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  1. You seem to be missing what I'm saying in each post... so I'll just repeat it one last time, then I think you and I will be done with the conversation (specifically I mean the part where you and I are talking to each other ) Firstly, I haven't been personally insulting you... so I think it's pretty poor form (and kind of a weak strategy) for you to resort to trying to insult me personal just because you don't like what I have to say. Secondly... just because you don''t like a strategy doesn't make it an exploit... I've covered that at great length. However I will say it again for anyone who's still not managed to pick up on it. I'm not going to waste time to retype it so, I guess I just have to echo it again instead: Thirdly, I don't thin there is a need or a new affliction. Which I also explained: now the "conversation" seems to be just going round in circles... so there's not much more for me to say. As to your attempts to personally insult me... nice try, but I'm not going to take the bait. At this point I don't see much point for you to continue to try and engage with me on this topic. We don't agree, and that's okay... we don't have to.
  2. 2 whole eggs perhaps... but egg whites by themselves are only 17 cal. I would have 4 boiled egg whites in the morning, 4 boiled egg whites in the evening, a multivitamin (to ensure I didn't have any deficiencies), I would also take a little bit of Metamucil for dietary fiber, and I would check in with a medical professional once per month to ensure I was still healthy. I did this for 6 months. so yes, it is possible to survive on a very scant diet. Look the point is... I don't think there is anything to fix with regard to the game and how the player can (and I think should be able to) choose to manage their food resources. If folks don't like a certain strategy then they can just choose not to play that way.
  3. @sonics01 I didn't say that I maintained the lifestyle of TLD characters... I think you should go back and read those posts again.
  4. @sonics01 You don't have to buy it... I'm not selling it to you. I'm just saying that despite what you seem to think, it is possible. Just like anything else in life, you can believe whatever you want to.
  5. ...and I was active duty Marine Corps... I could reference my military experience too, but I generally don't when it doesn't matter to the subject I'm discussing. Not really true. I did for 6 months, and suffered no adverse health impact. I'd say it is possible. It's defiantly not advisable and it's generally a bad/risky situation to find one's self in if they are not ready for it... but it is possible.
  6. The difference is in accepting the game as it is, vs things other people want to ADD that would change the experience for everyone (just to suit their own personal preferences). I've never said that
  7. Included here is the broadly accepted definition of the term Exploit (with regard to video games): "In video games, an exploit is the use of a bug or glitches, game system, rates, hit boxes, speed or level design etc. by a player to their advantage in a manner not intended by the game's designers." Put simply (again), if systems are working the way the creators intended... then it's not an exploit. I'd say the solution to your conundrum is pretty simple... we can just call it: "a strategy you don't like." I can certainly respect not liking a particular strategy (there are plenty of strategies I don't like either)... However, instead of wanting to take options away from other players for something we don't like... we can just choose not to play that way. (that's another big benefit of player choice)
  8. ManicManiac


    Hi there @Topppsam323, I recommend the search function, because there has been a lot of good discussion about this topic in the past. @odizzido is correct regarding misconceptions about the effects of alcohol. I'll also echo what I've mentioned in the past on that subject as well:
  9. ...but a human can survive with only 750 calories "per a day," so given that... I'm not sure what the problem is. I can speak form personal life experience that it's possible to survive many months on only 200 calories per day.
  10. Okay... I've discussed those trying to cite the disclaimer as well:
  11. @Dr. S. It would seem that some folks would just like to limit player choice...
  12. Then they will change it... but they haven't in all these years so I'd tend to think they are in favor of player choice and that players can ration their food however they see fit. Again, if Hinterland saw it as a problem... then they would address it. If they don't then I think it's reasonable to assume the creators don't take issue with the stratigy... and if the systems are behaving as they intend, then by definition it's not an exploit. These are both kind of weak arguments (usually because many folks often misuse terms). I'll echo what Raph has stated before about "realism", then I'll echo what I've discussed before about "immersion:"
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    Which touch on two of my main points: First, I don't think these features are needed at all... so to me, how they would be hypothetically implemented is kind of a moot point. Second, I'm generally not in favor of things that would only serve to make life more convenient for the player. Which is why (from my perspective) I'd say no thank you to the ideas which have been discussed.
  14. I woke up early the next morning and found the way was clear around the church, so I spent a good portion of the day mapping back down to the bridge. After that I stopped back behind the church to harvest the ravaged carcass to get a couple night's food and took the opportunity to set up a new encampment at the hilltop trailer. My charcoal supply is down to to single digits now... so I'll have to find time to gather up enough sticks for another couple of long burns. I don't know that the rabbit population will suffice, so I'm giving more thought to hunting the bear that is likely up on the bridge ahead. I was also mapped up to the cave leading to Hushed River Valley, but stopped there as I spotted a wolf on the hillside right next to the road. I ended up trying to take the longer way around to cross the road but the wolf caught my scent... I managed to duck in side the car and nap for an hour (I needed to end the session anyways ). I want to get the the bridge tomorrow... Mapping the large expanse near and around the waterfall/bridge took a lot of charcoal, and I will still probably need to dedicate a couple of days to gathering up about 400 sticks. I may end up scouting a route back to the cabin on the hill to get the rest of my food stores and see if I can move it up here... if for no other reason than to just let me focus on gathering up fuel for the two long burns I'm going to need to get my charcoal supply back up to a comfortable level.