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About Me

  1. I started my first survival save on Stalker. I developed a risk for intestinal parasites from eating too much wolf meat. Can I eat wolf meat on occasion and avoid it? Is there a general rule of how much I can eat? also how bad is it if you get it? Is it a death sentence?
  2. Haven’t posted in god knows how long, but I’m interested to know.
  3. I need to get to the Bleak Inlet cannery from Coastal highway. Can I get there through ravine basin or is that blocked off? I have 1 rope currently but I assume I would need 2 if it’s possible.
  4. I was wondering what storm lantern condition or lamp oil condition does (if anything) to effect burn time etc.
  5. Whats the best location to find a moose in Bleak Inlet?
  6. Where does meat last the longest? i usually store it in some sort of cupboard inside but I recently found a piece of meat I dropped in the snow at bait. It was at 80% which was much higher than the 50% that the indoor meat was at. so is it temperature linked or location?
  7. Whenever I intract a item than game goes black screen and only solution is to restart the game . What is solution to that playing on my PS4 pro . And some times it feels like game is slowing or hanging
  8. do survival games feature heavy hammer except intruder?
  9. Is there any reason for book reading to be only done in 1 hr increments? Countless times I ve miscalculated how much calories/water/daylight remaining and have my reading session interrupted because it's too dark to read/im too thirsty/hungry/tired to be able to read. The interruption makes sense but why would my character re-read 1/5th of the book when interrupted? For example, in comparison to book reading, crafting can be stopped & resumed at any time and I don't see any reason for book reading to not work in a similar way.
  10. So I need help I've been taking screenshots for the last 2 months ish after switching to pc (Xbox game bar seems too inconvenient, shortcut won't work) and cannot for the life of me find where they are. Looked it up and apparently they should be on my desktop. They don't save there for me. I have a tld instagram account (it's private though. No self promo from me) and I want to post some new stuff. I've been using f10 for hi res ones if that helps. Thanks for any help guys.
  11. Even if that's just a custom game option, a simple and radical saving system at "quit game" would be a blast and would make full sense with the permadeath feature in Survival... I understand the current saving system for story mode but the Survival Sandbox would really go a bit further into permadeath with a Minecraft-like saving system... Any chance that happens? PS: hunting has always been a bit simplistic in the long dark: may I suggest a trap/bait feature? Wolf traps, deer sent, peanut buttet bear bait... Idk... something "strategic"
  12. Hello there, I've just became a new addict to The Long Dark, and I would like to know if will have some kind of new building Options, not necessarily houses but, maybe storage devices?Like chests, bookshelves, kitchen stuff... though a full house would be nice too! Hehe
  13. Although I climbed down to the Ravine Basin in my last long Interloper run, that was a long time ago. So far this time I haven't found a rope. I've looked in the explorable rail car and the cave area beyond the break in the rail line to no avail. In the previous Interloper run, I used the flare pistol as a temporary weapon on my way to the forge in FM. I know the Ravine area well (before the addition of Bleak Inlet) and have run out of places to look. I did check the snow pile on the second floor of the bay area of the hydro dam, but don't remember finding one there after Steadfast Ranger
  14. Bone joor! There is something about campfires that's been confusing me for awhile now. The first thing is about the duration of fires when sleeping next to a one. I can sleep for 11 hours next to a fire that lasts 10h54min and have more than 5 hours left on it when I wake up. I haven't tested it much, but I tried it enough to know that - when I sleep next to a fire for a certain amount of time - there is more time on it than it should, sometimes by several hours. Also, I've noticed that fires can leave embers, but I think it has to last for few hour for it to have them? Also, I
  15. I came across a waterfall inside of a cave, and in order to move deeper into the cave, I **had** to travel across the waterfall, there were no other paths around it. What is the best way to travel across a waterfall, in order to avoid hypothermia? When I crossed the waterfall with all of my clothing on, the outer layers got completely soaking wet, and my body temperature instantly dropped to 0, which forced me to immediately build a fire on the other side of the waterfall to avoid dying of hypothermia. Running across a waterfall doesn't seem to reduce exposure time to the freezing cold wa
  16. Hello everyone! At the end of the second episode, we meet Methuselah near the hydroelectric power station. He says there are still secrets. I think this is a clear hint. At the same time, I completed absolutely all the quests. So what did he mean?
  17. Jynxer


    So, I finally got all of my badges (except for darkwalker, which I prob won’t ever get lol ) yay! I’m wondering what badges you all pick with a new save?
  18. Title basically says it all. Started streaming recently, for now focusing on variety of games. You can expect me to make dumb jokes and troll in games. But I love this game a lot, and I havent given it the time it deserves in past two years. I do wanna play this game pretty seriously, with my personal spin on it, of course. So, Im thinking about killing two birds with one stone - but having the community feedback means a lot to me! I am going to start streaming in about 50 minutes from now, and Im thinking The Long dark might be a good idea for a game. Im also thinking about str
  19. I wanted to run a "survey" in a sense, to see how much people got out of The Long Dark. For me, I bought the game for $14.86 in 2017 and I currently have 447 hours in the game. Doing the math, that makes me pay ~$0.033 for every hour I played. I'd say that's a steal for sure. For anyone that needs the "formula:" Amount Paid (In USD)/Amount Played (In Hours)
  20. Greetings! I'm attempting to acquire the feat for Snaring 100 Rabbits. I have a question about snares if someone would give me a idea answer. How do Snares actually work? Do they actually require a rabbit to walk through them, or do they have a chance to snatch a rabbit after a set time frame in a rabbit grove? This may be something I'll find out soon, but I'm hoping someone would give me some idea. Thank you have a wonderful day!
  21. Hi. I was wondering if, perhaps when wintermute is finished, is there a possibility for modding tools to some degree? Maybe a level editor, custom item support, ect?
  22. I have 2 questions actually. First, I’m working on filling a jerry can by fishing. When I started collecting I had about .10L of fuel in there and it showed %25. Why is it when I’m filling it with good fuel the percentage doesn’t go up? Does the %25 mean the condition of the can? Does it mean over time if I leave it, it will go to %0? Second, when upping fire starting skills, do you get more (or less) points for starting fires different ways? Eg. less points for using fuel, or more points for using mag lens? and I’ve actually thought of a third question whilst typing. W
  23. What do decoy's do? Any ideas how to use it effectively?
  24. Hello! A lot of time has passed since the crafting menu was changed. And I still cannot get used to it. It's very inconvenient. Text and menu icons are small, and all the lines merge together. Old menu was more comprehensible. So I decided to do a poll and find out if you would like to return the old crafting menu.