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Found 854 results

  1. Hi there folks, I started playing TLD again after a bit of a break and noticed the camera swaying while my character was standing still. The swaying is really starting to bug me, and makes me a bit sick, actually. I looked under the "accessibility" tab in the options menu and turned on the "dampen camera motions" feature, but it appears to have no effect. I would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions on the matter. Thank you!
  2. Just found this cave by derelict cabins in PV, never seen it before nor noticed it on any community maps, anyone else missed a location for ages then stumbled across it by accident?
  3. SteveP

    Our Wishlist

    Let's see if I can get a representative sample of a recent poll on the Facebook community. I'll copy the community results into a poll here. I've consolidated several recent polls. Too bad you can't have more than 20. Question 3 should be multiple choice but works this way too.
  4. Solved my problam...nevermind.
  5. I am playing TLDv1.74 58755 (as of 2020-03), Survival, Voyageur, day 33 (mentioning that, because I read survival gets more difficult over time). I had an odd experience. I climbed down a rope, then I built a snow shelter. I had a bedroll on me. I spent 3 hours in the snow shelter "passing time" (selected from campcraft radial menu). Then I slept 10 hours in the shelter (also selected from capmcraft radial menu). When I woke up, my clothes were soaking wet. The questions which arise are: - Did the clothes get wet from climbing down? - Is there a difference between selecting to sleep and pass time from campcraft radial menu and doing so by first selecting the bedroll from inventory? - Do clothes get wet when spending time in a snow shelter, with or without bedroll selected first from inventory? - Don't clothes dry when passing time/sleeping in a snow shelter? One conclusion can already be drawn: Either clothes get wet in a snow shelter or they don't dry in a snow shelter. Does anyone have any knowledge about this? Fandom-Wiki pages have no knowledge about this ( , ).
  6. Buenas colegas , es posible encontrar armas sea rifles, revolveres , en el modo mas extremo de supervivencia? Porque llevo ya mas de 150 dias y no he encontrado ni una sola, me he fabricado arcos y flechas para cazar a los animales bueno esa es mi duda. Gracias y saludos.
  7. Do you think, if you planned your journey properly, that you could survive Entirely without a bedroll?
  8. Hello The Long Dark Community: Last week we ran the first of a new feature that we're calling "Milton Mailbag" where we take questions from the community from the official forums and Twitter and @Raphael van Lierop answers a few of them. We want to keep trying with this experiment. To give forum users a chance to ask questions, we've started this "Milton Mailbag" subforum. A few things to keep in mind: In this thread you can ask us questions and we'll consider them for inclusion into a future mailbag. Please keep this thread just to questions. Start a new thread in this subforum if you want to debate or discuss anything. We're not going to answer every question, and will also be taking questions from other sources. If we don't answer your question one week we may always circle back and get it again later. We may also adjust how we do this going forwards. Thank you very much for taking part in this!
  9. Hey I often experience that a small tree, fence ect, force one to walk around. Obstacles that one easily would vault over in real life. I would love to see the ability to jump/vault over for better mobility. Would be nice to get stronger over time too, run longer, tire slower ect. Sidenote: Why is meat bags from quatering so heavy compared to not? Makes zero sense to me.
  10. Hello fellow survivors, since I don't want to apply necromancy to threads that have been started what feels like ages ago I am here asking: What is your new favorite long term base in Interloper ? as of 1.69 Please keep in mind the "added" "unreliability" of fires to deter wolfes from ripping you a new one while crafting something in front of a fire, like you would in the barn in front of Paradise Meadows, or at the crafting bench at the Fishing Village in CH, and also that wolves in general are much more of a threat than they used to be. Right now I am really struggling to find a suitable long-term base that keeps all those factors in mind. I don't want to tamper with your suggestions, so I keep my reasoning for and against some locations to myself for the time being. Please consider indoor crafting at a reasonable travel distance a prerequisite.
  11. Just noticed this a few days ago while playing during an Aurora with a flashlight equipped, I dropped the flashlight as I was going to put it away for the morning because I hate carrying unnecessary weight but I accidently left it on while I dropped it. Turns out it stays lit even in placement mode unlike the lantern which only emits light once placed in a valid location. Here's some footage of me messing around with it. Turns out the placement "range" is practically as far as you can see with your cursor. You can see it emits light as far away as fishing huts (obviously you can't place it there but holding it in placement mode still emits light). Anyways. Just wondering if any of you ever noticed this was possible. Thanks (Edit): Sorry I'm not sure how to have the video embedded in my post
  12. I was wondering what storm lantern condition or lamp oil condition does (if anything) to effect burn time etc.
  13. I was at the riken, peacefully cooking some rabbit and boiling water UNTIL mr. Bear comes along and scared the shit out of me. The encounter went like this. Bear- *walks to riken* Me- *cooking rabbit meat* Bear- *growl* (he did not charge me) Me- *Looks up* Also me- HOLYSHITGETINTHEBOAT Then i ran straight into the boat and exited the game, im still shaking as im writing this lol. Now i wanna get revenge on him for nearly giving me a heart attack, i was thinking i get on top of the boat and blast his face into a shish kebab with my revolver. I just have one question about this which is. If i shoot him from on top of the boat, will i be safe from his attacks? I could also try shoot him from the small thing on top of the boat with the ships helm with the container, would he reach me there even if he would climb on the deck of the ship?
  14. I came to broken railroad, and I went to the hunting lodge and saw a moose. It was getting dark so I decided to hunt him tomorrow. When i came outside the next day he was gone. I searched for him but didnt find him. I dont know if this is a glitch or a common thing. Please help.
  15. Tagger


