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  1. I stick to Fish, Rabbit, Deer and Moose exclusively until lvl 5 cooking.
  2. hozz1235


    Zone = whole outdoor map (ML, BRR, TWM, etc.)
  3. Can't say I've ever heard of someone running short of maples...usually birch
  4. I have a 2200+ day run and am not close to running out yet. I do supplement hunting with the rifle since the introduction of ammo crafting. I think you'll die from boredom before running out of hunting mats. Always have fishing and rabbits too (which are pretty much infinite).
  5. https://thelongdark.fandom.com/wiki/Silent_Hunter No distress pistol.
  6. Wish List forum is a great place for these ideas.
  7. Smart robber! Took your clothes and left you theirs!
  8. Beware if you time capsule - each time you do, the game has to essentially re-download the game files for that version.
  9. Sounds a few too many painkillers the night before and someone robbed you while passed out.
  10. lol, I sometimes wonder if people just come in to troll and laugh at how long the topic will go without them ever replying again.
  11. I believe the biggest constraint to this is simply having the HL resources to accomplish this. They have a small team and have to prioritize their work, and I'm sure they're anxious to get ep5 done to they can move on to other work!
  12. Ideas as to what could cause this luminescence?
  13. Doesn't happen very often and the hit location sure doesn't look like it would have been an insta-kill: