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  1. @gotmilkanot Sure it's interesting to see what numbers excel from your expectations. I was a little surprised that in the end we get one prybar per fishing hut, while 9 whetstones, for instance, seems perfectly balanced. Curious if you can see the exact number of matchboxes on your old playthrough by the way? Just to compare them. @TiffTastic I guess it depends on how early you pick up your first magnifying glass. And thanks, I appreciate it! But I probably won't count anything for a while 😉
  2. So if a wolf growl (and I suppose if a bear yelp or a moose snort) you get a visual cue that provides only the information that there has been a sound effect from hostile wildlife but no clue as to its position. How do you think this would change the way you play the game? Would it become easier and would you be less attentive to sound? Again I think it's a very neat idea for accessibility reasons. I probably wouldn't use it myself (if it was optional) since listening for potential dangers is such a significant part of the experience. Though I'm curious what such a cue would look like if it was to translate the slight stress response you get from a wolf bark into something visual.
  3. I'd agree that 300 seems like a lot relative to 100. If you usually end up around 100 matches I'm curious whether you break stuff down and scan indoor locations with a light source? Let's zoom out for a moment and get statistical, I promise I won't overdo it but I seem to be in the mood for data compilation 😉 27 matchboxes over 10 main regions equals 2.7 matchboxes per main region for this particular playthrough. The guaranteed matchbox spawns in PV farmstead basement, TWM hut, summit (2) and open cave, HRV cave, spence's and Hibernia alone gives us 8 matchboxes. 8 is of course nowhere near 27. But we have yet to explore 94% of indoor locations, all transition regions, most outdoor locations including all outdoor caves but one, all drawers, closets and all boxes but the one in the open TWM cave. Just to paint a broader picture. Still, as you suggest I might have been lucky and ended up on the high end of a match availability scale on this particular playthrough. If such a scale exists.
  4. It seems like a reasonable assumption. At the top of the custom menu you'll see how resource availability changes with difficulty. I'm not sure wheter there's a fixed ratio and whether there is a difference for all items. If you compare interloper and stalker for instance, in the latter there is an extra flare shell loot location and plenty more clothing, which means your access to cloth is greatly enhanced. I'm less convinced that there is a huge difference in maple sapling access between the two difficulties.
  5. manolitode

    New Animals

    New animals is a recurrent idea as mentioned above. Surely this is an indication of some level of support for the idea. Owls haven't been suggested too often, it seems to me like a nice idea to introduce a bird with more meat on them than the crow. I'm not sure that realism is a big issue here, if we can have wolves with green glowing aurora eyes, owls that stay in winter aren't out of the question 😊 Perturbing the balance of the echosystem seem like the main issue, introducing one new animal means big time ripples on the water for how the game is played. Aren't they mostly about protecting real life animals and not pixel ones? I could be wrong but I don't recall Human Rights Watch getting on EA Games case for being able to throw incendiary grenades in Battlefield.
  6. I’ve always been curious – how many cattails are out there in The Long Dark? So I decided to pick them up and count them. And while I was at it, why not count some other items as well. I figured the results might be interesting to share so here’s an extensive list below. It contains quite a few but not all non-respawning items. I attemped to be extremely thorough and explore every corner of Great Bear. But still, you'll miss a few items along the way. I usually find an undiscovered sapling or random green backpack in every new playthrough. An estimate would be that the compilation below contains around 95% of non-renewables for this particular playthrough. Anyway, hopefully you get some idea of the amount of items to expect in interloper, meaning resources are set to low. Spoilers below. Cattails Cattails: 1314 (equalling 197 100 calories) When I asked Hinterland how many cattails I had missed, this is what they replied: Cat tails have a random spawn which changes with each new game. Because of these factors, we’re unable to give you an accurate count of how many cat tails spawn in any given session. In other words, take this and other numbers with a grain of salt. Saplings Birch saplings: 123 (equalling 369 arrows, I'm curious whether the total number can always be evenly divided by 3) Maple saplings: 60 Tools Can openers: 6 Cooking pots: 17 Flare shells: 12 (fixed number in interloper) Hacksaws: 8 Hammers: 4 Marine flares: 11 Prybars: 11 Recyclable cans: 46 Simple tools: 8 Skillbooks: 46 (Gunsmithing seem to be in high demand among great bear inhabitans) Spray cans: 30 (almost ended up spraying something once...) Storm lanterns: 5 Whetstones: 9 Stuff that lights up the long dark Firelogs: 3 Firestrikers: 3 Magnifying glasses: 3 Matchboxes: 27 Food and drinks (of which most were already spoiled) Beef jerky: 17 Chocolate bar: 22 Coffee: 38 Dog food: 10 Granola bar: 19 Herbal tea: 32 Ketchup chips: 6 (but no syrup in this playthrough, started the playthrough before that update but still found chips) Peaches: 12 Pork & Beans: 13 Tin of sardines: 47 (all but a few from the Cannery crates) Tomato soup: 12 Salty crackers: 13 Summit soda: 13 Medicaments Antibiotics: 24 Emergency Stims: 8 Old man’s beard lichen: 725 (equalling 241 bandages) Reishi mushrooms: 751 (375 prepared mushrooms) Rosehips: 3475 (144 batches of rose hip tea) Water purification tablets: 8 Miscellanous Cloth: 968 The cloth number is an exception since it is intentionally incomplete. It includes all broken down curtains, towels, clothing (including the cloth-worth on Will's body) and finding random single pieces of cloth. It doesn’t include most furniture. Leather: 61 Includes single pieces of leather and breakables like shoes and driving/work gloves. Perfect revolver ammo: 3 (although they wouldn’t stick to the bowstring) Other While I decided to chop up every crate on the island, as noted I spared some furniture with cloth. Some might call that laziness, I call it sanity 😄 It means of course that possible unlooted items remain, eg behind our much beloved turquoise armchairs. Some items were excluded from the list, like sewing kits (27), painkillers (32) and quality tools (3). For some reason I started to count them late. As for the red flares, I prefer blue. There were no beachcombing. Hope you enjoyed!
