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  1. The thing I want to do the least is pour oil on the fire, still, would like to add my 2 cents: A sentence in one language/cultural background may sound polite and be the expected behavior, while it can be extremely rude in another. Where I live (NL), being honest and straightforward is the expected behavior, which for many others feels extremely rude. Like: telling, that the dinner at my place is from 19:00-23:00 (meaning you are expected to leave the latest at 11pm) At the same time, beating around the bush, or saying "oh, that's an excellent idea", when you actually hate the whole thing is considered rude and misleading. (which is the expected behavior only a few kms away on the other side of the channel) How about someone saying "no thank you" to a meal/drink you offer? Is that rude or polite? my point being..., to truly be open to other cultures, it might make sense to try entertaining the idea, that something I perceive as rude, might not have the least bit intended to be rude. And since TLD is played all around the globe, we can expect here people from many different cultures, despite all using English as a common language. Hope it makes sense and I made my point in a sufficiently polite manner:)
  2. I haven’t tried it extensively, but also had the same weird experience trying to place one near the burned building by the lake in ZoC. Totally flat, yet giving an ‘invalid location’ error almost everywhere, but next to the lake. Not sure why…
  3. Yes, there are two exits, so it connects the prison to the plant as others had said. From the plant you can find a place with lots of deer, rabbits and ptarmigan, and a nice overlook to most safely shoot a bear. If you can carry the meat back through the timberwolves. All other parts of the tunnels are dead ends or detours, with some loot. A bit off topic maybe, I found those tunnels to be the most depressing/repulsive of all GBI…
  4. Resources, apart from sunlight are finite. This game does good reminding us of this. Even if we have an entire society's hoard to search, loot, and burn through ... which I personally think is more than generous. On the trader I agree with those who expect it not to be an NPC, but rather a box through which you leave your price and get your reward at times. The radio is a good idea, but I'd prefer leaving a note, or "online ordering" during aurorae, as @artmunki said. I also loved the thought, to place a "rough" order, and get something, but not sure in advance, what it would be. Even hearing a live voice through the radio would be a bit odd to me in the quiet apocalypse. I do not think we are meant to escape GBI... This is end of the road, we are only prolonging it.
  5. The ZoC region is absolutely awesome to me. I really loved all the new sound effects in ZoC, and also encountered some new elsewhere (did not spend much time elsewhere lately though): - wind howling feels it gained a new dimension - loved the new scary music pieces, but also the "contemplating ones" - when I first found the mining pit, there was an eerie silence. absolutely fitting - also seem to have met a new music for the glimmer fog in FA (not encountered it inside the ZoC. The one thing, that I found a bit odd though, was that the howls of the regular wolves seemed "too healthy" to me when coming from the poisoned ones. It would also add to the eerie atmosphere of the whole region I think, if they had a slightly distorted/hoarse or thinner howl of their own. I have no idea how much work it would be to create some slightly altered sounds for them, and separate which sounds are played for which wolves... If it is within reasonable effort, I would not mind this enhancement of having a distinct audible cue for the poisoned wolves. Thanks in advance for consideration!
  6. I imagine the trader to be a place at the seaside, a box with a price list, where you can leave stuff and the next day you get the exchange. Would be weird to find another living being. And if that's the case, maybe there's an economy 'out there'. Other than that, it is a very good conductor.
  7. ok, was not easy, falling through ice twice did not help either, but managed to get a good old bear roll: 12% damage to the sack, and It has been like that since day 1: moose hide satchel required leather to repair. So, my memory was based on the economy only, that repairing it required a (back then, extremely) rare resource. Just as @Enigmaecho mentioned, it was better to use satchels for making leather "renewable". Btw, the trickiest part of the whole trip back to 2017 was figuring out how to cook - I had to look up a Youtube video, - as I completely forgot the method, before you could place pieces of meat or cans on fireplaces. This game has come a looooong way...:) This is all you could do with pans back then:
  8. I think if you put on the mask, then take it off again, and you are back to 45 seconds, that would make an easy cheat..., so it makes sense that your timer only resets, once you reach a safe spot. The message, that suffocation risk healed probably refers to the fact, that you put on your mask. But I agree, it is misleading. (I did also try to take it off again, after seeing it, but realized I'm still on 9 seconds, and had enough time to put it back on...) You can quickly put it on/take it off with the wheel menu, it is under the health section. oh, and also found a gold nugget, inside the mines in ZoC....
  9. Hmmm. If I recall, this is a pilgrim run. (?) I've just started up the Rugged Sentinel Time Capsule - when it first came out, - as I wanted to check if my memory is tricking me (it very easily can...) Oh boy, what a trip that is! I wanted to make one, so that I can see how to repair it. I thought, the tricky part would be finding a gun, shooting it (lower Milton is an almost certain area I think), healing my double rib-fracture, and waiting for it to cure and then make one at FM... Nope. I cannot get it damaged! Tried falling (about 15 times at least!), walking in blizzard, trying to pick a fight with a wolf, with a bear (they just keep running away...). It is still at 100%... I'm starting to wonder, that on Pilgrim it just does not ever take damage...?
  10. I think we used to need moose hide for repair, but could harvest it for leather. Maybe that was a long time ago (?) I do recall, that the economy was like not worth it to repair, because from a single moose hide you could make a fresh one. So I have (and still do) been using it until they broke, and then just switched to a new one. Have not even realized that it had changed...:) But maybe I remember it wrong...
  11. Thank you Hinterland for this amazing experience this year, and especially with the latest update. Just finished buried echoes Enjoy the Holidays and the extremely well deserved rest! ❤️ Truly amazing work in 2023!
  12. Yep, I've noticed that those areas in ZoC are particularly "fruitful", kinda making up for the lack of it in FA. Some are pretty close to the transition cave, so convenient trip. (once you solved the first true MAZE inside - I loved it:))