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  1. @piddy3825 Yes, the front part of caves and other non-"interior" locations (like fishing huts, exterior barns, broken down old cabins)... will allow you to take cover and still count towards the progression. Sometimes the quickest way to rack up time is to use a fire-barrel as a windbreak. Since it's a wind-protected firebox... you can just keep a fire going nice and warm, while you use the barrel itself to block the wind and snow (occasionally changing position as the wind shifts). Perhaps lookout towers would work as well... but I've not tested that myself, so I can't say for sure about those.
  2. @Mroz4k Welcome back to the wilderness.
  3. I've finally completed my version of "Faithful Cartographer." The map marker for the Last Resort Cannery, did finally register once I got up to the top of the nearby hillside overlooking the complex. The pier/Workshop eventually registered when I came to the farther end of the broken docks on the shore. I'm not sure if this last location was just very particular to get it to trigger on the map or what else the issue could have been. But no matter. At long last (and under the specific stipulations of my challenge) I've finally unlocked the achievement. For the rest of the day, I kind of took it easy. I've been doing a little exploration though the cannery complex, gathering up gear and supplies as I find them. I came across a safe that had a pair of Mukluks in it, and while that's a great find... I think I'll stick with the insulated boots (they're just a little bit warmer and a little bit more waterproof - I don't depend on running, so I don't mind the hit I take on my sprint meter). I also went back over to the island cave to haul the wolf meat over to the cannery's break room. However, as I started on the return trip, I found that a very dense fog had rolled in. At some point I got turned around... as I noticed I'd been walking for a lot longer on the ice than I'd estimated it should have taken to reach the shore. I was beginning to think I'd some how missed the cannery all together. As it turns out I did, but not in the way that I thought. I was trying to keep a sharp look out for the shore as I made my way though the fog, I managed to veer off course. Eventually I started to see rock formations peaking thought the fog (at least I found land)... but as I began following it I became more and more confused, as none of the terrain looked familiar. As I continued farther along, I eventually found out what happened. I recognized a rather steep slope, and was flabbergasted to realize that I'd some how not only gotten turned around... but actually ended up making a complete loop around the island I'd just set out from. After getting my barrings again (using the cave as my reference point) I stepped off again, this time keeping my eyes front and just walking straight ahead. It had been a long time since I've been lost in a fog. By the time I got back to my new encampment, it was getting pretty late in the evening. So I just did more organizing, a little bit of mending, and slept for a solid 11 hours. I'm still being cautious... I know there is possibly at least one pack still roaming, and I suppose it's possible they could turn up here (or at the very least nearby). I will still need to explore the rafters and rooves. I'll at least want to do a dry run of this "parkour course" before attempting it during an aurora. Although, I suppose I could just take a week's worth of food with me, and simply camp out in front of the Workshop. (I'll have to think about that one some more) With my mapping tasks completed, that also lifts my self imposed food restrictions... so I can now start eating those found food items that I've been gathered up in caches all over Great Bear. However, I think I am still going to abstain from that at least until I get the Workshop unlocked (the region just won't feel completed until I get this one last thing accomplished). After that's done though, I'm going to dine an a huge dinner of chips and sardines. I think tomorrow though, I will take a trek back to my cabin (I want to stash the flare shells I found with my flare gun, I want to retrieve my books from Pensive Lookout and the Worker Residence. While I'm at the lookout I should probably grab the Timber Wolf pelts as well. When I do leave I'll need to take at least four pelts with me, and I planned on exiting via the cave leading to Forlorn Muskeg. I think for the next portion of my personal challenge, I'm going to gather up all the pelts I'll need and consolidate them back at the Mountaineer's Hut in Timberwolf Mountain. Once I have all the resources together, then I'll start crafting... and just to make things more interesting - I will wait to trigger the achievement by holding off on sleeping in the bearskin bedroll until I can do so on the summit of Timberwolf Mountain. Even though I already achieved my version of "It was THIS Big" in my previous attempt, I've still been adhering to those same requirements for this run. That is to say: I will only fish out of fresh water sources until I catch a Smallmouth Bass that weighs more than 5 kg. After that, it's just working up all my skills to level 5... and then lastly just surviving beyond 500 days. Admittedly, I'd started this thread simply to chronicle the Faithful Cartographer portion of the challenge (as it seemed the most arduous part of it), but at this point I feel like I should keep the thread going until I compete my challenge in it's entirety. Also, I do really enjoy keeping a sort of journal of this little adventure I've been on.
