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  1. Okay, this suggestion is a morbid one, but why are there no dead people in the cars? I think adding them would increase the immersion, and make the long dark more diverse without oversaturating it with content. And now, when survival and wintermute are separated, including this little change is easier than ever.
  2. There's no guarantee we'll ever get this game, but we can still come up with some ideas. So, what do you think, would be too big of a change to be added in the current game, but would perfectly fit the sequel? Here are some of my wishes for The Long Dark 2 Actual snowdrifts. The ones we have now are way too solid. You just walk on top of them, when realistically, you'd be waist-deep in snow. Introduction of snowdrifts would open a way for the tool that was teased in the earliest versions of the long dark. The shovel. Transport. And I don't mean cars or jetskis. That would be too OP for the "vulnerability fantasy" of the long dark. I'm talking about hand-operated cableways and minecarts. I guess, Hinterland can add something like this already, but only as a quirk of a new region. But I want to be able to drive though the whole trans-great-bear railroad! Realistic animal behaviour. Or at least, more realistic. It's a game, after all. But right now, wolves are just back-and-forth walking security guards, who can and will be distracted by a rabbit running by. I'd like to them to hunt in packs, together being able to defeat a moose (and then any overconfident survivor, who tries to take this moose away). I want deers to notice you from far away, if you are not being as quiet as a mouse. I want bears to hunt other wildlife. Swimming. If you fall under the ice, you have to actually get out of there, none of that "fade to black". If you need to cross a stream, you take your boots and pants and maybe even jacket off to do it. If you see a cool looking box underwater, you take a deep breath and dive. All the while losing your body temperature and risking suffocation. Physics. You know, like gravity and stuff... Do you have any ideas that could only get realised in "The Long Dark part 2: the longer - the darker"? Make sure to share them!
  3. In survival mode, the game saves only under these conditions Sleeping "Passing time" for at least an hour Entering an indoor location Getting a negative affliction I understand the last one. You shouldn't be able to simply undo a bear mauling or frostbite by loading a previous save. But what if you simply got lost in a forest? The game can't detect it. It won't save because of it. So let's say, you can't find your way out. You're desperately trying to locate anything familiar, but you can't, and it goes on for a long time now. Miraculously, you kept your needs in check, didn't sprain even a single ankle, and weren't attacked by any wildlife. Let's say, there's some irl thing you have to do. Now you can either pause the game and keep your PC/console running for an unknown amount of time, or you can exit the game. And if you choose the second option, the next time you play, you'll continue from the last time you slept/rested/were inside a building. In other words, when you were safe. Why? Why doesn't the progress save when you're exiting the game, or just from time to time? Wouldn't it make more sence for none of your actions to be undone? Anyway, here are other conditions, that should trigger a save. Exiting the game Pausing the game Opening the inventory Exiting an indoor location Starting a fire Failing to start a fire Updating the map Entering another region Finding a new location Wolf/bear/moose close encounters (the game already keeps track of them) Being attacked by a wolf/bear/moose, but the game should save in the beginning of the animation, not the end. And an autosave every 30 minutes
  4. Here's what I've been wondering about for a while now... In episode 3 when you enter the Community Hall you see a lot of crash survivors, father Thomas, and... That's it! Where are all the locals? Is Thomas the only one who survived the First flare? The first time you talk to him, he says "We gathered people here when the weather started turning bad three... Or was it four days ago? The houses became too cold and it seemed better to bring everyone under one roof. Then yesterday, the crash survivors started showing up." So... Where is everyone? Did they all die in 2-3 days? That makes NO sence! And I kinda get it. There should be a reason why Astrid is the one who has to go look for survivors. But there could still be a few locals too old/sick/injured to do this job. It would be very interesting to see, for example, an old lady knitting in the kitchen, or two covered in bandages guys playing cards in a corner of the stage, or a mother with a little baby. Something like that.
  5. Can Hinterland consider adding an accessibility option for the hearing impaired? How many hearing impaired players out there? I'm curious how you handle wolves? Is there a visual cue for wolves that turn up i.e subtitles that read "wolf barking" or something similar? Many years of Djing left me to some hearing loss on the one side so and in the past couple of years, it's gotten progressively harder to figure out which side the wolves are coming from with muffled stereo. I just wonder what will happen should it start affecting my right ear too. So is there a visual cue that pops up on the screen that I don't know about perhaps?
