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  1. Not only that, but beavers can be dangerous. They have killed people before. They're not like rabbits.
  2. Good to see you folks are being stand up about this.
  3. This could be thermally related. If the 5700(xt) thinks it's getting hot, it'll throttle the card pretty hard. I've found with my 5700xt that turning on vertical sync results in smoother result overall; the card barely breathes hard rendering this game at 1080p@60Hz, so you just don't see big drops because even when it has to work harder for a particular scene as it's got a lot of thermal headroom available before the card throttles itself.
  4. This article seems relevant: Among other things, it discusses water and energy usage for different methods of bathing.
  5. @Drifter Man Aye, I'm not plowing in the hours like I used to either. I'm looking forward to what we've got coming up though. I can see myself hammering in a couple hundred pretty easy as I really learn the new region (and more strongly familiarize myself with the new stuff in PV in survival). I've been winding my slow way through Wintermute. I didn't do redux, so I'm doing the whole thing. However, I'm busy enough lately that I'm having a hard time getting the free hours in to plow my way through. At any rate, I can hardly wait for the new update. It's going to be fun fun fun.
  6. Drifterman! So good to see you again!
  7. I endorse this idea. It'd be esp. useful when playing hudless, which I did for a good long stretch of time. I liked it, but it did make certain things more challenging. There are a few bugs in hudless mode too, but I'd need to play it again to see if they're still there. I may do that when the new update drops.
  8. This. However, don't just leave it lying about or it'll end up kilometres away in a red box.
  9. Yeah. All the bases I'd set up in caves scattered across the island, all are now deathtraps if I assume I can run there for succor. While losing the meat (disappears in the box because zero condition) was bad, it's the loss of the firewood (some of my boxes have over a hundred kilos of wood in them!) that'll be deadly if I run for one in a blizzard. I understand why they did it, but... man. I'd be far better off if I'd just lost the stuff I'd stashed near what is now Thompson's Crossing.
  10. I look forward to the update. Thanks!
  11. I'm with you. It'd be really cool to have to take off say rabbitskin mitts and put on say driving gloves to use a revolver or weapon. I think the gauntlets could use an update too; they strongly resemble the CAF old-school gauntlets, and there are two kinds of those; one that's a straight mitt and one that's a mitt/glove hybrid with a place to put your forefinger so you can use firearms while wearing them.
  12. Aye. Surround sound is absolutely dependent on having more than two speakers; it really needs five. Personally, I think four full range speaks at FL FR BL BR would be better than having tops at those positions plus a sub, but maybe that's just me.
  13. That was fixed years ago. I don't recall ever being able to not hack up cedar limbs with a hacksaw. It just takes longer and wastes way too much metal. Crafting improvised hatchets is significantly cheaper in both time and metal for hacking up tree limbs than using and repairing hacksaws.
  14. Those appear when there's been a change of elevation in the terrain, I think, where an object was resting on the terrain before the change. That's why they're concentrated around the areas where major changes to the maps were made. Objects that were in locations where the terrain was lowered float, objects that were in locations where it was raised are below ground level and not visible to the player.