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  1. Thanks @ManicManiac for pointing out this having been discussed before! While I agree that one can play around it, once acknowledging it, and in the end our mindmaps of the regions can take over the role of the charcoal ones, I'll attempt to say it makes no sense whatsoever. and despite the historical reasons for it (probably ML having being developed even before the full GB map was envisioned...?) it is something that has a good reason to be overhauled in the future: rotating all the charcoal maps to match the overall direction, making sure the sun always goes from east to west, and the
  2. wow... never actually realized that. It might be why in my mind Mystery Lake is somehow always upside down: i just kept having this uneasy feeling anytime I was looking at the whole map of Mystery Lake being somehow completely off. In addition to the charcoal version, which has East on top, instead of North. Maybe that is why it is called "Mystery"...
  3. In my experience pressing 2 is quick enough to get it out for regular wolves. I also hate shooting objects, so after a few such fails decided for "concealed carry", unless I'm closing into an area where I particularly expect wolves. In general I'm moving around rather carefully, listening all the way, so very rarely get ambushed... By listening to the howls you can have an idea in which direction and how many wolves are around. (good headphones are a must though...) Also relinked the "put-away" key to F, as that is closer, and my left hand became (somehow... 😉 ) pretty good in taking it
  4. I think having a chance of collapsing when overexhausted would be realistic. If it happens outside in winter, well, it is very likely you would not wake up from it (IRL). But, even if in the game it only caused an instant hypothermia or similar, severe, but not immediately deadly condition (similarly to falling through ice), that would be a game-changing mechanic completely altering how we manage tiredness. I do not think I would mind such a mechanic, but would not necessarily push for it to be added either... 😉 If it is there however, I would probably manage it with a meter similar to
  5. @hozz1235, how did you repair it? This inconsistency of experience makes me wonder if there was a trick to it/you approached it differently? I went there last night and when opening up the Milling Machine, it offered me many tools to be repaired, but the crampons were not among them. Was it listed there when you repaired it, or maybe you approached it any other way...? What difficulty were you using/how bad shape was it in? (mine was 89%, tried it both taken off and while wearing, stalker)
  6. I've just been there, for the sole purpose to test it, and they cannot be repaired. (Stalker, crampon condition 89%)
  7. AdamvR

    Forest area

    I like the idea, especially with fog, and occasional "weak ice" between the trees (these areas can be pretty marsh-y, and it is not impossible that some parts are just not frozen enough - even in the middle of winter). I could also imagine it with a high number of random POIs that in effect create a procedural-like feel, such as: a certain place within the forest can be a clearing, an impassable rock, "normal forest", a fallen tree with a wind-protected hole underneath, frozen pond, or weak ice pond, bear cave or wolf spawn-point - chosen randomly at world generation. and there are many s
  8. Thanks @Mroz4k, that's a good trick! Probably even easier to utilize for tests.
  9. I've seen a couple posts about tests how certain things affect condition loss, and it got me curious: where can you see in-game the exact condition percentage? I can only see the white bar (with a bit of blue on top because of well-fed), but no exact numbers... Thanks in advance for the hint!
  10. I keep the hatchet near 100%, as that is what I'm fighting wolves with. (I read both that it does and that it does not matter, so not sure, but keeping it high, just in case). Knife, especially if only used for carcass harvesting makes less sense to be kept in top shape I think. I also use it so, and let it degrade to around 25-30%, when I switch to a better one. Once I have multiple ones with low condition I could go to the Milling Station in Bleak Inlet, where I can sharpen them for a very low cost (provided I clear out the timberwolves first). I also use other hatchets for chopping wo
  11. I think I can empathize with the OP's frustration here, as it might strike someone to be odd and unrealistic - despite myself not frequently having run into the same situation (as I simply just carry a bedroll at all times, ever since I first played 4-5 years ago) When it comes to reality: It is all about insulation, I believe. With the huge mass, heat capacity and cold temperature of the buildings (or caves) they would just keep sucking up your body warmth, no matter the fire nearby (to warm the stone/wood as well much-much-much more warmth is needed, than warming up the air). As soon as t
  12. If it was on Kickstarter, you can log in and check your history of backed projects...
  13. hm.., 18 arrowheads need 9 hours, so that should be doable in one go, but the 54 needing 27 hours is definitely suspicious...