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  2. That has happened to me twice, maybe three times. For reference, I've played this game for ~2785 hours, and have (among other things) the faithful cartographer achievement. I did find one in HRV recently; if you crouch and drop into a little depression near the shallow cave that's to the right and below the entry gully you can't leave. Hinterland does generally want to fix those, so before you quit when you get stuck, you should hit F8 to take a "debug" screenshot (it'll have your precise location coordinates added as text to the screenie) and go to and submit a bug report so they can fix it.
  3. Oh no I totally agree! Wolf attacks are fun because you can't ever expect them, and it's always terrifying to just be wandering around the area, admiring the scenery, and then see a shadow on the hill below stop and look over at you. I meant something more along the lines of accessibility- sometimes with all of the different parts of a scene I can find it difficult to notice or hear where a wolf bark is coming from- like when the wolf is actively charging right towards you and escape is inevitable unless you know where it is. Having a simple HUD icon kind of like the sprain risk, that activates around the time someone should hear the wolf barking, is probably the best option; since if the icon appeared just whenever there was danger of a wolf attack, that would give people an unfair advantage in the game, and I'm not really about that. I agree about the HUD style, though- the Long Dark is so beautiful and too many notifications would get in the way of that. And your ideas about triangulation are neat! Kind of like proximity volume and stuff would be really cool for immersive purposes.
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  5. Real life's been getting in the way, I've not had much time for a session in the last few days. However I did get a short one in today. After a just a few more deer in Pleasant Valley (mostly ones found near the main road on either side as I made my way to Thompson's Crossing) I managed to get to level 5 with my rifle. Considering I do have a lot of deer pelts already, and I also have more than 200 revolver cartridges; I think I may just use it to hunt rabbits. Mending's been coming along nicely as well. After further consideration, I think I will make a trek to do some beachcombing. The very stubborn part of me really wants to do this the hard way, and continue to keep my plant harvest count at zero. For this trip, I think I will be traveling between Coastal Highway, Old Island Connector, and Desolation Point. I'm not sure if there are any good spots for beachcombing in Bleak Inlet (I only remember finding sticks and occasionally cedar wood out on the ice - so I'm probably not going to bother). The idea will still be to keep living on the hunt, while prioritizing scouring the ice for just one more birch sapling (or ideally one more arrow). I'm on the homestretch.
  6. I can confirm this one. I chased off a wolf with a torch, stole some of its recent deer kill, and walked away with a lit torch as it growled at me. It thankfully never chased me since I only took a little bit of the carcass.
  7. It's not always true, depends on the difficulty settings. And also I've noticed that torches are less efficient than flares.
  8. Finally passed this kill wall above the dam ! It's funny cause the ML side of the dam and the Winding River side aren't on the same map !
  9. Is this correct? I was recently attacked by a moose and survived. I started to walk away and came across a wolf. I pulled out a torch and that didn't stop it (guess it could've been a Timberwolf) but I got attacked anyway and yet survived that too.
  10. Yep ! Found one in the BR ravine, but ravaged.
  11. The nightmare of the mountain goater (beside the kill wall) : The Trap !
  12. Love those caves ! One of the sound effects looks like some beats pulsing in the background. (My favourite is the first one)
  13. I decided to make posters for myself with reminders of simple things. This is the first one.
  14. Don't know for the moose thing. And honestly, you weren't really a jerk : you know what I do ? I just kill the wolf : one arrow, two kill 😈
  15. I know that I was exploring and watched a wolf take down a deer in the distance. I was a jerk and chased the wolf away with a torch, lit a fire, and harvested some of the deer. After that the wolf was pretty mad at me. I eventually grabbed a torch and backed away slowly and let the wolf have the rest of the corpse. So it probably just died of something attacking it. Can a moose kill any of the other wildlife in the game or does it just really hurt the player?
