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  1. Some Winding River randos: This was good mapping weather. Looking up the river towards the dam. This was later when I was ferrying stuff from ML to PV. The weather adds just a touch of melancholy. I was in WR for three days. One of them started with a pea soup fog; a little later on it burned off so I went up to the dam to pick stuff up. As I moved my stuff through the cave to PV, I had occasion to hunker down in the cave and make some water and cook up some venison. It was my last trip through the cave. I stopped to look back at the cooking fire, which would burn down soon:
  2. I did discover something interesting. If you then wake up, and exit the game, and then resume it later, the fire in the inside will not have the burning animation, but it will have the logs in the "set up" configuration and will give off light and heat.
  3. In my particular case the Vox refers to my main stage amp, the AC15HTV. If you play guitar and you see one go by in your local used market BUY IT! it's an amazing guitar amp. The strat of course is my main guitar; it's a 79 I bought in 84. Last night the mixer was an Allen & Heath Qu 24. I had some issues with ringing feedback after adjusting the monitors based on the musician's preferences before the second set, but pulling ~200Hz down a few dB in their monitors made it go away. While I've played guitar for around 35 years, I've only been doing sound for around ten; I'm not quite as good at picking the frequencies out as I'd like to be. The room was so live that I eventually just killed the reverb on the board as totally piling mud on top of a very reverberant room. Really cleaned it up. Blah blah blah On the original topic, I personally find using the bug reporting system at to be a much better way of addressing issues in the game. In fact, one of the items I reported a ways back (about the z-order of head wear on the paper doll of the survivor; ear wrap should be over balaclava, but under toques and definitely under the rabbit hat) got fixed in the latest update, which made me happy. When I find bad textures etc I try very hard to remember to take a debug screenshot and report it with a brief description at the site I mentioned above. Doing that might actually get it fixed someday, while whinging doesn't do anything. In the immortal words of Joey "Shithead" Keithley: "Talk - Action = 0"
  4. Do you work in professional audio? I was mixing a couple of bands just last night at one of the finer local establishments....
  5. So, now that I'm done mapping FM, I'm in WR. There's really only one place to live in the map; the cave where the river is about to turn. Interesting thing about that cave; it's got a campfire in it, and that campfire is in the "indoors" part of the cave; if you drop a curable item right next to it it will start curing. This would seem to indicate that the fire will not benefit from the cold bonus. However, if you place your sleeping roll right at the edge of the rock before it turns to snow, you will be sleeping in the "outdoor" portion of the cave... and the fire in the indoor portion will benefit from the cold bonus.
  6. It's not realistic for winter to never end. It's not realistic that bears can't climb trees. It's not realistic that predators glow green and become super dangerous when there's an aurora. It's not realistic that you can fix a sprain in moments with a bandage and some acetaminophen. It's not realistic that you only get ~10kg of meat from a deer, or only ~30kg from a bear or moose; those animals both weigh well over a quarter ton when fully grown. It's not realistic that there are only bucks, not does. If death is the only guarantee, why bother? I mean, it's not like real life has a hundred percent mortality rate, now does it?
  7. Again, for me, the current system makes sense. As was said earlier... yes you can "waste" meds by screwing it up, but let's take a look at how humans operate under severe stress for a moment. So you've just had a wolf struggle, terminating when you jammed your hunting knife into its neck and it ran off whimpering. It's dark, the weather sucks, and you're a long way from home. It's entirely reasonable that the avatar could make mistakes while doing their first aid on themselves... but how to model that? Random occurrence of a mistake that wastes it, or put it on the player to follow the right procedures? Putting it on the player absolutely makes the most sense, and leaving room for the player to make a mistake and waste resources also makes the most sense because that can go down that way in real life. It's similar to the people that want to be able to walk up to a pile of sticks and pick them all up in one shot through some kind of automagic bundling facility. Part of the reason they don't have that is because one of the most precious resources in the game is time... and picking up a pile of forty sticks effectively should take time. The interface ensures that time gets taken by making you double click to get each stick in your inventory. Any other large pile of stuff should work the same way; you can't expect to be able to load up ten fir logs in under three seconds, it just doesn't really follow how reality works. A similar thing I've seen in the forums lately is people complaining about the revolver firing because they're picking up sticks and miss the stick and fire the revolve. Well, if you're gathering wood with a firearm in your hand I think it's reasonable to accept that accidental discharges are possible. Just be glad that they don't have the possibility that your accidental firearm discharge ends up in your leg or something. If you want to fix that? Put the revolver away before picking up that wood.
  8. This is really the crux of the matter. This game punishes not paying attention to what you're doing when you're doing it. I personally like that aspect of it... that there's a real possibility that you can screw up applying first aid to yourself and waste resources, which is a real departure from how most video games handle picking up medkits, but it's probably not everybody's cup of herbal tea.
  9. It's a finite play, but that finite number can be very long; there's a guy who's had a run that lasted over ten years in game.
  10. You can either stream to twitch or youtube, record to hard drive, or do both. There's a learning curve, but I can say once you get over that curve it works very well.
  11. Well, it matters, but not that much really. Daily usage of a bearskin bedroll gives you about six weeks of use before repairs really need to be done. By and large it should be totally possible once in the middle game to get that many bearskins coming in; often you can get a lot more than that many coming in. The thing that's really good is that it's easy to set yourself up with a permanent fire once you hit fire five; you only need about four or five fir logs to give you twelve hours of fire when you're burning outside. I think the longest running fire I had with my current guy was around 260 hours. This has several huge advantages, beginning with having long-running fires cuts down on the match consumption. Also, instant warmup; once you've got a fire going over the course of a full day or so it's at max temp and you're gonna get three bars warming up if you're within its range. I've generally found that at fire five you can keep a permafire going with an hour or three of wood gathering per day, depending on what you find and how far you have to carry it. Note that I'm not suggesting a newly dropped survivor should try to dive immediately into cave living, but after you get your good clothing going on it has a lot of advantages.
  12. The cave down in Milton Basin is a good spot to camp out for a while. My long run guy has spent at least a couple of months living out of that cave. It's a bit of a hike down the watercourse to FM to get to the worktable and forge at Spence's, but it's far from impossible and generally is an overnighter which is far from onerous. Overall I find cave living to work a LOT better than living in buildings... the extra something something you get out of your wood when living and cooking outdoors is a huge advantage.
  13. If you're interested in recording you playing, I'd suggest OBS and a multi-core CPU. You probably already have the multi-core CPU I figure, so... check out OBS:
  14. Aye, it's not ready for prime time yet. Interestingly, I just got a download for my two unity games from steam consisting of "pre-cached shaders: opengl vulkan" so I'm thinking things might be seeing rapid improvement....
  15. Getting ready to leave this place: I've been on FM for nearly two months, mapping out the region completely. Here is the result: The only two regions I have left that don't look like this are Winding River and Pleasant Valley. This particular guy has been wandering Great Bear now for ~690 days. My current plan (I'm now at the Camp Office) is to continue on up through the dam to Winding River and mapping that region, and then going to PV and mapping all of that region as well. I expect that by the time I'm done I'll have eaten another couple of months, and at that point I'm taking the rest of my saplings and heading up to TWM for a while.