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About Me

  1. There's no guarantee we'll ever get this game, but we can still come up with some ideas. So, what do you think, would be too big of a change to be added in the current game, but would perfectly fit the sequel? Here are some of my wishes for The Long Dark 2 Actual snowdrifts. The ones we have now are way too solid. You just walk on top of them, when realistically, you'd be waist-deep in snow. Introduction of snowdrifts would open a way for the tool that was teased in the earliest versions of the long dark. The shovel. Transport. And I don't mean cars or jetskis. That would be too OP for the "vulnerability fantasy" of the long dark. I'm talking about hand-operated cableways and minecarts. I guess, Hinterland can add something like this already, but only as a quirk of a new region. But I want to be able to drive though the whole trans-great-bear railroad! Realistic animal behaviour. Or at least, more realistic. It's a game, after all. But right now, wolves are just back-and-forth walking security guards, who can and will be distracted by a rabbit running by. I'd like to them to hunt in packs, together being able to defeat a moose (and then any overconfident survivor, who tries to take this moose away). I want deers to notice you from far away, if you are not being as quiet as a mouse. I want bears to hunt other wildlife. Swimming. If you fall under the ice, you have to actually get out of there, none of that "fade to black". If you need to cross a stream, you take your boots and pants and maybe even jacket off to do it. If you see a cool looking box underwater, you take a deep breath and dive. All the while losing your body temperature and risking suffocation. Physics. You know, like gravity and stuff... Do you have any ideas that could only get realised in "The Long Dark part 2: the longer - the darker"? Make sure to share them!
  2. Howdy Y'All, I've been writing notes to Daily Log 2nd pace, like how many wolf skins I have curing in which hut or cave. So I can pick them up later, when they are ready to use. Now, it seems, that my notes disapper now and then. Has happend to me already 3 times. Anyone else having this problem?
  3. Here's what I've been wondering about for a while now... In episode 3 when you enter the Community Hall you see a lot of crash survivors, father Thomas, and... That's it! Where are all the locals? Is Thomas the only one who survived the First flare? The first time you talk to him, he says "We gathered people here when the weather started turning bad three... Or was it four days ago? The houses became too cold and it seemed better to bring everyone under one roof. Then yesterday, the crash survivors started showing up." So... Where is everyone? Did they all die in 2-3 days? That makes NO sence! And I kinda get it. There should be a reason why Astrid is the one who has to go look for survivors. But there could still be a few locals too old/sick/injured to do this job. It would be very interesting to see, for example, an old lady knitting in the kitchen, or two covered in bandages guys playing cards in a corner of the stage, or a mother with a little baby. Something like that.
  4. As you can see I have explored 100% and I have mapped every locations. And I still haven't gott faithfull cartographer trophy. And I also have this surveyed locations bug which shows that I haven't mapped any locations. I asked on twitter "am I still able to get that trophy" And long dark twitter said "yes because It's only visual bug. So now what? Have you guys seen this one before?
  5. Hello everyone, long dark chapter 4, the outer door of the prison does not open, I couldn't find the solution. can you help me? Thanks
  6. I think mine would go in this order from best to worst: 1: Newest theme (Chapter 4) 2: Orignal (Chapter 1-2) 3: Crossroads Elegy (Chapter 3) What are yours?
  7. Do you own TLD Merchandise? What did you get? When? Where from? How? .. Don't be shy! Also .. Do you have any Custom-Made merch? In other words .. merch that you designed and/or made? Please show off your TLD merch or "bling" w/pics and explanations for us.
  8. I want to start a loper run with guns, but I have read that there is no gun cleaning kits. Is there a way to tweak settings so they can spawn? Thanks in advance 😀
  9. Has someone else seen this before?? Uptade 2.00 came up today. But I have seen this before the uptade too.
  10. I've had this fire going for almost 3 weeks, but I've heard others went into the 600+ hour range. I'm angling to keep this burning as long as possible and wanted to know what others had reached. Keeps the game interesting when you have less than 12 hours to accomplish anything...
