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  1. True, but they are quite expensive and when you have boards over your window
  2. Pretty sure he was kidding...at least I hope so.
  3. I predominantly play Voy-type games but lately I'm really enjoying a hybrid Pilgrim/Loper. In summary: Passive wildlife and plentiful resources but the harshest weather/conditional effects. Got tired of wolves = harassment.
  4. hozz1235


    Realism vs. gameplay reasons. @Raphael van Lierop has stated numerous times that the game is not intended to be 100% realistic.
  5. What if I'm wearing hats/toque? Would the sound be muffled based upon number of headwear items and type of item?
  6. Those are made with iron.
  7. Meaning, when I press 2 hotkey, my revolver comes out. If I don't have a revolver, the rifle comes out, etc. By "Configurable", I mean when I press the 2 key, I can configure to have the rifle come out even though I have a revolver...aka a "quick draw weapon".
  8. Little OCD showing there, @ManicManiac? <meant to be a light-hearted pun>
  9. hozz1235

    4-slot cooking

    Once we have a 4-slot, can we get a 3-slot? 😏
  10. The save mechanics that HL implemented with the game were very intentional. Same as perma-death. It is to help make the game more "survial-ish".
  11. You have to remember that HL admits to forgoing on some "realism" to encourage other gameplay elements.
  12. I have a really old save....3+ years I'm guessing. Yeah, there are lots of floating objects and some other quirks but overall it is still very playable. In fact, I'd call it my "Main" that I kick out of bed when content updates happen since she is so well stocked.
  13. I don't know how you keep your cool by reading and responding to these all day, @Admin! You have my admiration.
  14. Good idea - 2 birds with 1 stone! I would keep that save game once you are done too so you could go back and see your progress.
  15. I've taken advantage of that "pathing bug" as well (even though I feel kindda bad about it). HL has made some updates to the game and I haven't seen that happen since.