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  1. So I was forced to restart my best start to an interloper run, started in PV and found hacksaw, matches, hammer, and mag glass. I was astounded. Had a save problem and lost the game after about 5 in game days. So I was like I'm not going to get defeated, I'm going to try this again! Started one and began in the keg. Rushed to ML where I looted everything, found matches, mag glass and hammer. Great start, but no hacksaw. No problem I'm doing well. Moved to PV, because of course its going to spawn there. Checked the tower, house and barn, nothing. So I've got about 8 pieces of scrap metal and was thinking about going to the keg to make some arrow heads and the knife to get ahead of it. I've heard there is a chance that one spawns on the workbench by the forge. Do you think it's worth it to go forge and hope the saw is there? Can it spawn anywhere else in FM? Just curious because if I have arrow heads but not arrow shafts or a bow it's not really worth it. But having the knife would help a bit. Or should I head all the way to CH because it has to be in the gas station then. Which one do you think is the better risk?
  2. Hi! First let me tell you that The Long Dark is in the top 5 list of the games I think are the best. I have some suggestions to improve this game. Maybe I am wrong about my suggestions, then I apologize - do not take this solemnly, but would like to hear what you others think. I make the list simple, so here it is: * Don't let wolves follow me over almost the entire map. * Wolves must be easier to scare away with light sources in challenge mode. (flares, bonfires, etc.) * Reduce wolves / general wildlife by 10% in challange mode. * There must be less things to find in challenge mode. 20% less items maybe? [Maybe I will edit this post for an update] What do you think? Do you have any other suggestions? Hinterland must do something about the wolves because I think they ruin some of the in-game experience, especially in challenge mode. Have a nice day. - Yavind.
  3. Hey, how ya doin'? So I'm stepping up my game from Voyager, attempting a Stalker run. It's definitely more dangerous and more scarcity of everything except friggin' wolves. Usually the tools I find are in or near the best shelters of a region, sometimes I'll find additional tools in a more obscure location (axe in a shed; knife near a corpse; crowbar in a car). On Stalker, I've noticed that the few tools that do spawn seem to do so in these obscure locations. For the TLD survival mode experts, I ask you: Do the locations of items get more obscure and harder to find in Interloper, and do any items spawn behind furniture or in crates that can only be accessed after you've broken them down? I just want to guage how much more vigilant I need to be when scavenging. What's been your experience with this and has it changed much over the course of the years?
  4. What in game things, drive you mad? Here's one for me - that wolf is near the island you can't get to in CH. The weak ice doesn't seem to bother the deer or the wolves. I've lost a couple of deer in just about that spot too. Just drives me mad. Plus, I really want to see what's on the back side of the island.
  5. Hi. Last time I was nosey, I recieved some very enlightening replies. So, I´m doing it again. This time I would like to ask; Do you carry back-up clothing just in case something happens? For example, I´m in the habbit of carrying extra socks, hat and gloves (just the woollen mittens). Just in case I fall through some ice or get caught in some weather.
  6. I've seen big cats mentioned before as a possible new enemy and I'd be down for some sort of enemy that tracks you down, perhaps pathing to break line of sight behind objects and only striking from behind...but this makes it a little OP, so perhaps it would need something like the crows calling warnings around bears, but more subtle. An idea I had would be once the cat is in tracking mode and within rendering distance ambient sounds start to get muted while character sounds (namely footsteps, moving, and breathing) get slowly louder. Not to a point where you'll instantly recognize it, mind you. It would be a slow change where if you're not paying attention you'll miss it entirely and it will be too late...
  7. Yavind

    Christmas event

    Will it be a christmas event for the game as we approach the season? I'm thinking if there is a "secret" file in the game that activates itself when the date on the computer shows closer to Christmas Eve. I imagine broken christmas lights around the rooftops. Curved Christmas tree inside some of the houses, with Christmas decorations on and Christmas presents under the tree you can pack up and find toys .. Also that it is possible to collect, for example, a Christmas hat to add to some collection. Maybe an *achievement where you have to find Santa's hat, and it can be anywhere in the game in a random place anywhere on all the maps. And there is only one of those hats. Imagine how awesome this would have been. Maybe make this as a christmas challenge in the game? "Find Santas Hat". And that is where all the christmas stuff is
  8. How long did you play Pilgrim before you moved on to the other modes? Did you just dive straight in to Interloper? What mode is most comfortable for you right now? (Wow, I´m a nosey Parker today! :-P)
  9. I tried the game theHunter: call of the wild, today via steam. I wanted a hunting game where you can collect trophies and see killed rare animals you have collected. I couldn't make myself like theHunter because it was too arcade-like. For example, you have endless stamina when you run. You lose 0 HP when you jump from high heights. You do not need sleep, food or drink. All you are is a killing machine. You run around with your weapon and pew pew, money or trophy, rinse and repeat. The game seems very superficial. At least the game has good graphics and sound. But everything else is devastating to the game, so much so that I had to get a refound. This got me thinking, The long dark has all the elements you need to have a challenging hunting experience. You need sleep, food, shelter, warmth and good clothes. Animals can be very dangerous if you are not good with your weapons and strategy. And this made me think even more. *We need the Trophy Room in The Long Dark for those who want to preserve the memories of the hunt, and brag to the rest of the TDL community. I hope they can make something for both animals and fish. + Add online hunt scoreboard, if possible.
