An All-New Event Coming to The Long Dark – Winter's Embrace


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Surviving in the cold Canadian winter on Great Bear Island has never been easy. This Summer, however, it's going to be even harder with our first summer seasonal event Winter's Embrace. The temperature is dropping even lower and surviving will be even more of a struggle. 

But survive you must if you want to earn two all-new limited-time Badges in the game. These exclusive rewards are only available during Winter's Embrace which runs from June 29th through to July 31st.

There will also be all-new features and in-game items added to the game to give you a new experience, and a touch of Canadiana as you venture out into the snowy wilds.

Stay tuned for more details!

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Awww... I understand the need to release the event on a monday, so any eventual hiccups can be fixed within business hours but man I would love to play the event in this rainy, cold and miserable weekend. 😆

Excited for any new cool features that the event might add!

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12 hours ago, ManicManiac said:

Thank you Hinterland.

A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one. :D

It looks like in two day's time, I'll be putting my personal challenge on hold to see if I can earn these new badges.
Considering the duration of the event... hmm.

I expect a daily post of your progress for the event 😆 to keep me entertained. 

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21 minutes ago, dustinmico said:

Super excited.. will be my first event since playing The Long Dark... I missed out on the 4 Days of Night event. Can anyone tell me what was cool and different about that event?

The last two years it's the Halloween event.  Four real-life days in a row the sun never rises, and each night has a specific theme to it.  You have to start a new save to play it, so you won't have to risk an existing survival game.  Day 1: Get ready.  There are no wolves, and the weather is mild.  Do your exploration and get ready for what comes next.  Day 2 introduces demon wolves (wolves with glowing red eyes) but is otherwise comparable to Voyageur. Day 3 is All Aurora All The Time, and those demon wolves become demon aurora wolves.  Day 4 is All Blizzard All The Time, and interior locations are like -20C so you can't rely solely on bed bonuses to stay warm.  But at least the wildlife is gone.

There are candy bars set out in candy dishes outside cabins, the camp office, houses, etc. that are worth 2500 calories each.  Also pumpkin pies can be found, that are worth 2000 calories, and also have the capacity to fully restore your warmth.  A full pie is a full warmth meter, so Esc-canceling halfway will leave you with half the meter restored.  Also for a short time after eating a pie, wolves run from you instead of attack.  And there are jack-o-lanterns scattered throughout the world, usually in some out of the way place deep in the forest.  There are caches of goodies out there, like rifles, ammo, and "supercharged flashlights" which have 4 times the battery power.  Oh, and occasionally you'll find human skulls just sitting around.  They don't do anything, it's just for the spook factor.

But the only reason they did the same thing two years in a row is 2019 it was basically all hands on deck getting Episode 3 launched, so they just reused the 2018 event.  Not sure if they'll recycle it again for 2020 or if they'll change it up.  Edit: They did it prior to 2018 as well, but it was just 4 days of darkness, the pies, candy bars, and red-eyed wolves.  No special themes for each day.  

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8 hours ago, Shadowstitch said:

Please oh please let it be a vintage plaid thermos so we can keep hot drinks and soup hotter, longer.

It would make total sense in this scenario, and to this day I can't understand why we don't see any thermos, candles, or lighters in this world.


Yeahhh soup thermos would be nice or recipes book,candle,bread, so If there was a discovered cellar that kind of thing would be great

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