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  1. If all goes well, this should be a poll... Yay! It worked!
  2. Yeah, so this suggestion is about as morbid as you can get, but, seriously, why are we not able to drink the blood from animals that we kill? TLD is about surviving at all costs, after all. From a gameplay perspective, this would make sense, and not be too unbalanced. Blood from a freshly-killed animal is still at that animal’s body temperature, so if you were desperate and didn’t have any matches, then drinking a cup of blood could be a desperate measure for a desperate situation. It would likely give a few calories, as well as a high risk of infection, unless it was cooked first, in which case, it would effectively be another kind of tea. My proposed amounts of drainable blood (in liters) per creature: Rabbit: 0.15L. Deer: 3.5L. Wolf: 3.2L. Bear: About 20L. Moose: 32L. Now, obviously, bagging a Bear or Moose and draining all the blood out of it would render you overencumbered almost immediately... and, unless you’re Dracula, there is no way you will ever need to drink that much blood. To avoid this “teeny tiny problem”, I propose the following solution: For every in-game minute an animal bleeds out, it would lose 10% of it’s drainable blood supply. Now, how would you drain the blood out of a dead animal? I have no idea, but desperater times call for desperate measures. What does everyone think of this idea?
  3. Yesterday I attempted my very first game on Escape The Darkwalker, and I must say, this new event is extravagant! On my first Attempt I lasted 2 hours and 4 minutes, and got 3 pages. This unlocked me the first badge which I was so glad for! This event is something I've always secretly wanted in TLD, a mode where you are stalked by an unkillable beast and all you can do is survive. Yes we've got the challenge with the old bear, but that has a win scenario, Escape The Darkwalker doesn't. On my Second Attempt, I quickly took all the information I received from my first attempt, and then read the Update Page for the first time before starting again, and this time, On my second attempt, I lasted 3 hours and 3 minutes, and got 8 out of 10 pages, giving me my second badge, and unlocking the Endless night custom, and the Darkwalker feat. My thoughts on the Event: This event is amazing! I love the over all feel for the environment now that it has the green mist, I love the Darkwalker, the fact that you can't see it (till it eats you that is...) and the fact that you can hear it, even if your seemingly two regions away from it. The sounds of its booming steps, the growling it makes as it gets closer, the anger you can hear as it breaks one of your runes, and the music that follows it, with it slightly creepy when it's far away, and with it being extremely distorted, and fear inducing as it stands only 650 feet away. I like the implementation of the fog, it is a perfect mechanic to prevent a player from hiding in the same cave for as long as possible, and I like how the fog acts. At the start of a new game, you can see almost clearly, the fog isn't that bad, you can see your surroundings, and you get a good feeling for where you are. Then, the fog begins to grow, it grows larger, grows closer, and as it begins to get hard to see, you hear it stomping far behind you, you may be faster than it, but every turn you make, it gets closer, every hill you climb, it gets closer, and as you strive to make it to the next campfire, the wind starts, and it becomes faster. I must say, the wind is the one thing that annoyed me, and after a while I realized it was a ability of the Darkwalker to try and slow you down, and every campfire I strived to reach, the wind picked up with it, and slowed me down further. I think this is the one time that the wind was programed to always be in your face in the direction your heading, and the only time the wind made you faster, was when you were walking towards the Darkwalker, which made it more nerve-racking. So to sum up, I love this event, and I'm giving my greatest thanks to Hinterland for making this event a thing, and making it so amazingly, it gives a great challenge, that can be overcome using strategy, and smarts, but also provides the fear, and constantly puts you on edge during the entire time, simply because you don't know where it is. Thank you Hinterland, and thank you to anyone who reads this!
  4. Okay, this suggestion is a morbid one, but why are there no dead people in the cars? I think adding them would increase the immersion, and make the long dark more diverse without oversaturating it with content. And now, when survival and wintermute are separated, including this little change is easier than ever.
  5. First off, I would like to invite everyone who wrote for the original: namely @Catlover, @upnorth, @Piotross, @piddy3825, and @Swippity_Swappity to join in. This will be a less “structured” story than the original, and occurs at the same time. However, this tale will primarily focus on the events occurring on the Mainland.
