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About Me

  1. I’m I bit perplexed, are the bunkers random? To clarify, are they not always in the same spots in the same region? I’ve made my fair share of runs on both voyager and stalker but not to every region in every run. I swear I’ve seen bunkers in spots that they are currently not in (Myst Lake & Pleasant Valley). On one of my previous runs I found 3 in PV but they are not all there.
  2. Do animals have a condition (flat HP) pool? If so, does it take direct damage from hits? Or is the only way to kill an animal (especially big game) via crits and/or bleed out? The wiki isn't clear about this, and I'm trying to figure out if multiple hits + bleed out can lower the total time it takes for it to die. I know bleeds don't stack. I've seen people talk about taking multiple shots; and I'm wondering if (mechanically) this is taking damage, or just rolling crits.
  3. Avladığımız hayvanların derisini nasıl kurutuyoruz? Çantada belirtilen günde kuruyor mu yoksa yapmamız gereken başka bir şey mi var? Yardımcı olur musunuz?
  4. As the title states, will the Crampons ever become repairable in a future update? It's weird how every clothing item (Including the moose-hide satchel) can be repaired but the Crampons (currently) can't be repaired.
  5. I've read several posts providing information on the mechanics of wolf struggles. From them I've seen that the heavy hammer will usually get the wolf off you the quickest, but it only scares the wolf who may come back to attack you again. Also, that the hatched is usually a bit better than the knife as a bleed out weapon. Relative to injury to the player, all the posts state that the player's condition is the most important factor. However, none of the posts I've seen address the effect of protection on the amount of player damage. With the Moose-Hide Cloak and the Gauntlets, it's possibl
  6. Guest

    Longest Survival

    What is your longest survival in any difficulty and what was your routine to last as long as you did
  7. I got the impression that my cured wolf/bear hides degrade over time but the cured guts do not? Is this correct? thanks!
  8. Does the animal skin that we hunt can dry in bag? Or do I have to do something specific?
  9. I'm in Costal Highway in the "Aurora elevator mine". I see 2 paths that are blocked by electrified water, and i wonder if when the aurora stops i will be able to walk through the water and find something interesting, but i don't want to find nothing, get stuck and die. So does anyone know if it's worth to take the risk?
  10. I got the polaroid in MT but I cannot get to the tower. I can get to the area just below it, there looks to be a narrow path between rocks but it’s far to steep to climb and cannot get to the actual base of the tower. Any help would be much appreciated.
  11. Pretty straightforward question here. I'm new to the game and I'm very interested in a gripping playthrough of the storyline of TLD, but I am wondering if there is a detriment to also going it alone in the solo survival mode? What are your thoughts and recommendations?
  12. Currently looking for the second Polaroid in Forlorn Muskeg, the one corresponding with the Muskeg Overlook. I have searched every corpse, backpack, and cave (including bear caves) in the region and haven't found it. Can anyone share where they have found it? Did my game bug out and not spawn it? (newly created save on stalker) Thanks!
  13. So I'm about 40 days into my latest nomad run. And have not seen the aurora once. I've been waiting for it every night, sleeping during the day. This is really disappointing to me, because typically I always bunker down and use a bug-in play style on my normal survival sandboxes. I figured nomad would give me the opportunity to explore around a little bit and find some of the new buffer memories. Why isn't the aurora present in nomad?
  14. 1. I set the high probability of the appearance of the Aurora and I see it for the first two nights in a row - of course, this is too often and I put a medium - in four days no Aurora at all.2. Recovery while sleeping is "low" - no treatment at all (!) This does not differ in any way from the parameter "none".3. The high density of things in a non-empty box means their absence and vice versa. WTF? I'm very angry because to find out this, you have to start new game every time - is this a beta test? To understand how any option really works, you need to start the new game, and if it comes
  15. A few days ago i came from the CH to the BI and found this photo in pensive lookout (Sorry for the shitty quality but my phone and pc don't work well with each other) When you zoom in you can see 3 marked areas on the photo but there's nothing special there. The bottom one is just a few houses. The middle one is just road and snow. The top one is a gas station area.
  16. Evening all. Need some help with hacksaws. I was wandering around and using the hacksaw to grab some scrap metal. Saw was at 100%. Every time I used the saw, it dropped 5%. Got down to 10% and figured 1 more use and I'll stop so I can repair it at BI. It broke. Ruined. No worries, I thought, I'll repair it. Went back "home" and got the basic tools and scrap metal. Can't repair. Hmmmmm. Grabbed a quality tools...can't repair. Oh well, I'll fix it at BI. Off I go and trek on over to BI. Waited until night and, lucky me, first night I get an aurora. Go to repair the hacksaw and, guess
  17. If I leave meat and fish uncooked will it keep longer than if I had cooked it?
  18. I can't be the only one who loves the Timberwolf attack music right? It's genuinely tense. Sadly I can't find it anywhere. Does the music that plays have a name? On a different note, I love how The Long Dark makes regular animals terrifying. I've played a lot of horror and survival horror games and video games usually never really scare me at all. But hearing a wolf bark behind me never fails to make me jump. I've fought nasty zombies, demon monsters and horror beyond space in time in other games, but a simple wolf in The Long Dark scares me more then all of the former combine
  19. Hi. I noticed the Fatigue Reduced bonus from coffee don't work. I saved (sleeped) next to a rope climb spot, then tried that rope climbing, with and without coffee. It ended with the exact same fatigue loss (yes, I know coffee first raise fatigue +10%, unless fatigue is already full). I did not pay attention about that working correctly until today. It was in Ash Canyon. I play a custom game. PC version. Does anyone noticed this bug since 1.92 update, please ? Regards.
  20. Heyas, Need some help! Recently upgraded PC and now using LG CX48 as a PC monitor. I have HDR enabled in Windows and all Games that I play that support HDR have no issues, except the Long Dark. For some reason the game looks very washed out. When I disable HDR in Windows 10, everything looks fine again. Is there a way to fix this so I don’t have to disable HDR in Windows each time? Thanks!
  21. Image album with examples in Milton and my settings (FPS counter in top left) I've no mods installed and graphics drivers are the latest. Anyone else experiencing lower fps when looking at the ground? Edit #1: Was testing, and I can fix and reproduce this by changing the SSAO setting from High to Medium. On High, the FPS drops dramatically when looking at the ground. On Medium there's no change in FPS. Edit #2: Now I have a bit more time, here's my specs for the record: Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit CPU: Intel Core i7 4770K @ 3.50G
  22. I'm new here. I just claimed the game yesterday on Epic Games because its free, and I want to ask, can you play on offline mode on epic games? without sign in to epic games account because I didn't have any wifi on my house. sorry for my bad english and thanks!
  23. Sahil yolundaki asansörlü madende sıkıştım ve bu lanet yerin her köşesini 2-3 kez kontrol etmeme rağmen yok! Birkaç gün içinde çıkışı bulamazsam en iyi kaydımı kaybedicek! 😢😭😢
  24. So I have gotten the artifact to the church and it says come back tommorrow.....i have been through several full days and came back unless I'm suppose do I do i do to complete it?