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  1. Ok so its not in the watch tower thingy? edit: I did go to the upland after searching the area down below. Edit. ok i was blind. DIdnt notice the big metal tower like 10 second walk off in the distance until night time when an aurora kick up. >.> thanks for pointing that out.
  2. Ok I must be a blonde or they need to re-word the note at the New region. Where is the code? Note makes it seem like its in 1 of like 3 places? I came in from forlong. So is the code static in 1 spot or is it like the rifle/revolver and could be in a few places? If its static could someone please point me in the right direction? I would hate to have to travel to every place the note says just to find out its in the last place and a 5min trip takes like 2hours. Please and thank you.
  3. a few weeks ago i was watching a streamer on mixer play The long dark for the first time. I was helping him out the best i could without being a backseat gamer. I mentioned fluffy in the damn and we got to talking. It gave me an idea and a wish. Why not a special monster of each animal? Rocky the moose? Jack the rabbit? Winnie the bear? Since timbers are comming to survival in new regions so I havent came up with a name for the timberwolf.
  4. I have no idea. First time i was in Dp during the aurora so sorry i cant tell you when it started up. Im hoping that im at the light house the next time its lit up to get a screen shot from the light house while its lit.
  5. Nighttime shot of the lighthouse during aurora. Taken from in front of the old stone church. Honestly this is the best view i found in game.
  6. i might be getting better with learning how to get the perfect angle on shots and getting better with the sway and such but i dont think i can ever be drop a gun bullet goes all around the world and kills a wolf thats about to pounce kind of good. But thanks for the vote of confindence ^.^
  7. Ok Ya i noticed hitting rabbits became a tad bit more harder no matter the means but has the hti box changed for all of the animals in game? I was just walking around with the rifle on coastal highway and saw a wolf off in the distance. Just say screw it and fired and i hit and killed it far enough away that it was a spec? same with a deer at best i hit its antler yet it dropped dead and with a bear well hard to miss a bear but i somehow managed to hit it with an accidental revolver discharge. either i found heat seeking 1 shot ammo or animals are way to easy to kill and the hit boxes have gotten bigger. anyone else exeperince this as well? or am i just going more crazy?
  8. @ThePancakeLady pretty much thats what my problem is. for me it just happens more with entering and exiting. But it pretty much randomly freezes up. Its not as bad as you as needing to force exit steam. I had a feeling it was either the last update for the long dark or with steam. I have had problems with steam lately so now im 100% sure its on steams end that this is happening. The long dark is not the only game ive had problems playing games with.
  9. I have been having a very similar problem. either i freeze up after enter/exiting a building and have to hit my windows key to unfreeze or after i enter/exit a building i can take a few steps then it freezes and win key to fix. Even if i dont enter/exit a building pretty much any transistion it has a chance of doing this.
  10. TheUnknown

    4DON Bug?

    Did not know that. Thanks. I normally tend to store stuff and not just drop it on the ground (outside of stuff that needs to cure).
  11. well so far i have gotten so good with killing wolves in 1 shot i actually have a stock pile of cured wolf pelts. Currently up to 40 wolf pelts and 2 wolf jackets. Only been mualed 2 times only cuz i ran into 2 wolves that did not growl or bark or anything i went over a hill and boom attacked by 1 and the other was right around the corner on Coastal highway. Close to getting 5 cooking just off of all the wolf meat.
  12. TheUnknown

    4DON Bug?

    Found out something weird. I keep a cup of coffee tea rose hip and mushroom on me to reheat if needed. Well i dropped them to cook some meat from a couple of wolves i killed and i noticed something. they boiled while on the ground next to the stove after i started a fire in the stove. Has anyone else experienced that? I though stuff had to be put on the stove to cook/boil not be placed right next to it.
  13. I am having so much fun with episode 3. I was so excited for it that i did not sleep last night. I was sitting watching steam until that wonderful Update required poped up on the long dark. I have been playing all day and took my time. Took way more then 5 hours. I am playing episode 3 again now to ensure I see things i know for sure i missed. I do not see my self getting tired of playing epi 3. I hope that epi 4 and 5 are just as good if not better. I honestly see episode 3 alone as good as fallout new vegas and oblivion. Just a hair below skyrim godlyness. Hinterland have my babies! Edit: Curses forgot something....-clears throat- I am commander astrid and this is my favorite episode on the citadel...couldnt resist. Mixture of 2 of the best games. ^.^
  14. Well i just started a new inter run yesterday and lets just say its one weird and lucky thing after another. I of course got spawned on timberwolf mountain. Out of about 20 plays 13-15 of them have been on twm. Well this playthrough i said screw it and made my way up to the plane which took forever and i pretty much became best friends with death only to scrape by just by dumb luck. Made it to the top to grab the flare gun and anything not in the containers since you need the hacksaw for it and holy freaking crap guess what was on a box next to a container....the freaking hacksaw. So a fresh new save and i already managed to luck out and get one of the best stashes in game. I pretty much filled up on food made some water camped a night up top then made my way down. Nothing really happened to much other then 2 things to go with that hacksaw and stash within the first 5 days of play. I made my way to mystery lake to camp out since i lucked out on several rabbits and had some metal and could find some here to make fishing line and well. Got attacked by a wolf. I keep the flare gun locked cocked and ready to rock incase. Since i know i was about to get ripped to shreds i got ready to say good bye to my best run ever and just fired a shot from the flare gun. to my freaking surprise that un mistakable grown. I did not know you could kill wolves with a lucky headshot. I killed it with a flare gun O.o. So now i have tons of meat i cant eat persay. will keep a couple pieces on me to keep off the hunger even though the parasite risk but its worth it if i can keep my well fed just long enough to get to the station near the lake. well when i got near that train car my luck kept freaking going. a freaking moose. Guess what. Yep i somehow managed to kill the sucker with 3 headshots from the flare gun and using the you can get me here but here your ai goes into run away mode. I brought down a moose and a wolf with 4 total shots of a flare gun sadly 2 shots left but now i got food for a while and so close to getting the moose hide items. How the hell does any of this happen? Did anyone else know you could kill with the flare gun or that you could bring down a moose with 3 flare shots? I guess this run is the games way of saying sorry for the 13+ times spawning and killing you on twm here have some great freaking luck. im still sitting here like wtf what the hell happened. am i dreaming? anyone else ever had a few bad runs of survival then all of the sudden the next run every thing goes right and no matter what you try it seems to keep comming in aces for ya in that run? i think this is by far my best ever run and dont think ill ever top it unless hinterland adds it way more areas for the next 2 chapters and adds in a few more items.
  15. For me it was something simple. My biggest moment in survival mode so far is both a facepalm and omg wtf headbutt desk combo. Until my current playthrough i have yet to ever make it safely without save scumming or taking days (real days) To get to the summit of timberwolf mountain to the airplane for the supplies there. I have tried my hardest to learn the regions without using maps found online. Well my current playthrough i made it to the fishing hut and the house at i guess the base of the climb. I said screw it and looked at a timberwolf mountain map and saw my biggest mistake. I was pretty much going south and then all the way around the long way to the summit. I failed to see that the inlet to the pond the stream from a waterfall and such was pretty much the direct route. Looking out from the house i was going pretty much behind the house and all the way around when just up the stream (face the fish hut is one corner and the stream from the water fall is the other) I could have saved my self a lot of trouble and time and headaches if i went up that stream path. i am still kicking myself for that. Guess my ego of being a gamer and not needing to look online got the best of me. So i ask. What was the one thing you done in survival that pretty much kicked your ass and after finding out why made you face palm or made you kiss your keyboard really hard?