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  1. Fire strikers can't be used like a lantern...
  2. Great Bear Island canonically has a prison (Blackrock Federal Penitentiary) and possibly an airport (Mackenzie flies to Great Bear instead of taking a boat, plus the two other downed aircraft), so why can't we go to these areas? It would be interesting to see how a prison would hold up against Winter, and where those aircraft were flying to (and if there are more?)
  3. JackTrysGames


    This could be limited to Survival, or maybe extended to challenges or maybe even Wintermute. One person would play the main character (Will, Astrid, etc.) The other players would either play the alternative (e.g. whatever the first person didn't pick) or a side character (Jebediah, Father Thomas, Molly, Methuselah). Gear and food would have to be split between both people, but they'd both have their own inventories and gear slots! Who knows, maybe a secondary player might even be able to heal wounds you normally wouldn't survive, or shoot a Timberwolf mauling you?
  4. Would you really take every single Bic or Zippo lighter in your house with you if you had to leave?
  5. If you're on Wintermute, then it's called Green Survivor. There's no Custom in Wintermute...
  6. This is a decently balanced topic, well done. The cameras might be worthless, though, because of Steam screenshots.
  7. You can find lighter fluid around in the form of Accelerants, so why not Lighters? You could find them on porches, in cars, occasionally in houses, and largely in commercial areas such as the Orca Gas Station. The design would be a standard Zippo (or maybe Bic) lighter with the Hinterland logo on it. You could use it to start fires, or as a poor quality light. You could also use it with the spray cans to produce a "special" effect...
  8. There's a metric ton of backpacks scattered throughout the entirety of Great Bear. Why not put one on and use it to carry items? It would make late game a lot easier, and would help with scavenging.
  9. A recent update removed the ability to mod the game, crippling a major part of the game's community. I speak not only for me here, but several hundreds of people. Bring back the ability to mod the game, please.
  10. I played this game off and on, eventually got really into it, so here I am now