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  2. I play interloper all the time and hardly ever quarter meat.
  3. Let’s be kind and not label particular tactics or methods as being stupid. Call them inefficient if you want, that is probably closer to your intention.
  4. Yes, even the aeronautical charts could be destroyed in the crash, along with food and supplies. If an actual crash site was plopped down wherever the player spawns, this situation could be made clear by having a "burned chart," "burned supplies" as something one would see at that crash site. What and how much survives could be somewhat dictated by the "baseline resources" selected by the player (i.e. difficulty mode). As it is, there is nothing to indicate that Will's plane burned at all in story mode... and we have the whole "debate" about what 5 kg item Will show take; whereas, in Canadi
  5. I agree. They could add several things in Custom that would make the game get progressively harder over time. The current "world gets colder" and reducing wildlife spawns are not strong enough on their own to do that. They could also allow players to increase difficulty (i.e. make individual settings harder) as they progress in the file save while still not allowing the player to make any of them easier than their starting settings. This would enable the player to keep increasing the challenge of their save individually (i.e. in accordance with their own personal abilities and comfort in t
  6. Would definitely not be an adequate substitute. Yes, one can volunatarily use tinder, but there is absolutely no benefit to doing so... i.e. no difference in the chance of failure. An alternative would be to give an improved chance of success after Firestarting Level 3 for using tinder vs. not using it. To accommodate it, they should then lower the chance of successfully starting a fire overall AND lower the chance of lighting a torch. The way I read the Wiki, parasites only come from eating carnivore meat, wich a 75% innate chance of it causing parasites if it is raw. You can test it
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  8. Quarter Bear & Moose - harvest the rest.
  9. Eh? At harvesting 5 it's 6 min/kg with the improvised knife, so you can harvest the meat from a 40 kg bear in 4 hours. 28 more minutes for the hide (and more for the guts, of course, if you need them). Hardly impossible. For me, quartering is situational. I'm more likely to do it early in the game or when the carcass is near a cave or other location where I can take advantage of the indoor temps while harvesting the sacks you get from quartering.
  10. Sounds reasonable. This extends beyond just skills though so it would be nice if hinterland took a look at their game and have the option for the game get harder as you play instead of getting easier. This could fit into custom games nicely.
  11. Thanks for the reply! I'm glad to hear they last for a long time then. I was expecting something similar to the whetstone, or tools. Hopefully anyone who has tried it after the update can verify if they can be repaired at the mill. That would be pretty nice
  12. A nice touch. Simply add more music variety would help too
  13. It would be very nice. But still has the chance of that gear being burned or fallen on the chasm or lost somehow in the plane crash. About the aeronautical chart, it was my very first thought when i started to play TLD. A commercial pilot surely would have some minimal navigation info document.
  14. Thanks! I too liked the appearance of the knife under the moose steak. I was kinda hoping to stab it into the steak but placement mechanix wouldn't allow me the creative license. Just wish there were some other utensils around, as I hate drinking hot soup outta the can...
  15. First of all crampons are hardly short lived. using them only when needed they will last well over a year. also I made a wish list request that the developers make them repairable at the mill. Word is this was implemented in a recent update but I haven’t tried it because I still haven’t needed to- mine are still at 70% on interloper after 300+ days. But the idea is this would finally give interloper players a valid reason to go to BI.
  16. The wolf threat in interloper is easily managed by “torch walking” at all times until you get a weapon. I probably torch walk almost 80% of the time for the first 12 days. When a wolf approaches just drop the torch, aim a stone at the wolf, and they run away. Then pick up the torch and distance yourself and repeat through your journey.
  17. Quartering is essential in interloper. It is impossible to harvest a bear in the open. I always quarter deer or larger when exposed. I see a lot of people who give the poor advice of “don’t bother with quartering”. they either don’t understand the concept and why it’s useful or they play stalker or below. If nothing else, at least a player should understand quartering mechanics so they can advance in skill.
  18. You can still use tinder. Also, you can still get parasites from eating raw. You could try that!🐍🐉🐛🕷
  19. Shimmying? Is that something to do with women?
  20. Self-explanatory. I'd like a custom option to prevent the character from ever reaching Cooking Level 5; thereby leaving food poisoning and parasites "in play" for the entire length of the run. This could also be done for other skills... e.g. Firestarting preventing the Level 3 and beyond from eliminating the need for tinder. E.g. 2 Preventing the player from ever being able to fire the bow while crouched regardless of the skill achieved during the run. Currently, there is no way to prevent these perks from being acquired... they are inevitable as long as the run lasts a sufficiently long t
  21. A pro for visiting HRV is that it's near Mountain Town. I chose to go there in a livestream and barely survived - but I got a bow and arrow. You might need to practice shimmying though.
  22. Welcome to the forums, although I'm a little new to these forums. 😲 Sometimes when you're browsing forums that say, "Search for things you don't know and then create a new topic," I understand how important this is. Watch out for hungry wolves! I wish you the best of luck in surviving this dark winter.
  23. IIRC, the bags you get will weigh more than the amount of meat that you can harvest from it. For example, I quartered a bear recently and each quarter was around 10 kg or so but only had 4.7 kg of harvest-able meat. To be clear, I don't think you lose any meat doing this- it's just divided up to weigh more. Quartering will save you time if you want every part of the animal, including guts and skin.
  24. Grinding for feats in any difficulty level is easy and can be done in complete "safety" most of the time. Feats also progress in pilgrim mode, so the idea the people would use custom to make grinding for feats easier than it is already is ludicrous and just a crutch that people use to make custom players feel lesser than they are. Grinding is being done by a lot of people already (probably the vast majority of them). It would be better if they were encouraged to just play through the game in difficulty levels they enjoy. People who happen to not enjoy individual aspects of the standard mix
  25. A few years back I was able to get Hinterland to change mine. I either sent an email to Hinterland Support or I opened a support case asking them to change it, can't recall which. They changed it within a day or two.
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