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  1. Is there not a mod where you can 'give' yourself 999 fires to save yourself the trouble of playing the game ?
  2. I got the F.C. Achievement ages ago so maybe things have changed since then, but here's my map of that area.
  3. "Nerf Ruined Food", "Nerf Revolver for Hunting", What do they mean? Can you you put it in English English.
  4. I made another trip to PV in a Voyager game to try and map that new cave by the river. Once again I failed. En route I also failed to map the cave that lies between Pensive pond and the road. What is it about PV that prevents me mapping these caves? I started the Voyager games in Ver, 1.35 and mapped pretty much everything then, and as new areas and changes added new features I have added them to the map, but not these damned caves.
  5. I think that you, and the great majority of players over-value the achievements. For someone to complete the Faithful Cartographer Achievement in Stalker is very difficult and something to be respected. For someone to complete the Faithful Cartographer Achievement in Pilgrim is a much, much lesser achievement. And if someone completes the achievement using mods to give themselves whatever resources they want and to restore equipment to 100% anytime they want, the achievement is contemptible. I am not entirely against such achievement targets, but we need a system that differentiates between the achieving a set of tasks at a difficult level and the same set of tasks being achieved at an easy level. " . . I've dumped 150 hours into this game, . . ." That might seem a big commitment from you, but there are many players who have dumped considerably more hours than that. I have probably played approaching 3,000 hours, but I have no doubt that many players exceed that. TLD is one of those games that can give challenges for ever.
  6. I find this draw distance issue most noticeable with objects that I drop. For example if I butcher a deer carcass then drop the meat to be picked up later, when I return the meat does not appear until I am close to it.
  7. Yeah, I had a similar experience on the river in PV. When I reloaded my cartridge cases disappeared below the ice and couldn't be seen, however after scanning the ice with my cursor I was able to pick them up without seeing them. So when I returned to BI I scanned the snow on the trailer roof and was able to pick up the unseen cases.
  8. You have missed one of the points that I was making. I am not bothered about badges, achievemnets and whatever else there are, I leave that sort of stuff to Boy Scots and people in the military. My interest has been seeing, and mapping, all of the countryside. It is personal challenge, a challenge which I think is far more interesting than getting a badge in Steam. If the badge is the important thing, just have a Pilgrim game customised to the easiest settings and it will be a walk over. There might even be a mod which enables you to get all of the locations without leaving the office in M ystery lake.
  9. While in BI I mapped a few other minor bits, at Cannery Works' Residences and another vehicle. I feel that there should be a trailer icon for The Washed Out Trailers. I tried mapping on an earlier visit but it didn't appear on the map. I was about to head back out of the region but I should have another go at mapping those damned trailers, otherwise I might have to make a special visit back here just to try again. . . . . Oh!, to my surprise the washed out trailers did map. It is just as well that this is a Voyager game. Had it been a Stalker game my short trip from Cannery Residences to the Washed Out Trailers I have been savaged by timberwolves twice, had to fight my way through a blizzard, clothes would have been ruined and my bandages, etc. etc. decimated. Why is it, I wonder, that some obvious items map easily sometimes but at other times do not? Why is the viewpoint so critical?
  10. I have just mapped that bear cave in BI. It was a long way to go just to map a cave. Here is my map of the central road bit of BI. I wish I knew what the other two locations are. I suspect that there could be other icons that I have missed. I haven't compared my maps with anyone else's maps so I don't know what I've missed. I still have that PV river cave to do. Previously I tried several times using the charcoal, but the cave just wouldn't appear on the map.
  11. When I tried to map everything it was on a straight Voyager game Ver 1.35 I wasn't bothered about the Achievement award, I just wanted a complete map. I have subsequently mapped added regions and changes. It might be that the Abandoned Coal Mine in PV was easier to map in Ver 1.35. This might also account for my difficulty mapping the new cave by the river in PV. Here is the coast road in BI that I am heading for now. I have also mapped most in a straight Stalker game, but I am less bothered about completeness in that. Surely it is easy in customised Pilgrim game. Here's my mapped Abandoned Coal Mine in PV. The top bit of this map was difficult to map. I wish that is was possible to see a list of the locations visited in the jornal. That would a be great help for people after the Faithful Cartographer Achievement
  12. I would happily show you my maps but it is quite a hassle producing a single map from the zoomed in sections. If there is a particular area you need let me know. I am now making a special trip to BI to map that Bear Cave, after that I shall have another try at mapping the cave by the river in PV.
  13. I have 285 locations in my journal for Voyager game, and that doesn't include the icon for new cave by the river in PV. I didn't have a problem mapping the Abandoned Mine icon in PV. I have just noticed that my Bleak Inlet map doesn't have the Bear Cave icon, in that game, although I have mapped it in another game,
  14. ajb1978, Now try doing that in a straight Stalker game.