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  1. I've said in the past that a wind-up alarm clock would be great. Like if you go to sleep, you always sleep until you are fully rested. Unless you have an alarm clock in your inventory, at which point the game plays as it currently does. But for all the sense it makes, you'd have people crawling out of the woodwork complaining how it ruins the game, they're never playing again, blah blah. Happens every time some major new thing is added, before everyone quiets down and learns to deal with it.
  2. Nope, in the field east of Paradise Meadows, with the silo and barn. Pretty even terrain all things considered.
  3. So ever since Bleak Inlet I've been exclusively a rifleman, but decided to bust out my bow and arrow. I shot a deer outside Paradise Meadows, it was a clean kill, but I saw the broken arrow drop to the ground. The deer collapsed right on top of it. No biggie, I figure, I'll just harvest everything, area transition, then go pick up my arrow. So I do just that, even marking the exact spot where the deer had fallen by creating a "crosshairs" out of dropped and RMB'd venison steaks. I dropped the rest of the meat on the porch, dropped the gut and hide indoors, went back to my kill...and the arrow was simply gone. I spent a bit nosing around in the snow wondering maybe if it had just dropped below the terrain a bit, but nope...well and truly gone. Not terribly concerned over the loss because this is my "Destroy Everything" save so I'm swimming in scrap metal, but just wondering if anyone has had similar experiences lately.
  4. Because when you quarter a deer you aren't surgically removing meat. You skin and gut it, then literally cut it into quarters for easier transportation. Each quarter contains not only the meat, but stuff you would otherwise discard, like bones.
  5. So I've joked about the prybars being found in bathrooms before. Usually something like "Nothing but bear meat for 3 months straight, no wonder there's a prybar by the toilet." Well today me and a few friends had a Hero Quest marathon, and during one Mountain Dew fueled pit stop, I spotted this in the basement half-bath... Yes. That's a prybar by the toilet.
  6. Hinterland: You paid $10 for this game 6 years ago? Cool, here's every update ever, complimentary. EA: You paid $70 for this game 8 minutes ago? Cool. If you want to reload your guns, that'll be another $30.
  7. Besides putting a piece of tape on your screen? Nope.
  8. Could you clarify what you mean by that? Are you unable to interact with anything at all? Like, you can't pick items up, you are unable to search containers, you can't open doors, etc?
  9. Since no one has touched on the obvious, I'll be the one to say it: Well Fed buff and Moosehide Satchel combined = +10kg carry capacity.
  10. ajb1978

    Coop Mode?

    Pretty much came here to say this.
  11. A few years ago I was walking to work for a week in the winter because my car was in the shop. (Brakes failed...that's a whole fun story unto itself.) I took a hiking trail that cuts right through some marshland, and part of that trail ran underneath a viaduct. That particular viaduct was known for having transients who would sleep under it, in all weather. I saw one such individual in a sleeping bag. Turned out he wasn't alive--later that day someone called it in and upon investigation police discovered he had most likely died of hypothermia. I walked right past a literal frozen corpse and didn't even notice. Also when I was 16 a friend of mine got drunk at a house party, and thought it would be a great idea to run around outside in his underwear in the middle of winter. We ended up losing track of him, and found him an hour later passed out in a snow bank, still in just his underwear. Amazingly he woke right up after we slapped him a few times, walked home on his own two feet, and somehow avoided any and all consequences.
  12. The wiki covers this topic pretty well, including an itemized list of things that can wash up while beachcombing. Your odds of falling through the ice are not affected by anything--it's simply a 5 second timer from the moment you get the weak ice alert. If you're not on solid ground by the time your 5 seconds are up, you fall in, and teleport back to where you first set foot on the weak ice. Different areas have more weak ice than others. And some have none at all, meaning you can walk right up to your item and grab it, risk free. The more valuable items tend to spawn on areas with a great deal of weak ice. So much so that it may be impossible to grab it and safely return, meaning you simply have to accept that you'll fall in and plan accordingly.
  13. Same here, I've had numerous instances of wet footwear after sprinting across patches of weak ice. I can't predict it reliably but I have just gotten into the habit of taking off my footwear if I'm going to cross weak ice, just in case.
  14. Ramen noodles. Can be eaten straight as a crunchy source of calories, or cooked with water and providing even greater calories, in addition to a warming up bonus.
  15. Can't have been Interloper. The best non-crafted outer layer you can get on an Interloper game is a Mackinaw Jacket.