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  1. Fair enough. Still, I'm sure many may find them a bit annoying.
  2. Ghurcb


    Raphael said, the team doesn't want to turn this survival game into a shooter, so your wish will likely never come true. I mean, The Long Dark has more than enough guns already, I doubt a shotgun can add something of value to it.
  3. They do indeed point away from sun, but it's not much of an exploit. "Stick north" (which should also be fixed imo) is way easier to use. The main problem I have with these shadows is that they break my immersion. I honestly WISH I could ignore it. And now everyone, who reads this post will forever be cursed by that knowledge.
  4. Now that I think about it, another way to fix this is to cast a shadow on the whole map. Like an invisible plain, and its shadow would become more or less visible based on the weather conditions.
  5. Shadows can be seen during the heavy fog and blizzard. Even when you can't see the sun. Even when you can't see the object casting the shadow. This part is really immersion-breaking for me. I look up - terrible blizzard doesn't let me see the sky. I look down - a perfect sunny day (a little windy, maybe). That's not how light works. I think, this issue can be fixed by linking the transparency of shadows to visibility of sun.
  6. Sometimes, I want it to be more specific. One arrow down, is it -1'C or -8'C? If you want to know, you'll have to open the status menu. I think that if it can be done without breaking the immersion, it should be. Like with the time of day indicator.
  7. It would be awesome if you wouldn't have to open your status menu to check the temperature. When you press Tab you can see the time of day, quests and the survivor's needs. Would make sence for it to show the temperature too. I mean, always having to open some kind of menu (for a few seconds, but still) just to check how cold it is... It breaks the immersion. That's how I think it should look (but with a semi-transparent background, of course)
  8. The meaning of the existing one is not so easy to guess. When I first saw it I thought that was an error. As if a sprite got lost. I know it's supposed to represent a slope. But that's just a triangle! A lot of new players won't understand what it means until someone tells them or they sprain a dozen of ankles. Not to mention that it looks kinda ugly... The Hinterland Studio artists are awesome. They know how to do their job and they do it with passion. But it feels like they spent no time at all designing this one. I think, it should look like a mountain. That would get the point ac
  9. You can't craft anything out of bandages. So why are they still in the "crafting ingredients" section of inventory? I think, Hinterland simply forgot to change it after adding the new (years old) recipe for wound dressing.