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  1. I completely agree with you. Obviously I want to be able to either jump, vault, or step over objects, but if none of those happen honestly I would want objects we cannot step over to be bright pink so I actually know where I can or cannot go. Most of the time it's only annoying, but I've been attacked by wolves/bears a number of times because I am heading in what appears to be a clear direction but then get stuck and have to turn around to fight the animal because I cannot lift my feet more than a few cm. If I had known there was a twig in the way I never would have gone the way I did. I find this sort of thing to be frustrating in a bad way.
  2. I believe it would be truly terrifying if they added them in this fashion and I would fully support it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-sr-EYQ8N8
  3. I think nuts could be good. They're super calorie dense which could make them worth saving up for travel.
  4. yessssss. I totally would give them scritches.
  5. Oh really? Interesting, thanks for sharing. I guess the lowest loot setting on custom is lower than what you get in interloper, or I've been super unlucky.
  6. Yeah I have been waiting for the patch to hit GoG too. Wizard - The next consoles should be a lot more powerful as I am pretty sure they're using ryzen CPUs. The current gen use CPUs designed for netbooks and the very moment the first ones rolled out of the factory they were slow and crappy for gaming machines.
  7. There isn't a best really, and it depends how you play. The bear coat offers some good protection which can be pretty useful if you're fighting wolves, but yes it's quite heavy. If wolves aren't a problem for you I would say stick with the lighter clothing. I would probably try to see what is a bigger threat to you, wolf melee damage or being slow. Also something to keep in mind, on lower loot settings the expedition parka cannot spawn and you're likely not as well armed, which can make the bear coat more attractive. It may simply be a bad choice if you have the expedition parka with how you play.
  8. if anything frozen meat should last forever so I find it perfectly fine to eat 0% frozen meat.
  9. I suspect the map items outside of containers spawn when you load into a map but it's easier to spawn items inside containers when you interact with them and it has always been that way. That would be how I would probably make it myself at least, not that I am an expert.
  10. Cool I am really pleased you guys post patch notes. I always enjoy them.
  11. If I am well armed and armoured I tend to carry more weight. If I don’t even have a knife then I stay light usually. I am okay to not even be able to sprint if my health is good and I have a bow and knife
  12. Looking forward to continuing my game when this hits gog
  13. I don’t understand then. How have you been killed by the aurora? I must not know something.
  14. That seems really dangerous. Why not bring a light source?
  15. I think that’s what modding is good for. People can tweak their experience to match their taste. I fall on the more realiatic side myself, but I still know it’s a game. For example I modded space engineers to have more realistic hydrogen fuel. Previously you could “burn” ice for power but I changed it so you require more power(the actual amount it would take in real life if we could do it at 99% efficiency) than it gives. It was only a few hours of work and really changes it in a way that I like. I am looking forward to doing this in TLD too.
  16. With low loot settings it can actually be quite some time before you find a bedroll. It's not always a choice to carry one.
  17. I think you can make do without a bedroll, but you either need to know the maps/game well, or you need to really take it slow and explore and possibly make supply caches as you go from known to unknown bed. Personally I don't find not having a bedroll to be horrid anymore, but when I first started playing this game is was pretty awful. It was like playing bed finder simulator 2000. I still hope we get the ability to choose to sleep anywhere, even if it's not a good choice.
  18. oh man those are making me hungry.
  19. Before I really knew this game decently I always thought the game took place around great bear lake which is a massive lake in northern canada where there is plenty of muskeg and mining. It's also pretty close to the ocean. There is also a timberwolf pizza shop at a famous location in the canadian mountain range. I am not sure about the other regions...
  20. It has been in the game since I started playing over a year ago. You're talking about the stumbling right?
  21. Maybe an advantage of jerky could be it doesn't have a smell. That would probably make it at least worth making on occasion.
  22. I just play the survival part, but I am really mostly waiting for the story mode to be complete before I go through it. I suspect I will very much enjoy it.
  23. As a canadian myself, I can tell you that the one skill you MUST master before coming here is riding polar bears. You will require this to get to your ice fishing hut.
  24. Yeah not being able to get around obviously simple obstacles like sticks can be frustrating. It's like that in Alien: Isolation as well, where they try to block your path with a vacuum cleaner and you're sitting there wondering how on earth your character is so useless. What makes it worse in TLD is that it happens all the time and you never know what open path is essentially a brick wall while trying to escape from wolves. Of course in TLD you also mountain goat down 89 degree slopes so at least it balances out a little. I guess our character is min-maxed for going down stuff.