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  1. What is your longest survival in any difficulty and what was your routine to last as long as you did
  2. Forrest

    New Animals

    We want new Animals like Owl , squirrel and others . It will be interesting and it will make game alive
  3. Is there a reason why getting progress on feats is disabled in custom difficulties? It seems rather strange to me. It feels like a punishment for modifying to difficulty to my preference. I personally enjoy playing with high cold, a small number of predators, a large number of prey animals and lots of plants and natural resources. But with the feats system as it is I feel obliged to play on the official difficulties. I could see feat progression being disabled in custom difficulties of balance reasons, but in all honesty it doesn’t make any sense to me. It’s a single player game so it’s not like I’m ruining it for anyone else. And I honestly don’t see how one could really break the feat progression using a custom difficulty. I’d suggest just enabling feat progression in the custom difficulty modes. I can only see upsides for the overall player experience.
  4. 1. I think it would be nice touch, if your character can handle rifle, or other weapons with more confidence when increasing character skill. That means handling the bolt, reloading etc. In the highest rank you should be able to cycle bolt fast, while you are aiming. For flare gun, you insert a new shell right after empty shell extraction. Its slighty based on Escape from Tarkov and also "Practice makes perfect". 2. For interiors, where is no fire place nor stove is craftable can heater (or stove) comes handy. It can heat one small tincan, or provide emergemency source of heat. Its crafted from old can, one cloth and it consumes one fire accelerant for one hour. Something like this: Let make empty tin cans even more useful! Feel free to discuss.
  5. Whenever I intract a item than game goes black screen and only solution is to restart the game . What is solution to that playing on my PS4 pro . And some times it feels like game is slowing or hanging
  6. Forrest

    Torch light

    How could I light interior of any house . Is there any torch light in game . ? I can not fire stick from chimney in house
  7. I can't be the only one who loves the Timberwolf attack music right? It's genuinely tense. Sadly I can't find it anywhere. Does the music that plays have a name? On a different note, I love how The Long Dark makes regular animals terrifying. I've played a lot of horror and survival horror games and video games usually never really scare me at all. But hearing a wolf bark behind me never fails to make me jump. I've fought nasty zombies, demon monsters and horror beyond space in time in other games, but a simple wolf in The Long Dark scares me more then all of the former combined.
  8. I was having recent trouble with my keybinds gettng reset to default. Since I do change my WASD to SZXC that was kind of noticeable. Hinterland suggested to others to go to the folder TheLongDarkNoSync and delete the configuration files there. I discovered that the folder: TheLongDarkNoSync contains files of the form: usercfg.xxxxx. The "xxxxx" represent the build numbers. Towards the end of that long list of files I had several (64569, 67831, and 68231) that had the same date (October 17, 2020) and time stamp. I also found a usercfg.68231 that had a more recent date. After several iterations of experimentation, I think the October 17, 2020 usercfg.68231 is the correct config file and the "newer" usercfg.68231 was not. With the "newer" one out of the way, my keybinds did not revert to default. This seems to be holding. Something may have gone wrong when Escape the Darkwalker event ended, which was about where my keybind issue arose. What I have done seems to work. Good luck.
  9. Question for you survival experts. As the title says how do you balance your clothing? Do you try and keep weight low or go for maximum stats regardless of weight? Also do you always fill every slot when possible? I’m currently wearing all but one accessory slot with some good stat items and bonuses of 19c warmth, 7c windproof, 21% damage protection. But in total my clothing weighs almost 6.5kg and has my stamina down to 80%. Not too bothered about min/maxing myself, just wanted to know how everyone else deals with it and if you’ve found a sweet spot.
