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  1. Thanks for the info. HTL. It'll be good to have another episode of TLD. For the past six months I havve been playing several other games, but none of them come close to the enjoyment I get from TLD. In most other games I come across bits which don't make sense or need quite a few serious changes. With those I can do nothing about it. Here we can give feedback and generally most issues are resolved. One game I have been playing recently, a major game, even after a few days of playing it, I had no idea WHF I was supposed to be doing. It made me appreciate the quality of TLD.
  2. I have made many, many visits to Ash Canyon and have not had this problem. This suggets that there is not a problem in TLD but in your system.
  3. In what way are people equal? Some people are rich, powerful and have influence. Some people are poor, hungry, unhealthy and few people care about them and their plight. Some people are clever and competent, some people are not clever and screw up many aspects of their life. Some people are honest, some people are crooks. The list of ways in which people are not equal is endless.
  4. "we are all equal in the eyes of mother nature . . ." "Everyone's equal as are their opinions! " Rather glib phrases. People are not equal and all opinions are not equal.
  5. The best example of stacking that I have seen is, On checking it seems that this was achievable because of two bugs whicvh I presume have both been fixed, so that it can't be repeated. This is from,
  6. Some comments are worth more than others. I would find it interesting to see the ratio of hours played and comments made, alongside the comments. For example some people might have 1,000 hours game experience and made a dozen comments, whereas some people might have 100 hours game experience and have made 500 comments.
  7. At last, some information after 6 months of waiting for info. 7 -10 hours of gameplay, a couple of evenings or an afternoon and evening. 60 minutes of cinematics. I usually find cinematics time wasting and want to skip them. Is adding Blackrock to Survival mode a separate event?
  8. I wouldn't know. I have never drunk cat's pee.
  9. There isn't such a thing. Expensive English wine doesn't mean that it's good. It probably means that a trendy wine field is trying to make their wine look quality wine by setting a premium price. At the moment I'm drinking South African Shiraz, which is surprisingly good. It was on a special weekend offer at my local LIDL supermarket for £2.99. That is a very low price for UK supermarkets.
  10. A couple of years ago someone posted a message about the problems of TLD. I replied half flippantly, half seriously, that my biggest problem was not the wolves or the bear but all the waiting for water to boil, meat to cook, etc. etc. when I had to sit at the computer waiting. At these times I would pick up my glass of wine and have a quick sip. After several months of not playing TLD and the reduced availablitiy of cheap French wine due to UK leaving the EU, I recently returned to TLD. I was reminded of my earlier posting when I have found that my wine consumption is much gre
  11. If things went wrong at HTL and that there was nothing else, which I very much doubt, I would not want a refund. TLD has been the best value activity, entertainment, that I have had in my whole life. If they were having problems, which I doubt, and asked for voluntary donations to help keep HTL going I'd pay up.
  12. The crazy thing is that posting news here and regualr updates to TLD keeps the interest level of players high. This leads to players being more enthusiastic, more positive and moer likely to recommend TLD to others, hence increase HTL sales. It is just as much for the benfit of HTL as for us players of TLD.
  13. I was hoping that by now someone had used flares to make a shortcut to the Cannery. In order to get sufficient flares for the stacking shown above was it necessary to edit the save file?
  14. Why don't we followers of TLD get this information from HTL on Hinterland's TLD News and Updates Forum ? We shouldn't have to depend upon Dum_Gen for HTL News and Updates.