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  1. Is it just me or is it strange how the earn rating for this game is T (for teen/13+). but in episode four the convicts are pretty trash mouthed. I know you can turn it off but wouldn't it still be considered "heavy language". Which would put it under mature. I've never seen a teen game rating with "heavy language" and never seen a M (mature/17+) without it on the rating. I know this is such a small thing but I just feel like the esrb have given up on properly rating games. Hello neighbor 2 is E10+ and although is has no violence or use of profanity the concept of children being kidnapped and held in cages is not very child friendly. This is a very small thing but I just had to point it out.
  2. I wanted for them to be added for a long time. When I first saw this concept art of Ash Canyon, I thought "wow, this will be so much fun!". Even if it was just a platform you could move back and forth, there would still be a lot of level-design potential in this idea. Unfortunately, this idea was bound to remain on paper, not added in Hesitant Prospect or any following update. But I still think, the addition of ziplines and platforms like the one on the picture would greatly improve the long dark. The most obvious use for ziplines is using them as shortcuts. It might be a long and difficult road to reach some point of interest, but if you want to backtrack after reaching it, that would only take you a few seconds. Hinterland already utilise this shortcut type. There are slopes too steep to reach the top, or rocks that you can jump down from, but can't climb up. But they are a bit unrealistic. My survivor can climb 15-meter long ropes but can't climb a waist-high piece of stone? On the other hand, going up the zipline from the wrong end would be realistically impossible. But why would there be any ziplines on Great Bear? This island isn't particularly known for its tourist attractions. Sure, there's the Mystery Lake camp office, implying that some people would visit for a vacation near a lake, or some ice fishing, but pushing it further would go against realism. Well, ziplines are not only used for recreation, they are also a means of transport for both people and cargo. They would certainly fit a mining region that has many different elevation levels. Perhaps, when you initially explore this region, you can't use the cables, and you'd have to climb ropes and walk in long zig-zags to move further in. But in a mineshaft at the very top of the map, you can find a harness that would allow you to ride on all the ziplines. This would not only allow for faster backtracking, but also further exploration, as some remote and low parts of the region could only be accessible by zipline. Some of the cords could have carriages full of ore and coal stuck on them. You would have to stop your ride to reattach the harness, while the small carriage sways hundreds of meters above ground as you move. A bonus use for the harness is that it would aid you when climbing ropes. It would give you more second chances when you run out of stamina, and if you fall, you will land mostly unharmed. As long as you have a harness in your inventory, you would use it for climbing, with an animation of the survivor attaching themselves to the rope indicating you're safe.
  3. I have been pretty tired or maybe dissapointed of the wolf ai lately. My ecperience shows that there are many flaws and glitches, and it doesn't quite feel balanced to me. Now I'm a rather experienced player and know the games mechanics very well. With a gun of any kind I can deal with a wolf easily. A flare, which there are plenty of, will render them harmless, and the flare can also be thrown at the wolf na dscare it. I don't think that would be my instinct exactly during a wolf attack. And if there are neither of those, you can literally just walk away from them. With that said it really draws all the challenge and danger from a wolf encounter. I'm sure this has been discussed many times before, but here's my take on it anyways. So what I thought of is a pretty simple system. If a wolf is around a player with a flare (Or torch!!!) it will stop like it does currently in the game, however at some point it will charge at you. maybe give it a warning by making the wolf bark for a moment before attacking. I'm not sure but I think there was a mechanic at the early-access stages of the game when you could swing the flare in the air to scare a wolf. I think it is a great mechanic and could be reimplemented in some way. If the player swings with the flare during the wolves charge it will retreat, but not get scared away. However after a few times it eventually will. A wolf would also not just follow you directly if you are walking or running away, but would try to get in front of you to stop your escape and attack from your sides, frocing you to defend yourself. It could also work with multiple wolves at a time, surrounding you. This could make the scene in the intro where Astrid is surrounded by wolves an actual thing that could happend in the game. The wolves will one at a time do their attack, making you really pay attention to survive. This would be a rare occurrance however and would happend only in areas where there are multiple wolves around. To balance this, sometimes wolves would be alone, but can rarely wander in small groups of two or three, like in the intro! Wolf rich areas would still be a thing, but does make you think if you want to go through or around. Lastly, a gun is a gun, but could be hard to make it fit with the mechanics above. Maybe lone wolves follow a similiar behavior as they do now and groups will always follow a similiar behavior like with a flare. A whole group has a chance of getting scared away if a shot is fired or a wolf is killed. And if a wolf gets scared, it won't turn straight back around at you even if you smell. Let me know what your thoughts are and what would you change about my ideas or the games current wolf mechanics.
