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  1. Haaah talking of losing immersion, wearing wool ear wraps protects a moosehide satchel from becoming wet. Because SCIENCE!!! Edit: But more on point with the actual thread here, the revolver already draws pretty quickly. The only way it could be improved is if you could fire at any point in the draw animation. Presently, the character draws the weapon, but you can't actually fire it until the "reload" and "put away" text appears on screen. This is only about 1 second, far faster than any other weapon, but still not instant enough to react to a wolf that pops around a tree a meter away. If a craftable, wearable holster would allow you to fire the weapon basically instantly, this is where it would shine. Beyond that...kind of not useful, sorry.
  2. Picnic, anyone? Just my field rations while I tear down the junk at the rural crossroads...but I mean talk about a nice picnic spot. I'd eat there IRL. Watching traffic go by, listen to the birds.
  3. Definitely the Weeping Angel wolf I recently discovered. When you don't watch it, it goes faster.... Teleporting Wolf.mp4
  4. For the good stuff, you may end up just having to plan on taking a dunk. If you prepare ahead of time, it's not so bad. Get a nice fire going in a fishing hut or something, drop your clothes before making a sprint, and if you see multiple items clustered together, just accept the dunking in order to grab them all at once. Most of the time that 5 seconds is enough grab most items and get back safely. I drop my clothes in a pile right before sprinting, so I have a very large, clear marker of where exactly I need to be headed to do a perfect 180. I've noticed the high value items, like saplings, do tend to be out past the point of no return. But a dunk or two ain't gonna kill ya. I think console players or gamepad users in general are at a disadvantage here, since they can't whip a 180 anywhere near as fast as a mouse user. So it takes them extra time to get headed back to thick ice.
  5. Agreed--it's a double-action revolver when loaded, but behaves like single-action when empty. But considering the amount of times I fire it when empty (which is precisely one time, about 30 seconds ago, testing this), I can overlook it lol
  6. I use it almost exclusively, after I get settled in every region. I use matches or firestrikers while I'm looting and getting all my ducks in a row, but once I have a solid grasp on the world, I will sit on stockpiles of raw meat or fish until a clear day allows me to use the maglens to start a fire. I typically have hundreds or thousands of matches in reserve, depending on experience mode.
  7. The yellow sprain warning, I'm assuming you mean the "Sprain Risk" affliction? If so, that is normal. It appears when you are Exhausted, or when you are carrying more than your weight limit. If your Fatigue is less than 50%, your weight limit begins to decrease, so it is possible to acquire a Sprain Risk by having your weigh limit decrease below what you are carrying, due to a low Fatigue sub-condition. The ruined clothing items sounds like it was a coincidence. Clothing naturally decays slowly over time, and if something is already hovering near 0%, it can spontaneously become Ruined.
  8. ajb1978

    4-slot cooking

    Fair enough. I include them personally, because outdoor fires burn longer, so they're great for boiling water. Use the interior fires for meat, outdoor fires for water. Saves fuel.
  9. ajb1978

    4-slot cooking

    Yeah I don't think we need 4-slot cook surfaces either. The hunting lodge actually has 8 cook surfaces btw--6 on the stove, 2 on the fireplace. Both Farms (Pleasant Valley and Paradise Meadows) have a whopping 10 cook surfaces to use. 6 on the stove, 2 on the indoor fireplace, and 2 on the outdoor fire pit. Although you can turn any cave into a pretty effective kitchen as well by starting up a ton of fires. Even the little outdoor office in the Maintenance Yard, you can cram a bunch of campfires in there on the floor. One thing I would like to see is the ability to melt snow simply by placing a pot of snow near the fire, not on a cook surface. Similar to how you can reheat a beverage by placing it near a fire. It just takes longer than doing it on a proper cook surface. In this way, you could melt your snow while you cook, instead of having to prioritize one over the other. Boiling should still require a cook surface. But this strikes me as a complicated thing to properly code, that would have pretty minimal gameplay returns.
  10. Based on the timestamp of my screenshot, I earned mine October 3, 2016, at exactly 2:40pm. I basically started grinding campfires out on the ice in CH, over and over, until it was done. This was back before you could re-light campfires, so people interested in grinding campfires now can make this work by finding some nice cave somewhere, starting 3 or 4 campfires, and just cycle through relighting them. If you prepare with an extreme abundance of sticks ahead of time, once you start that first fire, you can just start grabbing a torch every now and then and use that to light every subsequent fire. Just toss it in when it gets to 20% or lower, and harvest a fresh one. This is the method I use to level my firestarting skill to 5 without wasting matches.
  11. On the occasions that I shoot a moose right by the Dam, I use the nearest cave in the Raven Falls Ravine transition zone as a kitchen. Just make a ring of campfires around the perimeter of the cave, you can cook the whole moose in a couple hours. For serious long-term sustainability, Coastal Highway is second to none. Plenty of hunting and fishing, beachcombing to restock your supplies of finite items. The one negative is there really is no place to set up a proper kitchen. No structure has more than 2 cook surfaces, and there are no windproof caves to set up a ring of fire. You just have to painstakingly cook 2 piece at a time until it is done, or take your chances with the wind.
  12. Throw rocks at them. The bear is guaranteed to be very critical of your decision, and come over to politely explain his displeasure. Just kidding, he'll rip you a new one and wear you like a sock puppet.
  13. My game crashed when capturing a screenshot so I have nothing to share...but the image was kind of sad. A blood trail and bear footprints, leading to a dead bear, just outside the mouth of his cave. All he wanted to do was get home, but even his last wish was denied. Edit: Happy ending though. When I loaded back up and went to re-hunt that bear, he dropped in one shot. Merciful.
  14. Yeah I get it. The Archivist challenge only tasks you with obtaining one buffer memory from each of the listed locations. Originally I was thinking of what I do when I collect ALL of the buffer memories--that involves a lengthy month-long camp out, frequent clearing of the area, etc. For the Archivist challenge I just camped out in the cave for a week, got a memory, and moved on. That's what I was trying to clear up--I originally stated it would take a month, but it won't in this case.
  15. The revolver does aim directly at the center of the screen, even when you fire from the hip. The issue is that your view does not stay steady. It wobbles around ever so slightly, less when you're rested, more when you're tired or exhausted. The same way your aim kind of wavers a bit when you zoom in, your aim also wavers when you fire from the hip. It's just not as obvious unless you're looking down the iron sights. But if you put a piece of tape on your screen to have something to measure by, you can see that even standing perfectly still, your point of view moves around slightly. At point blank range, it's negligible. At distances of greater than about 5 meters, it can cause you to miss even if you're aiming at the wolf dead-on.