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  1. This game looks unbelievably good when you can play it in 4k. Check this out: The difference in how the trees look is striking; you have to see it to believe it. Ended up seeing an interesting side effect of SSAO wandering about one evening, so I took this shot: This is down where Will starts his journey, but is actually me in a new survival game. At this point I think I'm about a week or two in; started in HRV.
  2. Still trolling! Always interesting seeing people take the side of a multi-billion dollar transnational company over the side of those nasty cruel small indie game houses trying to protect their IP rights. But you do you.
  3. Seriously, if there's any way you can swing it, you really want to play it on a rig that can do 4k.
  4. This game looks AMAZING at 4k.
  5. Fluffy was a wolf that lived in the dam. She's famous for having dispatched a large number of survivors, esp. on the player's first time in the dam... seen 'em off screaming as they say. She was taken out of the dam when they added a lot of the stuff in to make it look like more than a bare room and it made it impossible to path her.
  6. Yeah, late April or early May 2021. In comparison to the Spanish Flu pandemic, covid-19 is at least as lethal and as transmissable. Given the state of the art in hospitals and care between now and a century ago it's entirely possible that it's significantly more lethal. This is serious.
  7. I know I'm necroing this thread, but I just thought I'd drop in to say.... was helping the dev of scatterer test, and tried to run it using vulkan. Instant death; it didn't even make it as far as opening the log file... so Hinterland has actually done a decent job here.
  8. It's at least as lethal as the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic. That was kind of a big deal. Yes, SARS was more lethal, but way less contagious than this one is. That matters; if you're going to compare it to SARS let's look at how many have died so far: 774 from SARS, 5,397 from covid-19. If the current death rate holds up, you can expect it to kill well over a million people in the USA over the rest of this year.
  9. stratvox


    That got addressed in a mailbag a while back. Basically, the inventory is not treated like a container, and making it that way would be a massive pile of work requiring huge amounts of regression testing to ensure that it didn't break other parts of the game, so the moose bag is used as a modifier to the total capacity of the player. I bet that you'll see something like this in TLD II.
  10. NVidia is totally the bad guy in this.
  11. stratvox

    Cured Leather

    If you go to the fandom wiki, you can find out how much you can repair items when you repair them (example when you repair a wool toque you can repair up to 90% in total IIRC), and then tailor your repairs to that number so that you're not "wasting" your raw materials. Now obvs there are times when you should NOT do that, but by and large you definitely don't want to blow tons of cloth repairing a toque from 90 to 100; I'd say you want to wait until it's down to at least fifty or even more.
  12. I actually like this. The only caveat is that unlike meat/fish that's a non-renewable resource. A further requirement might be that the beans/grains require 24 hours of soaking in a recycled can/cooking pot, with the amount able to be prepped scaled accordingly... as well as having decay go into overdrive once the soaking is completed.
  13. Forget it @jeffpeng, it's Chinatown.
  14. If you have parasites eat the predators, because there's no further harm that can be done to you. Once you clear it up, go back to your vegetarian ways (i.e. eating vegetarians )