  4. Hey everyone! The Long Development is a small team project and a collaborative community effort to expand Great Bear Island in a beautiful and balanced way. We are focusing on creating as 'hinterland-like' regions as possible to ensure that they can fit in the vanilla game and not feel out of place. That means we will not be out to make the perfect base locations, but rather the most balanced locations. We consist of a couple core team members that all bring their own talent to the project. The variety of work that each person brings allows this mod to be as expansive and unique as it is, featuring brand new regions that connect to the larger world of Great Bear filled with custom 3D modeled structures to really make these regions stand out in their own ways. Last but not least is tons of new music that not only fits the region's feelings, but also fits in seamlessly with the rest of the great tracks featured in survival mode. As of now, there are a couple major regions, and a handful of transition regions in development with more planned for the future... but we take our time when creating these regions as the entire team has lives of their own and this project is all on our own time. This mod is totally free, now and forever." In order to not flood the entire forums with our DevLogs, I have decided that I will just post them down in this thread over time. This might not be a totally perfect way of doing things, but we work with what we got. Just a handful of reminders: Everything shown is subject to change. Due to the complex nature of this project, our team is not documenting every step of region creation. This means no, people will not be able to create their own regions. If you would still like to contribute to this project in any way, our discord has spots for you. We have many areas that need community input, such as names for landmarks in the regions, and even beta testing the regions before they are released to the public. So if you would like to contribute, have questions, or even just want to see some more sneak peeks, come join us! The Long Development Discord Link
  5. It would be awesome if the Hinterland team with their great narrative and dialog wrote some filler stories for these cairns who state "this story is not yet written...". It would be fitting to give a voice to all the donors who forgot to tell their tale. Always an option to update the text if the donor ever decides to speak up. It would mean a lot for this survivor to read more as I journey.
  6. I've noticed for some time now how HL uses RH to get your attention - a cave, a climb spot, a path, etc. I kind of wish they weren't used quite so much. This is related to a "Discovery" discussion we were having in another thread with @JoeBar. IMHO, it makes it a little too easy. Thoughts?
  7. I was playing a long time yesterday and I happen to watch a wolf kill a deer. The thing I noticed was the wolf kind of just bit the air a couple feet away from the deer and then the deer fell over and randomly a giant hole appeared in the side of the deer. This broke the immersion within the games world and made me feel more detached. This is the first time I ever have seen a wolf kill a deer. What I’m suggesting is that take down animations are added for wildlife that is hunting. For example I would like to see the wolf enter a chase with the deer, and quickly jump biting its neck causing it to fall down. This simple animation will add a new immersion into the long dark. I would have a different animation for the bear considering it is much bigger. I would also add in an animation for a wolf attacking a bunny. Maybe it just runs up and snatches it in his mouth and runs off with it. anther thing that has bothered me since Mooses were added and I’m not sure this has been changed but when a wolf and A moose are passive to each other. Shouldn’t they fight each other if they came into contact for granted I did see this A long time ago and could have been changed, but I doubt there is any form of attack animation. If not I would like one to be implemented. If so I would love to see it. these are the things that I noticed that really broke the immersion of the long dark. I am open to feedback and would be happy to know if anyone else has noticed this.
