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  2. Thank you for the info ajb. I honestly didn´t think about carbon monoxide. I´m not an expert in anything, i just thought it would be an interesting game mechanic. Hmm, there seems to be a theme of 3 cabins or trailers throughout the game. Maybe one of the 3 could have that busted out window you mentioned. Then you have a choice, stay in a place that´s completely weathertight, or spend the night in a place you can have a one shot fire and the possibility of a warm drink before resting.
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  4. "The buff expands the condition bar" (your words), to me, means you make the bar hold more and says nothing about actually adding condition. In UI terms, a title bar contains a title, a scroll bar contains scrolling widgets, a progress bar contains a progress indicator, and so on. That's the point of view I was looking at it from and the reason your initial response seemed ambiguous. Thanks again.
  5. When we choose a career path, we all start somewhere. Where did you start? More specifically- was there a single game or game franchise that you can say made you decide that you wanted to, or "needed to", begin working in video games (in any capacity)? What was it about that game or those games, that really "clicked" and compelled you to take that career path? And if not a single game or game franchise, what was it about video games in general that made you want to create them? Any different career paths you once gave great consideration to before making the choice to become a game dev, that you still think about from time to time? As in- any other careers that you ever gave heavy consideration to, and think you would also have enjoyed, and done well in? Not speaking of any "regrets" about the path you did choose, but more about "I wonder if..." type thoughts? I never have regretted what I have done for a living, but I think back to when I was 12 or so years old, and really thought I would become a veterinarian, zoologist, or biologist, working with animals, and have those fleeting dreams about what my life would be like if I had chosen that path, instead of the one(s) I followed instead. *Asking for a friend*, of course.
  6. Christine. I'll just leave that here. And run like hell...
  7. I didn't say the container is getting bigger; I think those were your words. I said you are getting a Condition increase when you get the Well Fed buff. Therefore, when you lose the buff, you lose the associated Condition increase. I'm not sure if it "seems right" or not, but you asked how it works and if the observed behaviour was something that should be reported as a bug, so I am merely clarifying. Sorry if it's not the answer you're looking for.
  8. Have you ever thought about using different "cloth" materials? The last time I was playing, I was thinking that I can repair a superior wool scarf by harvesting a less effective cloth scarf. Do you think it might be a good idea to distinguish the type of material when repairing clothing? It would make wool a more valuable material. And if you aren't able to find the correct material to repair a wool item it would make it a patchwork piece of clothing that is slightly less effective than it would be in perfect condition.
  9. I don't see why one should logically assume that making a container bigger automatically implies more contents being added, but thanks for the clarification. It also doesn't seem right to immediately injure the character by 5% the second they become hungry, but it's your game.
  10. Not so surprising considering in those days they didn't use shielded wiring so electrical conductivity thru induction would a common occurrence. But as far as the car's shielded electronics becoming electrified by induction via Aurora? That's gotta be a lot of power, huh?
  11. very informative and a plausible explanation, indeed.
  12. As a reminder please avoid questions which ask either for release timings (“When will Episode 3 be out?”) or that are just a Wishlist of features you’d like to see added to the game (“Will you ever add Polar Bears?”). Try to ask questions that give opportunities for discussion of design decisions, a look at the game development process or shine a light on an aspect of The Long Dark that you’re curious about. Thanks and we’re getting some great questions so this is just a reminder.
  13. @Ice Hole: we’ll think on that. It’s not a bad suggestion but we haven’t committed to doing a sequel and wouldn’t want anything that might be misinterpreted as an announcement of such a project. The last thing we’d want is for people to start complaining that we hadn’t yet finished the first game and we were already planning the next. Again, that’s not saying it’s a bad idea but we want to make sure it’s clear that our current focus is The Long Dark and that we haven’t shifted our sights to anything else.
  14. By nature of how it works (as I described it), logically it would be possible to die when the buff is lost.
  15. Oh that's cool. I didn't know that, obviously. I've just never really used them I guess.
  16. @Shrike Arghast
  17. Seems to me that this has no real impact on the game at all. However, since the discussion has been raised again here is the summary of my previous thoughts on the matter: If the Team want's to change it, they will... if they don't change it, it doesn't matter at all to me. Either way it's not going to have any impact my enjoyment of the game.
