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  2. “Sweetened, thickened milk in a can. Keeps forever. In-game description Raphael why are you lying to us ?
  3. Michael1986


    Why not just do that ? shoot mathis dead OR why are these convicts standing in the open while the guy they captured and tortured is coming towards with armed to the teeth. He didnt survive those timbier doggo's with a tennis ball you idiot.
  4. Yes thats what I am saying, like why should I got desolution point ? it is hard to survive and the ''loot'' becomes worthless if you have some tools like a bow and some fishing gear. Maybe a Blowtorch found inside the riken, Blackrock can have something like a kevlar armour, Milton can have Uniqe food items like slurpee ,Candy or frozen hotdogs. Give me something Uniqe for each region
  5. yes I agree this is good content, yes we waited, alot but still Hinterlands you did well, and it left us with sme questions 1:Who is Donnor, why people are scared of him so much ? 2:What is this İnfection going on around....Waith a minute....What if Covid came from The Great Bear....OH MY GOD 3:Will hinterlands ever add my suggestion to the game, an AA-12 automatic shotgun 2 out of 3 of these questions will get answered but I just cant waith for episode 5 tho miss, cut the paw puns they get annoying real fast just saying
  6. No offense but hinterland, can we get a better incentive to explore other than.....More Loot Why should go through the hassle of getting to Milton only to find a bunch of ruined items and my 200th Hatchet, instead of hanging out at coastal highway fishing for 500 days, What if You added more Unique Loot, for example İ like how Ash Canyon has a reason for you to go there, to get crampons and the technical pack, both valuable items or the airplane food in pleasant valley. We need more stuff like this.
  7. did you even read my idea or jsut looked at my comment
  8. Firstly to balance things out, I say Shotgun would be the rarest weapon, it would have the least spawns and it sshells wouldnt be as common as rifle cartridges or revolver bullets For the Gun itself Each weapon in Long Dark has a purpose: The Hunting rifle is a long ranged offensive weapon used for Hunting The Revolver is a deterrent to hostile wildlife The Bow is a for silent hunters And the Flare gun is a Light and basic self defense tool I say the Shotgun in its core is used to retaliate hostile wildlife,it isnt there to kill or scare that wolf,it is te
  9. Plot Twist:Mathis and the other Prisoners are actually FBI Agents and Blackrock is facade,Made to hide their Real goal,To hunt down for....You know who
  10. Perfect beat for this Thread: 20.Relying on Auto Walk too Much 21.Decay 22.Criticising Hinterlands 23.Being a Wolf in Voyager 24:Being a Wolf in Stalker.....But the Player is armed to teeth 25:Waitin for Episode 5 26:Bugs 27:Getting in the way of a wolf and its prey 28:Getting in the way of Activision and a Nickle 29:Fucking over Mathis 30:Undersetimating the Blind Woman