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  1. The hike around to finish up mapping along the river bank and stopping by the Draft Dodger's Cabin went smoothly, and (with the exception of one blizzard) was relatively uneventful. I am however out of charcoal. I will likely have to spend a couple days gathering up sticks again and do another long burn. This time around, I think I will use all four fireboxes in the area. Since I do kind of want to try and get all possible resources represented on the map... I've not been the most efficient I could be with my mapping progress. I do still need to get up to Skeeter's Ridge and the near by wreckage. After that I'll be done with the upper shelf, then I only need to finish the middle stretch from the Pleasant Valley Farmstead over to the Pleasant Valley Outbuildings. Hopefully I'll be able to gather up the sticks necessary for a 4x long burn... I have a feeling that 92-96 charcoal won't be enough, but we'll see.
  2. @Pufuletul_19 Also: So while it's possible that a moose spawn point where it was described it's also equally possible that there's not. I suggest just looking for trees with scraped off bark while you explore the region. You may have a few possible spawn points in the region your in... but the only way to know for sure is to go scouting around.
  3. @Pufuletul_19 One may spawn there... but only if there are scraped trees in the area. No scraped trees... no potential moose spawn. That's an important detail.
  4. I opted to run a little "risky" yesterday. I did make it back to the Community Hall to drop off & resupply. This time however I choose to grab three moose steaks. I knew that would put me over the threshold. Now showing one sent indicator I knew I'd have to be even more vigilant while traveling back up to the Abandoned Cache. I was able to make it rather quickly and without incident. I opted to follow the river up towards the bend near the"river cave" (for lack of a better name) and that's where split off up the shore to get back on the road near the Derelict Cabins. I did scout the route, by climbing up the rock formation just above the River Cave... much to my surprise it was all clear. I was able to march up to Point of Disagreement unhindered. However I did spot a wolf prowling along the rock formation right next to it, so I did take a wider route around to the Abandoned Cache. At this point I was going to drop all the moose meat and get ready to hunker down for the nigh... but then I noticed is only early afternoon. With that I decided I would pick up my moose meat and head out to get as far as I could before dark. Pace counting helped out a lot. I was able to get all the way over to the hill just above the Three Strikes Farmstead, although by that time it was getting rather dark and the snow getting heavier. I decided to move on to the cave on the other side of the field adjacent to the homestead. The wind was picking up but I was exhausted so I did my best to walk to the cave as directly as possible. Right as I set foot in the lee of the cave opening a blizzard hit. I had to laugh at the very fortuitous timing. I got my rest by taking several naps though out the night (2 hour intervals), I didn't want to get caught by a severe temperature drop. The next morning I mapped the cave and along the ridge leading back over to the Three Strikes Farmstead. The sun was shinning (not a common occurrence in Pleasant Valley - at least not in this run) so I took advantage and lit a fire in the barrel at the old shed/barn. I thought it would be a good idea to just use the one can I decided to bring with me to replenish a little bit of water so I could extend my hike a little longer if necessary. The area was clear of wolf activity, so I decided to replenish the food I'd eaten the night before. Thanks to the near by fire-barrel, I was able to harvest the deer by hand. While the venison was cooking, I went back over to the cave and dropped off the pelt and guts to cure (noted in my Journal). With that completed I was completely restocked again. I had a little bit more than 3L of water and three steaks (meaning that my travels were going to continue to be dodgy ). I think I'll double back and finish mapping the upper shelf (heading back past Skeeter's Ridge, the Wreckage, and the various lofty rock formations) and then back again towards Three Strikes; only this time mapping down the shore past the Draft Dodger's Cabin. I mean I have food for three more days and something like 40 more charcoal... I may as well push this hike as far as it can go.
