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  1. Way to go! You obviously know how to plan for a long run and stay alive. Goals are helpful indeed, keeps me motivated and efficient. I like to have a main goal with the total run (like stay alive longer than ever Before), a handful of semibig goals (such as emptying regions or crafting a moose cape before day 30) and one or a couple of goals for each playing session. Ah, how exciting good luck with HRV, let the rivers be your Compass :) To spread resources to make a backup plan for future emergencies is a very well-functioning strategy. You're right that one can avoid wolves at most times by knowing patrols. But sometimes we're just out of control, if you consider these situations: You get lost in the heavy fog on the marshes of FM so you lost grasp of possible closeby wolf locations. However, you may be able to make that fire in case of an attack. Or, you've just goated down TWM on a heavy snowy night. You got sprains, 10% hp and you're cold. So you deploy the emergency stim in your vein, the night goes discobass so you can't see nothing but you run towards what you think is the cabin even though you know you might cross a wolf's path. That's a very helpful approach to prevent disappointment. For me it works best to play with the mindset of surviving and how to be better than last run. Even if I die, it's been a while since I got upset, the first 1-2 years were worse 😃
  2. True, it's a major test of patience to craft a whole wolf/bear/moose coat there. Especially if mr. cabin inspector bear is still around But the shorter crafting sessions like deer and rabbit clothing are usually fine, at least til you got 2 incoming blizzards per day.
  3. There are obviously a lot of human behavior that can ruin a perfect game, such as tiredness, boozing and cats that unpause your game while you're out buying groceries. After recently going through a handful of early deaths in interloper I'll share two conclusions that though likely mentioned before are well worth repeating to help facilitate your longevity. They're from a psychological perspective rather than gameplay tactics and they're currently helping me stay alive. 1) Success will kill you. If the weather is unusually warm, the wolf patrols are absent and most things have been going your way for an ingame day or two, you run the risk of becoming too relaxed. When you're too relaxed you start taking risks and make mistakes. As you already know by now, one mistake is enough to fade into the sudden long dark. Take a break from the game, whether it's 10 minutes or 10 days, and come back with a fresh cautious mind that won't let you do stuff to ruin an otherwise perfect run. 2) Zoning out will kill you. This tend to happen when you're on a long journey or when the game becomes too easy as mentioned above. The problem is that when you're doing some deep contemplation on what your boss told you during appraisals or plan your weekend with your partner as you play you know that Mr. Wolf will jump out from behind a stone or a corner and there you go, thanks for playing. Again, take a break, plan your weekend or whatever, then get back to the game and voila, 100, 500 or 1000 hours wasn't wasted after all. What do you do to remain alert, do you lock yourself in to avoid distractions or are you just a natural multitasker? I'd like to hear the tips and tricks that help you stay sharp in your long run.
  4. If you're going to CH anyway, why not craft at the outside table by the fishing huts and you won't get cabin fever? Might just take a little longer due to bad weather.
  5. It's a must for reaching HRV, as mentioned above. Going to MT in early interloper is a pretty good way to die. Unless you know the routes of the many wolf patrols, I recommend you to stay out til you wear clothes with decent protection and wield an improvised hatchet. Yeah, no buildings makes navigation in HRV tricky til you've gone full-blown nerd 🤓 When you enter the region from ML, turn left and keep walking along the left mountainside. That'll take you through an abundance of cattails and reishi. If you're careful and keep an eye out for the bear and wolves you will eventually find a safe Cave where you can rest if you brought a bedroll. Once rested, keep going forward on the left mountainside til you find a rope, climb it and continue to keep to the left mountainside and explore the lake. Use the same way back and you won't get lost in the wild.
  6. I understand that it feels like a long wait if you mainly play story mode. It sounds like you enjoy the game quite alot, I highly recommend giving survival mode a shot in case you haven't tried it yet. That's many hours of fun if it's your cup of tea You could be up for a few years wait til next episode since that's what happened between episode 2 and 3, we might to wait a while til a release date is published. There's been a great deal of improvements made since 2017 like new regions, mechanics, interface etc.
  7. The same dude who carries an infinite amount of empty plastic waterbottles in his backpack and is able to convert air into pure snow by any indoor stove. 😉 I get that it's another realism issue, suppose you could around it by not carrying more than 1-2 cooked teas? Not much reason to carry loads.
  8. If you're finding interloper too easy you can use the menu system to kill yourself. Just change language to mandarin.
  9. Aurora and full moon over Timberwolf Mountain.
  10. Yes, and you could get around the 'death trap' issue with doors that work like the one at the cannery in BI. Once open they stay open.
  11. Thanks for this heads-up, makes me think twice about using rose hip teas for warming up in a run with long term ambitions. I recommend you to explore a region where you haven't been for quite a while. If they made major changes there you've got a shot at finding respawned rose hips. For example the cave entrance by the crashed plane in PV. I lost a seasoned survivor down in moose overlook in HRV under the same conditions. Got butted, was out of rose hips (by 8 pieces) and couldn't climb out.
  12. Yeah there's a waterfall in that cave but it was phrased as a "waterfall cave in a cave", technically that's the same one cave. There aren't 2 loading screens. But okay then, semantics 😛
  13. I don't have a clever answer but they are intriguing questions so I'll give it a go. 2) Sure and you could add more such as a landing field for aircrafts and the monopoly clothing store that provides all the island's inhabitants with certain ski jackets, wool sweaters etc. My guess is our game developers can't take more than a few infrastructure functions into account for the sake of realism only. One could argue that these structures exist but are located in other areas that we don't get to visit. As for hospital I'd say there aren't enough inhabitants from what we've seen so far. A doctor on the countryside might just as well be one guy or gal working from his/her home. City hall would be nice but Great bear could be part of another county, hence why there's no such building, same for police station. The big issue is the fire station, great bear has to have a fire engine in a garage somewhere which a few part-time firemen on the island have access to. 3) Seems unlikely that electricity that can't keep a lightbulb lit sufficiently would be able to power a radio tower. And spoiler alert. Apart from that, I agree that blackrock prison should be an exciting addition to the game, especially if it's oldschool with analogue locks. Watch the Walking dead season 3 and be inspired how an abandoned prison could be used!
  14. You found a waterfall inside a cave, whereabouts?