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  1. This is excellent. Our character minmaxed for goating really well. We traded our ability to step over sticks and walk up hills but we will never ever slip down a slope.
  2. I am not saying who I agree or disagree with, I would need to use and understand the service to make a call for myself. However I am happy any time people start to dislike nvidia because they've been pissing in our faces for years and people seem to still like them. I can't understand it.
  3. Yeah I play with sprains disabled. I tried them again with the new system but it's still not there for me. I think a lot of the problem is I try to get up a hill, hit a wall, and then strafe against the wall to find where the magic spot I can get past is. I probably spend a lot of extra time on hills because of this so I just end up being sprained forever. I think what would be nice is if the snow we couldn't walk on was a little darker or something so that we could tell where we can or cannot go.
  4. Always gotta like seeing adorable animals. I recently got a deer boop...what's a good image hosting site? I might upload the pic I have for people to see
  5. I think this is the first time I've seen the long dark in the spotlight.....and it's pretty negative. I wonder if this will end up hurting the studio. We will likely never know. Oh well.
  6. I do agree that the person rotates their neck a realistic amount.....but our character cannot move their eyes or turn any other part of their body which makes what we can see in real life vs the game to be extremely limiting.
  7. I think our character is actually an AI that was uploaded into a human who suffers from this... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fibrodysplasia_ossificans_progressiva It would explain so much. Spoilers for chapter 5 guys, sorry. *Just because I don't agree with everything doesn't mean I don't like your game hinterland team*
  8. If you eat the rabbit's organs you can get the fat you need. I would assume our character does this as eating only muscle meat would cause you to be deficient in so many things. Protein poisoning would be only one item in a long list of issues you would develop.
  9. I don't know a lot about geforce now and I hope jensen gets poo in his face, but if I understand correctly nvidia is renting out hardware you can log into your steam account with? Seems like they're lowering the barrier of entry for people buying the game? I don't see why this is bad. But then again it's nvidia. I am sure they're being dicks somehow. edit------ I should say jensen is being a dick, not nvidia since that includes so many people who probably aren't complete garbage. Man that jensen guy is awful.
  10. Oh I almost forgot. GoG received the 1.74 patch on around the 13th and none of the other mini bug patches were sent in so it was hinterland that was slow/not submitting. I am fine with this really, just letting people who are curious know.
  11. Actually if you go far enough north in canada they don't look at what you bring on the plane. At least that was my experience, nobody checked anything I had on me.
  12. I tried this yesterday for the first time. I found out that you can drink until you can't drink any more, sleep, and wake up before being fully rested literally dying of thirst. I guess I will need to remember to take breaks from sleeping so I can drink which could be difficult to do every time. I wish I could set a max time allowed for sleep. Also this was the first time seeing timber wolves, which was interesting. Anyways I don't even know how to get to a lot of these zones, let alone where the crosses are. It should be neat exploring new areas. I never really explored a lot since I have never had much reason to before. I suspect this challenge will take me quite some time to complete because of this(and how often I will try)
  13. While I do think that removing downwards mountain goating would be good, I think it would have to be done at the same time as increasing our mobility in other ways. I find mountain goating helps to make up for the deficiencies in this game in terms of movement and I wouldn't want to remove it with the game in its current state.
  14. If jerky doesn't have a smell so that wolves are easier to get by then I am all for it.
  15. That would be cool to try hotzn, not having as much control over your sleep
  16. odizzido

    More footprints?

    I would love for footprints to last longer so we could run into animal tracks and track them down that way.
  17. The car one is pretty obvious and something that got in my way just a few days ago. I was also asked by the kid watching me play why I couldn't look out the back of the vehicle. The aurora one is cool and I like that too, but that could be an option maybe. I think personally I would sleep through auroras but I've apparently slept through earthquakes and trees being cut down. But I know not everyone is like that. I am happy either way, or having it sometimes wake or and sometimes not. I do like the idea of preventing sleep to kinda mess things up for you, it would be cool to see how it would actually play.
  18. I would like to see campfires work a little differently. Sure I can add in a stick every 10mins or whatever to micromanage it to maximum efficiency, but what does that add to the game? Things I like about the current system: -I benefit from placing fires in good locations -Wind can blow your fire out -Wind can burn through your wood more quickly(this is an understatement) Things I don't like are: -Wind can burn through 30kg of wood in an instant. This is super black and white. -We cannot put fires out to save wood if something comes up -Micromanaging fires to make up for the two points above I think what I would like is if fires had a couple of variables. A fuel amount, and a fuel burn rate. The burn rate can go up and down depending on conditions. I would like it if when the wind is too strong that it blows out the fire, it would leave a certain amount of wood left. The fuel amount could be used later, or the fire could be broken down to give you the remaining wood. Honestly micromanaging isn't too much of a bother to me, but I am quite sure I would like it better if it changed as above.
  19. Yeah you do have to remind yourself that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer. Honestly for practice with the revolver I would say make a custom game with wolf fear set to none, lots of wolf spawns, low struggle damage, and the highest loot settings and regen. You can get maximum revolver+ammo as well as wolves flying around like bees in an orchard.
  20. Good luck Safeish in a car and lots of delicious bear
  21. It’s the same with not being able to sleep on a floor. I feel the game could get a pass over to add little things that people run into. Dropping sticks is another one. Throwing rocks when trying to pick up rabbits. Anyways I don’t want to get too off topic but I feel it’s all in the “We should probably be able to do X” group.
  22. Which updates though? If it's just major ones I could accept that based off what I've seen. I don't know about every patch though because it seems that not every minor patch gets posted on GoG. I can easily understand not sending every patch, especially if you know another one is coming in a few days. Without knowing more I am not ready to say where the slow or missing parts are. Perhaps I will message GoG and ask if they've been given the files yet, and when they got it. If I actually get any information I will let you guys know.