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  1. Are they safe to set up as a temp base for a few days? Or even a more permanent base? Can bears shelter in any cave? Can wolves enter or follow you into a cave? This is my temp camp in Pleasant Valley right now. I dont want to wake up to a bear at the foot of the bed roll. For reference it is located by Three Strikes Farmstead.
  2. I can not wait for the next update to be announced or discussed. I anticipate a overhaul to the map, textures and certain collisions. TI would like to see an Ai update to the bear to make it less botlike if that makes sense, and I have yet to find a bunker.
  3. Howdy, I'm posting this topic because I have been thinking about blacksmithing in TLD (The Long Dark) I love it, it's not too unrealistic, but then not too realistic. But I think Blacksmithing can go even more into depth and add that much more to this amazing game. Blacksmithing is crucial when it comes to making your own tools, but we are never really given much more than three options to craft metal items. Their isn't a skill for it as well, and I know resources and time to model or work on this part of the game is super far off or maybe not even in the future, but I'd like to comment anyway
  4. Hi, Everytime i saw aurora appearing over the Mystery Lake region I catch myself in a severe astonishement. This eerie atomosphere appears out of nowhere and i just thought to myself; why not make it to a song? So I did and created piece of music called simply 'Mystery Lake'! I tried to capture this magical feeling that you experience while walking through the woods and then seeing aurora appear over Mystery Lake at night. Let me know if you like it and also I would love it if official twitter of The Long Dark would post it on FanArtFriday! Here are the links: Spotify:
  5. Title says it all. Lantern fuel and alternative ways to make it in the game. I have (had) an idea for how to do it for a long time. I usually refresh the topic to get fresh perspective on it. But, before I do that, I wanna find out if there even is a point. So, how would you all feel about an alternative way to produce lantern fuel? In general, without going into specifics just yet. I think that if the game had more lantern fuel, it would benefit the game a lot. It is very useful resource early in the game, and loses its immidiate use later on, by the time it has been looted out, so I th
  6. There is currently a mechanic for climbing a defined location by hand without a rope. Those locations are not very high (which means it is not difficult to skyrim down, level by level) and the act of climbing is a continuous act once started (whether going up or down) for each level. I would call this "free" climbing. Suggest that, from time to time, as time allows, the devs consider putting in more such locations, even climbs with many more steps that players could use to access specific (dev selected) spots for reasons such as "I did it", "Wow what a vista", "I always wondered what wa
  7. Currently I am on Day 357 on my Voyager run and I am running out of ideas of what I should work on/what to do next. I'm trying to get the 500 day achievement (The Will to Live) and get all skills to level 5 achievement (Skilled Survivor). As I am getting those achievements (In the background), I'm not sure what I should work towards. So far, these are the regions I have fully explored, partially explored, and never explored: Fully explored (Areas where all loot has been taken): Broken Railroad, Forlorn Muskeg, Mountain Town (Milton), Mystery Lake (Homebase), Ravine, Costal Highway, C
  8. Exploring each region and mapping them out is one of my fav parts of the game. The only additional thing I wish we could do to our charcoal maps is make notes on them. At this point in my gameplay I am so familiar with many of the regions that I rarely if ever use the map. However, I would find it very useful to be able to make notes and demarcations of where I’ve stashed certain items (my cashes), bear routes and wolf territories, fishing huts with doors, cabins with a fireplace, locations of a workbench, caves with makeshift beds, ideal hunting locations (fallen trees to be on or u
  9. 1st person or 3rd person game view...which do you prefer & why? I have noticed all my favorite You Tube TLD streamers turning to the "Light Side" (playing a new 3rd person game i shall not name here)...i have a hard time getting immersed in a game that is not 1st person view. Does anyone believe a 3rd person view would make The Long Dark more appealing to the masses?
  10. I feel like either you’re lucky with this or not on survival. Just around 100 days into my current run. No hammer found anywhere near any forge of course. First hammer I found was in the cannery in BI... where I was shocked to find no forge... Strangely, crafting bullets has somehow become easier and faster than crafting simple arrows. Is it just me or does it seem really ridiculous that the only way to craft an arrow head is by smelting reclaimed metal in a forge? I mean you have access to quality tools, whetstones, work benches with vices, etc. You should be able to craft arr
  11. Guest

    Longest Survival

    What is your longest survival in any difficulty and what was your routine to last as long as you did
  12. This will probably trigger some old players, but I want to talk about the possibility of some sort of animal companion. This as already been discussed quite a few times and opinions mostly divide into three ideas: 1- wolf/dog pups- basically you find a wolf or dog pup and you help it grow to become an adult. 2- Wolf taming- You try to befriend a wolf by giving it food and other means. 3- Finding a fully grown dog- You find an already grown dog and befriend it. The first two ideas are completely impractical. Either because of realism, gameplay or lore problems. Idea 3 o
  13. Movies take too long to play, controls are horrible, can't even get out of the silly ravine in the 2nd episode - nice try - feel good that you got my $8 while I feel good that I didn't spend $30 for this nag. No tutorial? No how to videos? Really was hoping this game lived up to the commercials you played on Steam, but you have fallen short. Solitaire is more fun.
