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  1. I haven't played either of the redux versions. waiting for all 5 to then bingeplay the whole story... Difficult to avoid all the spoilers here on the forum though...
  2. i agree, it can be a "bit intimidating" until you learn your way around in it. Especially the middle plateau with the most wolves and the area east (?) of the riverbed can be challenging with many similar bumps and corners... (and both of the big furry "landlords" as well to keep you on your toes - or surprise your idyllic evening by the fire;-) I really love the monolith lake area, and also the deep canyon with the moose. but my favorite cave is the one near the little rope-climb from the riverbed. Also I recently found a little peak somewhere above the middle plateau, from where you can se
  3. I do love HRV, especially for its total nomadic feel, and the great labyrinth with the caves as shortcuts between the various sections. btw - SPOILER ALERT: there is someone in one of those tunnels, and in one case I shot it, but not fatally. I was walking back and forth twice the whole section, without luck finding the carcass. Once I exited on the upper end, I found a recently dead one nearby, which I do not think to have injured myself. Is it possible it can climb in and out? There is a part of the cave, that is partially collapsed, I cannot pass through, but size-wise, someone shorter
  4. aah, watched it again - you need it at the end, to actually move inside the walkable area... very clever/crazy;-) Never used that exploit. Also not sure if it is very practical to carry the extra 15 kgs - like others said, but still, amazing feat:)
  5. if you are out of ammo, BI might be more than a little challenging... (if not suicidal...) Rather collect ammo elsewhere first...
  6. I'm waiting till EP 5 is also out, prefer to bingeplay it from 1 to 5, rather than waiting on a cliffhanger (should there be any...) I've played the original Ep1/2, but not since the redux
  7. Goating down in the Ravine to the yellow train does not seem to be possible. (not only from the rope's rock as mentioned in the OP, but from the opposite side either)
  8. another proof: it's A-Li-Ens... this game is about something completely different than what we all think... or, in the particular case it might have been the bear, or an overripe deer carcass. maybe the train. have you done an autopsy...? anything unusual in its tummy or fur?
  9. wow... this seems too crazy for me, but wondering why you need the second set of 50? does it change your falling curve?
  10. if you have a couple places you frequently travel between (e.g. your favorite fishing hut/stick-gathering clearing/hunting blind and your base) you can mark the trail on a sunny day by dropping various items every 5-10 steps all the way through. I usually drop tinder, as that is lightweight and limitless (and easy to craft in bulk while waiting for your water to boil), but charcoal, stones, cattail could also work. This "Hansel & Gretel" tactic can easily save your life in case fog, blizzard or night falls on you while doing your chores outside. You can even develop it into a whole network
  11. Sorry to hear that, it sounds frustrating:( They told me to have heard of this bug multiple times before but could not once replicate it ever before. I hope they manage to do something about it this time. It is a rare, but quite costly bug... I had a few save files, screen shots and detailed description to provide to support, and we still needed to exchange a couple mails to narrow down on when the issue comes up and when it does not - as it does not always replicate. (once you placed the bedroll, you need to spend time in it, after which take some damage from a wolf in a close encounte
  12. Update: it turned out that the "unfinished looking" pants are meant to be so, this is the finished version - so no bug here. (I likely have remembered and was missing an old image of the deerskin pants, before it was redesigned)
  13. I cannot say the "image" is easy to decipher... do you have one with a bit more light...?
  14. Update: We've managed to get this replicated with Hinterland Support (Thanks again guys for your patience with it!), so hopefully it could get resolved in a future patch:)
  15. I'm loading it from betamax. aren't you...?