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  1. Or perhaps they should celebrate their own accomplishments as they see fit. There's no goals but those we set for ourselves.
  2. They should definitely be colder than they are, but there are some natural phenomena at play that would prevent them from ever being as cold as the outside. Primarily, the existence of basements, and the fact that a pocket of air is a form of insulation in and of itself. A basement dug out well below the frost line exists primarily to protect the house from the seasonal freeze/thaw cycle, but it has a secondary benefit of geothermal temperature regulation. The basement will always be slightly cooler in the summer, slightly warmer in the winter. If you consider that the air temperature outside
  3. Actually this would be a good addition to the Custom mode options, I think. A slider to adjust how cold interiors are, with one end being the current state of just slightly below freezing, and the other requiring a fire unless you're well bundled up. It should never be exactly as cold as it is outside, but if it's -30 out I agree that it makes no sense for it to only be -3 indoors. For that matter, sunny days should have an effect on indoor temps too, and cars in particular would benefit from the greenhouse effect. Deep caves however should remain above freezing, because that's just how it is.
  4. I always say 200 because it's a nice even number, although really anything 150 or over would probably work if you're willing to wait. That's hot enough to trigger the Maillard reaction that causes the cheese to turn golden brown.
  5. When viewed in your inventory, food and medical items have a "Show in Radial" checkbox. Items selected will override the game's default decisions. So in this way you can prep your own food and first aid menu as you see fit.
  6. Uhh just be advised that bears are entirely unamused by it, even though their detection and aggression are amped up same as wolves.
  7. Old post! Aurora wolves now do run off if you keep the flashlight bright setting trained on them for about 5 seconds.
  8. Kind of tagging off what's been said, Survival mode has no set objectives other than to survive as long as you can. It's like those 80's arcade games where the only objective was to beat your high score. Substitute high score with days survived, and that's what you have here too. The challenge modes do provide a clear objective to achieve, with some being easier than others. Nomad for instance, I think even a novice player could figure that one out, because there's no time limit. In fact you can literally use it as a substitute for Voyageur since all the variables are tuned the same. You
  9. Trunk first, grab the battery if one exists. Close the trunk, paint an X on the hood. Enter the driver's side door, harvest lead if I have a battery. Check the front of the car and glove compartment. Sometimes click the radio just for kicks. Exit the passenger side, enter rear and check for stuff on the back seat, exit the opposite side. Pop the trunk, move on.
  10. Imagine the tip of the arrow is your crosshair. At point-blank range (about 15 meters or closer), that's where the arrow will strike. (As an aside, contrary to what many believe point-blank doesn't mean "at close range". It means "a range at which you don't need to compensate for projectile drop". So while in this case point-blank IS short range, for a rifle it could be hundreds of meters.)
  11. It's worth noting that while sensitive electronics can be disabled by an EMP fairly easily, analog is typically pretty resistant. And to an extent the game agrees with this, since the party line phone still works. But to an extent it doesn't, because the flashlight does not, unless an aurora is active in the sky. Now electric current through induction is a thing--it's how wireless charging pads work. But that's extremely low amounts of energy. Providing the amount of power necessary to power an ELEVATOR through induction alone, when that elevator is inside a mine beyond dozens of meters o
  12. The fact that it requires a rope climb to get back disqualifies it as a base IMO. If you have a sprain, broken ribs, or are simply too tired to make the climb up you're screwed. That plus the lack of a work bench? Hard pass.
  13. I would advocate just adding a manual save feature. Similar to story mode except you don't get multiple slots, it just overwrites the one you're playing. Say you're on Interloper and are in the middle of Pleasant Valley. Life happens and you have to stop playing the game. You might not have the luxury of walking all the way to the nearest building to force a save, and on Interloper you can't just plop down in the middle of nowhere and take a 1-hour nap to force a save either. You either need to do something drastic like throw yourself off a short cliff to force a sprain, or leave your co
  14. Actually the only contributing factor is whether it's indoors or outdoors. It spoils at the same rate whether it's in a container or out in the open.
  15. Oh yes, now that I hear it, it totally sounds familiar. It's not part of the soundtrack you can buy/download though, which is why I couldn't find it on the actual album when I was clicking through the tracks. Hmm that makes me wonder how many other unlisted tracks there are...