  16. Do they stack? regarding the wolf repel mechanic? I play stalker going for the cartographer achiev... and i was wondering since stalker has to many wolfs it would be nice if they did stack. If not i am considering going for the moose jacket instead of wolf one. Also another Question regarding the repel mechanic --- of the three items , in your experience which one is better? bearskin coat ? bearskin bedroll ? or wolf jacket... in my experience i believe that the wolf one works a little better. thank you all! love dis game and cant wait for new map
  18. I don't think the game should have fast travel; I enjoy the journey of getting somewhere in the game. IF (and I only say if) a faster travel option is added, I would think it should be: The ability to ride a mountain bike or fatbike for travel on land the ability to row a boat in the ocean, even between different regions (Desolation Point, Crumbling Highway, Coastal Highway, Bleak Inlet) But like I said, I'm totally OK with walking where I need to go, it's all part of the experience EDIT: I read in an old post from 2016 that canoe and horseback travel were planned.
  19. Interesting idea. It can be combined with this theme. I mean, someone in their survival left. And you found it in yours. Funny accident.
  20. I’ve always been curious – how many cattails are out there in The Long Dark? So I decided to pick them up and count them. And while I was at it, why not count some other items as well. I figured the results might be interesting to share so here’s an extensive list below. It contains quite a few but not all non-respawning items. I attemped to be extremely thorough and explore every corner of Great Bear. But still, you'll miss a few items along the way. I usually find an undiscovered sapling or random green backpack in every new playthrough. An estimate would be that the compilation below contains around 95% of non-renewables for this particular playthrough. Anyway, hopefully you get some idea of the amount of items to expect in interloper, meaning resources are set to low. Spoilers below. Cattails Cattails: 1314 (equalling 197 100 calories) When I asked Hinterland how many cattails I had missed, this is what they replied: Cat tails have a random spawn which changes with each new game. Because of these factors, we’re unable to give you an accurate count of how many cat tails spawn in any given session. In other words, take this and other numbers with a grain of salt. Saplings Birch saplings: 123 (equalling 369 arrows, I'm curious whether the total number can always be evenly divided by 3) Maple saplings: 60 Tools Can openers: 6 Cooking pots: 17 Flare shells: 12 (fixed number in interloper) Hacksaws: 8 Hammers: 4 Marine flares: 11 Prybars: 11 Recyclable cans: 46 Simple tools: 8 Skillbooks: 46 (Gunsmithing seem to be in high demand among great bear inhabitans) Spray cans: 30 (almost ended up spraying something once...) Storm lanterns: 5 Whetstones: 9 Stuff that lights up the long dark Firelogs: 3 Firestrikers: 3 Magnifying glasses: 3 Matchboxes: 27 Food and drinks (of which most were already spoiled) Beef jerky: 17 Chocolate bar: 22 Coffee: 38 Dog food: 10 Granola bar: 19 Herbal tea: 32 Ketchup chips: 6 (but no syrup in this playthrough, started the playthrough before that update but still found chips) Peaches: 12 Pork & Beans: 13 Tin of sardines: 47 (all but a few from the Cannery crates) Tomato soup: 12 Salty crackers: 13 Summit soda: 13 Medicaments Antibiotics: 24 Emergency Stims: 8 Old man’s beard lichen: 725 (equalling 241 bandages) Reishi mushrooms: 751 (375 prepared mushrooms) Rosehips: 3475 (144 batches of rose hip tea) Water purification tablets: 8 Miscellanous Cloth: 968 The cloth number is an exception since it is intentionally incomplete. It includes all broken down curtains, towels, clothing (including the cloth-worth on Will's body) and finding random single pieces of cloth. It doesn’t include most furniture. Leather: 61 Includes single pieces of leather and breakables like shoes and driving/work gloves. Perfect revolver ammo: 3 (although they wouldn’t stick to the bowstring) Other While I decided to chop up every crate on the island, as noted I spared some furniture with cloth. Some might call that laziness, I call it sanity 😄 It means of course that possible unlooted items remain, eg behind our much beloved turquoise armchairs. Some items were excluded from the list, like sewing kits (27), painkillers (32) and quality tools (3). For some reason I started to count them late. As for the red flares, I prefer blue. There were no beachcombing. Hope you enjoyed!
  21. I have the same issue 🤔 And another one: I don't see the stats screen when I die in survival mode, just a black screen... But I can use ESC to exit to the main menu.
  22. I want to kill dark walker , is it possible to do that
  23. Forrest

    New Animals

    I don't mean only squirrel . I mean new Animals like beavers , Squirrel , owls
  24. Did you know you can close your inventory while your eating or drinking ?
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