  4. It was still early evening when I ended the last session... so I decided to try to make the trip back to my cave encampment (nearest the bottom of the end of the Frozen Delta) and try to get back before dark in an attempt to save time the next day. This turned out be a rather risky decision. For starters it was already snowing pretty heavily (which by itself isn't so much of a problem), but just after I started out the winds started kicking up. The weather soon turned into a pretty heavy snowstorm (very much threatening to turn into a blizzard), but the visibility was still good enough that I chose to press on. As I passed around the back of the Washed Out Trailers, I encountered my next surprise... a Moose. I realized this trip was now more precarious than I bargained for... not because the moose would be a problem, but more because I'd now end up taking a much longer way around (meaning I probably wouldn't get back before sundown). With the weather already so bad, visibility after dark was going probably require burning up some lantern fuel. However, I continued to press on anyway. I figured in the worst case scenario, I'll stay overnight in the cave. Giving the Moose a very wide berth, I ended up taking the ice on the edge of the inlet about half way up the Frozen Delta, and then cut (more or less) straight across to finally reach my cave. Much to my chagrin, there were no sticks (or firewood of any kind) stashed there. Apparently I'd burned it all up and had forgotten about it. Making this trip, which was already kind of precarious... an absolute waste of time. I was so irritated that I immediately turned around and started back for my new encampment (at the Trailers just across the main road). The winds were still gusting hard, so at times it was slow going. As I got near the ice at the edge of the inlet, the heavy snowstorm turned into a full raging blizzard. The sun hadn't fully set yet, so as long as I kept within sight of the shore I knew I could find my way back... so I pressed on. Eventually, I did manage to get up the bank in the right place... here was where I'd have the potential to get turned around or walk off into a trench if I wasn't careful. I used the edge of the slope to orient myself, I knew I ought to be alright as long as I kept walking straight ahead. Sure enough I soon came to the road, and just on the other side of it was the wooden bridge (my estimation of where it was in relation to that slope was right on the money). I quickly got inside, ate, and collapsed into bed. All things considered, the wasted trip did permit me to pick up some more sticks (not many, but some). I figured it would be just enough for at least 6 hours of burn time. I did a quick sort and drop to cache excess items/supplies, and set out across the ice to get to the "Island Cave." I took a more or less straight path across and followed the slope leading over to the cave. I took advantage of the clear skies and got the fire started right away. Just as I estimated, I indeed had about 6 hours of burn time to work with (which of course would be longer thanks to the benefits of Level 4 - Fire Starting). However, I wasn't really happy with that... so I decided to take scout around the island to see if I could find more things to burn. Over by the Fallen Lighthouse there seemed to be a bit of Beachcombing that could be done, so I thought perhaps the ice beyond the far end of this island might also be a good spot to check. There was a good deal of sticks littered around the shore of the island. However, out on the edge of the ice doesn't appear to be a Beachcoming spot (while I was out there I did do one quick survey). I also found a way up the far side of the island, and luckily found two cedar limbs. For the first time on this run, I used an axe harvest them. I now had more than enough to fuel to keep the fire going well over 12 hours. With my fire all taken care of, I decided to go hunt the pack of Timber Wolves that had been prowling out on the ice. I didn't want them joining the fray when I take on the pack that's undoubtedly prowling compound. Also, they would add to my growing food supply, which will be necessary for living at the cannery while waiting for an aurora. I crawled out onto the ice and started following behind the pack. I kept creeping forward as they roamed, and eventually but myself lined up as they turned back to wander towards the island again. The set up was pretty perfect... one was roaming a fair bit ahead of the other two. I waited until it got close enough that I could see some the finer details of it's face (which turns out is kind of my sweet spot for how close I can let them get without alerting the pack) and dropped it in mid-stride. Just a few meters behind it, the other two where also closing in... this time I stood up and alerted them, but quickly dropped down and took out the one as it started the howl. I let the last one go and harvested up it's pack mates. I spend the rest of the evening (and a good part of the night) just cooking up the steaks. Early the next morning, I gathered up the charcoal (23 pieces) and quickly set about finishing up all the touch-up work I could. I also took the opportunity to do some reconnaissance of the Last Chance Cannery. As I finished up mapping on the Long Bridge and the shore lines around the inlet, I noticed that when I pass a good distance from the road in front of the cannery... a tight pack of 4 Timber