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  1. jeffpeng, ". . . don't think we should be able to hide out on tree trunks, under rocks and on train carts to "hunt" wolves and bear from a safe distance. You also can't claim realism here. . . . " I disagree completely with what you say. If I was out in the wilds, as in TLD, I would be looking for opportunities to kill animals for food from safety or to protect myself. I think that climbing up the old tree on to the roof of the red truck was both realistic, sensible, and showed an awareness of in-game opportunities.
  2. When people make claims about such things they should include a screen dump of their journal. I suspect that some people have an inaccurate memory.
  3. I would always climb up the tree and on to the roof to look out for a bear. If I saw a bear I'd wait on the roof for a safe shot at it. That seemed a sensible and realistic setup and action. A couple of hours ago I happened to be passing the red freight van and saw a bear in the distance. I stopped and waited until it came close. Being unable to climb up the tree to the roof I tried to shoot the bear from the small snow covered hill in front of the van's door. It was a quick shot then I raced back to the van before an angry wounded bear attacked me. Shooting from the roof was satisfying. Shooting from the ground and racing back to the van is a poor and irritating strategy.
  4. ManicManiac, ". . . I doubt that enough moose will come by the region... " I have found TWM to be the most reliable and easiest source of a moose.
  5. What about noodle food item, and a rice food item, and a couscous food item, and a potato food item, and a bread food item . . . . . . .
  6. That would be a great deal of work for Hinterland. I suspect that there are problems and other developments that would be better use of their time.
  7. There are many sticks and branches floating in mid-air around the PV plane crash site. In Milton there's something small floating, I can remember what, where the Old Grey Mother's house/drive meets the road. I wondered if it was in an invisible mail-box.
  8. You might be right, or you might be wrong, but I like your analysis. This is what I like about the game. Many of us think along similar logical lines.
  9. peteloud


    The most exciting, and scary days with TLD are at the beginning when you have no idea at all of the geography of the regions. In those days I would be lost on mist or a blizzard and have no idea where I was and what was around me. It induced a pseudo panic. It was unbelievably stressful. In those days I didn't use the radial menu. I didn't know about snow shelters, being able to sleep in cars, or dropping decoys for wolves, and many other things. As I said, it was so exciting and scary. One of the great challenges of a game is not the inherent challenges, but the learning how to play the game and seeing your skills increase and your tactics develop. When I discovered the Whiteberry maps I thought that they were fantastic. However I soon realised that they took away the challenge and risk. It was as if you swapped climbing up the vertical North Face of a mountain to driving up to the summit car park in your car. It is very easy to come up with suggestions that make the game easier. They will probably spoil the game.
  10. You guys are tempting me to return to Interloper. I resented the start of Interloper where survival depended upon the cards that you were dealt rather than skill. If the random weather, loot, etc. was against you right at the beginning it was impossible to survive. It seems that if you get good cards, once you get past the initial difficulties, it is a reasonable, not too difficult, game. It throws up new challenges and I assume requires new strategies. In fact, some of the comments I have seen, in other threads suggest that it might even be easier than Stalker. The problem at the moment is that Hinterland is bringing out too much new stuff in a short space of time, at least for an old guy like me.
  11. If you look carefully you will see that there a few gaps. I have shot a bear through one of those gaps. I can't remember if I used the rifle or the bow and arrow.
  12. Serenity, Thanks for that information. I gave up Ep.3 when I became sick of timberwolf attacks so didn't get as far as the mine bit. I had seen a few comments about a mine or cave in Ep.3 and I wondered if the new entrance that I have just found was linked to that cave/mine. I have picked up a lamp and a load of food, anticipating that I might get stuck in the mine waiting for an aurora, so I shall return to it, but now I am expecting to reach a blockage and have to return and exit.
  13. I have played over 3,000 game days with TLD Survival, mostly at the Voyager - Stalker level, so I am fairly familiar with the regions. Today I had a surprise in a Survival game. I found a new mine entrance. The mine entrance is not hidden. It is easy to see from a popular route. I am amazed that I have not seen any references to it in the comments. I am baffled. I have ventured in a little, cautiously. There are aspects that could make it a death trap. I suspect that I need to be well prepared. I shall finish my bit of work restocking some bases and making some arrows then return and explore it properly.
  14. Over 50,000 games days ! How many hours play did that take? It would be fascinating to see your journal for your 3,000 Interloper run.
  15. This has reminded me of another issue with bedrolls. Several months ago I would often have my bedroll destroyed in a wolf or bear attack, this has not happened recently. Has there been a change, or have I just been lucky?