  7. So you've learned about electrocution and I bet my rabbit hat you won't make that mistake again. But that's TLD. There are a million mistakes to make so you progress and die over and over again. I lost a 300 day interloper game cause I decided to explore the semi-new mine in Coastal Highway. I stepped into a plash that was secretly electrical so that was that, damn there wasn't even an arurora. Feel disgruntled if you want to but get over it and start a new playthrough where you beat your former self. Better luck skills next time
  8. I'm a little unsure what you suggest so bare with me ☺️ Are you mainly concerned with accessibility, difficulty or both? If you suggest a visual cue for howls and growls: hopefully it will be introduced in the closed captions subtitles with future updates, as an option for those with impaired hearing. As for triangulation, panned sound and growl volume changes with changed distance would be a nice addition, but as they are now they're no good for triangulation. If you suggest that the HUD indicate hostile wildlife near you, even though they don't stalk you, it's more a matter of difficulty. Since wolves are our minor boss fights they should be demanding in my opinion. If we keep cutting corners a wolf or something nastier will jump us eventually, a warning would make that and other scenarios too easy. Also, I really like how the HUD is thoughtfully minimalistic and subtle. It's almost like you're wandering through a painting.
  9. All my earned feats disappeared with the darkwalker update on PS4. Blizzard walker and cold fusion remained for a few weeks (likely because of active playthroughs) but disappeared today and won't come back. I wonder if this is a known issue? It took 7 months to earn blizzard walker and these things shouldn't happen. Some people would surely give up a game, no matter how much they enjoy it, because of random lost months and years of progress. Guess it's a good thing that I don't mind a challenge 😉
  10. Correct, you won't spawn in Bleak Inlet on interloper difficulty. The regions you mention above are the only possible starting regions in my experience. Meaning easier maps like Mystery Lake, Mountain Town, Broken Railroad and Coastal Highway (and the transition regions) aren't starting regions. If this decision was based on map difficulty I would think DP fit better with the "easy" group and BI as a starting region on interloper. But there might be a number of other reasons for HL:s decision.
  11. Indeed, the lucky unbeknown 😊 though I must admit the shame, I also die occasionaly (dying of bordedom is not a valid excuse anyway). Makes it hard to see the long-term effect of updates. Anyway, I think you're in good company. Somebody on this forum, sorry I forgot who it was, suggested staying in the same region for 100 days at a time as a personal challenge. I thought that would solve the boredom in progressing through the regions too quickly so I tried it but limited the amount of days to 50. It was quite fun to be honest! But it took 42 days to get a jacket in PV, the starting region. Though I had a ski jacket for almost a day (I love ghost bears) the second jacket was the bear coat. A bit ironic that the bear that ripped the jacket became one himself. Circle of life. So if all goes well, perhaps I'll come back and report the effects of the upcoming updates...
  12. Bit of a sidetrack perhaps but speaking of feats, did someone else also lose their earned feats with the Darkwalker update? I started a new survival game recently and all feat progress was gone and reset except the two I used in the only playthrough that was active when downloading Darkwalker. Will report the bug, just curious whether anyone else experienced this.
  13. That's a very good point and it makes stone caches a decent solution in theory. I think it's far to say it's way safer to store loot in a cache outside Cinder Hills than inside it. Since Cinder Hills obviously hasn't caved in in survival mode as it has in story, it is at "risk" of changes with the next episode. Caves in general may be less safe than one would think. Someone reported losing a huge stack of improvised knives and hatches from the FM cave once it was updated to constitute a transition point to Bleak Inlet.
  14. Yes 46 should be all of them as I looted just about everything on this playthrough, but you never know. Though I wonder whether there's a fixed number of skill books even within one given difficulty. Okay, so 16 skill books on voyager, lets make a highly unscientific estimate ☺️ We have 10 main regions and 3 transition regions, lets call that 11.5 maps in total for our calculation. You looted CH and DP, that's 2 points, circa 0.75% of PV equalling 0.75 points, and I'm a bit lost as of the abbreviation OIC but we'll go with 0.5 for now. That means you looted 28% of the world and found 16 books. This gives us a very rough estimate of 57 skill books in all of Great Bear on voyager (more likely within the range of 45-71). The estimate is what it is but it seems that easier difficulties may have more skill books and thereby be affected by the resource setting in custom.
  15. Hehe it does sound like it 😉 I've been lucky so far as well. Suppose trying to minimize the risk is better than doing nothing, even though it's just guessing about upcoming updates. Out of curiousity, how many skill books have you found so far and on what difficulty? I collected 46 on a current loper, I’m unsure whether it varies between difficulties.