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  2. Agreed, cavelets are great. Other good locations include the hay sheds (after crouching to get under the "loft" section) and the houses that are split in half (which even have a stove, like in the Milton Basin or Deadfall area in Mystery Lake.). It's often possible to set two fires that are sheltered from the wind at different angles and have one survive even if the winds shift to blow out the other one. Of course, lighting multiple fires is in an of itself hard because of the amount of wood it requires.
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  4. Unfortunately, the moose hide satchel doesn't spawn on Interloper at the Mysterious Signal Fire. However, it's still worth visiting, since you've got a guaranteed mackinaw jacket spawn here. Best non-crafted coat slot item on Interloper.
  5. I thougt it only has max. 5kg of meat plus guts and hide, i was pleasantly suprised but ohshit cross my mind when it had 35kg and i knew i'm not going to able take all meat that was available and when i'm back for round two there is no moose to harvest or the condition is dropped to 20 or something else is came up. So my desision was 2kg meat and hide is coming with me. There was a cave where i cooked the meat. And yes, no wind in there This is what i wasn't able to find out because i didn't find path around those stickbushes and character is no more among the living.
  6. I'm loving these tips from other Interlopers! Feeling inspired by this thread, I booted up a new run myself. Day 1, spawned in Desolation Point. Looted Lighthouse, Riken, Hibernia, grabbed coal from the Abandoned Mine, cooked a few rabbits at the Church and made for the Coastal Highway. Day 2, reach Coastal Highway after cooking both dead deer on the Crumbling Highway, but get hit with a blizzard and discover that all three Waterfront Cottages are in ruins. With zero stamina, freezing to death, and redlining my health, I make it to Misanthrope's and stumble into bed. A lucky box of crackers here keeps me from starving today, and I make it to Quonset across the ice. Day 3, I run from Quonset to Cinder Hills, stopping by the Abandoned Lookout and Log Sort, and looting the trailers and cabins along the way. Day 4, I get through Cinder Hills, have a narrow escape from a bear that stops me picking up the bedroll nearby, loot Thomson's Crossing, loot the Barn and pick up a hacksaw, and make it to Draft Dodger's where I feast on rabbits before resting. Day 5, I make it up from Draft Dodger's to Burned Ridge, picking through the airplane wreckage and upgrading my clothing, filling a bunch of empty slots including picking up a thin wool sweater. I haul my loot to the foot of Timberwolf Mountain and dump almost all the loot in the Prepper's Abandoned Cache. I ensure I have three emergency stims, one pack of matches and two cans, plus my hacksaw. I drop everything else but the clothes on my back. Day 6, I push from reaching the Hut through to the Wing, looting the container for tea, coffee, and canned food I can't open. I shimmy down Echo Ravine and dodge the wolf to loot the Engine container. Alas, I miss out on a thin wool sweater here! Cursing my luck, I get slammed by a blizzard and take refuge inside the transition cave, brewing coffee and tea to pass the blizzard. Once the blizzard breaks, I drop everything unimportant here, making my way up to the Deer Clearing by burning my first stim to ascend the rope. I skip looting the container here, in no need of a few cloth and tinned tomato soup, instead pushing to the Secluded Shelf by burning a second stim. Day 7, I cook a few skinny rabbits for breakfast before burning my final stim to reach the summit. Loot galore! I take absolutely everything, including a flare gun with eight shots. I sprain every part of my body goating down the mountain, grab the hammer from the fishing hut on Crystal Lake, and finally rest in the Hut. Day 8, a blizzard decides to slam down, so I brew tea until it breaks, but it's still brutally cold and I skip returning for the loot I left near the Engine. Instead I shimmy down to Skeeter's Ridge, munching on cattails as I arrive for the evening at the Pleasant Valley Farmstead. Day 9, I run up to Signal Hill, where the loot gods bless me with a mackinaw jacket! Now I've got almost every endgame clothing item except a second thin wool sweater and a pair of combat pants. Truly, Signal Hill is the best location in all of Pleasant Valley. Of course, a blizzard sets in, and so I cook tea and repair my clothing by the fire barrel outside until it passes. Day 10, I pass through the Carter Hydro Dam cave, brave the river during a blizzard, loot the dam and rest in the trailer outside. The morning is good weather, so I nip down to Alan's Cave, harvest the deer carcass for everything it has, and grab a bedroll from the hunter's blind. Day 11, I return to Winding River, grabbing the deer hides, guts, and meat from the two carcasses plus the third inside the cave, and bag a few rabbits for lunch. I snag two maple saplings from the riverside as well. Mr Wolf leaves me alone to drag my smelly haul back to the dam, where I set it to cure. Between the hide from the summit, the three from winding river, and the hide from Alan's, I've got all I need for my boots and pants, once they're cured. Since I'll be waiting for them to finish, I load up on some scrap and coal, grab my hammer and get ready to make the run to Forlorn Muskeg. Day 12, I follow the rail tracks to Forlorn Muskeg, taking the route from Poacher's Camp across the ice, picking up a furry tail that barks and growls but doesn't manage to catch me. I reach Spence's, light up the forge, enjoy some canned dog food and rest. Day 13, it's forging time. I craft an improvised hatchet, an improvised knife, and eight arrow heads. Then I rest, enjoying the toasty 160°C of my nearby night-light. Day 14, I return to Mystery Lake with my new tools, looping around a friendly bear patrolling near the exit of Forlorn Muskeg. I turn left as I exit the tunnel, making for Trapper's Cabin, and have a rabbit lunch, chopping five birch saplings nearby to cure for later. ...And this is where I am now! I think this is a pretty good start to the run, with everything sorted for basic tools. Given that I'm currently at Trapper's Cabin, and I've got my improvised hatchet, I think I'll take a poke at making it to Hushed River Valley by day 16 or so. I want to grab the combat pants, and cross my fingers for getting an easy moose hide from the dead moose carcass. With the proper tool to handle the scrub brush, I should be able to hit the Signal Fire too. Having two mackinaw jackets is just luxury on Interloper. My big concern is that I don't have a bedroll or a supply of stims for rope climbs. Hopefully I can grab some coffee or stims from Milton, and if all else fails, I can face Frosty the wolf to steal the bedroll from her cave. After that, I'm just hoping RNG will be kind enough to give me a second thin wool sweater after cheating me out of one from the Engine container on Timberwolf Mountain.