Wolves will usually soon gather and patrol out of the front gate and up the road in the direction of the Coastal Highway Terminus. I saw this as another perfect setup, though it would be a little more dangerous than stalking that pack on out on the open ice... there was enough uneven terrain here that they would be out of sight for a while. This would mean there was a decent risk of getting flanked or otherwise ambushed. As I was finishing up on the Bridge another blizzard hit. I knew I could use the guardrail to get me to the slope, and from there I could follow the shore over to the Washed Out Trailers. That's where I decided to hole-up for the rest of the evening, waiting for the storm to pass. I ended up staying the night. Over the course of the night, I had about 6 cups of birch bark tea just to tide me over until I could get back to my food supply. However, what I was really hoping for was just clear weather tomorrow so I could focus on taking on the pack at the cannery. I slept in a little bit, and didn't get up until about mid-morning. To my delight it was a bright and sunny day, and not much more than a mild breeze. It was about as perfect a day as I could have hoped for. I made a bee line for the bridge again; passing close enough the main road to tempt the pack out on another patrol. As soon as I passed by, I got low and crawled over to the edge of the road about halfway between the bridge and front gate of the cannery. I watched intently as the pack stepped out in a tight two-by-two formation from a break in the fence. For a moment, I was worried that they might patrol my way... with all four in sight a tight group, it would hard to take out three of them before they jumped me. However, they did indeed turn towards the Coastal Highway Terminus and started patrolling - no doubt looking for whatever had drawn their attention to the front gate. I continued to creep closer as they wandered down the road, I very quickly lost sight of all but one of them. One had split off from the group and disappeared down behind the fallen tree that was directly across the road. The others wandered down the road, with one disappearing up the slope to the right and another disappearing behind terrain on the left. Eventually I even lost sight of the last one, but I just continued to wait there just past the gate and near the break in the fence they came out of. It wasn't too long before I started seeing three of them making their way back towards the cannery. One of them split off and wandered down the slope. Having two of them wandering around on that slope heading down to inlet side (out of sight) definitely made me nervous. As I was watching the last two Timber Wolves get ever closer coming up the road, I frequently checked my flank (very worried about an ambush). Now the two that were still prowling on the road had a significant distance between them, so I was reasonably confident I could take care of them without much issue... but those other two had me worried. The first of the Timber Wolves to into by ideal range was the one nearest me on the road. It even stopped to sniff the air, giving be an easy shot. Just as that one hit the ground, one of the Timber Wolves who were skulking around down on the slope stepped around from behind the roots of the fallen tree. I quickly dropped it as it fully came around the corner. I could very distinctly hear footsteps on my right side. I quickly pivoted right as the Timber Wolf crested the slope directly across the road from me. I was about to be ambushed, so I snapped in and fired immediately... as soon as I cracked off the shot I swung around to the other wolf still closing in. Right as I turned... I heard that Timber Wolf drop, which sent the last member of this pack into a panic, turned tail, and sprinted back down the road. That was probably one of the most intense encounters I've had in a long while. I gathered up my three spent casing and harvested all three Timber Wolves before heading into the cannery compound. I got everything setup and dropped off in the warehouse in the back corner near the a ship (that would soon learn was called, The Harbinger). After getting my encampment setup... I started exploring the grounds and under the pier (mapping along the way). However even though I've mapped every inch of the compound the last two locations don't register on the map. I'm really hoping it's not bugged out. I've also considered that perhaps they might only show up if climb through the compound to find the way to the Workshop (perhaps then the Cannery and Workshop icons will show up on the map if I visit them "properly"). Before I do I go exploring the rafters and rooftops... I will try surveying from the top of the very high hill over looking the compound... perhaps I just need a higher vantage. (in either case, I'm just really hoping my save is not bugged) That evening got settled, ate, and slept solidly through the night... and of course, there would be an aurora that night. Frankly I didn't care, it was already a hard day and I just wanted to get some sleep. Besides, I still wanted to do a dry run in the daylight first (for the sake of trying to map from the cannery and directly outside the workshop). I have enough meat to last me for weeks (I do still have the meat at the island cave as well as what I left behind at the Worker Residence). I may also want to hike up to Pensive Lookout and grab my books... I'll have to think about it.