  10. Hello everyone, Looking for some thoughts on windblown campfires. Now, I get why they're in the game (to prevent players from sleeping in the middle of a big open space during a blizzard) but, I think the idea of wind blowing out a campfire to be a bit... contrary to what actually happens. Sure, it can be hard to strike a match in high wind conditions, but once a fire has been properly started, wind is more a help than a hindrance, with the extra oxygen helping to speed things up (blast furnace, anyone?). And, if you threw lumps of coal on a campfire, you'd probably need a lot of wind to build up enough heat to get them to burn properly. As someone who has managed to start and sustain a wood fire outside in wind gusts reaching nearly 60 km/h (fires have burned in near hurricane-force winds), the biggest hazard of high winds isn't the fire going out. It's the winds blowing embers all over the place and starting fires where you don't want them. Since the land of Great Bear is covered in snow, it's highly unlikely that even an out-of-control campfire would manage to start a forest fire. I wonder whether a "wind makes fuel burn faster" mechanic would make more sense, such that during a blizzard, the wind will make your firewood burn twice or three times as fast as normal. Alternatively, you could change the air temperature mechanics around windblown campfires, such that in high wind conditions, the campfire is no longer able to warm you as effectively. (In cold, windy weather, a fire tends to bake you on the side facing the fire, while the side facing away gets freezing cold) Thoughts?
  11. I have noticed a problem that seems have cropped up rather recently (I attribute to whatever else was updated when Escape the Darkwalker event update occurred). I hope that this can be resolved. Basically from a stack of items, like a stack of sticks, fish, fir wood, and even picking up rabbit carcasses, etc. it has become difficult to get a response when hunting around the pile to be able to pick up something. For instance with a stack of sticks, it was usually pretty easy to pick up the sticks, one by one, of course, as your cursor roved over the pile, but now as your cursor roved over the stack, the tooltip "stick" will flitter on and off. It can be difficult to get the "stick" to show so it can be picked up. Running the cursor along the edges of the stack - the head, tail, and sides - seems to be much more fruitful. Single items do not seem to have this issue unless it is a rabbit carcass. When dealing with a snared rabbit, I found that pointing the cursor at the center of the carcass yielded no response but putting it at the head or butt end got a response and the carcass could be picked up. So things were not broken but certainly seemed odd and can be a bit of a problem and frustrating. With no expertise in this, I suspect a collision issue has arisen for items in close proximity to each other - like a pile of sticks - and for, whatever reasons, the ends of the stick can be responsive while the "collision" issue may block access to the stick at any other point. I have been reminded about how dropping a torch or other item into a pile of sticks has caused me to have to pick up a bunch of sticks until the item tooltip showed up even though the item was pretty visible in the pile.
  12. What is your most wild and epic escape from, or fight with wildlife? My two stories. 1st. Not much to tell. I was running from a bear and leaped off a blind cliff down onto a ledge. I jumped from ledge to ledge until I ran out of ledges and had to jump the rest of the way. I got off mildly injured but survived. 2nd. I was in ep 3 story mode carrying one of the crash passengers back to the town hall. I had seen a bear behind me on the trail but it didn’t see me so I kept going. I was going very slow when I came around a corner to find three wolves. I dropped the person and pulled out my gun (probably revolver.) I dropped a flare next to the npc and fought off the wolves eventually killing one with a headshot. Right as the rest ran off a bear came up behind me. I pulled out the rifle a stood my ground until the bear was close enough and dropped it before it could charge. I took a break after this. Lol I’m way to into this game. XD
  13. So probably a no-brainer and one that's come up before but could the devs add trench foot? It's an affliction from having wet feet for a long period of time, so it could be implemented as a result of wearing wet boots for days on end without drying them. It can also include a bacterial element which can be easily treated with ingame items that can be gathered. Penalties for letting it set in could include movement speed loss and additional fatigue. It incentivizes players to dry off their boots by fires every day or every other day, but as it's a rarer affliction that builds up over a long time period it may go overlooked, and be a bit of a surprise.
  14. Hello to the lovely community! I wanted to see the community's attempts in just trying to survive as long as possible before we all meet our grisly end. I managed to make it to 7:19 before fading away to the toxic fog (I have no idea if I broke the previous record or not as many posts on social media are scattered all over the place). Feel free to post on here (no pages are needed. Just pure survival times)!
