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  1. I'm pretty sure you're talking about the Fat Lute, aren't you?
  2. A similar problem exists in certain areas under the linux proton environment, and can lead to the game freezing. Very annoying. Yes, it started in linux with Hesitant Prospect as well. It appears differently than it does in Mac, but is similar enough that I suspect its a similar source. Unfortunately, a bug in TLD/Unity makes "-force-glcore" a non starter, as the landscape flickers to an insane extent when using the opengl backend under linux; it /appears/ that this is a known problem but I suspect it's been placed into "will not fix". Running the windows version under Proton and its ability t
  3. Oh, I'd say they could keep it going a lot longer than that. I'm heading into year three (🤔) playing this game, nearly 3k hours... If they were releasing new regions every six months I'd just keep playing. I imagine at some point it'll switch to DLC for new regions that has to be paid for, but given that I'm significantly below a penny an hour on this game, I don't think I can really complain. Graphically, the only think I can think of that might make things better would be light extinction/rayleigh scattering a la the scatterer mod for Kerbal Space Program and ray tracing to really explo
  4. I have not yet figured out a way up there. Tried a whole bunch of times but there are... challenges.
  5. I follow CanadaPaintings on twitter, and today's tweet seems to line up nicely with the new region: Summit Wall, Dawn -- Chris Flodberg
  6. Not that I'm aware of. It may have gone down into the ravine and up the other side; I did see a bear casually strolling down an 85 degree incline one day in AC. Did you cross the log to see if you could find the trail again?
  7. stratvox

    Move radio

    However, trying to run desk lamps as dynamic light sources will hammer your video card, and I'm pretty sure that's why they're immobile. If they can't move it allows the dev to pre-compile all the lighting shaders involved in getting that lamp to glow, which means better load times, better frame rates, etc. This is an old video game trick used to help deal with keeping framerates somewhere reasonable. If you play KSP on a marginal machine, crank up the light cascade setting to max, put a boatload of lights on a space craft, and you'll see what I mean; that's the setting the controls the m
  8. I have been trekking around the map to see if there's a way up to the plateau over the Climber's Cave, but to no avail so far. I'm beginning to think those are all highlands that we're not going to be able to access.
  9. Hey did some messing about on this; it looks like the state is not updating until you equip the crampons, and then they show the new wetness value. If someone else can test to see if that seems to be the case, that'd be awesome; it would allow a bug report that would probably allow them to home right in on the software issue that's causing this.
  10. It's definitely bugged; I've noticed the weird behaviour too. It makes no sense. I think they need a little work, the crampons.
  11. Did I happen to mention Bill Murray? Because I'm pretty sure I mentioned Bill Murray. And Groundhog Day. Because Reasons.
  12. I haven't made the run down to the Cannery Workshop to find out yet; I'm still exploring Ash Canyon. There's a LOT in there, and there are a huge number of hidden little spots that aren't obviously found but totally exist... I can see them, but I haven't yet been able to reach them, and I'm still messing around with that. They are definitely decaying with use... in AC the terrain is rugged and the crampons make a huge difference wrt sprains and just how quickly you can get around, so I've been wearing them pretty much non-stop. They are decaying, and doing so fairly quickly, at least in my gam
  13. On my system it writes them into the Desktop folder: c:\Users\<myUID>\Desktop.