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  1. BI has amazing moose spawn, and in and around the Frozen Delta is definitely the place of choice.
  2. I played the pre-redux 1&2, and have played the new episode one and a bit of episode two, and then put it aside; I'm waiting until the whole thing is available and then I'm going to hammer my way through the whole thing over a week or so, I think. Sort of like when you wait for the writer to finish the entire trilogy before you take up the first book.
  3. I've found that bears like to go home to die; I've often found them in or just outside their caves the day after putting an arrow into them.
  4. I've found that happens when you are just at the upper or lower edge of the part of the rope where you can climb off onto a ledge, and generally either moving up or down slightly makes it steady. YMMV of course.
  5. Sounds like Friday night.
  6. Personally I think it was because they discovered that managing that style of UI on a console controller was very difficult, which is why they moved to the wheel and tabbed interface styles of UI.
  7. You'll want more arrows. Seriously. The point made earlier about losing all your arrows is definitely a real thing that can happen; if you get all your arrows into it and it doesn't drop then those arrows are just gone and you'll need to get more. If you're in PV at Pensive Pond you should do the mine -> Winding River -> Mystery Lake -> Forlorn Muskeg trek to go to the forge at Old Spence's with a bunch of scrap metal and make twenty arrow heads; you don't have to make arrows out of all of them right away but you will suffer attrition of them over time. I have hunted many moose with
  8. I think that's kinda the point... you've got to run the gauntlet to get to the sweet sweet loot at the Maintenance Yard and Hunter's.
  9. Yep. Not commenting on its practical utility, just noting that going from HD to 4K made them much easier to follow.
  10. Just as an aside, I found that playing at 4K made the blood trails MUCH easier to follow. Like, massive massive difference in their utility.
  11. I am not experiencing this in my games. If you're on steam, maybe try to verify game files? The blood trails do fade over time, but overall I've done lots of tracking via blood trail, even in the last few days....
  12. If they can make it to that tree and run up it they'll be good.
  13. Got another one for you folks: "Rocky shore and sky" 1915