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  2. If any thing you be able to loot them again.
  3. I think you're probably right. I'm not taking any special action either, because I do agree with you that if it was a potential issue they would post a warning like they did last time.
  4. I disagree. I don't think we will see any changes in PV in Survival Mode, until the December update. When Redux dropped, there were significant changes on some maps, and Hinterland gave us warnings for a full month, on all channels, to let us know to expect issues. And Redux was combined with a Survival Mode update at the same time. This is only a Wintermute update, with the Survival Mode update planned for December. I'm leaving my stash at PV Farmhouse right where it is. I don't expect any changes in Survival Mode until the December update.
  5. Sceh


    I think it's way cool that you have so much faith in the devs and maybe I should follow your example. Raphael did mention that they were working on a solution that would circumvent the necessity of hauling all our stuff out of the affected regions. I guess I'm just still traumatised from the literally days-long endevour to get my stuff to safety before Redux launched. I had to gather up everything from Milton, the Muskeg, the Railroad and Mystery Lake and haul it to the Ravine, where I stashed it for safekeeping. Milton especially was a pain in the butt, because the two rope climbs meant I couldn't go one gram over carry capacity. I laboured at that task for close to a week and it sucked a lot of the fun out of playing the game for me. Later I realized that a lot of that work was unnecessary because not all locations were impacted equally. Now, I fully acknowledge that I could have just as well left everything where it was and just risked it, so to speak, but that's my personal messy hoarder demon and I wasn't prepared to lose even a single darn mushroom. Going back to your point about having faith: you are right, of course. Still, I think a tiny disclaimer along the lines of "Don't worry guys, we got you! Play the latest version after Tuesday to see what amazing solution we came up with!" or even "Move everything from the Rural Crossroads and the Farmhouse, but the Barn is a safe storage space!" would ease a lot of players' minds either way and not give away anything spoiler-y. I'm going to be away all weekend, so there is literally no time left for me to save my loot if they come out - let's paint the worst case scenario here - Monday with an announcement that we will have to move all our stuff again because an alternate solution couldn't be implemented in time after all. I'd love to just be HYPED for launch, and not dread a number of soul sucking hours running back and forth through the largest map of the island. I just wanna look forward to the next delicious piece of my favourite game and I know I'm not alone in this ^^ Just my two cen ....well, actually just my lengthy explanation! lol
  6. A good strategy early game is to lure a wolf away from its typical patrol route towards some deer. If you can get the wolf to approach a deer from behind and then sneak, the wolf will switch from tracking you to tracking the deer, then charge it and take it down. From here, simply throw a rock at the wolf, and then run away. The wolf won't return to the killed deer, and if you can lose the wolf it will eventually return to its regular patrol route, meaning you'll be able to harvest near 10kg of meat from the deer as a reward.
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  8. Hi, I have a question about the Time Capsule: is it going to last a specific time? Or is it permanent feature for Steam version? I'm asking, because I would love to start some of my old saves (especially, those where I wrote in journal, everyday for 200+ days) - which became unplayable and lost my progress after update. Cheers, Hymg PS. I attach a random screenshot of one of my games. I call it "Coming Home".
  9. Best guess is that additions to Pleasant Valley will likely come into play. We saw the same thing with Redux, where changes to Milton updated on both Survival and Story modes. I didn't mean to imply anything specific about your personal intentions... sorry about that. I meant it in general terms so I did change that to reflect. I did add a question to the Mailbag Question thread because I was/am concerned about those changes impacting my pursuit of the Faithful Cartographer achievement (though the achievement itself is incidental to what I'm actually challenging myself with). I absolutely get your concern about the map changes. However, I imagine that if there was a possible disruption... Hinterland would have issued that warning. I trust them though, so if we don't get that warning... I would assume it's not going to be an issue. Though I suppose with any changes there is always a chance of that. I acknowledge that I may have misinterpreted your question, and for that I do apologize.
  10. Probably because the Valley redesigns won’t be included in the Sandbox. Not for this release anyway. It’s been done that way before... PS: I have no intention of playing episode 3 so I can’t vote 🙁
  11. Well let me tell you about the time I got into a struggle with a wolf without a weapon, got two bleeding afflictions, then realize I had no bandages. After that I start to run around from building to building with no luck finding any, until I remembered that I could just craft some with cloth... Only problem was that I only had 5% condition left and no time to make them. Didn't even bother to watch my death, just ended up going back to the main menu and deleting the save
  12. Well, I spent an extra day in Desolation Point, getting things organized a little bit. I did also have to go back to Hibernia, since I wanted to make sure I have at least entered and took a look around in all structures. On my way back out I had a wolf on my tale, and when I ducked under the pier I found myself uncomfortably close to a bear that was wondering by... I must have been within inches of triggering a charge. I had the revolver ready but just kept walking. Thankfully it lost interest quickly and kept moseying along around the Hibernia Processing station. It was a tense couple of minutes I did head back though towards The Ravine, but I had to hunker down and spend a night in Costal Highway. I'm hoping to walk through the Ravine and map it in the span of a game day, but we'll see. I will have to descend down into the ravine and if weather takes a turn for the worse, maybe spend a night in one of the caves. Either way I'm aiming to make it a quick journey. The stat's page says I've explored 48% of Great Bear... seems about right. I've completed 5 maps, and there are 7 to go (a couple of them relatively small).
