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  2. I am hooked on LMGs interloper run & the stalker live stream he just started to do a trick shot....any other LMG fans here?
  3. I reread my comment to you UUA95 & i could not, for the life of me see where you found a philosophical lecture? Be that as it may,...i would like to apologize for sounding or writing moot comments. In any case, meditation without enlightenment, or passing time with a deck of cards you only hear & not see amounts to the same thing. Perhaps it would require some effort & time on Hinterlands part to make either of these sideshows more enjoyable.... after all is said & done all they have is time.
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  5. You're still missing the point... and choosing to lecture me about philosophy instead. The point is... they would have to add animations that actually show the character doing something different. If they don't take that step, then it is exactly like passing time... just with a buff that is normally attributed to sleeping. That doesn't make the game qualitatively better... it just makes it easier since the "black screen with the circle that restores fatigue" could be invoked at any place and any time without any "cost" to the player whatsoever. I'd like to see the solitaire added
  6. I wish there was a way to repel a bear mauling or moose stomp whilst they are happening. If we could craft spray paint with ghost peppers, then we could have a means in which to shorted the severity, if not deter altogether an attack from Great Bear Islands two most fearsome foe's.
  7. WE LIVE!

    Hopefully we'll find an axe in our Whiteout challenge on TheLongDark today, right?! RIGHT?!


  8. What you call easier, my friend, i call better... in game meditation need not be fruitless or boring. Hinterland has already shown us through wisdom quotes at the start of a run & philosophical discussions & decisions in Wintermute are already ingrained in the very fiber of their being. I am sure if they were to add meditation to the game we love so much, they would do it in a well thought out & enlightening manner. Meditation would not replace real sleep in the game... it would simply give one a choice to learn something new, instead of sticking with the tried & true.
  9. I agree, but more specifically, the Echo entrance.
  10. Kranium

    More guns

    swing & a miss!
  11. I wonder how that wolf got there. The first time I saw him, I said, "That's what I said." But of course, I shot him sadly and ate him.
  12. A common item in any camping section are those emergency blankets. Could give you a small warming bonus while sleeping or huddling by the fire.
  13. Here is your answer to the previous picture, see spoiler tags 7) Here is your next picture, good luck! (Hint: in front of me is an enterable cave)
  14. lol never tried to kill a moose with a flare gun hahaha now i wanna try it
  15. very true, idk i feel like theres like a line where you should stop self-promoting yourself but idk.
  16. As I had hoped, I am back! I started playing again when the Darkwalker showed up, and then played about 40 days of this challenge. I don't think I have time to write them up anymore, but here are some pictures and a quick recap: I found that bear from the previous post, quartered him and brought him home without incident. Two hides now: After lots of cooking, I started getting close to level 5. I remember one desperate night as I was running low on food that wasn't bear I power cooked teas and bears late into the night to finally crack it. It was Day 26 when I hit level 5, which is t
  17. The reality is that both sleep and passing time in this game amount to staring at a little circle. Sleep restores health and fatigue and requires a bedroll. It also cannot be canceled once started. Passing time can be done anywhere, does not restore health or fatigue and can be canceled once started. If not canceled, it will save the game the same way sleep does. I don't think the "spiritual" nature is going to any difference gameplay-wise because the character is not actually seen doing anything different. It will merely give players another opportunity to save scum... this time while g
  18. Yesterday
  19. I think it would be interesting if a temporary state of blindness were to affect our player after they spend a whole sunny day outside without wearing sunglasses, a baseball cap or crafted birch bark sunshades. IRL i know some welders who had this happen to them from getting weld wake up & everything is dark...a long dark, 24 hours. Only thing you can do is put tea bags on your eyes & wait for the light to come back. Just think,... now we would actually have something drop from all those car visors we always check...a nice pair of sunglasses. 😎
  20. & another point...if the auroras affect wildlife behaviour, then it stands to reason the auroras should also affect hunan behavior. Why wouldn't an aurora enable a human to sleep whilst in a meditative state? We have to think outside the box, or history will bury us in one made of pine. Survival begins as a thought, & continues for as long as one never lets that thought go.
  21. I think, therefore i am. A shotgun can run out of ammo... Footwear wears out. True survival comes from within... no one knows how deep our subconscious goes, or what powers we have when we learn to tap into the mysteries of the universe. DMT (ayahuasca) is used by south American tribe's to travel to other dimensions... can a shotgun do that my friend.
  22. I take it you never use the firemaster perk? Easier is in the eye of the beholder... recovering health after drinking birch bark tea made me scratch my head, but hey, why not? What i am proposing is giving Will or Astrid the ability to tap into spiritually in a widely accepted practice of creating true power from within, not artificially like 99% of the world we live in has grown accustomed to. At the end of the day, we each have the choice to click on pass time as usual, or meditate & try something new. Have you ever meditated my friend? Was it easy?
  23. Hey, isn't Norway a cold place? Cold in long dark. Don't play long dark while you're heating up. Or don't get cold in the game. Because instead of warming up, you'd be colder, and it happened to me a lot, and when I looked at my hands, I saw that you were cutting ice. (Metaphor) However, I live in Turkey. What an impressive game you've made, hinterland. Thanks.
  24. Hey, tecrübeli tavsiyelerde vereceğim. İyi bir ısınma kıyafetiniz yoksa keşfetmeyin. Haritadaki ana yollardan geçin ve sizi bir yere götürür. (Yollar, karlı yollar vb.) Ve bir daha yapmayacaksan, bir ayıyla uğraşma. Ve eğer deneyeceksen, sadece bir şansın var. Ya kafanın ortasına bir kurşun sıkarsın. Ya da sana bir tane koyar. Ama ayı seni görmediyse, demek istediğim, büyümüyorsa "yoldan çekil kahretsin adamım." Onu vurduğunuzda küçük bir ayı ise, düşünecektir. Büyük bir ayıysa, kaçacak ve dur saçma bir yürüyüş şeklini göreceksiniz. (Bence komik) Ve son olarak, temel bö
  25. The same thing happened to me and I contacted hinterland support and they said they would help me. But the only problem is they asked me for the recording files, but I don't know about it, so I asked again. I hope they save me. Because every month I made all the clothes from American deer bags and animal hides. I've only done these in two areas. I started at DP and got stuck in the mine at CH. Very bad.
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