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  1. seriously tho I would like to see some uniqe loot in Milton
  2. Yes You are right,We should Just Waith a bit longer Just like Half life 3...it will come out.......Right ?.........Please I need it Even fluffy agrees with Me...Right fluffy ? Fluffy:(Bark) (Bark) Traslation:I am held here againts my will,Send Help
  3. Why.......would it bee too easy I mean Some slurpee and Candy beans may be a momentery relief you know...A reward if you worked your ass off to reach Milton from another region
  4. they dont look empty at all jsut visit the Gast Station...You will see
  5. this is just s sort and simple Question.... Why cant we loot the Candy and Slurpee Machines in the Orca Gas Station
  6. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Canned Beef Stew Calories:550 Thrist: %5 Weight:0.50 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Spam Calories:350 Thirst:%0 Weight:0.30 ____________________________
  7. Okay in TLD the Aroura seems to give life to electricity but only things that work as the Lights and the Radios wouldnt it be interesting if you could do things like cook food with a microwave, I believe the Aroura's Potential Gameplay Mechanics are not being fullfilled And by the way the houses with gas tanks would still have functioning heaters that can lead to a interesting game mechanic natural gas may be used to raise your bases heat and make things dry faster but you cant harvest natural gas from other Gas Tanks and the only way you can refil your tank is to find a rare
  8. I maybe a minority too I never felt that effect did any change to my game, I never get it I, feel like Cabin fever isuseless but maybe that is because I have a main base in Quinset Gas Station and I do reguler supply trips to regions
  10. Will msut have met the Sole Suvvivor from Fallout 4 and gained the ability Iron Stomach
  11. After that you grab rail gun from a space ship and blow fluffy away with it dont worry this is alien they made it Solar Flare immune
  12. The Geomagnetic Storm rendered it useless you can technically charge it during an active aroura and us alimiminium foil so its charge doesnt get drained when its over if added I believe it can be struggle weapon
  13. I see you are a man of great culture and intellect aswell
  14. Wow I really forgot this old post yeah I realized now it is a dumb idea the most similar Idea I have for this concept is a aliminium covered zippo light you know the kids toy ? you spin something and it produces light ? yeah that but covered with aliminium to deter the solar flare it can be used to deter wildlife but it has to be rezipped it lasts for 1.50 real life minutes it is a simple tool if you want to save on lantern fuel and can be needed if you dont have a flashlight and you are stuck in an aroura it is not rare and can be lifesave if you dont hvae any lightsources a
  15. 1:The Blowtorch A Blowtorch is a construction tool mostly used for combining and separating Metalic Objects it can be found inside Garages or any industrial area, it requires Fuel to work and İt can Turn bigger Metal Objects like Metal Barrels into Scrap Metal But it requires Fuel to Work, it can also be an alternative for Lighting up Campfires 2:Bubblegum Bubblegum is a Food item that has No Calories at all, it is specialty is when it is used for a duration of time players hunger drop rate will be lowered giving the stomach a artificial sense of Being Full