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  1. You must remember that Raph has stated countless times that realism does not always win out in TLD.
  2. I guess I've never noticed before, but at TWM, around Crystal Lake, I hear song birds! Not a big deal, right? Well, they typically are only present in the Spring as Winter is ending. Is this a subtle clue/hint from HL on future content/projects? 🤔
  3. It wouldn't surprise me if you could now be chased into the car. I heard someone else was attacked by a wolf that entered a hunter's blind... OP: I think there is another tree on the other side which you can use to snipe from...if I recall correctly.
  4. Same - it's like a little mini-game. I once spent 30 minutes trying to herd a rabbit into a wolf but the pathing just wouldn't allow it
  5. What can't you resist even though there is no logical reason for it? Me: I must have hundreds of pounds of meat and wood with lvl 5 in firemaking, yet I can't pass up cat-tails!
  6. We may assume that but I wouldn't like to bet on it. And, what of the other new items (as was the case with revolver and it's rounds)?
  7. As excited as I am about this update (and I am VERYYY excited!), I do have a lingering concern/question. It seems that when new content is added (like the revolver for example), if you have a longer game in which you've looted most (if not all) locations, finding the quantity of new item(s) can be challenging. Compare this to a new game with the same settings. With this update I'm thinking of the Marine Flare (and it sounds like there may be other items). It seems as though those of us with the longer games do not find as much of these new items. Is there something that can be done to remedy that? I prefer not to start a new game so as to maximize items gained.
  8. The "electrified" water in the mine will actually:
  9. Or, revert to a save prior to picking up the survivor, stock up on more revolver rounds and come back and do it later.
  10. Ditto! It's like when you're a child and you see the presents under the tree - that anticipation...for an ol' guy like myself. Thanks for keeping it alive, HL!
  11. I have floating stuff all over in my games - even new ones.
  12. That is the one I found also on my new play-through.