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  1. Exactly -- TLD is a strategy game, and the tips listed in this forum thread are very similar to chess opening theory. Killing a wolf by intentionally getting into a struggle with it (for an example) is akin to developing your queen early on in the game; it's generally not a good idea, but, under the right circumstances, it just might pay off.
  2. The bedroll doesn't spawn there on Interloper. You're welcome to edit my blog post for yourself, if there's an error in anything I wrote.
  3. I've compiled some of these tips from this thread in a blog post on the wiki, so that they're in a more reader friendly format.
  4. I'm not sure that there should be a way to defend yourself in bear struggles. Realistically, if a bear wants to kill you, there's not a whole lot you can do about it without the right weapon. A small hunting knife? That won't do much. A crowbar? Forget it. The revolver? Might work, might not. A hatchet? If you manage to get a solid hit on the head, it might work. The only melee weapon that should work reliably is a pike or the equivalent, if you managed to brace it securely before the charge (same as the bear spear in story mode). Fortunately, bears leave people alone IRL, so it's not somethi
  5. This can even be a half-decent challenge on Voyageur TBH. I once started in Hushed River Valley in Voyageur and stayed there for 14 days and, I'd have to say, the first week or so was considerably more challenging than I first predicted. And I'm somebody who knows most of the regions fairly well. I tried living for 14 days in Broken Railroad without leaving on Stalker and... I did not succeed. I lasted about a week or so. On the other hand, I tried this same challenge in Pleasant Valley and it was pretty trivial. When you're confined to a region, Broken Railroad and Desolation Point can
  6. I would tend to agree with everyone here. Both Ash Canyon and Hushed River Valley are well worthwhile exploring, and each have their strong points. Ash Canyon: I like to think of this as a bit of a cross between Timberwolf Mountain and Pleasant Valley. There are three places that I like to call home, and if you get bored in one, just move on. Wolves aren't too hard to avoid, and there's only one location that has a bear. The map has good moose hunting opportunities, and, as long as you have lots of arrowheads, there is little threat of running out of arrows or bows with the number of sapl
  7. You don't get cabin fever from sleeping in caves... lol
  8. @The Orange BirbWell, the map was meant to be a combination of Coastal Highway + Desolation Point + Hushed River Valley, so I think it fits that bill pretty well.
  9. Here's the hand-drawn map of the island I made.
  10. Hello folks, Just wanted to bring this to your attention. When crossing the wooden arch bridge just west of Miner's Folly, there's a couple of ways for your survivor to get stuck. If you don't know which one I mean, here's a picture. There's a couple ways to get stuck here. If you wander off the planks laid across the centre of the bridge and end up falling onto the round wooden beams, it is very difficult to free yourself. The second is if you accidentally walk too close to the edge in the spot where the railing is broken. You end up falling onto the bridge's support beam
  11. Update: I've hand-drawn about 60% of the map. It should be done by the end of the week.
  12. Wow! That's something I'll have to try in Interloper!
  13. I took these measurements relative to the connection via Echo Ravine, you might get different results if you took them from the connection via Deer Clearing. Don't forget, however, you're fairly high up in Ash Canyon when you enter via Deer Clearing, so the summits aren't as high as you might think. Unfortunately, there's a minor issue with any altitudes I took relative to Coastal Highway... you go down so much from the mine entrance to Pleasant Valley that the farmstead would end up being 3 meters below sea level, which doesn't entirely make sense. I may have to take all altitudes relati
  14. I've done a few measurements of Ash Canyon. Shattered Cove: 15m Spot near the mine descent rope: 360m Angler's Den: 41m Foreman's Retreat: 235 The altitudes here are nowhere close to those of Mountain Town or Hushed River Valley.
  15. As everyone here knows, The Long Dark takes place on a large island known as Great Bear. There are all kinds of smaller islands that surround it, but all the islands that have been added so far are quite small. I suggest that it's time to add a much larger offshore island (roughly the same size as the Mystery Lake map) to the game. Because the main island is called Great Bear, It's only logical that this smaller island should be called Little Bear. Why do I think an offshore island would be a good choice for a new region? While we've had some great new regions over the years, each with th