  8. In The Long Dark, I have always loved the idea of the Aurora borealis powering up electrical technology. But I feel like this could be expanded upon. The addition of the flashlight, I started thinking that more electric devices could be added to the game. One of my ideas is make appliances such as the oven and the microwave usable during the aurora borealis. This could be used as an alternative to cooking in survival Mode. I would have the electronic appliances cook your food faster than a wood-burning stove would, just to make the Player want to use these appliance. I would have the heat pad usable to boil water, make tea, and coffee. And have the microwave cook foods the fastest, but diminish the amount of calories given. And finally, when the power is on do to the Aurora borealis, can we have running water inside of building, after 2 hours of the lights. This would be a Detail that could help survivors get fresh drinking water. these are my ideas that I would like to see introduced to the game, I am open to feedback.
  9. I'm sure the team has an idea of what they plan to release for the next 12 months, but I thought it might be fine to discuss some wishlist items and speculate what it could add to the game and maybe offer some Suggestions to the dev team. As a person who lives in Canada, in what is considered "a remote area", a lot of people have gasoline generators. It would give another use for the jerry cans that we find throughout Great Bear, but also makes you consider when and how to use it. It could also introduce crude oil, which come from dead animal remains. However, on one hand, it takes special refinery equipment to turn the oil into gas and specific knowledge how to do it safely. On the other hand, if Mackenzie and Astrid can craft gun powder, bullets and use specialized equipment, they can handle turning crude oil into gas. The generator could also have a condition and needs repairing, otherwise a low condition generator could cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Besides a gasoline generator, they could introduce a solar generator and/or battery. Which could also lose condition as well. Finally, bone tools would be a nice addition. They obviously aren't as great as the tools we have now, but thinking long game, you'd always have access to bone tools from the animals you kill and it would save the better tools for when you really need them. Or even making some bone weapons, like bone arrowheads. Might be nice for Interloper considering resources are scarce.
  10. Due to the Far Territory being a large disconnect from the rest of Great Bear, does that mean 1 of the new regions will have a ammunition work bench available? Its a long journey to return back to the standard great bear locations, so wouldn't it be more convenient to add a 3rd ammunition work bench to the far territiory?
  11. I don't like the way feats work right now. By the time you can use them you don't need them. And you can get access to them by simply grinding. If you play TLD for long enough, you will obtain all the feats. The only exception is the Darkwalker feat, but not many people use it. I don't like feats, but a lot of people do. After all, it's a whole new level of strategy and a way to add some meta progression to the long dark. At the same time though, they make the game easier for the players who are quite experienced already. So here's my idea. Defeats! As the name implies, they are the opposite of feats. Instead of making the game easier, they would make it harder. You would unlock new defeats by completing some difficult tasks. Here are a few examples I came up with. UNFLINCHING FOE - The immortal bear is constantly following you in every region you visit. (Obtained by surviving for 30 days in "Hunted, Part 1") DREADFUL HORDE - Timberwolves spawn in every location. (Obtained by reaching the top of Timberwolf Mountain) UNEAGER WANDERER - It is as cold inside the buildings as it is outside. (Obtained by surviving outside for 15 consecutive days) If you have any other ideas, be sure to leave them in the comments.
  12. A deadly hunter, the Cougar stalks the rocky crags and ravines around Great Bear and may be your greatest nemesis yet. This means cougar skins, right? That means cougar-skin clothing, right?? If there is a cougar-skin coat, you'd think it would have a fear effect on wolves? Cougar-meat steaks!! Wonder if there will be a struggle effect (like wolves), bite n' run (like timberwolves) or full-on assault (like bear)?
  13. I've already reported this issue, I'm just curious if anyone ells experiences it. Simply, upon opening the clothing menu, I experience a massive frame drop, resulting in the menu opening half a second late. This occurs again after selecting a different piece of clothing, before clearing up. This also occurs when opening the clothing tab in my backpack, causing the frame drop. I did a little testing, and it occurs regardless of graphics quality, and all game files are determined to be verified, so it may not be the cause. It's not game breaking, just slows things down a bit, and is the only real issue that I've experienced sense the release of the dlc. Hinterland has done a great job at cleaning up all the bugs so far, and I'm loving the new dlc items! Thank you Hinterland for the fantastic work you've done!