  6. Throughout the history of The Long Dark, the UI have been updated a lot, going from this To this The difference is staggering, yet there's still a lot of room for improvement. Here are some of my suggestions for making TLD UI better. 1) First aid menu. Honestly, that part of the game only got worse as it was updated. Back in the days, we had a separate first aid tab, where one could only use the items, that would help to recover. Now you have to find the correct item in your inventory first and only then use it. Not only that, but you can waste your medical supplies by using them for wrong afflictions. Seriously, how can you even ATTEMPT curing food poisoning with a bandage? Do you just eat it? Well, you can't use it afterwards, so this is my headcanon now. The worst part is that players would only use the wrong item in two situations. It's either a misclick, or a misunderstanding of game's mechanics. Neither should be punished, in my opinion. The best way to fix this would be to add a "use" button to the status menu, and to make it so the players can't treat afflictions with items that won't help. 2) Crafting menu When I turn my mousewheel ONCE, the blueprints tab scrolls though a WHOLE PAGE. That's extremely disorienting. It would be better to change it so that a single turn of mousewheel would only scroll though a single recipe. Like this. Another way to improve the crafting menu is to add the "available recipes first" option This option would be especially useful for the new players, who don't yet know if they can craft anything from the materials they have. 3) Missions. Why can't I move it with my mouse wheel? 4) Start fire There are two problems with this part of UI. First, all the materials are sorted alphabetically, and not based on the success chance. Just... Why? Second, nobody cares about fire starting base chance. Sure it does matter, but no one needs to see their crit. chance as they aim. The same applies here, you can already see the chance of success, anyway. On the other hand, it SURE would be convenient to know the time it takes you to start a fire. Unfortunately, it's nowhere to be seen. I think, this menu would look way better like this. Well, those are all the UI-related problems I could think of. If anyone has something to add or disagree with, fell free to comment.
  7. I think mine would go in this order from best to worst: 1: Newest theme (Chapter 4) 2: Orignal (Chapter 1-2) 3: Crossroads Elegy (Chapter 3) What are yours?
  8. Okay, maybe "necessary" is not the best word here. Basically, those are the changes that have no reason not to be made. The game would only benefit from them. And opening the list... CONSERVATION OF MASS Weight of many different items in TLD makes no sence. For example, lichen wound dressing is crafted using 3 pieces of beard lichen. Each one of them weighs 0.01kg. That means, the dressing weighs... 0.1kg. You see, I'm a math student and my instincts tell me that something's wrong here. I just can't put my finger on it... Jokes aside, either the mass of lichen should be increased to 0.04kg, or it should take more lichen to craft the dressing. Here's the rest of stuff the weight of which should be changed (tell me if I missed something) Newsprint roll - 0.1kg -> 0.2kg Coffee and all the teas - 0.1kg -> 0.25kg Improvised knife - 0.75kg -> 0.7kg Improvised hatchet - the weight should stay the same, but it would require more metal. 5 -> 9 (sorry, interloper players) Here's another weight-related problem. Canned food! As you eat it, its mass goes down to zero. But it should only reach 0.15kg, as this is the weight of the can. In my opinion, it should work similarly to spray paint. And while we're on the topic of cans, you should recieve one when you use up all the coffee in a tin. A full tin of coffee would have to weigh 0.2kg instead of 0.05kg and coffee in it would have to be inseparable. I think, this change makes a lot of sence. INVENTORY There are 6 tabs in your inventory. All of the items you find or craft fall into one or two of these categories: fire starting, first aid, clothing, food and drinks, tools, materials. Unfortunately, some of the items are not stored in the right section of your inventory. A good example is the bandage. Ever since the release of "Faithful cartographer", there's nothing you can craft using it. Still, to this day you can find it among the crafting materials. The rest of these items are... Water purification tablets - it's a tool (maybe it could also fit into the food and drinks section) Reclaimed wood - yes, it's a fuel, but it's also a material, used for crafting snares Hook and line - crafting materials, but not tools (not yet) Arrow tip and arrow shaft - the same idea. It's a material. Can of gunpowder - not a tool, a material Revolver/rifle shell casing - a crafting material Charcoal - a tool, but also a material Rose hip/Reishi/Birch bark tea - first aid, but also drinks Go! Energy drink - I really don't know if it should count as fist aid. Leave your opinion in replies. Recycled can - a tool, but also a crafting material. CONDITION Many items have different condition meters. Not all of them should. Matches, painkillers, antibiotics, antiseptic, money, coffee tins, herbal tea, flare shells, lantern fuel, jerry cans, and water purification tablets should have their condition at 100% all the time. Some of them don't lose their condition at all, others lose it so slowly that it doesn't have any affect on the gameplay. All of them clutter your inventory. This should be fixed. MISCELLANEOUS Read and unread books should look differently. When you put an empty spray paint can into a container it should disappear. 0% condition food, on the other hand, shouldn't. (I can still eat it when I'm desperate) Toilet water shouldn't be potable (If I have to boil snow from Timberwolf Mountain, I should have no choice but to boil this water too. Actually, this change would make purification tablets way more useful) If one of those DLC's Hinterland keep teasing will allow us to eat more than one cat tail stalk at a time, we all are going to buy it. Seriously, all of us want to be able to eat more cat tails. PLEASE! I BEG YOU! DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY YEARS OF MY LIFE I SPENT EATING CAT TAIL STALKS?! At least, make eating them faster. That's it! Leave your own ideas in the replies section. If you have any questions or (constructive) criticisms let me know!
