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  1. Sounds reasonable. This extends beyond just skills though so it would be nice if hinterland took a look at their game and have the option for the game get harder as you play instead of getting easier. This could fit into custom games nicely.
  2. The problem is that my left click opens doors, shoots, picks things up, throws rocks, etc. I can't bind throw rock and pick up to different keys. You end up with the situation where you're trying to pick up a rabbit but you end up throwing rocks at it. This is the same issue the OP has. Too many actions bound to a single key.
  3. Oh...you're playing on the bone? Yeah okay our control stuff will be really different. I understand why you didn't see my issue with using buttons for too many things too.
  4. I am assuming you mean it would move your mouse cursor?....I am pretty sure I would hate that.
  5. We wouldn't need the warnings if the same keys didn't do five different things. It's not just eating raw meat, it's so many other things. I really hope this gets solved before I go through story mode because it's going to reduce my enjoyment of the game if not 😕
  6. It's always good to know the limitations of a game. In real life I think it would be pretty much impossible to not notice your gloves are wet and your hands are cold, if you're in generally good health. Conveying very important information to the player can be harder, I feel. I don't have many good ideas since we are so detached from our video game character and we already have popups and the risk listed on our character sheet. I mean maybe under the pass time or sleep menus you could have a list of your current conditions so when you hit that button you know for sure. That being said, I'
  7. Yeah I remember the first time I took pain meds...I took a bunch and couldn't figure out why it wasn't working. Having to target a specific part of your body when chewing up a pill is.....very strange.
  8. I don't know what it's like to use the spear in the game, but this game tries to represent the bear as being big so you could have it so the spear doesn't kill it quickly and the spear has a chance of breaking and there is a good chance the bear will maul you anyways. Ranged would be a safer option then. For wolves....well, they're tiny little wolves so whether they get shot in the face or stabbed in the face I don't think it matters.
  9. Alien Isolation is a great game.....but I personally wouldn't get excited about hinterland making AI2. Hinterland is good at having a vision to follow but I don't think they have the right talent and enough of it for an alien game.
  10. The atmosphere is too acidic for anything to survive apparently 😕
  11. Bears in TLD are probably only around 100-160 pounds. I don't remember enough to be exact anymore but it's probably around there. I understand what you're saying @The Orange Birb, and spears are OP. It's why they were used for so long IRL. They're simple to make, easy to use, and super effective. If you're interested this guy knows a fair bit and has some interesting things to say I think. What I would like, if possible, is to find a way to make the game more challenging without pushing the game into "because gameplay" balance. I am not sure how that would be done though. M
  12. While I do like a challenge, I also like the game world I am in to be at least near reality. The spear wouldn't take any more skill to repair than an arrow really, so I am not up for requiring the mill. Also 5kg for a spear is just insane.....like many other weights in this game.....maybe for TLD a spear that is 200-300% of the weight of a regular spear sounds about right.
  13. Yup, I can't remember if I mentioned that here or just thought about it but that's totally correct.
  14. He always seems to make quality content
  15. QTEs are a risky business I feel. For example in Remember Me they had a bunch that were just random buttons and it was too awful to play so I quit. However in New Tomb Raider they(after the terrible intro scene, wow that was a bad intro) had QTEs where you're falling, and you press the ice pick button that you always press to use the ice pick in a QTE about falling and using the ice pick. That works much better because it fits with established gameplay mechanics and the controls you are used to. And then we have TLD. There is no melee button so no button makes sense minus maybe the "every