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  1. Just recently started playing Long Dark again after not touching it for quite some time. I’m happy to see a lot of quality of life changes they have made (for example, not being able to cook while doing something else). And it got me thinking, what other things could they possibly add/improve? 1. Make scarves an accessory item. 2. Be able to sleep anywhere without bed warmth bonuses. When I was a newb a while back, I made the mistake of forgetting my bedroll and spent hours in a gas station mending clothing and crafting and was ready to go to sleep. Well... to my amaze, I forgot my bedroll and there was a blizzard outside and it was pitch black (this was before I knew you could sleep in a vehicle, I probably would’ve of froze to death though). So after realizing that I was going to die due to exhaustion, I ran outside with a storm lantern hopelessly searching for somewhere to sleep. I died... anyways, I think it’s just common sense to be allowed to sleep on the floor and just not have bed warmth bonuses. 3. Be able to siphon lantern fuel from one lantern to another. I hate having to choose between either a good lantern with low fuel, or a bad lantern with high fuel. 4. Be allowed to hacksaw the barrel (and even stock) of the Lee-Einfield to reduce weight. This can be balanced by reducing accuracy. And after sawing you can harvest scrap metal and fir firewood I suppose. And to clarify, I know this game isn’t supposed to be centered around weapons and it shouldn’t be complicated. Well, this isn’t complicated. It’d be complicated if I advocated for needing a file, sandpaper, gun vise, steel wool, and a power drill with (forgot the name of the compound) to re-crown the barrel. 5. Hand warmers. Expendable temporary small heat sources. 6. Pen or pencil for mapping. This can speed up the mapping process and it’s a much lighter alternative to charcoal. 7. Hand to match in-game clothes. I’m wearing gloves so the hand should have a glove. Not sure how hard this would be to do though. I don’t see them spending a lot of time on something that is purely for aesthetic. 8. Dragging a carcass. Here’s a hypothetical, for some odd reason, you decided to go kill a deer on the ice at coastal highway. But here’s the catch, you forgot a tool to gut it. Instead of dragging the deer with you back to the garage, you instead are going to have to make 3 trips back and forth. I’d rather make 1 slower trip than 3 repetitive normal ones. Not to mention, I don’t want to have to gut the deer in the blizzard when its corpse is only a few feet from a cave. I have have more ideas but these are the most in-depth meaningful ones I feel. Thoughts?
  2. So I was thinking sure the game is lone survivor mainly but what about adding living npcs in limited numbers thru out the map the max there could be is 10 and you could either help or leave em to there fates idk just a idea that popped in my head
  3. What in game things, drive you mad? Here's one for me - that wolf is near the island you can't get to in CH. The weak ice doesn't seem to bother the deer or the wolves. I've lost a couple of deer in just about that spot too. Just drives me mad. Plus, I really want to see what's on the back side of the island.
  4. To me, hushed river valley does not really impact me as a player because I have no intention of traveling there, as there is no real good loot. I for one believe that when the Devs implement a new region that hushed river valley should be one of the ways to get to it, therefore enticing the player to make the trip. What do y'all think?
  5. This is the current iron sight (first picture that is a video miniature) And this is the old iron sight (second picture. the rifle aims at a wolf) I think the old one was better. The one that we have right niw does not let us shoot at more than 25 meters without missing. I dont have anything to add the title says everything
  6. So I did a post like this a few years back after i did another post about issue's with a very certain DOOR, where i mentioned a few cool things id like to see in the game like (readable news papers that would maybe flesh out what happen during the great breakdown of the current area or stories about things going on in different areas of the game that would more greatly explain open the story) (signs for DOORS that lock you outside when you walk through them) So now i started a another one here where people & I can throw Ideas around, a few i have already would be (Giving players the ability to sleep in the back seats of cars with maybe the negative being resting is harder to obtain or doesn't add as much rest to gauges as sleeping in a bed would) (Draining Cars-trucks & other vehicular objects for there fuel for maybe a emergency lamp fuel source that maybe burns faster then normal lamp oil but also starts fires faster then lamp oil does at the cost of using more then you would with say accelerant to start said fire) (also more variety to food source's like maybe adding things like combinable/cookable Ingredients to add to other foods to enhance them like a cup of coffee & can of creamer would make morning coffee that gives a Extra bonus to the normal stats of just coffee but with the negative of going rancid quicker due to the dairy now in it to balance it out gameplay wise, or maybe ingredients that are inedible by themselves but when combined make unique foods like bread that would be flour useless by itself but when combined with water & a oven/stove makes bread loafs or dry rice, water & a Recycled Can makes hydrated rice that could be combined with a can of beans for the rice and beans) (glass shard as a weapon, maybe pick up a empty bottle on your travels & throw it on the ground "the lonely island music starts playing" & now you have a working make shift weapon that you can use once you combine it with a cloth or without it for a injury chance that cause's a rebound cut to yourself in a fight without it) this what i've come up with after looking at some things in the game so far, i haven't been playing a tun though so maybe i will throw in a few more things later in the thread to add to what i have here. What are some features ideas you all have though?
