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  1. I think it would be cool to be added to survival mode. It would be just like attacking wolves. You have to rapid click to win the fight. You do lose health as the battle progresses in Wintermute, but I think on survival mode the health loss should be instant and faster, like with wolves. It would make it harder. Then the bear would run off, just like a wolf would, and you would have to find its carcass later. In my opinion, that's harder than using a gun and a car. I don't think it would be too easy. But wasn't it said in a Dev Diary several years back that the spear would eventually make
  2. Oh, I did not mean to say that the CH garage is a terrible base for everyone, I was just saying its bad for me. I jump whenever I hear a wolf bark super close by, and sometimes will click my mouse on accident. I was holding a bow once on Interloper when that happened. I left clicked on accident, causing the wolf to charge. I lost the battle. CH garage is actually really good if you can get around the wolves. I agree that they mostly stay on the ice anyways. Sometimes the bear can sneak up on you though, so watch out for that as well.
  3. Use flares. They won't attack you when you are holding a flare unless you continue getting closer to them while they are growling at you. But even then, they usually just run away. This works for both timber wolves and regular wolves. The timber wolves will bite you if you get too close, though. Also, the only time I actually ran into a lot of wolves was [Possible Spoiler] getting the medicine. All of the other times, I only ran into around 2 timber wolf packs. There are lots of scripted wolf areas, and for those, you just need to hold a flare.
  4. Ok, I'll give this place a shot at some point, if I can drag my Interloper run out of the Camp Office lol. Bears are very interesting in this game... I'm not surprised that you can craft without him attacking you. I had this happen to me a while back shortly after the Vigilant Flame update: Bear and Passing Time.mp4
  5. I do like that area, but my only problem is the workbench is outside. You need a fire going on interloper to craft there, and the bear comes by every now and then too. I didn't consider the fact that you can get coal from the mine there, so that is nice. I like the garage because of the work bench and moose spawn. Easy to hunt the moose in that area too. But I would definitely stay at the fishing camp rather than garage on Interloper.
  6. Definitely the camp office in Mystery Lake. Good weather there, easy access to fishing huts, rabbit area nearby for snares, and the path behind the building leads to a little area with limbs and sticks. There are also deer that sometimes spawn on the lake, and the wolves that spawn there are generally easy to get around. The bear on the lake is easy to kill as well with the fishing huts nearby. Two stoves inside the office and a workbench. If necessary, the forge in FM is not too far away. I also like Coastal Highway as well (specifically, the garage). However, I've lost a couple really
  7. I also think it would be neat to be able to cook soup such as what Grey Mother made in Ep. 1. It is not necessarily a "luxury" food, it would actually be helpful and useful to make. Perhaps we could have some kind of soup that would cure cabin fever. It would definitely provide a warmth bonus. Maybe an energy bonus? If you can get quality food, maybe you could get a little extra energy from it.
  8. I can confirm that they will take your coats, hat, and gloves. I'm not sure about the additional clothes if you happen to find an ear wrap, but you should probably take it off to be safe. Don't drop your stuff on the ground. Store it in a container, such as a car trunk or the firewood/storage container.
  9. I'm pretty sure it is possible to live forever, even if you don't play your resources very wisely at the beginning. That is, if you can get metal from beachcombing, and I am pretty sure you can. If you can, then you can repeat this cycle: Warmth: Some interiors have temperatures above freezing, so this is not a problem. Check Fatigue: There are beds all over the world. Bedrolls will eventually fade but are not needed. Check Hunger: Eating rabbits (costs no resources if you eat it raw. Not the best idea thought). OR fishing. Use knife/hatchet to break ice, which can be repaired
  10. I totally agree with you. I think some words were over used far too many times. The rating says "Mild Language," but how mild is Ep. 4? The story itself is outstanding in my opinion, but I am also disappointed with this as well.
  11. Ok, thank you for your help! I'll try it again later.
  12. I don't know how many of you have actually beaten this yet, but I need help with the end where you are escaping the building after the explosion. I just got the hard case and need to escape, but I don't know how to get to the power plant. I'm stuck on the elevated paths. They all look like dead ends. Anybody know how to get past this? I keep getting re-captured.
  13. Several people on the Steam forums are saying it will come out at 10:00 AM PST, so a little more than 2 hours from when I sent this comment.
  14. When you search a container, you can hear the character shoving things aside and digging through something, so what is he digging through? Perhaps he is picking up water bottles and coffee mugs. I think it would be a cool twist to add water bottles to the game, and wouldn't add that big of a challenge since I don't usually carry more than 3 kilos of water around with me on a regular basis. The only thing this would stop is stocking up water easily. It would cause a problem for the Whiteout challenge unless water bottles were abundant.
  15. Lol I just did that as well. I wanted to revisit the end so that I know what's going on when I start ep 4. It's coming tomorrow!