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  1. I would be content to see that the red tag on the cairn just turned to blue on discovery. Do people trying to find all the cairns use Fandom Cairn Table with their location or do they find them by discovery?
  2. It is realistic for there to be a fixed number of crows, so that if there were many animal carcasses and/or corpses there would not be crows for every bit of carrion. It would be unrealistic for a murder of crows to be generated for each carcass/corpse.
  3. Yeah, I think that is overdone. I can understand cans of beans burning to cinders, but surely not tea and coffee.
  4. This is game about surviving in the wintry wastes of Canada, not a backroom bar discussion in a American gun club.
  5. I am not unduly concerned. Creating such a game is very dynamic. Things change and people priorities change. What seemed a good idea a few years ago might seem of lower priority now. After playing the game for 3-4 years I still find it the best game that I have every played. I am happy to see HTL develop the game as they see fit without too much external pressure,
  6. Go on Riken, DP, and wait for the bear coming across the ice. You can shoot the bear from the ship in perfect safety. You can then cook the meat, out of the wind, on the wing of the bridge. While waiting for the bear to walk over you can make a few arrowheads. Take a stock of coal with you and take a hacksaw. You probably have to take a heavy hammer with you too.
  7. In a Voyager game I started about six months ago I found lots and lots of revolver cartridges. I guess that it would have been around 200. I can't check the number easily as I would leave boxes of 20 in many of the places that I expected to return to. I think I made around 150 on one trip to the cannery. My problem has been with games I started a few years ago, before the revolver and before the making ammunition at the cannery. In the first days of the revolver I would collect all the ammo I found and use it without collecting the empty cases, so when BI and the cannery appeared I had
  8. I was aware of the problems of carrying meat so I made a point of not carrying fresh meat far, just back to a base then dump it. I would usually carry cooked meat and got used to coping the problem of wolves being able to smell me. However recently I was down to 7 ammo for my revolver and had a long way to travel back to the Cannery in a Stalker game so I expected to serious trouble from wolves. So I avoided carrying all meat, and no fresh skins or guts. The benefit was greater than I expected. There were times I crouched and was able to pass very close to packs of timberwolves without be
  9. I returned to Milton Basin and this time it was very easy to map "Milton Basin" and complete the Cartographer challenge/feat, or whatever it is. What I had got wrong previously was that I was expecting the name of the location to automatically appear on the screen or map when I was in the correct place. That didn't happen. This time I returned to that specific area and used some charcoal and the text appeared on the map. However it did not add to my locations in my journal. I am still at 309 locations. I feel a bit cheated over that. I wish that HTL would have recording those locati
  10. Your post could not have been timed better. I was just about to ask about the number of locations. I wanted to know how many locations that there are. I am currently in a Stalker run and have 309 locations. I know that I have still to get Milton Basin which would take it up to 310. However it seems that there are several more. Recording the locations seems very inconsistent. Sometimes they automatically appear on your map when you are in that area, sometimes you need to use charcoal and draw the map at that point. In different games the location is activated by being in different pl
  11. My favourite constantly changes. Apart from all the usual bases I also like being on Riken. There is a regular supply of bear meat and I enjoy cooking up on the wing of the bridge.
  12. The most exciting, although challenging, days are when you are new to the game and know nothing about the region. In those days you might have to sleep out in a mist or storm only to find that there was a cave very close. They can be hard days, but that's what makes it exciting, suspense-filled and a great game. Don't spoil and lose those days by jumping to the detailed third party maps and spoiler websites.
  13. I got my TLD when it was on special offer at the UK equiv.of around $8.99. I have had around 4,500 hours playing so far. That is unbelievably good value.
  14. I was delighted to see this update, especially when I saw that, [Enviro] The Wolf’s Jaw Overlook Polaroid location is no longer blocked by terrain. I took this to suggest that the plateau above the Climbers Cave in AC could be accessed. I was just about to make a batch of arrowheads on Riken but dropped that to race over to AC to get on to that plateau. It was a long journey, and when I got to AC I could still not get up on to the plateau. I can't decide whether there is a route up that I have missed, or there is a bit of a catch to it. HTL's description of the update is c