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  1. I mean there's no need to make the game any easier.
  2. Thanks for finding and sharing this, I wonder if this is known by the community yet, it should spark a lot (a loooooooooot) of discussion. I'm really curious how Hinterland is going to solve this. Is it doable with our current sandbox? Great Bear has grown a lot and it likely wasn't constructed with co-op in mind. It could be that they're planning a separate sandbox world with different rules where co-op is one. This is probably a few years ahead. If we stick with the notion that they'll introduce co-op in TLD and not a completely new game, we have a truly interesting time ahead.
  3. It's a logical suggestion and it works well with quite a few other games. However, you can already level up archery fairly quickly so I don't see the need for this. Even with a low skill increase it would be a high reward for no risk whatsoever. That said, you will still improve your ability to slay wildlife (though not the skill itself) by practicing hitting the bullseye at various distances
  4. Take a look around the forum, there are always ongoing topics discussing creative ways to make endgame purposeful.
  5. You will find a stim at TWM summit as well, inside the plane.
  6. Tough question, lots of interesting answers. I'd go for another type of granola bar that has more sunflower seeds than the old one. Either that or Klingon subtitles.
  7. Agree, it's a welcome addition to our arsenal indeed Glad I brought all the cans back to mainbase in a current playthrough. My guess is as good as yours but it seems probable they'll be introducing it in survival, it shouldn't be unique to the Wintermute saga like the bearspear. My only wish is that they don't bring the noisemakers to interloper difficulty. It would disrupt the balance severely. At least if you can scare wolves, bears and timberwolves like in Fury, then silence. Have yet to try it on the moose though. Anyone?
  8. Good idea, you can actually just drop it and pick it up instantly, if it's indoor it will have cured 1%.
  9. Thanks for clarifying, you make a fair point. Quite a few people seem to do it. I probably wouldn't enjoy that, I like the unpredictableness, but yeah you do have a hunch about the looting table in the back of your head after many playthroughs even if you haven't tried to remember zip, it's like a sixth sense or something. Knowing your looting table likely make your life easier in drunkenloper (whoever coined the term, thank you, you are a legend) but even then there are plenty of other obstacles you have to master to endure. A hammer in your inventory may make you happy but it doesn't make yo
  10. @Phillips The death you describe, 600 days in on interloper, so close to completing Cartographer, must have been so disappointing. Seems like you did what you could to survive. Suppose there wasn't a stim handy either? I wouldn't bother about the journal, it seems to somehow self-delete over time anyhow hehe 😊What have you been up to since then, is there a new run going already? Are you going to go for Faithful again? ... How about this topic stays on track? If you don't want a cat to bite, withdraw attention when it does.
  11. Nice! I only used one tunnel (skipped the side quests) so I'm looking forward to find out about the others when they release Blackrock for survival Same here, I look forward to using them but I also really, really hope they don't introduce them in interloper. Today the lopers have 12 lifelines (flare shells) that will scare off the wolf, bear and moose. With noise makers they'd go from 12 lifelines to I don't know, 100? Or however many you could make from the avabilable gunpowder. Could very well destroy the balance in interloper if introduced, in my opinion. Yeah it would be
  12. I think you have a fair point about the lost urgency of reaching PM, episode 4 is a little enclosed in its own narrative. But perhaps that was necessary so that we could finally get a good villain with a human face. You gotta spend time with the devil in order to 1) really feel what's a stake 2) develop negative emotions towards him to drive you forward. Could they have reminded us of the main goal and Astrid more? Sure, they probably should've. But the suitcase certainly reminded me, getting my head bashed in every now and then. Loved the soundtrack too
  13. Utterly curious how this topic hasn't been shut down yet.