    Hello from the Netherlands, man i love this game. I never thought about it to come on this forum because i bought it on steam long time ago. Any idea how long it takes for me (us) to expect episode 4+5? And it would be nice to play COOP , and then make the map much bigger, so players needs to go different directions but still have the same goal. So players need to survive on their own, but still can walk their own way or something Money well spend on this game.
  16. Hi, I've just begun my second Interloper run, its about day seven, I just got out of looting ML, and I decided to head over the Old Spence Homestead to do a bit of forging, nothing big, just decided to gear up a bit now that I'm going to go and loot HRV and the Summer, I got there smoothly, but now with the new Wolves and Fires thing, I'm worried that they'll attack me while I'm making water, breaking down things, or forging. They've been pacing around the barn but haven't taken notice of me, will they attack? Or am I absolutely fine in the barn, and I have nothing to worry about so long as I don't provoke them? Or am I going to have to find someway to reach the forge while still being out of range of the wolves. I was thinking going behind it, but I dunno. Pls help, I don't want to get mauled, I've worked so hard.
  17. I'm trying to shoot a moose in Forlorn Muskeg for a personal challenge (shooting a moose in each region). I've looked at the whiteberry map and it shows the moose spawn locations as the Marsh Ridge and the NE part of the region (to the right when you enter FM from ML). So far my camping in those areas was not successful. Does anyone know if there are other locations in FM where the moose can appear?
  18. Has anyone actually found all the cairns and notes in survival mode? Are they in different places each game or always the same spots? I have Maps to each area but they don’t show the locations for these items and the only thing I can find online about them is an estimated number of each cairn per region. Does anyone have an updated list of the amount or an actual map showing where exactly they are? I think finding all of these should definitely be an achievement because it is extremely difficult!
  19. One of the items mentioned in the 1.71 update: seems to be only partially fixed. In the ML Camp Office, I broke down the table downstairs (the one laying on its side) near the workbench and a book and bedroll I had on the table upstairs near the small cabinet ended up on the floor near the front door. It doesn't happen immediately. Only after going outside and coming back in. The same thing happened when I broke down the table upstairs near the top of the stairs. Has anyone else had this, or something similar happen after the 1.71 patch? Edit - OK! This is getting weird. Now the book and bedroll end up on the floor by the front door every time I go outside and come back in, whether or not I break anything down. The really strange things is; there are two bedrolls on that table upstairs (along with the book) and only one falls through the floor with the book. Edit to add a little more info: So I broke down the table upstairs, that the two bedrolls and the book were on, putting the two bedrolls and the book on the floor. Went outside and came back in and now the lamp is on the floor by the front door, but now the book stays on the floor upstairs and the two bedrolls end up on the floor by the front door.
  20. What is your most intense experience of the game? I was playing on voyageur as I was still learning the game. Survived 110 days before i died to a wolf that I got way too confident about. Began a new gameplay on stalker difficulty. Much better experience so far. And with that I've just had my most intense experience of the game. Spawned in desolation point and I survived the first 4 days scavenging for clothing and food trying to avoid the brutal -30°c average temperature. I'm now set up in coastal highway in a house with a fireplace behind the vas station on day 9 (night cycle for day 10). Ran out of food (just soda cans left) so i decided i would go pistol hunting deer for hide and food (i already have some hide curing and i want to make the deer boots). (Pistol hunting is not fun as i havent found a rifle or bow yet). Finally killed the deer and began harvesting what I needed. 9.2kg of meat. Yummy and delicious! Inevitably, the wolves also agree. I attracted a lone wolf on the lake and so rather than waste my resources scaring it away, exhausted and encumbered I decided I would just lead him back to my house and get in safely so I can deal with him another time. Ofcourse, I underestimated stalker difficulty and heavy fog came. Almost lost my bearings. To make matters worse I bumped into the pack of 4 wolves that have been camping just down the road from me. Popped my flare. Now I have 5 wolves all wanting my yummy goodness. I finally get back to the road by the two coastal houses and luckily (as ive turned to get my bearings) spotted a 6th wolf lurking behind a tree. Now, I have 6 wolves all barking at me but too scared to make a move on me due to the flare. Finally i spot my house, and as I approach my door I hear something that rattled my core. Yes, a bear was charging at me. Luckily I made it home with all my meat and hide / guts but now I have 6 wolves and a bear waiting for me outside my house. My heart was seriously racing. Share your most intense experiences
  22. After playing TLD for a few years, I have recently been contemplating the flare pistol. I have had very little luck with this item and wondered if perhaps I just wasn't using it to its full effect. My query is, how best does one use the flare pistol?
  23. Did they change how wolves react to revolvers? I'm playing on Stalker and wolves have previously a) charged when aiming a revolver and b) been scared off by a revolver shot. Now they a) charge as soon as I pull the the revolver, no aiming, just have it out and b) don't react in fear to a shot, probably because they're charging. Also, all of the wolves on the map (6 of them near the broken railroad shed) kept charging, even the ones up at the top of the slope. I'm trying to decide if this is a "feature" or a "bug". They were acting a lot like the wolves did when they first introduced the scent mechanic.
  24. Is there any particular reason to use snares rather than just hunt for rabbits yourself? Does it catch rabbits regardless of how depleted the rabbit population is? Or do people just use it to make their rabbit catching faster? On a similar note, what are the respawn times for rabbits on Pilgrim and Voyaguer?