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  1. Bleak Inlet - Fallen Lighthouse! No need to worry about cabin fever Cold temperature so fire burns slower 6-burner stove Bed nearby to sleep on while cooking Peaceful, outdoor sounds No predators Stove can be lit with Magnifying Glass Good place to earn some hours towards Blizzard Walker Doesn't get any better!
  2. On my 1300+ day run I found a curtain I hadn't broken down yet! It's the small things that excite us, eh?
  3. You gotta admit, almost every town (despite it's size) has both a church and a bar. I've seen the churches in TLD, where are the bars!? ūü§™
  4. I have about 1100 hours at this point and mostly come back to play when some new content gets introduced. May I ask what you do in the game to stay entertained for that many hours?
  5. https://thelongdark.fandom.com/wiki/Polaroids
  6. Let's start an official thread to track where we've found them. Please post the zone and the actual location as a spoiler tag. BTW, has anyone found one in PV yet? I swear I've searched the whole zone and haven't found it.
  7. Hmmm...13 zones and 11 polaroids. I'm guessing 1 per major zone excluding a couple transition zones. We'll see!
  8. If you don't want so many cans, you could always try a harder difficulty/custom game. Or, throw them away? I'd rather have too many than not enough to accommodate the most players.
  9. I also found the Lake Overlook one. New play-through.
  10. Got 'em all as well. Was the last "accomplishment" I did in the game - quite a task!
  11. There are actually quite a few map icons which require you to zoom in to see (DP comes to mind).