  14. With all of the speculation going on right now about what sort of "fauna" Hinterland are going to add in the Tales from the Far Territory, I'd like to present my idea for a new forest animal. It seems like the wildlife in the long dark is overwhelmingly hostile. Timberwolves, bears and moose want nothing more than to see your lifeless body. Boars and cougars that are being suggested by the community don't sound very friendly either. I wouldn't be surprised if in the next update, even the rabbits would start to attack us. I wouldn't want foxes to pose any danger. Sure, any animal can hurt you when provoked, but generally, foxes are scared of people. And if one were to attack you, it wouldn't be nearly as dangerous as a wolf (and you fight those regularly in TLD). No, I'd like foxes to be harmless creatures, who still wouldn't mind stealing a rabbit you killed. Observant and agile, they would be nearly impossible to hunt in the same way you hunt dear of wolves. I can even imagine them dodging your aim, once they become aware of you. When you aim at a wolf, it tries to flank you, but its path is predictable and you can easily line up your shot. But foxes would do anything not to have the end of your boom-stick pointed at them. So, how do you hunt foxes then? You'd have to use decoys, a rabbit, a fish, or a piece of meat will surely make a fox lower its guard. No, it won't come anywhere near you, but it will become careless enough for you to take a shot. But you better be quick! Once a fox grabs your decoy, it will run away to safety. Why would you hunt them? A fox's fur could be used for a long warm scarf. I do feel like scarfs are not treated fairly in the long dark. I can't recall a single time when I'd leave my home wearing two hats, but going outside in winter without a scarf? That is not a good idea. Still, in TLD scarfs are an inferior type of clothing, which can be fixed with this addition. The relationship between foxes and other animals is simple. They hunt rabbits and avoid everything else. If you find a fox running through the forest, it might be smart to follow it instead of pulling out your gun. It will either lead you to a rabbit growth, or to its den. I suspect, with the new animal spawning system, rabbit growths will become more random, and thus, harder to find. If you're quick enough you can flip the script and steal a fox's kill by scaring it off with a stone when it kills a rabbit. Fox dens are little holes hidden between rocks, or under the trees, inside them, you can find some rabbit carcasses. You shouldn't expect a lot of meat to be left, but the guts and the pelt might still be intact. What do you think about this idea? I'd love to hear your suggestions for how foxes could function in the long dark.
  15. I think that rifle variants are nice and usefull, but maybe it would be worth to make at least Curators rifle as different type than bolt-action? Like break action single shot, where fired casing is automatically extracted, but only when rifle is better than 50 % cond. Otherwise, manual extraction by hand is needed. That means rate of fire is changing due its condition. Like different stats are nice, but all of them are bolt actions, which is little bit boring.
  16. It is the first real Video that i made! I collected all my knowledge to make a tips and tricks video about wolfes. Sorry that it is in german I hope some of you find it useful If anything is missing or if you have suggestions, please let me know for future Videos!
