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  1. Okay so I was playing survival mode the other day, I shot a bear as you do but then lost it. I eventually found it again still alive to popped two bullets in it killing it. I harvested what I could and then went on my merry way back to my camp, only to find my dead bear, turns out I killed two of them. I then realised that I couldn't harvest both of them so spent several hours going back and forth to collect all the meat. Which got me thinking... What if the game had sled dogs? Which you could either find in the wild and befriend (I know a dog is mentioned at the farm in wintermute) or that you could barter for from other survives? (one bear pelt for one dog?) You could then get a dog team together that could pull a handcrafted or found sled, this would make collecting large amounts of food easier as well as collecting building materials. ~ Another thing that would be really cool would be in survival mode having the seasons change and having different resources available at different times of year. SO in spring you could collect bird eggs and in autumn you would have a boost in deer population as they migrate. You could also have it possible to after a set amount of time possibly, be able to own chickens or even ducks. ~ Something else I think would be really cool would be having set places on the maps where people could make their own frontier, they would have to go out in the right seasons (spring/summer) and collect the needed materials to build the players very own home. The player would be able to decide what shape, how many rooms and also be able to build furniture to go inside the house once it was complete. I would actually really love this as an update as I would love to build my own "home" in survival mode which would have everything I needed (workbench/forge ect) so I wouldn't have to constantly run around the maps. ~ My next suggestion would be adding in other animals like Ptarmigans, lynx, wolverine. Even changing the animals depending on what season it is. You could do a salmon run in autumn where people could potentially catch lots of fish to survive over winter. ~ My last suggestion is putting in drying or smoking racks as I've noticed meat goes bad pretty fast in the game but smoked meat lasts a very long time. You could have it so the player has to smoke the meat for a week or something for it to stay fresh almost indefinitely. I also thing adding things like generators would be cool to power electrical equipment.
  2. So I was browsing Netflix and saw a crime drama series named "Hinterland". So I started with S1, Ep1, and ohmygosh it really looks like what I imagine the Coastal Highway region to have looked like when it had been populated. I mean eerily similar! Could it just be a coincidence? Nah? I dunno, but there's an awful lot alike about the two. The first half hour has rolling tree lined hills in a vast cold coastline with one road along the edge with rows of cottage homes that are dilapidated but livable. Fishing gear, small boats, and old docks way out in the water. When searching the home of the victim, the inside is so much like the homes in TLD. Single bookcases, single nightstands, old sinks and stoves, striped straight curtains!! It's kind of crazy! He searched a tall cliffed ravine with a water fall. Yup, there's a train and tracks too. A little bit later in the episode, he searches an abandoned part of an old home in the tall file cabinet! I had to keep backing up because I was so distracted by all the coincidences that I wasn't paying attention to what they were saying. lol If anyone watches it, let me know if you "see it" like I do, or if I'm just crazy. Anyway, I thought it too bizarre not to show you all.
  3. So I started this little curing experiment with Fresh Deer Hide to see the rate of % cured in relation to real (passively allowing time to pass by)and fixed passing time of time in-game. I was basically curious to see the consistency of cure rates and if it had a pattern. I was mostly inspired to test this after reading discussion about certain time inconsistencies like campfire burntime (both indoor and outdoors). It was kind of a spontaneous thing really. I just needed the hide to repair my roughed-up pants 😛 Also there's the fact that other animal hides take shorter/longer days to cure so I sort of want to see if the speed rate of how each type would cure. Another interesting experiment would be to put other types of fresh hides next to each other and see how much % each one cures in an hourly basis. Right now I don't have that kind of resource and I'm just squatting along the DP areas, so anyone is welcome to try really. How my little experiment would be useful (or not) I'll leave that all up to you guys.
  4. (MAJOR SPOILER, TURN AWAY) . . . . . . . . . . . . So, after shooting the damned bear, Jeremiah sends you off on the way to the lower bowels of the Dam and then onwards. Are we seeing him again? Why did he lie about not having electric apparel in his cabin? Namely, the radio hidden under the floor. What is that radio for? Who is he, really? What does the "wintermute" codeword mean? Is he an ecoterrorist? Maybe Astrid, too? Discuss. I want to know your theories.
