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  1. When I was a teenager I used to go on summer camp trips to Algonquin. This wasn't the typical "summer camp" style stay; instead we'd spend some time in a lake local to where I live while we got taught how to paddle, portage, build fires, set up tents, and all that good stuff, along with a decent smattering of local flora and fauna, and then we'd head north for the last week to ten days to go on a canoe trip where we'd typically cover about fifteen miles a day. Doing this I spent time in Algonquin, Killarney, and Temagami, all areas in Ontario where the canoeing is good. Anyways, we were in a s
  2. Well, dude's been busy; he made his way to CH, had some wolf tussles, done nearly no hunting, but has hit about half the structures in CH. His clothing situation is much better (they don't call it Clothing Heaven for nothing ya know!) and he's been waiting to get some arrows happening before setting out for the high country and the treasures that await therein. He's gone back to DP to pick up the saplings and bear skin and guts that I left there and brought them back to the fishing village, and I expect he'll be starting the trek to AC via PV and TWM within a day or two after I get enough arro
  3. Yeah, the idea is to try and create something that will have areas of challenge (since detection is set to very far, it's quite a bit harder to hunt esp at lower weapon skills) but still sort of retain that easy vibe, plus part of the idea is also that in the late game after the cold is there it's possible to have the wool long johns and the fisherman/cowichan sweaters so you can have access to more of the day in the late game, and more time before you take the hit... and that taking the condition hit means that you've got a couple of days where you're taking risks just going out before you bu
  4. I'm playing around with custom settings. This is not intended to make the game "harder" or "more realistic" so much as to make for some extra challenges at the skill level I most enjoy playing at: Voyageur. I like it because it's got All Of The Things, and it's not wolf crazy like Stalker. The short version is: low starting gear, parasites on, fire overcome ambient off, low condition recovery at rest and active, interloper level coldness, struggle damage pushed to high; wolf struggles should be rare but they are very dangerous, but without cranking up the clothing damage outside of the Voyageu
  5. I have experienced this. It sucks. There are some places where it would be extremely awesome to be able to build snow shelters in them.
  6. That sounds good. But... Yeah... that says that I'm going to not get it now. 230 Canadian... good lord. I'll keep any eye peeled for any good sales, but that's a completely insane price. I don't care that it's steam, but good god that's a lot of money.
  7. DOOM, Heretic, Quake, Descent... those were halcyon days.
  8. Yeah, I work at a distributed computing startup; my home machine participates in the computation network on a reasonably routine basis (for testing the distributed computer) and we have a lot of AI workloads; being able to get a lot of that going on at once is a major plus when we're trying to stress test the components that make up the distributed compute network. When I think back to the ol' 486-66 with it's whopping four whole MB of RAM running DOS and win 3.11 it's pretty amazing how far it's come in thirty years.
  9. I've never played that game... any good? I've thought of getting it to relive the simcity2k glory days....
  10. There is one exception to this rule, and that is KSP. Some of the eye candy mods are incredible. I tend not to go for big gameplay changes though, mostly it's info (kerbal engineering redux, kerbal alarm clock, etc) and eye candy (scatterer, eve, stock visual effects, waterfall, etc).
  11. I have a weird system. ryzen 3950x, rx6900xt, 64GB RAM, dual TB nvme pcie4 drives in a mirrored RAID. I run the game with everything all the way up at 4K and get all of the frames. The video card's fans only spin up a bit. I do rate lock it to 60Hz though, because that's what the TV I play video games on is capable of doing, so why use more electricity than I need to? I run the windows version of the game under the Proton dx3d compatibility libraries under linux; I think the two main ones are DXVK and D9VK depending on which version of directx is being supported. Proton is awesome, e
  12. Dangerous carrying that home after you're done carving it up.
  13. It does a shadow effect around the edges of objects, so if you look at say a tree limned against the sky, look carefully around the tree and you'll see that there is a sort of penumbra around it. Helps make the landscape pop. It's also pretty expensive computationally speaking, so it really depends on whether your card's up to hammering it. If you're having trouble with frames dropping large, try turning it down instead of just off to see if your card's up to it.
  14. Loved for Warlords II. I still have a copy of that about somewhere, I should try and fire it up again. Such a great game, perfect for beer and pretzels around the home PC.