  13. HL hasn't posted anything about "items in danger" so I wouldn't worry about it.
  14. @StrayCat I was mostly kidding about that... I wasn't suggesting any cross section be ignored, of course not.
  15. Goating down to somewhere where I'm faced with a deadly drop-off.
  16. @piddy3825 sure I'll put up what I've got. There are still some spots on the very edges that I'm not completely happy with, but I got up as high as I could... However, the rest of the map areas are clear.
  17. Sceh


    Thank you both for chiming in. What I actually wanted to know: Will the changes that are DEFINITELY coming to PV with Episode 3 (way ahead of the December Survival Mode update) endanger our loot stashes in various areas and indoor locations around the map - since the map will be updated simultaneously for Story Mode and Survival Mode. This was something we were specifically warned about when Redux was launched and it will be an issue again this time, as confirmed by Raphael in a recent Milton Mailbox. I have asked this question on more than one occasion and was promised a heads-up ahead of launch with enough wiggle room to prepare. Since I have seen a number of people ask the exact same question in other forum threads in the last couple of days I must assume that the question has not yet been answered. I am not looking for Story Mode spoilers or any ingame info about characters or anything. I specifically want to know what the heck will happen to my stuff in PV. But, again, thank you both so much for adding your thoughts.
  18. I’ve gotten into the habit of breaking down all crates, just in case. Worst case: you only get firewood 🙂 I typically use my hands rather than a hatchet, if you can afford the time. -t
  19. @Sceh ... um, we already got a lot of tidbits about what's ahead. FIVE YEARS Dev Diary I'm not sure what some might be expecting but they gave us a lot of teases to anticipate... we wouldn't want them to spoil all of it would we? In terms of the survival update... I imagine they are all focused on the Ep 3 update right now. I'd wager we will get more info about the next survival update when they are closer to getting it ready for release. We have to let them get this update done before we start clamoring about info on the update after that...
  20. A little watercolor and time)
  21. Things can definitely be more obscure and difficult to find in Loper. In addition to the severe reduction in loot on Loper, they put stuff in locations that are not always obvious. Plus, you are desperate for food so you need to look absolutely everywhere. A good example is how a soda can or candy bar can be tucked behind a chair or under a bed, usually at a spot that is very hard to see. Also, most items, tools, and clothing won't be tucked away in containers or drawers, they will be laying on a table or shelf, or tucked away in a corner on the floor somewhere. Sure, you may still find things in containers or lockers, but it's just much more rare. Of course, breaking down crates is a great way to both get firewood and find hidden items on Loper. There's several guaranteed loot drops from crates (dog food at Spence's, food in crate in BR Shed, etc.) so check around. I've been playing this game for a long time, and I just recently discovered a candy bar under the crate in the TWM Hut!
  22. I feel the challenges are well balanced. Wolves are not a problem at all. On some runs, I hardly bump into wolves. But if you play long enough, you will learn how to deal with the's a game with certain parameters, and you can learn the limitations of wolves and how to totally avoid them if you really wanted to. Of course, they might surprise you from time to time, but even that becomes predictable when you are in certain areas. BUT....consider this speedrun by @Goodzilla. Watch how he navigates the wolves at about 2:15 into the clip. Really...the wolves are not big deal once you learn the radius. In terms of items to find...why don't you start speed running the for example, NOMAD or Hopeless Rescue.... You will have to find certain items and do it fast as you can. So even with the abundance of other items around, you will only value certain items. The point of the challenges is to do them fast as possible (it's not a survival run) you're not really supposed to pick everything up anyway. But come to think of it, the only Challenge I would like changed is that the Aurora works 4DON style...and out every day. This speedrun is too dependent on Aurora rng.
  23. Well it would have been nice if they would have informed us of before you played the earlier versions. Now all my feats have reset and my challenges are lost forever, especially the ones specific to the Halloween event, that I cannot achieve ever again. Seems like those things could have saved to the cloud via steam and once you go back to the latest version they would be there. Oh well.
  24. @ManicManiac Even though I agree with you, let's not forget that many players play pilgrim mode (or something similar in custom mode), to have some kind of cabin life simulator. Hinterland can't just ignore them. Beyond the obvious oxymoron, creating a "challenge" in custom mode can result in an interesting brainstorm session, finding difficulties that are not wildlife-related threats. I too wish that Hinterland consider adding more diverse environnement-based threats, not always more wolves thrown at our faces (lookin' at ya, timberwolf...).
  25. ever run into a car escaping from a charging wolf or bear seeing an item that might save you in the front or back seat? well you also might know that if you cant reach it you will have to get out the car and enter from the front door, now the wolf or bear you just escaped is right outside that car and you wont have enough time to get back in, so i propose that you be able to move to the front or back seats from inside the car, and be able to look around the 360 angle. pls
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