  5. Hey all - was watching Rand_Althor1966 play today and this happened? I have never seen something like this before. Has anyone else? Can we help Hinterland with a bug like this? I was watching, not playing.
  6. Good day :).I don't know if it was an idea or not.If Yes then I'm sorry. But here's the idea. Here in the game there is no bird so well, the ravens. And the owl's voice is heard. And what if you could put snares and catch them with the help of bait birds. And that and meat and feathers.And then it was possible to cook soup from poultry meat. It would be rich and delicious.
  7. The case with the wolf was much more obvious. The situation goes like this: - A wolf began its charge at me - As it reaches that point where it transitions from charging to lunging (and triggering the struggle fight), I let loose an arrow dead-center toward its head. - Wolf takes the hit but is still alive and triggers the "struggle" event at that very moment. - Not even a second goes by the struggle ends very abruptly (I used the hunting knife by the way) - I see the wolf "slumping" and then it just stops moving altogether in this odd position. Initially I though the wolf was still alive and it's a bad case of the in-game model freezing (something I've seen the bear do until you interact with it) so I shoot it with an arrow. When I pointed my selector at it's body it said "Frozen Wolf Carcass" and that's when I realized that the wolf had already died during the stuggle where I used the knife to stab it once. With the moose I suppose it's just a visual hiccup. Anyone else experienced this though? Particularly with the wolf one.
  8. I was thinking about it after watching some Wintermute videos and I'm not sure but isn't it an incoherence in the evenement of the events in Milton ? First the plane crashes so Astrid and Will are seperated. We know that Will and her Briefcase are realy important so Astrid as to : 1. Run too Milton looking for help and let some scarf piece behind to allow Will to find her path. 2. She was forced by a animal or a prisoner to run away During that, the bus of prisoner get crashed at the entry of the tunnel after milton. The prisoner who survived get out of the Bus and they go to Milton. Some thing went wrong with the inhabitant of Milton, they burn a part of them by accident in the School. Astrid get here at this moment and try to save the Inhabitants but it's too late. The prisoner try to kill her so she start to fight with them, kill one of them but get wouded. She run away and pass trough the stone of the tunnel and survive. If she run away and don't get cought by the prisoner because she was small enough to pass the landslide, who can we find Mathis and 5 prisoners dead body in the mystery lake ? In this situation where astrid pass the landslide, the prisoners are trapped inside Milton. Am I wrong ?
  9. I've recently thought a lot about a list of things that should be added/improved in the game before it's finished (abandoned) that would make the game "complete" for me. There's a lot of stuff I would like to be added, but this is not a list about them, it's just things I feel like really should be added. Here's the list (in no particular order): - Release of all 5 episodes of WINTERMUTE (obviously) - First person clothing (ability to see what you're currently wearing in first person rather than seeing the default jacket all the time, it really breaks the immersion imo) - Decreased animal bleed out times (I've seen it multiple times in @Hadrian's videos and I have a problem with it myself, chasing a deer 5 minutes around the whole map is a bit ridiculous) - Bear spear in survival mode (currently only available in WINTERMUTE) - Defueling storm lanterns (exactly the same way you put out ammunition from firearms) - Craftable animal-hide socks and underwear (the only two slots that don't have any clothing that can be crafted from animals) - Warning before eating raw meat (similar to throwing an unread book into a fire, it's really easy to accidentally select raw meat from the radial menu and get food poisoning) - More items changing appearance based on their condition (currently only clothing items have this feature, I feel like it would be pretty cool and useful, especially with food) - Better item placing (ability to rotate items and put them directly next to each other or on top of each other, it would be great placing books to bookshelves the correct way for example) - Ability to read books for 30 minutes only (useful while cooking meat or boiling water for example) I might've forgotten about some things, but I feel like I've mentioned everything important. Feel free to share your own ideas in the comments and we can have a nice discussion about it. 🙂
