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  1. btw there is a mod to it. I believe it is called "Remove clutter"
  2. Having said Car, here goes another one "Not being able to look back seats from front seats in the car"
  3. Almost guaranteed sprains when climbing even to the easiest hills
  4. walking up to the wind? not being able to cross smoothly over the rails on ML? Will is talking and whining too much all the time? Interiors get dark way faster than outside? What is yours?
  5. btw when collecting sticks, the info screen could be removed all together as it increases the grind and nothing more, clicking on a stick clearly indicates that we would like to pick it up, no need to ask every time.
  6. Thanks but playing an earlier verson wouldnt be practical when considering so many improvements are made on game mechanics. I would love to see the old paper UI on the newest version of the game though.
  7. A lot of people say that but as an OP I was referring to its looks rather than its functionality. Devs can perfectly implement paper ui with functional new radial menu and all together.
  8. Well neither I nor any other player would go for an older version of the game for the sake of another UI. There are so many game mechanics change since then it simply wouldn't be practical. Besides I suggested not a separate versions of game, what I was referring is to make an "add-on" which would only change the ui of the game. I think it is easily doable.
  9. Another tip for beginners : eat all stuff you need to eat before fulfilling your thirst. Most items increase thirst when you eat so I usually eat when my thirst bar is zero (red) and then drink water to fill It back. If you fulfill your thirst first, it will lower it when you eat again. So hunger first, thirst second.
  10. Well, they can always release it as a DLC and people wanna buy it can buy it. I would happily pay for this wouldn't you?
  11. I do miss the good old paper UI a lot. In its most recent form, the UI is too much modern to my liking. No backgrounds, no paper feeling. You are looking into an abyss. Look at these pictures of old versions:
  12. I hate to hunt with bow. Deer run away and die on hill tops where I can not access and my arrow is gone. That is so frustrating for me. Not to mention, unless you are level 5, you can not crouch and shoot. Thats another hinderance.
  13. Actually I do hunt deer pretty easily with revolver. If yo uare close enough and postioned yourself head on, single shot is enough to bring her down. Same with the wolves, if you can aim his head, he is instantly down (although when you aim they charge like crazy and you have to be very timely when to shoot)