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  1. I have played TLD for great many hours/game days, and I have never found any need for rock caches. It is the same with spray paint. There is an energy drink or something like that which I have never bothered to use also. I suspect that HTL feel that they must keep adding a few new features. I feel that they could have used their development resources more effectively in areas other than those three products.
  2. I played between 1,000 -1,500 before going on to Steam, so I must have played around, or just below 4,000 hours. I suspect some friends and family think that I am going mad. Several games are not shown, so the days survived in my journal are greatly underestimated.
  3. I have suffered from frostbite several times. Each time it was due to me having taken off an item of clothing and forgotten to replace it. As soon as you get a frostbite warning check that you are fully clothed.
  4. It reminds me of a Trump tower.
  5. Games of over 1,000 days are not uncommon. One guy claimed to have had 50 Interloper games of over 1,000 days. Perhaps games of over 1,000 days without using the Save Edit mod, are not so common. How easy or difficult it is, is purely a function of how easy you make it for yourself. I think it best to use straight Stalker or Voyager games, not customised games, so that one can compare their experiences with others playing the same straight game.
  6. It is good to hear of the difficulties that people have with Interloper. It is much better than hearing someone claiming that they have had 50 games of over 1,000 days in Interloper.
  7. No, it happens to me too. A couple of days ago I put a couple of arrows in the bear from the bridge in MT. I was on the tree that crosses the road between the car and the bridge. The bear raced off down the road towards the trailer & the township. I followed the bear's blood as far as I could and looked all over the place, both sides of the road, as far as the township. I could find no sign of the bear or see any crows flying above what might be the bear. I gave up. then a day or two later I returned to the bridge and there was the bear carcass outside his cave in a place where I often find the carcass. It happens often in CH near the Fisherman's huts. I often shoot the bear then and it runs off never to be found. In those cases I just assume that I have not searched a large enough area.
  8. That seems exceptional and statistically unlikely. I had a long wait, probably around 6 or 7 days. I wonder if you, or I, have misunderstood something about your problem? Do you have the code and have you spend 26 days by that door and digital lock and not had an aurora?
  9. You simply did not complete the making of the item. Go back to the work bench and do a bit more work on it.
  10. I did a few more days of WE to tidy up a couple of loose ends and as I started in PV I thought it appropriate to end in the PV farmhouse. What amazed me about the ending was the lighting in the PV farmhouse. For years it was so dark in the farmhouse that it was necessary to use the lantern even when it was very bright outside. Today it was perfect. Well done Hinterland, even if it took a long time to fix. This is my journal. It was a PV (advanced) start, and it was played without any fiddles for skills or mods. Now for a rest. Addendum, I estimate that I only found 12 or 13 syrups.
  11. It's good to hear that you got over that heart problem. I deliberately don't play Interloper because it is so stressful, when played properly, I worried that it might give me a heart attack or some stress related condition.
  12. I am about to give up with Winter's Embrace. I have played the game with a Pleasant Valley, (advanced), start for a game year. I have explored 90% of the world, found 251 locations, and probably found 12 or 13 syrups. I played the game straight, no grinds to get skills or messing about with 'clever' multiple starts to cream off easy to find syrups and no mods. It soon became clear that I would not find 25 syrups. That wasn't an issue with me. I play because I enjoy the challenge of surviving is harsh conditions and not to collect badges through devious play. I found the start, when I had few warm clothes, no tools or weapons and low skills challenging. Once I had most of my skills around 4 or 5, which took over 150 game days, the game settled down. After that the reduced number of wolves was a God-send. It was easier than the normal long Stalker or Voyager games that I usually play.
  13. I try always to make sure that I have the sleep meter more than half, and to be on the safe side, I almost always stop at a ledge if there is one, I also try and leave a cup of coffee by the rope at the bottom so that if I arrive tired out the coffee can give me a boost.
  14. If Hinterland's aim was to have people play a number of games they should have said that and made it a requirement to start x games in different areas, or whatever. What I think would have been better was to spawn 5 or 6 syrups in each of the main areas so that players were forced into visiting and thoroughly exploring each area. I still think that Hinterland did not pay enough attention to the pseudo-random spawning of the syrups.
  15. I find that I have need for spray cans, and have no wish to carry around such heavy objects. I completely ignore them. It is the same with Stone Caches.