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  1. Big time derail by now, I'll se if I can conclude Indeed, a number of problems appear with an ever decreasing temperature, hence my point that there's a cap, a limit to the temp drop. If you spend 2000 days on interloper like a few players have and the temp would keep dropping with a meagre 0.05 C per day you'd be about 100 C colder on day 2000 compared to day 50, say -150 C on average. Oxygen might not be liquid (apart from PV on it's worst nights) but with the current game rules you'll be dead because of clothing. Temp drop of -0,2 C per day after day 50 and you're at absolute freezing point on day 1640. You'd prefer hunting deer in space by then. That said, I'd absolutely love it if that was the end of the story, survive with an ever decreasing temperature and see how many storyline checkpoints you can complete.
  2. This problem should be fixed as of tonight's update: [AI] Fixed an issue that could cause Wildlife to slide under certain terrain, such as ice and steep hills.
  3. Anything above 35 kg without bonuses is too much to me cause that's when stalking wolves tend to catch up and things go bad.
  4. Thanks for sharing and way to go with fire conservation there. Learnt a couple of match spawns and how to keep a burning torch when climbing. 👍
  5. My favorite so far is freezing to death by that waterfall just a stone's throw from mama grey's home in Milton. This was a long run, had looted most regions, got bored and goated down this waterfall just northwest of Mountain Town because… well because I could. Goating worked, just a few scratches, but once I had descended a giant 1 cm (0.03 feet) insurmountable stone threshold between the waterfall and it's river locked the poor survivor away for good. If you have a closer look you can still find him standing there frozen, staring down at the almighty stone threshold.
  6. You're missing my point. With somewhat regular seasons you'll get approx 90 days a year without snow. That means no blizzards, no deep cold and no challenge for a seasoned survivor unless Hinterland change the game considerably. The downslide of temperature has already stopped so I don't understand what's to cure there. Apart from that, we all know auroras and blizzards occur outside the game.
  7. Valid point, but I don't think we'll get to cure great bear for a number of reasons. This is season 1, if we cure it, will there be a completely different game in season 2? One without blizzards, auroras, frenzied wolves and -68 C temps? I Believe we get our dark ending, my experience is that bright endings to dark games ruin the game for quite a few players. But there's a balance of course, consider the ending of Last of us, spoiler, you save something but not the human race.
  8. Thanks for sharing that, I'll keep in mind to bring twice as much food when I go down there. Haven't done it yet cause CH is usually endgame for me and I don't want to lose my survivor in - as you say - the "dungeon" down there.
  9. I beg to differ sir, this photo was taken at the castle of camaaaaaarrrrgeehhhhh.
  10. In this and only this game, I'd love a TLD-like unforgiving ending. Like Astrid and Mac find each other and continue on their journey together to reach Perseverance mills. But when they're so close to reach it they get wiped out by a relentless blizzard, screen goes black except for "you faded into the long dark".
  11. Yeah I've done that too. But I'm thinking @wendelllm has got the cabin flu.
  12. Completely agree, with Hinterland's effort to add details and finesse these last years perhaps this type of mechanic is on a drawing board somewhere. I suppose it would make the game easier, do you have any ideas how that could be counterweighted, perhaps less firewood, branches and sticks generally?
  13. I'm not a great mathematician but now that you mention it, breaking down 1 piece of wood into 1 piece of wood don't seem so fair.