  9. So... Deerskin tent. It would basically be a portable snow shelter with a couple upgrades. In order to craft it, you have to spend 15 Maple saplings, 12 Deer hides and 30 hours of time. You also need to find a workbench. The tent weighs 10kg and provides you with a +15'C warmth bonus. It degrades at a rate of 0.5% per hour. You can repair the tent with 3 maple saplings and 2 deer hide, restoring 50% of its condition. When you place the tent it already has a small campfire inside. You can light it to warm yourself up and cook food. You should also be able to place your belongings inside. Wet clothes, drying hides, saplings, anything. Of course, deerskin tent would have to be bigger than a snow shelter, so it's going be harder to find a suitable place for it. But I'm sure the comfort it provides is worth the trouble. As you can see from the recipe, the deerskin tent would be a late-game item. Right now there's not much use to maple saplings (you won't ever need SO MANY bows) and deer hides are easy to come by even if you never actually hunt any deers. The deerskin tent would be a perfect way to put both to good use. If you have any additions, related ideas, questions, or criticisms, make sure to reply. I'll answer to all of them. Have a great day!
  10. Do you own TLD Merchandise? What did you get? When? Where from? How? .. Don't be shy! Also .. Do you have any Custom-Made merch? In other words .. merch that you designed and/or made? Please show off your TLD merch or "bling" w/pics and explanations for us.
  11. A lot of people thought that "a new gear item" Hinterland teased was going to be a bear spear. Getting a ballistic vest was a welcome surprise. Except... We still want to get that bear spear. First introduced in December of 2018 this gear item was left exclusive to the story mode for 3 years. I believe, you wanted to add it to survival mode even back then (don't remember, where I heard it, though), but adding it to the non-scripted part of the game turned out to be a big problem. But I don't understand how is that a problem... So, a bear is charging at you. You equip the spear and hold LMB. If by the time the mauling animation should start your stamina hasn't run out, you go into a struggle instead. That struggle would be no different from wolf struggles or the Old bear struggle from episode 2 (except, maybe you don't recieve any damage during it). You mash LMB until the bar is full. If you succeed, the bear runs away bleeding or even dies on the spot. If you fail, you get mauled. Such a strong weapon should not be easy to make. Forging a spear head should take 20-30 hours (a lot of coal would have to burn) and require both heavy hammer and instruments as well as 4-5 pieces of scrap metal. Then you would have to attach it to the maple sapling shaft. Each bear struggle would cost you a 10% of spear's durability. Some might think it's too much. But actually, if you're good enough, you can kill 10 bears with one spear. I think, that's fair. Once the spear is broken, you can harvest 2 sticks and a broken spear head from it. The spear head can be fixed on a forge with 1-2 pieces of scrap metal in 5-8 hours. OR you can break it into 2-3 pieces of scrap metal, if you don't value your hard work. I don't think the spear should be effective against moose, but it may serve as a high-defence/no-damage weapon in wolf struggles. It shouldn't be hard to implement, right? I'm sure, all the players would LOVE to see a melee weapon added to survival. Sure, we already have knives and hatchets, but those are only used as a last resort against wolves. The spear would serve as a GREAT combination of offence and defence.
