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  1. Saw your screenshot by the way ! Funny😁. The way that bear is standing reminds me of something on TV! Just can't remember what!?
  2. May I ask! Why? Am glad you had fun! Tell me to mind my own business if you want!
  3. I watch d that last night! His streams are funny! If you want to see shimmying watch episode 138 Spiderman! Nerve racking he can be!
  4. Unless he became the next pope I wouldn't change my mind this morning! Or he somehow solved world peace and destroyed all illnesses on the planet! AND let me get some sleep! 😭 Sorry not having a good day! My run in game was a total waste of time this morning!
  5. Has anyone got any advice for using the bow! I'm terrible at it! I didn't even realise there was a marker until I watched y-tube!? I can't see the tiny white dot on my screen even against a dark background! I have lost a lot of arrows cos I can't see them half the time! Wish you could colour change the feathers and the marker! Any advice for an obviously poor sighted old woman!?
  6. My brain is refusing to come up with any scenarios for Hobbs! I need more than five hours sleep to do anything!so that last idea is probably the best I'm gonna come up with! I came to the conclusion ...Hobbs can go jump off a cliff! More fun talking to you!
  7. I either get to 9 or well past 100! 😀! I'll have a think on the Hobbs situation! Night to you too! Or whatever time it is there!?
  8. Hello again! They were both at the cannery so not surprised!
  9. That's possible! Perhaps he didn't really die and somehow he's followed Astrid!we don't really know what happened to him after we left! Sorry that's lame! Got a headache so brains not functioning well at the moment! Lack of sleep! Needs some zzzzs!🐑
  10. You're his mother then!😃!no offence! Sorry didn't mean to sound like I was prying just trying to help! We have seriously got off topic again haven't we! Hobbs was a pig!. How's that - back to Hobbs!😀
  11. Clever little thing! You could try putting some peppermint oil on them! Dogs don't like strong mint it upsets their noses and confuses them! Bit cruel in some ways but if you don't put much on it might save your furniture! Do you work long hours? If so he might be lonely! ( or just rebelling)!Try leaving a radio on when your out,that might help!
  12. Do animals spawn during blizzards? I've read numerous accounts saying they disappear yet I have seen wolves on three separate occasions during blizzards!. Does it depend which mode you're playing on or does it stay the same whatever?
  13. That sounds logical! He's a hot dog😁.hope he doesn't do it when the stove's on!? that's one problem with steel it shows up everything! Never mind black. My fridge and freezer are black and two minutes after cleaning it has fingerprints all over it!but black steel is cool!(fashion wise)
  14. 😁literally! Thought it was a euphemism for something else! Sorry I got my filthy mind from my mother! Question is why does he do it? You have a lovely voice by the way!
  15. What a cutie! Rubber ring for bath time?😄. can't imagine him as a timberwolf except in the colouring and sharp white teeth! Is he young?