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    Why not make a standard compass available as a tool. It would be useful for mapping and planning movement. Perhaps it doesn't work well during the Aurora.
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  6. Congrats on the launch, I've been looking forward to this for a long time. I have some feedback that I hope can be addressed. - The motion controls are currently using the gyroscope's yaw to calculate horizontal camera moment. Yaw is sometimes used for handheld mode specifically, because turning the entire console in that way feels a bit more natural. But Roll is the standard for detached joycons and pro controllers, so most people used to gyro aiming on the switch will find it difficult. The best solution is to add an option where the user can pick between roll and yaw to aim on the horizontal axis. - Motion controls do not have their own dedicated sensitivity setting. Their default setting is also very sensitive for this type of slower-paced, exploratory game. Most players will want to turn down the motion controls but the stick sensitivity will be so low that it will make broad camera movement agonizingly slow (say, for turning around). Motion aiming needs it's own sensitivity slider separate from stick sensitivity. I really appreciate that your team took the time to implement motion controls as I struggle to play games without them. Unfortunately they are currently very unwieldy and difficult to use comfortably. Hoping for a fix <3
  7. oplli

    Paint Can v2

    thats witout saying that paint during time get erased so it could just glow less and less bright
  8. oplli

    Paint Can v2

    well lets say the paint is rare. it dosent change a lot if you get some glow in the darn in your cave... since we are able to easily get unlimited toches out of the fire the light source is no longer a problem as long as you have wood. it just means that it would be nicer to have some viby glow in the dark paint to navigate inside our main base/caves etc. i dont think it would make the life easier at all as you only need to make a fire to get a lot of torches quickly. and it adds something to do, an activity...
  9. Nevermind, after reading some other posts i've realised im afflicted with the 'Chapter 2 bug', after going in and out of the cave a few times i got the cut scene with the bear. Hopefully i didnt break the game somehow by continuing on too far and triggering things i needed later. Cheers.
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  11. Morning All, Spoilers Maybe for those who havnt left Milton? I just picked up The Long Dark on Switch, loving it so far. Doing Wintermute first to get the hang of it, My issue is i have the quest to Find my way through the mountains for Paradise Lost, i've left the grey mother at milton, done the rock climb down, met with the guy around the camp fire, continued on, went through a long cave where nothing really eventful happened. Popped out in a clearing with an old shed and a hut, in the hut was a Rifle, and a person sleeping on a bed. Couldnt interact with the person, I slept on the floor, they didnt wake up the next day etc. I had no map of this area so I just walked on. Found some train tracks and took a left, ended up at the hydro dam, found a few keys inside, medical supplies, couldnt get into the control room or downstairs past the locked gate. Spent about an hour there, went back, followed the tracks all the way back, past where i joined them, through a tunnel and popped out in Forlorn Muskeg, kept following the tracks basically in a straight line, now in Broken Railroad Reigon. So basically im asking what the buggery am i meant to be doing to find my way through the mountains? I feel like the mountains are well and truly behind me. I feel i must have a missed some sort of check point or something? Any help would be fantastic. Cheers
  12. Hanging out at Abandoned Lookout at Mystery Lake, there's coffee waiting for you if you care to join me!
  13. Watching the clouds pass me by...


  14. I can do such graph. I am waiting to some conclusion of the test. 13 days seems to be not the end. I will close it either when the earning drops to 0 for several days or when it will seem, the value is not going to converge to 0. There is only one thing I can read from my data now. 6 traps are not enough to fully feed survivor on voyager difficulty. I think it is enough for surviving, but survivor would be starving time to time.
  15. TiffTastic

    Paint Can v2

    Yeah, glow in the dark paint would be a bit over the top....but I am TOTALLY in favor of spray paintable animals. Not just bears. Personally, I think day glow bunnies would be really fun 😁
  16. ManicManiac

    Paint Can v2

    Right on, it is just a game - and there is no need for it to be hyper-realistic. Fair point. I am just strongly against glow in the dark paint... because I think it would just encourage lazy habits and makes things too easy for the player (especially because one could use it as a cheap/lazy tactic for navigating caves and houses in the dark...). I think it's better to need (and have to wisely manage) our light sources. ...the more I think about this topic... the more I really hate the idea of glow in the dark spray paint.
  17. UTC-10

