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Found 771 results

  1. Hello The Long Dark Community: Last week we ran the first of a new feature that we're calling "Milton Mailbag" where we take questions from the community from the official forums and Twitter and @Raphael van Lierop answers a few of them. We want to keep trying with this experiment. To give forum users a chance to ask questions, we've started this "Milton Mailbag" subforum. A few things to keep in mind: In this thread you can ask us questions and we'll consider them for inclusion into a future mailbag. Please keep this thread just to questions. Start a new thread in this subforum if you want to debate or discuss anything. We're not going to answer every question, and will also be taking questions from other sources. If we don't answer your question one week we may always circle back and get it again later. We may also adjust how we do this going forwards. Thank you very much for taking part in this!
  2. I heard a bear and ran into the nearest cave , it followed me in and attacked, I managed to shot a couple of arrows in it , anyway after barely surviving this I noticed by bow had now disappeared ! I looked everywhere in the cave, all I found was a fishing tackle?! Is this something that can just happen, sometimes? is the bow stuck in the bear or something (I haven't found it yet if it bleed out somewhere) h
  3. Hi Raph, just a little Bug report; on Xbox One, if I screenshot my game, it suddenly shut down ambiant sounds; i can still hear the noise of my character if he moves, but all the others are muted since the screenshot (wind, aurora sound etc...) not an inconvenient bug, but it seems to be recent (since steadfast ranger). thanks, see ya....🐺
  4. been in pleasant valley for a couple in game weeks now, and i just realized, there is no musical presence at all.. zero.. no more stings at sunrise, or midnight, any times at all.. i tried reinstalling my game thinking it was a bug or something, since there was music both in mystery lake and coastal highway for the hundreds of days while i was in those regions before here.. i tried briefly googling the internet and looking around the forum for similar search query or phrases, but nothing jumped out.. is there anyone who could fill me in on why it's like this, i really miss the music.. thanks guys.
  5. So I was attacked by a moose, twice in the span of two minutes. I sustained three broken ribs. This meant I was stuck on TWM. I used cloth to bandage and took the painkillers and they got check marks in the health panel. It said I needed 120 hours of sleep to finish healing. I did that and one of the broken rib icons went away, but there is still one broken rib icon. The bandage and pain icons reappeared without the check marks (meaning I have to take them again) and it says I now need 168 hours to heal. WTH!? So one rib did no healing at all while the other ribs healed, and now I have even more time needed? I'd really like to see inside the dev's head who said this was a good idea and would make the game fun to play. "I know, let's make it so ribs don't heal consecutively. Let's stagger them so each rib is on a separate timer and one rib can't start to heal until the other is done healing. Wow! that will be fantastic! The players will love this. Please god this is a bug.
  6. I have been getting into tld survival now that I’m done with Wintermute and from my time browsing the forums and playing the game there seems to be certain super good loot in specific areas. I’m on a custom “pilgrim” mode and I’m interested in finding new loot. So: what are some high tier loot items that I might not find that y’all know about. I’m sorry if this seems vague or slightly confusing. Also are any items set loot? Like I’ll you find it there 100% of the time? thanks
  7. The case with the wolf was much more obvious. The situation goes like this: - A wolf began its charge at me - As it reaches that point where it transitions from charging to lunging (and triggering the struggle fight), I let loose an arrow dead-center toward its head. - Wolf takes the hit but is still alive and triggers the "struggle" event at that very moment. - Not even a second goes by the struggle ends very abruptly (I used the hunting knife by the way) - I see the wolf "slumping" and then it just stops moving altogether in this odd position. Initially I though the wolf was still alive and it's a bad case of the in-game model freezing (something I've seen the bear do until you interact with it) so I shoot it with an arrow. When I pointed my selector at it's body it said "Frozen Wolf Carcass" and that's when I realized that the wolf had already died during the stuggle where I used the knife to stab it once. With the moose I suppose it's just a visual hiccup. Anyone else experienced this though? Particularly with the wolf one.