  7. Inspired by DrifterMan and GelTAZ I wanted to take on a new interloper challenge. How long can one survive in FM only on interloper? GelTAZ recorded a nice video series about surviving until the train cleared the tunnel on day 7 (see link below). Sadly GelTAZ did not catch his train. Survival in the muskeg is a brutal existence. Constant exposure, only one load screen, limited loot and matches and a single solitary place to sleep each and every night. So, welcome home to Old Spence Family Homestead. We will get pretty familiar with this place. I'll open up the question to everyone here - how long is is possible? What are the priorities? What are the distractions?
  8. I have been playing The Long Dark for exactly a month now, and one of the things I love about is the memories I've gotten from it. So I'm curious, what is your favorite memory (or memories) from The Long Dark? I have quite a few, but one of the top ones has to be seeing the Aurora for the first time.
  9. About day 455 of my interloper game I was at the cave near Stairstep Lakes in Hushed river. I had two fires going in the cave making water and cooking a wolf I had killed right at the entrance. I go out for the third time to get the pelt and guts. There is a bear just off to the left. I run back into the cave and park my self behind my two fires. Bear comes into the cave so I shoot him with an arrow he charges around my fires and mauls me then heads out of the cave. When I take stock he has taken my Bedroll from about 90% to ZERO. That put a big hole in my plans I must say. Was about 25% left on the sleep meter at the time. When I looked out side the Bear was dead just a few feet outside the cave. I skinned him and headed for the trailer in Mountain Town luckily I had another bear hide so now only have about 6 days left till I can make a bedroll.
  10. So I was playing the game for the first time and loving the experience. But I noticed that the game felt a little empty in survival. While that's fun and all the noises remind me a little of Dead Space, I found myself wishing I had a budy to go on an adventure with or maybe make our own structures to try and survive the cold without having to search for that one building to live in. Plus the map is HUGE and AMAZING but sometimes feels lonely to cross the entire map solo. I play on PS4 and would love to hear what other people think since I found a new survival game that I love and has the ability to constantly keep me on my toes.
  11. I am currently playing TLD on Stalker difficulty and holy crap there is just an unrealistic amount of wolves... at least in my opinion and im only on day six. I am in the town of milton and when I was traveling to the gas station there was like three wolves at the station and about two wolves and the big house where I just came from. Then Im going behind the station because the wolves were infront then unsurprisingly there was a forth behind it so I had to go around and run to a car and pass the time. Then after I go in the place for about an hour and explore right as I exit there are so many wolves right as I got out and ran straight for a car (because all the growling) about 10ft in front of me nearly instantly I get jumped on then I kick in off and get in the car and there was like four again all around me so I gotta pass time ONCE AGAIN then I make it inside the station and sleep a whole night. Then at the crack of dawn im heading back and it seems clear but BAM surprise suprise its not so I get on top of a water heater lookin thing and let it pass so now as it runs off I jump off then nearly instantly at the edge of town ANOTHER WOLF so I try and run for a car but it jumps on me. Then I get into a car and heal. Almost right as I get out ONCE AGAIN ANOTHER WOLF GROWLS SO I RUN IN A CAR AND PASS TIME. So finally after all that. I am able to run to safety into my house. TO MANY WOLFS...
