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About Me

  1. Hi Guys, I'm sure everyone had memorable moments during gameplay, I'm curious to know about your experiences. One of my scary and also funny experience was a desperate moment whilst trying to get food for the whiteout challenge. I saw a bear corpse on the floor. I got close to harvest it. The bear got up angrily and I sprinted in the other direction. I got mauled anyway and somehow survived. I never trust an animal body on the floor anymore. Maybe bears lie on the floor in random areas nowhere near caves... ? I don't know but that was a scream moment.
  2. What are some reliable spots to find maple saplings? I’m specifically interested in PV, CH, and TWM, but the whole map too. I thought I knew some spots but I have only found one in the last 38 in game days and I lost it somewhere.
  3. I just want to clarify what cinder hills coal mine is… do I have to go down there during an aurora for it to count or can I stay above? Or is it the mine leading to PV?
  4. Hey all! New to the forums! Greetings from Newfoundland Canada! Had the Game for at least 4 years now. LOVE the game so far and the addition of Ketchup Chips, and Maple Syrup is Genius. However, what about some other Canadian favorites? What do you all think about about left behind packs of "Cured Maple Bacon", or "Tin of Vienna Sausages"? The sausage tin could be used like the tin cans to boil water or make Teas, only you get 0.05kg of the product rather than 0.10kg. And of course the bacon would be a rare spawn. Also maybe add random cans of beer, which would also help thirst and h
  5. I started my first survival save on Stalker. I developed a risk for intestinal parasites from eating too much wolf meat. Can I eat wolf meat on occasion and avoid it? Is there a general rule of how much I can eat? also how bad is it if you get it? Is it a death sentence?
  6. I just started doing the challenges, and loving them! I’m wondering if it’s permadeath if you happen to die. I’m starting with the easier ones, then gonna try the harder ones. I’m guessing for the hard ones (darkwalker, as the dead sleeps) that it’s permadeath, but I’m on archivist and gonna move on to nomad. Just wondering since a bear just hugged me hard and it came to mind whether if she killed me all my progress would be lost 😀
  7. So after installing the new update, every region of my game has glitched/non-existing textures, including the outside of Blackrock. Examples shown are Ash Canyon and Broken Railroad. Tried upping the graphic settings, nothing worked. Verified the integrity of the files, didn't do anything. Asked almost everywhere about how to fix it, no one even bothers to reply. What a supportive community. Anyway, I don't know if its cause I'm playing on a win7, every other update I've installed worked perfectly, until now. So if anyone can help, it'll be gladly appreciated.
  8. Bonjour, je viens ici car je pense être bloqué. J'ai dépassé la mine, j'en suis sorti & pour avancer je dois descendre en rappel. Cependant, avant de commencer la mine je me suis fait éclater par un élan donc cotes cassées. En sortant de la mine il me restait une centaine d'heure de cotes cassées, il m'en reste actuellement 26 mais j'arrive à épuisement total de mon stock de nourritures, donc je ne vois pas comment faire. J'ai déjà tué & mangé le seul lapin disponible. Je n'avais pas ouvert la cachette des forest talkers mais il me manque un indice que je ne peux plus aller cherc
  9. Spoilers . . I can't get through the tunnels because of the suffocation. I watched a Youtube stream and that guy's game has the part in my screenshot gas-free. In my game however, as you can see, the suffocation risk still continues. How do I get through this? Am I missing something??
  10. Why there is not episode 4 trophies? When episode 3 came they added more trophies. I think it would be more fun with trophies.
  11. Spoilers . . . I can’t find my 4th page. If someone has a list of where they all are that would be great. bc I also do not remember which ones I do have.
  12. Merhabalar; 4.Bölüm 4.Kısım da bir hata ile karşılaştım bu hata ilerlememe engel olmakta ve geri yükleme yapmama rağmen sorunu çözemedim. Bu kısıma ilk giriş yaptığımda senaryo normal şekilde olması gerektiği gibi ilerliyor fakat ben olayı anlayamadığım için gaza ölüp yeniden hücreden başladığımda Mathis konuşmasını yapıyor kaçıyor ve koridor sonundaki konuşma gerçekleşmiyor. Mathis yok oluyor oradaki parmaklıklar da yok olmuş görünüyor. Buna rağmen ilerlemeye çalıştığım da Astride ait kutuyu masadan alamıyorum ve doğal olarak senaryo burada tıkanıyor ve ilerlemiyor.