  12. "I think, I'm gonna faint" - says Survivor. Little do they know, it's never going to happen. I, personally, don't like the way fatigue works right now. First off, "recommended encumbrance" decrease is more of an annoyance, than it is an actual problem. Secondly, the fact that this decrease starts at 50% fatigue makes it way too different to the other three needs (their depletion doesn't really harm you until they reach 0%). That also discourages players from letting their fatigue go below 50%, which means, Survivor can only sleep for 6 hours in a row. This can't be healthy, right? And last, but not least, when fatigue reaches zero, Survivor can keep going for 96 hours, fueled by nothing but their willpower and energy bars. And once these 96 hours are over Survivor drops dead, fading into the long dark. That's not how sleep deprivation works. You can't just refuse to sleep. You won't stay awake until your last breath. The solution? You've seen the title. New affliction: FAINT It would work similarly to hypothermia. Once your energy reaches zero, you get a "faint risk" affliction. It would go from 0% to 100% in 4 hours (that is, if your energy meter is empty). When it hits 100%, you get a "faint" affliction. Once you get it, the game is on! You WILL fall asleep at any moment in the next 5-30 minutes. There's no way of knowing how much time you have at your disposal, so you have to act fast. Do you build a fire while you can, or do you crawl towards the closest shelter, or maybe you finally use this bedroll to fall asleep on your own terms? The choice is yours. Sleeping would decrease faint chance by 5%/hr. This way, even after you get 12 hours of sleep, you might still have up to 40% of faint risk (depending on how high it was when you went to bed). This can be seen as a long-term consequence of sleep deprivation. Coffee and energy drinks would not affect your faint risk directly, but they will stop its growth by filling your fatigue bar. As to the emergency stims... Well, here's what their description says: "Emergency steroid injection. Will provide a short-burst of energy. Then you´ll collapse from exhaustion. Use as last resort!". Yep, they just inflict "faint" once your timer's up. Pick your poison. Okay, fine. You passed out. What's next? You sleep for an hour restoring 1/12 of your energy, wasting the usual amount of calories and water ...slowly freezing to death if the temperature is below zero. When you wake up your faint risk is set to 75%, giving you another hour to find a proper place to sleep. I know, what some of you might think "-25% to faint risk? That's more than the -5%/hr you mention before. This system can be exploited!". Well, think again, because whenever you pass out, your condition takes a hit (let's say, -20%). Is it worth the risk? Decide for yourselves. Some of you might say, that such a change would make The Long Dark way too difficult. And... I would agree. This change turns fatigue into too big of a threat. A trade must be made. There has to be some way to balance it. To make the fatigue less punishing. But what are we willing to sacrifice? We all know it has to be carry capacity reduction. It has to be nerfed. Let's say, it would start at 25% instead of 50%. It would make perfect sence! 25% IS a low number of percents, so it WOULD make sence to receive some sort of a debuff when going below it. And realistically, having your carry capacity lowered, means you're tired. And I wouldn't say, that person who is TIRED to this point, would be JUST LIKE NEW after only 6 hours of sleep. But if someone is in need of 9 hours of sleep, yeah, this person is starting to exhaust their resources. So... What else is there to say? If you have any additions, questions, or criticisms, make sure to reply. Maybe this way this wish of mine will stay on the first page long enough for someone at Hinterland to notice it. Take care!