  6. Okay, maybe "necessary" is not the best word here. Basically, those are the changes that have no reason not to be made. The game would only benefit from them. And opening the list... CONSERVATION OF MASS Weight of many different items in TLD makes no sence. For example, lichen wound dressing is crafted using 3 pieces of beard lichen. Each one of them weighs 0.01kg. That means, the dressing weighs... 0.1kg. You see, I'm a math student and my instincts tell me that something's wrong here. I just can't put my finger on it... Jokes aside, either the mass of lichen should be increased to 0.04kg, or it should take more lichen to craft the dressing. Here's the rest of stuff the weight of which should be changed (tell me if I missed something) Newsprint roll - 0.1kg -> 0.2kg Coffee and all the teas - 0.1kg -> 0.25kg Improvised knife - 0.75kg -> 0.7kg Improvised hatchet - the weight should stay the same, but it would require more metal. 5 -> 9 (sorry, interloper players) Here's another weight-related problem. Canned food! As you eat it, its mass goes down to zero. But it should only reach 0.15kg, as this is the weight of the can. In my opinion, it should work similarly to spray paint. And while we're on the topic of cans, you should recieve one when you use up all the coffee in a tin. A full tin of coffee would have to weigh 0.2kg instead of 0.05kg and coffee in it would have to be inseparable. I think, this change makes a lot of sence. INVENTORY There are 6 tabs in your inventory. All of the items you find or craft fall into one or two of these categories: fire starting, first aid, clothing, food and drinks, tools, materials. Unfortunately, some of the items are not stored in the right section of your inventory. A good example is the bandage. Ever since the release of "Faithful cartographer", there's nothing you can craft using it. Still, to this day you can find it among the crafting materials. The rest of these items are... Water purification tablets - it's a tool (maybe it could also fit into the food and drinks section) Reclaimed wood - yes, it's a fuel, but it's also a material, used for crafting snares Hook and line - crafting materials, but not tools (not yet) Arrow tip and arrow shaft - the same idea. It's a material. Can of gunpowder - not a tool, a material Revolver/rifle shell casing - a crafting material Charcoal - a tool, but also a material Rose hip/Reishi/Birch bark tea - first aid, but also drinks Go! Energy drink - I really don't know if it should count as fist aid. Leave your opinion in replies. Recycled can - a tool, but also a crafting material. CONDITION Many items have different condition meters. Not all of them should. Matches, painkillers, antibiotics, antiseptic, money, coffee tins, herbal tea, flare shells, lantern fuel, jerry cans, and water purification tablets should have their condition at 100% all the time. Some of them don't lose their condition at all, others lose it so slowly that it doesn't have any affect on the gameplay. All of them clutter your inventory. This should be fixed. MISCELLANEOUS Read and unread books should look differently. When you put an empty spray paint can into a container it should disappear. 0% condition food, on the other hand, shouldn't. (I can still eat it when I'm desperate) Toilet water shouldn't be potable (If I have to boil snow from Timberwolf Mountain, I should have no choice but to boil this water too. Actually, this change would make purification tablets way more useful) If one of those DLC's Hinterland keep teasing will allow us to eat more than one cat tail stalk at a time, we all are going to buy it. Seriously, all of us want to be able to eat more cat tails. PLEASE! I BEG YOU! DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY YEARS OF MY LIFE I SPENT EATING CAT TAIL STALKS?! At least, make eating them faster. That's it! Leave your own ideas in the replies section. If you have any questions or (constructive) criticisms let me know!
  7. I've had this idea stuck in my head for quite some time. The Lond Dark is a game about surviving in a cold environment. There's snow and blizzards, and you have to wear warm clothes. So when you're outside, your biggest concern is the temperature. But what about indoor locations? Somehow, every house is always warm. Even Mountaineer's Hut is warmer then the outside, despite there being a giant hole in the roof. Upon finding a house, you don't have to worry about freezing, so the only time you'd start a fire is when you need water or food. What's my suggestion? Buildings should lose temperature over time. This would continue until the temperature outside is the same as inside. To battle this, fires should warm buildings up. This way, you'd have to actually burn some fuel to keep your shelter warm. The rate at which a building gets colder would depend on how well insulated it is. This way, Camp Office, for example, would only lose 1°C per 12 hours, while the Mountaineer's Hut would lose 5°C per hour (which is still too generous, but hey, it's a game). How effective fires are at raising the indoor temperature should depend on the size of the location. Trapper's Cabin, being a rather small house, would recieve 10% of fire's temperature per hour, but some big location, like Carter Hydro Dam would recieve the same 10% over 24 hours. Not to make Mountaineer's Hut (and other buildings like it) useless, houses wouldn't lose any temperature, while a fire is burning inside. If you can light two fires in the same shelter, their effect should stack. Of course, all these values would change, depending on the difficulty, and the whole thing would be optional in custom settings. The examples I've listed, is how I'd like for it to work on Stalker. On Pilgrim, managing the indoor temperature would take almost no effort. On Interloper... Ehh, it's difficult enough already, maybe this change could be balanced by making clothes and matches spawn more often.
