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  1. They've been adding new regions as time goes along. Whether we see either of those who knows but I wouldn't rule them out for the future.
  2. You mentioned wolf sounds hallucinations. I think it might be cool that instead of just hearing sounds that aren't there that some sounds could actually be replaced. So for example instead of random growls our character would hear sounds that are similar to wolves when the wind is blowing in the trees. I do have issue with the OCD/ADHD things though. As far as I know people don't just become those things. I also have other issues with other things. However I do think it's an interesting topic to explore. I think in general I would like to have things be a little more subtle than what you suggest.
  3. You sound like me. All the things you list are exactly what I would shift the focus away from. I think we are going to have to wait for modding to be added in before we can change the game to what better suits us. Hopefully it opens enough that I can write in my own indoor equations+variables for cold and such, but we will see. edit------------ One thing I was considering doing is simply disabling wolves. Even on low settings wolves are all over and they're extremely easy to kill which means they're an easy source of food. The only issue I have with that is that they are a potential source of damage so I am not sure how that would work out overall. If you decide to try that let me know how it feels.
  4. @ManicManiacI don't think there is anything wrong with being incorrect about something. There is a big difference between knowingly spreading false information(lying) and unknowingly spreading it(being incorrect). You now have additional information.
  5. Yup, and I was just giving facts so that you know you're spreading false information. Fact is the one time I went through the effort to actually see if it was hinterland or gog taking forever, it was hinterland.
  6. @ManicManiacLast time I actually spent the time to look into things it was hinterland that didn't release the update for over a month. You can still say it's a GoG issue, but it's also a hinterland issue. Sorry, they can sometimes not be perfect just like the rest of us mortals. But that wasn't what I meant... I thought it wouldn't come out on GoG because the event cannot be force patched out. It's one of the reasons I like GoG. If a dev force patches in microtransactions and such I don't need to download that downgrade. Anyways thank you for letting non-steam users try out the event
  7. I know this won't come to GoG but that -10 degree drop and longer lasting blizzards sounds pretty interesting to play with and see how it feels.
  8. I think the question is what do you enjoy? Personally I like seeing death slowly take hold so I turn off sleep health regen and have awake regen on low so it takes a long time to heal.
  9. I don't mind the cave darkness so much since that has been my experience in real life, but the indoor darkness is pretty bad. I really do wish it matched better with the outside light.
  10. odizzido

    Hunt birds

    That could be interesting, each bed having a sleep quality which can be changed by a number of factors.
  11. Too many buttons do the same thing. Having a button to interact with items would completely solve this and many other related issues. Unfortunately I don't think that's going to change. Maybe if they open up modding enough?
  12. Yes, I already know you think that. I just wanted to mention that the information was presented in a way that caused me to think it would not drain my health. If the devs are happy with that then that's fine, I know now. A minor change to the wording could make it objectively more clear for people who don't know though. I figured they may want to know for any new players.
  13. Just a minor thing I want to mention, the description on food poisoning says "you will get weaker until it's cured" or something similar. The reality is it drains your health, not your stamina or weight limit or anything. The one and only time I've gotten food poisoning I read that and wasn't horribly worried. I went to sleep and died from I think close to full health. I do play with sleeping health regen turned off so it's likely far far more deadly for me than 99% of other players but I really felt that the description was not accurate and the effect is not the same as real life. I just wasn't expecting it at all and a simple wording change could have let me know that sleeping would result in death.
  14. I would be shocked if there was loot there considering they actively discourage people from climbing around
  15. Well I don't need to deal with them either way, but I have played some games where heaps of popups for achievements flash all over the screen and all I can think of is get that garbage off the screen, I can't see properly. I really do dislike it quite a lot.
  16. Water from toilet reservoirs is probably pretty clean, at least in canada. I've never done any testing or anything on it but it never interacts with people's.....fluids and solids.....and it's closed to the environment pretty much forever. I would be interested to know how it actually compares. And yeah, most snow should be pretty clean in TLD considering how often it's falling. You can get jardia(sp?) and I think a few other things around spring but that's not the situation we are in.
  17. Finding books to add new skills is an interesting idea. I hadn't thought of that before.
  18. I think it's an interesting topic. In reality people would likely not step in the cracks of the bridge meaning it would effectively be really flat. Since we do bounce I think it's just additional evidence that we are infact a robot that uses wheels to get around. Also just to mention, I am not personally bothered that we bounce on bridges. I do find collecting evidence that we are not human is fun though so I approve of this topic.
  19. I mostly want to play the story but I have yet to put much time into it. I checked it out initially but now I am waiting for it to be finished before I go through it. I would be in the group of people who "gave up" but really I am just waiting. edit--------- Also can you disable achievements on steam? If I were playing on steam and achievement garbage started popping up on my screen you can bet I would be looking to turn that annoying trash off. That might also explain some of it.
  20. I think having animations for stuff would be cool too. It's likely a lot of work(though I don't know really, I've never done animation work) but I would probably like it. The one thing I would like to add is that the animations shouldn't take more time than the circles currently do. I have had experience where a game added animations but they were all far longer to go through than the little wait time before. I ended up not liking them because of that and I would feel it a same if that were to happen to TLD.
  21. The paint was likely really easy to do. Only thing I find a shame is I will likely never use them, just like the map.
  22. Yes me too. Having to adapt plans to when we happen to wake up would be a nice change I think.
  23. I would love to be able to jump. Getting stuck on every little thing that's more than 2cm high is probably the most annoying thing in TLD. Jumping could completely solve that. Thing is I don't think the devs will ever add jumping for the simple fact that it makes it harder for them to restrict where you go. Of course then they're left with the opposite problem of people getting stuck in places. Heck, I would be pretty happy if we could just lift our legs like a normal human being.
  24. I wish our character would wake up if they're too cold. It's tedious to sleep in one hour increments.
  25. Well the difference between deer and wolves is that the deer won't try to cuddle you if you get them excited.