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  2. I've had issues with the map in Mystery Lake on my survival world since the update. There are 6 "possible old bear locations" that cannot be mapped. This is for regular sandbox mode, not a challenge or story mode game. It showed up after the update.
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  4. it could work like some books that only let you level up for the firsts skill levels
  5. I'm with @andy1985 on this one. Looks like your arrow severed his spinal cord and that instantly dropped him. Even if he was not dead yet but he sure as heck wasn't going anywhere! Nice shot, indeed!
  6. Apparently if you are not able to place items closely together, you can put them down in proximity, save and exit the game. then when you relaunch the game you are able to pick those items up and move them closer together. I've found this happens often to me with items like antibiotic bottles, pain killer bottles and some canned goods as well. doesn't seem to happen with bags of crisps or beef jerky and mre's. anyways, we were just discussing possible updates on the object placement system in another thread just the other day and are waiting for any possible details when the release notes
  7. I guess I wont need to make a snow shelter anymore.
  8. I eat it too! It's yummy!
  10. I mean there's no need to make the game any easier.
  11. Could be the "Placing Anywhere" mod. That removes distance restrictions and also allows you to stack things on top of each other. Spacing can also change between version depending on if and how they tweak things. I think it has gone back and forth, with the last version allowing closer spacing again. Cans of food or cups of tea were never really an issue though. I was always able to place those next to each other on shelves.
  12. What do you mean all the crafting materials that can only be used at the ammunition workbench? The only things you need for the Noisemaker are cloth (found everywhere), cans (found everywhere) and gunpowder (even on Loper loot tables you can get it reasonably easily). You do not need dusting sulfur or stump remover or car batteries. Besides, gunpowder already works as fire accelerant, so even now there's use for it that's not related to Bleak Inlet But speaking of BI, I still think the only way these things should be craftable, should be on the ammunition workbench. Not only would it give
  13. If that's your only problem in the game then you need to play loper! Without a bow and arrows!😁
  14. “Sweetened, thickened milk in a can. Keeps forever. In-game description Raphael why are you lying to us ?
  15. In the trailer located Northwest of Blackrock, between the hydro dam and the broken bridge. After looting the Bandage and Antiseptic near the body, you can leave the trailer and re-enter and they will respawn. Tested it (twice) by looting them and re-entering. I Forgot to loot the body after looting the trailer and leaving and returned to find the duplication.
  16. Howdy Y'all! Title has it. But a little pit of clarification. I've seen in YouTube that advanced players have things, like coal lumbs, bandage or coffee cups piled on table, really close to each other. When I try to do same, äll I got is a message "Too close to an other object!" How do they do it? Is it mod?
  17. Part One of The Old Bear challange, when you enter a building when the bear is very near, I SWEAR you can hear him as part of the ambience sound in the background, just walking around and doing bear grunt from time to time while you're inside . Scary
  18. but we got a whole new region in E4 that will be added to Sandbox mode in December? Noisemaker will be a nice use for all the crafting materials that can otherwise only be used at the ammunition workbench. Everytime i find one of these far away from the bench i think "yeah okay, i won't carry it all the way to BI, so...." A sled is on the wishlist since forever and wasn't added. I don't think we will get one. I personally think that a sled would be good for moving regions. What really is needed is an adjustment of the weight of some items, especially tools. A hatchet does not we
  19. LOL, spoilers are typically FACTS that get disclosed. There are not facts here, just speculation. Also, who in their right mind sees that thread title, and expects anything different than the title ? It's not like someone would walk in, read it and then go away disappointed because it "spoiled" something for them. -t
  20. Yes, good idea. After munching (including cringe-worthy sound effect) the 6th or 7th one in a row, it gets tedious.
  21. Consider me part of the minority then. Adding, or being able to make a sled would be immensely useful. While I find the story episodes somewhat of a pleasant distraction, for me, they are still only secondary to survival mode.
  22. Yes that's what I ment by the "new" spawn point above Angler's, but unfortunately there was only a pack of rifle ammo waiting for me. I don't know where to look anymore, either my game is bugged, my eyes are betraying me or it's in a location no one else had seen it before, which I find rather unlikely. But I've already double checked all the places on your recent map and am now on round 3, tripple checking everything. Btw, didn't know you are active here - I want to take the chance and say a huge thank you for the work with the map(s), they are awesome!
  23. I made the map version 1.28 to support game patch 1.94. (Change: add a polaroid icon (X-90,Y65), and delete a polaroid icon on the cliff) Is X-90,Y65 the same place as the Polaroid you checked?
  24. Like jeffpeng said, if you wait for the bear to bleed out you can just find it at the cave, which provides a nice shelter for harvesting and cooking. I notice wolves tend to "sink" into rocks quite a bit, so look carefully. The blood trails for the deer seem most consistent for me, but if you stand up and start to follow them, they run faster and farther. I usually just settle in place and wait them out, then listen for the crows.
  25. True, those X-boxes have not died. They are gathering at the outer edges of the galaxy and will eventually unite to form the first Borg vessel.
  26. I never get bored with this game. I do experience a little "empty drawer fatigue" from time to time, and games that go past a few hundred days can hit a "plateau" - but pushing past always reveals new challenges. No matter how well stockpiled you are at any given point, eventually resources will diminish (and things like cloth and metal cannot be magically regenerated). If anyone feels bored with their TLD run, the easiest way to cure that is to start a new run, since no two runs are exactly the same.
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