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  1. Sucks that i'm cooking 4 still but at least i have a TON of antibiotics from the summit now so i might be okay!
  2. How? All they do is just walk around until they find something to kill, so i really don't care if i kill them other then the ammo cost.
  3. Well at least i'm fed! TheLongDark 2020-09-08 20-36-22.mp4
  4. Think i need to stop killing this much for no reason...
  5. First i thought that TWM was the most difficult because of how cold it was and the lack of shelters but now i think its rather HRV or BI as they both are pretty cold and dangerous as Bi has those annoying timberwovles, and not many fully locations but HRV has basically none except ice caves and the small hills everywhere make seeing wolves impossible. So, i think that HRv is the most difficult but other then that idk.
  6. Yeah on interloper i would def make the coat because of what you stated but now i'm playing on a lower difficulty custom game so i have quite a bit of loot including a expedition parka paired with a wolf coat and the moose satchel and other high-tier clothing. Also, i almost done the wrapped in furs achievement except the bedroll so i'm really wanting to make the bedroll but i'll have to consider the repair cost so thanks for your answer.
  7. So at first i was going to harvest a wolf that i killed nearby. but, i saw the bear coming in the distance so i came into the enclosed porch and waited until he came and 1-shot him. TheLongDark 2020-09-04 17-41-25.mp4
  8. So right now i'm planning on what to make once i get a second bear hide. i'm thinking of a bedroll but any help would be nice!
  9. For me i like pleasant valley because the farmhouse can give some really nice early gear. but, i don't mind TWM or desolation point.