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    When wandering around the former towns of Great Bear, I keep noticing that a very particular vehicle is missing. No, it's not the hand cart. No, it's not the wheelbarrow (though I wish that wheelbarrows would be usable...) It's the bicycle, aka "The Ultimate Apocalypse Vehicle." It doesn't need fuel, is simple to repair and maintain, and is one heck of a lot faster than walking. You might be thinking "but wait, it's too snowy in TLD! You can't ride a bike." Nope! Judging by all the grass poking though the snow, the fact that the player doesn't sink into the snow very far, a
  2. A few tips when it comes to intestinal parasites: Eat bear meat whenever possible over wolf meat (more calories). Eat as much meat as possible in one shot. The risk of intestinal parasites is the same whether you eat 1 kg or 0.01 kg of predator meat. Level up your cooking quickly, so you get more calories per piece of meat. Eating one piece of meat gives you a 1% risk, the second one is 4%, and every piece after that adds 5% to your risk of getting parasites. You can calculate the risk of getting intestinal parasites (R) over a time period, where x is the number of
  3. I want to make a minor addition to the point you just brought up. Don't be careless after an update is released. Maybe you've used a particular cave as a base for weeks in-game, and found it to be totally safe. Months/years later (IRL) you come back to the same location, expecting it to be safe. Unbeknownst to you, in the meantime, Hinterland decided to add a wolf spawn node there. Or, they may have changed the wolf/bear AI such that a predator can now reach you where they previously couldn't (i.e. if you don't close the door on the Mountaineer's Hut, a wolf can follow you inside). Or the
  4. Are you specifically referring to caves with an interior? If yes, then the Ice Caves in Hushed River Valley have got to be my favourite. The ice rooms are so convenient, they're lit up 24/7! Misty Falls Cave with its hidden room would be a close second.
  5. Interesting that you mention that, because this is something I've noticed too. There's times I've played Stalker and I can go for days without any issue with wolves. Then, all at once, I can run into wolf after wolf for the next few days. I think it has everything to do with each map having a set number of wildlife spawning nodes, and only some fraction of these are them active at any one time. Every few days, new spawning nodes are activated while others are deactivated, causing wildlife to be moved to different areas of the map. So yeah, if you're in camp office and not seeing any wolve
  6. I enjoy a good night-time travel sometimes too, and it's true that the best time to travel in Interloper is from about 11AM to 11PM or so. Keep in mind, though, night traveling has its own dangers too. I don't recommend doing it myself unless the weather is halfways decent. Fog at night can make navigation extremely difficult, and a night-time blizzard is pretty much the worst thing to travel in.
  7. That's actually something that's easy for you to figure out. Drop an uncured gut, hide, or sapling in the porch. If it starts curing, it's an indoor location. Otherwise, it's an outdoor location. I'm pretty sure the porch is an outdoor location, however.
  8. Here's a thread where this was discussed not long ago: In short, the points brought up here are that a modern car, which relies on a computer to control the ignition timing and fuel injection, is unlikely to run (granted, some PC's do work during the Aurora, so it's by no means impossible). You'd have more luck with a carburated car which uses breaker points for ignition, but even that won't run if the fuel pump and/or were fried. One of the old diesel tractors would be a better bet. Judging by their age, they probably have a mechanical lift pump and a mechanical injector pump. Befo
  9. I most often play as Will, partly because I'm a man, partly because I find Astrid's in-game voice makes it sound like she's really bored all the time. The main complaint about Will is that he seems to have an addiction to pop. Every time he finds one, he says "Exxxcellent". The irony is that I can't stand pop, so my real comment to finding a can of pop in a filing cabinet would be "Ughh..." It would be cool, though, if there actually was some difference between Will and Astrid's stats in-game. Maybe Will could carry 5kg more than Astrid when he's not tired, but could carry 5 kg less when
  10. 200,000 pounds of steel with a pointy end vs a 500 pound bear? I don't think that there's much question of how that encounter will end If this were to be integrated into Wintermute, maybe Will could get dragged into the bear cave, and say something such as: This bear is far too big and powerful for me to kill in a hand-to-hand fight. Maybe if I could attach the bear spear to something heavier, I'd have more success? Then the goal of the episode would be to avoid the bear, get back to the locomotive engine, and attach the bear spear to it using cured gut (from one of the Old Bea
  11. I am currently recording a survival tutorial series on YouTube. So far it covers how to survive your 1st night, how do deal with wolves using flares, where to find clothing, and the basics needed to get started in Voyageur. I have recorded the episode on how to get the Technical Backpack which does show where the ropes spawn, but need to edit, render, and upload that... it may not be out for a week or so. In time I plan to record more episodes, such as how to find the moose-hide satchel, how to climb Timberwolf Mountain, how to craft ammo, etc. To answer the OP's question: a rop
  12. Maybe this method of dealing with the Old Bear, which would only involve one mauling, followed by a stealthy escape to the mainline, would be more up your alley? The post where I wrote this is from this thread here.
  13. FYI, the wolf in the cannery pier workshop is officially known as Fluffy in the changelog. Scruffy is the wolf in the big cave in Desolation Point. The wolf in the Hushed River Valley ice cave has no commonly accepted name for some reason.
  14. Miner's Folly is supposed to be a rather good long-term base, especially if you have level 5 cooking. It's completely safe from wolves, and the bear's a big target, easy to hit with a bow. Firewood isn't that easy to get, but there's coal in the cave not too far away, and a deer does spawn sometimes along the path leading down to Homesteader's Respite.
  15. @ajb1978The save problem has been made a little easier. The game now saves if you pass time when cooking, so making a cup of tea or some water is a viable way to save the game. Still, a save-anywhere feature would be nice. And, as with any controversial feature, this could be either enabled/disabled when first creating a world.That way, everyone should be happy.