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  1. 100 gallons (best recollection). I always choose a 6 burner when making bulk water.
  2. Most guys that log those game days, sit in a cave and pass time. I'm positive I have enough resources to last that long on my longest save, just too boring sitting and passing time, sleep, eat, drink, repeat...
  3. Raph has stated there are 3 zones which have guaranteed revolvers but I think the locations within these zones can vary: PV, HRV, DP.
  4. I've used that tree countless times to bring down that moose. Never quite set up a tree camp like you though!
  5. I'm guessing HL created "zones" which would not overlap in this case so the interaction would not be necessary.
  6. Perhaps you stepped over some landscape in the cave which triggered the "lose aggro" yelp (like when you drop off a rock ledge to avoid that charging bear).
  7. Why is that drinking seems to compliment this game so well? Perhaps those few second timers other have mentioned. I've managed to cut my consumption by finding a way to "speed up" game play so I find myself using that more and more often which means less frequent sips.
  8. Yeah, it was kind of hard to explain...let's try this: Say I find a container and it has 3 items in it. I will typically keep clicking until the container is empty (3 clicks). In this case, the clicking ends (typically indicating I have emptied the container of all it's contents). Yet, when I hover my mouse over the container, it says Searched and I open it (again) to find revolver rounds. Make sense?
  9. I've traveled the zones countless times and all are fully mapped.
  10. I was trying (poorly) to portray the difficulty of implementing this.
  11. I've just began noticing something and wanted to see if anyone else was experiencing this: When I find a container (corpse or other) and it has more than 1 revolver round in it, after looting the 1st round, I stop looting (as if the container is empty) but I notice that the container will say "Searched" and when I loot it again, I find more revolver round(s). Anyone else?
  12. If I understand correctly, given your TWM example, you're suggesting taking a portion (canyon) of the existing zone and turning it into a zone of it's own?
  13. You mean like going into a cave at TWM or HRV?
  14. I would discourage the use of "exploit" here. HL is aware of this and was intentional.