  13. Thought I would post my V3 map here also. Hope everyone enjoys.
  14. Hey everyone! The Long Development is a small team project and a collaborative community effort to expand Great Bear Island in a beautiful and balanced way. We are focusing on creating as 'hinterland-like' regions as possible to ensure that they can fit in the vanilla game and not feel out of place. That means we will not be out to make the perfect base locations, but rather the most balanced locations. We consist of a couple core team members that all bring their own talent to the project. The variety of work that each person brings allows this mod to be as expansive and unique as it is, featuring brand new regions that connect to the larger world of Great Bear filled with custom 3D modeled structures to really make these regions stand out in their own ways. Last but not least is tons of new music that not only fits the region's feelings, but also fits in seamlessly with the rest of the great tracks featured in survival mode. As of now, there are a couple major regions, and a handful of transition regions in development with more planned for the future... but we take our time when creating these regions as the entire team has lives of their own and this project is all on our own time. This mod is totally free, now and forever." In order to not flood the entire forums with our DevLogs, I have decided that I will just post them down in this thread over time. This might not be a totally perfect way of doing things, but we work with what we got. Just a handful of reminders: Everything shown is subject to change. Due to the complex nature of this project, our team is not documenting every step of region creation. This means no, people will not be able to create their own regions. If you would still like to contribute to this project in any way, our discord has spots for you. We have many areas that need community input, such as names for landmarks in the regions, and even beta testing the regions before they are released to the public. So if you would like to contribute, have questions, or even just want to see some more sneak peeks, come join us! The Long Development Discord Link
  15. Greetings! As of today, I was able to complete the "Escape The Darkwalker" challenge without using any runes (besides the final, "banishment" rune). It is an extremely stressful challenge, and I wish to share my hardships, as well as give any tips to those who wish to complete this challenge themselves. First of all, the challenge is simple: Complete the "Escape the Darkwalker" challenge without using the "Lure," "Ward," or "Dispel Fog," runes. You can still use the green campfires of course, as you didn't place or make them. This means that, whenever you aren't at a campfire, the Darkwalker is going to be chasing you down, making every decision you make, and time spent traveling to the next campfire extremely important. Here are some small tidbits that I learned whilst playing, and some tips to help! -Run as little as possible, you have a finite amount of Energy, as you can only sleep for about 4 hours at each campfire, if you don't make water or food. Be sure to make as much coffee as possible, and use the stims and energy drinks you have sparingly. I recommend saving your stims for late in the challenge, when you have little to no energy left, and need to rope climb to access Milton, climb out of Hush River Valley, and access Timberwolf mountain. -Never overburden yourself, you don't want to spend extra energy when walking. This will also keep your walking speed rather quick, and start climbing rope quickly. Keeping yourself from being overburdened also helps in the next tidbit I learned. -Even after you collect all 10 journal pages, the Darkwalker is still slower than your walking speed, even whilst exhausted (if your not overburdened.) Likely, the thing to end your run will be obtaining the rope to climb down the Ravine Falls and reach Bleak Inlet, as in all of my challenge runs, that rope was missing, and I needed to find one to attach to it. Other than that, that's all I got. This challenge gets extremely stressful once you need to get through Broken railroad and Hush River Valley, and I wish for everyone who attempts this challenge: Good Luck! It is possible! (The map display's my route, that I poorly drew arrows upon. )
  16. Greetings. Recently, I was continuing my faithful cartographer run on Pilgrim, and within the birch forest in Pleasant Valley: I found the bear that roams there. Knowing that it was Pilgrim, and knowing that bears are usually scaredy cats in Pilgrim, I took a quick popshot at the bear (with a rifle). It was poorly aimed, and hit the bear in the back left leg. Too my surprise and fear, the bear immediately turned around and charged, I didn't have time to run, as I was too shocked and bewildered that the bear was charging me on Pilgrim, resulting in a quick mauling. Thankfully, bear mauls on Pilgrim aren't bad, yes they hurt, and still ruin your clothes, but thankfully, I only lost a hat, and a single bandage and Old Man's Beard solved my bleeding issue as it normally would. Honestly, after over 600 hours of playing TLD, this is the first time I've gotten mauled on Pilgrim, and I'm left wondering why the bear decided to charge. I've shot bears on Pilgrim before, with all of them turning tail and running, so I'm left wondering why. My main idea is that the bear I shot didn't know I was there yet, and upon shooting it, the bear skipped the "Oh it's a human, RUN!" phase because it didn't see me and skipped to "I just got shot, MURDER TIME!" phase like it would on all other difficulties. Anyway, just wanted to share my experience. If you guys want to share your suggestions on why the bear charged, or any interesting wildlife encounters in Pilgrim, I'll gladly read them!