  8. There's no guarantee we'll ever get this game, but we can still come up with some ideas. So, what do you think, would be too big of a change to be added in the current game, but would perfectly fit the sequel? Here are some of my wishes for The Long Dark 2 Actual snowdrifts. The ones we have now are way too solid. You just walk on top of them, when realistically, you'd be waist-deep in snow. Introduction of snowdrifts would open a way for the tool that was teased in the earliest versions of the long dark. The shovel. Transport. And I don't mean cars or jetskis. That would be too OP for the "vulnerability fantasy" of the long dark. I'm talking about hand-operated cableways and minecarts. I guess, Hinterland can add something like this already, but only as a quirk of a new region. But I want to be able to drive though the whole trans-great-bear railroad! Realistic animal behaviour. Or at least, more realistic. It's a game, after all. But right now, wolves are just back-and-forth walking security guards, who can and will be distracted by a rabbit running by. I'd like to them to hunt in packs, together being able to defeat a moose (and then any overconfident survivor, who tries to take this moose away). I want deers to notice you from far away, if you are not being as quiet as a mouse. I want bears to hunt other wildlife. Swimming. If you fall under the ice, you have to actually get out of there, none of that "fade to black". If you need to cross a stream, you take your boots and pants and maybe even jacket off to do it. If you see a cool looking box underwater, you take a deep breath and dive. All the while losing your body temperature and risking suffocation. Physics. You know, like gravity and stuff... Do you have any ideas that could only get realised in "The Long Dark part 2: the longer - the darker"? Make sure to share them!
  9. Okay, some of you have already caught me on a lie. There is already an affliction in The Long Dark called "laceration", but together with the "bruise" they don't work in the same way other afflictions do. So, all the other afflictions are, basically, debuffs that will harm you in some way until they are treated. Laceration and bruise, on the other hand, are... Just damage. That's it. You get into a wolf struggle, recieve the "laceration", your health goes down. But this can be greatly improved upon by... Remaking this affliction, turning it into something completely different. I present to you LACERATION 2.0! Now, when you get attacked by a wolf, or mauled by a bear, you can get an open wound, that you won't get rid of with just a bandage. Laceration appears alongside with bleeding and risk of infection, and itself does no harm to you. But once every hour it will affect you with bleeding and risk of infection. That means, until you stitch it, you will keep on bleeding, devastating your supplies of bandages and antiseptic. In order to stitch the wound you would need to have a sewing kit and 30 min of spare time. You can also use a fishing tackle, but then the process will take 45 min. This might seem like too long, but in my opinion, it's just enough for this affliction not to have an immediate fix. After all, when you were attacked by a wolf, it would be a good idea to find a safe place to treat your wounds, instead of doing it out in the open. What do you think about this suggestion? Would you change or add something? Let me know!
  10. one of the things that I would add to the game would be something like a rifle scope that you could put on your rifle, or a red dot that you could put on the revolver, maybe a silencer that you can put on both the hunting rifle and revolver. there are also other ranged weapons that I would add like a crossbow or a semi-automatic rifle like a AR-15 or a M14 or some thing like that.
  11. The Bear in The Long Dark is rather intimidating, an animal that possesses the strength to end a run in a single maul, and is seemingly unstoppable, even after you put 4 well aimed shots into it, as it charges towards you. So, I'm interested in hearing the stories of other survivors, and their recollection of the first bear they ever encountered in The Long Dark, and how they dealt with such a seemingly unstoppable force. I personally encountered my first bear in Costal Highway, the bear that lives in its cave beneath the homestead sitting upon an island. I encountered it on my first attempt to go fishing in the nearby Ice hut, and saw it for my first time, leaving its cave, and beginning to wander off to terrorize the local rabbits. In my shock, and desperate state for food, I immediately equipped a rifle, walked directly up and close enough for the bear to notice me, and fired one, very-inaccurate shot at the bear. As bears normally do in The Long Dark, it charged. Attempting to run away from it was the most terrifying thing I had ever encountered up to that point, the growling and heavy breathing as you hear the bear quickly out-run you, and the terror of not knowing what would happen, whether it would be an instant death. Needless to to say, I very quickly bled out after getting mauled, as this was one of my first survivors, and I hadn't brought any bandages, and as with every death in The Long Dark, this taught me a very valuable lesson. And as a side note, I always name the bear that spawns within that cave Yogi, Yogi the bear. Anyways, sorry for the wall of text, can't wait to hear everyone's stories!
