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  1. Hello hinterland and comunity. Sorry for my english but. I love this game so I thought how to improve it. One night I was wondering what is forlorn muskeg special. Sorry but I have to say nothing except it's a swamp. So I thought it would be good to add a beaver. Maybe you think it's useless. But in real life his tail can be used as whetstone and its skin is very waterproof. Of course it also has meat. For example from leather can be made waterproof socks and as I said from the tail whetstone (not high quality but usable). It would be very useful for late game. But the beaver is not so easy to catch and could only be caught only with traps. Only in special places where we could see the entrance, for example, from the non frozen water. It would also be very beautiful to model dams from branches and mud. Of course, some branches larger and smaller could be collected. And add some trees and bushes between the dams. Not much to make it always seem open. And specially fallen trees with beaver tooth marks. And so I ask you could do something like this and even improve this amazing game? Thank you for reading and replying ❤️
  2. I have been trying to complete this achievement since I started playing the game. The instructions are simple: explore every interior location on the Mystery Lake map and the Coastal Highway map. Doesn't sound so difficult, but I am exhausted from covering the same two maps over and over and still coming up short. Although this current play through I did stumble on a previously undiscovered clearing with a cave high up on the hill looking down onto camp office that I hadn't found before. In this particular play through I have also found the prepper bunker in ML, so I figured I must have found all the interior locations. So are caves with a warmth bonus considered interior locations, because the only thing that could be hindering me from completing that achievement is maybe I have missed a cave? I know I have entered every physical interior space that generates a load screen, or at least I think I have. Does interior space include cars? I kinda would expect that it does. any help, ideas, suggestions?
  3. Alright so 2 days ago, I hopped off the tailgate of my dad's pickup and landed on my foot sideways. Yeah I know. Ouch. So I went to the doctor to get it xrayed because I was pretty sure it was broken. I really couldn't tell since my adrenaline was pretty high. Anyway. They slapped a bandage on the sprained ankle and to my surprise I still wasn't able run at full speed incase of a surprise wolf attack. My suggestion is this. You get a sprained ankle. The pain affliction, whereas now where it makes painkillers totally useless, should impair your focus much more. For example, you can't do maintenance on your tools or crafting, unless you take pain killers. The pain killers should let you keep your focus for a short while but the pain should persist through the duration of the sprain, making pain killers a balanced and useful mechanic instead of the sugar pills they are now. Now. The bandage. The bandage should let you move slightly faster and get rid of the limping screen effect. That's it. Still no running. And the heal time should be 2 days of rest because it's still a video game. In reality a sprain could take several weeks to heal, but I don't think anyone would want that here. Wrist sprains would be very similar. Same thing with the painkillers. But with a bandage, we should be able to shoot a firearm or pull a bow, however VERY inaccurately. Accuracy would increase with use of painkillers, but still more inaccurate than a healthy wrist. I know the long dark is a game, but it is based around realism. So it should be a scaled down version of how it would REALLY be. Sprains do not magically go away with slapping a bandage on them. Although this is an improvement from the original sprain mechanic it's still just not right
  4. Hello, my fellow survivors. I have a very important question I must bring to your attention. Perhaps the most important of them all. ... how do you take your coffee? Mine is pretty self explanatory from the picture. BLACKER THAN BLACK! That's two tablespoons of grinds for this tiny serving Looking forward to hearing some of your replies. This should be a fun little topic! Cheers!
  5. I think it would be great if item condition, pictured as number in inventory could be hidden for player and item condition can be assumed by item look. Some food items look exactly same for all conditions (canned food for example), but all food could be inspected right after opening ("smells good", "looks horrible", etc). It brings more cautious gameplay, than comparing simple numbers and even various item variants already existing becomes even more usefull. We probably dont need various models, just switching textures (example spoiled green venison). What do you think?
  6. Hello all. Long time player and poster, and I know I've stated this before, but is anyone else concerned with, for lack of a better word, the game becoming "over-developed"? I personally believe Survival Mode is amazing and perfect as is (Can always add more Regions tho of course). I just think its already a perfect game. One that is easy to learn (thru trial and error sometimes) but hard to master. Again, like I said, Ive had fears of this with past updates, but have always been pleasantly surprised. Does anyone else have these fears? Like, if they could or wanted to make it and ultra realistic looking game rather than the gorgeous cel shaded art style we all love (I know that wont happen, just a hypothetical). It sometimes feels like I'm sending my son (dont have one, but thats how much I fuggin LOVE this game) off to some place and he'll return completely different. Anyone else kinda worry like that? Also, I really hope they get 1st person clothing in soon. Seems like something that should be here and done by now. But as always, I do have faith in Raph and the entire Hinterland team I think I just worry about it cuz it is my favorite game.
  7. I just finished Ep3 last night. I've been playing TLD for about 20 months, and have 1,200 hours logged. I'm starting my own review thread to keep it separate from other folks' reviews in case the devs are keeping track of this stuff. I was very excited about Crossroads Elegy, as I'm in this game for the story mode and I just play Survival mode to kill the time between episode releases. I've loved how Hinterland listens to its fans while still being true to its vision of what the game should be; that's a hard balance to strike. I'm sad to say that I give CE only a B+. That's still better than much bigger games, but less than I was hoping for. Pros: Finding more about Astrid's side of the pre-crash story. Visual improvements - the added detail makes TLD even more beautiful, and I just about squee'ed the first time I saw a hollow tree. The challenge of rescuing the survivors was gripping and immersive. I really worried about making it. I liked the timberwolf music and the idea of them being tougher wolves. The final scene at Desolation Point was everything I love about TLD and this storyline. Cons: The timberwolf pack meter is aesthetically jarring and breaks immersion. Similarly, the perfect knowledge that the map with your location arrow gives you was unrealistic to the point of immersion-breaking (the geomagnetic storm has made compasses and GPS unusable, but my innate navigation is better than either?), plus it made the quests way too easy. Molly's phone calls to repeatedly confess to leaving her husband to die rapidly got tiresome, and didn't increase my enjoyment of the game or my identification with the character. Her stated reasons for doing this were so vague as to confuse me about the point the story was trying to make. Was he an abuser who got what he deserved as the world changes, or was Molly a murderer who was taking out her problems on a guy who was nothing more than a neglectful jerk? The behavior of timberwolves after pack morale is broken turns them from terrifying hunters in to spastic doofuses. They just run around you in circles, get stuck in patterns on hills, ignore you even when they almost run over you.... they're laughable. Overall, CE ends right when it's getting good. The various rescue and supply missions just felt like the warm-up to whatever the real story is, which we didn't get to see. I'm still in, and hoping this is building up to a colossal Episode 4!
  8. I was thinking that as a food item in the game you could collect oats. Then maybe cook it on the fire with water or even condensed milk. This would give maybe 600 calories but would have the warming up bonus if hot from the fire and a new bonus called slow calorie burn in which the rate at which calories are used up is slower. Apparently thats what oats are good for. I think. I haven’t really properly researched it. Tell me what you think 🤔
  9. If you found yourself in the situation in real life, and were presented with the same tools/supplies, what things would you put to unusual uses? For example, i recently started a sandbox and for the first 2 days i couldn´t find any gloves, just loads of socks. In real life i would just put a pair of socks on my hands, in the game i had to break down 4 pairs of socks to make improvised hand coverings.
  10. What in game things, drive you mad? Here's one for me - that wolf is near the island you can't get to in CH. The weak ice doesn't seem to bother the deer or the wolves. I've lost a couple of deer in just about that spot too. Just drives me mad. Plus, I really want to see what's on the back side of the island.
  11. I just completed Hopeless Rescue in 15 hours 31 minutes without using any glitches or skips. What's your fastest time?
  12. I just completed the mission and I was wondering what other people did with him because as soon as I saw him blueprints for deerskin pants & boots popped up, I personally let him live
  13. I found an interesting interview with and Raphael van Lierop on about The Long Dark 2, films and other cool stuff. So I just put the link in here and hope not having opened pandora's box
  14. Personally I prefer survival mode. For me it's been well worth the price of the game on it's own and the other modes are just a bonus. But I know that quite a few people (especially early on) bought the game mostly for the story mode. So I'm just curious really, which mode do most people prefer and why?
  15. Yavind