  10. Just as the title states - What do y'all tend to wear in the long dark to keep the chill off your bones? I remember back before they added defense, waterproof and encumbrance value to clothing and we would all rush to get the heaviest warmest stuff. But with more recent updates, you have to be tactical about what you wear. Me, I like to be light, reasonably warm, and defended. My current outfit is as follows - I like light but warm jackets. Ski jacket is an ideal jacket for me, and layering two light sweaters or one heavy sweater underneath it provides pretty decent warmth and defense. Rabbit skin hat and balaclava are both pretty light and very very warm. Wool socks and trail socks are very ideal, preferably two pairs of either. I like trail boots or deer boots. They may not be the warmest, but they're not the worst by far and offer great mobility. Leather work gloves solely for the defensive value, they're my favorite gloves in the game. And as you can see I have snow pants on with cargo pants layered over them for the extra wind blockage and damage protection. Work pants offer much better protection, but they're not very warm and they're very heavy so they're not ideal. Heavy boots are a huuuge no no. Ski boots especially. I hate being slowed down as I travel a lot. Heavier coats are good if I can't find anything else, but as long as I can find a ski jacket I usually stay away from them. This setup has kept me completely warm on most days, but I know it won't last. I've had some hides curing to make some clothes for when the weather turns. I plan to replace the trail boots with deerskin boots, keep most of my clothing as is, and craft me a bearskin coat. Which is heavy, yes. But offers the best cold protection in the entire game and it shouldn't weigh me down too bad as long as I keep the rest of my clothing light. So what do my fellow survivors think of my setup? How do y'all prefer dressing yourselves in the morning to face the quiet apocalypse?
  11. I'm trying to validate various tactics and ideas for interacting with wildlife I came across in the web or tested myself. Below is a compilation of tactics (starting with tactics against wolves) - I'd love to hear if they are valid or learn some new ones - please help me out Wolves baits - if you have smelly items on you the detection radius is larger and wolf does not need to see you cured guts/skins are not smelly (correct me if I'm wrong since I tend to be detected a bit easier when carrying those around...) meat is smelly - the more decayed the better leftover tactic - haven't seen it on youtube playthroughs for a while now - you cancel eating your meat just when you're almost finished to get a 0.01kg meat and let it rot for a while for extra smelliness pre-processed food is not smelly if the wolf is too close to you the bait won't work - a couple of meters that is on non-interloper you can drop bait and manouver to a side - wolf should still follow the bait and you will be able to shoot it from the side (easier to aim - bigger hitbox) if the wolf is following bait it won't charge you if you aim your gun at it if the wolf is close enough it will eat the bait (so using freshly cooked 1kg moose meat is not the best bait choice ) - this includes guts (??) detection - if you are detected you will hear growling do not run - identify where the wolf is coming from and slowly back off to break the line of sight (this reminds me of MGSV); then back off to seek some shelter if you break line of sight and run away wolf will try to catch up to you by running - as soon as you slow down so will the wolf if you aim a weapon at the wolf it will immediately attack (it barks and starts to run towards you) decoy/bait won't (?) work anymore at this point there is no/less (?) chance to scare the wolf with firearms / no chance to scare it with flares wolf will still back off when it sees fire (seeing fire is getting into certain radius around the fire); on interloper the radius seems to be so small the only efficient way is to stand on the other side of the fire if you shoot and hit the charging wolf there is a high chance to scare it off wolves can detect (and attack) you during time accelerated actions and sleep, unless you have a fire going on evasion throwing rocks can attract a wolf - if he has not detected you; this way you can throw a rock and force the wolf to move away crouching makes you very stealthy in Long Dark it's a good thing to crouch before doing any time-accelerated actions (wood chopping etc) I recall in older builds of LD it was possible to hear wolf steps - I did not observe this in recent build - can anyone confirm? good old advice - find yourself a high ground and take some time to observe an area that is treacherously non-flat (CH gas station whereabouts); good luck if you are in HRV though - it's a wolf deathtrap chasing a non predatory animal like a deer or rabbit into wolf path will keep the wolf preoccupied with eating when wolf is eating the animal it's detection radius is much smaller (??) scaring off gunfire (including shooting flares) scares wolves if not in attack mode (apparently in some radius around the player) throwing a flare at wolf is the oldest (?) way of scaring it off; it's not certain it will work and player needs to throw the flare precisely in front of the animal - I find this really tedious to pull of; throwing torches