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    Click on lantern in the backpack inventory, then on "Actions", then on "Repair" and you will see the requirements.
  2. I have now reached Day 91 in my WE, Pleasant Valley, (advanced) start. It has been tough. PV was very cold, especially with my start-up clothing and lowest skill levels. It was a struggle to survive. Even when I managed to kill something for food, completely harvesting it without freezing was almost impossible. It took me ages to find weapons, hacksaw & knife. I didn't find an axe until I left PV. I did manage to kill a couple of bears in PV but they had to harvested in multiple sessions to avoid my freezing. I was particularly keen to get some bear hides to make a bearskin coat, but forgot where I left one of the bear skins to cure and have not been able to find it. Eventually I thought it better to get out of PV until I found an axe and increased my skill levels. So I went to Mystery Lake which was much easier. That gave me a chance to improve my skills and clothes. That enabled me to briefly return to PV to have another look for the missing bearskin, which I still couldn't find. I also had a trip to the TWM Mountaineers Hut hoping to find some high-value loot there. I didn't, so immediately returned to PV and ML. By then I had clothes that gave me a 20° temperature bonus and some skills around level 3. At this point I was almost out of ammunition so I decided to head for Bleak Inlet. I got as far as The Ravine. There the weather was worse than PV. It was a full time job just staying alive in the almost constant blizzard. I had to race out grab wood, dash back warm up. When warm dash out again hoping to kill a deer then race back just before freezing to death as I harvested some meat. Then I had to burn the fire for hours on end to keep warm. Surviving there was so difficult I was unable to build up the stock of food, even after a few days there, before going down the rope to the lower cave and on to BI. So I had to scrap that idea and head for Coastal Highway. CH was almost comfortable. The weather hasn't been bad and here I have found enough Ketchup Chips to feed an army. I even killed a bear and picked up a second bearskin. (Throughout the game I have wounded quite a few wolves, deer and bear but the conditions were so cold that I wasn't able to get out and find the carcass.) My Skill Levels are now mostly 3 & 4, but none at 5. My clothing temperature bonus is now at 24°. I am not sure what my next move should be, to Riken to make arrowheads, BI for ammunition or sit tight in comfort in CH or ML and improve my skills ans clothes. I have only found 3 or 4 syrups throughout the whole game. Now I wonder is there a container full of bottles pf syrup in TWM.
  3. After I reached 25 games days in WE a message flashed up on the screen saying that I was awarded the badge. I think finding 25 Maple Syrups will take a lot more days. After 61 days I had only found 2 or 3 syrups. Ketchup Chips are everywhere.
  4. I am at day 61 and have had almost identical experiences as you. I started in PV.
  5. I paid the £ equivalent of $8.99 and had had over 3,500 hours of great entertainment from it. I can't think of activity entertainment that has worked out as cheap as that.
  6. Whether a game is too easy or too difficult mainly depends upon the level that you are playing at. On top of that there is a considerable difference between the start of a game if one has no badges that give great benefits and has zero levels of skills compared to starting with the benefits given by badges and high levels of skills. Of course if someone is using the mod to edit saves to give themselves ever-lasting life, unlimited carrying capacity, lots of everything, maxing out resource condition etc. then the game is very easy at all levels. I started WE in Pleasant Valley and it was a difficult start. I found very few resources in PV and the it was very cold. I have played TLD a great deal, so I dread to think how most players will manage to survive that start. Eventually I found an an axe, hacksaw and knife, when the game became easier, but it was very difficult getting that far.
  7. An interesting theme for TLD2 could be a climbing a mountain. Just one mountain with several possible routes and a few traverses linking some of the routes. There could be a few Alpine style mountain huts, operating or derelict, caves, ledges, shelter stones etc. etc etc.
  8. ". . .Within few game hours he already had excess amount of items and clothing without even exiting the region." In that case there is no problem. Start a new game in HRV and away you go.
  9. I got my 25-Day badge a couple of hours ago, about 26 hours after the release of Winter's Embrace, so it must must be 25 game days not real-time days.
  10. Then start a new game in PV, TWM or HRV,
  11. When I received a message telling me that I had been awarded my 25-day badge I felt inclined to visit the Steam website, I'm not sure why. To my surprise there was a HotFix 1.80, to do with Cabin Fever. I started a game in PV, for advanced users, and wasn't having a particular problem with Cabin Fever. PV is always bloody cold. It was even colder this time and made worse because I was starting a new game with zero skill levels. Surviving before finding warm clothes, a hacksaw, an axe and a knife was a much bigger problem then Cabin Fever. Because of Cabin Fever I always spend as little time inside my base/shelter. Whenever I have mundane tasks such as repairing clothes I usually pop outside to the lee side of the building and do my repair, reading or whatever, outside . If there is a car or tractor near the building I retreat to that and sleep in that. That was not so good in the early days of Winter's Embrace in PV as my clothing gave me very little thermal protection, but by spending a few of the warmer daylight hours in a car I could return to shelter in the cold hours, warm up and manage to avoid Cabin Fever.
  12. I often wonder if interiors are deliberately made to be dark so that it is difficult for us to find objects.
  13. There is a bug with bedrolls being damaged in HRV. Several times when I have been out in the open I have been attacked by a wolf or bear when I wasn't carrying a bedroll, but when I returned to the cave then the bedroll that I had left in the cave would be damaged, often ruined completely.
  14. Yesterday, in a recently started Voyager game I reached level 5 with archery so immediately dropped my rifle and reduced the load I carried by 4+Kg. I now walk faster and can climb ropes with more essential gear. I found not being able to use the bow while crouched was a limiting factor and made deer hunting difficult. I wish using the bow while crouched came in at level 4. I then tried using the bow & arrow on an attacking wolf. To my surprise it was much more effective than the revolver. I have killed the wolf every time I have used the bow since then. Since wolf behaviour changed a few updates ago I have found that the revolver was a good device for scaring away attacking wolves so have been using that against wolves until yesterday. I think I shall drop the revolver and reduce my load by another 1.5+Kg. Ironically I am returning to the way I played the game a year ago, with bow & arrows as my only ranged weapon. It is similar with spray can and stone caches. I don't bother using them. I am finding the these new additions to the game might look good at first but that they turn out to be little more than an unnecessary diversion.