  12. Boneviolin


    I think a new animal would fit in The game. Like a fox, hard to catch, fast, doesn't have much meat, a warm light hide, some more nice enivorement to The game. Maybe not a very useful feature to the game, maybe this could be more of a way to get more warm clothes, than a new way of getting food. If there aren't any foxes in Canada, then I might just sound like an idiot😐
  13. Ever since the addition of the Timberwolves, which I've enjoyed immensely, I have been wondering what other unique wildlife the developers possibly could add to further the game's depth and challenge. Since the game is set in a frigid Canadian wilderness I was thinking it wouldn't be far out to add unique variations of already existing wildlife like they did with the wolves. Perhaps they could eventually bring forth polar bears either in a reskin of the bear with maybe enhanced strength and senses, or maybe have a variation in how the predator functions and attacks, similarly to the wolves. Other concepts I was thinking about were perhaps the addition of cougars, but I would assume this would take longer to add considering there isn't something like this in the current version of the game. It would be amazing to see any of these ideas come to fruition later down the road. This is already by far the best survival experience I have played, much love to Hinterland Studios.
  14. Movies take too long to play, controls are horrible, can't even get out of the silly ravine in the 2nd episode - nice try - feel good that you got my $8 while I feel good that I didn't spend $30 for this nag. No tutorial? No how to videos? Really was hoping this game lived up to the commercials you played on Steam, but you have fallen short. Solitaire is more fun.
  15. Buna ziua! Joaca careva jocul asta?
  16. (Note: I wrote this whole thing out and right after I finished writing it, I realized my idea would not work within the context of this game world given the geomagnetic disaster that’s taken place. But I am going to post this anyway for the sake of not totally wasting my time, haha!) Hello! I am new to this forum and somewhat new to The Long Dark. I have owned the game since early access but have only logged around 40 hours off and on throughout the years. While recently getting back in to the game, I had an idea regarding survival mode and a possible end game that was exciting to think about, so I thought I would share! I will start by saying I realize what I am purposing is unrealistic in the near-term as it would result in adding a substantial amount of new content to the game, and this would probably be more practical for a sequel if that ever happens. I am a huge fan of Subnautica, and my favorite aspect of that game is it’s very much a survival game much like The Long Dark, but it was not truly endless unless you wanted it to be. You could eventually, with enough work, escape the planet to find safety. I think The Long Dark could greatly benefit from a similar structure to keep players interest longer term.. which I know sounds bizarre suggesting something that has an ending could last longer than a mode that is truly endless, but in my case I would definitely stick with the game longer if I was working towards something more meaningful than just seeing another sunrise. Here is my possibly too ambitious idea. It involves adding at least two new regions to the game as well as several new items and gameplay mechanics. One region would be a smaller private style airfield with a badly damaged plane that has the potential for flight after some significant repairs. Various items would be needed to get the plane back in the air. Some common, some not so common. Finding these items would require the player to travel to every corner of the map. Some items could even be improvised and crafted (things like a makeshift propeller blade crafted from the blade on a boat perhaps?). Make the player be like Matt Damon in The Martian, and really have to think outside the box to get the plane airborne. The second region would be an enormous mountain. Near the summit I imagine a crashed plane with smoke bellowing in the sky to make sure the player cannot miss it. Eventually the smoke will fade, but upon first seeing the plane it will be there. After finding the repairable plane at the airfield, it should be obvious to the player they need to reach that plane. A required item for repair that only can be found at that plane on the mountain. Reaching the plane on the mountain will be the true trial, and is what will insure the player must sink hours upon hours in to the game before they can escape. That way it’s not just about walking around from place to place counting on RNG to save your life. Scaling the mountain would require various resources. Only the highest tier of clothing will be enough to survive the cold. You will need specific equipment to scale the mountain (Ice hooks, ropes, oxygen, etc.). Getting to the top and then back down would take multiple in-game days, and no food can be found on the mountain. I imagine the real obstacle will come in the form of having enough stamina to scale the mountainside. I think of Shadow of the Colossus, and reaching the secret garden, which required consuming enough hard to find items in the game to increase your stamina meter enough to make the climb. I am not sure what you could use to increase stamina in The Long Dark other than just simply walking (I think it needs to be more challenging than that), but it needs to make sense in the context of this world. Maybe reading enough books on rock climbing or collecting/crafting rare consumables perhaps. Repairing the plane and escaping should not be easy. It should take dozens of hours of gameplay at minimum. And of course all this can be completely ignored for those that have no interest in leaving the freezing Canadian wilderness behind. This is just something I thought would be really cool to work towards as I play, but I understand not everyone needs that end goal to keep them going. For me personally, it would make this the perfect survival game. Thanks for reading if you did!
