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  1. Definitely, I think personal challenges can be some of the most fun. My personal challenge has many simple objectives, with added conditions/provisos that make accomplishing them much more challenging (or at least for me).
  2. Bravo... The last time I tried that, I found an "instant kill spot." Good to know it's possible.
  3. There is lots and lots of good discussion about the idea on previous threads, but I will just echo what I mentioned in a couple of those threads:
  4. For me, I just use the slider already provided to turn the music down over all to someplace between 25-30%... so I can still hear the musical score but it's never intrusive. This way the "natural" ambient sounds are the predominate focus while still having a little of the atmosphere painted by the music.
  5. @uk1mage Welcome to the wilderness.
  6. @rockinf7 Happy to help a fellow survivor in trouble. I only wish I'd found your question sooner.
  7. @rockinf7 Don't give up... you should be able to step down onto the ledge just beneath it and walk under the belly of the plane and up the other side. I wish I had screenshots to show you... hopefully my description will be enough. It's not a bug... it just kind of a "terrain puzzle." Stay warm out there.
  8. ...but it's literally called "Four Days of Night"... It seems to me : Four Days, because the event lasts four days... also ...The two hour real-time victory condition for each day, is because of the timescale of the game (24 game hours = 2 real-time hours). In this way, the game's timescale works well with the duration of the event (2 real-time hours equals 1 game-day...and it lasts 4 days). I think if the event lasted longer, the name wouldn't make much sense. I think the event is great. I think the time investment is reasonable. For those who's circumstances caused them to miss it or they came to the game later on... the good news is, there will likely be another event this October. So there will likely be more chances for folks to participate and get those badges (just not the one's for previous years).
  9. On a previous topic that eventually included being able to move containers: [text was updated for relevant context] I also think the Rock Caches are great, not just for stashing stuff outside... but I think they also make cave living really nice.
  10. Right on. That way the Hinterland support team can consider whether or not it's working as intended, and if it's not what they intended then I'm sure they'd change it. And to @odizzido's point, I think it's safe to say that feedback is always good to have. It gives the Hinterland team a wealth of input, ideas, and perspectives from the community to consider. That's precisely the reason I offer my view point if I have an opinion that differs from what others express.
  11. The weather seemed pretty good (for Forlorn Muskeg at least) after I woke up, so I gathered up the raw gut, the bear pelt, and a day's worth of bear steak. There was already some light snow flurries, so I wanted to get going back to the Old Spence place before the weather decided to get worse. By the time I made it over to the High Blind, the weather had indeed took turn. The wind was blowing harder, the snowfall was increasing, it looked like it was threatening a blizzard. I decided to chance it and press on ward. As I approached the route taking me by the Bunkhouses, I noticed a pack of three wolves where prowling around. I did test the extent of the thin ice around there to see if there was a way I might just sneak past and get to the Old Spence place from "behind" to avoid the wolves that I'd spotted out by the barn on the far side... but it just didn't seem feasible. I decided to back track to a safer distance and though about it for a bit. I figured if these wolves where here, it might be likely that they were the same wolves that were previously "out in front" of the homestead. As I was thinking it over the weather seemed to be getting a little worse, so I decided to take the chance and head around to the other side. The gamble paid off. I found the way was clear from that side, so it seems they were the same group of wolves. This would definitely work in my favor. I couldn't remember if the barn that I was using as my main encampment would serve as enough of a shelter to allow the pelt/guts to cure or not. I quickly made my way back to drop off my food, water, and some sticks and cedar that I'd picked up on my trip back across the marsh. Sure enough, the loft was not enough of a shelter... the only other place I could think of near by was the cave over by the Fallen Shortwave Tower. With the wolves over by the Bunkhouses, it should be an easy hike over there to do some mapping and to drop of the guts/pelt to let them cure. I took it slow, as I wasn't sure if I would meet up with any hostile wildlife along the way. All the while the wind and snow where still going strong, but hadn't developed into a blizzard yet. I did see one wolf down on the ice (mental note for later), but the way to the tower and the nearby cave was clear. By the time I got done dropping the raw guts and hide, the weather started to clear. I honestly didn't expect that. I went a littler further afield and mapped a little bit more along the ridge line, the wind was still blowing pretty hard but the sky was clear. I spotted a bear down on one of the rock formations out on the ice (another good mental note for later). I spent the rest of the afternoon gathering up loose sticks. I figured I would safe the branches for another day. I knew I wouldn't need much in the way of firewood today, but even so I came back with about 80 sticks. Tomorrow I'm going to have to stop by the Poacher's Camp again just to pick up some more food, and to map out that area as well. Beyond that... I think that if the "front" of the homestead is still clear of wolves I may map further down the trail past the Fallen Shortwave Tower and around to the other side of that bear's cave below. If the wolves are out front, I may just map along the edge of the region past the Bunkhouses and see how far I get that way. I know it will be a few days before I need to worry about cooking more food... but perhaps I just need to hurry up and process all of the bags of meat. Hmm... I'm not sure what happens if a bag of meat spoils. I've never had one long enough to have to worry about it. I may need to think on that some more.