  17. There are a few things I really don't like about the way firestarting works in TLD right now. 1) It's too easy to start a fire 2) Firestarting lvl3 makes tinder completely useless 3) Firestarting base chance is confusing for the beginners 4) Burning time is... Weird... Let me get into a little more detail... It's too easy to start a fire. Let's say, you have a firestarting level 1. You use a piece of reclamed wood and wooden matches to start a fire. The chance of success is already 40%. Isn't it a bit TOO generous? If you have a firestarting level 2, you'll succeed yousing the WORST materials HALF THE TIME! There's no use to carry around books or accelerant. There's already a 50% chance of success. But that's not all of it. Get to level 3 and all the tinder becomes completely redundant too. There's LITERALLY no reason to use it now! And one of the feats allows you to start with it. Isn't it insane?! I think, the main culprit here is the "firestarting base chance". I've got a bunch of problems with this guy... For one, it confuses the beginners. How? Well, let's look at this picture. Here it is. Right next to the estimated fire duration and chance of success. A lot of new players are confused as to why it doesn't change when they change the fuel add an accelerant. They don't know that it doesn't change. But if it doesn't change, why show it? It doesn't give a player any useful information when starting a fire. "Chance of success" is what everybody should be looking at. Why can't you put "firestarting base chance" into the skills menu right next to crit. damage chance and fishing time. Or even better... Get rid of it altogether. Don't laugh yet! That's not all of it. What if the tinder had an affect on the chance of success? Let's say, cattail head would give you a +15% chance, tinder plug would give a +25% chance, +40% for all the paper (cash, newsprint, etc.) and +45 for birch bark, making it a hard choice, whether you burn it or make a tea out of it. That way, even after you get a firestarting level 3, you'd still use tinder to increase your chances. With each level you would get a firestarting BONUS (+5%, +10% and so on). In my opinion, it shouldn't increase up to +50% as it does now (actually, it's +90, but you start with +40% so...). Instead you should get new abilities like starting with coal or using friction to light a fire (maybe, it would give you a -60% to -40% disadvantage?) I'm sure, players will LOVE it. And the last bit... The burning time is weird. I start a campfire that should last for 4 hours, I sleep for 4 hours next to it... And when I wake up it still has an hour left. Did I wake up earlier? Did I use more fuel than was needed? No, for some reason, the minutes that it shows are actually longer than all the other minutes in-game (like when you cook, or sleep, or read...) I heard, it's like that because in TLD fire lasts longer when outside (which makes no sence, if anything, it should be the opposite). Maybe that time is added because of the skill level, idk? I'm not saying you should remove this feature, but why not just show the ACTUAL time remaining?
  18. I hope that the devs will fix the loading and save screen times, or maybe give a custom setting to manually save. I play on Nintendo switch and when I first start a game it’s fine, a few seconds. As I get farther in (50+days) the loading and saving screens last longer. I’m currently on 250ish day in my file and every time I sleep, enter or leave a building, or get a sprain, I have a 35-45 second save and or loading screen. It’s super annoying and takes away from the gameplay. Please make this something that will get fixed 😀
  19. The Bear in The Long Dark is rather intimidating, an animal that possesses the strength to end a run in a single maul, and is seemingly unstoppable, even after you put 4 well aimed shots into it, as it charges towards you. So, I'm interested in hearing the stories of other survivors, and their recollection of the first bear they ever encountered in The Long Dark, and how they dealt with such a seemingly unstoppable force. I personally encountered my first bear in Costal Highway, the bear that lives in its cave beneath the homestead sitting upon an island. I encountered it on my first attempt to go fishing in the nearby Ice hut, and saw it for my first time, leaving its cave, and beginning to wander off to terrorize the local rabbits. In my shock, and desperate state for food, I immediately equipped a rifle, walked directly up and close enough for the bear to notice me, and fired one, very-inaccurate shot at the bear. As bears normally do in The Long Dark, it charged. Attempting to run away from it was the most terrifying thing I had ever encountered up to that point, the growling and heavy breathing as you hear the bear quickly out-run you, and the terror of not knowing what would happen, whether it would be an instant death. Needless to to say, I very quickly bled out after getting mauled, as this was one of my first survivors, and I hadn't brought any bandages, and as with every death in The Long Dark, this taught me a very valuable lesson. And as a side note, I always name the bear that spawns within that cave Yogi, Yogi the bear. Anyways, sorry for the wall of text, can't wait to hear everyone's stories!
  20. Greetings! I wish to undertake the Escape The Darkwalker challenge once more, but I wanted to add a twist to it, but can't think of anything. Does anyone have any sort of challenge, or twist to add to make it a bit more interesting? (Quick note: The game mode is perfectly fine, and It is one of the most unique and fun experiences in the game, I'm just looking to add a extra twist.)
