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About Me

  1. Hello! A lot of time has passed since the crafting menu was changed. And I still cannot get used to it. It's very inconvenient. Text and menu icons are small, and all the lines merge together. Old menu was more comprehensible. So I decided to do a poll and find out if you would like to return the old crafting menu.
  2. Greetings! I'm attempting to acquire the feat for Snaring 100 Rabbits. I have a question about snares if someone would give me a idea answer. How do Snares actually work? Do they actually require a rabbit to walk through them, or do they have a chance to snatch a rabbit after a set time frame in a rabbit grove? This may be something I'll find out soon, but I'm hoping someone would give me some idea. Thank you have a wonderful day!
  3. Ingame when you pick up a round of .303 it seems to be a fmj type well my question is the .303 ingame shooting 150 grain 174 grain 180 grain or 215 hand loads the reason I ask is cause ingame the rifle feels underpowered to a extent but maybe its cause a portion of the barrel been sawed off by bubba anyway discuss away
  4. Title basically says it all. Started streaming recently, for now focusing on variety of games. You can expect me to make dumb jokes and troll in games. But I love this game a lot, and I havent given it the time it deserves in past two years. I do wanna play this game pretty seriously, with my personal spin on it, of course. So, Im thinking about killing two birds with one stone - but having the community feedback means a lot to me! I am going to start streaming in about 50 minutes from now, and Im thinking The Long dark might be a good idea for a game. Im also thinking about str
  5. Knowing generally when the bear arrives would be really useful so I don't get killed when crafting
  6. I wanted to run a "survey" in a sense, to see how much people got out of The Long Dark. For me, I bought the game for $14.86 in 2017 and I currently have 447 hours in the game. Doing the math, that makes me pay ~$0.033 for every hour I played. I'd say that's a steal for sure. For anyone that needs the "formula:" Amount Paid (In USD)/Amount Played (In Hours)
  7. So, I recently got my girlfriend into the long dark (which is the start to any great story). She bought the switch version and has been loving it - genuinely. She constantly goes on about she's really enjoying playing it and that she's especially enjoying working her way through the story mode. The first two episodes were thoroughly enjoyable for her and she moved onto the third episode a couple days ago. We're on a phone call and she, metaphorically speaking, turns to me and asks: "Why is the Pastor asking for all this wood, can't he just use his infinite fire? Is he that lazy?" Hi
  8. I need help guys, I have all required and cured skins and guts for deer pants and boots and the mits and hat for the rabbits. I am using a work bench and have selected the work bench to craft and it is not too dark I am not too hungry or thirst or sleepy or anything in full health with enough light and all and it will not let me craft, I have a sewing kit I have everything required yet I can’t what’s going on? Please help
  9. Could we get at some point cookable soup(s) in the long dark? Diffrent Ingredients and meats used could have their own special effects.
  10. Hey, anyone know if it's possible to add spoiler tags when posting on this forum? Some websites allow you to specify text that isn't visually revealed until you mouse over it. I've looked around for the option and suspect I'm missing it. EDIT
  11. I’m not sure if this was some kind of glitch or if it’s a very rare occurrence. I don’t generally spend much time in TWM but on my current stalker run I’ve been really getting to know the entire region and thus been there for a significant amount of time. I set up camp in the mountaineers cabin on the lake and was killing wolves from the dock (starting to stock pile food, skins, and intestines). After I killed a deer and 2 wolves a third came along while I was heading in the cabin and figured it would run off as soon as I got inside (which has always happened). Just before I m
  12. Avladığımız hayvanların derisini nasıl kurutuyoruz? Çantada belirtilen günde kuruyor mu yoksa yapmamız gereken başka bir şey mi var? Yardımcı olur musunuz?
  13. Kasvetli körfez haritasında mahsur kaldım. Sürekli aynı yerlerde dolaşıyorum fakat diğer haritalara herhangi bir geçiş yolu bulamadım. Her yeri gezdim detaylı haritada baktım fakat yukardaki kulelerin bulunduğu kısıma veya herhangi başka bir haritya geçiş noktası bulamadım. Bu konuda lütfen bana yardımcı olun harita üzerinde bir işaretleme veya bir tarif verebilirseniz çok memnun kalırım LÜTFEN...
  14. This has probably been done before, but I want to hear what your least favorite region is and why. No judgements here, any reason goes, even if its stupid like you hate Milton because the kid that gave you a swirly in the 5th grade had the same name. for me, its Forlorn Muskeg. i’m not experienced in survival in any way, but I died so many times trying to start the game off that I began to name my save files after the profanity that I spouted after I died because of this region. i suppose what makes it so bad is that theres a lot of good loot in it, but
  15. Well, I got stuck while trying to shimmy down Timberwolf Mountain and of course the game auto saved since I sprained a limb while trying to free myself. Not a very interesting way to go out if you ask me. What is the benefit from auto saving on sprains? If we remove auto saving on sprains then at least we can quit and revert to our last save instead of being stuck forever. I wish auto saving on sprains would go away. Thank you
  16. I've read several posts providing information on the mechanics of wolf struggles. From them I've seen that the heavy hammer will usually get the wolf off you the quickest, but it only scares the wolf who may come back to attack you again. Also, that the hatched is usually a bit better than the knife as a bleed out weapon. Relative to injury to the player, all the posts state that the player's condition is the most important factor. However, none of the posts I've seen address the effect of protection on the amount of player damage. With the Moose-Hide Cloak and the Gauntlets, it's possibl
  17. It just happened to me, i got food poisoning despite the Cooking 5 advantage. I grabbed 2 fishes, and i was on a hurry, so didn't want to cook the fishes, and eat them raw. Both gave me the food poisoning warning. So, i wonder if it's a problem with my savegame, or it's an intended feature. Anyone else experienced that? (using google translator)
  18. I’m I bit perplexed, are the bunkers random? To clarify, are they not always in the same spots in the same region? I’ve made my fair share of runs on both voyager and stalker but not to every region in every run. I swear I’ve seen bunkers in spots that they are currently not in (Myst Lake & Pleasant Valley). On one of my previous runs I found 3 in PV but they are not all there.
  19. Do animals have a condition (flat HP) pool? If so, does it take direct damage from hits? Or is the only way to kill an animal (especially big game) via crits and/or bleed out? The wiki isn't clear about this, and I'm trying to figure out if multiple hits + bleed out can lower the total time it takes for it to die. I know bleeds don't stack. I've seen people talk about taking multiple shots; and I'm wondering if (mechanically) this is taking damage, or just rolling crits.
  20. As the title states, will the Crampons ever become repairable in a future update? It's weird how every clothing item (Including the moose-hide satchel) can be repaired but the Crampons (currently) can't be repaired.
  21. Guest

    Longest Survival

    What is your longest survival in any difficulty and what was your routine to last as long as you did
  22. I got the impression that my cured wolf/bear hides degrade over time but the cured guts do not? Is this correct? thanks!
  23. Does the animal skin that we hunt can dry in bag? Or do I have to do something specific?