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  1. Really neat how that movie presaged our surveillance society so clearly. It's a great action flick... but one of the reasons it's great is because it's topical. Really unusual for a throwaway action flick like that to remain relevant thirty years later.
  2. Hmmm. I'd take a look at a recent driver update from Apple as being the culprit for that. It's also possible Hinterland have added some graphics features to the game that are now pushing your intel card beyond its capabilities. Have you tried turning down things in the "Quality" section of settings to see if it helps with the glitching? I'm not very familiar with Macs so it's hard for me to comment. Maybe cast an eye at this page from Apple: and in particular consider taking a look at the two related pages linked at the bottom of this article.
  3. Yeah, got back from lunch and saw that. Talk about timing!
  4. Yeah, it's still busted. I've gone to their support portal to report it. I'd suggest you do the same; I'm pretty sure the number of reports of a bug is relevant to how likely it is to get addressed. Not necessarily be all and end all... but relevant.
  5. Aye, but in the meantime, this gets most of the way towards what most of the people in this thread seem to be asking for wrt item spawns in the game as it exists right now... not much stuff but having the possibility of getting the good stuff. I'm not suggesting it's for everyone, but at least it's worth it for folks to try it out.
  6. Try setting baseline to high or very high, empty container chance to the max, and container item density to the lowest setting, and loose item availability to high. You can get top tier stuff but with container density to low and empty container to high you end up really not finding a lot of stuff. In my experiments with custom games setting the container stuff up like that ends up with ~>90% of containers having nothing in them whatsoever... and with baseline set to very high there are a lot of containers that you can use for storage in the buildings etc but they're almost all empty.
  7. When the bear comes for you, you're going to just let it happen. That's how it works with bears.
  8. Well, you know... this game is pretty much the ne plus ultra of a game set in Canada, and I'm Canadian, so I know all the cultural references. I've posted about some of this quite some time back and included some pictures of the paintings that I'm sure inspired some of the art style of the game in and in which have some nice pictures in them. I spent part of my childhood living in Prince George in the BC interior in the Rocky Mountains. This game really speaks to me.
  9. The overall art style is simplified, and hearkens back to the Group of Seven, Emily Carr, and other Canadian painters from the first half of the twentieth century... though they largely worked in oils, not watercolour; I suspect that sort of watercolour art style used in this game is more easily carried off in computer games than trying to make the world look like a Tom Thompson oil. It's not really supposed to be realistic; it's the way a painter would paint it if carried by a figure in the mid-ground of a landscape. Even the music you hear on the radio when you switch one on points at Canadian culture; while the recording used in the game is not him, it's very reminiscent of the kind of thing you'd hear from Glenn Gould, who was considered one of the best classical pianists in the world in the forties and fifties; his recordings of Bach are legendary. I think it'd be awesome if Hinterland could swing getting literally hours of Glenn Gould into the game for use when the radio is on; he's got tons of recordings (not all of which are solo piano pieces) and it'd be a super nice touch to the game... like someone freezing to death at one of the repeaters up there put the big ol' NFB reel to reel of Glenn Gould playing Bach and The Idea of North on to die to and now you can hear his dying music every time the Aurora is out.
  10. Actually, the reasons are historical and climatic. First, the history: the Lee-Enfield rifle has been used there for over a century, both by just folks and the military, in particular the Canadian Rangers reserve unit ( They are still in use by this unit ( That rifle is an iconic rifle in Canada, far more than M4s or Winchesters and so on. There's a decent article on the effort to replace the rifle here: This rifle says Mad Trapper, this rifle says Call of the Wild, this rifle says Farley Mowat, this rifle says Klondike gold rush. It's the right model. The climatic reason the rifle has the full wooden stock covering the majority of the barrel is to make it easier to use in arctic winter temperatures. If it's -45 and you put your bare hands on the barrel, you are inviting serious injury. Wood is a far better material than metal to be touching in those conditions.
  11. There is a lot of high ground in ML. It's worth checking all of it out if you can. Some of those tree-clothed plateaus have a LOT of firewood on them. From there try following all the high ground along the right side of the river travelling towards the dam until you get to the little pond area with the deer just shy of the trailers. You get some cool views on weird little corners of the map by doing that. It's also awesome for avoiding wolves; even if they become aware of you, it's hard for them to path to you up there.
  12. Well, for me, it's more that seeing a polar bear or a walrus would pretty much take me out of the willing suspension of disbelief. It's just the wrong environment for them. It might be cool to make another game in the same universe that was set on Baffin Island in Nunavut; in that game you'd be ice fishing, seeking out seal breathing holes in the ice and waiting there with a spear for one to show up, avoiding polar bears and walruses and wolves, maybe hunting caribou, snaring arctic hares, and perhaps there'd be a role for ptarmigans. There'd be no trees, and abandoned villages and towns with the houses up on stilts because of the permafrost. Getting the materials together to make fire could be challenging. Being out on the winter ice could well turn out to be a better play than staying on land. I could see that being a very cool game, and even one that might be worth considering for Hinterland, but I don't see any of those things happening in this game.