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  1. Hello everyone, I just finished episode 4 this morning before going on a hike, and here's what I think of it. I'll try not to spoil too much of it for you, but here's my two cents. Storyline: B- This is ironically the one area that I think wasn't quite as good as the other episodes. Overall, Mackenzie getting supplies for the convicts while secretly aiding Jace's plans to prevent Donner from being released is a decent story, and is a good strategy for anyone who does get abducted. The side missions, which provided useful supplies, were also well thought out. However, the actual
  2. Well, I died something like eight times... lol
  3. @LeeandaFound my way out now, thanks! Looks like my screen brightness was too low to see the ramp leading onto the desk. I do like playing TLD in a room with a window, but it does mean that I need to adjust the brightness based on outdoor conditions.
  4. Hello, I can't seem to figure out how to get through the suffocation maze at the start of the final chapter of Episode 4. I manage to get through the air duct and get under the fallen filing cabinet to the two rooms off the hallway behind it, but both of those rooms seem to be dead ends. Is there something I'm missing?
  5. Glflegolas


    @piddy3825The aggressive wolf at No Road Cave would have been perfect to end such a chase. Let's imagine that Will, after a long run, gets tired and decides that this cave is a good place to get a quick rest while the wolf's away. A short time later, Mathis, having lost all his thugs to timberwolf attacks, follows Will's footprints into No Road Cave. Seeing Will resting there, he proceeds to have a little "pre-execution chat". Unbeknowst to Mathis, he's being followed by the cave's canine owner. Just as Mathis raises his axe to do the job, there comes a loud bark. Will shouts "WOLF!!!" bu
  6. The best way to fight multiple attackers is to know your enemy. What we know is that Mathis is the leader of the group, and that Mathis is very impatient, loses his temper quickly, and isn't good at long-term planning. If I were Will, One plan that I could come up with is to take out one of Mathis' thugs from a guard tower with the rifle, then immediately head for the exit door. When Mathis sees what happened, he would almost certainly go mad with rage, and his mind would be focused on one thing: ending the shooter's life. Any other hazard would essentially lose all meaning to him. Next,
  7. Personally I think that Blackrock is north of Pleasant Valley and connects to Ash Canyon. Why do I think that? First let's start with the evidence that Blackrock is close to Ash Canyon. If you search around Blackrock, there's a note somewhere (don't remember where) that states that the rivers around Blackrock contain lots of gold (see "Building Blackrock, Part 3). Where else is there a lot of gold? Well, Ash Canyon has a goldmine. There is also a rope bridge in the north of the map crossing a narrow ravine, something that's very much like Ash Canyon. Finally, the official description of A
  8. Yeah I've heard that from other people. @Admin, can something please be done about this? An invincible demon bear in Episode 2 is one thing, but Mathis and the cons are mere mortal humans, and there's no way that they should be immune to gunshots. Either make it such that firearms can't be brought past the guard room, or hide the cons in locations where they can't be shot at.
  9. At this point in the game, I feel like the convicts must be pretty deaf, at least to gunshots. Why? I've shot both the rifle and revolver at least 20 times in total in various locations around Blackrock. I even shot the revolver in the small wooded area just to the north of the prison. Did the convicts react? Nope. Surely, they must have heard the gunshots, for the sound of gunshots carries for miles. Apparently, Mathis and his thugs aren't very clever, as they can't seem to figure out that Will has a firearm (who else would be shooting guns all across Blackrock?), or, they simply don't c
  10. There are people who work in my lab that use as much, if not more profanity, than those criminals. I hear my PI say "oh F--k off" or "oh, F--k" at least once a day. And one of the grad students drops an f-bomb every time he breaks the tip off a Pasteur pipette and has to fish it out of the vial (which takes all of 10 seconds). I probably use the least amount of profanity of anyone in my research lab, and, in my YouTube videos, there is no profanity, period. So, yeah, the language in Episode 4 is pretty much what you'd expect from a gang of hardened career criminals. @Admin: I'm sure Pauls
  11. The Quonset wolves are only useful once you reach level 5 cooking. Otherwise the wolf meat is simply too risky to eat on a regular basis. The same can be said for the wolves near the Hunting Lodge though... unless you get lucky with the moose spawning nearby that is.
  12. A few weeks ago, I decided to write a blog post on the wiki in which I discuss the pros and cons of living in each region as a long-term base. One thing you won't find there, however, is any advice from me regarding where to live -- and that's because there is no fact-based, unbiased answer to that question. The only thing you can get, whether on the forum or any other website, is someone's opinion, and my goal with the blog post was to help you make your opinion. My opinion: Ash Canyon is a beautiful region to explore. If only it weren't so cold, I would seriously consider livi
  13. Looks like Episode 4 will be coming out on the day of my MSc seminar
  14. Wolves are the most common animal that you'll need to deal with. If a wolf does detect you and you walk away at a constant speed, the wolf will almost never get close enough to initiate the charge, unless you're very encumbered and moving very slowly. If the wolf does charge, you can outrun it for a short time by sprinting if you're not encumbered. Stones, gunshots, flares, campfires, torches, and bows are all excellent ways of dealing with pesky pooches. Wolves will flee from thrown stones if hit, and gunshots often scare them away. Also, they won't get too close to a burning campfire or torc
  15. It's the cave in the north of Desolation Point. Difficulty is Interloper.