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  1. Hey, how ya doin'? So I'm stepping up my game from Voyager, attempting a Stalker run. It's definitely more dangerous and more scarcity of everything except friggin' wolves. Usually the tools I find are in or near the best shelters of a region, sometimes I'll find additional tools in a more obscure location (axe in a shed; knife near a corpse; crowbar in a car). On Stalker, I've noticed that the few tools that do spawn seem to do so in these obscure locations. For the TLD survival mode experts, I ask you: Do the locations of items get more obscure and harder to find in Interloper, and do any items spawn behind furniture or in crates that can only be accessed after you've broken them down? I just want to guage how much more vigilant I need to be when scavenging. What's been your experience with this and has it changed much over the course of the years?
  2. Hi. Last time I was nosey, I recieved some very enlightening replies. So, I´m doing it again. This time I would like to ask; Do you carry back-up clothing just in case something happens? For example, I´m in the habbit of carrying extra socks, hat and gloves (just the woollen mittens). Just in case I fall through some ice or get caught in some weather.
  3. So I read on another post someone talking about using a technique of having an ongoing fire inside a cave or a place that is not indoors. They said that the "cold bonus" significantly reduces the amount of fuel you need to add to the fire so that you can keep it going for longer period of times. Is this a thing? I'm not sure if makes a whole lot of sense to me if it is true, why would having a colder fire be able to sustain longer? I get that a hotter fire would consume more but how could a colder one use less wood? If this is true I will definitely be trying it. Anyone have any insight on it?
  4. Hello The Long Dark Community: Last week we ran the first of a new feature that we're calling "Milton Mailbag" where we take questions from the community from the official forums and Twitter and @Raphael van Lierop answers a few of them. We want to keep trying with this experiment. To give forum users a chance to ask questions, we've started this "Milton Mailbag" subforum. A few things to keep in mind: In this thread you can ask us questions and we'll consider them for inclusion into a future mailbag. Please keep this thread just to questions. Start a new thread in this subforum if you want to debate or discuss anything. We're not going to answer every question, and will also be taking questions from other sources. If we don't answer your question one week we may always circle back and get it again later. We may also adjust how we do this going forwards. Thank you very much for taking part in this!
  5. How long did you play Pilgrim before you moved on to the other modes? Did you just dive straight in to Interloper? What mode is most comfortable for you right now? (Wow, I´m a nosey Parker today! :-P)
  6. I shot a wolf with my gun then I was stalking it for a couple of hours in the game and I suddenly found it stop bleeding I couldn't find any blood on the ground is it a bug or something
  7. I have max settings and am even running at 4k on a 1080p monitor to try an alleviate the lack of it to little or no effect. I've tried to use the nvidia control panel to force fxaa but It doesnt seem to make a difference either (although I could be using it wrong). Does anyone know any solutions I could try to get smoother edges?
  8. So I was replaying Wintermute in preparation for episode 3, this time getting all the collectibles. However, I just can't find any information on where to find them. I'm mostly interested in "History of the Collapse" part 3 and 4 and all the notes in episode 2, because I'm pretty sure I have found all the collectibles in episode 1. So, does anyone know where I can find "History of the Collapse" part 3 and 4?
  9. So I've started to look for help first on steam forums then directly to emailed hinterland like 2-3 months ago still with no response. I'll try my luck here too. I own the steam version of TLD. I'm on mac os x mojave, imac 27" late 17, which is a more than enough system to handle TLD. Until I started to get this bug, I was able to play just fine anyway.I'm having this chronic crash right after launching the game since one or two months, did clean instal multiple times and tried start options but still having the issue. Game starts rather slowly and sometimes even freezes the machine until it responds after a while but as soon I'm in "disclaimer" screen with piano playing, and I hit any button to skip, game crashes to desktop. *On one occasion today, I've been able to make it to the main menu. I've seen some community updates on the way such as the third episode to be released in 22th Oct. and I've been told that I survived 1852 days..I never survived that long let alone played that long. After a few seconds of main menu experience, I got crashed to desktop again.. Like I've said, I've been able to play the game on the same machine, and same os x until now. I do not know what is wrong. I do not have any mods installed by the way. Multiple clean installs, and verifications did not solve the issue.Anyone have any idea?
  10. Hey Guys just wanted to ask this could you guys bring the old iron sights of the rifle and upgrade the durability of an arrow a little bit more?
  11. Has anyone already suggested a utility belt? We could have a "physical" representation of the quick menu. The belt would allow storage for tools, a fire kit, snacks and drinks. It might be good for more even weight distribution. Also, I know that we have the badges for more stamina when running and things like that. But, what about a Hardiness mechanic where you get used to the weight you carry, the clothing and the generally tough conditions? It would be a gradual increase in carrying capacity and distance you can travel in a day. Does this already exists? What am I missing, here?