    Paint Can v2

    A youtuber tried spray painting a dead moose and a dead bear and found that the game would not let the carcasses be painted.
  18. At the end of Episode 1 the bear attack on the trapper does not happen. When I get to his cabin he is laying in his bed. It says I am still in Episode 1. I have watched a few walkthroughs where upon leaving the cave the attack happens and closes out episode 1. I have restarted the game now and had the same issue. I watched the walkthrough and I don't seem to be missing any steps that I needed to tiger the cut scene. Is this a bug or am I missing something. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong spot I thought it might be a bug. I am playing on the Switch. Thank you!
  19. Bump of the old post. Forrest Fenn, who gave me an idea for this post, passed away. RIP... I still think contents like these will enrich TLD experience in many level. Survival mode is the key of the TLD, so if such contents are introduced in survival mode, then playtime of TLD will be increased. For example, if there is a condition like "player should survived 500 days" to initiate the puzzle/treasure/endgame contents, then contents like these will be a great motivation to keep playing and survive in sandbox mode. Contents like these should be optional, not railroaded, for all people who don't like this. Quest/puzzle should be well randomized and very difficult, so that they should be possible to fail, and should not allow anyone to clear just following YT and Twitch.
  20. This morning I had to wait out another blizzard. After it passed I cleared out some more brush, found that what I thought was a pathway was really the edge of a cliff, and on the path leading by the waterfall I found another rifle. The rifle is under 50% condition, and of course I don't plan on using it... but it was still a nice find (along with the three cartridges I found around the body). I continued on and mapped out the way back to the climb, then onward to Mammoth Falls. I also tried to make my up to the top of the rock formation my path lead from. I didn't venture too far, since I didn't have a lot of daylight after the storm. The following day I was able to work my way over to Quarreling Falls, Monolith Lake, and Banner Falls. I noted that I either have a very big moose territory, or I have two that are very close together. I've got scraped trees over by Quarreling Falls and I currently have a moose wondering around on Monolith Lake. At the base of banner falls, I found another supply cache (this one gave me more rifle ammo and a firearms cleaning kit). Decided to spend another night back in the mouth of the Ice Cave rather then press a head. I've been getting fires going nearly every night to try and keep my charcoal supply healthy. The next morning, I made it up to the Pensive Vista (I was impressed at how much of the map that cleaned up... the view almost took care of the dark patches I couldn't clear all the way over by region transition cave ) I spotted a climb, that I imagine must lead down into the valley... but I'll save that for last. I also spotted a cave, but I'll leave that for later as well. I can check the cave when I'm ready to repel down the climbing spot. In the meantime, I headed back over to Monolith Lake to finish up mapping over by Watchful Falls. I found Lake Cave there as well. This cave had much more of a story to tell then the other's I've found so far. Inside I found an unfortunate soul laying beside the carcass of a wolf (with a hunting knife driven deep into it's back). Further back in the cave there was another wolf pelt and guts already cured. It looks like this poor fella had been hole up here, though clearly it didn't end well for him. It was still late afternoon/early evening, so I decided I should try to make my way up the next slope. I took it slow, concerned I may run into more prowling wolves... However the way was clear, and this rather steep slope lead me up to Peak Cave. By the time I was finished exploring around the cave and mapping around the edges of the peak, it getting late into the evening. I decided I would just take advantage of the Lake Cave. I've got plenty of water on me, I need a fire for more charcoal tomorrow, and the cave already had a bit wolf meat waiting for me to cook it. Tomorrow I want to head back to Pensive Vista, only this time taking the second route up. I'll check out the cave as well as take a look at the climbs. If at all possible I want to back to the Ice Cave entrance, and haul over the rest of my supplies. I don't want to be living hand to mouth (as it were) while down in the valley trying to complete the rest of the map. I may set up a 5th encampment at the Pensive Vista cave... just for the sake of being able to get up and down the ropes. It's hard to believe that I'm nearly finished with this region. It's not taken nearly as long as I imagined it would. If I can get my food supply down into the valley with me, I may take the extra time to read through an issue of "Stay on Target" as well as another copy of "Advanced GUNS GUNS GUS!" I found. I think my firearms skill is high enough to make the advanced skill book useful (the last copy I found was still early on so I just 24 hours of it and left behind for later - once I get done with my mapping tasks I may go back and try to find it). [Addendum] It occurs to me that perhaps I should also make an extra trip to drop off this rifle (and the rest of the gear I've found up here) at my 3rd encampment (at the cave near Stairsteps Lake). Hmm... it would be a long additional round trip, but perhaps worth it.
  21. It's been a while since I've had an early death on interloper, my general starting tips would be: - Know your priorities - immediate dangers (cold/frostbite, wolves), short term (water, matches) and long term (crafting, clothing, food). When you first spawn you need to get to shelter and unless it's near, then to hell with (almost) everything else. You should always have a 'goal' of which problem to fix next, and do not get too distracted from that goal. - Keep moving between known locations with a high number of resources or important spawns. This ensures you'll stay fed, watered, and clothed without doing any hunting. Have a plan for the day, know where you're going to travel & sleep. Decide how much HP you can afford to spend to do so, and have a backup plan. - Work towards your preferred base location. Don't be afraid to use matches for torches/tea, there are plenty in Interloper now, although that hasn't always been the case. - Travel light, in the early game all you really need to take with you are the important tools and clothing you find and enough food/water for emergencies. Everything else can be left for later. - Temperature drops as the days go by, and more hostile wildlife appears too. So if you can get 'ahead of the curve' it will make the game much easier for you. It's perfectly possible to have your arrowheads/tools forged within 7 days if you push for it, but aim to do this by day 20-30 at the latest.
  22. After playing it a little, I can tell that a patch would be welcome because I ran into 3 brutal exits to the home menu of my Switch during these 3 hours of play !
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