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  1. odizzido

    Paint Can v2

    Yes, I've often thought that it can be too bright outside during the night....much too bright. I wouldn't mind them changing that I am pretty sure. What I don't like is the disconnect between the two areas. The other thing to mention is that in TLD we cannot feel our way through the dark like we can in real life. Maybe if there were a kinda ghostly illumination of objects very close to us to simulate touch that would help a lot. I might care more about it being so dark inside because I turn off fish so I cannot make lamp oil.
  2. odizzido

    Fire Barrels

    likely not, I just find it interesting.
  3. odizzido

    Paint Can v2

    Alternatively they could just brighten up the interiors a little so it at least matches the outside somewhat instead of being completely independent.
  4. odizzido

    Fire Barrels

    Yeah that's pretty terrible. I bet it's quite bright outside too. The inside and outside are very disconnected. Hopefully they eventually take a look at it because it makes no sense and is annoying. Also light actually slows down for us here on earth so it's something less than that. Just sharing some physics for those interested.
  5. Sprinting also increases food requirements. Though since you don't eat unless it's the 700 calories before sleeping I guess that is irrelevant. Plus wolves regularly deliver meat to you too.
  6. I find fishing to be too good so I disable it.
  7. Don't get your hopes up. Consolitis is strong in this game.
  8. Anything above that 75% mark gets eaten right away. Anything below is generally left alone where I find it
  9. I will be interested in seeing continued data if you're going to keep this up
  10. odizzido

    Fire Barrels

    Fires in TLD could use some work. Using a stove in the dark gives a pretty bright little patch right in front of the stove and then anywhere beyond that tiny area is pitch black. If you want to see you have to light a tiny little match because the massive roaring fire does nothing. Every time I see it I am just like geez, how is this a thing?
  11. Getting good at survival is all about increasing efficiency really. I enjoy finding more efficient ways of doing things.
  12. Something they might be able to do is once the game is getting wrapped up they could paste the houses into the maps. That way they only need to edit the maps once instead of having to change a bunch of stuff every time they modify either the map or the houses.
  13. As someone who does hike and crawl around and wear it in blizzards I can tell you that the atmosphere is probably at least 60% sulfuric acid. It's probably why we have to eat an entire deer every 2-3 days, we need to regrow all of our melted skin every hour.
  14. The fact that canned goods decay fast enough that it's a bad means of preservation says a lot...