  17. The cougar in my opinion could be the deadliest creature in The Long Dark. The cougar was mentioned in the developer's road map and there are locations on every map that could be cougar territory. Just think about areas that have deer and bunnies but no signs of a predator. Some of these areas are now protected when the moose is around. My game play has altered. Now I have to be wary when inside what was just deer and bunny territory because a moose might be nearby. Cougars will add another level of danger to the game. The surprise attack from a stealthy opponent. The cougar has will be hard to animate. Path finding on uneven terrain is currently difficult for bears and wolves. For cougars path finding needs to be smooth. The cougar could even be used to restrain us to valid map zones. Cougar Territory There are routes around maps that avoid all wildlife. So when the cougar is introduced theses are the areas the cougar will roam. Maybe following and stalking us. Waiting, lurking and using stealth and when we are most vulnerable spring and attack. I see many areas where an attack from above could be the cougar's tactic. Leaping from fallen trees and rock overhangs to catch us by surprise. Cougar Animation Cats in my opinion are top acrobats. They move gracefully with forethought and precision. They prefer high ground and watch their prey patiently. Having an animation that accurately represents this will be challenging. Currently animals in the Long Dark get caught up on terrain and are unable to path find effectively. Bears can climb trees in RL but currently are limited to the ground. With cats this cannot be. The cougar should be the most agile in the game and be able to go places the player cannot. The cougar's animation when transitioning should look smooth and clean with out abrupt movements. This to my knowledge has never been represented in any game and MOBs always seem to move clunky when path finding on uneven terrain. Testing Grounds There are areas where players climb into and are not yet finished. Theses areas should be early cougar testing grounds. Where players might hear growling or hissing and if they continue to stray get attacked by a cougar unseen. Just killing the character outright. No struggle. Just dead. That should teach mountain goats to be wary and keep them confined to valid map zones. Cougar Fun Facts Article on Pumas This kitty plays the stealth game. Currently when looking for trouble I look for movement. Imagine these murder mittens in the shadows just waiting for you to step a little closer. How will the cougar change everyone's game play? My play style during early experiences in The Long Dark was to keep looking around. Not knowing if wolves would pick up my trail and follow and I would keep stopping to look around. If the cougar is stalking us then the idea to keeping aware returns. The cougar could add so much more depth (death) to The Long Dark. edit: Hunt Cougar The cougar should not be easily tricked like the wolf. Using bait on wolves should not work the same for cougars. They are wary and cautious. Ignoring your attempts to bait them into a trap. Hunting cougar should be most difficult. Catching them by surprise should be the only way to take them down. Cougars drag their prey into secluded areas unlike wolves which eat where the prey has fallen. Shooting is difficult because the cougar's dodging ability enables them to avoid getting hit. The bear and wolf might charge at you but for cougar this never happens. Instead stealth is their modus operandi. Defend Against Cougar During struggles the cat always wins. For example they always catch you off guard and jump on your back. Meaning you can only repel them and never wound them. Fire keeps them at bay similar to wolves. Wearing wolf hide or bear hide is another method to scare off an attack. The opposite effect happens when wearing deer or bunny hide.
  18. General thread for discussion and info on FA. Launches with Expansion Pass on Dec 5, 2022. From the description below, certain "features" will only be available during an aurora. FORSAKEN AIRFIELD A vast open plain hides a remote airfield that once served as a critical transport hub for the interior of Great Bear. Between the Hangar, Control Tower, and the Ranger's Cabin on the outskirts of the region, Forsaken Airfield is one of the harshest, coldest regions yet. What secrets will the Aurora reveal...
  19. I found this while looking at the new roadmap, thought it could be more concrete evidence of what the trader may be... (Notice the boots hanging under the rifle) (Now look at the icon for the Trader) I'm super excited to see what great work hinterland comes up with next!
  20. It is Christmas time and I am thankful for the new map, but I’m a dreamer and there is something in a map I feel is missing and I would like in my wishlist for the next addition. I should preface this by saying I am fan of this game and believe it does not get enough attention and should be recognized as such a complex and beautiful game. Preferably not another dead end map, I think I can speak for many others. But the general theme would be a somewhat small abandoned (perhaps off-season) ski resort. Included would be a cafeteria/restaurant with a locked fridge/freezer to be opened for good food supply. A managers office with a top tier random item “Lost & found” box, which can only be accessed during aurora (much like the cannery). Swiss Chalet cabins around the resort with great scenic views. Of course there would have to be a ski lift to take you up a huge mountain side ( which runs during aurora), the downside is a pack of wolves awaits underneath the loft and patrols the mountain side. If not wolves perhaps another dangerous animal. On top of the mountain is the ski patrol lodge, featuring an extensive first aid kit and some good quality items. Of course you can walk your way to the top of the mountain, however you’d have to navigate your way through a series of cross country skiing and dog sledding trails. Spread around the resort would be some more guest rooms, a gift shop/ ski rental area, a lake and river with ice fishing possibilities, ice skating rink, luge course??? Just some ideas, what would make a ski resort a great addition to the Long Dark? I’m not 100% sure, but I think it’s fits the theme of the cold and would be Great Bear Islands tourist spot. What would the resort also need? Let me know, I want to hear from all the creative people!
