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  1. I do create a custom game every time with low item decay, thirst, and hunger. I still feel item decay is much too high. We could argue over the particular situation we are in about repairs and dehydration, but that's not what I want to do. Now arguing over eating an entire deer in two days....it's just not humanly possible in any realistic sense. Deer will give you something like 20-25kg of easy to get muscle meat, not including a ton of other calories from things like the heart and liver and the not as easy to get meat. You will probably get something like 100,000 kcal out of one just to put that in perspective. If you feel you can eat that in a few days then I challenge you to do so.
  2. Maybe they could change the wolf pursuit music to only play when a player is low health and/or can't run? If it only plays when you're in trouble I feel that could work well. While we are on the topic of music sometimes I wish the music wouldn't stop when you entered a building because I liked it and wanted to hear more. I am not sure I would actually like this change though, if it were implemented.
  3. I checked out the outcast setting and it's actually fairly close to the settings I use. The thing is is that I like being careful with what I do because I need to worry about wolves. It gets me to think about how I can best do things. My only real issue is that there are just too many.
  4. It does reduce, even if it's not a lot, so it does work and the wording is correct. I feel this could be solved by a sliding bar going from 0-100%. 0% means no reduction, and 100% means they will stop respawning forever. 99% would drop animal populations so low that seeing a rabbit would be a rare sight. I feel most things in the custom games could benefit from a sliding bar....or mods. or both.
  5. Yeah. There are a number of ways the UI could be improved. I kinda feel like they should have someone working for them with access to the UI and it's their job to play the game and edit the UI when they see stuff that could be better.
  6. From my understanding the game reduces the spawn rate, but it has a lower limit. Let's say normally the game has a spawn rate of 65WPM(Wolves Per Minute), over time it would drop to 50WPM but never lower.
  7. On my current game I made it a point to explore HRV more. One of the things that stopped me before was the requirement of an axe to get around. I solved this by bumping loot up to medium so I could find one. I must say it has an awful lot to offer in terms of loot and it's certainly a cool zone, but the bedroll situation is a problem as always. I really wish we could just sleep anywhere anytime, with the appropriate penalties. Even if you take 70% damage sleeping in the cold at least you could climb out of the canyon. Or die trying.
  8. I just wish to mention that complaining about it makes it known. The devs may not have even thought about the combination of events leading to this outcome. It's up to them if they want people to clean a house while leaving the game running after that. Personally as someone who has done some minor work on games I like to get this sort of feedback.
  9. I don't think it would be of much benefit either. I like it more for the cool factor.
  10. This is one of those times that I like the condition loss of items. It's super common here in canada, from personal experience, for bear spray to be expired. I think it would be interesting for any bearspray below 50% to only have a chance of working. You may find some, and it could be worth carrying, but it's a gamble with expired/low condition spray. I think that's super realistic. It would also be neat if it accounted for wind direction, so you could miss or even spray yourself. I think though that we would need a little wind flag on the spray can to show us which way the wind is blowing as it's much harder in game to tell since you know, we can't feel it.
  11. I never thought about it but really this is obvious for those who want to break down their fires. It's one of those obvious things that aren't obvious to people like me who don't break down fires. Actually that's not true. Once I made a fire that blocked my path. Since we can't step over a campfire I was certainly glad we could break them down so I could get through again. I imagine if it had been a six hour fire I would be posting here about this exact thing, though I think for different reasons.
  12. I am all for the aurora having more of an impact. I quite like the idea. I would be all for ovens and other simple electrical items working too. It would give the aurora a special feeling. More so. I already like it and it feels cool.
  13. Yeah it's nifty when the lights come on. Plus the aurora is quite pretty. I knew about the radio but I certainly haven't seen everything. I still haven't crafted any ammo but it's on my list of things I want to try. Anyways I really do like the aurora in TLD.
  14. Ah okay, thank you. I don't know anything about that really. I don't watch the news or live in the states.