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  1. No. The cold bonus is a time bonus, not a heat bonus. It's based on the environmental temperature of the player while both the player and the fire are outside. If you're within range of the fire, it's based on what the player's environmental temperature would be if there was no fire present. The fire itself gets as hot as it gets based on the amount of fuel fed into it; for example one stick equals one degree centigrade, one cedar equals four, and so on. However, when you put the stick in it'll show you a "time left" on the fire. If the temperature's cold enough, it won't tick down on a one second per second basis; as the environmental temperature drops, it'll do so on the basis of say .8 second time left per second of time passing. Let's say for example that the cold bonus means that each second passes eats .75 seconds of the time left on the fire; if the fire has one hour left, after one hour of time passing in the game, the fire won't go out; instead it'll have fifteen minutes left because 60*0.75=45 minutes consumed of the hour, leaving fifteen minutes showing on the time left on the fire. The fire will in fact last for one hour and twenty minutes before it goes out, because 20*0.75=15, meaning that it'll take twenty minutes for the fire to consume all fifteen minutes of the time left. The further the temperature drops, the more that factor increases. This makes judging exactly how long a fire will last while outdoors harder to figure out, but the benefits far outweigh this unpredictability.
  2. Hey @jeffpeng I pulled the trigger on going with the open source drivers; upgraded to 19.04, installed the mainline kernel tool, the graphics-drivers ppa for the latest'n'greatest mesa stuff, and uninstalled the closed drivers that I installed from AMD. Performance in the game is significantly better with the open source drivers than the proprietary ones. The flickering is still there, unfortunately. If the Oct 22 update fixes that problem I'm very much looking forward to spending a lot more time on Great Bear.
  3. I have successfully mapped that place, but it was a LONG time ago and I don't remember how I got there. So I can't tell you how to get there, but I can tell you that you can get there. I think you need to get on top of the big rock that's on top of the three way cave and then goat around to get to the location you want... but I can't guarantee that's exactly the right way.
  4. The key metric is "Get somewhere warm". You need to have a fire going that gets the air temp above zero degrees and be there. You can even be buck nekkid and have your clothing on the floor next to you, but if the air temp is below zero it won't matter what you do, you will continue to develop frostbite until you get somewhere where the air is above zero. ETA: this is different from drying clothes next to a fire. Clothing will dry even if the air temp is below zero if it's next to a fire, but frostbite will not resolve until you spend time in a place with the air temp above zero. A Feels Like above zero doesn't cut it.
  5. In all truth, humans need other humans to remain sane. After years of isolation, people are basically bug out nutso, it's just unavoidable. That guy that's got a guy for 10000 days on interloper... I guarantee you that if you met that survivor in real life you'd instantly recognize that he/she lost their marbles a long long time ago... just not in a way that impaired their ability to continue. In the real world, total isolation can make people psychotic in months, not years.
  6. That bad boy is in Mystery Lake, I believe. I think it's in the North Eastern section of the map IIRC, right near the map edge. If you follow the road from the dam towards train unloading, and follow the edge of the map north along the road that splits off and goes to the clearcut, you'll find it around there. I think.
  7. The issue here is that the effective remaining time is not really knowable because the as the temperature fluctuates the consumption rate of the wood will change with it. This means that having the temperature drop to -25 in the very late night makes for less remaining effective time than if it drops to -40. As I'm pretty sure the RNG figures that out at the moment of weather changing (which appears to be app. hourly to me) it's not really possible to know what the effective remaining time is. To get into the buzzword compliant weeds of this, a stochastic process driven by random numbers can't really be predicted.
  8. For me, I'm just waiting for it to come. I've not been playing because there's something wrong with (I think) Unity's OpenGL handling in the game which causes almost all of the terrain to flicker under linux. I know that this is a general problem because I'm not the only linux player that's experiencing this. I'm very much hoping that Crossroads Elegy will mean that the problem will be fixed by whichever version of the engine they're building it on and I can get back into the game without getting serious eyestrain after half an hour to an hour of playing.
  9. That's not bug, that's a feature! It's the outdoor cold fire bonus. When you have fires burning outdoors, the duration of the fire scales inversely with the temperature... as the temperature drops the fire lasts longer. I don't know about the cabin fever, but it sort of follows from how that particular affliction is supposed to work. Does it not allow the passing of time if you're cooking outside? Personally, I've never had cabin fever; I tend to spend a lot of time outdoors just as soon as I'm able because (among other things) the outdoor cold fire bonus can cut way way back on the amount of wood needed to accomplish cooking and boiling water. It's just a case of finding a good sheltered spot to put the fire you're going to use for cooking etc. Also tend to use that for repairing/crafting when I can get away with it. A great location for that is the Fishing Village in CH; it's got an outdoor crafting table and a well placed fire near it (next to the big boulder and between the two trees) will let you craft away outdoors for a long time without ramping up the cabin fever risk. Yes, I do tend to gravitate to that place in the second stage early game (i.e. after I've gone to a forge and whipped up a bunch of arrowheads); lots of hunting to get your basic hide clothing up and at 'em in a short period of time (wolves deer bear) so that you can get yourself into the good stuff before the weather shuts down too badly.
  10. And if you get caught by a surprise whiteout in the vastness of PV, you've got a much longer window of opportunity to get to safety thanks to the wind and water bonuses on the cloak.
  11. Oh, if you live long enough, you're pretty likely to end up finding it. I've found arrows I'd lost more than a year before (in game time) before. With cloak, deer pants and boots, rabbit mitts and hat, a bear mauling goes from 90% condition damage to 45%. That's huge.
  12. Those are fantastic aspects of it. The armour bonus is particularly sweet, with the right stuff (cloak, deer pants, deer boots, etc) you can go from taking 90% damage from a bear down to 45%. That's a huge win. This is pretty much the acme of clothing in TLD. Heavy snow and a brisk wind? Not an issue, because it's going to take all day for the water to get past your cloak, so it's going to take a long time for it to start to seriously wear down your warmth bonus from your clothing.
  13. Yeah, I dunno. According to Phoronix, the updates are flying fast and furious into linux for the 5700XT. It looks to me like they're trying to get the Navi stuff really up to speed because there are at minimum two more parts coming (Navi 12 & 14) and I suspect their plan is to have Navi fully supported by the time they come out in October/November. I'm considering moving off 18.04LTS up to 19.04 so I can grab the 5.3 kernel and updated mesa etc from the oibaf ppa and take a look at the state of the art with the open source linux drivers rather than with the stack you can download from AMD now. It'll be a boat load of work, though; I've heavily customised by linux setup and have a TON of third party repos; getting all that stuff back up to snuff will be... challenging... and tedious.