  17. Доброго дня уважаемые разработчики и фанаты игры. За 80 дней игрового времени все сложнее, чем все, кроме долины тихой реки. Максимальный навык выживания оружия должен быть выше порога или ингредиентов до него. В итоге 11 порций и 768 пуль в сухом остатке. ( Как видно из скринов количество свинца больше, чем пороха. Прошу вас увеличить количество лута у меня синдрома хомяка.))))))) PS С уважением Юстас.
  18. Should we have some type of saw for harvesting wood from limbs. The hack saw won't cut it. [groan] Optionally it could be resharpened using a round file or a tool kit or requiring a work bench. (please discuss) Old saws tend to be rusty and dull quickly. Heating and quenching and tempering could be added at the forge to improve the ability to stay sharp. A rusty saw can loose it's temper if it is case hardened and become dull. Is there going to be an activity mechanic added to wood harvesting like the one for cooking? Harvesting wood is time consuming with the hatchet. Fire and wood are some of the most valuable assets we have so being able to create stores of firewood is a reasonable plan for survival especially if there is an extended storm or if we find other uses for wood. We wouldn't have to cut limbs or logs to firewood length; we could make poles for all sorts of nifty things such as a cooking tripod, a teepee shelter, a ladder, a sled. A draw knife would also make a great extension for shaping things such as a handle for the axe, if it breaks. Currently it costs 45 minutes to get three pieces of cedar or 50 minutes for five pieces using the hatchet. With a buck-saw you could cut a three inch limb in half in about two minutes and a 4 inch limb in 3.5 minutes. Maybe less because I haven't found anything online about wood cutting rates. So that would net you 30 to 40 pieces of wood in an hour. If you only cut half way through, often that is enough to snap the large branch with a stout kick or angled between two trees for leverage you could go even faster. The rate would be even higher if you took down trees and cut them with a cross-cut saw and split them with a maul. It would make it possible to have a fire going for extended periods of time and perhaps to damp down a fire or bank it in order to further preserve it at night. This would make the game more interesting so that we could weather out longer storms or use shelters that were more affected by the outdoor temperatures. I'm sure there are ways to balance out the advantages such as the additional weight of a 30" buck-saw at around 3-4 pounds or a bigger cross-cut saw at 8 1/2 lbs for a three foot single man cross cut saw. Here is a useful website covering the importance of the cross-cut saw in the survival context where there is no fuel for a chainsaw. It only takes about an hour to cut and split a cord of wood with modern tools, even less with a power splitter.
  19. For those who don't know, Protein Poisoning is when the body has too much protein and not enough nutrients (fat, vitamins, minerals) to digest it. You basically starve to death despite eating. In the wild, you can't survive on a diet of only rabbits as they have far too much protein and not enough other nutrients. For more info, here's the wikipedia page. Now, as it currently stands, Protein Poisoning isn't implemented into TLD and you can live solely off of a diet of rabbits. I personally have no complaints about this as I always try to vary my diet in the game. However, I've seen enough posts about it over the years to put some thought into it and I think I have a TLD-esque idea to fit Protein Poisoning into the game. It would work similarly to how Intestinal Parasites currently works, where you get a growing percentage each time you eat predator meat. Each time you ate a rabbit steak you would increase "Risk of Protein Poisoning." The risk decreases over time, meaning if you vary your diet this will never affect you. If, however, you happen to have a craving for rabbit flesh and you increase your risk to 100% you get the effect: Protein Poisoning. At the minimum, Protein Poisoning gives you no calorie gain when eating rabbit. This means if you don't start eating other things you'll eventually starve and start losing condition. As an add-on, it could also increase your loss of fatigue and/or water and calories. However, it shouldn't cause condition loss on its own. To cure Protein Poisoning, all you have to do is consume X number (maybe 20,000 or so) of calories from non-rabbit sources. It could also require one Reishi and Rosehip tea. Overall, Protein Poisoning would be an easily-avoidable affliction that could be a serious threat if untreated. Treatment would be easy, provided you can find some other animals or food to eat. It shouldn't be in Pilgrim, but I wouldn't be against seeing it in Voyageur and above difficulties. What do you all think?
  20. I have played succesfully all the other challenges except 2018-2019 Twilight and Midnight challenges. Is it possible to get them in the game in the future so those would be available to all old and new players? Challenges are nice and it would be nice to be able to play them later also. Shouldn't be too hard to add them back in the game? Didn't see "seach" option on the forum. It could save time and prevent double posting.