  21. Okay, this suggestion is a morbid one, but why are there no dead people in the cars? I think adding them would increase the immersion, and make the long dark more diverse without oversaturating it with content. And now, when survival and wintermute are separated, including this little change is easier than ever.
  22. Throughout my playthrough, I noticed cured leather to be a limited resource to get your hands on. Cloth is usually not that hard to come by and recycling shoes feels like a waste of good clothing. I'm proposing the idea of a tanning rack found throughout the world. Essentially you can use it to cure animal hides/guts slightly faster (10-15%, calculation not final) to reduce the very long wait time for players wanting to craft fur clothing. In addition, once a fur is cured, you can use a knife/axe to skin the fur out and acquire cured leather instead. The amount of cured leather you acquire will depend on the animal hide you cure. This new feature will give early-late game players another reason to harvest hides from animals. In terms of where a tanning rack would be located, it would be close to individual shelters that exist within the wilderness (ex: Timberwolf Mountain hut, Mystery Lake Trappers Cabin, etc.). You won't find a tanning rack in a town with multiple shelters close to each other. Furthermore, The amount of hides/guts you can place on the tanning rack will depend on the size of the animal. You can put 3 rabbit hides and fresh guts on 1 tanning rack, while other animals take up all 3 slots due to their sizes. Feel free to share your thoughts down below if you think this concept idea would fit the game, or if you have any feedback or suggestions on how to improve this idea as a whole. Cheers
  23. It is clear, that some of the Tales From The Far Territory features haven't been revealed yet. So do you have any guesses, as to what else that expansion holds? Here's my guess, and it's a bold one. Ziplines! Just think about it. First off, there is a bunch of new rocky regions, that we'll get to explore. Second, TFTFT have already addressed some old wishes like cooking, base customisation, sleds (the free survival update adds a thermos), and ziplines have been heavily suggested in the past. And third, I'm sure everyone noticed how much Hinterland like incorporating one-way "gates" into their level design, and a zipline can serve as one of such one-way shortcuts. What do you think about this guess? And what else do you think is going to be added to the Tales From The Far Territory?
  24. Throughout the history of The Long Dark, the UI have been updated a lot, going from this To this The difference is staggering, yet there's still a lot of room for improvement. Here are some of my suggestions for making TLD UI better. 1) First aid menu. Honestly, that part of the game only got worse as it was updated. Back in the days, we had a separate first aid tab, where one could only use the items, that would help to recover. Now you have to find the correct item in your inventory first and only then use it. Not only that, but you can waste your medical supplies by using them for wrong afflictions. Seriously, how can you even ATTEMPT curing food poisoning with a bandage? Do you just eat it? Well, you can't use it afterwards, so this is my headcanon now. The worst part is that players would only use the wrong item in two situations. It's either a misclick, or a misunderstanding of game's mechanics. Neither should be punished, in my opinion. The best way to fix this would be to add a "use" button to the status menu, and to make it so the players can't treat afflictions with items that won't help. 2) Crafting menu When I turn my mousewheel ONCE, the blueprints tab scrolls though a WHOLE PAGE. That's extremely disorienting. It would be better to change it so that a single turn of mousewheel would only scroll though a single recipe. Like this. Another way to improve the crafting menu is to add the "available recipes first" option This option would be especially useful for the new players, who don't yet know if they can craft anything from the materials they have. 3) Missions. Why can't I move it with my mouse wheel? 4) Start fire There are two problems with this part of UI. First, all the materials are sorted alphabetically, and not based on the success chance. Just... Why? Second, nobody cares about fire starting base chance. Sure it does matter, but no one needs to see their crit. chance as they aim. The same applies here, you can already see the chance of success, anyway. On the other hand, it SURE would be convenient to know the time it takes you to start a fire. Unfortunately, it's nowhere to be seen. I think, this menu would look way better like this. Well, those are all the UI-related problems I could think of. If anyone has something to add or disagree with, fell free to comment.
