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  1. Mine overall is probably the farmhouse in PV because of the fact that there are lots of wildlife nearby (Deer, Bunnies, Wolves, and the Bear that sometimes comes through sometimes. Also the fact that there are lots of furniture to break down which solves the fuel problem. There is also the porch which is a great spot for hunting the bear, and just the fact that its big. What's yours?
  2. Knowing generally when the bear arrives would be really useful so I don't get killed when crafting
  3. Honestly even when I do this in voyager there is still nothing here. So I don't understand why there is a path here.
  4. The game already quite relaxing and harmless hardcore makes it even more fun to explore the totally harmless and not scary at all fun family friendly game about cute little fishes. Right?
  5. Yeah that's strange. Hope it can get fixed.
  6. Not really, could just be that the wolf never detected it. Anyways, welcome to the forum!
  7. Mostly the amazing landscape of the region, and that damn bear near miners folly that I had no idea about until I almost walked into him.
  8. Welcome to the community! Have fun surviving out there!
  9. Good, because I was about to pack out and leave the region.
  10. What even is this thread about anymore? Because he probably stopped playing months ago after this comment.
  11. three months and still going, wow. Edit-Okay whoops this has been going on since I started playing, Jesus and people are still active on this thread.
  12. Okay, I only really have one explanation, but it seems that their behavior might be similar to a aroura which could also explain the glowing wolf. Now, did you see a aroura the night prior? Because it could be that they never realised the aroura ended and still act crazy even in day.