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  1. This may ruffle a few feathers, but I'm curious nevertheless. We currently have the ability to kill rabbits with our bare hands. In the context of The Long Dark it's understandable that such an option is available to us. The decision is not an easy one for new players to make, because a) its gruesome despite its necessity, and b) rabbits are just so darn cute! Is it by design, or due to a lack of resources that we are not compelled to kill other animals in a similar fashion? Particularly when it comes to hunting with the bow or rifle and relying on our quarry to bleed out rather than scoring a clean killshot. Tracking a wounded deer/wolf/bear slowly bleeding out, finally come across it keeled over, too weak to move but still alive, struggling to breathe. To me it seems like a missed opportunity to compound on the dilemma presented by the option of breaking a rabbits neck, wherein before we can harvest a hunted animal, we'd have to first end its suffering. Either by hunting/improvised knife, by revolver/rifle, or by hand if the aforementioned tools are not at our disposal. Which could present additional challenges particularly with bears and wolves, as even in their weakened state, they might still put up a fight if you try to finish them off. If it's by design, that's fine. If not, I could always forward this to the suggestion box as well. I just thought I'd ask first if the lack of such a feature is by design first.
  2. I swear, if you add a Wilhelm Scream somewhere in a future Wintermute episode... I agree, the sounds of TLD are amazing, and add immense depth and immersion to the experience. Howling wind is a particular favourite. Excepting the sensation of wind blowing against my face, the sound of blowing wind reminds me very much of the chilling winds I experience every winter. Presently I'm trying once again to collect ALL the buffer memories in game, including the new ones added with the Archivist challenge (tangent: the in-game Collectibles sub-menu incorrectly lists 31 possible collectible buffer memories, when it's much more than that, now). I'm starting off in Desolation Point. I've collected all the memories from Hibernia and am now working on the lighthouse. I absolutely adore the owls hooting at night, but even moreso I love the loons singing. I'm going to miss it when I leave to go to Timberwolf Mountain for the next batch. Creaking wood is nerve-wracking, but in a good way. Especially on the Ravine trestle bridge.
  3. It fits my model more often than it does not, so I'm sticking with it until a better explanation can come forward.
  4. Squib loads aren't a thing. Poor condition rifles have a higher chance of jamming, but that's it. You eject the cartridge and spring the next one into place. Just remember to pick the misfired cartridge up!
  5. Beautiful! I suspect the abundance of flies on his hindquarters are feasting off dead skin under the upper layer of the hide. But he definitely knew you were there. And that chuff at 8:27 was probably a sneeze. I hope you didn't look him straight in the eye.
  6. It may be confirmation bias. But that doesn't mean it's wrong. The only times, in recent memory, that crows have flown overhead and a weather change did NOT follow, was immediately after stepping out of an indoor location into the outdoors. Otherwise, based on my experience, every time crows fly overhead, the weather changes. Since the process of weather changes blends the out-weather into the in-weather, sometimes this process takes half a minute.
  7. Heyo! Thanks for the update! Can confirm about the slight delay between clicks when picking items up off the ground. Doesn't bother me one bit. 😁 Also no complaints about interior lighting. I know this has been a bone of contention in the community, but I personally like it when interior locations are dark, when the time of day is appropriate. It justifies bringing out the storm lantern to see where I'm going. So please, keep interior locations dark at night, but visible during daylight.
  9. Well done! Now do it again. On Stalker. >:)
  10. So The Long Dark Wiki says this about crows: No significance? Really? Because it's been my experience that when the crows fly overhead, the weather changes moments later. Might be bad, might be better, but it DOES change.
  11. Holy shit, that would be terrifying... I'm surprised you didn't just panic shoot your revolver. I certainly would have.
  12. When Steadfast Ranger was first introduced, a number of players -- myself included -- noticed that with the new rifle and bow aiming mechanic, shots that would have been killshots in previous versions were now missing by a substantial margin. One user put it to the test, starting a new survival game, grabbing the first rifle they found in Mystery Lake, and going out to the camp office where the park sign was. He then took screenshots of his aiming for the A on the french side of the Mystery Lake tourist sign, showing what he was aiming for, and where the rounds were ending up. He demonstrated that his shots were ending up significantly lower then where he was intending for them to go. Rather than hitting the 'A' in 'Lac Mystere,' the rounds were ending up underneath the word 'Mystere' So Hinterland hotfixed the aiming mechanics in v1.50. Now, shots with the rifle end up exactly where you want them to, so long as the rear sight and front post are aligned to indicate the rifle is properly trained. If you shoot while your sights are NOT aligned, your shot WILL likewise be off-center.
  13. Holy hanna... I don't know if it's been said before here, or on steam, but those new warning growls from the bear are terrifying. Great job!