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    I tend to pick a starting area (most of the time ML) but I do mix it up every so often. I don't have a set route for which zones I visit in sequence, but once I do enter a zone, I tend to fall into a familiar looting route - I guess so I can make sure I don't forget any locations. Predictable? Yeah. Guess I enjoy planning and predictability! I'm getting too old for stress 😆
  2. Hmmm..... 🤔 I'm anxious to dive back into TLD. I've taken a brief hiatus.
  3. Too easily exploitable - I would discourage this. Is it a hassle? Yeah. But I also think it's rare enough that quit and reloading is an "inconvenient" fix. In my 800 hours, I can count the instances of this happening on one hand.
  4. I tend to find an item in there more often than not.
  5. So we've discovered it is not "zone-based" but game-based. Your sound works in all other applications/games?
  6. Now, if they'd only fix the hole in the roof!
  7. You have to keep moving in the early game to stock up on your essential supplies. Drop items to cure and make a note about it (so you don't forget) and move on. Create stashes all over. Voyageur has plenty of loot to survive on.
  8. Prior to a recent patch, I would drop a decoy the instant I heard a bark and it would work. Now, I actually have to wait for the wolf to be closer to me before dropping for it to be effective.
  9. Have you tried going back to a region that did have music?
  10. I think this can be said for most zones that don't have a forge and workbench.
  11. This sparked an idea (which I'm sure has been brought up in the wishlist) - wouldn't it be cool if you could move the wooden crates around to build yourself a wind-break/shelter? Just think what kind of "fort" we could make in the dam with all those crates!
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the only waterfall you get wet from is the one in HRV (with the cave entrance behind it).
  13. That must have felt great when you heard that dying groan!