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  1. This is really the crux of the matter. This game punishes not paying attention to what you're doing when you're doing it. I personally like that aspect of it... that there's a real possibility that you can screw up applying first aid to yourself and waste resources, which is a real departure from how most video games handle picking up medkits, but it's probably not everybody's cup of herbal tea.
  2. It's a finite play, but that finite number can be very long; there's a guy who's had a run that lasted over ten years in game.
  3. You can either stream to twitch or youtube, record to hard drive, or do both. There's a learning curve, but I can say once you get over that curve it works very well.
  4. Well, it matters, but not that much really. Daily usage of a bearskin bedroll gives you about six weeks of use before repairs really need to be done. By and large it should be totally possible once in the middle game to get that many bearskins coming in; often you can get a lot more than that many coming in. The thing that's really good is that it's easy to set yourself up with a permanent fire once you hit fire five; you only need about four or five fir logs to give you twelve hours of fire when you're burning outside. I think the longest running fire I had with my current guy was around 260 hours. This has several huge advantages, beginning with having long-running fires cuts down on the match consumption. Also, instant warmup; once you've got a fire going over the course of a full day or so it's at max temp and you're gonna get three bars warming up if you're within its range. I've generally found that at fire five you can keep a permafire going with an hour or three of wood gathering per day, depending on what you find and how far you have to carry it. Note that I'm not suggesting a newly dropped survivor should try to dive immediately into cave living, but after you get your good clothing going on it has a lot of advantages.
  5. The cave down in Milton Basin is a good spot to camp out for a while. My long run guy has spent at least a couple of months living out of that cave. It's a bit of a hike down the watercourse to FM to get to the worktable and forge at Spence's, but it's far from impossible and generally is an overnighter which is far from onerous. Overall I find cave living to work a LOT better than living in buildings... the extra something something you get out of your wood when living and cooking outdoors is a huge advantage.
  6. If you're interested in recording you playing, I'd suggest OBS and a multi-core CPU. You probably already have the multi-core CPU I figure, so... check out OBS:
  7. Aye, it's not ready for prime time yet. Interestingly, I just got a download for my two unity games from steam consisting of "pre-cached shaders: opengl vulkan" so I'm thinking things might be seeing rapid improvement....
  8. Getting ready to leave this place: I've been on FM for nearly two months, mapping out the region completely. Here is the result: The only two regions I have left that don't look like this are Winding River and Pleasant Valley. This particular guy has been wandering Great Bear now for ~690 days. My current plan (I'm now at the Camp Office) is to continue on up through the dam to Winding River and mapping that region, and then going to PV and mapping all of that region as well. I expect that by the time I'm done I'll have eaten another couple of months, and at that point I'm taking the rest of my saplings and heading up to TWM for a while.
  9. I'm still seeing a lot of arrows suspended in mid-air: It very much looks like the arrow "froze" right at the moment of death of the wolf, instead of falling with it. See also: Also, the forge in Old Spence has smoke coming out the chimney even when the forge is not lit: It's hard to see, but it's there. On a positive note, I submitted a bug report some time back that pointed out that the z-order on the clothing paper doll for hats and ear wraps was wrong. Before you'd see the ear wrap on the outside of the rabbit hat and/or toque or what have you. Now: I can't believe you guys fixed it. Thanks! Yeah, that is some sweet sweet clothing that guy has. This is my long run guy, currently up to ~680 days. It doesn't really get any better than that. Sure the sprint is totally hosed, but if my clothing's at full and I get hacked by a bear I still have 55% condition after it's over.
  10. Yeah, that flickering is exactly what we're talking about. On nVidia it's really blatant. If you want to use the command line option -force-vulkan (which may work much better on amd than nvidia; while the z-fighting goes away any shadows closer to you than maybe twenty metres or so will make you think Will/Astrid ate some mouldy rye bread) you'd edit the batch file to include it. Or, you can switch into whichever folder that the game got installed into in a terminal and try issuing "./TLD.x86_64 -force-vulkan"
  11. As far as I know, there isn't. however, there are ways around most of them. However, the wires in the long corridor between the upper dam entrance and the turbine room are not possible to work around. If an aurora comes while you're in the dam, you're on one side of those wires or the other and that's where you will remain until it's over. Another set of wires that are impassable are in the Lower Dam at the bottom of the stairs that start take you upwards again to where you entrance to the dam from the Winding River side. You're on one side or the other of those wires when the aurora starts and you'll stay there or you'll be dead.
  12. Yeah, it's dangerous in there. Heh, I remember when I first got the game I laid out my bedroll in the corridor of death in the dam, not realising that if an aurora came out there'd be electricity. I was just a-sleepin' away and then there's this "brrrzp" and I'd died of burns. I was like "what the hell...?"
  13. Personal nukes or I bail.
  14. You two should go to and create a bug report about this.
  15. If I have that kind of stuff and I'm going to do a time accelerated action (typically either carcass harvesting or chopping up a limb) I always drop. You don't need to drop it a distance away... as soon as it hits the ground no predator can pick it up.