  10. So I've started to look for help first on steam forums then directly to emailed hinterland like 2-3 months ago still with no response. I'll try my luck here too. I own the steam version of TLD. I'm on mac os x mojave, imac 27" late 17, which is a more than enough system to handle TLD. Until I started to get this bug, I was able to play just fine anyway.I'm having this chronic crash right after launching the game since one or two months, did clean instal multiple times and tried start options but still having the issue. Game starts rather slowly and sometimes even freezes the machine until it responds after a while but as soon I'm in "disclaimer" screen with piano playing, and I hit any button to skip, game crashes to desktop. *On one occasion today, I've been able to make it to the main menu. I've seen some community updates on the way such as the third episode to be released in 22th Oct. and I've been told that I survived 1852 days..I never survived that long let alone played that long. After a few seconds of main menu experience, I got crashed to desktop again.. Like I've said, I've been able to play the game on the same machine, and same os x until now. I do not know what is wrong. I do not have any mods installed by the way. Multiple clean installs, and verifications did not solve the issue.Anyone have any idea?
  11. I can sometimes (IRL), see something in the side-view of my eye very quickly, then I turn my head, then it's not there anymore - can be scary sometimes, if you're alone. So the game developers should add. "side view vision what the heck was that moment", rare moments when out alone + worst snow condition when it is completely dark. Added to all of the game modes. The side-view mechanics may be that you see one bonfire 800-1000 meters away in all the snow, then you turn your character a bit, then turn back - then the bonfire is gone!( Yikes ). Should maybe appear at random spots in the game, and very rare. So: *Last 10 seconds. or. *gone if you rotate the vision out of your players view, and back. * Adds the effect of Peripheral vision "ghosts" * Not overnatural, and adds a bit of wildlife spirit mystery. (there is plenty of mystery in story mode, but I want some mystery in challenge and survival mode) What do you think?
  12. Yavind

    Add potatoes

    Raw meat is found in the refrigerators in abandoned houses. So when it comes to fresh products that can last a long time, I mean potatoes can last at least as long as raw meat. So what about adding potatoes? Potatoes can be found in potato bags in basements or refrigerators in-game. Why exactly potatoes? Potatoes are rustic, simple and hearty food item. You can do anything with potatoes. Make baked potato, cook potatoes, roast potatoes. To make homemade potato gold(crisp),.. just add a little salt. The potato has a long shelf life and it is rustic food. Adds some quality to the game.
  13. First, Am I allowed to mention a game I love that is 2nd place to The Long Dark?
  14. Hello everyone, I looked up for info about bush planes after observing Will's. I concluded that he has floats, nothing for safe landing in snow or ice. He could land in snow, says forums about planes of this kind, but he could eventually damage the floats. Since the only liquid water surfaces of Great Bear Island are the sea, I was wondering if it was a clue to Perserverance Mills' location (according to Jeremiah, it's north of Pleasant Valley). Am I wrong? Do you have any others clues about that to bring? I'm interested to know what you think.
  15. I really wish the game had other backpack types. Like you could have a medium one that's the one you start with, they could also add a small one for people like me who have a hoarding issue and always end up carrying over 30kg and the small one could only carry 20kg so you'd never get over weight and you'd be faster and a large backpack that has maybe 50kg before you start getting really tired fast/other negative effects but you're extremely slow. Imaging starting every morning and deciding which pack you were gonna wear depending on that day's activity. Oh you're moving to a new base? Large backpack so you can transfer large amounts of supplies from one base to another. General exploration? Definitely medium so you can have a good balance of carry weight and agility. Hunting? Then the small backpack so you can be quick and avoid danger and carry your spoils. Just something I think would be extremely useful and would help lots of players avoid hoarding and having to do multiple trips between places because of carry weight.
