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Found 945 results

  1. Do you know, when Hinterland will open their merchandise store? It is been for a 9 month or something since it is closed
  2. What is your longest survival in any difficulty and what was your routine to last as long as you did
  3. Is there a reason why getting progress on feats is disabled in custom difficulties? It seems rather strange to me. It feels like a punishment for modifying to difficulty to my preference. I personally enjoy playing with high cold, a small number of predators, a large number of prey animals and lots of plants and natural resources. But with the feats system as it is I feel obliged to play on the official difficulties. I could see feat progression being disabled in custom difficulties of balance reasons, but in all honesty it doesn’t make any sense to me. It’s a single player game so it’s not like I’m ruining it for anyone else. And I honestly don’t see how one could really break the feat progression using a custom difficulty. I’d suggest just enabling feat progression in the custom difficulty modes. I can only see upsides for the overall player experience.
  4. I'ts been a while since I last used a hunter's blind as a save spot against animal attacks so I don't know in which game version this has changed but... Yesterday I decided to start a new Stalker game on Mystery Lake (that's the map I know best) and while harvesting a deer carcass at the Unnamed Pond a bear appraoched me. Since he was veeery close to me when harvesting finished I ran to the hunter's blind in the hope that the bear would start running away as in similar situations in older game versions. But no, once the bear arrived, he mauled me through the hunter's blind floor(!) and I got severly injured. This just reminded me of a similar situation in game version 0.393 where a bear charged me through the Misanthrope's Homested house on Costal Highway. He literally went through the house before I got mauled. Anybody knows if this is a bug? It's rather irritating (and quite frustrating) if wildlife is not subject to the same map barriers as the player.
  5. Whenever I intract a item than game goes black screen and only solution is to restart the game . What is solution to that playing on my PS4 pro . And some times it feels like game is slowing or hanging
  6. I'm on the island in Bleak Inlet just across from the Trailer near the Cannery. (Lower Left on the map.) There is a corpse showing on the map, and crows circling above it, but I can't find the corpse at any altitude - not in the cave, not on the hill, not on a ledge in between. One other player on Steam Forums reported this, but nobody there had an answer. Any ideas?
  7. Please let me know how to fix? Found below in logs maybe the cause in memory? Unloading 24888 unused Assets to reduce memory usage. Loaded Objects now: 135468. Total: 232.303683 ms (FindLiveObjects: 10.037551 ms CreateObjectMapping: 8.890766 ms MarkObjects: 205.725476 ms DeleteObjects: 7.649283 ms) AK Error: Event ID not found: 4116930988 AK Error: Failed posting event: Play_FootstepsWolfWalk AK Error: Event ID not found: 3665428624 AK Error: Failed posting event: Play_FootstepsDeerWalk AK Error: Event ID not found: 2219527232 AK Error: Failed posting event: Play_FootstepsRabbitWalk Also in logs: -- SystemInfo -- deviceType: Desktop processorType: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7360U CPU @ 2.30GHz processorCount: 4 systemMemorySize: 8192 Mb operatingSystem: Mac OS X 10.15.7 graphicsDeviceID: 0x0 graphicsDeviceName: Intel(R) Iris(TM) Plus Graphics 640 graphicsDeviceType: Metal graphicsDeviceVendor: Apple graphicsDeviceVendorID: 0x0 graphicsDeviceVersion: Metal graphicsMemorySize: 1536 Mb graphicsShaderLevel: 50 supportsShadows: True currentCulture: English (United States) en-US (en)
  8. I can't be the only one who loves the Timberwolf attack music right? It's genuinely tense. Sadly I can't find it anywhere. Does the music that plays have a name? On a different note, I love how The Long Dark makes regular animals terrifying. I've played a lot of horror and survival horror games and video games usually never really scare me at all. But hearing a wolf bark behind me never fails to make me jump. I've fought nasty zombies, demon monsters and horror beyond space in time in other games, but a simple wolf in The Long Dark scares me more then all of the former combined.
  9. Question for Interlopers: What behavior or play style gives you the biggest boost, in your opinion? I'll start: Tea. I did not realize the value in other difficulties as you find plenty of medicine and calories but in Interloper tea has several advantages: easy to get non-smelly, so you can safely transport calories to another location also gives hydration few calories but decent if you are in starvation mode boosts your cooking skill warmth boost increases your travel distance You can even separate medication and consumption: Drink 90% when you need the calories/warmth/hydration and the rest when you need the medication (which does not decay - so it is storable). I'm eager to hear what other players judge to be their best technique to make an Interloper run more enjoyable.
