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  1. There is a new optimization available with Nvidia's new Geforce Experience app, read about it here: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/release-notes/GFE/3_24_0/Web/gfe-v3_24_0-web-release-highlights/ Basically even if not supporting DLSS, we should be able to run a game at a lower resolution then upscale using the sharpener algo of Nvidia. Problem today is TLD is not recognized by the Gefore Experience app. Would it be possible for the TLD team to get in touch with NVidia so TLD is recognized to at least benefit from this feature if not DLSS? Thanks!
  2. Hi, I was wondering whether we could expect Nvidia DLSS support at some point? I am using an ultra-wide screen (32:9, gorgeous for TLD!) and I could really use that kind of performance boost that DLSS is providing. Please advise!
  3. So, you finished EP4 in 2 days? Lol, I just wonder how the developers who have spent months to make this episode handle this. I can tell you that for me, it is going to take weeks, and that's for the best.
  4. I'd be interested to know about the references used for vegetals and others found in TLD. For example about "reshi tea", birch bark to improve condition, lichen as antiseptic etc. I guess there is some basic truth in these even though it is extrapolated for gameplay purpose, still I'd like to know about the real life counterparts of items in TLD. Has someone made an article about this?
  5. Thanks! This is nice to see we're not throwing feedback in the void Other things I noticed: Autowalk doesn't seem to work (click left stick does nothing). When creating a new sanbox game, we always have to erase the default "sandbox" name using the DEL key multiple times, this isn't convenient.
  6. So I bought a Switch Lite and installed TLD on it (of course!). The game runs well from a tech. point of view, but there are usability issues. Indeed the fonts, inventory, even icons are super small on such a screen. They clearly have not been adapted to the handheld format. Also, picking up an item is not well handled, it is rather difficult to center the item on the mostly invisible center HUD. Even though feasible, it is annoying, for example say you are in an area where there are 5 sticks around, getting them one after one is tedious and takes much more time than on PC. Time often makes th
  7. @darkscaryforest Many thanks for your suggestions, I think I will give a few more chance to Interpoler!
  8. Thanks for your replies. About "There are fixed locations where matches will be found every single run", I am not sure what to think of this, if there is any design value to this. I am not complaining about the difficulty mode of Interloper in general, the only issue to me is initial fire starting.
  9. So I've been playing in Interloper mode about 30 plays over the last few weeks and the most likely reason of death was... didn't find any fire starter. So basically I am not going to play this mode anymore because there is no point in playing half an hour or 1h and then dying because there is no way to light a fire. I think there is a balance problem here. I am not asking the game to be "'easy", I am just asking it to be playable, because with no way to start a fire most of the time, we cannot do much. I also noticed learning books were very frequent in Interloper mode compared to Stalker
  10. In my opinion enabling mods at this stage would be like shooting oneself in the foot. TLD needs to live until a major sequel is available and can do that with DLCs or equivalent. Mods would not bring anything to their business model but could jeopardize it by competing with it. Mods will be welcome when the current TLD installment will end and then TLD can continue to live through the community, but not earlier.
  11. Hey, first thanks to the TLD team to have sent us a survey about various plan possibilities after ep5. Since there was no comment field in the survey, I'm writing here my little remarks. I have to say future plans look exciting in many directions they could take, however three topics caught my attention: a potential sequel or another game the additions to the current version of TLD after ep5 survival vs story About a sequel or another game, I think this a major plan for any company, in my opinion this should represent at least 50% of the workforce after ep5. However TLD i
  12. Hi, I am trying to vote for TLD for Steam nominations for 2 days now and always get an error saying "an error occurred while saving modifications, please try again later". Tried from the Steam client and web. Any idea?
  13. Hey guys, just to recenter on the topic here, I am not complaining about being lost: there is a full map with direction the character is heading to, so chances to be lost are low. The problem are the exits: in some maps they are well hidden and the map marker is loosely placed so we can end up turning around and not finding them for a long time (up to just give up).
  14. In Pleasant Valley I was coming from north and there are two exists south-east and south-west: I couldn't find any of them!!! For one the Darkwalker was near so I had no time to really search, for the other one I just gave up, this was too boring to spend so much time just to find an exit!
  15. Hi there, I've been playing the Darkwalker for a few hours, I love the ideas such as usage of the spray paint and the atmosphere. However there is something that kind of ruins the experience for me it's that very often I don't find the map exits. Even though they are loosely indicated on the map, I just don't find them. I can circle a very long time around a group of rocks and still don't find them, and the fog doesn't help. For my playing so far that's a major issue, veterans who know the maps well will not have this problem though. If developers read this, please consider providing some