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  1. Bow drill is frequently suggested, and frankly I'm all for it. Or something like an ember box that allows you to preserve a small smoldering ember overnight after the fire has gone out. It's true that we have a mag lens for "free" fires, but that's pretty exploitative of the game's mechanics. It's been normalized, we all do it, but come on. Taking advantage of magic plastic bottles that appear out of nowhere to store your 50L of boiled water is ridiculous. And picking up a frozen moose steak that you cooked 2 weeks ago out of the snow and cramming it into your pie hole, also ridiculous. Water
  2. Seeing as how I've watched startled rabbits charge directly into a wolf which then stalked and ate them...I'm going to have to disagree.
  3. Fun fact, when a wolf pack howls the individual pack members modulate the tone of their howl, which besides making it very difficult to tell which specific wolf is howling at any one time (unless you're literally watching it howl) it also serves to hide their numbers. When you factor in the way variations in the terrain affect echoes, just two howling wolves can sound like an entire pack.
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    Riken light

    This was actually the first forge in the game, introduced while it was still in early access. The idea was that this wasn't intended to be a forge. It was a coal fired steam boiler on an old derelict whaling ship that served as an improvised forge. But in terms of game lore it doesn't exist for the specific purpose of heating and forging metal.
  5. Actually they are in fixed locations, that's how I find them lol. I made myself a spreadsheet that has every cairn for every region, along with the message and backer # just to be thorough. For me the real nightmare is trying to collect all buffer memories, because THAT is random. And they don't cycle, it's random every aurora. So if there's 5 messages on one particular computer, you only have a 20% chance per aurora of getting the memory you want. In other words if you've got 4 of 5 collected, every time there's an aurora you have an 80% chance of striking out and getting a duplicate!
  6. The porch counts as an indoor location for the purposes of curing materials, getting cabin fever, and being unable to rest or pass time once you get it. However it does have the outdoor benefit of being able to read by moonlight. The back portion of a cave is a good place to earn this badge. Although still materials cure like they would indoors, it's still counted as outside and you can spend as much time as you want back there. In Pleasant Valley there are three caves that have a little bed of pine needles in them that would make great spots to hunker down. You recover slightly more cond
  7. Wildlife does take time to recover. If you've over-hunted it might take some time before wildlife starts to return. This doesn't really apply to Pilgrim but you can use this to your advantage by intentionally over-hunting the wolf population. Having a wolf-free week is a nice vacation.
  8. On the subject of trapping, when I was grinding out that Master Trapper badge I found that an array of about 30 traps was kind of the magic number over time. Over the course of about a game month I had developed a steady enough stream of rabbits that I was able to constantly have enough cured gut to repair damaged traps, while pulling in enough rabbit meat daily that I could harvest the rabbits by hand (no tool wear) and have enough to eat/drink. Managing cabin fever was more of a challenge than actual survival, and the game basically turned into a chore of checking/setting my traps daily, har
  9. I know for a fact multiple moose can exist in the game world at one time. I've encountered as many as three in one specific day, when covering a lot of ground.
  10. Circling back to this thread because I had a thought. What if each individual moose spawn point is independent of the rest, and has its own daily % chance and respawn time? The reason I mention this is because I've noticed that some potential spawn points produce moose far more often than others. In particular, outside the Broken Railroad Hunting Lodge. I have had far more success finding moose in that one spot than anywhere else in the entire game. Ranking second to that would be Milton Basin and the Marsh Ridge roughly tied at #2. This could explain why I've gone so long without spotting a s
  11. Yeah I think there's something wrong on your end, I haven't had any troubles like what you're describing. Non-fatal shots send animals scurrying, and sometimes I'm just never able to find the carcass. Especially in huge regions like Pleasant Valley. Also crows won't show up under certain conditions, like high winds. Try to replicate the problem in a tiny region like Crumbling Highway or Desolation Point. (I'd say Raven Falls Ravine but that might be TOO tiny.) Even if you have zero idea where your animal ran off to, those regions are small enough that you can use a dragnet approach to sea
  12. Not needed no, but if you CAN carry a lit torch, you may as well do so. It provides nothing but benefits, like extra insurance against wolves, a slight warmth buff, and then chain your torches to extend the previous night's campfire into the next day's interior exploration without spending additional matches. Of course your luck won't last forever and eventually that torch will blow out, but may as well make the effort y'know?
  13. Late to the party so I'm going to assume all the basic stuff has been covered. If it hasn't already been mentioned, try to carry a burning torch at all times, and use stones as distraction devices. If you don't know how to effectively use stones, maybe don't jump straight to Interloper just yet. Stones are best used when you don't know the wolf is even there yet. i.e. as a pre-emptive move to flush them out into the open, before they get a chance to ambush you around a blind corner. If you can make it to say day ~100 on Stalker without a single wolf struggle, I'd say you're in good shape. Wolv
  14. ajb1978


    Peripherally related to this because it involves lenses, but I wish I could harvest a fresnel lens from the lighthouse in Desolation Point. Something like that would be large enough to start fires even on a cloudy day.
  15. I wouldn't mind a badge being added to coincide with the Faithful Cartographer achievement, which adds a feat enabling the GPS compass in Survival mode. It already exists in the game in Story mode, and earning this through diligent mapping kind of makes it irrelevant anyway. Like by the time you earn the achievement, you already pretty much know the maps backwards and forwards anyway. So what the heck, at that point just throw an arrow on the map indicating your position and heading and call it good.