  21. Okay. so recently, my original hinterland coffee mug was broken. leave it to that particular person to break the one mug in my collection that was irreplaceable lol My question is this. does anyone have one of the original mugs that you would be willing to sell? I don't mind if it's used, as long as it's in good condition and has been taken care of. I really want that mug back in my collection, I took a lot of pride in it. I guess I shouldn't have used it so much. I live in the southern United States, and am willing to pay shipping on top of your asking price. PM me if interested in selling, and thanks in advance
  22. I think that clothes should weight less while you're wearing them. I know that you're still physicly carrying them, but I get pretty often frustrated about I have too much stuff and try desparetly to drop something that I don't need just to see that over half of my carryweight is overtaken by My clothes. Atleast change the weight of shoes, you're physicly standing on them... Kinda. I just think this would be a nice thing to get changed. Like reduce the weight atleast a little bit while wearing a piece of wear.
  23. here's a small collection of screenshots from my saves, the full collection is on my steam: all screenshots will have a location tagged, hope you enjoy ^ mystery lake ^ coastal highway ^mystery lake ^ the connection between mystery lake and milton ^ mystery lake ^ the basin (i think) ^ the connection between mystery lake and milton
  24. Я открыл глаза Все что я увидел, это было голубое небо. Пронизывающий ветер окутывал мое тело, пока я лежал на снегу…Где я? Медленно вставая, я увидел прямо перед собой железнодорожный путь, по обе стороны было сплошное болото, покрытое льдом. Все что я помню, это внезапная, яркая, ослепляющая вспышка, зеленого цвета, ночью. Я лежал в кровати с Яной, она приехала ко мне неделю назад, отпраздновать новый год. Медленно встаю, и направляюсь к разбитой хижине вдалеке, размышляя по пути. Надо собраться с мыслями, так, еще раз. Я затопил печь, мы с моей девушкой перекусили, выпили по бокалу вина, и легли спать. Ночью я проснулся от яркого света и уснул, затем я просыпаюсь здесь. Как это возможно?! В моих карманах лежат – телефон без связи; предупреждение метеорологов ближайшей станции Дарго о грядущей буре, напечатанное факсом; три конфеты-леденца. Добравшись до разбитого дома, я вижу склад бревен, спички, бумагу. Пытаюсь поймать сигнал сотовой связи Заряд аккумулятора на уровне 46% Сигнала сети нет Черт Слышу характерный вой и не один…волки…так-с надо собраться с мыслями. Кругом волки, нет пищи, воды, одежды, не известно где я, и что случилось с моей подругой, сигнала сотовой сети нет. Первым делом, надо бы согреться. Возьму замерзшую бумагу в руки и попытаюсь разжечь ее в печи, попытка номер 1 – плохо. Попытка 2 – плохо. Нет. Бумага не подойдет, интересный футляр под столом рядом, ага, для очков, возьму его, внутри салфетка для чистки очков- отлично. Использую для розжига. Попытка 1, удачно, накидываю только что сделанный трут из щепок, пламя горит, чертовски рад. Пальцы моих ног, уши, нос, покрылись синим цветом, горящий огонь спасает меня. Подкинув дрова в печь я прилег рядом, и уснул с чувством что боль и переохлаждение постепенно проходят, что вызвало на моем лице легкую улыбку. Продолжение следует...
  25. Bergmann

    Wish list

    Каждый раз при замене одежды, нужно чтобы вид от первого лица также менялся! Например меняет персонаж перчатки или куртку, меняется вид удерживания оружия, ножа и т.д. Добавьте возможность строить что-то новое, укрытия (на поверхности) или небольшой домик. Добавьте возможность рубить свежие деревья. Добавьте новые угрозы. Разновидности медведей, волков, лосей, в каждой локации должны абсолютно отличаться от прежних. На каждой локации должно быть свое собственное поведение для животных. Не похожее на остальных. Добавьте новую живность, например птицы. Пусть будет возможность питаться их мясом. Добавьте возможность переносить вещи, пусть сумка вмещает больше КГ. Либо нужно добавить деревянные сани. ОБЯЗАТЕЛЬНО, добавьте возможность автоматического выхода из сна, при риске обморожения или переохлаждения. (все время я погибал только по этой причине)