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  1. ajb1978

    Passive fishing.

    Absolutely. I think this would work quite well, provided it doesn't actually make fishing easier. It just serves as another passive method to catch food. Once you get established, sure you could set up like 20 of these things and just get free fish like a friggen maniac. That would make it no better or worse than conventional ice fishing, which is already pretty much free food after that initial investment period of leveling up your skill.
  2. ajb1978

    Passive fishing.

    While I generally would be opposed to anything that makes fishing even easier than it already is (especially at level 5 when it becomes free food) if this were implemented as a way to ice fish in places that don't have fishing huts, that would be pretty good. Milton for instance. The nearest fishing hole is over in Mystery Lake, so if you've set Milton as your primary home you've got quite a trek if you want to fish for food or lamp oil. But if you could set up a little rig like this on the ice down in Milton Basin, I could get behind that. The pros: you can fish anywhere there is ice. The cons: Only one fish can be caught per trap. What I'd really like to see is something that engages the player more when fishing, other than watching the spinning donut and clicking a button occasionally. Something that allows a player to use actual skill when fishing, to increase their chances. Like how your character may do more damage with a rifle at level 5 than level 1, but you can still reliably hunt at level 1. With fishing it's nothing more than a roll of the dice.
  3. Jeremiah gives you his rifle if you advance the main questline. There is also a flare pistol in Carter Dam, and while certainly not ideal, you can kill a deer with a flare shell.
  4. Or even those SMPTE color bars stations broadcast when the station goes off the air. Most TV stations are on 24/7 nowadays but Great Bear is consistently described as being way behind the times, run-down, and falling apart. Actually showing something (anything really) on the TV's would liven up the interiors quite a bit. And it'd be fun if radios periodically play ads for Summit soda, or Stacy's Grape Soda, stuff like that. Little polish items that aren't important, don't really change the game in any meaningful way, but add charm.
  5. I'm thinking hygiene could work if it's handled similarly to how Hinterland addressed the starvation exploit. Rather than punish the player, they reward them for playing the way they intended the game to be played by introducing the Well Fed buff. So hygiene, rather than penalize you for not washing regularly, could instead confer a buff. Reduced risk of infection from animal bites and/or reduced detection radius or something. So say you're going hunting, you can take a bath ahead of time to reduce your scent, allowing you to more easily sneak up on your prey. And you're totally free to just ignore the hygiene entirely and play as you've always played, but now you have that optional extra step you can take if you choose to help with the hunt. Or if you're going on a sapling hunt through wolf territory, that reduced scent might just save your bacon. Additional options are always welcome.
  6. Coffee and tea initially spawn in bundles of 5. They can stack after you discover them, and those 20-stacks can then be dropped as a unit, and retrieved as a unit. But when you initially find them, they are always in bundles of 5. I've been playing this game going on 6 years now, and at no point have I ever seen anything other than a 5-pack when you first find them.
  7. This is something of a technicality. If you have 20 servings of coffee, what happened is you have 4 tins of coffee, all at the same condition level. So they form a single stack of 20. This happens frequently on Timberwolf Mountain when all the items in a container share the same condition % when you first loot it. It's the same phenomenon as how you sometimes have a stack of 40 cardboard matches. At some point you had two 20-pack cardboard matches in your inventory, with the same condition rating, and they merged.
  8. Background radiation capable of inducing enough current to inflict burns, and penetrative enough to power elevators even through dozens of meters of rock...there's more than enough power for a simple microwave. Frankly that's enough power to disrupt biochemistry at the molecular level, so life in general should be impossible during such a phenomenon. But that's part of the whole "suspension of disbelief".
  9. I still refer to my survivor as Captain Sandbox, in honor of the old Sandbox mode of the pre-release version.
  10. That probably wouldn't be enough for a full-body wash. Even in the Navy, where you take two-minute showers (get wet, turn shower off, lather up, turn shower on and rinse off) you use about 11L on average.
  11. Compulsive carcass harvesting. Every wolf I kill, I harvest (save for a scrap of something to prevent the carcass from despawning), even if I am well beyond the need for the meat, gut, or hides.
  12. I don't think this will be an issue this time around, since the Timberwolves only appear in the new region. It stands to reason Marine Flares will only appear in this region as well. Once Timberwolves start to appear elsewhere...then yes this will be a problem. In these cases it would be kind of nice if existing flares had like a 25% chance of magically converting into Marine Flares, just for the benefit of people on long run.
  13. Wasn't by myself. I poured half into an enamel mug, left the other half in the can, and heated both up at the same time. Heated up faster, and we each had our own thing to eat out of!
  14. That's actually a good point, enamelware is great for camping. They're lightweight, and you can set them next to the fire or even directly onto coals to heat up a beverage, cook a can of beans, etc. Just watch out for that handle when you pick it up!