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  1. My advice is to leave the guns at base, because they do almost nothing that a bow and arrows can't do, and they weigh a great deal. You would save a load of weight therefore you would be able to move faster, be able to carry more food, and other supplies, and bring down from TWM more of the interesting resources that you might find in the crashed aircraft. Make a load more arrow heads while in DP, and take a dozen with you, as well as your dozen arrows.
  2. Poor illumination inside buildings is the aspect of the game that irritates me most. OK, there might be workarounds, you can use a lamp or torch, or you might even know the layout of the building and be able to get around in very low light, but that is not the point. The level of illumination inside buildings is not good. I have just been playing an Assassin's Creed game, and there is no problem with interior illumination. TLD has some very good lighting effects. I like it when the sun streams through a window into a room, but often the rest of the room is unacceptably dark. The illumination given by a fire often gives the room a cosy atmosphere. I assume that lighting a room in such a way with Unity is quite a complex issue. Whatever, this is an issue which needs fixing.
  3. Completely map every region, that is leave no black patches on your charcoal drawn maps. I think it is great task because it forces you to visit and explore everywhere. Don't do it in Pilgrim, that's too easy.
  4. ThePancakeLady, Thanks for that. Many times I have checked the number of cairns that I have found but I have never clicked on 'Select' and seen the list of all the cairns found. I still wish that when I find a cairn for a second time that there was a indication that it had been previously found, by some sort of minor change to the cairn, colour or text, or that a little box came up saying already found. I am often amazed that how after playing TLD a great many game days I have still missed some very basic elements of the game. I wonder what other things I have missed.
  5. ajb1978, At what level are you doing all of this? It would be a doddle at Pilgrim but a major project at Stalker level. ". . . so every time I find a Cairn, I check to see if it's one I already got. " I wish there was some indication once a cairn has been found so that you are aware if you come across it a second time. It could just be a message saying 'already found', a change of colour, or that a list of cairns that you have found was kept in the journal.
  6. I have been followed by a wolf and attacked in a cave a few times.
  7. ManicManiac, ". . . where I had to edge all the way around the two crags at the summit of Timberwolf Mountain, or that hard to reach plateau over the cave that resembles a stone dome with three access points. " They are the place that I found difficult too.
  8. Drink too much. Every time there is a bit of a wait, and my left hand is free, I pick up my glass of plonk and have a sip.
  9. If you are to use body heat to melt snow then it would be appropriate to reduce the body temperature by an equivalent amount - First Law of Thermodynamics. Instead of dying of thirst you die from hypothermia.
  10. My desktop with Radeon R7 360 graphics runs TLD well enough for me. If I wanted the cheapest laptop that will give me equivalent performance to R7 360, what specification should I be looking for?
  11. ManicManiac, " As for what level I'm on... I'm assuming you mean difficulty? Voyager. " Well done ! I hadn't realised that the "Hidden Contents" in your posting was your map of TWM. It looks very good. I would have been disappointed if you'd said you were playing at the difficulty level for primary school kids. I suspect that in Pilgrim there is a chair-lift to the summit, where you find Starbucks, Walmart and Holiday Inn. I find clearing the black patches the most interesting way of playing the game. It forces you to explore every area in the game. It is much more interesting and challenging than turning TLD into a game about achieving fire-lighting and sewing badges, or whatever. I now try to fully map every game I play.
  12. piddy3825, " I'm lugging around a loaded revolver, a long gun with 3 rounds in it, a flare gun with 5 shells, a bow with 4 arrows and a handful of rocks. " If you dropped those guns and rocks you would travel around 8Kg lighter. You would be able to travel much faster and/or carry many more useful things. A bow and arrow can do almost everything the those guns can do, and the arrows are re-useable.
  13. I have not needed a snow shelter in my last 1,000 game days at Voyager - Stalker level. I think that I have only built a snow shelter two or three times in over 2,500 days. Once you have visited all of the areas, (without the help of those excellent, but game-spoiling, Whiteberry maps), and you have a good idea where shelter is to be found then planning your travel to fit in with the weather removes the likelihood of you being caught out in a blizzard.
  14. It doesn't seem to matter what you do with meat. Raw meat degrades to 'Ruined'' but still can be cooked and eaten. Cooked meat degrades to 'Ruined' and can still be eaten. I think that this needs changing. It makes survival too easy.
  15. Have you cleared the black patches from all around TWM summit? I found that difficult. At what level are you playing?