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  1. Salted meat is one thing. Jerky is another. Having made my own jerky before, the amount of time it takes to make jerky is significant. I use my kitchen oven, placing the jerky on cookie sheets. Depending on the fat content of the meat, it can take anywhere between 3 to 6 hours per batch. Translate that into the game, and we're looking at minimum triple the preparation/"cooking" time of the meat you're looking to jerk. Not to mention that there isn't a proper apparatus in game to do it... except maybe the fire barrel, since it has a grill. But even so, you don't jerk meat over an open flame, but rather over a low, consistent heat. Embers would be ideal, but good luck getting embers to last multiple hours. Besides, even with the meat from big game like bear and moose, you should never run into a problem where the meat decays faster than you can eat it.
  2. As the thread title suggests. Give wolves and bears an increased chance to charge at you from farther away when you have a sprained ankle. Reason: You're limping. It's obvious to any living creature with eyes that you're wounded and in discomfort. That makes you vulnerable. And you being vulnerable makes them more bold.
  3. I'm here on my quest to capture all the buffer memories in the game. ALL of them. Once I'm done with Broken Railroad, I'll just have Orca Gas Station and Milton Credit Union, then I'll be done. Assuming I don't die. Which would be terrible. I'm almost 600 days in.
  4. This, after I had just killed the bear that roams around on the other side of the river in the Broken Railroad zone: Sheesh, this is a dangerous zone!
  5. Which is why I specified wildlife/burn damage.
  6. Climb down? What, down into the Milton Basin? That can't be a bug. Once you climb down into the Milton Basin, the rope snaps and you can't get back up. What better time for Methuselah to BE in the gas station?
  7. I see where you're going with this, and I think you would have been on to something, were it not for the redux's of Episodes 1 and 2. Before Ep1&2 Redux, Mackenzie spent a lot more time down in that valley after the crash. It served as the game's tutorial. But after the Redux, you climb out of that valley after just a day or two, I think. You don't even have to harvest the free deer carcass for food. In either case, by the time Mackenzie gets out of the valley, Astrid is already out of Milton. I think that it stands to reason to assume that while Mackenzie is in Milton running favours for Grey Mother, Astrid is comatose in Molly's care. Based on the narrative elements of Chapters 1 and 2, I'm hesitant to entertain the idea that there are multiple auroras resulting in multiple disasters over the course of a few days. I want to believe that The Big One -- the one that brought down Mackenzie's plane and kicks off Chapter 1 -- destroyed everything worldwide and would have also resulted in the airliner crashing in Pleasant Valley. If the airliner and Mackenzie's plane crashes did not occur on the same night, that's a pretty glaring narrative inconsistency. That being said, Mackenzie's interactions with Methuselah have also been inconsistent, but only if we act on an assumption that Methuselah is flesh, blood, and mortal. I think Methuselah is supernatural, especially with his name being a reference to Noah's father. Maybe he even is THE Methuselah. And if that's the case, maybe Father Thomas is too. After all, Milton's priest left their church behind and does his sermons over Skype, according to the note left behind in that church. Why would HE have left, and not Father Thomas? Come to think of it, where the hell is everyone else in Thomson's Crossing? The houses are abandoned. Is Father Thomas the only resident there? And if so, why? What good is a priest without a congregation? As for how such a detail could be missed, I think many -- if not all -- of us were just so excited to play Episode 3 that we weren't examining the story with a fine-toothed comb.
  8. Presently, pain is tied to sprains and set to a fixed time of 2 hours per sprain. That's okay, we can keep that... for sprains. But I think it should exist for other conditions as well, and not be fixed to time. If your condition falls within a threshold due to an attack by wildlife or burning, the Pain flag should trigger, and persist until condition is raised above a certain point. For example: 76-100(110)% condition = No pain 51-75% condition = Mild pain (wildlife/burn). All RNG actions have their success chance reduced by 20%. Infrequent FOV blurring 26-50% condition = Significant pain (wildlife/burn). All RNG actions have their success chance reduced by 35%. Frequent FOV blurring, limping <25% condition = Excruciating pain (wildlife/burn). All RNG actions have their success chance reduced by 50%. Persistent FOV blurring, limping Broken Ribs: Excruciating pain for days 1-3. Persistent. Cannot be improved. Significant pain for days 4-7. Persistent. Cannot be improved. Mild pain for days 7-9. Persistant. Cannot be improved. Pain abates upon successful treatment of Broken Ribs. Painkillers: Painkillers can nullify the effects, temporarily. How long the effect lasts depends on the level of pain you have. 2 hours for excruciating, 4 hours for significant, 6 hours for mild. Just a suggestion. Feel free to add your own ideas about how it could be implemented. I just think that Pain should be available as a persistent affliction in addition to how it currently exists.
  9. I think things are just fine the way they are. Currently playing: Survival Mode, Custom settings. (Interloper-level weather, calorie needs, gear, Stalker-level wolves, water needs, rifle spawns, wolf damage, minimum health recovery). Goal: Collect all buffer memories. Desolation Point, Coastal Highway, Timberwolf Mountain, and Pleasant Valley complete. Working on Mystery Lake.
  10. The improved lighting effects from electronics and artificial lights during the Aurora look amazing! Great work!
  11. Okay... I'm stoked! That machinery... is it for crafting ammo, I wonder?
  12. Even the cheek makeup is on point!
  13. Not to mention, due to the nature of the party line in Pleasant Valley and presumably the rest of Great Bear, if the phone ringing in the hunting lodge WAS in fact Molly calling Astrid, then if Will picked the phone up at the hunting lodge, he'd have been able to insert himself into the conversation between them, find out that Astrid is alive, change the whole dynamic of his story, etc. "If he had picked the phone up" being the operative sentence.
  14. You could, yes. But, do you have enough to survive the super-blizzard on Day 4? Even indoor locations are going to be freezing cold.