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  1. ajb1978

    Lifelike MRE's

    Pretty simple one--MRE's in the game are great and all, but they're just a high calorie food item. They could be so much more than that! Instead of being just a 1750 calorie food item, how about this: Reduce the calories to 1000, but when you finish the MRE, 1 single uncooked serving of both coffee and tea are added to your inventory (to represent the coffee and powdered beverage), along with a tinder plug (the toilet paper), and a pack of cardboard matches. Just like a real MRE.
  2. ajb1978

    Getting dirty

    Well, I would be in favor of this, but I think it should be just a water-only bathing thing. Mainly because if soap is required, the pre-placed soap is going to run out. And we don't currently have the ingredients in the game to MAKE soap, and even if they did, something like lye isn't something you can just harvest in the forest. So bathing with soap is a fundamentally finite thing. As for washing clothes...I agree it's a little unrealistic to wear the same pair of underwear for 1000 days in a row, but the nuances of washing clothes...meeehhh that's a little far in the weeds. Besides being a major chore to wash clothes by hand, you then would have to let them dry. And how would you determine which clothes get washed? Probably something alongside the Repair and Harvest options... That's just too much IMO. Having to wash up to 16 separate clothing items...that's a lot of tedium, unless the stink builds up so slowly that you can get away with it on about the same timeframe as clothing repairs due to natural decay. Personal hygiene though, that has merits. Use 2L of water to bathe, and like @ThePancakeLady suggested, get a 24 hour "clean and fresh" buff where wildlife detection radius goes down by say 10%, letting you get just a smidge closer than normal. Also, maybe you get one free animal bite with zero infection risk. You get in a wolf struggle, that first bite carries no infection risk, but you immediately lose your Clean and Fresh buff due to...well..bleeding all over yourself.
  3. Hah same here! Although for me it's mostly when traveling. I tap Q (my custom hotkey for auto-walk cruise control), and occasionally course correct with A/D or the mouse. Which frees up my hands to take a drink. TLD is the only game that happens with, just due to the amount of time where I don't need to be actively doing something, but I can't just get up and walk away. Another TLDism is I will go about doing some daily chores, while my character in the game is cooking food or boiling water. Since I have a 4x day length multiplier, 3 in-game minutes pass for every minute of real time. So if it takes an hour and a half (roughly) to melt and boil a full pot of water, that's a half hour in real-time I can get stuff done around the house.
  4. Dude you are like nine kinds of crazy, but I'll buy you a scotch any day.
  5. Those specs are alright except for the Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB--that integrated GPU is what's bottlenecking you. And unfortunately, because it's an integrated GPU, you can't upgrade it. (Edit: Yeah, to that one guy out there that's going to say something like 'well you can upgrade it, you just have to de-solder, remove the old GPU, and solder in a better one... Yes this is true, but come on who does that?) You'll have to get a new machine, I'm afraid.
  6. I would agree to this if it were part of a major overhaul to the way food and drink stored in inventory works. Food and drink doesn't freeze in the current state of the game, and while it might seem a little exploitey to pick up a slab of cooked venison out of the snow after it's been sitting there for a week, and immediately devour the whole thing...that's how it is. So if the overall food system was changed such that food and drink CAN freeze (let's not split hairs about cans of soda bursting...just say frozen or not frozen and call it good), then there would be room for an "under the clothes" set of slots. It would count towards your total carry limit, but say you have 5kg worth of under-the-clothes slots for food or drink. Those items can thaw over time based on your current Feels Like, and won't start to freeze unless you yourself are Freezing. These items, once thawed, would also degrade more quickly over time. Similar to meat stored indoors. And then of course you can only eat or drink thawed items. (Edit: Actually it'd be kinda cool if food stored under clothes contributed less to your scent meter....) And of course, playing devil's advocate on my own modification to this wish list item, that level of micromanagement might piss a lot of people off. I like the idea, but the game is fine as is, so ...maybe let's not rock the boat on this one. It's a neat idea, but people have been chowing down on frozen steaks for going on 5 years now. I don't see that changing.
  7. Lol I still laugh at that visual. Like I take the package of ground beef out of the fridge, slice it open, get ready to make burgers, and shovel the whole pound of raw meat into my mouth. "Dang it, it happened AGAIN!"
  8. My favorite place for aesthetic and role-play purposes is the Paradise Meadows farmstead. It looks like the kind of place I would actually settle down in, under better circumstances of course. It can get a bit wolfy but there are plenty of exits so it's manageable. Excellent interior storage, 8 indoor and 2 outdoor cook surfaces, and an outdoor workbench. The downsides are the barn the workbench is in does not protect you from wildlife or the elements, so you've got to be careful when working on large projects. Also there is no fishing, and getting into or out of the region requires two rope climbs. (And if in between those rope climbs you sprain something, and don't have some means to treat it...you're dead.) And the Moose spawn point is way down in the Basin, making it a real chore to haul it back home. For long-term viability, one of the houses on the water on the Coastal Highway, with an indoor fireplace. It's very wolfy in town, but right on the coastline you can usually make a clean break. You've got ample hunting and fishing in the region, plus beachcombing to restock you on otherwise finite resources, like saplings, cloth, and cured leather. A forge isn't very far away, and there's an outdoor workbench by the Fishing Camp for projects, if you don't feel like dealing with the wolves by the Quonset Garage. Downsides, all these goodies are spread across the map, and there is no good place for cooking. The most you'll have is 2 cook surfaces at a time, and there are no good proper caves to light a ring of campfires. Actually it's one of several. If you're looking to branch out a bit, there's another forestry tower on the Coastal Highway, with arguably the best view in the game. Also, the Mountaineer's Hut on Timberwolf Mountain, and the back porch of the farmhouse in Pleasant Valley both count as indoor locations, with a clear view of the outside.
  9. @Ice Hole Have you figured out a way to make arrows from Battery?
  10. I pointed this out in another thread, but your character removes the spent casings off camera. If you were to have reloaded your revolver immediately without putting it away, you would have seen that the cylinder was full. The character would lower the revolver off screen, and when it returns, the spent casing is removed. They then load a fresh round into the cylinder. If however you fire your revolver, holster it, then bring it out again, the cylinder will show one round missing, as it is implied your character has removed the empty casing already.
  11. Same here. I can recall one specific instance where I had a bedroll ruined in a bear attack, I was too exhausted to make it back to the Mountaineer's Hut, so I ended up ripping up my ruined bedroll to craft a snow shelter, just so I could catch some sleep. I literally use snow shelters less often than emergency stims, that's how rarely they are necessary.
  12. And now I bet it'll be patched out of existence with the next major release lol
  13. Great way to leave yourself some emergency rations at a safehouse. Something to help get you re-settled if you move back after a few months, and haven't gone hunting.
  14. I would just like to see more regions in general, and of course that will happen in time.
  15. I think it's interesting that the sprain system now is, in some ways, back to the way it was in one of the super early builds. Like before I even started playing, and I only know about it from reading the pre-release alpha changelog. Sprains used to require a special bandage to treat, and at some point they updated it to only require painkillers. Now we're back to requiring bandages. I would say I think that painkillers should just treat ALL your pain at once, with one dose. Because I mean if I have a headache, and my nascent arthritis is acting up, one dose of Excedrin is probably good for the lot of it. Since "pain" doesn't really do anything besides stop you from reading books, painkillers are almost entirely useless at this point. May as well superpower them, give them a bit more reason to exist.