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  1. The best part about 4K is you can pick out wolves from like 4 times as far away. Sure, they might show up as a single black pixel, but if that black pixel is moving you know it's not a rock.
  2. It is. Nerf is a reference to the Nerf toy guns that shoot foam darts. To Nerf something is analogous to replacing live ammo with foam darts--it makes it markedly less effective.
  3. Honestly, I wouldn't ever use this. For defense, the revolver is perfect. 1.5kg and can fire off six shots in rapid succession. For guaranteed scare chance, the flare gun always succeeds. And carrying both a revolver and flare gun combined weighs less than 3.5kg, even when fully loaded. I can see no reason why I would carry around a 3.5kg weapon that only has two shots, ruins the hide and meat of whatever you hit, and isn't even a guaranteed scared scare.
  4. The funny thing is when I completed this challenge, I actually DID find rabbits in Milton. But I've gone back and done a few throwaway attempts, and have never again seen rabbits. Near as I can figure it was some sort of memory glitch, because when I first spawned in I fell through the ice due to still being unfamiliar with Bleak Inlet. I trashed the attempt immediately, loaded up a throwaway Ultra-Pilgrim custom game to familiarize myself with the delta, then started the challenge again. And boom, rabbits. But I've tried doing that again deliberately and have never been able to replicate it.
  5. Use the clothing accessory slot. Have water freeze when left out or stored in your pack, but if you opt to "wear" a bottle (or two) of water in your accessory slot, that indicates you have that bottle stored under your clothes. In this state it will thaw if frozen, or remain liquid if already melted. So in this way you would be able to have up to 2L water ready to drink at all times, but would have to strategize how you want to use your two slots. Satchel and ear wrap? Satchel and water? Water and ear wrap? Two bottles of water? As for making plastic bottles appear out of thin air...meh. I can overlook that, same way I can overlook the messy disaster that attempting to refuel a hurricane lantern out of a jerry can would be. I mean without a funnel? There's no way you wouldn't have a huge puddle of fire hazard on the floor.
  6. As have I. I would love the ability to invoke the full potential of my rig by maxing out all draw distances. I understand that not everyone has a powerhouse set of hardware, but for those of us that do, I would like to take full advantage of the capabilities.
  7. I'm going on day 700+ of a custom run and have had to come up with some personal challenges to keep things interesting. First my goal was to loot the game world. Then I went back and mapped everything, filling in every last black smudge. Then I went and collected all the buffer memories. Then I went and hunted down every single last cairn. Once that was done, I went back and made a point to break down every single object in the game, resulting in thousands of scrap cloth, metal, etc. (I did spare a few things for ornamental or sentimental reasons. My main safehouse in each region is largely untouched.) With overwhelming quantities of spare material, I took inventory then made some supply runs to homogenize my stash in each region. Then I just kind of hung out and played house for a while, until Bleak Inlet was released. Then I went and made several trips from each region to the Workshop, and used the milling machine to repair all my rifles, revolvers, knives, and hatchets up to 100%. Now I'm in this post long term survival state where every region is fully stocked with high quality gear and tons of spare parts and cloth. So I go on vacations now. I just hit the road, no bedroll. Just basic medical supplies, my boxes of rifle and revolver ammo, a revolver, and some provisions for the road. When I get where I'm going, grab a rifle or bow I've left behind, go on a quick hunting trip. Maybe go fishing if the region allows. Spend a few weeks culling wolves and gathering sticks, hit up the Inlet to repair and reload, then move on to a new region.
  8. Fairly straightforward ask: Please increase the maximum allowable values on the draw distance for terrain details, trees, tree billboard, and shadow draw distance, under the Quality options. Even with all of these values maxed out, there's still noticeable pop-up in wide open regions.
  9. I've also tried reishi tea, and my assessment was largely identical. It didn't taste bad, but it didn't taste good either. If you want to take it as a dietary supplement, I suggest mixing it into coffee. I personally don't feel the need to buy any more once my current bag of reishi powder is gone. I've also tried rose hip and birch bark tea, and those two I'm a repeat customer on. Rose hip tea is phenomenal with a little honey and lemon, and birch bark tea straight up kind of reminds me of watered down maple syrup.
  10. ajb1978

    My Wishlist

    I've suggested a shepherd's sling in the past. In my head I'm picturing it to where you can press LMB and it just quickly launches the stone towards the center of the screen and hitting hard enough to scare a wolf on a direct hit and deliver some non-lethal damage (assuming the wolf isn't already near death). Or you can hold RMB to spin the sling around a few times to build up momentum, then tap LMB to launch the stone when it's "fully charged". A stone launched from a shepherd's sling can kill easily. In the ancient Roman days, a skilled sling user was considered on par with an archer. It would be a direct-damage, non-bleeding wound kind of deal, but hypothetically you could even hunt with one. I would think for balance, its damage would be on par with the revolver. i.e. you might be able to kill a wolf in one shot at close range, but it should take multiple hits to bring down something larger. A shepherd's sling would be a lightweight portable defensive weapon, where you wouldn't necessarily need to even carry ammo with you. If you hear the warning bark, start walking away, scoop up some stones as you go, load the sling as you walk, then turn around and launch away. LMB quick-launches are freebies, if you hold RMB to start building momentum the wolf goes into its attack run.
  11. It's blown WAY out of proportion. It's a serious cold, that's it. It doesn't even have half the mortality rate SARS did and they're closing down entire towns because of it. I blame the proliferation of social media outlets for the unprecedented level of mass hysteria surrounding the phenomenon. I mean the local Wal-Mart actually ran out of toilet paper, yet the canned goods and dry goods were still well stocked. Who plans for a disaster by stockpiling toilet paper and neglecting the pantry? It makes no sense.
  12. That (macronutrient management) about as realistic as I think I'd be willing to go. There was one game I saw, I forget what it was but it had you managing MICROnutrients. Like..you had to manage your individual vitamin levels. Whoops, your Vitamin K is too low, now you bleed like a stuck pig. Too much vitamin D though, hope ya like kidney stones. I remember my first thought was "What's next, a 'file your taxes' simulator?" lol
  13. Mine would be "Early Release". A prisoner from the Blackrock transport bus. Yeah, you've done some bad...do you continue, or do you make an attempt to atone? Could tell Astrid's story in Milton in a little greater detail. Or perhaps he was towards the front of the bus during the tunnel collapse, and never met Astrid at all.
  14. ajb1978

    Game-mode Idea

    It'd be fun as a Challenge mode. You're tasked with rescuing X many survivors in Y amount of time. Like go to Pleasant Valley, find 3 survivors, bring them to the Community Center. Go to Mystery Lake, find 3 survivors, bring them to the Camp Office. Go to Mountain Town, find 3 survivors, bring them to St. Christopher's Church. Boom, challenge complete.
  15. You'll sprain your everything if you attempt it on a standard experience mode, and will likely suffer falling damage here and there as well. But yes....yes it can be done.