  12. Hello everyone, I looked up for info about bush planes after observing Will's. I concluded that he has floats, nothing for safe landing in snow or ice. He could land in snow, says forums about planes of this kind, but he could eventually damage the floats. Since the only liquid water surfaces of Great Bear Island are the sea, I was wondering if it was a clue to Perserverance Mills' location (according to Jeremiah, it's north of Pleasant Valley). Am I wrong? Do you have any others clues about that to bring? I'm interested to know what you think.
  13. Hi. Now that the Redux update launched a while ago, I've been playing the remade story mode. Before this remake, Jeremiah used to give you the location of his hatch near the Radio Tower in Forlorn Muskeg if you gained enough of his trust. I'm still in Chapter 2, and my next mission is to go to the Dam at night during the Auroras in the sky. I remember that's where the Episode 2 used to end, at least before the new update, I don't know how is it gonna be in this remake though. Anyways, I was just wondering does this hatch still exist in the same place, so I went to check, and found it from the same place. I remember it was only accessible during the Auroras, so I waited for them and went in. Inside, I found out you need some sort of a code now to get in from the door. So, I'm asking if someone would know; how can you gain access to this place now? It's probably a sidequest found from somewhere, but I can not be sure. I would appreciate any help if someone knows the answer. I don't mind spoilers if they are necessary when answering the question. Thank you in advance for the help.
  14. I really enjoy playing Custom but i just recently found out you get no feats progression! Why??? This just seems like an unnecessary punishment for Custom players. Is it because you want us to 'earn' feats?? Then why have feats progression on pilgrim?! I just do't understand why Custom players like myself are so unnecessarily punished for wanting to playing a slightly modified game experience...
  15. MrsHoneypot


    Is there any piece of clothing that is 100% waterproof? What's the best waterproofing you have achieved?
  16. Hi, will there ever be a co-op mode so will and Astrid could survive together instead of my wife and I playing separately we could co-op together to survive ?
  17. Man, i was up a relatively steep slope and got two sprained ankles,(with no over encumbrance) then proceeded to get a sprained wrist on the way down!! Jeez man!! This guy is freaking disaster prone AND has the the weakest, most injury prone wrists/ankles i have ever seen! Any one else think this is ridiculous? or am i just unlucky?
  18. The case with the wolf was much more obvious. The situation goes like this: - A wolf began its charge at me - As it reaches that point where it transitions from charging to lunging (and triggering the struggle fight), I let loose an arrow dead-center toward its head. - Wolf takes the hit but is still alive and triggers the "struggle" event at that very moment. - Not even a second goes by the struggle ends very abruptly (I used the hunting knife by the way) - I see the wolf "slumping" and then it just stops moving altogether in this odd position. Initially I though the wolf was still alive and it's a bad case of the in-game model freezing (something I've seen the bear do until you interact with it) so I shoot it with an arrow. When I pointed my selector at it's body it said "Frozen Wolf Carcass" and that's when I realized that the wolf had already died during the stuggle where I used the knife to stab it once. With the moose I suppose it's just a visual hiccup. Anyone else experienced this though? Particularly with the wolf one.
  19. I thought Items wasn't supposed to respawn in the game? I am in mystery lake and I've been to the derailment many times I know I have been there because I remember going up the tree to the right to enter the one cart to loot it well this is my 3rd time passing through and all the containers were searchable again and had loot, the simple tools was back in the exact same spot my first set was. It even said "new location discovered" like I have never been there before yet I have. Did Hinterland change it so items can now respawn other than stick, coal, rocks etc? If so that was a poor design choice. Please tell me this is a bug. This is on voyager mode, ps4
  20. After playing TLD for several months now I think I have most of the mechanisms in my head. There are however stil several questions I did not yet find an answer to, even after searching the forum. So I would like to pose them here, in the hopes (and anticipation) that more experienced players will have an answer. 1) Repairing fails. When I repair something I use up an repair kit / fishing hook, material, and time. Say I want to repair an item of clothing that cost 2 cloth and one hour to repair. When I stat to repair a timer starts. Now I wonder what is te effect if the repair fails. I know I lose the repair kit / fishing hook condition. But do I also lose (part of) the materials? and part of the time needed for the repair? 2) Respawn wood. I read wood is an infinite resource. But I think this is only sticks? Do the larger branches (cedar/fir) also respawn? If not then I will probably want to limit the amount of fit I use for fires because these can be better used to repair the heavy hammer? 3) On a map I draw several resources appear. Think of rosehip, large branches, etc. Am I right to assume the resources you see on the drawn map are the ones not respawning? And if so, does a drawn map change if I harvest (delete) that resource of does the map stay the same regardless? 