  16. Inspired by DrifterMan and GelTAZ I wanted to take on a new interloper challenge. How long can one survive in FM only on interloper? GelTAZ recorded a nice video series about surviving until the train cleared the tunnel on day 7 (see link below). Sadly GelTAZ did not catch his train. Survival in the muskeg is a brutal existence. Constant exposure, only one load screen, limited loot and matches and a single solitary place to sleep each and every night. So, welcome home to Old Spence Family Homestead. We will get pretty familiar with this place. I'll open up the question to everyone here - how long is is possible? What are the priorities? What are the distractions?
  17. I'm trying to validate various tactics and ideas for interacting with wildlife I came across in the web or tested myself. Below is a compilation of tactics (starting with tactics against wolves) - I'd love to hear if they are valid or learn some new ones - please help me out Wolves baits - if you have smelly items on you the detection radius is larger and wolf does not need to see you cured guts/skins are not smelly (correct me if I'm wrong since I tend to be detected a bit easier when carrying those around...) meat is smelly - the more decayed the better leftover tactic - haven't seen it on youtube playthroughs for a while now - you cancel eating your meat just when you're almost finished to get a 0.01kg meat and let it rot for a while for extra smelliness pre-processed food is not smelly if the wolf is too close to you the bait won't work - a couple of meters that is on non-interloper you can drop bait and manouver to a side - wolf should still follow the bait and you will be able to shoot it from the side (easier to aim - bigger hitbox) if the wolf is following bait it won't charge you if you aim your gun at it if the wolf is close enough it will eat the bait (so using freshly cooked 1kg moose meat is not the best bait choice ) - this includes guts (??) detection - if you are detected you will hear growling do not run - identify where the wolf is coming from and slowly back off to break the line of sight (this reminds me of MGSV); then back off to seek some shelter if you break line of sight and run away wolf will try to catch up to you by running - as soon as you slow down so will the wolf if you aim a weapon at the wolf it will immediately attack (it barks and starts to run towards you) decoy/bait won't (?) work anymore at this point there is no/less (?) chance to scare the wolf with firearms / no chance to scare it with flares wolf will still back off when it sees fire (seeing fire is getting into certain radius around the fire); on interloper the radius seems to be so small the only efficient way is to stand on the other side of the fire if you shoot and hit the charging wolf there is a high chance to scare it off wolves can detect (and attack) you during time accelerated actions and sleep, unless you have a fire going on evasion throwing rocks can attract a wolf - if he has not detected you; this way you can throw a rock and force the wolf to move away crouching makes you very stealthy in Long Dark it's a good thing to crouch before doing any time-accelerated actions (wood chopping etc) I recall in older builds of LD it was possible to hear wolf steps - I did not observe this in recent build - can anyone confirm? good old advice - find yourself a high ground and take some time to observe an area that is treacherously non-flat (CH gas station whereabouts); good luck if you are in HRV though - it's a wolf deathtrap chasing a non predatory animal like a deer or rabbit into wolf path will keep the wolf preoccupied with eating when wolf is eating the animal it's detection radius is much smaller (??) scaring off gunfire (including shooting flares) scares wolves if not in attack mode (apparently in some radius around the player) throwing a flare at wolf is the oldest (?) way of scaring it off; it's not certain it will work and player needs to throw the flare precisely in front of the animal - I find this really tedious to pull of; throwing torches can scare a wolf but there is much lower chance of doing so (??) arrow landing near the animal works kinda like gunfire but for a single wolf starting a fire is the most dependable and predictable way to scare wolves scared wolf is still dangerous if it has no way to flee and circles back to you it might change it's mind and bite your a** off wolfskin/bearskin cloaks have a slim chance of scaring the approaching wolf if it sees you if they meet bear/moose they will run away - it's possible to scare those predators to run into wolves but impractical due to risk and gunfire usage hunting luring the wolf with a bait and shooting with bow/rifle seems the most reliable way to hunt them chasing a non predatory animal is also a viable tactics when scaring off a wolf with revolver do check the ground for blood trail to know if it was hit struggles if you have revolver equipped it will be the first choice for struggle with a wolf; it is completely useless and you will get yourself killed if you use it - since it's used for bashing the wolf; if you have maxed out revolver skill you will be able to shoot the wolf this way cut weapons are (?) more efficient in struggles than blunt ones hatchet seems to be the best choice for surviving a struggle? aurora fire/flare does not scare them at all (what about gunfire??) they are scared of bright artificial lights (streetlamps) - so it's a viable tactic to stick to those areas that are enlightened the uber-heavy 1kg battery powered torch from hunting lodge can deter aurora wolves if you point high power mode beam at them they have a much better detection radius than during daylight they go into attack mode much earlier if you kill them they remain green even in daylight baiting still (????) works on aurora wolves?