  5. Bleak Inlet has very much earned my respect. The more time I spend here, the more I like it.
  6. My mistake, I misunderstood when you said: So it sounded like you weren't aware... I wasn't trying to be critical, I was just offering the information.
  7. A critical hit can bring down a bear with just one well aimed shot... and that's also true for the hunting rifle. Per the wiki (though I admit, I can't vouch for the accuracy of the information): "Critical hits Critical hits are random occurrences, but are more likely in designated critical areas. Bears seem to have four areas, the head and neck, the front shoulder and chest, the hindquarters, and their feet. Shots to the head and neck seem to have the best chance to cause a critical hit (~30%), with shots to the front shoulder and chest being second. Shots to the feet seem to be immune to critical hits." Also: "No Fear of Fire Bears are not afraid of fire and will walk right through it. If antagonized, they will charge right through it. Campfires, flares, and torches offer no protection from bear attack."
  8. I've thought more about it, and I made up my mind on what to do. As tempted as I am to sweep and clear the cannery... I do want to ensure that I stick to the original intention behind my mapping task. So, I will make a quick trip back to my previous cave encampment, gather up what firewood I have stashed there, and haul it all over to the Island Cave. I'll do another long burn, maybe hunt the Timber Wolf pack that's out on the ice near the Cannery Pier, and stay hunkered down at the nearby Trailers for another game day. I figure if I can get another ten (or more) pieces of charcoal, I can then finish up the touch-ups out on the far reaches of the ice, as well as the other half of the Long Bridge, and should still have enough left over for clearing the Cannery and Pier. I know I was feeling very tempted to just knock out the last two locations and then do the finishing touches... but part of the point of modifying my personal requirements for the "Faithful Cartographer" achievement was to unlock it once the final map was as completely cleared as I could make it. For this purpose, it would seem most appropriate to save those last two locations as my very last surveys in order to trigger the achievement (assuming nothing is bugged out with this particular save - it's already lived through three updates now). I know I was also talking about immediately starting my trek to gather all my pelts, but for the sake of completion... I will camp out at the cannery and wait for an aurora to get things unlocked before I go. It wouldn't feel right to leave before that's accomplished.
  9. @Sherri Stranded Deep comes to mind. It's sort of like "Cast Away: The Game" Subnautica is another one where the exploration can get pretty interesting.
  10. Fortunately, the blizzard blew itself out but mid-morning. I very quickly went up to the top of the rock formation right out in front of my cave. I wanted to make sure to get eyes on the nearby pack... but they weren't in visual range. I decided to head back up along the ridge line so I could get visual confirmation (sometimes they just patrolled down on the ice). However, when I managed to get behind their usual territory, I found nothing... the pack apparently moved on. I took that opportunity to take advantage of the ice above one of the smaller waterfalls to get to a spot on another rock formation that was roughly between the last two trouble spots in the upper part of region. As I was taking a look around from my new vantage point, I spotted where the pack had moved to (they were milling around nearby the cave just below the Secret Mountain Path). With this part of the map completed, I began working my way down the last stretch leading up the large slope ahead of me (overlooking the main road). However, as I got closer the nearby Hunter's Blind I spotted another Timber Wolf pack. I also tried to stick close to the ridge line, as I was hoping to be able to get to the far-side of the broken bridge I'd spotted. However, there appears to be a sheer rock face that prevents me from getting back there. I did take a look around the cliff side overlooking the river... but I don't see a safe way to goat around the cliff side. It was getting late into the evening, so I carefully made my way back to my cave encampment to bed down for the night. As soon as I woke the next morning, I ran out to my usual vantage point and immediately began looking for those Timber Wolves. I'm now out of food and I'll need to thin out this pack in order to safely map my way down the the main road (so the timing worked out pretty well). All three Timber Wolves where roaming close together. I decided to head down to the shore line just across the river from where they were headed. I approached the shore and then crouched to wait (I figured this way they might catch my scent and start tracking my location). However, after about 15 seconds none of the pack members were coming towards