  14. Otzi the iceman was found with charred birch bark containers used to carry smoldering coals, insulated with green maple leaves, over long distances and for long periods of time. I think this neolithic skill would make a great addition to the long dark. It would save on the amount of matches used and the lifespan of firestrikers. Fire could be made out of crafted birch bark containers and use rubber from car tires all around most of the maps as an insulator. I have some other ideas as well that I'll list below: Being able to make pemmican from animal meat, berries or raisins, etc. a
  15. So long story short I went hunting for a moose at the cabin by unnamed pond north or trappers homestead in ML. I really messed up the hunt and was stomped 4 times by the moose and nearly died. After finally killing the moose I have enough food to survive and recover my broken ribs of which I have 4 of them (nice). Trouble is I cant carry any weight and I can't sprint due to my ribs. Sitting around the cabin all day passing time is really boring so I decided to take a small venture to trappers homestead where I have cached some useful supplies previously. After I picked up what I wanted a
  16. So I'm about 40 days into my latest nomad run. And have not seen the aurora once. I've been waiting for it every night, sleeping during the day. This is really disappointing to me, because typically I always bunker down and use a bug-in play style on my normal survival sandboxes. I figured nomad would give me the opportunity to explore around a little bit and find some of the new buffer memories. Why isn't the aurora present in nomad?
  17. Hey Folks and devs, After spending 130 days in wilderness in survival mode, my journey ended by surprising accident again (my previous attempt was stepping on fire). Not by a bear, or wolf or even a cold weather. i was running around in warm weather comfortably in +32 degree C attire, and slept on outside w/o paying attention to my effing glove getting wet. I was planning on climbing a rope, so i figured let me sleep a bit more before the climb. i did barely notice the frostbite warning just before clicking the sleep, but in truth it never occurred to me one of my clothes could be wet. Th
  18. Yesterday I attempted my very first game on Escape The Darkwalker, and I must say, this new event is extravagant! On my first Attempt I lasted 2 hours and 4 minutes, and got 3 pages. This unlocked me the first badge which I was so glad for! This event is something I've always secretly wanted in TLD, a mode where you are stalked by an unkillable beast and all you can do is survive. Yes we've got the challenge with the old bear, but that has a win scenario, Escape The Darkwalker doesn't. On my Second Attempt, I quickly took all the information I received from my first attem
  19. Breakfast on day 500 of my interloper game been saving the Pork and Beans and Chocolate bar for about week since I found them. Silly wolf tried to ruin my breakfast
  20. Time to share IDEAS, hello there forums, A bear here, just got here, Im new to this. I'll start by sayin that I'm hella bored and I've some ideas that I want to write. Feel free to discuss and provide Your ideas here. I've been playin The Long Dark for few a months now and BY NO MEANS AM I A GOD at it. But, lately, I've thought about an idea that sn't in the game, Bone Needles, much as the name says, It be a needle made from bone! DISCUSS
  21. I'm pretty sure this should have been on this list before, as I've seen it in other forums elsewhere discussed. I've tried avoiding to reopen a topic, that may already have had its history here, but after a couple of search attempts - still no luck. sorry if "necroing" - I've tried:) I'd really like to be able to actually recycle the cans into scrap metal. Maybe I'd need 3-4-5 cans + using the saw once (-5% condition and takes a little while) to create one scrap metal. Given the current amount of scrappable metal furniture in the map, I do not think it would mess up the current balanc
  22. After a long time travelling, fishing and aiming for wildlife you get numb to the will to survive. But after the ash of the deserted wilderness, you come to a place, there is an forgotten beauty. ... Thats my first impression of a new map. An eccentric rich man build a villa into the mountains. But. In the beautiful area you see people killed by a scratch. His pet, a snow leopard becomes crazy and has started to fight the employees. At last his owner dyed, by hiding in the bedroom, only a notice testifies from the things happened. but, before you can reach this information, you have to pa
  23. Ok so the new ash canyon, ok so hinterland have now taken it to far, we I started playing this game 4 years ago it was so enjoyable, now I don't expect everything to be easy but this new map is just absolutely PANTS!!!! We don't care about the normal gamer that likes to play a few hours when home from work in the evening, we will make this so annoying and hard so the guys love the hard maps can blast it in 3 days ,and go that was easy and not play again for a month!!! And the pilgrim player can wander about ash for 2 weeks and die. hinterland get a grip of yourself.....
  24. It would be cool to see if you are able to build improvised structures to protect you from the environment. E.G: An improvised fence/barrier. •This would be made from possibly reclaimed wood scrap and metal/sticks •Scrap metal could me melted down at a forge or crafted at a workbench using tools to make metal barbed wires to upgrade the fence. •This can be used as a defence against wolves only scaring them and making them bleed temporarily if they come into contact with the barber wire fence. •Bears can to easily destroy this structure they will take minimal damage from
  25. A few days ago i came from the CH to the BI and found this photo in pensive lookout (Sorry for the shitty quality but my phone and pc don't work well with each other) When you zoom in you can see 3 marked areas on the photo but there's nothing special there. The bottom one is just a few houses. The middle one is just road and snow. The top one is a gas station area.