  12. I know we already have cabin fever, but I think that it would be neat to have a mental health meter that is affected by: how much you eat and drink, pre-existing conditions such as one that makes you sad when you kill rabbits or causes mood swings (maybe there could be a badge that effects how many, if any conditions exist), reading a self-help books or adopting a pet rock. good mental health will make you perform actions quicker and burn slightly fewer calories. bad mental health will make you burn slightly more calories and your character can become grumpy, causing him to give up occasionally while performing actions like crafting or sowing and maybe even refuse to get out of bed. what to ya'all think?
  13. Hi I was just wondering if anyone enjoyed researching quantum mechanics as much as me
  14. Greetings all! From my vast book learning (and some personal, I have indeed once started a fire in a tin can with a firestriker and cooked meat over an open flame) in the world of bushcraft and survival, I have side died to start this thread, “The Sage of Survival Speaks”. If anyone has any questions or tips for real-world camping/bushcraft, please share them here, and I will answer them to the best of my ability.
  15. What would you think about when you pick up a tool of some sort in the game it would be fun if mackenzie had some new quotes. such as: "time to put my mechanic cap on" or "damn this is is strong" so what do you think?
  16. There isnt much to say. I feel like the game is dying slowly. We get close to no updates and the last dev blog was MOOONTHS ago. I would'nt care about waiting months for an update if we could have a monthly dev blog or simply news about the game. Im wondering what the community thinks about that, please share what you think !
  17. hello everyone I have been a admirer of The Long Dark for 3 years. I say admirer because I've never actually played The Long Dark and watch youtubers like greystillplays and Accurize2 play The Long Dark because I don't have a gaming platform that has the game. mostly because I am a teenager and my parents don't want to be one of those kids who's playing video games 24/7. my favorite map is Mystery lake. and my favorite location is the forestry lookout, probably because I don't live too far from a actual fire lookout that I like to hike in Colorado. I've always been a fan of the game because of so many things like the ambient survival soundtrack that plays while your surviving the quiet apocalypse or how realistic it is or maybe it's because of how many interesting locations there are and how close it resembles my state during winter. anyways i'm new to the forums and just wanted to say hello
  18. In the video about Steadfast Ranger update Raphael said that the pain affliction was added to remove the insta-heal nature of sprains. And while I believe it was a great improvement, I still think it failed to do the job. You can still insta-heal sprains, you just have to use a bandage as well as painkillers. To remove the "sprained ankle/wrist" afflictions you have to use a bandage or sleep/wait for 4 hours. Replace this "or" with an "and" and you have successfully gotten rid of the insta-heal. Of course, I know that the sprains are generally seen as annoying, and most players wouldn't want to have them buffed like this. That's why I propose some other changes. First off, even after you take the painkillers the survivor keeps grunting and whining. That shouldn't be the case. Taking painkillers should make your character shut up as the sprain doesn't hurt anymore. Second, while you would need to both use a bandage and rest to heal the sprain, bandaging it should still remove the wobbly screen effect. In order to run again, though, you'd need to heal the sprained ankle completely. And since, while abundant, cloth is a limited resource, sprains should still be healed on their own. Sprained wrist should heal after 24 hours, and sprained ankle will be back to normal after 12 hours of sleep. And third, there should be a way to prevent sprains completely. Giving the player more agency will make these two afflictions way less annoying. What I propose is a "Light on feet" buff, that would make it impossible to get a sprain (unless you get attacked by a wolf or fall). You'd get this buff by using no more than 50% of your carry capacity. So in the beginning of the run it's 15 kg, and when you have all the carry capacity bonuses it's 22.5 kg. Do you like this idea? Or do you have some criticisms? Make sure to let me know in the replies.
