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  1. Good old contextless bots. Sorry, but there isn't tree removal or care in The Long Dark.
  2. Yeah I've heard some people can actually get sick without a dot or crosshairs or something. It would probably be nice for people who work better with them.
  3. Since we are making our own ammo now it would probably be easy to make some overpressure ammo. But that would be pretty dangerous? If it were real life I would never do that, I would rather not have my weapon explosively malfunction in my face. As to the stock idea, having a better stock should increase accuracy if anything. If you want to increase aim time you can reduce the weight of the gun, so cutting out the stock some or shortening the barrel. Cutting the barrel would hurt accuracy for minimal weight and I would never do it, but you might be able to get away with drilling holes in the stock without any real downsides. The weight savings would be tiny though. I would be okay with having an hour or two of work reducing the weight of the gun from 4kg to 3.95kg and increasing aim time by 2-3% for that. It would likely never be noticeable, but I would still do it if I had the time. What I think might be cool though is drilling out a hole large enough to keep a clip in the stock. Gameplay wise I don't think it would make any real difference, but in real life that would be something I might do. I guess then it comes down to is the cool factor enough to do it and that's only opinion.
  4. Yeah. The revolver seems good for killing deer and that's about it for me. The fact is unless the revolver is buffed to the point it can compete with the bow against wolves its only use will be to save arrows on deer or be the weapon you use if you have nothing else. I do seem to recall that the revolver was better when it was released? I understand that they don't want it to just replace the bow though.
  5. The bow is excellent. It reliably one shots wolves. The rifle might be better against timberwolves though due to how many you typically fight at once. I don't have enough experience with them to know though.
  6. Yeah, it can be helpful to mark ice for blizzards. I've done it but spray cans weren't available at the time. That's what they're supposed to be there for so it makes sense. I think one advantage is the arrows. You can of course makes arrows out of other items but I would hope the paint would be easier to use.
  7. I am really looking forward to OLED monitors becoming affordable(for me). Sadly I think it will be 5+ years. I am actually going to be looking at getting a new CPU/ram when the next ryzen processors launch. Four 11 year old cores isn't cutting it for some games and 8gigs of ram is struggling too. I am not sure if I will get a new GPU yet....I have a gtx 970. The only problem is that GPUs seem to have just gotten more expensive for the most part. A 5700XT is about double the price I paid for the 970. The canadian dollar was above the US dollar when I got it but still, double the price for only a little over double the performance after six years? hmmmmm that's sucky when I look at it. What I will probably end up doing is getting a new CPU, see how things are with my old GPU, and then decide after that.
  8. I almost got stuck in a bathtub once from what I recall. Thankfully I just missed it.
  9. Just to mention, alcohol actually makes you colder. It may also not be the best for disinfecting but I am not sure yet. It does kill bacteria for sure, but if it's also killing all your cells where you pour it might make things worse. I don't know though, it's something I've wondered about for some time.
  10. odizzido

    Humming and song

    As long as it's optional I am all for them adding it in and trying it out. And singing while a bear mauls you must be an optional setting too. I will enable it.
  11. I didn't think I cared about autowalk in TLD but turns out I use it pretty often and like it
  12. What do you currently have? I have an 11 year old cpu. It may be better for you to just get a new graphics card.
  13. Yeah I had a crash last time I was playing and remembered that was in the patch notes so I checked GoG too. Seems to be pretty infrequent, at least for me, so it's not horrid. Still, because of how saves work I feel a sense of having to perform actions to save the game without transitioning so that I don't lose the chunk of time I just did. Passing time for an hour is a bit of a waste just so the game can save.
  14. Got to the end, like always. Thanks for posting again, I enjoyed reading and seeing everything
  15. Yeah same. On my newest game I bumped up the lot seeing so I could see stuff. I found my very first bunker too, though it was fairly empty as I have reduce loot set high.
  16. Man hitting a squirrel with a bow is pretty amazing in my books
  17. odizzido


    Having it available as am option would be good with me. You could always collect water from the top of a waterfall to, to avoid getting wet that way
  18. odizzido

    Curing of meat

    As long as cured meats had less smell I would be up for them putting in the effort
  19. They could always add am option in the menu to load a random title screen with music, or let you pick a particular one. I think random would be cool. Add a little variety.
  20. Yeah I think they're too heavy too. I was thinking of bringing one to try it but with the weight I was just like yeah, no thanks.
  21. There is one place that might because you can get stuck without one. But maybe not because I could see death by a bush too. I have wondered since I found it. Maybe I should start a quick game there and see
  22. I do create a custom game every time with low item decay, thirst, and hunger. I still feel item decay is much too high. We could argue over the particular situation we are in about repairs and dehydration, but that's not what I want to do. Now arguing over eating an entire deer in two days....it's just not humanly possible in any realistic sense. Deer will give you something like 20-25kg of easy to get muscle meat, not including a ton of other calories from things like the heart and liver and the not as easy to get meat. You will probably get something like 100,000 kcal out of one just to put that in perspective. If you feel you can eat that in a few days then I challenge you to do so.
  23. Maybe they could change the wolf pursuit music to only play when a player is low health and/or can't run? If it only plays when you're in trouble I feel that could work well. While we are on the topic of music sometimes I wish the music wouldn't stop when you entered a building because I liked it and wanted to hear more. I am not sure I would actually like this change though, if it were implemented.
  24. I checked out the outcast setting and it's actually fairly close to the settings I use. The thing is is that I like being careful with what I do because I need to worry about wolves. It gets me to think about how I can best do things. My only real issue is that there are just too many.