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  1. I am surprised that you need to have a 'long burn' to produce 60 charcoal. I have found that normal play creates far more charcoal than I need.
  2. I had a problem in that same area. Ice Hole provided the solution, Check out this link,
  3. So what is the optimum approach to such a problem? Normally I am against seeking or giving spoilers but in this situation the solution seems not to be logical. In such a real situation I would take off my frozen/wet clothes, put them near a fire to melt/dry and get into a warm bedroll. This is what I did in the FM red carriage and it was a very bad way to remove the frostbite problem. It made it worse.
  4. It is inconceivable that someone making a map of the regions would not include the position of Prepper Caches on the maps. I have played many games and have a number of active games at any time, therefore I can never remember where I found caches in a particular game. (Of course I could make a note in my journal about it, but I never think of that at the time, In fact, I have only ever made a note once in all the games that I played). I wish that we could add a marker for the caches on the map.
  5. I have just had a close encounter with The Long Dark. (Stalker, 800+ game days). I was out in FM, shot a bear with bow & arrow and went to get the hide. I found the bear, skinned it and set out to return to the red railway carriage. En route I fell through the ice when trying to avoid a wolf. Everything below the waist was was completely soaked, and my warmth gauge went all read. I immediately raced back to the red carriage to warm up. I had previously suffered two permanent impairments from frostbite. I could see two frostbite warnings and frostbite developing. I was aware that if I didn't warm up quickly I'd be in serious trouble. I got back to the carriage, stripped off my frozen trousers, boots & socks and got into my bearskin bedroll. I soon started to warm up and my warmth gauge went from red and on up to full normal warmth. However I still had frostbite developing in spite of being fully warm. Over the next 12-24 hours, I'm not sure of the exact details, I continued to develop frostbite until I suffered two more permanent impairments and still had two frostbite warnings. I was surprised that it turned out like this. In the past, the few falls through the ice that I have had were soon cleared without much problem. Is this the normal progress of frostbite? This brought up another question. Is it better to get into your bedroll wearing wet or frozen clothes, or better to take off the wet/frozen clothes? Do wet and/or frozen clothes have a positive or negative warmth contribution?
  6. That is an interesting analysis. I was aware of these benefits but had never got around to putting them down so clearly. What about Birch Bark Tea? That seems similar to tea, but I've not checked systematically.
  7. I have just had a strange incident in HRV. It is a 800 days Stalker game. I was wandering around HRV looking for birch saplings and stopped at the cave in the top left corner of the map. While there the local bear appeared. I shot him with an arrow when he was still quite distant. I hit and he ran off to bleed out. I slept for 4 hours then went out look for the carcass. I made a point of leaving my standard bedroll, 90+% condition in the cave because it was the only bedroll I had in HRV and didn't want to risk it being damaged or destroyed if I was attacked by a wolf. I found the bear took his hide and a reasonable load of meat then started to return. A wolf sprang on me, without any significant warning and chewed me up a bit. As I walked back to the cave I thought that I'd better check that I wasn't carrying my bedroll, sure enough I was not. When I got back to the cave my bedroll was lying on the cave floor as expected. But it was completely ruined. Only an hour or two before it was well over 90% condition, and it hadn't left the cave.
  8. I suspect that the darkness in some interiors is a technical issue and not part of the game. The are many interiors where there is no reason for the place to be dark. Experienced players might be able to find their way around, but that is not the point. This is a technical issue which should be resolved.
  9. I have recently returned to HRV in a Stalker game at 750+ days and I find it stressful. I seem to have picked up most of the birch saplings in other areas so needed to go there to search for birch saplings for arrows. I had a pleasant surprise, a rare occurrence in HRV at Stalker. I normally travel around HRV in a clockwise direction from the entrance cave so that I can provision a couple of the caves that I use as bases. This time I changed my routine, went straight ahead then climbed the first rope that I found. In the past I'd always been overloaded when I found that rope so didn't climb it. Then in no time at all I found the moose backpack. In the past finding that quite a problem. This is one of the clever aspects of this game. I have played a great many games days and feel that I know most regions, but I still have surprises and find obvious things that I have missed in previous games.
  10. Just being able to create a hole in the ice for fishing, without a shelter, would useful. It would be much simpler to incorporate into the game. Such fishing could be dangerously cold in poor weather. It could be good for getting food but invaluable for getting lamp oil.
  11. The Whiteberry maps are very good. When I first found them I thought them fantastic. But I very soon found that the benefits from them spoiled the game. The game is supposed to be the adventure of a pilot lost in a unknown frozen wilderness and having to survive. The maps shown you where to find things and where there is shelter. It changes the essence of the game. It takes away the adventure, the risk and the suspense away. The excitement of the game is greater without the benefits of the maps, or other information gained from reading about the game.
  12. Irgum, " Hoard everything of course!" I presume that you play at Pilgrim level, or easier. I prefer to treat TLD as a game about survival in harsh conditions rather than a warehouse-stocking game.
  13. I was disappointed with my bearskin bedroll when it was just as easily destroyed as a normal bedroll in a wolf/bear attack. I had expected it to be more resistant to these attacks.
  14. To put these finds of lots of rifles and loads of good clothing into perspective we need to know at what level you playing.
  15. I am having exactly the same experience and puzzlement. I can hardly get out of Mountaineers Hut because of wolves on the ice.