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  1. I was trying to work out where it was by the terrain, looks similar to parts of ash canyon and maybe mystery lake! Curious!
  2. Really? Thought you couldn't post things like that on here🤔☺ Who doesn't like sweeties? I know I like a sweetie🙂
  3. Have you seen the ytube clip of drunk chasing bear? While amusing, trying to do that doesn't bode well!
  4. There was no offence meant ! 😥 Also Reply on o pg.!
  5. Great video! Thanks for the useful info,even though I play pilgrim it was very helpful!
  6. Well I hope Astrid doesn't end up looking like that!☺️
  7. Is this make fun at me day? You and Hozz been gossiping? ☺️
  8. What a present! My birthdays the week after so we both get a present!
  9. Yeh! So romantic discussing ration packs! Behave! It's called an intelligent conversation,besides my heart belongs to someone else! I mean no offence to ajb either, he's a very nice person!
  10. Looking forward to playing! I'll be up extra early on the 6th! Thanks Hinterland!
  11. Don't have pc so can't use mods!
  12. Actually just had a quick look on Amazon. Mainly from uk, no French and only one from US. The american one said it was a collectors item! Not sure how that works with food!? All free shipping but the UK ones are nearly twice the price! But most never mentioned the amounts!
  13. I was thinking of the shipping costs. They're pretty random on some of Amazon's products!