I'm forty. Don't get me wrong: The Long Dark is amazing. But Story Mode is a bloody failure, and I couldn't care less if it just died. Sure, TLD was kinda advertised as this amazing story driven survival game where decisions mattered, that was supposed to have this thick, intriguing mystery looming over a world that got the best and the worst out of humans fighting the final fight against nature .... but hey, advertising, right? It's a really good survival game, probably the only one that actually takes the word survival serious. AAA, would buy again. Seriously.
  15. Passing time, unable to sleep, waiting for morning before going off to Timberwolf Mountain for the first time... Here's an aurora from the heights of Pleasant Valley:
  16. I'm not sure I know what you are trying to say... you are not making much sense right now.
  17. Call my a cynical son of a bear, but you kinda just proved my point right there But of course, as a man of manners if will behave as I am known to do.
  18. True, but they are quite expensive and when you have boards over your window
  19. Looks like solar panels to me! That's a cool detail. I think they're becoming more popular for people who live close to off-grid, so I don't think it's too crazy to include them in Milton.
  20. Pretty sure he was least I hope so.
  21. That should not be the take away. we engage when we can add context, details or perspectives to a discussion. Simply being argumentative or offensive would likely result in post deletion and a warning, suspension or ban.
  22. It's finite by design, but it's a very distant finity (if that's a word) if you manage well. Here is the catch: If you are so good at the game that you have to think about resources being finite, you are probably so good at the game that you don't have to think about it. Let that sink in a moment and think about what it means. Adding to that: you can get most stuff, albeit in small quantity, from beach combing. So there is only a very small subset of resources that are truly non-renewable. The one thing that I know of that has a true potential to (eventually ....) kill you by running out is disinfectant and susbsequently antibiotics. Everything else is renewable in some shape or form. That's not saying that it is easy to manage at "the end". It is not. But I guess what I am trying to convey is that most people that are bothered by said finity of the game never reach that wall anywhere else than in their own psyche. I've been going 1500+ days on stalker, and didn't come close.
  23. What I found most enlightening about this thread is the fact that you just have to fling the F-word a few times and be really, really pissed to get some attention from the staff. I'm effing gonna keep that in mind, goshdarnit.
  24. You and I both. ...or at least since I finally decided to do it. I mean after all if the aim of survival mode is to live as long as we can... we might as well take some of that time to sketch charcoal maps of Great Bear. Plus I feel like this will help me get over my current hurdle.
  25. Nothing wrong with that, I don't judge... I imagine it eventually gets harder to eat when all the wild life ghosts when you come around. ...I mean, I suppose there is always fishing... anyways, I just really appreciate that the team has built in the kind of flexibility that pretty much lets each player find or fine tune the experience they want.
  26. @hozz1235 Yeah... I fully acknowledge that trying to tidy up my piles is absolutely a quirky little compulsion I have when it comes to this game. (full disclosure: there is another survival game I play - that also has a lot of what I call "pile management" - and I have the same tendency in that game too...)
  27. I predominantly play Voy-type games but lately I'm really enjoying a hybrid Pilgrim/Loper. In summary: Passive wildlife and plentiful resources but the harshest weather/conditional effects. Got tired of wolves = harassment.
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