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  1. @straffin Generally I would take the way through the woods up near Lake Overlook, just as you mentioned (and it's the way I often take when I don't know whether the tracks are clear or not). However those three wolves where far enough from the clearing (that leads to the path for the Forestry Lookout) that I just decided to see if I could crouch and sneak by. Also, taking this route also gave me an easy vantage around the corner from the Derailment. If the way hadn't been clear, then I would have just kept to the stop of slope all the way past the Train Loading Area. I tend to fav
  2. After spending some time to get things reorganized and think things over some more, I decided start roaming way across Great Bear Island. I don't have a particular plan for this. I think I will just keep to my bare essentials kit, and live on what I find along the way. I know I don't want to stay long in any one location, though I may gather up resources to set up encampments to return to later. I paired down my pack and set out for Coastal Highway. The first leg of the trip was a bit more eventful than usual this morning. When I stepped off the porch of the Camp Office and went
  3. It used to be that way (a very long time ago)... but Hinterland changed it to it's current state, and I think it's better the way it is now.
  4. I eventually decided to make the run up to Signal Hill. I knew I needed some warmer clothing, and that seemed a good place to branch out and start looking. I decided to take the "back way" through the cave at the end of Winding River. From there I stopped by Hilltop Cave and the nearby Hunter's Blind. I'd decided to bring a few days food and water in case I got snowed in by a blizzard, but I knew I'd be likely to more food on the way. I even happened upon another sleeping bag while navigating through the cave leading to Pleasant Valley. I quickly found my way to the road leading dir
  5. Since I was doing okay on clothing (the best of which having two Wool Tuques, Wool Ear Wrap, Mackinaw, Ski jacket, two Wool Shirts, a pair of Cargo Pants, a pair of Wool Long Johns, a pair of Wool Socks, and Insulated Boots), so I decided it was about time to start bolstering my food supply by hunting. I figured I would just start with rabbits so I could build up the seven pelts I would need for a set of Rabbitskin Mittens and a Rabbitskin Hat. Over the next couple of days, I explored a few more areas (such as the ruined Dead Fall cabin and the Destroyed Lookout)... though I didn't find
  6. @Helina84 Welcome to the wilderness.
  7. For any interested in following my adventures/misadventures, here is the thread for my current run: A new beginning... - Survival Mode - Hinterland Forums
  8. After my unexpectedly long time away (from being able to play games in general)... I'm finally able to find a little time to escape back to the dangerous beauty of Great Bear Island. I decided on a Stalker run this time around (with a random starting point). As I came to... it didn't take me long to realize I was in Mystery Lake. It's been a while since I'd been back to the original region, and it always feel like home to me. I knew I'd more or less have a good chance of finding what I need to get my feet under me in a fairly short time. I had stated out near the river's "southern"
  9. @piddy3825 I did sometime back... it was still in the midst of the others parts of the personal challenge that I'd set for myself. Once I'd accomplished all of them for the run, that's when I had started my Interloper personal challenge and put this one on hiatus. Now after such a long absence, I decided to start fresh with a new Stalker run. I got started last weekend, so I will try to start chronicling that shortly, in a new thread.
  10. I got back into my run, but I only really stayed for a day or two. I climbed to the summit and took the long way back down. As I was getting my bearings again, I thought long and hard about... and I decided I would start a fresh run rather than continue on with this one (or my Interloper "training" run). Once I got back to my cabin on Crystal Lake, I filled my stomach one last time. I also stopped by the lake to say goodbye to my reluctant hunting partner. I made the hike back down to the Community Hall in Thompson's Crossing. I figured this was a good place to leave it. At
  11. I've decided I would return to Great Bear Island by coming back to this run (which I had put on hiatus try a shorter Interloper Personal Challenge). I think this will be a nice run to come back to, at least to get my bearings again... nearly every region has a cache of supplies, all the regions are fully mapped, and my survivor has mastered all skills. It will be nice to get back to my home at the base of Timberwolf Mountain. I think I will start by taking a walking tour of each region again. I'm keen to see if I will still be able to sneak through Bleak Inlet without getting spot
  12. I hear we might be able to explore Blackrock Penitentiary relatively soon... I'm definitely looking forward to that.
  13. @piddy3825 Real life stuff was happening. Due to certain drawdowns and closures... I had to stop contracting overseas, get a new job, and work on reestablishing myself back in the states. As one might imagine, I didn't have much time to spend on Great Bear Island.
  14. I'm finally able to return to The Long Dark... I don't know if I will pick up with my Interloper personal challenge again or pick back up with my Stalker run... either way it's good to be back in the wilderness of Great Bear Island.
  15. I'm finally able to return to The Long Dark... I don't know if I will pick up with my Interloper personal challenge again or pick back up with my Stalker run... either way it's good to be back in the wilderness of Great Bear Island.