can scare a wolf but there is much lower chance of doing so (??) arrow landing near the animal works kinda like gunfire but for a single wolf starting a fire is the most dependable and predictable way to scare wolves scared wolf is still dangerous if it has no way to flee and circles back to you it might change it's mind and bite your a** off wolfskin/bearskin cloaks have a slim chance of scaring the approaching wolf if it sees you if they meet bear/moose they will run away - it's possible to scare those predators to run into wolves but impractical due to risk and gunfire usage hunting luring the wolf with a bait and shooting with bow/rifle seems the most reliable way to hunt them chasing a non predatory animal is also a viable tactics when scaring off a wolf with revolver do check the ground for blood trail to know if it was hit struggles if you have revolver equipped it will be the first choice for struggle with a wolf; it is completely useless and you will get yourself killed if you use it - since it's used for bashing the wolf; if you have maxed out revolver skill you will be able to shoot the wolf this way cut weapons are (?) more efficient in struggles than blunt ones hatchet seems to be the best choice for surviving a struggle? aurora fire/flare does not scare them at all (what about gunfire??) they are scared of bright artificial lights (streetlamps) - so it's a viable tactic to stick to those areas that are enlightened the uber-heavy 1kg battery powered torch from hunting lodge can deter aurora wolves if you point high power mode beam at them they have a much better detection radius than during daylight they go into attack mode much earlier if you kill them they remain green even in daylight baiting still (????) works on aurora wolves?
  12. Where do all my fellow survivors like to hunt in the long dark? My personal favorite spot, as long as you have a revolver to fend off the wolves easily, is the Unnamed Pond in mystery lake. This is a PRIME location in my opinion, especially when you get lucky and catch that moose spawn zone in your game. In my latest sandbox, I've never tried hunting there. But it happened to be my moose spawn, which is why I set up in the cabin to begin with. I quickly realized, I'm mere FEET away from a moose spawn, a bear spawn, a wolf spawn, AND a deer spawn all in the same area. I took down a moose, a bear, and about 5 wolves in my week spent at this location waiting for that moose hide to cure. It's also a great spawn for old man's beard and I think there's rose hips pretty close by too. It's just an amazing location to set up and hunt with shelter mere feet away. If only this location consisted of a stove and work bench, man I might just settle down here. So tell me, where do y'all love to take in the scenery and take down some animals in the quiet apocalypse?
  13. Okay so I have already emailed some of this to HinterLandGames and they said I should post them up here so here goes. You have your normal skills that level up as you use them (for example your sharpening skill and sewing skills) but what if you also had key skills that you ernt points to update while playing the game? They would be as follows: Strength - Levelling this up improves your carry capacity and how long you can run. You can carry more weight maxing out at Xkg (I know it is currently maxed at 30kg) and you can run longer distances before your stamina runs out. Dexterity -Levelling this skill improves how fast you can craft and break things down into components. You get faster at crafting items and fixing items as well as you become better at breaking down things like logs for firewood and curtains for cloth. Charisma - Levelling this skill means that you become better at talking to people, people trust you faster. Intelligence - By Levelling this skill you learn faster, you learn more from reading books and from what people teach you in the world, your crafting skills level up quicker. Wisdom - Levelling this skill gives you more insight into the world around you, you can learn where things are and it marks on your map after a while. at higher levels you become resistant to infections. You could also have after the full story is complete add in wondering survivors into the survival mode, both good and bad, so all the groups you learn about and the people you meet in the story mode you can find in the survival mode and interact with, and depending on what you say/do towards them they will either help you or try to hinder you in some way. You could have it so that when you meet someone you can either try talking to them or straight out attack them which would start your relationship with them. If you attack them they would start hating you, but if you talked to them you might get a task to do and eventually might learn new skills that would help you in game. You could also have settlements of small groups of people that you could choose to help or leave for death, even possibly adding in children. Well that's all I've got for now, if I think of anything else I will add it later.
