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  1. With the new change to decay rates then what is the point of a rock cache ? 50 stones ! I can just leave things placed on the ground and ruined food will remain. If food becomes ruined in a rock cache it disappears... I guess it stops everything being hoovered up in to a "Lost and Found box" every update though.
  2. How can we play the game if this is going to keep happening ? Those of us on long runs eg my >400 day save have a lot to lose and caches stored all across the game world. These will keep being disturbed and placed in those red boxes - often a long long way away. We then replace 100's of kg's of items only to do it all again at the next update ? This can't be the intended mechanism for the lost and found boxes ? I thought only items that would otherwise be lost by terrain alterations got moved. Instead it seems everything on the floor across the whole game world goes in them...
  3. Having spent an age reorganising a whole worlds worth of gear back in to all my bases and mini bases... please don't move it all back in to those Lost and Found boxes 😭
  4. Great stuff ! Could you clarify what "Added additional checks to the Lost and Found Box to avoid moving invalid items to it." means ? Does this mean ruined meat and other ruined man made food won't be transferred to the boxes and thus disappear ?
  5. I sent Raph this message on Twitter 4 days ago @RaphLife Really enjoying Bleak Inlet and the Errant Pilgrim update 👍. Just wondering... is there an easier way to get in the cannery without the long parkour route over the planks and trailers etc every time ? No response so far....
  6. Thanks @Wolven. Just not sure I'm brave enough to reinstall in case 440 days worth of effort is lost 😬. So many bugs currently. My favourite game is losing its shine especially when 1000's of my carefully placed items across the whole game world were amalgamated in to a few Lost and Found Boxes 😖
  7. On Xbox One X. My 440 day run now crashes every time if try to enter Coastal Highway (from the PV mine or the Ravine). It seemed to start after the Lost and Found Boxes were added. I'm planning to reinstall but if I reinstall the game will I lose my saves and feats ?
  8. Since the update I have noticed that the bear in the north part of TM just west of deer clearing is not spawning correctly. I can hear him and his crows but he is not there. I suspect he is underground.
  9. Like most others I had mini bases and caches carefully set up across all maps in caves etc. These are all now amalgamated in to the "lost and found boxes" that contain 100's of Kgs of gear. All of the ruined food at these bases is gone. I appreciate that this was an attempt to preserve our gear but I'd have preferred to just be told which areas were to be affected and to clear those out. I guess at least it gives me something to do to restock the mini bases / caves across the maps...
  10. I'm on Xbox One in the UK. My game is updated to 1.48 with no sign of 1.49 or 1.50 but I seem to have at least one change associated with 1.49 - the exclamation mark on the slope indicator is not there. Any idea what's going on ?
  11. Also bears...poor fellow. I think it went up his nose !
  12. If this is how blue it looks on the X1X then I'm glad I haven't downloaded the update yet. I think I'll play offline til the bugs etc get ironed out. Is everyone on the Xbox seeing so much blue ?
  13. This Reddit post is interesting on the topic of rifle sway ? does it really matter ?!
  14. I'm new to the game and on a Voyager run. I'm terrified of wolves - they get my heart racing every time I see or especially hear one ! When I'm attacked by a wolf I get a screen asking me to choose which weapon to defend myself with eg knife / hatchet / hammer. I'm on the Xbox and it either does not say how to choose between eg the knife or the hatchet or it's so quick I can't read it. How do you swap to defend with anything other than the knife on the Xbox ? It's probably obvious but I panic and can't read the screen fast enough - or it's just not clear ?