  10. Question for you survival experts. As the title says how do you balance your clothing? Do you try and keep weight low or go for maximum stats regardless of weight? Also do you always fill every slot when possible? I’m currently wearing all but one accessory slot with some good stat items and bonuses of 19c warmth, 7c windproof, 21% damage protection. But in total my clothing weighs almost 6.5kg and has my stamina down to 80%. Not too bothered about min/maxing myself, just wanted to know how everyone else deals with it and if you’ve found a sweet spot.
  11. This is probably a dumb question but I've managed to spawn in Bleak Inlet before on Stalker, but now that I'm trying out Interloper mode (I want to set myself a challenge of surviving only in Bleak Inlet), it seems impossible to spawn there. I've done dozens of new starts (I've filled up all my save slots about five times over by now) and I still haven't had a single spawn in Bleak Inlet. I get plenty of spawns in Desolation Point, in Forlorn Muskeg, in Hushed River, in Pleasant Valley and in Timberwolf Mountain but not once have I spawned in Bleak Inlet. Is this a deliberate thing with the game? Is Bleak Inlet not a region it's possible to spawn in on Interloper? Or am I just being insanely unlucky with RNG?
  12. Here's my reasoning for it. I was very new to survival games, and first player games. I was always more of an RPG/Pokemon streamer. So my Custom with Mackenzie was my intro into the game as I never finished story. I have never been to Coastal Highway. Desolation Point or Bleak Inlet. (In Bleak Inlet right now with Astrid). Coastal Highway and Desolation Point do not seem to be overly complicated maps and my Astrid custom is only easy so I can write the story to go along with it. With that being said, I feel the Mackenzie run did what it was meant to do, it helped me learn the game mechanics. I mean I still can't aim a rifle or a revolver the best, but I prefer the bow and arrow anyway. So I feel it's time to say goodbye to this Mackenzie and introduce a harder custom. I have survived on this custom, but I feel I would survive forever, between PV and TWM, I have food for months . .seems boring lol. I think the next time I play, TWM becomes my retirement home. Plenty of loot and food and a beautiful landscape to free fall from, unless Ash Canyon ends up being better hahah.
  13. Hi! I am sure this is answered somewhere but the forum search function gives me errors when I try "Xbox" AND "keyboard". I am considering buying an Xbox Series S - but only if I can play TLD with mouse and keyboard. I would also love to hear about experiences how the 1440p-Version looks and plays.
  14. As you all probably know there is a wolf that sometimes spawns between the trailers outside Carter Dam. Cutting you off from hauling meat from the Ravine to the Dam or just go exploring or to the lake. So I was wondering if somebody has an elegant (i.e. few resources spent and high chance of working) solution (i.e. kill) to said wolf. So no flares or melee. I know the "trick" with the rock on the left where you can crouch up and overlook if the wolf is there. And if you stand up he usually spots you and runs towards you but then he is under you / the rock and you can't shoot. And then runs away which is also very hard to hit... MyUsualMe had a nice idea with the snow shelter which is ok on resources (a few cloth and sticks) but seems like a time consuming effort. I will try a few things since I have that situation right now where I want to bring meat for crafting to the dam. But maybe somebody solved the situation already
  15. Another question of mnie that concerns The Long Dark this time. Can you bring back the invisibility of distant land like before (at the beginning)? It should not be forced but optional, to my mind. I do prefer the old way. For me, that update was like turning Oblivion game (that had the option to turn it off/on) into Skyrim, which lacks the option and the distant land (ugly or beautiful) has to be rendered whether you want it or not. Sad, especially because there is no mod that can ever change it because of the engine limitations. Thanks.
  16. So, I recently got my girlfriend into the long dark (which is the start to any great story). She bought the switch version and has been loving it - genuinely. She constantly goes on about she's really enjoying playing it and that she's especially enjoying working her way through the story mode. The first two episodes were thoroughly enjoyable for her and she moved onto the third episode a couple days ago. We're on a phone call and she, metaphorically speaking, turns to me and asks: "Why is the Pastor asking for all this wood, can't he just use his infinite fire? Is he that lazy?" Hinterland, please fix.
