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  1. Re-reading what I said makes me realize that it was badly worded. For more context, in the March dev diary they confirm that we will be playing as Mackenzie.
  2. I don’t think it will, since we will be playing as Mackenzie meaning we will be either starting in the Carter Dam, or maybe even Blackrock?
  3. Haven’t posted in god knows how long, but I’m interested to know.
  4. I hopped on the forums this morning, and there were 4 new posts that had a picture of a shoe, and what read like a wikipedia explanation of the shoe. I reported them, although chucking at the randomness of the posts, (you gotta appreciate a practical joke). Coming back a few hours later, gone, they've vanished, showing Hinterlands quick moderation, or the posts being deleted by the original creator.
  5. I meant to pull it out, but pressed the wrong trigger on my Xbox controller, lol.
  6. So I was playing around in Ash Canyon, and this spot was the waterfall down the rope to the gold mine... There's probably a name for it I just forget, but besides that this was a fun spot, and I hope you enjoy.
  7. I'd love to go back to Timberwolf Mountain, but my survivor just got back a trip to get the satchel from HRV, and before that I had been in Ash Canyon... I really want to go to the coast and finally get to Coastal Highway and Decolation point, those are the only regions I haven't been to. After than I'm for sure going to summit again, well... As long as I survive The Long Dark.
  8. I like spring too, but there's a few things that keeps it near the bottom. 1. I am allergic to literally every trees pollen in my area, 2. Because spring where I live is really hit or miss, its either as cold as the winter, or its perfect, why can't it just be perfect all the time? 3. Spring is mud season, and liking to go four wheeling, it's a 3 month period where I can't, which stinks.
  9. I live up north, but not that far up north. (New England)
  10. I love all the season, but living up north has made me appreciate the Fall the most. So many good vibes, it's beautiful for one, sweatshirt weather, Halloween, and Thanksgiving, it's just great. But I will agree, I do have the most fun in the summer.
  11. Being obsessed with Bigfoot when I was younger has lead me to this moment. This meme is the most unreasonably funny/relatable thing I have ever seen.
  12. Now, I'm pretty excited for Episode 4, and cannot wait for the first teasers/news of it. Now what's feeding my hype is the fact that we are so close, and who knows, we could get a trailer tomorrow, or it might be a week, or another month, no one knows! Now, this is a question that I feel not enough people are asking. Who will we be playing as in Episode 4? Will we be playing as Will, or Astrid, maybe both? What will Episode 4 be about? Where will we be, we pretty much know that Astrid is in CH, and Will is in the dam, will we see Will make his way out of the dam to PV, or
  13. One day I was laying in my bed, with nothing to concern me. I started listening to the song 'Let Go' by Ark Patrol, linked below, now this sounds super cliche, but this song legitimately scares me. For me, it incompasses dread, loneliness, and desolation. Whenever that beat drops, the only thing I can think about is stinking Great Bear Island. The abandonment, the collapse. Jeez, it seems so lame, but this song, and the game just make me feel some kind of way. Right when this happened, it solidified in my mind that even though I don't play The Long Dark all that much, it has still somehow put
  14. Yeah, I'd imagine the Xbox One X would stay at a stable 60fps. I've been waiting to get my hands on the Series X since November now, since I am running on the seven year old generation one Xbox One, hoping it doesn't quit!