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  1. I managed to hunt the wolf lurking up the hill behind the Mountaineer's Hut and took advantage of the cleared pathway to also hunt the deer that graze close to the edge of the Birch Forest (near the lower Wing Wreckage). I also took out one of the wolves near by. I now have my revolver skill maxed out. I'll do one last round of repairs on all my gear (both sets), and then I'll get ready to head out to Coastal Highway. Just the process of making arrows will likely be enough to get archery to level 5. I really wish I'd remembered to note where I left found saplings now. I know I could
  2. @DrWho42 Welcome to the wilderness.
  3. @jimbot Welcome to the wilderness.
  4. For me though, it's not the best of both worlds. I'd just prefer it was a dedicated challenge, rather than added to the survival sandbox. I simply would not want Human NPCs or Animal Companions added to the Surival Sandbox. As I've mentioned before, just because and idea is proposed as an option doesn't mean we all need to be in favor of it. Besides, If I wanted to play a game with Animal Companions... I have Fallout (any one of them), Among Trees, ARK Survival Evolved, Subnautica, Minecraft (the list goes on and on). I wouldn't want The Long Dark to try and be like so ma
  5. I think it's really just up you and your playstyle. A player can keep themselves safe from wolves by carrying just a few rocks in their pocket. it even works fine for a player to carry no weapon at all, just as long as we pay close attention to our surroundings (evade and void is very effective too ). Point being, any of the available weapons would work... but as for which one is "best," I'd say that's entirely subjective.
  6. I finished off my last arrow, but I guess I overestimated the skill value for each shot. With that one arrow that I found in Ash Canyon, (all totaled) I took down two deer and two rabbits before it broke... but I still have a very small sliver left before I get to level 5 Archery. At this point I'll have to head out to some of my other encampments in other regions in search of a birch sapling. I remember stashing one or two of them in my travels (I just don't recall exactly where ). I think I will most likely head out towards Coastal Highway, Old Island Connector, and Desolation Po
  7. @Old Hermit I can appreciate that's how you personally feel about it... I was just simply stating my opinion and speaking for myself (and the experiences I've had with the game relative to navigating though the game world - and how I feel about it). I think that part of the challenge of the game is learning how to navigate Great Bear Island. I am of the opinion that large obvious signs and marks strewn across the landscape would undermine and kind of ruin the experience for me. I love this game even more when we get a brand new region to explore and get lost in.
  8. This is an interesting goating technique. Thank you for sharing!
  9. ...which I would say is part of the challenge of the game. I still don't think the game needs to hold our hand, and tell us things that I think we ought to be able to manage ourselves.
  10. Finally able to get back into a session. I've more or less been taking it easy. I completely reorganized my primary encampment at the Mountaineer's Hut. I've hunted two deer by Crystal Lake, working on my Archery Skill. I've continued to honor the "Venison Accord" with the Lone Wolf of Crystal Lake. That is so say, I've not hunted or harmed it so long as it left me be (so-to-speak). While I've not sent a deer it's way yet, I have sent a couple of rabbits sprinting into it's area... so my reluctant hunting partner has still been fed. I may use the nearby bear den as a way to
  11. I think we could just not spend more than half our days indoors. Then we'd never even get the risk of cabin fever at all. I just don't see the need to have the game tell us things that we can manage ourselves just by playing a little more attention to what we are doing.
  12. I've given the thread time to breath, now I'll weigh in on it. Personally, I like the game-world that Hinterland has crafted. I think the game is better served the way they've made it. I think it's better for the player to explore rather than having what I would consider to be large and obvious hand-holding measures. Raph mentioned from the start that this was a game that was "not going to hold the player's hand." That was one of the foundational concepts that inspired the game. To be fair, this game does already have more subtle ways to indicate to the player that a possible are
  13. I've given this post time to breath... I'm going to weigh in on it now. I've written many post about each one of these items several times in the past, I urge folks to use the search function because there has been a lot of really good discussion about all of these things in many many previous threads. I will very briefly summarize what I've written about each of the proposed items (or similar items) in the past: I'm not in favor of any of these suggestions. (the reasons why are thoroughly explained in those aforementioned previous threads/posts). **Note for all those w
  14. I've given this thread time to breath... I'm going to weigh in on it now. Personally, I wouldn't want more advanced weaponry in the game (frankly I don't really want anymore weaponry added to the game - I think we have more than enough already). I get that the original poster is taking inspiration form "The Forest." I want to make sure I'm quick to say that I do not want this game to be more like The Forest... I want it to keep being The Long Dark. I'd say that if I wanted to play a game like The Forest... I think I would just play The Forest. I think we already have