  11. The Bear in The Long Dark is rather intimidating, an animal that possesses the strength to end a run in a single maul, and is seemingly unstoppable, even after you put 4 well aimed shots into it, as it charges towards you. So, I'm interested in hearing the stories of other survivors, and their recollection of the first bear they ever encountered in The Long Dark, and how they dealt with such a seemingly unstoppable force. I personally encountered my first bear in Costal Highway, the bear that lives in its cave beneath the homestead sitting upon an island. I encountered it on my first attempt to go fishing in the nearby Ice hut, and saw it for my first time, leaving its cave, and beginning to wander off to terrorize the local rabbits. In my shock, and desperate state for food, I immediately equipped a rifle, walked directly up and close enough for the bear to notice me, and fired one, very-inaccurate shot at the bear. As bears normally do in The Long Dark, it charged. Attempting to run away from it was the most terrifying thing I had ever encountered up to that point, the growling and heavy breathing as you hear the bear quickly out-run you, and the terror of not knowing what would happen, whether it would be an instant death. Needless to to say, I very quickly bled out after getting mauled, as this was one of my first survivors, and I hadn't brought any bandages, and as with every death in The Long Dark, this taught me a very valuable lesson. And as a side note, I always name the bear that spawns within that cave Yogi, Yogi the bear. Anyways, sorry for the wall of text, can't wait to hear everyone's stories!
  12. As I play, I've wondered how many minor mechanics have been implemented into the game that you barely notice, but make the game more realistic. I have a few questions on these: Does running increase Hypothermia risk? Does the percentage increase faster when you run while freezing? Where's the best area to shoot when hunting? I've noticed that headshots are usually what immediately kills an animal. But that's not necessarily realistic for some animals with tough skulls. When hunting a bear or moose, is it more effective to go for the heart or the head? Is there only a small area on the head that actually does critical damage? Does the game even consider the heart as a one-shot kill? That's all for now, but if you know of any minor mechanics that make the game more realistic let me know.
  13. I'm addicted to this game. I have a few wishes: Candles (every home has candles. Especially in winter, at least because of christmas). Funktions: easier to light up (safes Firesticks by lighten up a Fireplace, when it failes) spending light, struggles while it's windy or snowing, more candles = room warms up. Maybe you can find a gas firelighter somewhere near too? Tidy homes/Build mode (why looks every home so destoryed and messy inside? And: Can there be a funktion where I can tidy up a home? My inner OCD needs that desperately, even in survival situations. At least when I spend days or weeks in a certain shelter. Like a build mode, to repair stuff, bring it in place, close open windows and doors with textiles or something else, ...) Growing and watering plants in plant potts inside the houses (Maybe he'll find some packed seeds in some houses or in a farm? Or in fresh or rotten vegetables?) Realisticly basic stuff in every home (every kitchen should have at least a knife, a spoon, a pot, a bottle and something to eat. Maybe there is more food like flour, vegetables and noodles? Every wardrobe should have at least have one peace of clothing, even if its unecessary, so you can harvest material. At least in villages and "normal" houses). Tansportation (Maybe someone left a broken bicycle somewhere? Or even better: A bicycle with a basket for stuff? Or maybe I can use a wheelbarrow to move big, heavy stuff a little easier to one place or another, at a straigt distance? If my stuff gets to heavy to climb somewhere down, maybe I can thow some stuff down, that doesn't break so easy, like clothings and my sleeping bag?) Survive/thrive skills (I can make my own clothes out of fur. Why can't I cook a soup of hunted meat for example, by myself? And why does it take 4-5 kilos of meat to satisfy my for a day? I would be colpleatly satisfied with 500-1000g of meat. And: I would like to hunt some birds. And why does it take two big dead bears to make a coat for one little human? And: Why can't I make a hole in the ice with my axe for fishing? What if he is dirty? Can he wash his hands or his body somehow? Because wild animals can probably smell dirty humans easier I think... And when he is almost starving, why can't he just eat eadible things in his bag like rose-hips?) SEASONS (my biggest wish: After 100 days of deep winter there is a chance, that the earth warms up a bit and the snow melts at least for a few days. It'll be a new challenge, since the player can't melt snow for water anymore and needs to find other recurces to get some water. He gets easyly wet, when it's raining. Maybe he can collect rainwater. New mushrooms, sproudlenghts, a few other animals and birdnests with eggs can appear.) Other players (Even if it will never be a multiplayer. But maybe somebody can join us, so we're not alone anymore. We can help each other, need to take care for each other, can do tasks for each other, ... Maybe for the next season of wintermute?) And please: Do not make the storymode any harder. I couldn't manage the last one. Way too many wolfes. QUESTION: Is it possible to domesticate a wolf by feeding him for a few days/two weeks, then gently start to tame it, so he can help to defent me in critical situations and help me hunting? If not, that's another wish. Thanks for reading! Keep doing your great job! Love, from Germany.
