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Found 890 results

  1. since last played story mode so far, long time past .game had a lots of update I made fresh start to wintermute. just finished first I'm in the mystery lake, should I search for ammunition of rifle or craft them? as I remember there are no any vehichle available in this territory. in the last episode, due to weight problems left all car batteries in Milton that I found.some batteries so useful turn them to scrap lead to make ammo, if ammo work bench available in the mystery lake of corse. I almost forgot all story location content since I've last played.
  2. just found but too heavy 5kg.don't wanna carry it useful for the future?
  3. After a run ends, I apparently no longer have enough space to save the stats from all the games I've played, so I have to overwrite an old slot. Is there some sort of setting that I can change to keep a longer record of my games? It can't take up that much memory. Many thanks for any ideas, Tom
  4. I haven't found a thread on this topic since recent updates, so I'm starting a new one. Here's the scenario: Prior to the HRV update (Vigilant Flame?), my 'World Explored' stat was 97%. Also at this time, I had not achieved Faithful Cartographer. Following the BI update (Errant Pilgram?), this stat was obviously lower. I was now interested in achieving Faithful Cartographer. I had managed to miss mapping large chunks of MT, and a couple of transition icons. Faithful Cartographer achieved. My 'World Explored' stat was still around 94% Since the Fearless Navigator update, I've retraced pretty much the entire world searching for Polaroids, I've triggered a couple of other locations, and I'm now at 96% Due to an ongoing pandemic and being sequestered, I have been determined to get this to 100%, but now I'm not sure if it's possible. My log shows I've explored 289 locations, or 96% of the world explored. That would mean that there are ~300 total locations to get to 100%. I can imagine having missed maybe 1 or 2, but not 11. Has anyone, since the last few updates, been able to get to 100% World Explored? Is anyone else kind of stuck around 96%?
  5. As the title said: "Is Fluffy back in the Dam ?".
  6. This is the current iron sight (first picture that is a video miniature) And this is the old iron sight (second picture. the rifle aims at a wolf) I think the old one was better. The one that we have right niw does not let us shoot at more than 25 meters without missing. I dont have anything to add the title says everything
  7. Is there any particular reason to use snares rather than just hunt for rabbits yourself? Does it catch rabbits regardless of how depleted the rabbit population is? Or do people just use it to make their rabbit catching faster? On a similar note, what are the respawn times for rabbits on Pilgrim and Voyaguer?
  8. is this normal? seeing this in weapon workshop room
  9. How to get a 2018 Twilight Badge ve Midnight Badge? Is it possible with a time capsule? Or will I never have one?
  10. Will meat disappear after long time?
  11. I have been playing The Long Dark for exactly a month now, and one of the things I love about is the memories I've gotten from it. So I'm curious, what is your favorite memory (or memories) from The Long Dark? I have quite a few, but one of the top ones has to be seeing the Aurora for the first time.
  12. I'm new to the forum and been playing for 1 year. Can I submit suggestions for future updates?
  13. When episode 4 will released ı now its be released in late of 2020 but ı wonder
  14. Something happened 2.5 hours earlier. Since then the game shows the wolf animation when transitioning, but no longer the "Saving..." text, and the timestamp on the save file is not updated. I've tried everything in-game and I can't save my game. Also, the Quit button is grayed out. I can't quit my game. So the game seems to be 'stuck in something'. Anyone have ideas how to snap it out of it and let me save my progress? I've tried going into buildings, other regions, and getting a sprain. This is on Windows.
  15. Will there be a episode 4 I just finished episode 3 and was wondering because of how it ended
  16. Hi I am new and I was wondering if there’s any tips and tricks they should know before starting a play through
  17. Hello everyone, simple question here. To the best of your knowledge, does the improvised hatchet spawn in the Hushed River Valley in Interloper? I have found it next to corpses there in lower difficulties.
  18. So, it seems in my long run where I have explored 100% - I'm 1 note (15/16) short of the 16 notes to be found. Anyone know where the hardest note is to be found or if there is a list of all locations?
  19. This is the second time I play episode 3 (the first time was when it launched, both runs on Hardened Survivor, the greatest story difficulty). Back then, the timberwolf pack size and morale meter would pop with a string music cue when detected. Now that's not the case, no music or UI elements. My question is, was this changed for hardened survivor to be tougher or is it a potential bug?
  20. As the tittle says. In Mystery Lake cairn #160 should be pretty close to #156 and a preppers cache, but I can not find it. I crawled all over the rocks above and still nothing. Did it move to another place? I'm using Travel Guide? EDIT: Found it quite a way from where it is on the Travel Guide Map - also it entails quite some creative climbing!
  21. How do you play time capsule is it only pc or is it on console too?
  22. The title says it all. I would like to know what update removed the ability to gain feats/badges if running in Custom mode.
  23. I am absolutely dyeing to see this feature added, it would just be a dream, in a winter apocalypse though. I’m really hoping this will be added maybe in the future!
  24. Bunny

    The long dark

    Will there be a episode 4 I just finished episode 3 and was wondering because of how it ended
  25. Is it my bad luck or all spraycans are and intended to be orange? My first found spraycan was orange with blue cap, but cap has turned orange after the hotfix 1.77 was released.