  12. @legolegs Certainly, but first and foremost I have to point out that I would do everything as a player to avoid those problems to begin with. Good planning before going into that specific situation I think is pretty straight forward, because it would be the same approach I used when dealing with the Aurora Hatch side mission we had in Episode 2. The situation was much the same. Here's what I did to prepare for that: Took a few day's worth of food with me. *Specifically because of the risk of getting stuck. Set up an encampment near by the location. *This way I could step inside right when the Aurora starts so I would have the most time possible gather things up and get out as quickly as possible. Spend as much time outside as possible while waiting for an aurora (camping outside by a fire unless weather made that impossible). *This way it would be at least a few days before I even had to worry about Cabin Fever. Better to mitigate beforehand. When the Aurora starts... don't mess around: Get in, Search, Collect, and Get out! *This way you don't get trapped in the first place. With the mine the process would be no different. --- Now to directly answer your question: What would I do to overcome the situation if I DID actually get stuck and needed to wait for the next Aurora to get out? The answer is simple... I'd have to take accept the consequences of my actions and wait it out, or if I didn't want to do that I would just delete the save and start another run. The difference for me is, I wouldn't complain about it or complain about Cabin Fever... because it was my choice to go down that hole and I was well aware of the risks. It's as simple as that, and it's what I've been saying pretty consistently three times now. But... for the sake of argument I'll walk it through a little farther: If the weather shifted and I got stuck... or if I was messing around and wasted most of the aurora trying to get the place (having failed to plan well ahead of time). Then I was would sleep/pass time as needed... (and before folks start jumping to conclusions... be patient, I'm getting to cabin fever in just a moment). If I failed to mitigate Cabin Fever and found myself afflicted by it. Then that only means that I can't sleep or pass time for 24 hours (that's only 2 hours of real time - folks talking about sitting around for several hours seems like a self-inflicted wound to me ). After the 24 hours (a.k.a. 2 real-time hours) my character can go back to sleeping and passing time again. (so again, I think that's not that big a problem) So... if I mitigated that risk properly before going in, then this isn't even much of a concern anyway. The bottom line here is: I would take responsibility for my actions as a player. I would either find a way to live through it, let the character die, or quit and start a new run. I wouldn't blame game mechanics, I wouldn't try to get Hinterland to change Cabin Fever, I wouldn't even gripe about it being unfair. ...because I think it's very fair for a player to have to deal with the consequences of their actions, even when it means the end of a long run. It's happened to me many times in (what I would consider to be) objectively unfair circumstances, but still it's a game... I accepted it and I started a new run. What "unfair circumstances?" some of folks might ask... Stuck in terrain (where I had no reason to suspect I would get stuck in terrain Walking on one of the "Instant Kill Spots" (so far I've found four in this game, each time the screen just instantly goes black and you get a message that says you fell to your death - despite the fact that you didn't fall and you can even dimly still see the place you were standing when it happened). So, @legolegs since you seemed to be asking in earnest, thought I would try again to explain my view on this topic even further. However, at this point it really is kind of going around in circles. I've more or less said the same things each time more or less, and I'm not sure how many more ways I can try to explain... I do hope this helps folks understand my point of view, and if folks don't agree with me... again, that's fine. I'm not here to change anyone's personal opinion... more just to offer a point of view from a player who it would seem has a much different perspective on this game as a whole than many other players.
  13. @Africanboi7 Welcome to the wilderness.
  14. Personally, I'm good with the skill progression. I agree it's slow to get to level 5, but the bonuses are all pretty considerable. In my current run I think I'm still only at level 3... but with a sewing kit my "chance of success" is already 95%. Another way I like to boost the skill progression is to always leave behind the best "back up clothing" I find in each region and make sure it all gets mended up before I leave the region for the next. This way I can do more mending that I wouldn't need to do if I only bothered with mending the gear I'm wearing. All things considered, I guess I just don't see a need for an aura powered sewing machine. Especially considering how infrequently one would be able to use it... I don't think it would provide much benefit.