  21. I played a slight amount of Winter's embrace back when it was released, and one of the things I truly enjoyed about the event was how the indoor temperatures had been drastically decreased, and though it wasn't as cold as outside, it still brought added challenge, as you couldn't simply hole up inside a building to warm up without a fire anymore, until you got really good clothes at least. So a small wish to add to custom mode, is to allow us to tweak the indoor temperatures, and allow us to make the insides colder (Never warmer than they already are). It could go something like this: Normal: (Regular Indoor Temperatures) Chilly: (-10 Degrees) Cold: (-20 Degrees) Freezing: (-30 Degrees) *Note: All temperatures are in Fahrenheit* That's all, I'm interested in what others think. Have a good day.
  22. Greetings. I've played The Long Dark for a long time, and 90% of my play time is in Stalker, but even after 600+ hours, I can't handle the extreme stress and difficulty spike that occurs when playing Interloper on a new game. For a long time now, I've wished for a 5th standard difficulty, one that balances between Stalker and Interloper. Now I fully understand custom mode exists, and I've recently been using it, but that's only because I unlocked all the feats, grinding for hours knowing that custom mode doesn't allow feat progression. This difficulty is for those who play Stalker, and want that added difficulty, but still want to progress feats, especially the long ones such as Fire Master, Snow Walker, and the recent addition: Blizzard Walker. This is just my opinion of course, and I'm interested in what other people think. Have a good day everyone!
  23. 1) Animals in TLD have a ridiculously short memory. If you were to come too close to a deer it would run away from you. And it would be running away for 11 seconds. Then it would stop and return to its spawnpoint. The same applies to rabbits, except they have an attention span of 7 seconds. That makes hunting them extremely easy. You just chase one away from the spawnpoint and wait for it to run back directly at you. It is especially annoying when the wolf you just shot runs away in the direction you were initially going. In a few seconds it's going to forget you were ever a threat and attack you again. I think, the time for which the animals run away from you should be tripled. Maybe even quadrupled. 2) Hostile animals run away if they can't get to you. Imagine a situation... You're walking along the rails of Mystery Lake region. A wolf starts following you. You are trying to keep the distance, but the wind is slowly becoming stronger and stronger, slowing you down. You notice this yellow tram in the distance. The wolf is getting closer... Too close. It starts running! And moments before it attacks you get inside the tram! The place is safe but now you're trapped ins-- Oh, it's fine, actually! The wolf just ran away. Makes sence, right? It can't get you, so why bother? No it, doesn't make sence (obviously). Why can't it just stay next to the door growling, waiting for you to come out? Why can it circle around, making you wonder if it's safe to leave? And this case with the tram is merely an example. You can "repel" wolves and bears by hiding in hunting blinds, in train cars, even on uprooted trees! 3) Speaking about hunting blinds... They have no doors, but are absolutely safe from all the wildlife. And so are fishing huts, porches and many other places where only you can get. Do you really think that THIS would stop a bear? Fixing this issue is not as easy as the previous two. The simplest solution that I see would be to add some new animations. This way, if a bear/wolf has you cornered in a fishing hut/ hunting blind, it would drag you out first, and only then the usual struggle/mauling animation would start. Of course, it wouldn't counter all the "safe" places, but together with the previous suggestion it could work pretty well. That's it! Leave your own ideas on how to improve AI behavior in the replies section. If you have any questions or (constructive) criticisms let me know!
