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  1. Thank you Sounds like the best plan is to fire a flare at the pack before they've spotted me and make a run for the tower.
  2. I'm saving flare shells on my current loper run, with Bleak Inlet in mind. I want to be able to get to the watchtower (and possibly the cannery) before I level up archery to 5. So, a question for those of you who used a flare gun on timberwolves. Do the pack usally scatter? If so, for about how long? Or will it just decrease their morale meter a bit?
  3. @stirfoo That's perfectly fine and I'm sure there are other games out there that may suit you better. Though it's interesting that two people can perceive the same game so differently. You play it cause it kickstarts your neurochemistry. I play it to relax and it's the only game so far that will actually slow my mind down rather than excite it. Skill leveling aside, I don't see that this game was designed to engage your reward mechanisms. Both visual and sound effects for finding loot in a box or slaying a deer are very very subtle for a video game.
  4. The term weapons effect (used by social psychologists) refers to the fact the mere presence of a weapon increases the probability that it will be used aggressively.
  5. I too use the dam for main storage at the moment. Not because I plan on staying in ML for endgame, but I will wait and see what changes episode 4 will bring to Coastal Highway before I haul all my loot there. As you already know, loot go missing with updates at times. No reason to put all the eggs in one basket
  6. This is the probably the most The Long Dark congruent version of a "happy" ending that I've read in a while. But like some other folks, I want survival to end in a dark fashion. And I prefer the game to end because I did something good or bad. Not because of a landslide that is completely beyond the player's control. Oh well, when did we ever have control of the fate of our survivor. Upvoted for a clever idea ūüĎć
  7. I would avoid building a snow shelter at Quonset. It's the most hostile of all camps in CH and some players have reported getting dragged out of snow shelters when placed in wolf patrol areas. It's not a nice way to wake up. If you prefer staying around Quonset and setting up an outdoor shelter there is a much safer area in its vicinity. When you exit the garage facing away from the road there is a hill. Up the hill to the right you will find a calm deer spot. You don't have to worry too much about cabin feber in CH. If you sleep at the fishing huts, craft at the outdoor worktable, do some fishing, collect a daily nice pile of sticks you will be fine. Should you find yourself with a fever one day, just head up to the ravine and sleep it off in the warm cave. Good luck!
  8. @Niev Well put, I think you summarized the potential of TLD quite accurately, which is confirmed from the overall positive response here. I don't think I've stuck with any game as long as TLD even though I know it inside out by now. In spite of end game monotony, I keep coming back year after year. Jumping is a topic of its own as you can see if you search for it but I do like these ideas about a greatly extended number of craftables, varied clothing and more. I guess focusing on endgame content for us oldies isn't a great businessmodel for HL when you can attract a new (and paying) playerbase with an expensive story. Welcome to the forum
  9. I thought it was awesome the first time I saw it, in story mode back in the day. For reasons described above, it's a building designed as a solid main camp, with under-designed surroundings. It's not bad once you're able to eat predator meat from the 3 wolves and the bear you stealth-slay from above the cliff. I suppose adding a region past the broken bridge would make the hunter's lodge much more useful. Or at least a coal location to keep the forge up and running. What do you like about it?
  10. Correct, no place that we get to visit up until the end of eisode 3 has power after the planecrash. Except for during the aurora. That is yet to be discovered, in this season or another. (I haven't replayed ep 1 and 2 since they remastered it so feel free to add did I miss something). EDIT: As for the option of being saved, then it wouldn't be The Long Dark anymore. I prefer death as the only ending. Even in story mode but I'm sure I'll be happy with whatever ending they come up with, they've probably figured out an intriguing finish.
  11. It's a nice idea. I too have been wanting a "sledgy" solution to short-circuit the endgame repetitive moving of hundreds of kilos of items to Will's final camp. It should come with risks, you should have to detach it before you could use a weapon. I'm not much into the skillbook idea to be honest, but the sledge is something Will would realistically be able to craft.
  12. The buildings on Milton main street because of the lurking wolves. The lighthouse in DP because of it's inaccessibility and small stove. And creeping wolves. I agree with above that the hunting lodge in BR is a great camp in a way, with stove and huge storage. But without any deer, cattails, fishing or nothing else to do it's more or less just a great building on an empty edge of the world.
  13. I know, they're easy to miss til you know they serve a purpose You climb up til you reach the ledge, face it and simply click when the text says "ledge". Your stamina should be refilled within 5 min (ingame time). The shorter ropes aren't usually accompanied by a ledge, except for eg PV/TMW transition. edit: and do keep those gloves (and hat) on at all times to avoid frostbite, I even carry spare gloves in my pack
  14. Alright, I'll guess you're currently not using the comfortable ledges where you can rest on the way up and wait for your stamina bar to refill. They're a godsend.
  15. Well rested is the way to do it. Removing gloves, big no-no What climbing locations are we talking about?