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  1. I think Mystery Lake is the best region to base in the whole game, You're close to FM, PV, MT, CH, and BI. Tons of wildlife, easy to life in, easy layout, ice fishing, birch bark, etc. It's just a survivors haven.
  2. It's missing a second floor as well.
  3. Software limitations, the PS4, and Xbox One are both slightly underpowered for the game. They both have pretty cheap processors, which means slow loading times. There's nothing Hinterland can 'fix', it's just the system. With the release of the new generations of consoles, load times should be cut in half.
  4. That's actually pretty cool, do you think you could screenshot one of them?
  5. I like the idea of adding more colors, and more vegetation to the landscape. But when it comes to the painting, i'm not really understanding. Do you think you could explain more? Sounds interesting.
  6. SO as I was listening to some music, I thought about Wintermute, and how there's no comedy. While I think that Wintermute should not turn into a comedy, I think it would be really awesome if they added a montage to the final episode of Wintermute, as Will, and Astrid prepare to do some huge braving task. THe song playing in the backround would be Greater Than/Less than by Saliva, and it would have some breaks where we see Will rocking out! Let's be real, it will never happen. But I can hope... 😂😂
  7. I heard Thomsons Crossing has extremely high house payments, hopefully you can afford them.
  8. SO I'm sure we all know about Among Us, and how that game just BLEWWWW up. People were looking for a fun party/multiplayer game to play with friends. Now that the hype for that game has slowly faded off, we now see games like Rust, and Raft, which in ways are similar to TLD being extremely popular again. Think about this, Rust before all these streamers, and fans of these streamers started playing the game was a game that I can feel relate to TLD. A lot of people knew about rust, but the game has a small, and loyal fanbase that absolutely loved the game, (much like TLD). It had a small player
  9. I'm going to guess you're in Stalker, I know that in my run now I spawned in Broken Railroad, and caught an extremely lucky break with a ton of great clothing at the Hunters Lodge, and the Maintenance Shed. I then of course went to The Muskeg, straight to the Spence Homestead. More clothing, and a rifle. A ton of food, and firewood too. It was one of the best starts you could EVER get. Now on day 80ish, and have supplies to last hundreds of days. Still have to go to Milton, HRV, Coastal Highway, and Decolation Point.
  10. With Coastal Highway, Desolation Point, and Bleak Inlet, I think there are enough regions on the coast right now. Something that I think would be very interesting is a region that has a more urban feel. Put it like this, I think Great Bear has one small, or decent sized city. This could be Perseverance Mills, or some other place. While I'm not saying skyscrapers, I'd really like to see some bigger two story buildings. The issue is, that really changes the feel of the game, and my fear is that it would be hard to incorporate the survival, and wildlife aspects of the game into a city like
  11. I don't think it is DP, because of the landscape behind it.
  12. With the upcoming episode 4 of Wintermute, I think it is likely a new region will not be added to the game, due to Ash Canyon just being added about a month go. So, that means we will probably see a new region late this year. With the theme of new game additions for each region, (Rope climbing with TW, ammo crafting with BI, rope bridges with AC, and a forge with DP, etc). What do you guys think the next region will bring us? What could it look like? I'd like to hear your guys thoughts.
  13. (All the ones I know) One spawns in Ash Canyon, near one of the rope climbs to the mine. One spawns in the lower region of Bleak Inlet, near the washed out trailer. One spawns somewhere in Timberwolf Mountain (No clue where) Thats all I know lol.