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About Me

  1. Is there any hero in this forum that have made their own brushes based on this marvelous game? Would be happy to use and be thankful for my entire life <3
  2. It is clear, that some of the Tales From The Far Territory features haven't been revealed yet. So do you have any guesses, as to what else that expansion holds? Here's my guess, and it's a bold one. Ziplines! Just think about it. First off, there is a bunch of new rocky regions, that we'll get to explore. Second, TFTFT have already addressed some old wishes like cooking, base customisation, sleds (the free survival update adds a thermos), and ziplines have been heavily suggested in the past. And third, I'm sure everyone noticed how much Hinterland like incorporating one-way "gates" into their level design, and a zipline can serve as one of such one-way shortcuts. What do you think about this guess? And what else do you think is going to be added to the Tales From The Far Territory?
  3. Does anybody know why jeffpeng's account is now marked as "guest" in all their posts/replies? It's just that I've never seen something like that on Hinterland forums before. Was their account blocked, or did they delete it on their own? They were like... a regular here, right?
  4. There's no guarantee we'll ever get this game, but we can still come up with some ideas. So, what do you think, would be too big of a change to be added in the current game, but would perfectly fit the sequel? Here are some of my wishes for The Long Dark 2 Actual snowdrifts. The ones we have now are way too solid. You just walk on top of them, when realistically, you'd be waist-deep in snow. Introduction of snowdrifts would open a way for the tool that was teased in the earliest versions of the long dark. The shovel. Transport. And I don't mean cars or jetskis. That would be too OP for the "vulnerability fantasy" of the long dark. I'm talking about hand-operated cableways and minecarts. I guess, Hinterland can add something like this already, but only as a quirk of a new region. But I want to be able to drive though the whole trans-great-bear railroad! Realistic animal behaviour. Or at least, more realistic. It's a game, after all. But right now, wolves are just back-and-forth walking security guards, who can and will be distracted by a rabbit running by. I'd like to them to hunt in packs, together being able to defeat a moose (and then any overconfident survivor, who tries to take this moose away). I want deers to notice you from far away, if you are not being as quiet as a mouse. I want bears to hunt other wildlife. Swimming. If you fall under the ice, you have to actually get out of there, none of that "fade to black". If you need to cross a stream, you take your boots and pants and maybe even jacket off to do it. If you see a cool looking box underwater, you take a deep breath and dive. All the while losing your body temperature and risking suffocation. Physics. You know, like gravity and stuff... Do you have any ideas that could only get realised in "The Long Dark part 2: the longer - the darker"? Make sure to share them!
  5. I think these are Rose Hips, anyway… they sure look like them. Confirmation, anyone?
  6. Will there be new story in the far territory @Admin mentioned 3 new tales...
  7. Hey, you might remember how in one of the previous updates bodies would start to disappear. And because of this, the key to Paradise Meadows farm could be lost. So, after the bug was fixed, if I lost this key, that means it's lost forever, right? Is there no way to get in (except for using the console)?
  8. Hi, has anyone else experienced any issues with pulling torches since the most recent bugfix? Recently, only two of over thirty torches that I have pulled have been over 20% in their condition; prior to the update, I regularly pulled 40% torches without any trouble. I’m curious, is this RNG, bad luck, a bug, or an intended change?
  9. I just completed the mission and I was wondering what other people did with him because as soon as I saw him blueprints for deerskin pants & boots popped up, I personally let him live
  10. This happened to me two times so far. I shot a bear with my hunting rifle near Quonset Garage. The "rifle skill" icon popped up. So I am sure I did hit him. I entered a vehicle immediately after shooting him so as to prevent being mauled. I waited a while for him to wander away. Then, I got out of the vehicle to check if there was blood trail. Yes, there was. Then I entered Quonset Garage and slept for a whole night (at least 10 hours). Next morning, I found him still wandering around his den. Obviously, he didn't bleed out. Now, I am confused. I searched wiki and the longest possible time for a bear to bleed out is just 8 hours. Is this a bug?
  11. I went outside while there was an aurora to gather firewood, but then I got killed by a bear even though I shot it with the flare gun. The game screen tips often say that the flare gun is reliable for driving bears away, so I thought it would work. Are flare guns supposed to work on aurora bears and that was a bug? If they don't, what about aurora wolves?
  12. I had this question for quite some time now: will DLCs break mods every time we install them? One thing i know is that it won't generate any modded items outside of containers, although can it break the mods like the EP 4 release did?
  13. Umm, how many bear spawns can you get per region? I been playing for years, always had them on very high. Never seen more than two spawns in a region, even PV. Ever. I've just come across *four* bears in PV and I am freaking the *bleeeeep* out! 😳 I honestly thought they were capped at 2 maybe 3 a region?
