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  1. I'm passing a little time in down in the Hushed River Valley... way down in the valley. Going to be an active night. Getting around. Heading back to the cave. Much much later that night it snowed. Finally the sun rises.
  2. The potatoes are supposed to be deep fried, not roasted, for a poutine. As was mentioned above, a lot of hand cut fries, but also a lot of "machine" fries get used for poutine too, though I guess I'd say I think fast food fries a la Rotten Ronnie's or Burger Thing are not the best exemplars of what french fries can be.
  3. I was in PEI back in the late eighties... beautiful place, at least in the summertime. Yeah, I dunno about getting out of Great Bear, but it would seem to me that there're lots of things one can do with the basic world premise of The Long Dark.... I think multiplayer would have to work on a "session" basis with a pretty limited number of players to keep it feasible. Like, you have a group of four players and they get dropped at random places in the world, and the game clock progresses when everyone's logged in to play. Would mean that a game would require some sort of bulletin board facility that the players could use to schedule when everyone's available to come in and put some time in. Time dilation is the big problem here; if you settle in for a long session on your bear coat you don't want to have to sit there for thirty hours watching your guy work, but you can't really dilate the time unless it's suitable for everyone. Hard to know how to manage that....
  4. My long run guy spent a few months there. There are a few decent places to live up in there; the Cannery Worker's cabin is one, the cottage up the valley from it is another. BI is all right if you're on that side of the promontory, but if you're in the Frozen Delta it's a hard scrabble existence... but that said I spent nearly two months in it and it's totally a doable place. One thing that's great about the Frozen Delta is that it appears to have crazy moose respawn times. Key to dealing with the timber wolves in the Delta is to have meat to use to bring 'em to you while you hang out in the blinds. Stay crouched and keep your eye out the door; they'll come sniffing around but if you're crouched you won't aggro them and they'll just circle around. When they walk by the door is when you want to stick an arrow into 'em. You can break the two to four packs on the Delta in a few days using this technique at which point travelling around that part of the map becomes much much safer. Oh, also, if you stick to the "outside edge" of the map while travelling around the delta you'll be able to avoid almost all of the wolves.
  5. Sounds like you may need to turn SSAO off in the "Quality" section under "Settings" as it may not be properly supported by your laptop's video card. ETA: Or maybe just down... experimentation is called for here.
  6. I tend to not like the industrial areas as places to live. Places to loot or to do some of the necessary jobs (koff koff "arrowheads"), sure, they're great, but as places to live I don't like the industrial vibe. Forest Cave (near the Pensive Pond) in PV is a great spot, very pleasant.
  7. Nice to meet you fellow Canuck. I'm in the Hip's home town. Where are you at in the maritimes? NS? NB? PEI? I mean, if you're in Nfld, you're gonna get a good dose of the good weather starting pretty soon (and as an aside I'd really love to be able to create new regions in the game for other places in Canada; Killarney/Bruce in Ontario and Gros Morne in Nfld would both be excellent candidates imho; sort of "TLD: Killarney" or "TLD: Gros Morne" kinda thing). I hope you enjoy your time here, it's a pretty decent bunch of folks in here, which makes this place unusual on the internet
  8. I'd like to add that having tried the hollow tree thing a few times... they are dangerous because if the wind comes from the right direction your fire will blow out and you will freeze to death. Don't ask me how I know this.
  9. This is why caves exist. Caves exist to protect fires from the wind. They are pretty close to the only places where fires are guaranteed to be out of the wind no matter what, with only a very few places where you can build a fire and never have it blow out that aren't in caves. Build in the outer part of the cave and sleep next to the fire, so you get the most out of the cold duration bonus. I've often slept for twelve hours to wake up to five hours of fire remaining because it got very cold overnight. Proper exploitation of the cold bonus will really cut back on the amount of wood you need to keep a fire going all the time, esp. when you get up to higher fire skill levels.
  10. Late in the day, still looking for shelter. Icy foggy morning on the road to the coast. Walking through the pain. Coming to make arrowheads at last. Think I'll just set for a moment and watch the sun set.
  11. Congratulations for getting that out. Good to see that things are going on.
  12. Well, trying to use the "-force-vulkan" command option causes the game to punch out on IPL. I'd be happy to try any kind of test builds or anything like that to help fix this issue in the linux version if that's viewed as a possibility during this test cycle.
  13. No, I mean there's z-fighting between the snow on top of the landscape and the actual landscape. What you're seeing there is when the LOD (Level Of Detail) changes as you get closer to an object on the terrain. I'm talking about the fact that the landscape is actively flickering; in any given spot it'll bounce between snow and stone many times a second. This is called z-fighting; the engine is having trouble figuring out which texture to display and is bouncing between the snow texture and the stone texture. This is specific to OpenGL and Unity (the game engine Hinterland is using) as I understand it. In the game there's a "near camera" (things close to the player and shown with a lot of detail) and a "far camera" (stuff farther away and shown with less detail to cut down on the number of triangles in the 3d render) -- (this is one of the many ways in which terrain complexity is managed in video games); it looks like there's little to no z-fighting in the "near camera" but there's very strong z-fighting in the "far camera". Say, @Admin, does the new engine properly support vulkan? Because if it does that might fix the issue....
  14. Nope, distant landscape still flickers like mad in linux native. That's disappointing.