  13. Spoilers . . . Is it bugged or something? I really need help with the steam pipe puzzle. If you have a walkthrough or anything.
  14. Spoilers So there's this part in Ep 4 where you just enter the steam tunnels and you have to turn a valve to unfreeze a door. The problem I'm having is that the door is locked and I can't find a key for it. Is that door supposed to be locked? Is there a puzzle I'm missing? What else am I supposed to do here to get the door open?
  15. I'm playing As the Dead Sleep right now, and I only have the crystal lake grave and the desolation point grave left. I arrive at Mountaineers hut and am ready to check the grave. However, I look at my map and look at the lake, and I cannot find the grave anywhere. The map states that it is on the middle of the lake... which doesn't really make sense, unless the body was thrown into the water and a cross was put on the ice where they were.... Am I blind, or is this grave actually hard to find? Is it actually on the lake? Side note: is there a category for challenges? I've had severa
  16. I'm playing the story mode and don't have a scent indicator. I tried looking this up but couldn't find anything, so I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature. I'm SURE I had one in the past. I'm playing on hardened survivor. At first I thought maybe this feature only got introduced with episode 2, but I'm in mystery lake now, and no matter how many guts and meats I carry, I get no wavy lines telling me how stinky I am. I tried restarting and reloading. I tried starting a whole new game. I tried to find some kind of toggle in the options for this. So, what's going on? Bug, or fe
  17. I remember that the old way of baiting wolves was dropping meat or fresh gut when the wolves spotted you (this was changed in an update a while ago), but how does it work now? If I drop something smelly, they ignore it and continue pursuing me. I see that there is still a "Wolves Baited" statistic in the journal, but I don't know how to do it. If I drop the meat when they smell me but don't see me, it somehow loses its scent and the wolf stops coming toward me and the meat. Is it not possible to do it at all anymore?
  18. As the tittle says. In Mystery Lake cairn #160 should be pretty close to #156 and a preppers cache, but I can not find it. I crawled all over the rocks above and still nothing. Did it move to another place? I'm using Travel Guide? EDIT: Found it quite a way from where it is on the Travel Guide Map - also it entails quite some creative climbing!
  19. Where are possible spawns for the key to the farmhouse in Mountain Town? I've found it in the truck and in the barn in a corpse, but nowhere else. I have 2 runs right now where the key did not spawn in either one of those locations. The first run is a voyager, the second is the As the Dead Sleep challenge. Is there a possibility that the key won't spawn? Does it not spawn on higher difficulties like As the Dead Sleep?
  20. Is there anyway to view your best time on a challenge without having to beat it all over again? I take screenshots of them, but sometimes I forget to take a screenshot and don't remember my best time.
  21. This isnt a "wishlist" thing but i wish they would open up their store again, does anyone have news if it will open soon again?
  22. What is your most intense experience of the game? I was playing on voyageur as I was still learning the game. Survived 110 days before i died to a wolf that I got way too confident about. Began a new gameplay on stalker difficulty. Much better experience so far. And with that I've just had my most intense experience of the game. Spawned in desolation point and I survived the first 4 days scavenging for clothing and food trying to avoid the brutal -30°c average temperature. I'm now set up in coastal highway in a house with a fireplace behind the vas station on day 9 (night cycle
  23. So, I visited Spruce Falls Bridge, Rocky Refuge and the Crashed plane (I checked all the specific locations) but I didnt find a polaroid, can anyone point out any other locations the polaroid could spawn? Thank you in advance.
  24. I put an arrow firmly into the head of a bear and it ran off. The next in game day I found the arrow laying on the ground somewhere else. I’m kind of confused if the bear survived and dropped it or if it still died. It was near a cliff incase that’s relevant. Also I’m used to having more time to kill them properly, but I was in a rush, so I’m unfamiliar with what happens when they run far. thoughts? Anyone else experienced this?