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  1. I understand if you guys don't say why, but I was wondering why you guys pulled TLD off of GoG. Is GoG really awful to deal with or something? Do they charge a lot? Was it just not worth the hassle? I like to know what I am supporting so I would really like to know. From my perspective GoG is the best platform around but if they treat you guys really poorly then that's something that could influence my decisions going forward.
  2. I haven't seen the timberwolves yet but this thread made me laugh. I can just see a pack of wolves running around screaming non-stop in a 72 hr long blizzard. @tinyfenix man your post was funny. Anyways the devs have plenty of time to see how things are working and what might work better, if they wish. I think it's great that they're introducing new stuff to see how it goes as they're making the game. Finding the right mix can take time, and they can modify or add or remove things to get a better final result as they see how things work and feel in the game. They also have all these people playing around with the new content and seeing how things are going too. Anyways I fully support trying out new ideas and seeing what fits/works and what doesn't. Adding them into the new region only means it's a choice to interact with it and I think it's perfect.
  3. I think he means for players to test out the game and it seems to be fixed "out in the wild" for everyone. If 1.74 makes it to GoG I can let you know how it's going for me. edit------- Oh, cool that this patch is out Thanks as always for the update
  4. Yes as far as I know. However chocolate is not as bad for dogs as people say(it's still not good), and it's actually toxic(though not as) to humans as well. It's just we usually don't eat so much of it that it happens to us. For anyone interested: https://www.merckvetmanual.com/toxicology/food-hazards/chocolate
  5. Don’t the forged knife/hatchet require the hammer too? I wouldn’t mind seeing some sort of weapon you don’t need the forge for, but it would still have to have some sort of significant disadvantage conpared to forge items while still being worth crafting. Might be hard to find that balance
  6. Yeah I am just waiting for the GoG patch that fixes everything important to hit as well. When it comes out it comes out. I am only watching for it because I am looking forward to playing more which is a good thing
  7. it's not even a crime. It's enjoying something in the way you like to use it.
  8. Just use toothpaste with xylitol in it(or gum or whatever). That will kill wolves no problem but be harmless to people. I could kill a few dozen wolves IRL with the toothpaste I have right here in my house. As to whether this should be in the game.....eh. I'd say maybe if it's really rare to find Green Beaver Natural Toothpaste, but then it would end up being largely pointless. I think it's really hard to balance something like this.
  9. I tend to be interested in things that make it so I can see myself getting into trouble but also have time to fix it. Obviously I would only know how things play if I tried it, but my ideas are things like: Making wildlife much more rare but also drop more meat. You can see your food supply dropping and know you need more, but you won't find deer and wolves around every corner. Having buildings get colder/warmer depending on the temperature outside. This could be part of a larger thing where you can do things like improve the insulation of a home, have fires warm buildings with larger houses taking more wood to keep warm than smaller ones, etc. Extra long blizzards could be interesting too, possibly. Fat. Your character can put on or lose weight over time, depending on how much you eat. If you lose too much weight you start to lose carry capacity and eventually die. non-T1000, but existent, sleep regen. Currently our options are no regen at all or healing insanely fast Some things that just make sense. Using a big rock to break the ice at a fishing hut for example. Making it so even the best loot can be found on low loot settings(though very rarely). This would give more reason to explore. Greatly reducing or removing things like clothing decay inside houses. This would also encourage exploring even late game.
  10. More dynamic animals would be pretty cool
  11. I completely agree with you. Obviously I want to be able to either jump, vault, or step over objects, but if none of those happen honestly I would want objects we cannot step over to be bright pink so I actually know where I can or cannot go. Most of the time it's only annoying, but I've been attacked by wolves/bears a number of times because I am heading in what appears to be a clear direction but then get stuck and have to turn around to fight the animal because I cannot lift my feet more than a few cm. If I had known there was a twig in the way I never would have gone the way I did. I find this sort of thing to be frustrating in a bad way.
  12. I believe it would be truly terrifying if they added them in this fashion and I would fully support it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-sr-EYQ8N8
  13. I think nuts could be good. They're super calorie dense which could make them worth saving up for travel.
  14. yessssss. I totally would give them scritches.
  15. Oh really? Interesting, thanks for sharing. I guess the lowest loot setting on custom is lower than what you get in interloper, or I've been super unlucky.
  16. Yeah I have been waiting for the patch to hit GoG too. Wizard - The next consoles should be a lot more powerful as I am pretty sure they're using ryzen CPUs. The current gen use CPUs designed for netbooks and the very moment the first ones rolled out of the factory they were slow and crappy for gaming machines.
  17. There isn't a best really, and it depends how you play. The bear coat offers some good protection which can be pretty useful if you're fighting wolves, but yes it's quite heavy. If wolves aren't a problem for you I would say stick with the lighter clothing. I would probably try to see what is a bigger threat to you, wolf melee damage or being slow. Also something to keep in mind, on lower loot settings the expedition parka cannot spawn and you're likely not as well armed, which can make the bear coat more attractive. It may simply be a bad choice if you have the expedition parka with how you play.
  18. if anything frozen meat should last forever so I find it perfectly fine to eat 0% frozen meat.
  19. I suspect the map items outside of containers spawn when you load into a map but it's easier to spawn items inside containers when you interact with them and it has always been that way. That would be how I would probably make it myself at least, not that I am an expert.
  20. Cool I am really pleased you guys post patch notes. I always enjoy them.
  21. If I am well armed and armoured I tend to carry more weight. If I don’t even have a knife then I stay light usually. I am okay to not even be able to sprint if my health is good and I have a bow and knife
  22. Looking forward to continuing my game when this hits gog
  23. I don’t understand then. How have you been killed by the aurora? I must not know something.
  24. That seems really dangerous. Why not bring a light source?