  14. Cuz I do. Can't immerse myself in the experience when I'm sweating. Summer is for Subnautica.
  15. So I've just started my modded TLD journey and have immediately hit rather an important snag! Hoping someone will know what I've done wrong. I've installed a few mods per instructions and got the game to work. Unfortunately... As soon as I spawned I realised there was a big problem. Went to pick up a stick LMB as usual... and couldn't! So I quit the game, removed QuickPick and ItemStack from the Mod directory to see if it was one of those. Reloaded TLD. Resumed game... still couldn't. So I tried starting a new game in case the fact I had deleted the above two somehow applied to resuming the game. Same problem on the new game. I went through the Mod Settings to see if I could work out what's going on but couldn't see anything which would prevent this. Also checked the regular Keybindings just in case but LMB was set to interact as usual. I do hope someone can help, I was so excited about better QoL I felt was needed after playing since 2016. Plus I froze my unmodded 200 day survivor into The Long Dark because I was starting to get bored with it anyway and thought I would start afresh. Thank you in advance!
  16. TLD is my first survival game and I really love it, I love just sticking on a podcast, listen to that and walk about the island. But, I’m worried that I’m not getting the full experience. I’m currently trying to get the faithful cartographer achievement and I don’t think I would be able to do it without having something there to entertain me, as the game is a bit of a walking simulator. So I just want to know what the consensus is on having something playing whilst playing and if you think that it’s taking away from my experience
  17. The Bear in The Long Dark is rather intimidating, an animal that possesses the strength to end a run in a single maul, and is seemingly unstoppable, even after you put 4 well aimed shots into it, as it charges towards you. So, I'm interested in hearing the stories of other survivors, and their recollection of the first bear they ever encountered in The Long Dark, and how they dealt with such a seemingly unstoppable force. I personally encountered my first bear in Costal Highway, the bear that lives in its cave beneath the homestead sitting upon an island. I encountered it on my first attempt to go fishing in the nearby Ice hut, and saw it for my first time, leaving its cave, and beginning to wander off to terrorize the local rabbits. In my shock, and desperate state for food, I immediately equipped a rifle, walked directly up and close enough for the bear to notice me, and fired one, very-inaccurate shot at the bear. As bears normally do in The Long Dark, it charged. Attempting to run away from it was the most terrifying thing I had ever encountered up to that point, the growling and heavy breathing as you hear the bear quickly out-run you, and the terror of not knowing what would happen, whether it would be an instant death. Needless to to say, I very quickly bled out after getting mauled, as this was one of my first survivors, and I hadn't brought any bandages, and as with every death in The Long Dark, this taught me a very valuable lesson. And as a side note, I always name the bear that spawns within that cave Yogi, Yogi the bear. Anyways, sorry for the wall of text, can't wait to hear everyone's stories!
  18. So what is your favorite region from Great Bear Island? Reply which one and give your reasoning down below. And I'm talking personal favorites, not as in which region you think is the best or most efficient. My favorite region is the classic, Mystery Lake. I never played The Long Dark while it was in Alpha or Beta or when it was released officially (I first played it in May of this year) so it's not a nostalgia thing in that sense. Although it WAS the first region I choose for my first playthrough. My reasons for it being my favorite? First, I love the name. Second, I like the geography? of the region itself, a blend of wilderness and cabins. And I love the lake, because I love lakes in real life. Would have a cabin besides one If I could. Third, I have some memorable moments from the region. Surviving my first day, my first death, my first moose attack and etc. Fourth, I am pretty comfortable with the region in general as I am familiar with where everything is and what I can kinda expect to find when I go there. Runner-up for being my favorite region (is my second favorite region) is Mountain Town. I also do like Desolation Point, that might go in my third favorite spot honestly.
  19. As you can see I have explored 100% and I have mapped every locations. And I still haven't gott faithfull cartographer trophy. And I also have this surveyed locations bug which shows that I haven't mapped any locations. I asked on twitter "am I still able to get that trophy" And long dark twitter said "yes because It's only visual bug. So now what? Have you guys seen this one before?
  20. Recently i watched one of Atheenon's vid of YT cuz i got bored and at some point someone in the chat said he or she found climbing socks somewhere in HRV while playing a custom game with interloper loot. Atheenon comfirmed that you can, infact, find climbing socks in HRV even in interloper, althought he said they're very rare. So, has anyone ever found them in interloper? Cuz this is kinda interesting finding high tier clothing in interloper (except combat pants).
  21. Do you own TLD Merchandise? What did you get? When? Where from? How? .. Don't be shy! Also .. Do you have any Custom-Made merch? In other words .. merch that you designed and/or made? Please show off your TLD merch or "bling" w/pics and explanations for us.
  22. As far as i know, there are 4 possible spots for the key to spawn: body inside barn, body behind house, tractor floor, pickup panel. I checked several times, and looked every corner around the region. No luck. I even found a backpack on a hill close to the barn, but no sign of the key. Is that intended? a zero spawn chance? edit: yes, i searched about it on forums, no luck there too
  23. Hello there, I've just became a new addict to The Long Dark, and I would like to know if will have some kind of new building Options, not necessarily houses but, maybe storage devices?Like chests, bookshelves, kitchen stuff... though a full house would be nice too! Hehe