  18. So I used to be in the habit of timing a fire and letting it burn out such that the meat would be cooked, but not yet "in play". That way when you first pick it up, it enters the game at 100%, making it a great way to leave yourself a little bit of food at a safehouse to get re-established if you move back after some time away. Weeeellll I don't know when it happened, since I've actually been playing GTAV for a while, but I picked up my survivor mode game today and discovered that the venison I'd left behind in Desolation Point had decayed to 50%. I'm level 5 so I can still eat it, but sadly it appears that this trick no longer works. C'est la vie...I guess I'll just have to eat frozen venison left behind in the snow like a normal person from now on. Or more likely just get in the habit of stoning a couple rabbits on the way from A to B.
  19. This is actually true of every non-explorable cave. Explorable (meaning there is an area transition involved) caves and mines however, once you get farther underground, have a constant ambient temperature a bit above freezing. This is also consistent with real life, as deep underground the temperatures are pretty consistent year-round. I particularly enjoy the western network of ice caves, because it has a nice bio-luminescent cavern that is well-lit 24/7 and makes for a great base. Plus it is just a short climb up the rope to an exit that deposits you near Monolith Lake. If you manage to bag a moose up there, you can lug your kill back to the cave and instead of taking the rope down, just walk right off the edge. Hug the left side, and a series of short drops will carry you safely to the ground. No need to make multiple trips up and down the rope.
  20. @Raphael van Lierop We actually witnessed (and remarked on the fact during the live stream) that he actually gained and lost condition when the well fed buff started and stopped. That sudden condition loss actually contributed to the character's death. The question I asked was whether that condition loss could actually kill the character directly or not. Your answer simply explained how the buff is supposed to work. If I can document losing the buff actually killing a character, should I submit it as a bug? Here's the buff lapse where condition is lost instantly.
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  22. @UpUpAway95 @Raphael van Lierop Thanks a lot guys, I understand it now!
  23. Yes. Old analogue rotary phones can function with a very small amount of power. There are even some old ones that can be used with a hand-cranked magneto: I recall reading, years ago, about the importance of maintaining an old rotary landline phone in the event of a disaster -- not necessarily a geomagnetic one, mind you; it was more of a prepper-type scenario. The idea stuck with me.
  24. I gave you my vote... I vote they make all the windows dark. I don't want continuous lit fires inside buildings in the survival game. It makes no sense and it makes it too easy to avoid using matches, which are a key limited resources in this game. It doesn't bother me that the windows appear lit from outside and it's dark inside since, in Wintermute, that particular cabin is inhabited by Jeremiah. I do feel that my having lit fires always available (for example, at Grey Mothers) they are making Wintermute too easy, but I accept that they want to guide the player to those locations in order to interact with the applicable NPC's. I also accept that the two modes of the game share maps and that minor amount of incongruity is not an issue for me at all. I don't sweat the small stuff.
  25. it's really easy to make it dark, i construct game meshes myself in Unity and other game engines, it would be a 1 minute job to darken the windows. just put it on the list. and don't give me the 'petty" remark, if you have nothing better to say then don't say anything at all.
  26. I have finally made it to Hushed River Valley, and I must say I am impressed with it. It looks great, I very much enjoy exploring it. I love how when I entered it I could get a nice high up view of where I was about to go, that was a great touch. I really like all the detail in this new region. Great job everyone involved. One thing I also quite like is that the caves(that I have seen) are colder if it's colder outside. I very much like the extra feeling of realism there as well as the extra sense that they may not be 100% safe, temperature wise, if it gets cold enough. It makes me want to prepare for cold nights which is very cool. I would love it if houses were similar, and I think it would be very cool if we could heat houses with have a house warmth bonus that goes up and down depending on how hot fires are compared to how cold it is outside. Anyways I am getting off topic. So yeah, awesome job everyone involved. I am loving this region
  27. This came up in another thread not too long ago, and my response here is the same as it was then. Either leave it alone (because it doesn't impact the game all that much, especially if you don't spend any time around Trappers at night), or double down on the change by making lit windows apply to EVERY location that has a spot for an indoor fire. And by all in, I mean all in. If you have a fire burning upstairs in the Mystery Lake Camp Office, the upstairs windows would show light, but the downstairs ones remain dark. But this is way down on the list of priorities IMO. I'd rather have a bear spear, Episode 3, new Survival regions, wildlife, craftable storage, more craftable clothing items, etc. But if they have like one guy whose sole job is to make non critical aesthetic tweaks...maybe.
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