  24. Only found on the shores of coastal maps such as Coastal Highway, Bleak Inlet, Crumbling Highway and Desolation Point, lone harbor seals can be found lounging near open water. They are passive animals that flee when a player is detected, having the same range as deer. Once alerted, seals will run for the open water. The only way to safely and effectively kill one is via a single, critical shot. Otherwise, players risk losing valuable arrows forever as they are taken into the ocean. Seal spawns are more rare than moose, and will only spawn in one map at any given time. Once killed, seals will take anywhere from 10 to 30 days to respawn in the map it was killed. Killing a seal can go a few ways. A single, critical shot will take it down immediately. However, if the seal is fleeing as it gets hit, there's a chance that it drops on the weak ice before open water. For those who don't have crampons, harvesting the seal would be a death sentence. Seals that are hit entering open water can be seen floating out of reach of the player. If you manage to safely take one down, harvesting would yield between 10-12kg of blubbered meat, 6 guts and a hide. Seals cannot be quartered. Upon cooking, seal meat would yield 0.1L of lantern oil per kg. A fully cooked seal of 12kg would provide 1.2L of lantern fuel. The meat would be very calorie-rich and would provide between 1000-1500cal per kg. Hides would take 10 days to cure. Seal hide would be an invaluable item to Interlopers, with the ability to craft sealskin coats, pants, mukluks and gauntlets. They have similar stats to high-tier clothing items with 100% waterproofing due to the unique qualities of sealskin, but lower protection. They would be invaluable in a blizzard and cold weather, but would be fragile and offer little protection in the event of an attack. The recipes and stats are as follows: Sealskin coat - 2 cured seal hides and 6 cured guts (30 hours at a workbench) Weight: 3.0kg Warmth bonus: 5.0 C Windproof bonus: 6.0 C Waterproof bonus: 100% Protection: 10% Mobility: -10% Harvest: 1 x cured seal hide, 120 minutes Repair: 1 x cured seal hide, 2 x gut, 120 minutes, 40% condition Sealskin pants - 2 cured seal hides and 4 cured guts (15 hours at a workbench) Weight: 2.0kg Warmth bonus: 3.0 C Windproof bonus: 3.0 C Waterproof bonus: 100% Protection: 5% Mobility: -5% Harvest: 1 x cured seal hide, 40 minutes Repair: 1 x cured seal hide, 100 minutes, 60% condition Sealskin mukluks - 1 cured seal hide, 3 cured guts, 2 cloth (15 hours at a workbench) Weight: 1.5kg Warmth bonus: 2.5 C Windproof bonus: 2.0 C Waterproof bonus: 100% Protection: 5% Mobility: -5% Harvest: 1 x cured seal hide, 90 minutes Repair: 1 x cured seal hide, 2 x cured guts, 1 x cloth, 90 minutes, 50% condition Sealskin gauntlets - 1 cured seal hide, 3 cured guts, 1 cloth (10 hours at a workbench) Weight: 1.0kg Warmth bonus: 2.0 C Windproof bonus: 2.0 C Waterproof bonus: 100% Protection: 3% Mobility: -3% Harvest: 1 x cured seal hide, 30 minutes Repair: 1 x cured seal hide, 2 x cured guts, 1 x cloth, 60 minutes, 50% condition Due to the rarity of seals and the difficulty in killing them, a player would have to risk losing arrows and ammo as well as potentially wasting their kill if not done properly. Repairing these clothing items would be extremely difficult for the same reasons, creating a conflict in whether or not the player wears them often or only when needed. If these items still seem unbalanced, there is the opportunity to create a quicker deterioration. Traditionally sealskin isn't tanned in the arctic due to the low temperatures being more than enough to eliminate risk of deterioration, meaning that a deterioration mechanic of 0.5% per hour at a temperature of more than 10 C could be implemented. This could force players into leaving these valuable items outdoors when sleeping inside a warm building, and risk leaving them behind. If left inside, sealskin clothing at 100% condition would become ruined after 200 hours, or a total of 8.3 days. At 50%, it would only take 100 hours or 4.2 days to become ruined. This mechanic would only apply to the true temperature and not the "feels like" temperature. It would not apply outdoors, even if a fire increases the temperature to above 10 C. The mechanic would still apply to interior sections of caves and other outdoor locations considered "indoors". Locations such as the Spence Family Homestead would be an example of where this mechanic would not apply. In all, sealskin clothing would take extremely long to obtain and would be used only when the benefits outweigh the risks. For lower difficulties, these clothing items likely wouldn't be worth the effort. To interlopers, it would be the only way to obtain top-tier clothing stats as rare clothing items such as the gauntlets and mukluks do not spawn in the Interloper difficulty. Take the long journey of killing seals, waiting for the hides to cure, transporting them to a workbench and spending hours to craft them to obtain invaluable clothing; only to use them sparingly and as needed. These clothing items would be very valuable end-game, but would take until then to even be craftable due to the labor and time-intensive process. They would become a survivors prized possessions, and treated with intense care as to not waste them.
  25. It would be awesome if the Hinterland team with their great narrative and dialog wrote some filler stories for these cairns who state "this story is not yet written...". It would be fitting to give a voice to all the donors who forgot to tell their tale. Always an option to update the text if the donor ever decides to speak up. It would mean a lot for this survivor to read more as I journey.