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  1. Quarter Bear & Moose - harvest the rest.
  2. 1226454816_TheLongDark2021-04-2016-47-00.mp4
  3. I was thinking the same thing but have you noticed there are many bare-looking bushes which could be rosehips they have eaten? What about the static carcasses in the game? They could be the one who caught and ate those?
  4. Likely one of the most popular picture spots in the game! You must have used the Food Pack mod to spawn the beer bottles? I had been there before but don't remember any beer.
  5. Might be hard to get you a definitive answer to that question due to the RNG I assume is used. Conduct an experiment and let us know
  6. I wasn't really conducting this experiment for efficiency, but more for curiosity. I do understand snares are not the most effective means to gather food.
  7. Come on, let's be reasonable here...do I really need to include in my question, "...where there are rabbits..."?
  8. I love to hear what the in-game radios are playing during an aurora event. Unfortunately, I need to turn up the other audio volumes (master and sound) so high that it can drown out the radio music.
  9. So far, mine has to be: Ravine --> Ravine (near transition to BI). Trap line: Results after one day (3): results after day 2 (zero): Okay, recent edit...can't get any worse than this. Trap line at BI near Ravine transition: Day 1 results (zero): day 2 results (zero):
  10. Master Angler You've caught 1,000 fish Benefit 50% to average fish weight
  11. And the canyon below needs a sign - "Warning: Bombs from Above!"