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  1. Agreed, interstellar travel is the next logical step for TLD. Let's include the spaceship in the crafting system. 400 metal scraps, some gunpowder and a couple of moose hides for insulation and off you go!
  2. manolitode


    I like this idea as it could reward you for hoarding. The 20 spray cans, 10 simple toolboxes etc that just lay around in your storage by the end of the game become useful as trading material. Even better if the NPC is very much into cat tail heads
  3. manolitode


    I like the solitude of survival but wouldn't mind if the community got to try out an NPC interaction setup in a challenge mode. There is plenty of opportunity to create intriguing quest stories in the long dark world outside the storyline. Not as in a whole football team of NPCs but rather aiding one passive NPC in need. There is room for appealing short stories, why not try it?
  4. Interloper is very challenging for many players and it's a whole lot easier once you learn a couple of given match spawns. There is on average about 3 matchboxes per main region. Without giving away too much, Timberwolf Mountain is a nice starting region for finding matches early, if you're familiar with the region.
  5. While I listened to the menu music the other day I was thinking how the Crossroads theme had grown on me lately so it was a funny coincidence that you brought it up It's nice to hear that you can connect many of your TLD memories to that song. Makes me curious whether Wintermute and Crossroads would be considered equal by someone who hasn't played the game and attached them to emotion. The songs do seem to have been cooked in the same pot. Strings and piano, length of 2:50ish, starts very minimalistic, crescendo around 0:55 and diminuendo around 2:20 for both songs. I know there's many more v
  6. Finding a moose carcass spawn. Still haven't seen it myself, a couple ot thousand hours in.
  7. Great idea, I really like it. Time function is problematic but not an impossible problem. You could have the option to accept all time consuming activities, "Player B wants to chop branch, 55 min, accept?". Or that you have to stick together and join in on waiting, harvesting meat, crafting etc, which is a more restricting option. But it means you would have to communicate a lot and tolerate the frustration of being bound to the other.
  8. @Bean Glad it helped you, I hear artificial sunlight "replacer" is one of the few treatments for it. Wouldn't it be comfortable if Hinterland's next implementation was phototherapeutic lamps (forget all about episode 4 etc)?
  9. @Stinky socks very true indeed, and 9 out of 10 of the good people of Fairbanks never have to sleep by their caves since they know better than spending more than a day indoors crafting protective clothing from moose intestines.
  10. Real world Cabin fever is the popular name for seasonal affective mood, a depression condition caused by the body producing more melatonin when it gets very dark outside. It is relieved by being outside in the sunlight. It is far more common in the northern latitudes. For instance, in the population of Fairbanks Alaska it is estimated that 1 out of 10 inhabitants suffer from the condition.
  11. Adding information to @Serenity's list: * TWM summit: if you don't find matches and accelerant lying around in the plane they're in one of the crates. * BR maintenance yard: Up the inclined plank, sometimes you find wool ear wraps there. If you go down again, up on the plateu the first crate you encounter on the floor usually contains some food. The crate just outside the office room sometimes has content too. * Spence Farmstead: area under the bed. * Do we have any in Ash Canyon?
  12. Congrats on your first summit on loper :) I say pick up your cattails and go for DP and do some crafting. While you seem capable you are also very under-equipped. If you go for the gold mine without AC map knowledge you're likely going to die on the mountain. It's about time you get a bow and start doing some hunting. There aren't many bears in AC but there are plenty of wolves so you need tools. It's preferable to go to any unfamiliar region with a full belly, well fed and a full set of animal clothing. But AC also means a lot of climbing. If you have a moose hide satchel you can climb
  13. You may not believe it but there are reasons to love Pleasant Valley: Why Pleasant Valley deserves your love - Survival Mode - Hinterland Forums. I never start a serious playthrough anywhere else anymore. Once you know where to look, PV can be a gold mine.
  14. It goes with saying but don't go goating up and down the mountainside with your best playthrough ever, exploring every inch of every cliff. Use a clean new voyager run for exploring, and you won't have to wipe so many tears. I talk from experience.
  15. There are plenty of enjoyable "points" in TLD if you like survival games. Level up fishing, find the tools you need, cure your first gut, kill your first moose, craft and find unique items, loot the plane on TWM summit, craft a bow, fill your endgame base with all the stuff you could possibly need, learn how to safely go head to head with wolves. Not everyone enjoys tasks like these but if you do there are hundreds of hours worth of gaming within a single playthrough.