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  1. I know who's work bench that is...
  2. Rabbit starvation happens when you don't eat the organ meat. I have always assumed we eat the organs. Scurvy can be solved with pine needles I believe. From what I remember from school at least.
  3. I voted no because I won't play it when it comes out. I will play it sometime after episode 5 releases when the game is all patched up and complete.
  4. Almost anything would be better than the current system where people have to know how the system works before they can use clothing properly. You can see how much of an issue it is when you can put on additional clothing and then actually get colder. Personally I would have windproof add up as you go in. So wearing 2WP and +3C on layer 1 would give you those stats, and then wearing another 2WP and +3C coat would give you 4WP to the internal +3C but then 2WP to the outer +3C because the inner layer doesn't protect the outer layer. It would be similar to real life that way, as in real life
  5. Yeah I noticed this as well last time I played.
  6. You can cancel harvesting at any time with escape.
  7. I would very much dislike having using a firebow limited. It would make it almost useless for me, in my experience.
  8. I would enjoy having a non-match or lens way of starting fires. Something that is worse than those but also is something you can do with basic items that are easy to get anywhere.
  9. Anorexic wildlife, really.
  10. Autohotkey gets pretty close to this. Not having to click 91 times to harvest a bear is nice. I consider autohotkey almost essential to enjoy this game for myself.
  11. odizzido

    Riken light

    The lighting in this game could use a complete overhaul. If it happens, I hope it's sometime before the story mode is finished as it would increase how much I enjoy the game.
  12. I would be interested in seeing more options for aurora benefits and disadvantages.
  13. Like what hills you can go up, what you can get inside of(rocks, hills, etc), falling through the ice, not being able to teleport, etc. Mostly movement rules I guess.
  14. I would love it if animals had the same rules as the player.....but yeah, I am not going to get my hopes up for that.
  15. They're never going to put stat differences between the two because they consider it a minefield that they don't want to deal with.