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  1. I think exploration is among the most exciting things that a human can do... part of the reason our species constantly does it.
  2. Having more variety is always good for world building.
  3. This is a great tip, thanks for expounding on it. [Addendum] @LoneWolf5841 also thanks for asking about it.
  4. @acada I think that's just an after effect of the scene transition... I've seen this before too. Where I leave the scene playing for a very long time and then load my game, then to have several "ghost afflictions" pop up but never really take effect. Because the "ghost afflictions" don't impact our character it's easy enough to ignore... Though if you feel strongly about it, you can do it again and take a debug screenshot of the "ghost affliction notifications" and submit a bug report on the support portal.
  5. @LoneWolf5841 That's why I like these forums too... ideally we can all discuss our ideas, and our thoughts on each other's ideas. The really big benefit is that the Hinterland Team gets to see what we are thinking about when we play their game. I always trust the team do what they think is best for their game... and to that end I always try to accept the game for what it is. It's always better, I think, to try and live within the framework of the world they provided us. In that context all the design choices they've made all make sense. However it's also good for folks here to discuss it along with our ideas because in that way it gets to be a creative outlet as well.
  6. @yollarbenibekler No thank you... I don't see anything good coming out of including alcohol in the game. [Addendum] My overall thoughts on the subject: I'm not in favor of anything in this game that would suggest that alcohol has any positive affects for a person in a survival situation that would out weigh the detrimental effects... I think that would be an irresponsible message. Alcohol may make one "feel" warm but it actually makes a person more susceptible to hypothermia (and dehydration). The idea that alcohol makes you warm is a very old and very incorrect idea. It's a depressant and diuretic (among other things), not things one would want in a situation like the one we see in this game. We already have antiseptics in the game already so I will address that counter point right now. There are also already much better ways to get calories than getting them from booze - so I wanted to address that counter point right away as well. Alcohol is not only unnecessary for survival, it's largely more detrimental to survival.
  7. @LoneWolf5841 I still appreciate the post though, it's always interesting to be able to look at a game and brainstorm what we might think would be neat additions or tweaks.
  8. @acada Yes the title screen is it's own environment. Raph mentioned in Mailbag Dispatch #18:
  9. @Le Petit Prince ...I know I've mentioned this before in several other threads but it feels like it needs to be said again:
  10. Well here's the thing, you can give a catchy name to your custom settings and post it in this forum for others to try out as well! Here are an example of a couple: Deadman : 8MHI-/z8M-Dw+/-wSWm-bAAA (like @ThePancakeLady mentioned - you also might want to check and see if the code has been updated) Against All Odds : 8pnM-mioP-GgoH-Df9d-+gAA (made my YouTuber Hadrian - basically interloper with all weapons and tools)
  11. I don't mean just your fifth level skill bonus... I mean the entire idea of a strength skill just doesn't seem like would be a nessisarry addition. The things already in place to increase carrying capacity work fine, and I don't see much value add in changing it.
  12. We do have the option to use custom difficulty settings...
  13. This is just damn magnificent! My hat's off to you @Ice Hole
  14. Considering how the game plays now, I can't really see much need for a strength skill. The ways to boost carrying capacity in the game already works fine. This is a neat thought experiment, but in terms of actually having this in the game... I just don't see a need for it. @Serenity also makes a great point.