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  1. Must have been a very strong person (and strong knife) to be able to stick this in (assuming workbenches are metal).
  2. This is my oldest save going back many years - possibly Early Access, but if not there, then soon after. I don't fully recall...
  3. I'm on day 2100+ of my oldest save and I get so excited when I find something I've missed, so forgive me, but I must share - BI Raven Crossing: The backpack was empty, but, oh well!
  4. ...do you actually pause and just stare at some scenery? In my 35+ years of gaming, this is the only game I recall doing this. Thank you @Raphael van Lierop and Hinterland!
  5. Post screenshots here! Skinniest rabbits go here.
  6. I actually see the sun quite a bit in the game - I worry more about snow blindness.
  7. I've seen some odd things happen with very old saves as well. As others have recommended, I'd start a clean run and knock 'em out.
  8. If you haven't already, try climbing up or down slightly on the rope while you "scan" the ledge with your mouse.
  9. And you're sure you hadn't shot it earlier?
  10. If you've never been to the cannery before, while you're up there
  11. hmm...might have to look into that.
  12. "I'm referring to an internal location (where you transition)."
  13. Yup, it would be an optional feature.
  14. Sorry if the humor was lost on you, @odizzido Most of the rabbits I catch are over 1.5 lbs. This is definitely the lightest one I have seen in some time.