4) Wolves. Am I right to assume wolves do not attack bears/moose (and likewise). Do wolves sleep? Eat? Or do they only attack if a rabbid/deer (or me) by accident crosses their path? 5) Wolves. Does a game on a certain level of difficulty always have a fixed number of wolves? Or can I leave a region and re-enter some time later to find a different number of wolves of in a different position? 6) Wolves (yes I know, I have an unhealthy interest in them). I know they have a range in which they can detect a player. Is this a perfect circle around the wolf (smells)? Or is the range of detection larger in front of the wolf and smaller behind a wolf? 7) Wolves. I seem to notice the areas a wolf spawns/patrols are usually in the center of the map or along paths often used. Is this correct? Is the safest area the edges of the map? Do wolves always stay in the place they spawn in or patrol a fixed route? If so I can possibly better just leave them alone since I know where they are instead of killing them and getting them to respawn later somewhere unknown (usually just behind me)? Are the routes wolves patrol known? Would be cool to ad them to a regions map with some red lines saying "beware". (8) Arrows. I know fired arrows can be retrieved. So if I fire an arrow an hit a deer. And the deer runs and bleeds out. And I find the carcass. When I'm lucky I will find my arrow in the deer, or somewhere near. But say I do not find the carcass. The deer still bleeds out. After a certain number of days (anybody knows ho long?) the carcass will disappear. Is my arrow still there to be found? Can I walk pass an area and suddenly find my arrow fired weeks earlier and know this was the spot the animal died? Thanks in advance for any insight in these mechanics.
  21. Hi guys! First topic I start. Since the introduction of the revolver in Steadfast Ranger and the new struggle option that comes with it (gun-whipping wolves and shooting them in the face), I have been wondering how effective it is in a struggle. I am not a fan of the revolver (I cant still get the hang of it, maybe that's why) since it isn't as deadly as the rifle (which I always use if I found one) but with the new option in struggle, it may be a good idea to carry the revolver on scout or harvesting missions cause it's really light. I haven't had any struggles with a revolver on my character so I cant tell the difference. I have been looking for data on this (how good is revolver vs wolves but it covers more the shooting aspect) but I didn't find detailed info regarding the struggle effectiveness. So that is what I am asking here.. has anyone used it? How well/bad did it go? Any thoughts/opinions on it? I am really looking for feedback here so I can make a better choice to see if I want to use revolver or not and what weapons I have to carry according to that choice. Thanks in advance
  22. This may be an odd suggestion for the game but as a person who is fascinated by thunderstorms, I am interested in this. my suggestion is can there be lightning in the game during snowstorms, especially during blizzards. Lightning could also happen during light snowfall as well. I would love to be next to a nice warm fire listening to the fire crackle with the occasional flash of lightning then the rumble of the thunder produced by it. This could mostly be an ambiance thing more than anything but if you wanted to you could add a very low chance of getting struck by lightning this would have a 99% fatally rate but if you're lucky you could survive it with major burns but would have almost no condition so you would have to recover this would obviously be a extremely low chance to both survive a lightning strike as well as to even get hit by it just like in real life but it would motivate you to find shelter until it passes. The second bit isn't entirely necessary though I would be fine with just the lightning itself just for an ambient effect. Now my 2 questions are would a geostorm like the one in the game prevent lighting from occurring? If so make lightning only possible during the Aurora, secondly, can lightning even occur during a snowstorm? I live in an area where snow is not very common but the occasional times it does snow there has been no lighting involved. I feel like lightning could occur in a snowstorm but if can't occur in snowstorms could someone perhaps explain the science behind why it can't?
  23. Здравствуйте, 1) Вы время для эпизода 1, мы встретились с Хоббсом. Он сказал, что он из тюрьмы Черного Камня. Будет ли в будущем карта с этой тюрьмой? 2) Если вы пролетите над горами на карте Милтона, то вы сможете увидеть продолжение маршрута, где стоит оранжевый грузовик, а за ним - мост. Что за хрень? Я русский. Виноват. Без всякого уважения.
  24. I heard a bear and ran into the nearest cave , it followed me in and attacked, I managed to shot a couple of arrows in it , anyway after barely surviving this I noticed by bow had now disappeared ! I looked everywhere in the cave, all I found was a fishing tackle?! Is this something that can just happen, sometimes? is the bow stuck in the bear or something (I haven't found it yet if it bleed out somewhere) h
  25. Hi Raph, just a little Bug report; on Xbox One, if I screenshot my game, it suddenly shut down ambiant sounds; i can still hear the noise of my character if he moves, but all the others are muted since the screenshot (wind, aurora sound etc...) not an inconvenient bug, but it seems to be recent (since steadfast ranger). thanks, see ya....🐺