me... they'd just disappeared on the other side of the hill/rock formation. After another ten seconds I was getting concerned that they might have been roaming in the opposite direction. With much apprehension I crawled across the ice and up the slope, but the Timber Wolves were nowhere to be found. I was about to head back to my spot across the river when I saw all three heading straight to that location I'd been sitting in. It turns out they were hunting indeed me, they just took a longer/more indirect way around (this pack was being clever... I love it). The pack was milling around that spot when one started to follow the path I took across the river. Still crouched, I lined up ahead of it. As soon as it got as close as I dared let it, I snapped in and dropped the leading wolf in mid-stride. The Timber Wolf following close behind it, decided to run off... the third Timber Wolf seemed confused and altered coarse wandering up around a rock formation on the shoreline. I decided to just wait and see what these last two where going to. The one that ran off was probably going to be this pack's lone survivor. The other Timber Wolf that continued tracking me along the opposite shore seemed like it was trying to get sneaky. It had disappeared from sight when it ducked behind the rock formation. Down at the end of that formation, the Timber Wolf quickly turned and started to cross the ice (still tracking towards me). I stood up, and went to the edge of the ice... when the Timber Wolf stopped to alert the pack. I'd been hoping to tempt it to get on to the ice... but instead I quickly crouched, fired a quick shot, and dropped it before it could finish calling for backup. With this pack taken care of, I harvested both kills, and hauled it back to my cave encampment. I still had a good supply of water, so I focused on just cooking up my new supply of meat (I also was getting in very serious need of charcoal). Once the my new stock of food was prepared, just let the campfire burn though the night as I slept. The following morning, I was able to map all the way down to the main road. I also took the time to visit the Washed Out Trailers, Coastal Highway Terminus, and the Trailers (situated just down the road about halfway in between the broken bridge and the cannery). During this leisurely day of mapping/exploring I'd moved my food supply with me in increments. I'd moved all my food supply to the Washed Out Trailers as soon as I discovered it... but later decided to haul it over to the other trailers across the road. I also took advantage of this opportunity and went out on the ice. I spotted a pack of three Timber Wolves wandering between the island and the cannery pier. I kept my distance as I just wanted to map the general area of the island. However I am running low on charcoal, so I'm just going to hit the main area... I'll do touch ups a little later. I found a cave and some lichen, but not much else. At this point I was down to just 4 pieces of charcoal... so unless I want to spend another day doing a long burn, I'd need to stop and save these last four pieces to map out the last place I have left to explore... The Last Resort Cannery. At long last, my task of fully mapping each region is nearly completed. The journal says I have only two question marked locations to map. I think it's just the cannery and maybe that pier on the far end of the compound, but if "Faithful Cartographer" doesn't register I may have to reevaluate my map. I don't think I missed anything, but I guess I won't know for sure until I explore the cannery. Part of me wants to hit the cannery tomorrow! The other part wants to take one more day to build up some more charcoal, take care of those touch-ups around the ice surrounding that island, and to truly save the cannery for last... Admittedly I'm eager to finish my final mapping task. Once I have this done, I'll be free to roam all of Great Bear any way I'd like and start eating all that found food I've been stockpiling. Hitting these big milestones in this personal challenge feels really satisfying. Assuming I can get this last part completed. I'll be heading out to gather up all my pelts from each region so I can work on my version of "Wrapped in Furs:"
  11. I decided I wanted to risk trying to avoid the Timber Wolf pack while trying to finish mapping the area and consolidating my food stores. Considering I didn't really need the extra food yet (and I already have more Timber Wolf pelts than I need for making my wolfskin coat), and that this pack is mostly out of the way from where I need to be... I think it will be better to try and just avoid them for now. It took the better part of the day to find a safe route across the Frozen Delta and still maintain distance from the Timber Wolves (the pack in question are still a group of three roaming on the river and banks just between the moose territory and my new cave encampment). For this trip I didn't bother with any mapping. I only needed to focus on getting to the cave below