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  1. When opening/closing doors that can be opened/closed, any attempt to open/close a door while the door is still in the animation from the previous open/close action will fail. You must allow the door to fully complete it's open/close animation before trying a new open/close action. If your problem is different from this explanation, please disregard it.
  2. (If this has already been done before, apologies, I only had a quick look through the forum and I didn't see it yet)
  3. At first I thought that was a SUPER fat bunny. But then I noticed, Imperial units.
  4. So, with three episodes out thus far, I personally have yet to hear Elias Toufexis' voice in the Wintermute story mode, despite being billed as one of the voice cast in the opening credits for episodes 1 and 2. Last night, while bored and surfing random things on the internet, I stumbled over Mr. Toufexis' IMDB and wikipedia pages. According to IMDB he just lends his voice without specific credit to a character, but according to wikipedia he's... THE BEAR?! I did not see that coming. Then again, maybe it's not a VA role, maybe it's a motion capture role.
  5. 1. The % value of the jerry can is indeed the condition of the jerry can itself. Don't worry about it; it never decays. 2. Every fire you start, regardless of how you start it, increases your fire starting skill by 1 point. This obviously leads to exploits where people can just rapidly level it up by building a lot of fires one after the other. I would like to see this limited to 1 point per day. 3. The condition of your mag lens has absolutely no bearing on its ability to start fires.
  6. GothSkunk

    Dried meat

    I'm not 100% certain on this -- more like 90% -- but sea salt is not curing salt. Sea salt is Sodium Chloride, whereas curing salt is Sodium Nitrate NITRITE.
  7. GothSkunk

    Dried meat

    Every so often, someone new comes along and suggests dried meat as a thing for the game to implement, to give meat in game better long-term longevity. Problem is, the amount of work that goes into properly drying meat far exceeds its utility within the context of The Long Dark. It takes hours under a carefully managed heat source, assuming you ARE using a heat source. If you're not using a heat source, then it takes curing salt, and weeks indoors.
  8. It also worth noting that, given the location where Hobbs was stabbed, pulling the knife out might have have caused him to start freshly bleeding, and without proper medical attention, he'd have bled out on that couch, so he's dead either way. Alternately, since all the inmates scattered after the bus crash, who's to say any surviving inmates know about Hobbs' fate, let alone care? Those of us who pushed the knife might be able to get away with it scot free, with only Methuselah knowing about it. On the other hand, if that decision ends up getting MacKenzie killed in the script of ep
  9. When travelling, do not carry meat as "travelling food." Even cooked meat. Even though there's no scent indicator for carrying one piece of cooked meat, you still give off a scent, which wolves will pick up on, and track you with. When travelling, carry only non-meat food.
  10. The thing about Hobbs that bothers me is that the choice to push or pull the knife is the only decision, in three episodes, we make that has any hope of having consequences later on. We don't have a choice, as MacKenzie, to just kill Grey Mother, take her rifle and the key to her daughter's trunk to get the mountaineering rope, and go. We don't have a choice, as MacKenzie, to leave Jeremiah to his fate. We don't have a choice, as Astrid, to refuse to help the survivors of the airliner crash. The player, by narrative edict, does not have the choice to put their survival abov
  11. Oh boy... I'm in trouble now. I took a break from The Long Dark to play Cyberpunk 2077. Got back into it a few days ago, eager to explore the new region, Ash Canyon. I don't know exactly how long I've been here, but I'm having fun. Haven't been able to find the super backpack or the clogs yet, but I'm gradually mapping things out, moving from one shelter to the next. Currently, I'm holed up in Angler's Den. I had a bad run-in with a moose nearby who caught me by surprise and got hit with Broken Ribs twice. To make matters worse, the ruined painkillers I had
  12. Currently on Day 1015. Difficulty is a custom setting; harder than Stalker, but easier than Interloper. I call it Stalker++ The routine now is pretty simple: Sleep, eat, drink, hunt when necessary, cook/boil water when the sun is out, gather sticks otherwise. Have a campfire every night the sun will let me. Currently living in Pleasant Valley in the farmhouse. Occasionally I go hunting wolves and deer for meat, until the Big Bear crosses onto the property, then I take him out and don't have to worry about food for a week and a half. If I run out of lamp fuel, I take a t