    Christmas event

    Will it be a christmas event for the game as we approach the season? I'm thinking if there is a "secret" file in the game that activates itself when the date on the computer shows closer to Christmas Eve. I imagine broken christmas lights around the rooftops. Curved Christmas tree inside some of the houses, with Christmas decorations on and Christmas presents under the tree you can pack up and find toys .. Also that it is possible to collect, for example, a Christmas hat to add to some collection. Maybe an *achievement where you have to find Santa's hat, and it can be anywhere in the game in a random place anywhere on all the maps. And there is only one of those hats. Imagine how awesome this would have been. Maybe make this as a christmas challenge in the game? "Find Santas Hat". And that is where all the christmas stuff is
  16. Environments in The Long Dark are inspired by the majestic Canadian wilderness. We’d like to highlight some great Canadian National Parks you can visit to experience nature in a less virtual way. This week, Fundy National Park. Photo: Andrea Schaffer Located on the Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick the park features a rugged coastline which rises up to the Canadian Highlands. It gets the highest tides in the world and has more than 25 waterfalls. One of Canada’s smallest National Parks it covers an area of 207 km2 along Goose Bay. Despite being one the nation’s smallest National Parks @FundyNP is home to a wide variety of animals, including moose, black bears, beavers, coyotes and many more. The park helps to protect important ecosystems. Photo: Parks Canada Fundy National Park was designated a Dark Sky Preserve by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. This means that the park is dedicated to preserving pristine views of the night sky for stargazers as well as wildlife who also rely on the darkness. Photo: Parks Canada For more details on Fundy National Park visit their website . You can also follow them on Twitter at @FundyNP. Photo: Ron Levesque
  17. Did anyone find any significance to the exploded rifle in Molly's house? I never did, but it seems strange to take the time to add it to the game if there's no pay off down the line. So I'm just wondering if maybe I missed something, or if not; does anyone have any interesting theories?
  18. Man, I had forgotten just how cool but arbitrary the old foraging system was. I am replaying the first version of the game, and finding wood and food is the most harrowing race against time across all versions of TLD. Thousands of calories of meat lost daily (no starvation exploit of course) but I wonder if I just got spoiled. Anyone else have thoughts on this? Oh, and once I run out of resources I am so dead, isn't that a fun realisation? The game now at least has renewable items to barely still be alive indefinitely lol.
  19. I had this idea as I was walking through Mountain Town looking for revolver cartridges and other overlooked loot: what if tools had different parts that degraded? For example: hatchets and knives have two parts: the handle and the blade. Each of these parts have their own condition, meaning you can have a handle with a lower condition than the axe head/knife blade. The tool would still have an overall condition that is an average of both, but upon further inspection you would see the individual parts of the tool. This would also change what tools break down into. Instead of just scrap metal and wood, they would break down first into their base components leading to the potential of being able to take a hatchet with a good handle and one with a good axe head and combining them to make a hatchet with higher condition than before. As for repairs, blade items would still be repaired with whetstones. Handles could be repaired either with tools or with wood to make things easier. This would also apply to the rifle and revolver. To keep it simple I'd say three major parts: lock (action), stock, barrel with maybe the magazine as well. The lock and barrel would be repaired with the cleaning kit with the stock being repaired with tools or wood just like knives/hatchets. The hacksaw would still probably be the same as is, requiring tools and scrap to repair the blade and handle. For the hammer, would the head even realistically degrade? It's more or less just a lump of metal so it'd probably be the odd tool out. All in all, I feel like this would make maintenance a little more challenging and time consuming but could be a way to revamp the maintenance skill to something more than just a number.
  20. Yavind

