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  1. Even the cheek makeup is on point!
  2. Not to mention, due to the nature of the party line in Pleasant Valley and presumably the rest of Great Bear, if the phone ringing in the hunting lodge WAS in fact Molly calling Astrid, then if Will picked the phone up at the hunting lodge, he'd have been able to insert himself into the conversation between them, find out that Astrid is alive, change the whole dynamic of his story, etc. "If he had picked the phone up" being the operative sentence.
  3. You could, yes. But, do you have enough to survive the super-blizzard on Day 4? Even indoor locations are going to be freezing cold.
  4. 174 bullets No revolver. But, 2 rifles and over 80 cartridges.
  5. There is a part of me that suspects Father Thomas is similar to Methuselah, insofar as he's actually a supernatural entity who's come to Thomson's Crossing when people are at their most dire need of help. Perhaps sent from God himself. On the other hand, he could just be the village priest. Though I'm perplexed as to why he stuck around when the priest from Milton did not. And if that's the case, an endlessly ringing party line would be insignificant to him.
  6. Something occurred to me while I was out running errands today and I wondered if it crossed anyone else's mind as well:
  7. I expected to find pancakes hidden behind this spoiler. That I didn't was disappointing, but an albino moose is fine too.
  8. Given everything she says to you over the phone, and that she went out hunting with a perfectly good rifle, I disagree strongly that it suggests anything of the sort.
  9. I can't remember where I found all of them. Only that I did. Basically, you should find everything if you do all the side quests as well as the main quests.
  10. It just occurred to me that her husband could have been a prison inmate. There was, in fact, orange fabric found in the upstairs bathroom. Could have been from a prison jumpsuit. Husband could have been among the escapees from the prison bus. Being familiar with the area, he might have tried to get back home, only to find himself being chased by wolves. Molly could have seen him, run out with her rifle instinctively, and then just decided to let them have him. But yeah, I was definitely getting strong Cathy Bates vibes from her, as well.
  11. Timberwolves are definitely a challenge. I'm terrible at hitting fast moving objects with any weapon, but even so it's the most reliable way to deal with them. On the one hand, I welcome the change. The decoy method of hunting wolves made their presence a mere nuisance rather than a threat. And their pensive stalking meant it was also possible to perhaps avoid them by just out-walking them. Timberwolves force you to be patient and precise with your aiming and, to the best of my knowledge, not rely on decoys to slow them down enough for an easy arrow shot. But on the other hand, if you have no way to defend yourself, they are vicious. Encountering them in a Survival Mode sandbox in the first few days would surely mean death, especially on Interloper. I didn't try using a decoy on them due to my experience with the regular black wolves; once they start charging you, they're committed to the attack. And since these Timberwolves are constantly going full tilt, I just assumed that a decoy would be ineffective.
  12. Having played Four Days Of Night, knowing that it's possible for Hinterland to program endless blizzards, AND that there is no mention in the journal about "waiting out the storm," I didn't want to take any chances either, and I slogged through the blizzard from the Thomson's Crossing to Signal Hill, stopping at one of the bunkers on the way to warm up. But yeah, the blizzard did end after I got to Signal Hill. First it stopped long enough for the story to progress so that Astrid could use the radio during the Aurora, then it came back after a few hours and stayed for one more full day before finally subsiding the day after. I have no idea if it is scripted to last a certain number of days, or if it requires the story to progress in order to end.
  13. I was hoping for a way to hide this behind a spoiler tag, but since it doesn't look like I can, I've just added a spoiler warning in the title. You should only be here if you've completed Chapter 3. Apparently resented her marriage, but stayed in it because she'd rather not be alone. Implies husband was abusive, but never gets into specifics. One day just snaps, and watches wolves kill him. Is now alone. Astrid comes along. Is happy to have company in the house now, especially another woman. Seems rather insistent that Astrid stay in the house; locks her in both before going out to hunt, and after getting angry for Astrid assuming she's married. Tone of voice takes an ever-so-slight change when Astrid speaks of Will. Sounds disappointed that Astrid didn't leave Will to die like she did her husband. Hunts Blackrock Prison escapees for sport. Calls randomly on the party line. Finds comfort in talking and confiding to Astrid. Likes the company. Before Astrid goes to the mine to leave Pleasant Valley, asks about Will. Asks if he's "one of the good ones." Lady is a bona fide Misandrist.
  14. I'm so excited I took vacation just to enjoy this! Okay, so I REALLY took vacation so I could be with my family during Halloween and three family birthdays this month BUT this just happened to be a happy coincidence.
  15. (Bottom of the stairway to Carter Dam Administration) (Top of the stairway to Carter Dam administration) (Inside Carter Dam administration area) The Gamer in me has known for decades that 'just because a door exists in an environment does not mean (the player) can open it,' and so for ages the fact that I cannot interact with these doors has been nothing more than a passing acceptance. Walk up to the door, no option to interact with the door appears. Okay. Accept it and move on. But recently, the narrative-explorer side of me has been wondering, 'what is it about these doors, story-wise, that they cannot be opened?' So my question to you is: What's behind these doors? Stuff? Things? Zombies? Will we ever know?