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  1. This is something that happens more often than I'd care to admit, because I don't normally carry a rifle around with me. But going moose hunting, I finally find a moose, then realize I forgot to actually bring my rifle. Edit: This has led to a change in strategy, where I now leave rifles all over the world, and just carry ammo with me. That way if I do find a Moose, I know I have a rifle stored somewhere on that map that I can grab quickly. Or sometimes forgetting to drink before bed, and I wake up dehydrated and missing a huge chunk of condition.
  2. I'd say this can be relegated to the public when mod support is introduced. While I would love to have more variety of foodstuffs just for roleplaying purposes, in terms of adding value to the game, more food options really contributes nothing considering the time it would take to create it. So I'd say leave this one up to the modding community once that door is opened. @ThePancakeLady will probably create a Breakfast Overhaul mod or something
  3. I captured a similar thingon Bandicam a few months ago and kept it in case it happened again, but this was a one-off for me. Never had it again. The weather snaps from overcast and light snow to crystal clear. weird weather.mp4
  4. Good evening Raph. Could you please explain the rationale behind why brands were replaced with torches? I understand the rationale behind replacing the "brandish" mechanism with "throw", but why were brands replaced with torches? TBH this seems rather counter-intuitive to me, and if there is a solid logical reason behind it I could digest this decision better.
  5. ajb1978


    Ok...I rather like the mostly realistic threats we have in the game. Yeah, the geomagnetic disaster defies known physics, yeah the wildlife behavior isn't consistent with what we would expect, but it's overall hypothetically believable. Something like a Wendigo or Sasquatch, I do not support in a serious sense. However, I would be willing to accept a pseudo-entity, like a hallucination or image that flickers through the display very briefly on maybe one in 10,000 playthroughs. Just enough to spark a bit of controversy, and get the rumor mill going. Maybe one guy in the entire world happens to capture it on Bandicam, and ignites a quest to find the creature. But only as a meta-element. Not something critical to the story. Just a "bonus feature" easter egg for particularly dedicated players to find.
  6. There's another one waiting for you to find in PV. Maybe you'll have better luck with that one.
  7. Hot sauce. Hot sauce is life. Ideally some custom cultivar like the pepper X used in The Last Dab, as featured on Hot Ones. But in a pinch, anything will work. Even if it's something weak like Tapatio or Tabasco, just anything to give food a little kick.
  8. Forlorn Muskeg if I'm not mistaken. I originally thought Pleasant Valley but while that rope climb block is repeated in several areas, that unique cluster of dead trees on the left is unique to the Muskeg I believe.
  9. I wouldn't say I "moved on". I started on Voyageur, then played Pilgrim just to see what it was like without the hostility. I actually rather enjoy the experience. It's exploration and looting, and nothing to really worry about. It's relaxing, what's not to like? Of course I've played Stalker and Interloper, and done well at both. But the wolf-crazy nature of Stalker is more annoying than fun, and Interloper is all bark and no bite. I mean yeah it's easy to die early on but once you get established, it's just a matter of resource management. And since I do logistics for a defense contractor as my day job, I'd just as soon not do logistics on my off-time. I generally settle on a Custom mode that's a hybrid of Pilgrim and Voyageur. Wolves are hostile so I can't be completely careless, but the main problem is damaged gear that I then have to repair. I also like to play the challenge modes, since it's a short-term commitment so I find myself more freely able to use the stuff I find rather than hoard it. Using matches for temporary light sources, popping emergency stims just to be able to run like a goober for 60 seconds and shave a little time off my run, etc.
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    Well if you're going with a strop, that's what you would use to finish the edge, so it should only be usable on knives that are already nearly perfect. Say 90% or higher. A whetstone could get it up to 90%, then switch to the strop to get it to 100% or something. So if you regularly strop your blade you can keep it in perfect condition.
  11. Yup! I don't remember where exactly but I was heading uphill away from the coastline.
  12. Ahh trying to pull a fast one there, by omitting background details eh? That might've worked, but you see you merely adopted Great Bear. I was born there. Try this one on for size... Edit: OK on second thought a foggy screenshot is kind of a jerk move. So I will add this hint: It is a coastal region.
  13. Ahh that's a favorite hunting spot of mine. Moose spawn point, as well as bunnies and birch bark, all in one place. A little inconvenient hauling stuff back to paradise meadows but such is life. Tag, you're it.
  14. "Take Brand" from fires. It made a mountain of sense when they switched "take torch" to "take brand", and I genuinely do not understand the rationale behind why that was undone. Taking a lit torch from a fire, which you can douse and re-light later with a 100% success rate, just doesn't make any sense. Except this time around have them disappear when you put a 0% brand in a container, or toss them into a fire. I used to have a pile of burnt out brands in the corner I could never get rid of...
  15. Tag, you're it! Let's try an indoor location this time.