    Add potatoes

    Raw meat is found in the refrigerators in abandoned houses. So when it comes to fresh products that can last a long time, I mean potatoes can last at least as long as raw meat. So what about adding potatoes? Potatoes can be found in potato bags in basements or refrigerators in-game. Why exactly potatoes? Potatoes are rustic, simple and hearty food item. You can do anything with potatoes. Make baked potato, cook potatoes, roast potatoes. To make homemade potato gold(crisp),.. just add a little salt. The potato has a long shelf life and it is rustic food. Adds some quality to the game.
  21. How long did you play Pilgrim before you moved on to the other modes? Did you just dive straight in to Interloper? What mode is most comfortable for you right now? (Wow, I´m a nosey Parker today! :-P)
  22. Mazizisbil

    4DON Too Easy?

    So guys i am a veteran player i survived on interloper like 350+ days.[ i died from falling from the bridge:( ] This is my first experience of 4DON so i was excited and i take it serious and loot all items and jack o lanterns IN CH ML then when i finished day1 Day2 start and there is nothing to do left i have plenty of food woof very good quality clothes etc. so unlike interloper there was no challange like cabin fever or bad loots left and my base was Quanset Garage So today guys i feel like it is just like a AFK simulator there is no point to explore or kill wolf so is it about me am i done with TLD or was i so overhyped i dont know what is your opinion guys am i the only one felt that way? Thanks for responses already Have a good game
  23. I really enjoyed 4DON this year (my first one). It was a bit simplistic, but it was also an excuse for veteran players to just “trick or treat” the map. Given a good looting spree on Night 1, the rest of the nights could have been done AFK I also really appreciate the Devs’ commitment to Episode 3 rather than a one-off event. There’s no substitute for that. Next time, resources permitting of course, I think adding specific goals for each night to earn the badge would raise the stakes quite a bit. Keeping it the same general format: Night 1: Loot and survive Night 2: Kill x number of wolves or hunt down a specific wolf. Night 3: Visit 10 different interior locations Night 4: Spend 24 game hours in each open region. Since the game tracks most of these stats already, it seems like an easy way to force players to get out and mix it up a little.
  24. Apparently, going from the Plane Crash to Skeeter's Ridge (and the nearby basement) is very complex in episode 3. I expected unscalable terrain, but being blocked when I can see my destination with invisible walls? Irritating at the least. The only way to reach SR from the plane crash is one way. The other leads south, to a very long elliptical route. I understand that Story mode needs to control your movement for cutscenes and pacing (returning Gwen to the Community Hall etc) but once the objective is accomplished, why have these invisible walls persist? Survival mode currently has proper paths that don't need me to walk down the path near the Ridge cave, past Draft Dodger's Cabin, across a bridge, turn left, cross the upper bridge and reach my destination after the Point of Disagreement. That back and forth is the length of the PV map, by the way. Since the second rope below the basement is missing by default (I wish I had placed it sooner) , I can't just take the shorcut from DD Cabin. I don't mean to complain, but this is a huge setback for such a small distance. Anyone else who has noticed this?
  25. Doc Feral

    DAY 4 (spoilers)

    The day shifted to 4, the flashlight immediately died out, snow started to fall. I'm in my cave with a lot of books to read. Just wondering if all the talk about fire and brimstone will turn out to be some russian hacker's devious scheme.