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  1. Sorry, I had to quote this since this is something you rarely read ūüėč
  2. Many mods are now back and work with the current build.
  3. Interesting perspectives - thanks for sharing!
  4. Since I'd rather sleep in a bed each night vs. a bedroll, I can now navigate the house at night to find my way... TheLongDark 2020-08-11 17-00-40.mp4
  5. I considered bleak inlet (especially the area around the abandoned lighthouse - can't beat an outside 6-burner stove) but just couldn't stomach the Timberwolves.
  6. Mine: my longest run is coming up on 1600 days on a very old Voyageur run (my original). One feat activated. Pretty much cleared all the maps. Looking for someplace to hang my hat for a while. After considering many places, I believe I've found my favorite: BRR Hunter's Lodge. This is why: A single wolf Possible Moose spawn (near the lodge and near the lake) Bear spawn (just below the rope climb so I can sniper him from safety then climb down to harvest him) Consistent rabbit spawn (2-3 every day with 6-7 snares) 6 burner stove Workbench Caves nearby (if necessary for Cabin Fever) Plenty of deer down the rope climb
  7. This is back as an un-official mod.
  8. Somewhat true...the vantage point was an advantage, but I guess the reason I termed this "exploit" is because he got stuck. A normal bear would not sit there being plucked full of arrows.
  9. This game, by far, has consumed the most time I have ever played a single game. I've been playing PC games for 36 years. Ya know what still makes me take a pause and just appreciate? The aurora nights and how they light up outside. I'm currently standing on the porch of the Hunter's Lodge, looking at the aurora and the effect it's having on the man-made structures surrounding me. But the most wondrous effect, the sky....thank you @Raphael van Lierop and Hinterland for bringing this to us.
  10. I have to admit, I found an exploit on this one. Notice the arrows in the back? I shot him from BRR Hunter's Lodge at the top of the rope climb. After the 1st shot, he got stuck so I volleyed him. My archery is lvl 5 too. Despite the arrows, I still had to climb down and let time bleed him out.
  11. This one took a few hits...
  12. I've found them in both old and new sandboxes - same with syrup albeit MUCH less common, just like in the event.
  13. As far as I know, the mods I used were open-source.
  14. By Jove, I think you've got it!