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  1. It seems reasonable that a bear would attack a person in a hunter's blind, but can a wolf attack someone in a blind?
  2. I presume that this is the phantom backpack to which you refer? I have found this container on the bridge a few times. On my maps from earlier runs there is not a backpack marked. Incidentally, this map is from my Voyager run with an HRV start game which you suggested a few weeks back. I am now at 271 days.
  3. Surely this depends upon the level at which you are playing, i.e. there are fewer in a Stalker game than a Voyager game.
  4. One night, when I came out of that fishing hut, it was completely black outside. I could not see the slightest glimmer of light or anything. The bear was waiting outside. I could not see him, I only had his roaring at me. This is the only time I have had something like this happen.
  5. Ages ago I used to get a bearskin coat as fast as possible, but now I have changed my coat strategy. Bearskin coast are great when they are new. But as they lose condition their warmth benefit is also lost. So they become a heavy coat that doesn't give you full warmth. Maintaining bearskin coats is a problem. Bear skins are not easily and quickly come by, therefore repairs usually have to be delayed prolonging the time spent with a heavy bearskin coat that is not giving you its full warmth potential. Wolfskin coast are less warm but because of the abundance of wolves and their pelts it is easy to keep a wolfskin coat in good condition giving you its near maximum warmth benefit. The weight saved wearing a wolfskin coat is often important.
  6. You have a point there. Some of the clothing items wouldn't need a work bench. As I think more about some other items don't too.
  7. I couldn't agree more. If a person likes playing games about or being involved with the supernatural there are a million such games out there, or they could just turn to religion.
  8. I have to revise what I said in my previous message. In a later re-start I found that my key-bindings were not saved. I am puzzled how I got it wrong. I am confused over the whole issue and now can't be bothered to investigate further. That I can't be bother to investigate further is because I am a little irritated by a number of minor faults that have appeared since the DarkWalker update. There is now a bug, or change, when picking up objects. I notice it most with meat or wood. I sometimes have a problem transferring items between my backpack and a container.
  9. Faithful Cartographer achievement is a good challenge. I got it ages ago. It makes you cover every bit of ground. I try and do that in all of the games I play. That is one of the reasons long games are not boring. I usually race around at first mapping only key places when I am not under pressure, and remember. Then when I have warm clothes, good weapons and skills I fill in the gaps.
  10. No, it's not so awesome when you bear in mind that I backup my saves and when I get killed I can go back to the save before dying and replay it. I can't remember how I found the start to my longest Stalker game or where I started, but recently I started a Voyager game in Hushed River Valley and was killed a couple of times in the early days.
  11. I followed your suggestion and deleted usercfg.68231. After that I changed my TAB key to sprint. and it was retained after exiting, and re-starting. I tried changing a couple of other keys but had a few problems so gave up with those changes, except TAB for sprinting. I couldn't be bothered to systematically check and record the key problems. I was content just to get out with the sprint key changed
  12. I have had a few runs over 1,000, but I don't think any have exceeded 1,500 days. These are runs at plain Stalker or Voyager, I have to admit to backing up my save files so that if a bear eats me I can go back to that backup, play that part again and continue. I do not use that mod to edit my save files to give me any resources and improve the condition of any of my resources. I suspect that quite few people edit their save files to make their games easy. A while back a guy was claiming over 50 interloper runs of over 3,000 days. When I enquired about these runs he threatened me in a private message.
  13. That is how the game should be, about surviving in unknown territory. For people who have played literally thousands of hours and know all of the maps it is a relatively easy memory game. But it is still a very difficult challenge for the first 25-30 days.
  14. I have had problems selecting items to pick up. It has happened all of the time since the Darkwalker updates. I hadn't noticed whether it specifically applied to single items or piles of items. I assumed that the target zone for selection had been reduced and was slightly out of position.
  15. I too have had problems with Key Bindings not being saved. I must admit that I haven't followed it up assuming that it will be fixed for next release.