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  1. Hi, in the Bleak Inlet coast area where the buildings are, the is one building with a broken stairway, I tried to take it and fell into an area surrounded by metal bars, no way to get out. Btw, this kind of situation makes it even more frustrating that we cannot jump in TLD. Some areas are just not accessible because we cannot jump which is highly unrealistic. So I know probably people will tell me this is for my own good, part of the game design etc. but well, when you have to walk around a stair just because you cannot make a step up (there is area like that close to the one I got stuck) or climb over a branch or an ice process just higher than one another, I am not sure there is any valid design justifying this. So, I am not asking to be able to jump like in a shooter game, but an action to climb or jump when it makes sense would be highly appreciated (and you'll have less stuck areas to fix).
  2. @ManicManiac: thanks for the write-up To clarify what I find really annoying in the new sprain system, this is not so much that it triggers much more often than before (well, that's a "pain", but not the main one), it is the fact that in some circumstances (i.e. I was top a of hill and had to go down, I had no other option than going down on steep slope with no option to rest or go on flat rock), sprain is unavoidable (for me!). This is what ruins the experience in my opinion.
  3. I'd be glad to know how you manage to avoid them on steep slopes. Even when not overloaded, walking carefully and sideways to minimize the angle, I have them. If we expand the discussion beyond the sprain system, I think there are many more creative ways to make slopes less attractive to the player than accumulating sprains. For instance, if the snow is thick and fresh, we should actually be very much slowed down as our feet would sink into the snow, especially when going down as we are heavier. Another unfortunate thing which can happen on slopes is that we just fall down and roll if we are not cautious. Instead of making the sprain system more constraining in a questionable way, I would suggest to look into these areas.
  4. Right the accumulation of bandages for each sprain can also turn ridiculous, you may end up as a the marshmallow man after a while. I don't know why this system has changed, it was perfectly tuned in the past I think.
  5. Hi, I played TLD again after a few months, the sprain system has changed, now everytime I descend a hill which is steep, I can be assured to get one, two or more sprains whatever I do, even not overloaded, even if I go very slowly, even if I go sideways. Please tune this system so we have a chance not to get sprain if we are cautious (currently playing Wintermute ep2 in difficult mode)
  6. I notice TLD is around for many years which is uncomon for a non-online game. Is this a deliberate strategy to capitalize on a single game for many years with consequent updates instead of making multiple "single-shot" games like most companies do? Or it is something specific to TLD regarding the commitements made during the Kickstarter? Personnaly I think this strategy is very clever, capitalizing on the work done for a long time is a much better investment than starting from scratch every 2 or 3 years. Also, it makes the game more valuable, we feel the company comitted to it and this sorts of engages a loyalty from users too. Is a long-lived game in a market a short-lived games sustainable? Apparently it is for you, do you know other games going along the same path?
  7. I have already restarted ep 1 and part of ep 2 after previous updates. Currently I am somewhere inside ep 2, not sure how far from the end. Now I learn that unless I complete ep 2 within a month, I will have to restart all over again. Really bad news. I am not sure I want to start it all over again, and I don't want to rush (I am not playing often) to complete ep 2. It may well be that I'll just drop Wintermute, not sure yet. I am totally against killing saves on long running games. I can't believe this would be such a technical challenge to preserve saves. At worst, you could reset the inventory (bring a default set of equipment instead), world state but preserve the player's progression, location and state. I am really disappointed by this decision to drop the saves, and I know that whatever I will say about it, even proposing alternatives, will be completely ignored. This is sad.
  8. Why did you choose Unity as game engine? Maybe you knew it already? But have you considered other engines and what they could bring you technically? I am using Unreal Engine (UE) myself, and was surprised you went for Unity knowing the landscape/terrain is an essential part of your design, with lots of items on sight, trees etc. I tried Unity a few years ago and was totally disappointed by the almost inexistant terrain management, as opposite to UE where things were very advanced there (several subdivision concepts, tesselation, layers+in-layer blends, height blend...) plus features such as grass tool (pops up in player space, no footprint on landscape), instanced meshes (all instances of the same mesh rendered in a single draw call), auto LODs, proxy LODs (combines meshes at distance, this was not there back when you started though), shader graphs (only came up this year on Unity!), lots of lighting features etc. Generally the engine is advanced in many ways even though Unity has evolved since I checked it and is trying to catch up in some areas. Well, I don't want to start a "game engine endless debate" but clearly, if I wanted to make a game with the ambition of TLD, I would opt for UE with no hesitation. Knowing that now you have made the choice of Unity, you have built an experience on it and you may be "tied" to it for quite some time, even maybe for your next game(s) if you want to benefit from the experience earned and reuse components.
  9. @stratvox ah yes ! I completely forgot that. Man, I thought I was blocked ! But really, this stuff is confusing, there is no hint at telling you to start a new game, and you just can't resume the old game after the second attempt. Not a blocking bug, but a bug still.
  10. Hi, I have the following bug which is completely blocking Wintermute ep 1 (Windows version, TLD 1.39 37488). I have logged a bug but posting here too for more visibility and potential help is resolving. After leaving Milton, when leaving the cave we enter a bear fight scene were we get a riffle and shoot the bear fighting with Jeremiah. Then there is a credit scene, then title screen. If from there I go Wintermute/Resume, the fight scene is played again, but then I am back to the title screen. If I try to Wintermute/Resume again, nothing happens. If I try to load the last save manually, it doesn't work, as it if was corrupt. Only option is to load an older autosave. There doesn't seem to be any way around this bug, and this is blocking.
  11. Right, this is what I would do too. Any feedback from the dev team?
  12. When the character is at 2% life and the game tells you he's not tired enough, there is a little problem. Problem is the fatigue does not seem to follow up enough on the general health condition. When getting at a very low life level, the fatigue should be high.
  13. Thanks guys, I'll try these. Nonetherless, I think the default behavior (mentioned at the beginning of this thread) is not good design-wise, TLD should not implement unrealistic situations to make things more difficult.
  14. I am playing in the difficulty level just before interpolar. I am used to this difficulty level, the one before is usually too easy, but what I am pointing here is that not being able to use the sleeping bag when in disastrous situation is just unrealistic, this has nothing to do with the difficulty level. Difficulty must not be achieved by making things unrealistic, else this is a design flaw.
  15. Hi, I am playing the new map which is super difficult, so my survival success is close to zero and I often die. How frustrating it is that when my character is close to dying because of hypothermia, he cannot go into his sleeping bag and rest to maybe get better in a few hours especially when close to a fire. The game just tells that I cannot rest because I am not tired enough. This is ridiculous! Hope you'll fix this in a next update.