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  1. I'm still on my first playthrough, and playing very deliberately. I'm definitely going for completely going over the map on this playthrough. Working the region over, you might say. There are a lot of cool little spots that I've found. Liking this one quite a bit, and I'm looking forward to checking it out in survival as well.
  2. The stone work in the new region is on point. I never thought I'd see flowing water like this in the game. This opens up a bunch of new possibilities, imho. -------- The face of this region is cut by many river gorges. -------- Looking back while leaving a quick warm stop: -------- I had a feeling about that mine, and I got away with tons of loot. Getting it out, however, shows one of the best overall areas I've ever seen in this game. Look out for that first step... it's a lu-lu. It is hard to explain how happy the loo
  3. Just as an aside, I far preferred the old crow sounds. They were good enough that they would fool the crows that live around my house; I'd hear them replying to crows in the game when I played in the summertime with the windows open even.
  4. This is a bug. I reported it some time back, but I guess it hasn't been fixed yet. Go hit the support portal and report it; the more reports they get the higher up the priority list it goes.
  5. Or he was coming from an as-yet unreachable region and got stopped by the gate and starved to death.
  6. My guess is that they are there to potentially permit creating new cave systems that lead to other regions. If you look around you can find many locations like this all over the place, where a few minor touches can be used to create a transition point.
  7. Showing once again that the real key to long term survival in the game is map knowledge. With map knowledge it's very hard to kill the player, without it it's as easy as pie.
  8. Oh aye, one does what one must to survive. I actually use the moose cloak over the bear coat when I get into the end game; I have cold set to max in the special settings and the two of them work well together, not least because the rate of decay of the bear coat on the inner slot is INCREDIBLY LOW (0.033%/day) and the moose cloak takes it much better than the bear coat when wolf/bear/moose struggles happen. Also, the ability to harvest and remake the cloak to 100% condition with four gut and "sixteen point six six six ... repeating of course" hours is ... pretty darn sweet. I've n
  9. I like the moose because I like the cloak and the bag, not to mention that it's a bear sized meal package without the parasites. However, six arrows are not enough; I'd much rather have at least a dozen, and twenty is better. I don't want to have to sneak around to pick up arrows I've missed with in the middle of the hunt because keeping your distance is important with the moose. Of course, you know that Nice account. There are two caves on the Delta that are decently positioned for living in, though one is pretty isolated and a bad choice if you're thinking of making an aurora
  10. The trick to dealing with Timberwolves is using all the tricks. That cave you found in your latest post here is one of the good spots to live because of the wildlife around the edge of the Delta; as you've noticed there's a moose... it turns out there are a lot of moose there, compared to most other places on Great Bear. After you take one, you'll want to get a bunch of meat to the three blinds around the Delta. Use the meat to pull the timberwolves on the delta to you inside the blind. I found it worked best to crouch and face the "doorway" and fire arrows at them as they pass the opening whi
  11. Think that'll obviate the need to get your fishing skill up; just toss it in the icehole and wait for the fish to float up.
  12. Look up the town of Centralia, PA.
  13. BI is challenging. I have managed to live there for months, but it's not easy and where you are is extremely important... and as far as I can tell you haven't yet found some of the good spots. Are you interested in some suggestions about how to manage the timberwolves?
  14. So happy to see you here chronicling again, @Drifter Man.