  15. After playing a little too late into the night I had an idea! Does anyone else think that food items should freeze when left outside? Like, in real life if you wanted to preserve your food, you'd want to place it outside to save it's condition, which would cause it to freeze. And before you cook it, you'd need it to defrost it! I feel like this would add an extra bit of challenge and realism by forcing players using this setting to wait an extra bit of time to cook their food, while also adding an extra bit of balance to the game by putting a respectable penalty for plopping everything outside. A small thing, but it could have a nice impact on the game!
  16. Acting like a estate agent/realtor sell and describe your favroite survival location or building explaining the good reasons and why its the place to live and survive
  17. This is a small cosmetical change, that will nonetheless make ammunition crafting much more immersive. It simply changes the looks of Ammunition bench. First of all - I was never a big fan of ammo crafting, but I have to admit, I was wrong. Its pretty well done and actually makes a game better in my opinion! Now, to make it better. Right now, the biggest immersion breaker with ammo crafting is that it requires no primers. This can very easily be fixed by updating the ammunition bench with some boxes that will have a name of a primer-making company. I am all for a "Bullseye" primers box logo, and put 2-3 big boxes of it on the empty shelves of the Ammunition bench, or maybe two small boxes on the table and one big below the table. If the ammunition bench has overwhelming surplus of primers, there really is no need for it to be included in the crafting recipe. Any comments and support for this idea would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Well, I somehow managed to get 6 out of the 10 pages, which I got both badges. Feel free to post your screenshot successes here as well!
  19. When I launch TLD, I get to the warning screen like usual. After I click the screen or press a key, the screen goes black for about 2 seconds, then loads the main menu screen. As in, everything in the background is moving. I hear music, see the school I think it is that is in Mountain Town, either it's a wolf walking around or some birds flying. Everything is there on the screen, besides my ability to do anything. Game doesn't freeze, mouse moves around. It's basically a cool screen saver at the moment. Anyone else run into this? Anyone know what to even do? Tried reinstalling, didn't work.
  20. It seems that if I die now in a sandbox game (interloper, wolf got me) the game leaves me only with a black screen after characters death, so you can't choose anything with your mouse and also the game achievements/info are not listen in the "scoreboard" section. This problem has occured only after Darkwalker event started. Anyone else having the same issue?
  21. So you've made it to the Summit of TWM, after gorging yourself on peanut butter and looting every inch of the plane, the question remains: now what? I'm asking myself this question for the first time on a sub 80 day run, on voyageur. There's literally piles of high quality gear waiting to be ferried off the summit. So far, I've made one trip down the mountain cliff to the mountaineers hut, but still have (I estimate) 2 more loads trips to make. My ultimate goal is take all of my looted goodies off TWM, out of PV , through the Cinder Hills mine, and eventually retire at CH. I'd like to use this post to start some discussion on a couple of topics: 1) what is your preferred method of getting all your loot immediately off TWM? &; 2) What's your short, medium, and long term goals/ destination for you and the loot you chose to take?
