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  1. I'm not sure if "kicking a bear in the crotch" was really a suggestion asked in earnest (I'd tend to think not), but I'd have to say I wouldn't be in favor of adding a "kick the crotch" mechanic into this game. I think it would feel much too silly/hokey... As for the Bear Spear (mentioned as an alternative) by @The Orange Birb and discussed by a few others: I'd certainly be in favor of the Bear Spear's inclusion in Survival Mode. When Redux arrived, Raph did speak about the possibility of trying to rework the idea of the Bear Spear into something they felt was suitable for it's inclu
  2. More real life stuff make it difficult to get a session in lately... but I managed to get a short one in today. I had to enter and exit the trailer (since living outdoors seems to drastically reduce the catch rate of snares) and I was able to go gather up some more rabbits. The spot near by the trailer that I thought might be good for rabbits is definitely a bust, so I'm sticking with setting up my snares either on the path leading to the Hushed River Cave or the Pond across the road. The day to day survival is definitely taken care of now.
  3. @Lycrist I've stated my opinion, I'm not going to argue with you about it. We don't agree, and that's okay...
  4. Yes... that why I said: Which I think is kind of a core concept built into the game play. As I've discussed previously: I mean, to each their own... but I feel the current mechanics accomplish what they set out to do just fine. Having said that, I just don't think there is anything here for Hinterland to "fix."
  5. There are negative effects... it's the steady loss of condition due to dehydration at a rate of approximately 2% per hour, meaning if left untreated the character would die of thrust in about 2 days (and considering it's a game... that seems reasonable to me; especially with how easily we can acquire water in the game right now). I think that dehydration/thrust works fine as it is currently... I just don't really see anything here for Hinterland to "fix."
  6. As it turned out, that very convent spot by the trailer is apparently not good for rabbits. I had a feeling I wasn't remembering that correctly. Oh well... the pond just a little further up the road, and the bend leading up to the "Hushed River Cave" both provide good sources of rabbit meat. I might even set up trap lines in both spots (I'll have to see how that goes once I can get all 8 snares running again). I was able to sneak over to the cave nearby the waterfall, and spend the night. This dealt with the last lingering threats of Cabin Fever Risk (again). I think I will see wha
  7. @The Orange Birb Very well done. I too love making my own little personal challenges in the survival sandbox. It seems you started this thread for a similar purpose; and your progress has been great. I always have the urge to venture out... I tend to set up at least a couple of primary encampments in each region. That alone can keep me busy for a few hundred days (just exploring and trying to build up reserve stocks at my chosen spots). If I start feeling a little too comfortable... I tend to just set out again with nothing but my essentials kit, and get set up again in a
  8. Real life stuff caused me to have to take a bit of a hiatus... I spent a little bit inside at the Milton House. First and foremost to warm up, but also to check over my inventory (to get reacquainted with what I was carrying). I decided to drop my most toxic food. That is to say, food already below 9%... I knew I wasn't likely to be eating those just now (and it would save me a little weight). After giving my inventory the once over, I ventured out to see where the wolves were and to head back to the Cabin on the hill. I was kind of hoping that I could grab one more cured gut to take
  9. @Wonderland wanderer Welcome to the wilderness... though I can see you're no stranger.
  10. I definitely prefer to just use a little player choice and make my own personal challenges. I've been doing this in survival for the last couple of years, and it's been a source of endless entertainment for me.
  11. I still just don't have any use for spray paint... so I just leave it wherever I find it.
  12. I mean to each their own... but if there are variable difficulties (for each one), then in what sense would they still be "challenges?" I think that stepping up to the challenge is kind of the whole point.
  13. @alone sniper Here's a handful that you can experiment with... It's just pulled from the first two pages of search results; so I imagine there are more out there.
  14. @alone sniper I'm sure that folks will be offering codes for you to try... you might also be able to find some of the codes folks have posted in the past. (I'll take a quick look as well, and see what I can find)
  15. @alone sniper I see... well for the most part it may just come down to you experimenting with what you think the closest to what you're looking for is. What might be "close enough to realistic" for one person, might not feel right to you. It's probably best for you to be the judge of what all the settings "should be"... For the most part I find that there are very few who agree on what the "perfect settings" are because that's all very subjective.