  8. I was thinking about it after watching some Wintermute videos and I'm not sure but isn't it an incoherence in the evenement of the events in Milton ? First the plane crashes so Astrid and Will are seperated. We know that Will and her Briefcase are realy important so Astrid as to : 1. Run too Milton looking for help and let some scarf piece behind to allow Will to find her path. 2. She was forced by a animal or a prisoner to run away During that, the bus of prisoner get crashed at the entry of the tunnel after milton. The prisoner who survived get out of the Bus and they go to Milton. Some thing went wrong with the inhabitant of Milton, they burn a part of them by accident in the School. Astrid get here at this moment and try to save the Inhabitants but it's too late. The prisoner try to kill her so she start to fight with them, kill one of them but get wouded. She run away and pass trough the stone of the tunnel and survive. If she run away and don't get cought by the prisoner because she was small enough to pass the landslide, who can we find Mathis and 5 prisoners dead body in the mystery lake ? In this situation where astrid pass the landslide, the prisoners are trapped inside Milton. Am I wrong ?
  9. Another question of mnie that concerns The Long Dark this time. Can you bring back the invisibility of distant land like before (at the beginning)? It should not be forced but optional, to my mind. I do prefer the old way. For me, that update was like turning Oblivion game (that had the option to turn it off/on) into Skyrim, which lacks the option and the distant land (ugly or beautiful) has to be rendered whether you want it or not. Sad, especially because there is no mod that can ever change it because of the engine limitations. Thanks.
  10. Will tld run on a PC with a AMD Ryzen 5 2600 processor and Radeon RX 590 Red Devil 8gb video card as I am changing my exsiting PC. If I change is it a case of moveing the save games from one PC to the other?. Thanks for any advice
  11. Hi, will there ever be a co-op mode so will and Astrid could survive together instead of my wife and I playing separately we could co-op together to survive ?
  12. I have been trying to complete this achievement since I started playing the game. The instructions are simple: explore every interior location on the Mystery Lake map and the Coastal Highway map. Doesn't sound so difficult, but I am exhausted from covering the same two maps over and over and still coming up short. Although this current play through I did stumble on a previously undiscovered clearing with a cave high up on the hill looking down onto camp office that I hadn't found before. In this particular play through I have also found the prepper bunker in ML, so I figured I must have found all the interior locations. So are caves with a warmth bonus considered interior locations, because the only thing that could be hindering me from completing that achievement is maybe I have missed a cave? I know I have entered every physical interior space that generates a load screen, or at least I think I have. Does interior space include cars? I kinda would expect that it does. any help, ideas, suggestions?
  13. Is there any way at all to traverse to the lower dam during the aurora in survival mode? I know you can get through the lower dam easy enough, but the wires in the upper dam make the lower dam inaccessible during the aurora. The only way to explore the lower dam is if you camp out in the lower dam and just wait for the aurora to show up. Which can take a full week or more and it's really not worth hording food and camping out just to see the dam lit up
  14. I've seen a number of folks on the Wishlist forum asking for different vehicles and whatnot in TLD, but it's always snow mobiles or automobiles and as these both use traditional gasoline or diesel engines that require things like timing, electrical starters and motors and the like they wouldn't work in the quiet apocalypse. During an Aurora event you'd have constant power provided to your spark plugs which wouldn't allow the engine to run and the power required to power the starter would probably not be available with the Aurora alone. But not every type of engine requires electricity to function. 19th Century steam engines, for example, would work just fine as they rely on burning coal to heat up water to drive a piston. No electronics required. My question for all of you folks is: what other types of motors/engines would work (if there even are any)?
  15. I really enjoy playing TLD, but my 2015 Macbook clearly isn't quite up for the task. I have to play on the lowest graphic settings but the game still performs rather poorly. Can anyone give me tips as to what to upgrade (if possible)? I'm not very computer savvy, but not computer illiterate either – and I have changed a couple of harddrives, added RAM here and there, so I know how to look up HowTo videos on Youtube... What I believe to be relevant stats of my computer: MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) 2,5 GHz Intel Core i7 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB Any help would be very much appreciated!