  22. alone sniper


    Hi everybody 😃 Before anything, I wanted to say I don't want to see livestock in game like right now ! But, I wanted to create a topic about it so, I can now more about livestock breeds (cattle, Sheep and etc. )that could withstands the harsh environment of the long dark 😄 So, if anyone knows about the cattle breed that would withstand the environment, please share it ☺️ I myself think the Galloway bread would be a good pick for cattle. It will withstand environment. I don't know about sheep breed though. And some questions ! What region do you think would be good for it in the future ? How do you think it should be added ? How the mechanism for interaction with it should be? Should their be able to breed ? Should we have their milk? Or have them for their meat? 😋 Do you think it is necessary ? So, again I am talking about future. I myself don't think we have a chance to see them in near future but i like the idea of having them in the game. 😊And it would be awesome if we could pat our baby cattle 😍😊
  23. So, How about instead of " all the houses door in TLD are open " we could have some random house with locked door. ( Like the ones in story mood.) And instead of trying to find a key, A new item would be added. Lockpick : Works like prybar but it is more common ( Like two or three per region. ) And it is skill based (e.g. level 1 : you have no special skill. Chances of opening lock : 40% . level 5: you are the master of lockpicking Chance of success 100% ) And If you failed, you'll break your lockpick So, What do you guys think? ☺️
  24. I've never had this many injuries and survived. This has to be the most intense experience I've had. I'm trying to complete faitful cartographer and am halfway done, so dying is not an option. In broken railroad, I was in the process of moving all my stuff from the maintenance shed to the hunting lodge. I only had a couple of stuff left so I was travelling light... Too light. I had forgot to bring enough first aid. My fatigue meter was empty, but I was almost there so I pushed forward. I rounded a corner and got attacked by a wolf. "No problem" I thought and fought him off with the axe. Once the struggle was over I heard the growling of a second wolf. I pulled out my revolver and spun around, but it was too late. He jumped me and in my panic I chose the revolver as a struggle weapon (with only level 2 skill). Since my fatigue meter was drained, I couldn't fill the bar no matter how fast I tapped. After what felt like forever I managed to win the struggle, but my condition took a huge hit. I was down to about 15%. I was bleeding and knew I had to patch myself up, but... You guessed it, there was a third wolf. In my two previous struggles I had broken both of my wrists, so I couldn't equip the revolver. I didn't have a flair or torch, and I was fatigued so I couldn't run either. The door to the shed was too far away for me to get there in time. In a last desperate attempt to buy myself some time, I started a fire. No accelerant (travelling light), but my fire starting skill was good and I had a 90% success chance. I held my breath as I waited for the fire to start, and then... It failed. F*ck. The wolf jumped me and this time I had the brains to pick the axe as a struggle weapon. But my condition was dropping too fast and I lost the struggle. Somehow I didn't die. I woke up with less than 5% condition. At this point I didn't care to look if there was another wolf nearby, I just pushed forward towards the door. I got in and saw that I was bleeding from 2 different places. "I got this" I thought, but then I opened my bag and saw that I only had one bandage. I admit, I was very upset at this point and rage quit the game. After some deep breaths and the realization that I would lose all of my progress if I died, I booted up the game again, ready to face the impossible. Once I got back into the game I started from inside the maintenance shed with only 4% condition. I quickly applied the one bandage I had, but I was stumbling all over the place. I couldn't control where I was going and I was bleeding out, FAST. Suddenly I remembered I had an emergency stim on me so I used it and it restored my fatigue and condition enough for me to actually control my character. I knew the bonus was only temporary, but this was miles better than before. I needed a bandage ASAP, but... You guessed it, I didn't have cloth on me either. I checked my clothes and saw that my wool toque was ruined, so I harvested it for one cloth and crafted my bandage. By the time I applied it my emerency stim had run out. I clicked the bed as fast as I could and slept for 2 hours. I woke up and I was still alive! With my condition slightly better (but still under 10%), I drank and ate, before jumping back into bed and sleeping for another 6 hours. As you might have realized by this point, I was severely underprepared so obviously I didn't have antiseptic on me either. My condition was improving, but I was scared that I would die if I got an infection. Infection risk was at 85% and it was the middle of the night, but I had to risk it. I had stashed some stuff in a cave nearby and I was hoping and praying that I left some antiseptic or old man's beard lichen there. I took a torch from a camp fire I made and headed out. On my way out I saw the corpse of one of the wolves that attacked me. It made me smile. One wolf was still alive (probably the one I fought with the revolver), but even though he was barking and growling, he didn't dare to come near me and my torch. As I made my way towards the cave, I heard the roar of a bear. It was too dark for me to see where he was exactly, but by listening to where the roars came from I managed to avoid him even though I never saw him. Finally some luck. I got to the cave and found the antiseptic. I started a big fire and drank some herbal tea that I had left in the cave. Then I slept for another 6 hours and woke up to a new day. I survived. Moral of the story, bring at least 2 bandages and ALWAYS carry an emergency stim with you.
  25. I have done this distress pistol last February. It was my first time in crafting. You can follow me on my instagram @ artyom_nov .What else do i need to do from the long dark?