  7. Throwing a few rocks at the moose to guide it to a better spot often works well. Of the 8 moose i shot so far in this run (7 with the rifle, 1 with the bow) one managed to stomp me. That happened because i got stuck in the terrain for a few seconds while retreating.
  8. One instance was one of my first attempts Snowballing TWM, where I placed the Snowshelter right in front of the hollowed out tree below the ultimate climb to the Summit. Fire died due to winds. I died due to hypothermia. Numbers two and three were snowballing Forlorn Muskeg in an alternative location (not Spence's, not Marsh Ridge) in the relative middle of the ice field. The fire held seemed safe for several days in a row, but both times (slightly different Snow Shelter positions) one night the fire suddenly just died and I with it. So I guess ..... they are good places but not really totally "safe". Short intervals seem to be a wise choice, but that makes recovery very hard. I personally had more luck with what I call "cavelets". Small cavities in larger rocks, walls or mountainsides. The one not too far from Poacher's Camp in FM, for example, got me through 30 days and never let me down. I also held out in one of these in HRV for more than a week after having a run in with a bear. If you actually look for them you will be amazed how many of them there are (but you certainly know that 😉)
  9. The Desolation spawn is always around that bridge , never had any luck hunting him there no good tree or rock outcrop to shoot at him to avoid getting stomped.
  10. Usually when I am hunting a wolf I try to get a bunny to get killed by one first so that it is focused on eating the bunny then I shoot it and claim the wolf and bunny remains.
  11. Would anyone be willing to share events that have happened to them in The Long Dark regarding the timber wolves. What happens to me was, I got stuck at the top of pensive lookout in bleak inlet and a timber wolf managed to run up the stairs to the top and attack me. Until this point I did not know they could get up the lookouts.
  12. Do you really think that you can get on you firewood to do that? you can do that once or twice in some time but...
  13. << Winter Apocalypse >> "You're realizing now the true scope of the event before you. The world is getting colder.. and colder and all life on this island is slowly dying. The blizzards are getting stronger and more dangerous as time passes. This is the end of humanity as we know it.. a feeling of dread and desperation is hitting you.. yet you sense a primal urge to survive. How long can you last?" This Challenge is unlocked after completed Whiteout Challenge You have XX days (30/60??) to prepare yourself for the final cataclysmic event. Days will be getting colder.. and colder as you get closer to the event. When the Apocalypse starts and the "Polar Vortex" begins... all life outside dies. The weather outside will now be a 100% unsurvivable Whiteout Blizzard. No matter how much clothing you have on you, you cannot tolerate the cold at all -100C++ The inside shelter temperature will be unsurvivable without a constant fire going (will need a VERY HIGH TEMP fire) to just "barely" stay warm. Chose your survival shelter carefully, not all homes have the same insulation If your shelter fire dies out... you will die with it. Cabin Fever will be disable for this event. You must also provision as much food as you possibly can when the Apocalypse hits as you still need to eat/drink. In the end you will eventually die as you run out of kindling and food.. the goal here is to see who can last the longest! <<The Sledge>> "You gather some very critical medical supplies that are much need to save your ailing wife/husband. You have built a makeshift sledge and your ready to embark on the journey back. The sledge is heavy and tedious to pull, but you know life hangs in the balance if these meds don't make it back to base." New item "sledge" is added to the game. (Up to the devs if they want to make it able to hold inventory or not. or just a novelty item for the challenge) You can "haul" / "release" the sledge on the press of an action key (like climbing) The sledge is heavy, and bulky... your normal movement speed is reduced to half and you cannot run (obviously) There's the chance of spraining your wrists/ankle while pulling the sledge. Pulling eats your stamina, when your stamina hits 0 you can barely move (rest/recover is recommended) The Sledge will zone with you when you enter/exit an area. You have X number of days to make it back to base or your partner dies. You begin at the Hunting Lodge at the broken railroad. You will need to push this all the way to the Farmers House in Pleasant Valley (or any other nice long winded area to get to)
  14. Just take the subway. Now that the preds are removed from it, the coast is clear.
  15. So I was wondering how the challenges worked a little bit. The main thing I was wondering is if I would launch the Whiteout challenge today would I need to search all the regions for the supplies on the supplies list or just the regions that were released when the challenge was released?