  16. Just wondering if i set myself to sleep in freezing conditions, will the game wake me before its too late or will i never wake from that long dark slumber...? Thanks 👍
  17. Alright so. Hello once again everyone. First time I've been on here in a while, and even longer since I last had a serious survival sandbox. So here's a fun little discussion thread, one that's not all that unfamiliar on the forums but is still an interesting topic nontheless. How do y'all kill time when there's simply nothing else to do? I can't help but ponder that as I sit here staring at my roaring fire with a raging blizzard outside, not a care in the world since I'm slightly overencumebred with a great supply of firewood and food and drink, all my equipment in tip top shape and no skill books to study, a cup of lemon and rosehip herbal tea in my hand in real life. I personally just... enjoy it. The audio, the warm glow of a fire, the gorgeous sunsets, the beauty of the night sky. I'll find somewhere safe, plop a fire down and just sit there mesmerized taking it all in. That's a tradition I've long held in this game and think it's one of the most important moments. Heck, I've even read books to the background noise of the game. The scenery is, and always has been, absolutely stunning, visually and audio wise. And my mind seems to always wander, do my fellow survivors share in this tradition? I'd love to know what y'all do when simply waiting on the time to pass 😊☕
  18. Sorry to bother you with this here, but I didn't see a way to ask this question at the store: Are the mugs you have for sale proper metal/ceramic camping mugs? There is a big "DO NOT MICROWAVE" message on all the mugs, so that tells me there is some metal content... as proper camping cups are made of metal, then dipped in ceramic glaze and fired in a kiln. This would explain the (reasonably) high price. Still, camping is a rare treat for me, so is an "office" (re: microwavable) version of the Hinterland mug a possibility? Perhaps a mug similar to the Survival First Aid mugs we see in game? Those seem to be made of clay... and clay is microwavable. Including current game content, you have at least 3 variants you could sell in the store! I see that I have asked too many questions. I will now STFU.
  19. Hello! I really like The Long Dark,I think this game is really amazing,but I want to buy this game not in Steam,but EGS. I have EGS and don't have Steam. Maybe,I am not right,but expanding of stores,where we can buy game is good thing,so... Will be The Long Dark stored in EGS?
  20. I'm in the mystery lake I realized lots of stuff can find somehow randomly when continue to progress the story but my whetstone is about %24 to use.I can't find any so far a new fresh there any location to find or is it craftable? I'm playing at hardest dificulty by the way.
  21. I've just began noticing something and wanted to see if anyone else was experiencing this: When I find a container (corpse or other) and it has more than 1 revolver round in it, after looting the 1st round, I stop looting (as if the container is empty) but I notice that the container will say "Searched" and when I loot it again, I find more revolver round(s). Anyone else?
  22. Hi everyone. I missed the 4DON event and i was thinking if I will be able to unlock the 4DON badges on 2019. Keep surviving!
  23. My game is crashing 1/5 of the time I exit a building. I gave up playing wintermute because of this. I'm using Windows 8. I hope hinterland will do something about this . Is there someone thats in the same boat as me ?
  24. So it's been 6 month since the Redux, I think we can hope having the Episode 3 release at the end of 2019 wich I'm realy excited about. Even if the episode 3 is about astrid, I realy want to talk about what we know and what we can Imagine about firstly Jeremiah and Mathis at the end of episode 2 so care: SPOILER ALERT I have a few idea/ theories about Jeremiah. For me he is probably an veteran of the army who choose to leave alone. I think that the "wintermute" is maybe a program of the Army in case of a critic situation or wintermute is a location like a shelter for this type of situation we are in. I don't realy think he is related to Mathis who is a prisoner or that he is a bad guy. The fact that he has some survival knowledge and a radio is probable a clue to some formation that he get in the army. What do you think about him or the other carachters like The prisoners, The forestTalkers, Methuselah, Astrid... ?
  25. Hey everyone! I'm SethmoJaeger, a new face to the forums but not a new face to TLD. I love this game. It's the best survival game I've ever played! I also love Tabletop RPGs like D&D. That got me thinking...Would it be possible to blend the two, and would anyone even want to play it? This would be a passion project that would be completely free for y'all to use. I don't want to make money off of Hinterland's success. So, what do you think?