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  1. Radioluminescent minerals. Affliction Risk: Cancer.
  2. Any of the above actually. The Cinder Hills Coal Mine contains the upper portion of the mine leading from PV to CH, the lower mine leading to the elevator, as well as the area between the two that you can get stuck in if the aurora ends after riding the elevator up. If you were able to clip through walls and fly around you could see all three sections of the mine floating in the void. They aren't even directly connected, when you use the elevator controls the game displays a loading screen and teleports you to the other end. That's why items dropped in the elevator don't come with you--the ele
  3. When I go for my "break down everything" personal objective after I've looted the world, I gather up all the coffee, birch bark tea, energy drinks, and stims I've managed to scrape together. If CF kicks in and I can no longer rest to recover condition, once exhaustion knocks my condition down to around 50% I will start using coffee (halt the exhaustion damage) and drink birch tea to recover. Energy drinks if I run out of coffee, then those stims would be my last resort to recover condition. Coming prepared like that, I've never died down there! Oh and if you want to pass time while afflic
  4. Unfortunately wild boars are not indigenous to Canada. There are small populations of wild boar that have been introduced, but not statistically significant enough for it to make a sensible addition.
  5. Hate to disappoint you but check out the ingredients on a can of pork & beans sometime.
  6. I'd bet dollars to donuts the new item is gonna be the long-awaited bear spear.
  7. Global time acceleration would probably be the best way to implement fast travel while preserving game balance. Hold down a key and the entire game speeds up by 3x or whatever. If you're not paying attention and blunder into a wolf while in accelerated time, that's on you. But it would turn that endless slog across the muskeg from an exercise in holding W for 5 minutes, into something less tedious.
  8. I just carried them all the way to the power plant end of the steam tunnels and dumped them in a heap on the ground. In retrospect I probably could've just used the lockers but meh.
  9. Gunpowder is also EXTREMELY common in episode 4. One can of gunpowder = 50 bullets, but only 5 noisemakers. With the amount of gunpowder you'd find on Interloper, you wouldn't exactly be able to spam these things out willy nilly. Maybe craft up 5 to use in case of emergency, then that's all you have until you find or craft more gunpowder, assuming you're even willing to risk Bleak Inlet in order to do so. I think it would be good to include on Interloper, because it provides an actual use for gunpowder besides just accelerant, and you certainly don't HAVE to craft noisemakers.
  10. I'm invoking a loophole here by listing two wishes, each of which I would be happy to see included, at the exclusion of the other. 1: Decouple materials from garment type. Select the hide you wish to use, select the clothing item you wish to create. Each material used contributes its own drawbacks and benefits. Rabbitskin clothing would be the warmest and lightest, but it also wouldn't be terribly durable. A coat stitched together from 20 rabbits is going to have a lot of seams...that's translates to a lot of points of failure. But it would be light and fluffy, and make for a nice underco
  11. A few years ago I was crossing the log bridge in the Raven Falls Ravine. My cat jumped up into my lap and jostled my hand. I looked down briefly, then looked back up and was a bit confused by what I was seeing. By the time I realized what I was seeing was me falling to my death, I didn't have the reaction time left to quickly hit Esc and quit the game.
  12. I've worked tech support--NEVER hesitate to submit a bug report. If one person reports a problem, one person has a problem. Low priority. If a hundred people report the same problem, it needs to be escalated.
  13. In technical terms though it's not the trees that produce the limbs, it's a defined area on the ground. They've simply placed trees in these regions--if you deleted the tree objects from the map the fuel would still spawn in those regions. So it would be necessary to further define a mechanic that tunes the respawn rate for that region based on how many trees remain, and that can get dicey. Plus seeing as how most of the trees aren't dead standing, they're alive and dormant so they wouldn't produce very good firewood anyway. Live dormant trees still have a lot of moisture in them.
  14. I've requested this exact same thing in the past myself, and also suggested 5 inventory slots apart from your backpack. These items are part of your inventory in terms of weight, scent, and accessing them via the radial. However they are stored on your person instead of in your pack. (In a pocket, tucked into a waistband, slung over a shoulder, etc.) Your Drop Pack hotkey would create a backpack object on the ground where you're standing. It would contain your entire inventory plus moosehide satchel if you have one. Any other worn clothing or accessory, anything currently equipped, or items in
  15. Actually that'd just short the battery and ruin the taser. Fish wouldn't even notice.