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  1. I guess the goal here will be to speedrun from Broken Railroad to the Desolation Point lighthouse as fast as possible. IDK if I can use one flaregun shell every day though, that depends on how many spawn at the plane crash. EDIT: I wonder if the Hushed River Valley would also make for a good starting region? The trip from there would be nearly as long as from Broken Railroad, though by starting in Broken Railroad I guess I could start in the Hunting Lodge and role-play being the last surviving member of the Forest Talkers.
  2. I seriously have got to try this for my next YouTube series -- after I do Escape the Darkwalker. It sounds really fun and I'm up for a good challenge.
  3. Have you been to Bitter Marsh?
  4. There's only one major region that doesn't have a workbench, and that's Hushed River Valley. You likely won't need a workbench in the early game though (if you're not playing Interloper), it's mostly used to craft clothing from cured hides and guts, along with snares. If you need snares early on, you can find them in a few regions, namely Hushed River Valley and Ash Canyon.
  5. If you want an easy target to hit with a bow, shoot at bears. They're so big that they're very hard to miss. Just make sure you have a vehicle/structure to hide in so you don't get mauled! Deer can be tricky to hit, for if you aim a fraction too low, you'll shoot between their legs. Wolves are slightly easier in that regard, they're not so tall.
  6. That's because you have filtered the recipes to show only those you can craft on an ammo workbench. Let me annotate your image and show you what I mean.
  7. The fact that you can't jump can be frustrating sometimes, I get it. But it's realistic. When I'm carrying a full backpack in real life, the highest things that I can step over (which, I do confess, would be convenient sometimes) are about 30-35 cm high (and I'm around 185 cm tall). When it comes to actually jumping straight up, getting up onto something that is taller than around 50-60 cm is extremely difficult. If I'd have to get up onto something taller than 50-60 cm while wearing a full backpack, I'd have to run full speed towards the thing I'm trying to get up.... at this point, it become
  8. @R0ughHab1tz You can have several (up to 25) playthoughs active at once, if you'd like, and you can start afresh in each region (there are 11 in total). If you need to save, it's very easy to do if you're in any region that has lots of buildings. If not, the simplest is to sleep/pass time for an hour. Remember that The Long Dark is a game that's all about planning and decision-making, and that includes finding safe places to save the game.
  9. Yeah, Bleak Inlet is definitely its own region. The weather's much colder than Coastal Highway, and their main industry was canning sardines, not catching them. Not to mention that it's the only region with timberwolves.
  10. Hello folks, In my "Coastal Highway Stalker Survival" YouTube series, I considered Desolation Point to be a sub-region of Desolation Point, and didn't bother to make a separate season of Stalker Survival for Desolation Point, which was a region I'd never explored on camera before. Now, you may ask, what is my rationale for considering Desolation Point (along with Crumbling Highway) a sub-region of Coastal Highway? First-off, the most obvious; both of them are located along the Coastal Highway and are on the coast, side-by-side. Both of them show a similar history of mining and fishi
  11. Possibly the funnest way to play Survival Mode is to publicly announce some objective, then stream your gameplay on Twitch or record YouTube videos -- this is an extremely fun game to watch people play, too. In general (there are exceptions), my goal in Survival Mode is to explore a region as thoroughly as possible within about 14 in-game days, though occasionally, I do combine multiple regions; an example of that was where I also played in Desolation Point during my Coastal Highway survival experience.
  12. Or, they may have hopped into Escape the Darkwalker -- I'm pretty sure the entire map is revealed in that game mode.
  13. Hmmm. I haven't fought timberwolves since the update, but I do find it odd that they're exclusive to Bleak Inlet, along with Pleasant Valley in Story Mode. Maybe a wolf spawn node should have a rare chance (1 in 20 or so) to spawn a timberwolf pack instead of a normal wolf in all regions of Great Bear? This could be a Stalker-exclusive feature if it's something that's likely to become annoying.
  14. Or, another explanation: the survivor has burned so much coal by 300 days that he increased CO2 levels in the atmosphere sufficiently to bring about a greenhouse effect that ends the long winter.
  15. Came across this dude in a cave near Upper Falls in Pleasant Valley. (The fire was re-lit by me, as I was rather chilly) In the back of the cave, there was a bottle of water, and a broken arrow. The fellow had shoes on him. There was nothing in the plastic container. To me it looks like this fellow was living in this ave for a while, likely stunning rabbits with stones, and maybe trying to shoot the bear nearby with an arrow. It appears his luck ran out when he lost his bow making his arrow useless, and was forced to rely on the few supplies he stockpiled in the plastic container. So