  19. Hello Survivors, with the Dev Diary in April Hinterland gave us some general informations about what to expect in future updates (free for everyone) and for the upcoming season pass (optional). They also posted a little picture for teasing. And this picture kept my mind busy from the moment i saw it. I’m very surprised that no one talks about it and that’s why i wanted to post a little thread for speculation here. This is just for fun and pastime the thirsting period until the next news or update arrives 😊 Quick note before: a a) This is just speculation what might come in the future, not what will come in the future, because i don’t know. Also i’m not a programmer or developer, so i can’t really say how realistic my speculations are. b b) The picture doesn’t have to mean anything. It’s possible that it reflects a real part of future gameplay or nothing at all. c c) I remember a bit of the survey Hinterland took many months ago about the future of the game. My ideas in this thread are influenced by this survey even when i don’t remember it fully. Is there a possibility to see the questions again, even after the survey? That would help. d d) I want to keep the speculation on the things shown on the picture. Maybe additionally things that directly deduce from that, but not more. Things that might come with the season pass in general or even in a Long Dark 2 i want to discuss in a new thread. Okay, let’s start! The first time i saw the picture i thought of the person shown is us, the players. And with the tool box behind him, the lantern and the items outside came the idea that we might get some options for secondary bases. Furthermore we might be able to claim some structures we find and use them as temporary bases for let’s say like 1-3 days. Like the cairns, but indoor and the ability to sleep in them. To recover health, harvest your rabbits, find shelter from a blizzard, get some of your supplies. The way the items are displayed made me curious: clothing is hanging outside, but next to a fire. So are we able to use the outside wall of the waggon as a clothesline and the fire to dry them? Are the ribbons in the waggon common? Because i believe i have seen them in postal service waggons but i’m not sure. Despite real or not, they could function as hammocks. The toolbox at the wall is not common. Someone must have mounted it there. My thought on that was, that we might be able to customize our secondary bases for our very own needs. The person inside the waggon is smoking. So we might get some cigarettes. Or, more general speaking, consumables. Tobacco, which can be used to make cigarretes, cigars or to fill a pipe. With that i thought of a mental health system coming, which was on Hinterlands roadmap. When i thought about the picture a second time a new thought hit me and i think this is what the picture is meaning. The person in the waggon is not the player, but a vendor. And when you look at the items, what kind of items are shown, the variety and the way they are displayed, it makes absolutely sense. The clothes are not there for drying, but as an offer. The fire is there so the customer don’t freeze. All items shown are known to us, all but maybe one or two: the map and the note next to it. Regarding the map: for new players it would make sense to invest some of their stuff to buy a piece of a map (or even the whole map) of a region to get a bit of a head start or a useful hint where a structure can be found. For veteran players it would make also sense as long as we get new maps. And these new maps don’t have to be generated just by Hinterland, but can also be made by AI. Especially with the mod-support this would be a feature very useful for maps created by other players. The note next to the map doesn’t say much to me besides that it looks like a schematic or even a drawing of a sasquatch. Which gave me the idea that we could be able to purchase the local legends stories from the Story Mode and solve the mystery in Survival Mode. Schematic or legend, both would be great! The third note (on the right side of the waggon, left to the rifle) i don’t know. It looks like a drawing of a skiiing person. And first i thought that there are hanging skiiers under the note but on second view this is just a (not sure about the correct translation): rail/rack/bar for the door to slide. So i don’t know what this note shall tell us. Do you?
  20. Environments in The Long Dark are inspired by the majestic Canadian wilderness. We’d like to highlight some great Canadian National Parks you can visit to experience nature in a less virtual way. This week, Fundy National Park. Photo: Andrea Schaffer Located on the Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick the park features a rugged coastline which rises up to the Canadian Highlands. It gets the highest tides in the world and has more than 25 waterfalls. One of Canada’s smallest National Parks it covers an area of 207 km2 along Goose Bay. Despite being one the nation’s smallest National Parks @FundyNP is home to a wide variety of animals, including moose, black bears, beavers, coyotes and many more. The park helps to protect important ecosystems. Photo: Parks Canada Fundy National Park was designated a Dark Sky Preserve by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. This means that the park is dedicated to preserving pristine views of the night sky for stargazers as well as wildlife who also rely on the darkness. Photo: Parks Canada For more details on Fundy National Park visit their website . You can also follow them on Twitter at @FundyNP. Photo: Ron Levesque
  21. I think we all know the basic of boiling water to make it drinkable but no one talk about the taste, everything can go so bad when doing it on a crappy camp fire like damaging your pot because you filled it too much on one go, having ashes going into it and all the clumsiness around the camp fire. I've made some and it tasted awful like the smell of the smoke, because some ashes made it in the pot but it's definitely drinkable. So guys, if you have some experience could you share it and give some tips ?
  22. Messing around with some unorthodox ways to achieve a fire
  23. Hello everyone! In recent times, many new members have joined the Forum, and have not posted anything. While this is not, in itself, a bad thing, it is just that shyness can sometimes be contagious. I am launching this thread as a word (or quote a few) of encouragement, so that newbies here can “break the ice”, so to speak. This is addressed to the newbies:
  24. If it can go wrong, it will go wrong. Let’s see how that applies to TLD. 1. If you eat sardines, you WILL get food poisoning. 2. If you have gone between the Spence Homestead and the Poachers Camp twenty times, on the twenty-first time you will get lost and exhausted, and then fall through thin ice. Five times, 3. If you absolutely MUST get that fire started, every attempt will fail. The next time having a fire actually start would be the worst possible thing that could happen, the fire will start with no problems. What else can we think of?