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  1. The coal mine is considered part of Coastal Highyway, and uses its weather table. This isn't obvious or easy to discern, but in the Darkwalker challenge every region's has its own clock that every interior location that's part of that region shares. The Cinder Hills Coal Mine shares its clock with Coastal Highway.
  2. An aurora in PV. Sunny days happen on average about once a week for me, compared to an aurora maybe once or twice a month. For someone who actively collects all the buffer memories...PV is a slog. I can only speculate but I think that whatever table RNG checks the weather on, several of the "Aurora" slots have been replaced with "Blizzard", because if I add up the number of blizzards and aurorae, it's roughly equal to the aurora chances elsewhere. Good chance to level up Mending while I wait though.
  3. Not quite, if the wind blows just right you can be subject to the full force of the blizzard even with the door open. The fire may keep you warm and dry, but your clothes still take a pounding.
  4. I don't have a problem with a shortage of symbols, but I personally would LOVE the ability to spray paint words. I think that would be a ton of fun, beyond just the utility. Can you imagine the screenshots?
  5. I usually say something snarky to the computer like "Gee I dunno, can't possibly have anything to do with the fact that you've just walked 20km with a 40kg pack."
  6. You're only going a couple paces, it's not enough time for the animation to catch up so your character's arms are still moving from when you were going forward. Take it outside where you can run for like 10 seconds in a straight line, you'll see what I mean.
  7. No you don't. Test it again outside somewhere when you can get up to full speed, you will see that you can run forwards, but your speed backwards is the same whether you're holding sprint or not.
  8. Me either. I'm just saying, if you're gonna add a debuff for exploiting hydration, you should add a buff for honoring it. Or just do nothing and leave the whole thing alone.
  9. Personally not a fan of adding afflictions for the sake of adding afflictions. If you ask me, the condition loss from dehydration represents the situation sufficiently. The fact that you can get by on 0.66L of water per day is fairly unrealistic yes, but the general system of "lose condition if your needs aren't met, regain condition if they are" is good enough. If you're going to add an affliction for abusing thirst, then you should add a reward for keeping well hydrated to balance it out. Otherwise you're just stomping on people's toes for no good reason. I seem to recall a survey somew
  10. To clarify the previous answer you must load Astrid's backpack and hardcase, into the storage compartment of the plane. You can choose to bring one item of your own--either a case of food, some medical supplies, or a distress pistol. Once you've loaded your item into the storage compartment, click on your parka to exit the hangar. (The coat with the Jackrabbit Transport logo on the table.)
  11. In the past I had my own system of marking paths and buildings with sticks and stones, so for me spray paint is just a convenience. That said, it IS superior to marking with sticks and stones since the markings are bright orange and can be placed at eye level. Not to mention faster. Plus the fact that they show up on the map means I don't have to backtrack and re-check everything looking for markings. I mark paths in caves, even if I know the way, just because sometimes I space out and end up taking a wrong turn. Buildings and cars I will mark as "Materials" when searched, and if I break down
  12. It's based on number of fish caught, not weight. Catching 10 lake whitefish at Mystery Lake will get you from Level 1 to 2 the same as catching 10 Coho Salmon at Coastal Highway.
  13. A rifle in that poor of shape, I'd probably leave behind to be honest. I'd move on and keep looking. If you're in Mystery Lake, I'd suggest Pleasant Valley as your next target. Between the farmhouse and outbuildings, not to mention the two hunters blinds, you've got a really good shot of finding a better rifle as a wholesale replacement for the one you currently have, in addition to cleaning kits and more ammo.
  14. Definitely Mending. The number of successful repairs to reach level 5 is just absurd. Even on a Pilgrim game actively repairing every article of clothing you find in the game up to 100%, you will literally run out of cloth and leather before you reach level 5. (Edit: Unless you're actively ripping up every curtain and towel in the universe.) It's absolutely ridiculous. The only way to reach Level 5 is to deliberately rip up perfectly good clothing in order to repair other stuff from 99% to 100%. Specifically the jump from Level 4 to 5. Getting from Level 1 to 2 requires 25 successful rep
  15. IMO killwalls should only exist in Story Mode. In Survival, just let us go wherever we want. If we get stuck well we had it coming.