  14. Soo.. what's the deal with the blue flares? Last time I saw something like that was UV flares in dying light. And I'm pretty sure those don't actually exist. Neither do blue flares. The only thing I've come up with, is blue LED "flares" which are essentially just flashing lights. Which would make sense with the event being that the animals are scared of unnatural light. But these flares would not be present in such a rural area as they're usually used by inner city police forces for traffic stops. And besides, these are not those. Because it appears to be just a blue reskin of the standard red road flare. This just doesn't make sense and is a little too videogamey for a survival game that strives for realism, in my opinion. What do y'all think? Any logical way we can explain this one?
  15. Hey guys! New to the forums here and my first post (but not my first time playing The Long Dark) I decided for my first that I want to share some of my thoughts about a few features that can be included in the game to further enhance immersion, experience and bring a little challenge to players. And some mentioned because it just makes a little but of sense. STONES AS FIRE STARTERS When I was new to TLD I thought " ok, survival game, gotta start a fire, need some stones..." because matches were not the first thing in my mind when thinking about starting a fire in a survival game. A work-around the abundance and accessibility to stones would be giving it an average % of starting a fire that can increase by a small increment the higher your fire starting skill. To make things fair as well, the condition % of stones would greatly be reduced with each attempted use (like say, 20% each time) If I think about it stones are most handy to when hunting rabbits and hardly an option for wolf deterrents. Other than that, stones don't have much use. A feature like this could be a useful crutch for early Loper games especially when you're in the situation of not obtaining any matches much later if not all. EVEN MORE CAMPFIRE COOKING FEATURES The cooking system to me right now is playable and I have not much to comment on but it is the limit of how much food a campfire allows a player to cook I think can be further enchanced. How about an option to build a variety of spits? It gives you more to cook and an even more useful reason to hoard sticks/wood and of course, is optional. The spit could be reusable at least a few more times before salvaging it to put in newly made ones. Each cooking level produces a different quality of spit, made with an increasing amount of materials required with the highest having the best quality spit of course. So instead of making 3 campfires to cook six pieces of meat after a hunt for example, a campfire and an added spit could cook maybe around the same amount with less wood needed to maintain 3 campfires. BETTER WILDLIFE A.I. This is one of those topics that borderline into "it's just a game, it doesn't have to be realistic" and "the way these animals's not realistic" but I want to be open about what could make it more challenging or interesting. I'm specifically talking about how we can utilizing crouching and sneaking more in a hunting situation. The deer for example, could be updated with reaction animations that alert the player that it is hearing something approaching (similar to the hare). This would be useful since currently there are no visual cues that aid me to tell me that my prey is aware of me, the deer just makes a run for it and I have to go give chase. If we have visual cues and the appropriate reactions from wildlife then this could be a useful tool for the player on how to approach quarry. Wolves should have dens as the bears do and perhaps this is a place wolves can retreat to when they aren't prowling. There can be a rotation of wolves staying in the den and prowling giving the option for player to actively hunt for wolves for the more timid (but still aware) ones staying by dens. Of course to make it fair, a handful of wolves would be hanging by the den and still presents a risk of being overwhelmed to the player should they choose to go with it. Attacking a wolf by their dens could startle them and force them to run away especially in a successful atatck by the player for example and give them a window to harvest remains before the scrambled wolves come back -- this one is a stretch though (and a little unrealistic), but just an idea for more options to be in the position of having the pre-emptive advantage in actively hunting wolves instead of being constantly put in the risk of being the one attacked with every attempt to hunt one. Bears can their biggy, same selves for all I care, no comment here XD. CLOTHING CHANGE IN FIRST-PERSON VIEW I read somewhere else in this forum that the character model in-game should have their clothes updated in real-time (just the hands and sleeves will do) so that immersion isn't broken. So there, these are just some of the ideas I have on top of my head, let me know what you guys think!
  16. Really annoying when playing through the story mode getting mauled by the old bear, then having to wait through a long animation before you are allowed to reload a save. Why can't I just access the menu in the middle of the long animation? So far as I have seen its always an insta-kill(On wintermute) so it's not like we would be "cheating" by being able to skip the mauling. Even better would be the ability to skip the animation after the first mauling.