  25. Hello Survivors, with the Dev Diary in April Hinterland gave us some general informations about what to expect in future updates (free for everyone) and for the upcoming season pass (optional). They also posted a little picture for teasing. And this picture kept my mind busy from the moment i saw it. I’m very surprised that no one talks about it and that’s why i wanted to post a little thread for speculation here. This is just for fun and pastime the thirsting period until the next news or update arrives 😊 Quick note before: a a) This is just speculation what might come in the future, not what will come in the future, because i don’t know. Also i’m not a programmer or developer, so i can’t really say how realistic my speculations are. b b) The picture doesn’t have to mean anything. It’s possible that it reflects a real part of future gameplay or nothing at all. c c) I remember a bit of the survey Hinterland took many months ago about the future of the game. My ideas in this thread are influenced by this survey even when i don’t remember it fully. Is there a possibility to see the questions again, even after the survey? That would help. d d) I want to keep the speculation on the things shown on the picture. Maybe additionally things that directly deduce from that, but not more. Things that might come with the season pass in general or even in a Long Dark 2 i want to discuss in a new thread. Okay, let’s start! The first time i saw the picture i thought of the person shown is us, the players. And with the tool box behind him, the lantern and the items outside came the idea that we might get some options for secondary bases. Furthermore we might be able to claim some structures we find and use them as temporary bases for let’s say like 1-3 days. Like the cairns, but indoor and the ability to sleep in them. To recover health, harvest your rabbits, find shelter from a blizzard, get some of your supplies. The way the items are displayed made me curious: clothing is hanging outside, but next to a fire. So are we able to use the outside wall of the waggon as a clothesline and the fire to dry them? Are the ribbons in the waggon common? Because i believe i have seen them in postal service waggons but i’m not sure. Despite real or not, they could function as hammocks. The toolbox at the wall is not common. Someone must have mounted it there. My thought on that was, that we might be able to customize our secondary bases for our very own needs. The person inside the waggon is smoking. So we might get some cigarettes. Or, more general speaking, consumables. Tobacco, which can be used to make cigarretes, cigars or to fill a pipe. With that i thought of a mental health system coming, which was on Hinterlands roadmap. When i thought about the picture a second time a new thought hit me and i think this is what the picture is meaning. The person in the waggon is not the player, but a vendor. And when you look at the items, what kind of items are shown, the variety and the way they are displayed, it makes absolutely sense. The clothes are not there for drying, but as an offer. The fire is there so the customer don’t freeze. All items shown are known to us, all but maybe one or two: the map and the note next to it. Regarding the map: for new players it would make sense to invest some of their stuff to buy a piece of a map (or even the whole map) of a region to get a bit of a head start or a useful hint where a structure can be found. For veteran players it would make also sense as long as we get new maps. And these new maps don’t have to be generated just by Hinterland, but can also be made by AI. Especially with the mod-support this would be a feature very useful for maps created by other players. The note next to the map doesn’t say much to me besides that it looks like a schematic or even a drawing of a sasquatch. Which gave me the idea that we could be able to purchase the local legends stories from the Story Mode and solve the mystery in Survival Mode. Schematic or legend, both would be great! The third note (on the right side of the waggon, left to the rifle) i don’t know. It looks like a drawing of a skiiing person. And first i thought that there are hanging skiiers under the note but on second view this is just a (not sure about the correct translation): rail/rack/bar for the door to slide. So i don’t know what this note shall tell us. Do you?