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  1. No game provides entertainment forever. Once I learned the basics of this game I found it's very quick to get yourself set up and have nothing left to do but just live another day which isn't fun for me. Unless the survival game gets a significant update I am likely going to ignore it and just play through the story mode and call this one good. But that's okay because I purchased this game early to help fund the story mode which is really what I want. I am really looking forward to playing it once it's good to go. TLD has excellent atmosphere which I think works particularly well with story ga
  2. I've never had that issue because I always have stopped playing once I get set up and stable.
  3. This could be for a future title. That said even if they put in a poorly made coop for TLD it's still going to be fun. I can't think of a single game that has been made worse by having coop in it, not even deadspace with magical teleporting mule isacc who warps all over the place, disappears for the cutscenes, and was just stuffed in there without a thought. The laziest hack jobs, as long as they work on a technical level, are good.
  4. I would like it if other animals had to eat that bear for it so disappear. It would require a rework of how the game and animals work though.
  5. I don't play this game often really, but in stalker: anomaly I can die from being distracted. I try to do certain things in safe areas now to mitigate it. It helps but it can only take a few seconds to mean death.
  6. It makes sense and works well in STALKER. I would like the feature.
  7. Having unique things/loot/areas is certainly an enjoyable thing to have most of the time. I am always in favour of having more of that.
  8. and sad. Hopefully people like that can gain some self worth so they don't have to try to feel better by putting other people down constantly.
  9. Is the series X the updated bone version or is it the new latest zen2 version? If it's the bone version that has a really slow CPU. I personally would like to see some optimisations for it because that would mean someone I know could play the game at more than 20FPS.
  10. Wouldn't hurt, but are the arrows going up and down over the warmness indicator not enough for something you want to do?
  11. Very cool I enjoy seeing this. I look forward to playing it
  12. 1) I think this could go either way. There is something to be said about looking through your inventory to give the feeling of looking through your bag. I don't mind this one. 2) Yes, obviously a human being can walk and eat/drink. This should be possible in the game. There are too many things in this game that are just strange that detract from how involved I feel when playing. It's the same with number 3. It's just one of those strange things you notice and wonder why. It's all of these strange things that add up and hurt the experience for me. 4) Autohotkey saves my fingers in thi
  13. Dogs are already all over the place but they're called wolves in the game for some reason. Maybe because killing scruffles is too sad. Timber wolves seem more like actual wolves.