  17. When I launch TLD, I get to the warning screen like usual. After I click the screen or press a key, the screen goes black for about 2 seconds, then loads the main menu screen. As in, everything in the background is moving. I hear music, see the school I think it is that is in Mountain Town, either it's a wolf walking around or some birds flying. Everything is there on the screen, besides my ability to do anything. Game doesn't freeze, mouse moves around. It's basically a cool screen saver at the moment. Anyone else run into this? Anyone know what to even do? Tried reinstalling, didn't work.
  18. I just continued playing an old save from wintermute episode two, and since I left it almost finished, I was doing the side missions. I just completed the forest talkers, but when doing the mistery lake supply cache side quest, everything was going fine until I tried looking for the illegible note that is supposed to be on the lookout (Mistery Lake, right?) There is simply nothing there. I checked my inventory notes to see if I might have picked it up in a previous visit but is not there either, and I haven't read it since it's not showing on my sidequest journal along with other caches. I gues this is a bug? Any way out? I already have Alan's, clearcut's, forlong muskegs...
  19. Hi. Now that the Redux update launched a while ago, I've been playing the remade story mode. Before this remake, Jeremiah used to give you the location of his hatch near the Radio Tower in Forlorn Muskeg if you gained enough of his trust. I'm still in Chapter 2, and my next mission is to go to the Dam at night during the Auroras in the sky. I remember that's where the Episode 2 used to end, at least before the new update, I don't know how is it gonna be in this remake though. Anyways, I was just wondering does this hatch still exist in the same place, so I went to check, and found it from the same place. I remember it was only accessible during the Auroras, so I waited for them and went in. Inside, I found out you need some sort of a code now to get in from the door. So, I'm asking if someone would know; how can you gain access to this place now? It's probably a sidequest found from somewhere, but I can not be sure. I would appreciate any help if someone knows the answer. I don't mind spoilers if they are necessary when answering the question. Thank you in advance for the help.
  20. since last played story mode so far, long time past .game had a lots of update I made fresh start to wintermute. just finished first I'm in the mystery lake, should I search for ammunition of rifle or craft them? as I remember there are no any vehichle available in this territory. in the last episode, due to weight problems left all car batteries in Milton that I found.some batteries so useful turn them to scrap lead to make ammo, if ammo work bench available in the mystery lake of corse. I almost forgot all story location content since I've last played.
  21. I know this sound simple. I mostly play an earlier version of TLD, before the sprain warning system. In that version, pain pills fix it. I've seen comments relating to the newer versions that pain pills are virtually useless now. So, for the latest version, how do you treat a sprain?
  22. hello, i have a small (?) issue with surveying/mapping in survival (custom difficulty), some weird behaviour. doesnt happen always, but quite often and once it happens, cannot be undone no matter what i tried. when i first survey an area, reveal resources and area, all is well. but after collecting the resources and re-survey (to remove them from map to limit the clutter and to make it look pretty), more often than not they stay there, or even, previous ones appear that arent there anymore. like, i collect reishi-shrooms around an area, they arent on the map, even when i survey. some time later i re-survey to try to remove a sapling i already collected nearby, and suddenly those shrooms pop up on the map, and wont disappear. happens with other stuff (branches, liches...) too... anyone can offer suggestion for help or fix in this issue? (for resources that arent there anymore to reappear on the map). thanks
  23. I accidentally lose all my progression in the game except saves (feats, badges, story mode). Is there backups or something that allow to get back all of this ? I'm kind of disgusted of the game right now because of it.
  24. I think you have the white arrow marking your location on then map on this mode usually always, but if you save the game and leave, you lose the marker and it's never coming back, sometimes I also lose the toxic fog counter also. Makes this a lot harder if you don't know the maps in and out and because of the restricted vision, basically sometimes it gets kinda hard to leave the area before you run out of time because of the toxic fog and you got a bit lost on some areas. Anyone else having the same issues?
  25. After a random amount of time in game, the game freezes so that the display is frozen and needs to be shut down via windows or steam. Then when I reload the game and that file, there is no longer a cursor on the map showing me my character's location. Makes survival in unfamiliar maps nearly impossible with the fog. Anyone else seeing this/have a suggestion?