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  1. Needs a laugh upvote emoji thing.
  2. @jeffpeng My read is that this is a Unity issue, and that Hinterland has opened up a ticket ("Unity is aware of any rendering issues in OpenGL"). It may very well be that all they can do is wait for Unity to fix it, and can't really say anything about it, given they are a Unity partner.
  3. If you read up the thread, you'll see that that happened about a month or so ago. Receipt was acknowledged in early July. I'm guessing that this message means that the issue has been passed along to the folks at Unity?
  4. I'm very much looking forward to driver improvements on this. I'm considering doing a rebuild of my system with a distro more appropriate for getting into the bleeding edge versions of the drivers, because I personally suspect that it'll be a while before AMD gets around to updating the proprietary driver, and it'll be a while before ubuntu gets around to getting a good driver stack going on their distro. Any recommendations?
  5. I got ambitious and ran some of the phoronix benches. Holy crap this card is fast.
  6. Yeah, I hear you on that. OTOH, I also wonder if it's been reported by anyone other than me... I personally suspect that the number of active long-term linux users might be... two. I personally didn't report it to the support portal right away; between their response to me and their response in this thread I think it's reasonable to say that they've been aware of it for about a month. In fact, they upgraded the version of unity they were using at the time that the problem showed up IIRC, so it may be that there's a coding change that needs to happen to properly deal with this while using OpenGL using the new(er) version of unity... and given that I think testing is outsourced, it may be that their vendor is the one that dropped the ball on this. At any rate they're aware of it now; I hope they fix it soon because it's quite annoying. @Admin @Raphael van Lierop I've got lots of time working in the IT industry, albeit not in gaming, including as a tester (mostly in telecom, email, and in distributed computing), so if you're interested I'm happy to try out various test/debug builds for you if that'll help because this is by far my fave game and I'd like to see this fixed. On a more general note, the radeon vulkan support does still have the shadow issue in the game (shadows on drugs!), while the opengl backend still has the flickering. I think the vulkan shadow issue is something that only happens under certain circumstances so it's not always immediately obvious when you fire it up. As for the new radeon, it's obviously significantly more powerful than my old card, but it's patchy; some things are *much* faster, while other things not so much. I suspect that as driver maturity improves so will my results.
  7. @jeffpeng Well, I did it. I bought the 5700xt. Results are that Vulkan performance is improved but still pretty bad. The shadows work fine (unlike while using vulkan under nvidia) but the frame rate kinda sucks. The flickering is just as bad using the opengl backend as it is under nvidia, which really sucks. Maybe when the next version of mesa comes out that'll improve. I'm also wondering if this is a mesa issue, a unity issue, or an issue with this game in particular; it's very hard to say, but at this point I think we can say it's not an nvidia issue. Overall the card is performing reasonably well. I'm using the proprietary stack from AMD because I'm going to have to do some serious surgery to get the latest'n'greatest from the open source drivers; running the one that's available on oibaf just dumps me into a default vesa desktop at 1024x768, which is absolutely unacceptable. I'm doing research right now to figure out what'll be involved in doing that, but info is scanty....
  8. But yeah, I've seen that. There've been some serious problems with weird stuff like this (as well as arrows floating in mid-air) since Steadfast Ranger came out, at least on linux.
  9. The wolf looks like it's got colon cancer or something.
  10. I have and they don't... the light's steady. That said, ISTR Raph saying that that's not intentional so it may well go away sometime. OTOH, it may well not... Only the Shadow knows!
  11. It's wrong, but it's really nice when you crest that hill leading from the Deadfall and see those lights gleaming out. Just wish that Trapper's had more wildlife around it in the deep game.
  12. Simple and Quality tools significantly speed up the crafting of arrows. This is nowhere mentioned, but if you have them in inventory when crafting arrows (not arrow shafts) you can use them to reduce crafting time by 25% and 50% respectively. I think a nice buff for those tools would be to have those tools save time at the crafting table, AND allow crafting arrows without the table, but with no time bonus from simple tools and only a 10% time bonus for quality tools. N.B.- allow crafting of arrows, not arrow shafts.
  13. Well, you asked, so.... Americans living and working in Canada is pretty reasonably common; I don't know any that renounced their citizenship. And come back up for a visit; if you ramble through Kingston Ontario you can look me up and I'll show you where the good bars are.