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  1. I'm about 80% sure it does, just at a very, very slow rate. I've found a single lump of coal along the railroad tracks in the Ravine between the ML transition and the first short bridge that I'm almost positive I've picked up at least once in the past, on my way to and from BI. And another one along the rock wall at the southern end of Mystery Lake, between the FM transition and Trappers. And yet another on the Frozen Creek, also in ML. Although I haven't actually noted down specifically "I took the coal from X location on Y day" to compare it to later, so it is possible I'm mashing together multiple playthroughs in my head.
  2. Just thinking "out loud" here but I know at points in the past the devs mentioned possibly including some sort of mental wellness system. Like having Will carry around a photo that can bolster his resolve or something like that. If some sort of mental wellness system came into play, Cabin Fever would make a lot of sense. Instead of having it render you unable to sleep or pass time indoors, it would instead contribute to your psychological deterioration. By itself it shouldn't be too big of a concern, you'd just be a bit stir crazy. You can either spend time outdoors to get rid of it, or just accept that you're going a bit nuts and carry on. But if it were combined with other stressors, like repeated failures at repairs, eating nothing but venison for a week, starving too many times in a short time span, you'd at the very least be extremely ornery and short-tempered. I'm picturing a scene where you're attempting to repair a lantern, fail, and that is the final straw that causes your mental health to reach zero. Your character just snaps, and you're treated to an animation where your character angrily smashes that lantern on the ground repeatedly while cussing and screaming. Then you catch your breath, your mental health is partially restored due to the cathartic nature of the violent outburst, but you now have a ruined lantern.
  3. That + is the Multiquote option. Useful if you want to quote multiple people's posts in your replies, such as when responding to multiple people at once without spamming the thread.
  4. It took me an embarrassingly long time to think of building an actual campfire next to the forge, instead of using the forge for heat. Why settle for one cook surface when you can have two?
  5. Go on a mission to break down everything you possibly can in the cannery. You'll get real comfortable with that parkour sequence, having to do it over and over and over...
  6. I still prefer the Paradise Meadows farmhouse for a long-term place to live. Mainly because I just like it. Assuming it weren't falling apart and half boarded up, it's the kind of place I could see myself living. The layout is simple, and it's easy to find your way even in the dark by using the windows as reference points. Six burner stove, two more on the fireplace, two more in the fire barrel outside. Outdoor workbench so crafting won't count towards cabin fever. It can get a bit wolfy, but that's just what we call "target practice". Hang onto those casings, and maybe once every other month make a trip to my vacation home in Bleak Inlet. Clear out the cannery, reload those casings, pull up a few fish and leave them behind as provisions for next time.
  7. Any form of tinder has the same effect--it simply allows you to start a fire at level 1 or 2. You don't have to harvest paper for tinder plugs, it's just that the idea is if you do, you're taking the time to prepare the paper in a way that makes it more combustible. Increasing the surface area, that sort of thing. Which is kinda like real life, I mean if you took a cotton ball and tried to light it on fire, yeah it'd burn. But if you took the time to tease it out a bit and increase the surface area, it'd burn faster and hotter.
  8. Nope. Without an aurora the keypad to open the door will never receive power, so you will not be able to use the milling machine or ammunition crafting bench with that game.
  9. For all the reasons that have already been mentioned, we really don't need this to turn into yet another first person shooter. That said I wouldn't mind some sort of monocular mini-scope, like those used for birdwatching. That would be used to zoom in and extend the rendering distance for whatever details are in frame. For example, you're trying to find the High Blind in Forlorn Muskeg, you know it's somewhere to the south of you, but you're too far away for the game to render the model. Pop out the monocular, scope out the horizon, and you can see it.
  10. This happened to me once when I was trying to pull the arrow out of a limping wolf. Got close enough to grab the arrow and oops, guess he's got some fight in him yet!
  11. Improvised tools actually do perform worse than "old world" counterparts. They take slightly longer to accomplish the same tasks, and wear out faster.
  12. Well since the introduction of Bleak Inlet, I've become a lot more liberal in my use of tools. I will actually chop firewood now, and use my knife to harvest carcasses. Swap out tools as they get down to 20%, then make one big trip to Bleak Inlet to mill them all back up to 100%. Given the overwhelming amount of scrap metal available in the game, plus what washes up via beachcombing, I won't ever realistically run out. Odds are I'll either make some critical mistake that gets me killed, get bored and start over, or some new big update comes out where you just have to start over to take full advantage. (Like after Steadfast Ranger, if you already searched every container in the world, you're only going to find ammo and revolvers out in the open...so you gotta start over to get the full benefit.)
  13. I don't think it's new, because I have distinct memories of seeing them show up before. But the majority of the time since Faithful Cartographer released, the caches did not show up on the map. So either it was a thing that bugged out and was recently fixed, or I'm losing my mind.
  14. Two real quick wish list items related to paint cans. #1, it would be great if 0% paint cans would disappear when placed into a container, same as say a burnt out flare. #2, if we don't have a paint can in our inventory, can the option NOT appear in the radial? This is true of most everything else, and has led to me having a few false starts. Thinking oh great, I have paint, I can paint an arrow to remi....crap. I don't have paint.
  15. Every one of those stick piles you see is 24 hours worth of fuel! I have an almost pathological aversion to using matches or tools to extend their life as much as possible. This means gathering sticks for fuel, and using the mag lens for fire. If I stay ahead of the curve by having a few week's worth of meat and fuel ready to go at all times, I can afford to wait for sunny days to do my cooking.