  18. I really enjoy playing Custom but i just recently found out you get no feats progression! Why??? This just seems like an unnecessary punishment for Custom players. Is it because you want us to 'earn' feats?? Then why have feats progression on pilgrim?! I just do't understand why Custom players like myself are so unnecessarily punished for wanting to playing a slightly modified game experience...
  19. I am just gonna say, revisiting this game's earlier states this many years later is a very special experience. I am sad I didn't get to contribute to its kick starter, but I still played it during its early access launch. Seeing the old menu, the old "story" section, and having the one Mystery Lake map really hits me in the feels.
  20. Hello everybody. I think this post belongs here at the wishlist. I've been playing for some time, and I've always wanted a couple things added to the game, so I'll explain my ideas here. This is a long post, so please, be patient. We know Hinterland has a lot of ideas to add, and that work isn't easy. One of the main points is, if they want to add something to the game, it has to add something new, and it has to be meaningful, not just a detail. Starting from this point, we must take a look at Bear Island itself. There are 9 main regions at this moment, with several transition areas. One of the ways to divide the regions is water (for example, from HRV->MT->FM, or from TWM->PV). The other way to see the map is with the railroad that crosses the map E-W (or the other way, depends how you want to look at it). Mystery Lake is a central region, ant the rest of the world is crafted around this idea. Ibelive that by the end of the development, no region will be isolated (every region will be connected with at least 2 other regions). This brings me to the point of....Desolation Point. We have a whale processing area there, and a broken bridge that goes to the east. What I predict is that the area north-east from DP could be the main train station of the island, where we could see a train station, houses, and a new coastal area (no fishing huts, sorry guys). It would also be the end of the road that crosses CH and DP (at least that side of the road). But there's more to this idea. It is known that seal hunting was a thing in Canada, so that bring us to...the new animal, the SEAL. At this new region (also at the other coastal regions) you could find this animal. I imagine two ways to hunt it. One would be traditional, shoot at it with your bow or rifle, the drawback being that they will stay close to the thin ice, so it may escape from you, so you would loose your arrow/bullet (but they would be really slow while inland). The other way to hunt them could be under the ice of the coastal regions. Some visual effect, like a shadow under the ice, and some sound effects to give you a clue about the position of the seal. You would need to make a hole, use fish as bait and a new weapon: the Harpoon. We know that the bear spear is coming eventually, so I thought I could be nice (and relatively easy, I know Hinterland hates this word, sorry) to reskin the bear spear to have another option. It could be used at struggles also. To craft this harpoon you would need a forge for the head of the harpoon with 3 scrap metal, then some guts and wood (maybe maple/birch, to make it a more serius decision) to craf the final product. So, in order to hunt the seal, you would need this and use it at the right time, not like fishing, where you stand still until a fish comes by. This (I believe) would make fishin a bit more important (at this moment is just a food and oil free source). But what's the point of adding seals to the game? New clothing and resources, of course. First of all, the seal would give around 10-15-20 kg of meat. You can also harvest guts from it, and of course seal pelt. And also, a new resource: FAT (more on this later). The seal pelt would be used for 1 clothing item, the seal fur vest. It would be an inner torso clothing item, as currently we don't have a craftable item for that area. For the stats, I imagine something like 2ºC temperature, 2ºC windchill, 60% water resist, 5% defense, 5% sprint decrease, and 1,5 kg (pure speculation). But that's not the end of it. Seal pelt can be used to craft a new accesorie: snow rackets. The snow rackets have been requested a number of times, but here's my point with the item. In real life, you use them at places with lots of snow where you would just sink into the snow, to make traversal easier. What I suggest is snow rackets giving a slight bonus movement speed (10% maybe) at the cost of no sprint ( it's difficult to run with these things on). It woul also reduce the sprain risk when walking up/down slopes (reduce, not eliminate). The cost would be 2 cured seal pelts, 20 sticks and 6 cured guts aprox, They could weight around 2 kg, maybe more. And the last thing: FAT. It could be harvested from any animal, not just seals. It could be eaten raw, with a risk of food poisoning, or cooked alone (must have a cooking pot). Also, it could be added to any meat you cook with a cooking pot to increase the calories of the meal, at the expense of doubling the scent emited by the food. Another use for the fat would be using it with your clothing to increase water resistance by 10% for a while (4-6 ingame hours) at the cost of increase the weight of the item 0,5 kg. I know this was a long post, but needed to say all of this. TL, DR: new coastal region with a train station, new animal, the seal, new hunting weapon, the harpoon, new craftables: seal fur vest, snow rackets. New resource: fat, edible, and used to increase water resistance on your clothing.
