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  1. I suspect the map items outside of containers spawn when you load into a map but it's easier to spawn items inside containers when you interact with them and it has always been that way. That would be how I would probably make it myself at least, not that I am an expert.
  2. Cool I am really pleased you guys post patch notes. I always enjoy them.
  3. If I am well armed and armoured I tend to carry more weight. If I don’t even have a knife then I stay light usually. I am okay to not even be able to sprint if my health is good and I have a bow and knife
  4. Looking forward to continuing my game when this hits gog
  5. I don’t understand then. How have you been killed by the aurora? I must not know something.
  6. That seems really dangerous. Why not bring a light source?
  7. I think that’s what modding is good for. People can tweak their experience to match their taste. I fall on the more realiatic side myself, but I still know it’s a game. For example I modded space engineers to have more realistic hydrogen fuel. Previously you could “burn” ice for power but I changed it so you require more power(the actual amount it would take in real life if we could do it at 99% efficiency) than it gives. It was only a few hours of work and really changes it in a way that I like. I am looking forward to doing this in TLD too.
  8. With low loot settings it can actually be quite some time before you find a bedroll. It's not always a choice to carry one.
  9. I think you can make do without a bedroll, but you either need to know the maps/game well, or you need to really take it slow and explore and possibly make supply caches as you go from known to unknown bed. Personally I don't find not having a bedroll to be horrid anymore, but when I first started playing this game is was pretty awful. It was like playing bed finder simulator 2000. I still hope we get the ability to choose to sleep anywhere, even if it's not a good choice.
  10. oh man those are making me hungry.
  11. Before I really knew this game decently I always thought the game took place around great bear lake which is a massive lake in northern canada where there is plenty of muskeg and mining. It's also pretty close to the ocean. There is also a timberwolf pizza shop at a famous location in the canadian mountain range. I am not sure about the other regions...
  12. It has been in the game since I started playing over a year ago. You're talking about the stumbling right?
  13. Maybe an advantage of jerky could be it doesn't have a smell. That would probably make it at least worth making on occasion.
  14. I just play the survival part, but I am really mostly waiting for the story mode to be complete before I go through it. I suspect I will very much enjoy it.