  17. I know we already have cabin fever, but I think that it would be neat to have a mental health meter that is affected by: how much you eat and drink, pre-existing conditions such as one that makes you sad when you kill rabbits or causes mood swings (maybe there could be a badge that effects how many, if any conditions exist), reading a self-help books or adopting a pet rock. good mental health will make you perform actions quicker and burn slightly fewer calories. bad mental health will make you burn slightly more calories and your character can become grumpy, causing him to give up occasionally while performing actions like crafting or sowing and maybe even refuse to get out of bed. what to ya'all think?
  18. Hello. My idea. In the game because there is a can of peaches, pork and beans, and so on and so forth. Say what product is good quality and what is not right ?. What if .by passing the written .It could be for example. A bad can of peaches if the product is long overdue and the can is deformed. Immediately it would be clear that the product is really spoiled. A fresh can of peaches would look really fresh and appetizing.
  19. Hinterland, kudos for having a moral choice far, FAR better then choosing whether or not to loot a gas station for supplies. But for the love of god, please have this choice actually matter in later chapters. If you spare Hobbs life make him show up down the line either interacting or antagonizing Will or Astrid in later chapters. Or if you killed him, would you make it so it actually affects Will beyond word changes in his dialogue like in Telltale games? I let a dangerous criminal live, MAKE IT WORTH MY WHILE EH?
  20. I have been trying to complete this achievement since I started playing the game. The instructions are simple: explore every interior location on the Mystery Lake map and the Coastal Highway map. Doesn't sound so difficult, but I am exhausted from covering the same two maps over and over and still coming up short. Although this current play through I did stumble on a previously undiscovered clearing with a cave high up on the hill looking down onto camp office that I hadn't found before. In this particular play through I have also found the prepper bunker in ML, so I figured I must have found all the interior locations. So are caves with a warmth bonus considered interior locations, because the only thing that could be hindering me from completing that achievement is maybe I have missed a cave? I know I have entered every physical interior space that generates a load screen, or at least I think I have. Does interior space include cars? I kinda would expect that it does. any help, ideas, suggestions?
  21. Does everyone remember the early days? When the insulated boots were the best clothing item in the game. When the woodpeckers would peck on metal and everyone wondered why they heard a cell phone ringing? When the entire ocean was frozen. When the original forestry lookout was still standing... Btw that was my favorite location in the game and I'll never forgive you hinterland ... or how about when we saw a snow shovel on the main menu? Before custom difficulty. Before the forge. Anyone remember the original survivor interface? Having to do without a radial menu? When cooking was as simple as selecting the item and time automatically passing. Before we needed cooking utensils, before skill trees, before layered clothing. Those were the days.
  22. Hello, my fellow survivors. I have a very important question I must bring to your attention. Perhaps the most important of them all. ... how do you take your coffee? Mine is pretty self explanatory from the picture. BLACKER THAN BLACK! That's two tablespoons of grinds for this tiny serving Looking forward to hearing some of your replies. This should be a fun little topic! Cheers!
  23. Hello everybody , I don't know were this idea from someone else or not.If anyone has such an idea then I apologize .I don't follow other players ' ideas. Here's the idea As far as I know the game the village on the coastal highway there's a gas station. It would not be bad residual fuel that was left at the gas station how it would be possible to drain into the canister.Can all, the remnants of and remained.People who lived there still do not need. And survivors not necessary.
  24. Hi. Good morning , evening and night I do not say , because I do not know what time of day you have now.I thought you know what ?. By the way you notice that this game teaches people . I mean what ?. And about that there are for example people living in countries where all year round summer , and snow can not .And it happens that the inhabitants of such countries have never left their countries and never in my life have not seen snow.And this game gives them a chance.Because once it is clear that once it snows , and you start to freeze , then you need to dress warmer. It's you and the snow.Because many of us are probably from those countries where it snows in the winter.Those people don't. And that's why I want to say thank you to the creators of this game for the chance, those people who have never seen snow.How many countries do you think this game covers ?.
  25. I feel like there are just WAY too many rounds laying around for the revolver. This makes it way too overpowered as a tool, given that I have ample rounds just laying around. Too many to even carry with me, matter of fact. Hostile wildlife is a complete moot point. I'm finding as many revolver rounds as I would in a standard FPS, and this is a survival game! This seriously needs to be tuned