the Secret Mountain Path, get my food, and return safely. I eventually found my way across the ice. I'd also make sure to keep a lookout, and every time I saw a rock formation I could get to the top of, I did so. As far as I can tell, there were not other Timber Wolf packs out on the Frozen Delta. I quickly grabbed up what little venison I had at my previous cave, and tried to find a more direct path. I was able to shorten the return trip a little bit, but it resulted in risking a closer proximity to the pack. I managed to sneak though and return safely. I dropped off and organized my consolidated food supply; I had about three days worth of food now (maybe four if more thinly rationed). The weather had cleared up so I decided I would get better look around. I followed tight to the ridge line to see if the way ahead was clear. I spotted another hunting blind just a little further down along the shore. I think if need be, I should have a relatively safe way to move my food supply forward as I make my way down this side of the region. I mapped out the way ahead, but I still needed to finish mapping the Frozen Delta. By this time, night had fallen and an aurora had started, I decided I was not going to press my luck... it was time to bed down for the night. The next day, I dedicated to trying to finish the Frozen Delta. There were three specific dark patches on my map that I wanted to clear away. However, this means that I will have to get close to that Timber Wolf pack again, but if I avoided them yesterday despite the meat I was carrying... I should be able to pull this off as well. The only catch is that two of those black spots are actually along the shoreline at the top most part of the delta (particularly where the river wraps back around and forms essentially a narrow little peninsula). I don't foresee that being too tricky, since all I really have to do is take the same path as yesterday and follow the bank of the river. Keeping crouched I got to the top of the rock formation closest to the pack. I was able to map far a wide enough radius that cleared out the trouble spot on the larger island in front of me (it's the one that has the hunting stand on it). Now I only had to deal with that small strip over the uppermost part of the delta. I took a wider path, back tracking a little bit so I could map as much of the ice and open water as I can while I'm over here. Once I get these two trouble spots cleaned up, I want to take what food I have and stash it at the hunter's blind (nearest the main road). It took some time, but I made it over to the delta/rock formation right next to the shore. Getting over to the spot I wanted took some doing, and cost me a sprained wrist as well as a dense fog that lingered for hours. I slept off my sprain, and then waited out the fog before finally being able to get to the spot I'd picked out. This particular delta/rock formation would give me a good vantage of the river bank and the hillside beyond it, and it was fortunate that I did some scouting first. Just as I crested the top, my heart felt like it stopped. I spotted a Timber Wolf prowling close by. I backed off, crouched, and waited a moment. It seemed to have not noticed me, so keeping crouched I made my way back up to my vantage point. I watched intently for a few minutes. It looked like there was just a Lone Timber Wolf roaming around... perhaps it was one of the last members of one of the other packs I'd already dealt with. It was getting late in the evening, so I decided I would turn back and start fresh in the morning. Knowing that it's just a lone wolf... I'm confidant that I should be able to cross the delta, stop by the other cave again, and map out last two trouble spots relatively quickly. Costing my another day isn't great news though. I'll be running out of food soon, so I either have to move on or hunt that pack of Timber Wolves for more meat. I made it back to my cave encampment with no trouble, and bedded down for the night. When I woke... I could hear a blizzard raging outside of my cave. ...damn it...
  12. I don't think it sounds like a bad idea. I think this could be a rather interesting idea. Our options for accessory slots are currently rather limited, so this could be a nice touch... Although, I think I'd prefer if it's main advantage were only perhaps a little extra wind resistance and maybe coupled with being able to protect our outer layer clothing (but only due to the fact that a poncho would be covering them - and thus need to get soaked though before the usual outer layer starts getting wet). So, sure... I think this could idea could be a nice touch or at least an interesting idea.
  13. For the last two years the events have been separate and distinct modes separate from the regular Survival Mode.
  14. @PrincessAutumn The sight alignment in this picture would indicate that your shot would stray too high (and depending on the range sail over the top of your target). The front sight tip should to be flush with the rear sight.