  16. Yes to that. This, and many others things will be added when we have fully supported modding in the game. Things like Pancakes, too.
  17. How.? Did the fire blow out or were you attacked? My fire has made it through entire nights frequently using this technique... although I do still sleep in shorter intervals to check on it regularly and will move if it just isn't working out. I also tend to note prevailing winds in the various maps and pick trees that are oriented with their "backs" to those prevailing winds. Some are also more sheltered by adjacent trees or rocks than others. Yes, the winds do shift, but they seem to more frequently come from particular directions... or maybe that's just on lower difficulties.
  18. It worked. No parasites, and this time I find my way up: Here is where I missed the cave entrance to the lower left and started climbing around wildly: I reach the summit and sleep in the cave. The next morning I am greeted by a wonderful sunrise: I get my expedition parka, the flare gun and a couple of other goodies. I'll spend a couple of days up here eating up most of the food and reading the books I found. I'll take some firestrikers and matches, most of the rest (including a rifle) will stay here. So what should I do next, hmmm...
  19. Pretty straight forward then. They are such a pain now and I am needing a wolf skin coat. It's getting cold. Thanks Ejected.
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  21. You could cover the entire upper walkway at Bleak Inslet with cured timberwolf pelts...
  22. I didn't even know moose were in this game time I was traveling in the dark and got blindsided and was brutally attacked. Repetitively. Breaking my ribs each time. Until I died.
  23. So... coming back to the game after quite a while, I have started a Stalker run to hunt for missing achievements. Saw a couple of nice additions to the game. Starting in ML, I soon realized the wolves are now able to pass through the door in the fence around the dam entrance. Haha, imagine my surprise! Nice. Second realization: Man, Stalker is overflowing with loot. I felt like finding practically everything in the dam. Except... the expedition parka. Which I would really like to have. I figured the next best chance to find it might be in TWM, on the summit. So I crossed CH and went through the mine, to PV. Boy, Rural Crossroads has changed! Even the name. Finally made my way a little up the mountain. I must admit I haven't climbed it too often. Found Deer Clearing without serious issues, but then really managed to get lost. I remembered I had to walk up to the container near Deer Clearing, then turn right and follow the slope upwards. Evaded the bear, turned left and followed the slope further. Then kep to the right and at some point found a rope which I climbed. And at the top there was nowhere to go really. Started goating around the rocks, it started snowing, wind picked up. Before I knew it, I was lost in a snow storm, just not a blizzard yet. Crawled around the mountain here and there, got sprains, found even terrain, ran into a wolf fight. Under Interloper conditions, that would have been it, but in Stalker you can hardly die it seems. After much ado, I found myself back at Deer Clearing. Now I am taking a break in the cave there, thinking what to do next... Here is my current clothing: The tricky bit is that I'm low on food and losing condition. I've got the revolver on me, but neither bow nor rifle (I found the latter twice, but left them behind as too heavy). Ate a bit from the wolf which attacked me when I was lost and brought another 1 kg of its meat into the cave. Eating 1 kg gives 4% parasite risk. Wasn't that lower in the past? Anyway, I think I'll eat the other wolf meat for a full night of sleep-healing and then make another push for the summit...
  24. Personally my cup of tea is to survive in one region exclusively, basically "Snowballing" as @Drifter Mancoined it. What I like about it is that you have to work around the limitiations of a very closed and limited system, and that your games have somewhat realistic expiry dates, even if you do everything right. At some point you run out of food, you run out of ammunition, you run out of clothes, basically everything, and on Interloper the world gets so cold it just wears you down eventually. Also the fact that no region on its own (except one of four loottables in Broken Railroad) allows you to craft weaponry and tools puts another difficulty in this. Of course this works best in regions that provide a limited amount of resources to begin with: Timberwolf Mountain, Hushed River Valley, Forlorn Muskeg. Desolation Point and Broken Railroad might be "too" limited to really make this fun. Pleasant Valley, Coastal Highway, Milton and Mystery Lake are challenging on their own, but pretty much remove the timer put on clothing - and all offer plentiful opportunities to craft indoors and hunt rabbits with snares. The good thing is you really "learn" a region, all the tricks, caveats and corners you can cut. Snowballing Forlorn Muskeg took me from some dude that got lost on the ice every other time to navigating the Muskeg in the dark with minimal visibility with ease, for example.
  25. Hunting the achiements kept me occupied for quite a long time and I had tons of fun doing so.
  26. Just wondering, what is your best time on this new challenge?
  27. Perhaps yes, perhaps no... I respect what Hinterland chooses to do with their game. I trust that they will do what they feel is best for it, and in keeping with their vision.
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