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  1. Also hint: don't pickup the empty casings with the revolver equipped. That's a good way to cause an accidental discharge. I speak from experience.
  2. I do like the broken railroad, except for the fact that it's extremely difficult to avoid wolf attacks there. There's literally wolves EVERYWHERE you go. Crossing that rickety trestle is probably my least favourite trip in the game. I have only done it twice, and it was no less unpleasant the second time than the first. Usually I go through Pleasant Valley if I want to go from Mystery Lake to Coastal Highway.
  3. Not sure if this has been asked yet (my apologies if it has) but which region in The Long Dark do you enjoy most, and why? I guess I'll start by listing my top picks: Coastal Highway: Possibly the best region for long-term survival, I enjoy this region because there are a lot of buildings to search through, all the major sources of food are available (hunting, fishing, trapping), it's not too far to get to the forge at the Riken, and the Quonset Garage has an accessible workbench. Most often, my long-term survival base is on Jackrabbit Island. That's because it's very safe from wolves, and even if there are wolves on the ice, they're easy to spot from miles away, assuming visibility is OK. Besides, you're living on your own private island? How much cooler could it possibly get? Temperatures aren't too cold either, except in blizzards. Finally, I like looking across the sea or towards the mountains on the mainland, especially during the aurora. Hushed River Valley: This might seem to be the polar opposite of Coastal Highway in terms of plentiful loot, but in truth, there's a decent amount of loot to be found in the caves and hidden caches. Additionally, the map has all kinds of narrow, hidden passageways going in many directions, which can provide shelter from inclement weather, along with beautiful vistas wherever you look. The ice caves... did I mention those? Great loot, and arguably one of the best places to turn into a base as they're fairly warm inside. ALSO, the ice rooms are well lit, allowing you to study books at any time of day or night. The views available on this map are excellent, and there are plenty of small caves wherever you need to find a place to duck inside when the weather goes south, although chances are you'll have to make a campfire to keep yourself from freezing. While there are predators, you can avoid them fairly easily if you know where to set up your safe-house. It's truly a perfect map for pretending you're doing Man vs. Wild, with its lack of man-made shelters. The only two complaints I have with this map: you can't fish (so getting lamp oil is near impossible), and there's no workbench. Forging is also very difficult, as you have to travel to the Broken Railroad/Forlorn Muskeg. Timberwoif Mountain: Although this is the coldest region, it luckily doesn't have any timberwolves (weird right?), and its lack of man-made structures aside from the Mountaineer's Hut can also give this region a very Man vs. Wild ambience. Just like in the Hushed River Valley, there are beautiful vistas from all the mountaintops. If you remember to bring along a hacksaw, there's weeks worth of food and supplies in the cargo containers. Two major advantages of this map over the similar Hushed River Valley is that you can fish and craft at the workbench. My major complaint with this map is that it requires a lot of rope climbing to get anywhere, and you have to travel a very long way to find a forge. These are my personal favourite regions. What are yours?
  4. Be careful of noclip glitches -- when you're inside a shelter that doesn't have a loading animation, don't stand too close to the walls. I once led a bear onto Crystal Lake, and decided to hunt him by taking a shot from the doorway of the Mountaineer's Hut and quickly closing said door. I did manage to get the door closed, but still got mauled through the closed door. (the bear did show up, dead, on the ice of Crystal Lake the next morning)
  5. The two things that I find most annoying: Getting stuck on small things that look like they'd be easy to step over but aren't My poor skill with hunting using the rifle
  6. Wolves can now enter buildings/caves without doors and cross log bridges? All the better, I say. But I do believe they should stay a few meters away from lit campfires (if they don't anymore). As far as I know, animals still can't climb stairs... which is kind of weird. It would also be interesting if bears could push over dead, fallen trees that you're hiding under. Right now, squatting under a fallen tree makes you almost immune to attack... which I'm pretty sure wouldn't work in reality.
  7. I generally do bring a bedroll whenever I go anywhere in survival mode, especially in the more remote areas -- the extra 1 kg is worth it. It can save your life. In story mode I usually don't bother (except in the Forlorn Muskeg), as most the areas aren't that remote.
  8. The ambience -- sights and sounds. (there, in 5 words!)
  9. Hmm. I shot at a wolf once and missed, and had time to get off a second shot. This still didn't affect the wolf. Maybe wolves are now only scared of gunshots that pass very close to them? If that's the case, the sway of the rifle makes it nearly useless for self-defense.
  10. That's the bane of my existence in this game. I can't hit anything with the rifle unless it's at point blank (a.k.a. sneaking up on something until I'm ~10 paces from it). The gun sways too darn much... and I've been playing for 155 hours. The revolver is a little easier for me, I can often land a successful hit from a little farther away with that.
  11. Hey folks, I'm playing intermediate difficulty in Wintermute, and it doesn't seem like the hunting rifle has any effect on wolves whatsoever. I took two shots at a wolf, and still got into a struggle. Anyone else experience this? Wolves are scared of gunshots in survival mode.
  12. Watching the sun set over the Forlorn Muskeg. The colours in the sky in this game are simply amazing.
  13. Hello everyone, I've been playing The Long Dark for close to a year now, but haven't got myself an account here until fairly recently. Some of what you might like to know about me is listed on my profile page, but, I'll also list a few additional details here. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada, and have visited every single region in The Long Dark -- though not quite every location. My favourite part of the game is to walk around in Voyageur difficulty, taking screenshots of the landscape whenever I find something particularly interesting. Why am I called "Glflegolas"? It's not my real life name, but it's been my gaming/online name since 2010, which is when I signed up for an account for an MMORTS called War of Legends. At that time (as now), I was kinda into Lord of the Rings, and I particularly admired Legolas' amazing bowmanship skills (far better than mine, whether in real life or in games). I tried "Legolas" "LegolasGreenleaf" and "LegolasGlf" but all of those weren't available. Finally I went with Glflegolas since that was available, and... it's been my online/gaming username ever since (I guess I'm not creative enough to come up with other usernames). I also go by the moniker "NSEasternShoreChemist" on Wikipedia and WikiHow. In case you're wondering: I'm a man, and my preferred nickname online is "Glf".