  21. (MAJOR SPOILER, TURN AWAY) . . . . . . . . . . . . So, after shooting the damned bear, Jeremiah sends you off on the way to the lower bowels of the Dam and then onwards. Are we seeing him again? Why did he lie about not having electric apparel in his cabin? Namely, the radio hidden under the floor. What is that radio for? Who is he, really? What does the "wintermute" codeword mean? Is he an ecoterrorist? Maybe Astrid, too? Discuss. I want to know your theories.
  22. UTC-10

    Oil-fired stove

    Currently the game has electric, gas (natural or propane), and wood-fired stoves. How about a kitchen stove that uses kerosene (or its replacement, lamp oil)? It would provide an alternative to places, like the the prepper caches, draft dodger, and the lake cabin, where there is no visible sign of a utility connection. It would also seem consistent for the houses on Misanthrope and Jackrabbit for similar reasons. Not every house that it might make sense would have one, and it would require the player to have lamp oil to use it. It would only have one setting for its burners unless or until the much requested recipes and more elaborate cooking was ever implemented. A variant would be something like a Coleman camp stove which has two burners and is mostly portable. Uses lamp oil, is relatively wind-resistant, and needs regular maintenance. One major reason against it would be that to have a level stove, there would have to be the capacity to place it (temporarily) or modify the landscape temporarily. The game does not currently allow for that, much, but as long as that problem is understood, the stove could be placed on any generally flat horizontal surface. Of course, we've gotten along with holes in the reality for a long time, so probably something once Story Mode is concluded.
  23. Does everyone remember the early days? When the insulated boots were the best clothing item in the game. When the woodpeckers would peck on metal and everyone wondered why they heard a cell phone ringing? When the entire ocean was frozen. When the original forestry lookout was still standing... Btw that was my favorite location in the game and I'll never forgive you hinterland ... or how about when we saw a snow shovel on the main menu? Before custom difficulty. Before the forge. Anyone remember the original survivor interface? Having to do without a radial menu? When cooking was as simple as selecting the item and time automatically passing. Before we needed cooking utensils, before skill trees, before layered clothing. Those were the days.
  24. MrsHoneypot


    Would old fashioned wind-up watches and clocks function in the scenario described in TLD? The reason I ask is that there is such a thing as a wind up (clockwork) torch, and a radio. And if that works, would a small dynamo, as you would find on a bicycle, work too?
  25. Just as the title states - What do y'all tend to wear in the long dark to keep the chill off your bones? I remember back before they added defense, waterproof and encumbrance value to clothing and we would all rush to get the heaviest warmest stuff. But with more recent updates, you have to be tactical about what you wear. Me, I like to be light, reasonably warm, and defended. My current outfit is as follows - I like light but warm jackets. Ski jacket is an ideal jacket for me, and layering two light sweaters or one heavy sweater underneath it provides pretty decent warmth and defense. Rabbit skin hat and balaclava are both pretty light and very very warm. Wool socks and trail socks are very ideal, preferably two pairs of either. I like trail boots or deer boots. They may not be the warmest, but they're not the worst by far and offer great mobility. Leather work gloves solely for the defensive value, they're my favorite gloves in the game. And as you can see I have snow pants on with cargo pants layered over them for the extra wind blockage and damage protection. Work pants offer much better protection, but they're not very warm and they're very heavy so they're not ideal. Heavy boots are a huuuge no no. Ski boots especially. I hate being slowed down as I travel a lot. Heavier coats are good if I can't find anything else, but as long as I can find a ski jacket I usually stay away from them. This setup has kept me completely warm on most days, but I know it won't last. I've had some hides curing to make some clothes for when the weather turns. I plan to replace the trail boots with deerskin boots, keep most of my clothing as is, and craft me a bearskin coat. Which is heavy, yes. But offers the best cold protection in the entire game and it shouldn't weigh me down too bad as long as I keep the rest of my clothing light. So what do my fellow survivors think of my setup? How do y'all prefer dressing yourselves in the morning to face the quiet apocalypse?