  14. As far as i know, there are 4 possible spots for the key to spawn: body inside barn, body behind house, tractor floor, pickup panel. I checked several times, and looked every corner around the region. No luck. I even found a backpack on a hill close to the barn, but no sign of the key. Is that intended? a zero spawn chance? edit: yes, i searched about it on forums, no luck there too
  15. Hello there, I've just became a new addict to The Long Dark, and I would like to know if will have some kind of new building Options, not necessarily houses but, maybe storage devices?Like chests, bookshelves, kitchen stuff... though a full house would be nice too! Hehe
  16. I started my first survival save on Stalker. I developed a risk for intestinal parasites from eating too much wolf meat. Can I eat wolf meat on occasion and avoid it? Is there a general rule of how much I can eat? also how bad is it if you get it? Is it a death sentence?
  17. About 4 or 5 years ago, for an unknown reason as far as I can see, the developers decided it would be a good idea to change how the searching mechanic works in TLD. Before, while you were searching a container, a completion bar would start filling up and items you'd find would pop up mid-search - like if you were actually searching through a container and finding stuff as you're searching around - creating a fun suspense of finding a useful item before the search completed, especially when you were in dire situations and badly needed that one food item or matches for example. After such update, the searching mechanic simply completes showing the player only at the end of the search which items have been found while the player holds a button and a circle fills up on the screen. It's boring, takes away all that excitement and suspense and is too dragged on. It may seem like a small thing by the two paragraphs I've typed here, so I'll leave you with an article by PC Gamer, praising this mechanic and explaining it's importance much better than I could, really worth a read: Why I love The Long Dark's painstaking search mechanic | PC Gamer A reddit user a while ago also created a discussion thread around this same change and issue, mentioning the same article, showing how important it was to the players: The Long Dark ( Could we, therefore, at least have an option of having this mechanic back? Thanks!
  18. Дорогие разработчики! Спасибо вам за такую замечательную игру! Я бы хотел предложить идею о введении в игру возможности рандомной генерации мира и карт. Да пускай будет криво, но это будет совершенно удивительная и прекрасная возможность. У каждого появится своя индивидуальная история, а также это дополнительно подогреет интерес к игре! Прошу сделайте это!
  19. Any word or info on when the store will reopen? I'm absolutely loving this game and really want to get a poster or mug. Sorry in advance if this question was asked recently I did not see it!
  20. I've made the quonset hut my main base, and I haven't seen the moose in 200 days of comings and goings. Should I stop looking?
  21. Hey folks, want to ask around before I submit a ticket. I play on Linux and have had almost no problems for the past year. I have all my Steam games installed on a separate drive I mount for my OS. But today, I reinstalled and now TLD has no sound. I checked a few other [Steam] games and they all have sound. I tried verifying the TLD files, then uninstalled and reinstalled, then uninstalled again and deleted all files I could find (but I copied my saved game folder to another location), then reinstalled again, but to no avail. The game ran just fine earlier before I reinstalled, and technically I did not change any of the game files. Which makes me wonder why other steam games are playing just fine, but TLD isn't. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on how to troubleshoot this before requesting help? Thanks in advance!
  22. So I finished the glowing cave side mission and got the moosehide satchel reward! Except, in not the smartest move, after I got the satchel, I loaded an autosave to go back for the wood outside the cave so I wouldn't freeze to death. But when I opened the backpack again the satchel wasn't there. I keep reloading my last autosave and every time I get a hunting knife.... is there any way to get the satchel back or am I just SOL?
  23. Soo…. Anyone know of a rifle spawn in black rock? I can’t find one yet, and I’d hate to have to go back to mountaineers hut to grab mine. I’ve got a revolver, but I’d really like to have a rifle to hunt a bear. Thanks in advance 😀😀
  24. I realized that pressing f10 will create a screenshot without the HUD, so I've started using that now. However, I don't know where the pictures end up. I can't find a destination file noted anywhere in the game. I play on pc through the Microsoft store (Xbox but on a computer). I assume it creates a new folder somewhere on my computer, but I can't find that folder. So where are they?