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  1. A very fun read! Well done. The endless cycle of creating man-made fire to keep the pilgrim alive, forever stolen away by the cold is a great bit!
  2. Oh man, my heart can't take it to write a sequel 😆 In the longer unedited version, I mention how the dad ran away after the first aurora ended and everyone was going crazy without power, after begging the mom to leave their adopted son behind because they were never going to survive fighting wolves and blizzards AND tending to the newborn. Because they're both terrible people, they did the unthinkable. As I imagine it, one of the escaped prisoners separated them as he tried to kill them, somewhere between the Prison transport bus and the Orca Gas Station in Milton. They are probably alive some
  3. In the old world, I worried too much about the quality of my bed and how comfortably I slept in it. Pillow? Not too soft, not too stiff. Mattress? Not too flat or rigid, not too tall or plushy. If my skeleton was to suffer any more after that failure of a dive in the London Olympics, I might as well retire and teach toddlers how to swim. Covers? Beyond the satin sheets, whatever the weather required. I'm not 100% picky. Only 90% picky. Correction. I *wasn't* picky. Now? My first night I slept in a car, wind and wolves howling outside. Barely warm enough to make it to dawn. Ever since I fo
  4. Hey, thanks a lot! I almost believed noone would like it enough to comment, lol.
  5. Hey everyone. In case you stuck with this long story (or an attempt at one) and enjoyed it (partially at least?) I wanted to let you know there's a couple easter eggs: The misanthrope lives in Misanthrope's Homestead (duh) for a little while, also the bridge where the fight breaks out is Heartbreak Bridge in Pleasant Valley. Obviously there's a weird love triangle and heartbreak for the protagonist sets in fully after he falls off that bridge. Also his name is Max, and his last stand is just a short distance away from the trapper's cabin. Not to mention that him saying "I'm so sorry" in front
  6. ' ' As I look at the grave, broken, a billion words cross my mind, a thousand reach the tip of my mouth, only three come out. I'm so sorry. ' ' ((some description of graphic violence and harsh language follow, also the pronoun I is used a million times, so bear with me)) These handwritten journals were recovered from his coat. Please, please don't leak that shit online, the Great Bear situation has already caused enough grief. Three families would be devastated if they read this. Not even the cops can know. Understand? - - - - - November 9th, 07:38 pm Jen and
  7. Jumping in The Long Dark is pretty ridiculous, considering the snow you're walking on, heavy load on your back etc. But a teeny tiny 5-10 cm (2-4 inch) obstacle like a tiny lip between surfaces or a limb just barely in your way becomes a massive stress when pursued by death puppers (wolves) or their better-textured silver cousins. A nice way to split the difference is have the game engage a tiny automatic skip if the higher surface (no more than 8 inches/ 20cm in my opinion) you're trying to reach isn't snow or ice. There are plenty of wood/steel surfaces where planks lead to floors you c
  8. This is the second time I play episode 3 (the first time was when it launched, both runs on Hardened Survivor, the greatest story difficulty). Back then, the timberwolf pack size and morale meter would pop with a string music cue when detected. Now that's not the case, no music or UI elements. My question is, was this changed for hardened survivor to be tougher or is it a potential bug?
  9. Thanks! I always get exhausted and lose creativity if I edit/cut/create any more than a second draft so I always like to stress how rough my amateur writing can be. I think I have one more in me now, perhaps about a certain misanthrope. Not THE misanthrope from Coastal Highway, I wouldn't want to contradict any future story mode characters lol.
  10. You're welcome! I am in no way a great or even good writer but it makes me feel great to see anyone enjoy this little story! The execution was not as great as the concept, but the essential feeling is still displayed. That feeling of being prepared that has made every TLD player cocky at some point, and we have all paid the price Thanks again for your comment!
  11. She was amazed at the beautiful color palette of the morning sky. Yellows, whites and reds against the ever lighter blue sky. Beautiful, she felt, even though most of the red was blood in her eyes. Sally always knew it's best to be prepared for every occation. She took the time to research and buy a high quality satchel and to keep herself well fed to be at top shape.One last check before entering Bleak inlet. Weighing just under 40 kgs (88 pounds) and with the warmest clothing on Great Bear, she checked her kinetic energy powered watch. Two hours before sunrise, time to go.
  12. Oh thanks! I have a few ideas for more stories, and the thought that at least a few people liked the first one really makes me very happy.The next one might have to do with a hoarder who stockpiles everything. I can neither confirm nor deny the hoarder is based on my TLD playstyle lol I appreciate your comments! Thanks a lot!
  13. Thank you so much! I am by no means a good writer, but I wanted to express the concept of this survivor who was never meant to make it, but gets lucky enough to hope. How many survival runs that we started hopefully have been deleted upon permadeath? All the time we invested, gone. And the quiet apocalypse doesn't notice. Even the message never makes it, and this guy's backstory explains no one will search for him. Kinda like your newest run makes you forget your last, because you have no attachment to it Even if there was a game feature to spawn your last survivor's dead body, it would very