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  1. I often read of complaints about the detail and accuracy of the charcoal maps. I think that people are underestimating the difficulty in making maps. For walking around in the freezing regions without any technical equipment for measuring distances and the heights of the mountains then I think that the charcoal maps are realistic. Incidentally, I spent a few years making computer maps,
  2. The importance of map knowledge has been mentioned a few times. I am very familiar with the maps. I completed the Faithful Cartographer challenge twice. First a couple of years ago and again after BI was added. I usually make a point of completing all the charcoal maps in the games so that I have no, or negligible, black patches on the maps. So lack of map knowledge should not be my problem. I have have completed more than 4,000 game days at Stalker or Voyager level so I don't lack experience. It seems to me that in order to survive in Interloper you need experience in reading spoil
  3. What is a "meta gamer" ? "Was there some kind of leaderboard scandal going on?" Not that I have noticed.
  4. In the past week I have tried playing at Interloper level. I have found it extremely difficult, and not enjoyable. I have managed to survive to around 30 days but only after slipping into the long dark a great many times. Fortunately I backed up my saves, restored a good save and continued. Yet I have often read postings from people who say it is easy and claim many very long runs in Interloper. I am a very experienced player at Stalker and Voyager level with thousands of game days and thousands of hours played. Why is it that I find it so difficult and some others claim they find it so e
  5. One should be able to sleep anywhere. It should be the simple issue of warmth. If you do not use a bedroll you do not have the warmth bonus.
  6. The game is meant to be the survival challenge of an unequipped crashed pilot in unknown hostile territory. He has no maps, no warm clothes, no food or equipment. If you go to fandom to get copies of, or just look at, the maps of the regions you change the nature of the game's challenge. It is the same if you use fandom or other spoiler webpages/forums to get information about playing the game and the resources. Similarly if you edit your save file to give yourself warm clothes, good tools & weapons and some food then you are not playing a game about the survival challenge of an un
  7. I can't remember why, but for some reason I wanted to get from the DP lighthouse to the top of Timberwolf mountain. Perhaps it was to collect some gear from the wreckage. That was a long trip. It would have been in Stalker or Voyager, but I was very lucky on that trip. I had good weather and very few problems.
  8. ". . .ideas of what to work on during the "End Stage" of the game, . . . " Have you fully mapped each region?
  9. I thought that the ice climbing in a couple of Lara Croft Tomb Raider games was susperb. I'd love to see some of that in the next TLD production. I feel sure that it would be too much to add to the current game.
  10. I have no idea at all how the 'hours played' are monitored. I have never had any reason to think about it. I am connected to internet 24/7 but I do not have Steam running in the background when playing. Does that mean that I am playing in 'off-line' or 'on-line' mode? I am tempted to go though my old pre-Steam saves, for which I have no record of the hours played, to try and get a more accurate figure for the pre-Steam hours played. I could possible get a reasonable idea of the game days played, although I deleted many of my saves so it would be a significant under-estimate. It d
  11. Luca Loquax, At almost every place I stay, I leave wood, a bit food, and in decent shelters, caves etc. I leave a stock of everything a traveller caught out in a blizzard might need. When I do this I am thinking of a cold hungry traveller, not myself. I think I might be going insane.
  12. "Only the people below five hundred hours are sane. . . ." What do you mean by sane?
  13. Don't * use a mod to edit your save file and give yourself anything and everything you want. * use fandom to shortcut learning how to survive. If you do use them don't, * give us a load of bullsh** about your epic achievements. The game is meant to be challenging, not a walk in the park for softies.