  5. I'd rather be able to walk with a captured rabbit for the sole purpose of releasing it inside the mountaineer's hut.
  6. This kind of thing has been touched on more than a couple of times in the past. (search function ) It's an interesting idea, but I don't see a need for water to get to the point of being convoluted, overly complex, or "micromanage-y." I think the current mechanic works fine. Since I'm playing a video game... I'm not really bothered by whether or not we "generate plastic bottles." I mean, I don't think anyone complains that coal re-spawns. I think it's kind of in the same ball park, sometimes a video game just has to video game. Could the "drinking water" aspect use some retooling? Maybe, but in it's current state, I really don't think it's an issue. However, Raph has spoken about liquids before and I think that what he discussed would be a more valuable addition: As for the opening statement... I don't think the assumption that's been made is correct. The text in the "disclaimer" reads: "...The Long Dark is a survival experience, and we strive for realism in many areas...It is not a wilderness survival training simulation." Raph also clarified this kind of thing when it's come up in the past: "Wait wait -- please don't use "realism" as an argument for or against a game mechanic (or any tuning around it)...[text removed for brevity]...We don't design for realism, and we don't use it as a metric to determine how something should or should not work in the game..." I see what GarlicPops is getting at... but I don't think it needs to "be changed with the next survival update." I just don't think it's really an issue. However if Hinterland want's to expand on it... or they feel this kind of think would be a value add for their game, then fine. I'm just saying I'm fine with it the way it is.
  7. You know, I've never played a game where even the simple act of burning sticks was so satisfying. The sun came out that morning, so I was finally able to use that magnifying glass I found when I arrived in Pleasant Valley. I did end up setting up three fires: the 6 burner stove, the fireplace in the main room, and the fire barrel over by the swing set (in retrospect I should have just use the burn barrel behind the Rural Store). It was nice to be able to stay outside for very nearly the whole day, and just sit next to the fire barrel when I needed to get warm. I did notice one odd occurrence as I was out gathering up some more sticks (I have to start building up for the next long burn after all ). When I was breaking up a branch, of in the distance I saw a wolf milling around (I didn't think much of it), but when I was done breaking down the branch the wolf was running around at high speed. I also was suddenly aware of three more wolves, all moving at an exhilarated rate. It almost looked like I witnessed the pack spawn in but then was "lagging" and continued moving as though time was speed up (perhaps trying to synchronize with the time compression event?). It only lasted for a few seconds but it was very odd to see wolves running around as though they were in a Benny Hill skit. In the past I've noted wildlife to "remain still" during "accelerated events" or later as patches came out the animals would accelerate along with the rest of the world while the event was taking place... but I've only ever seen this particular phenomenon only once before. I'm not sure if this was a small bug or if I just saw the game doing something that generally is only supposed to happen "off camera." In either case, it's not really an issue... but I thought it was worth mentioning. After I'd gathered up my charcoal (70 in total), I decided to head up along what I tend to refer to as the "river road" heading back up towards the top of the map. I figure I would map all the way up to the Abandoned Preper Cache and work my way across the "upper shelf." Hopefully I will be able to get the entire distance mapped out before having to restock charcoal again, or at the very least make it as far as Three Strikes Farmstead. It took a day (mainly due to weather) but I made it up to the Abandoned Preper Cache. I may take a run back to the Community Hall to drop off supplies I've scrounged up, and also to grab a few more days worth of meat and water. If I get stuck up there I want to make sure I'm prepared. I really want to make this hard push to Three Strikes in one hike. Going back to drop off and restock will probably cost me a day... but if it can set me up to spend about three days up there then I suppose that's worth it. I've gotten a lot better at spotting wolves before they become a problem, I'm on day 66 now and so far I've not been caught in a struggle with any predators. My "avoid & evade" tactics have been honing up nicely I just want to hurry up and get done so I can move on to Coastal Highway. Until I make it back to Mystery Lake, I'm still retreading my previous attempts... I'd really like to start making real progress again (but I still have to get through the Old Island Connector, Desolation Point, and Raven Falls Ravine before that happens).
  8. I think it's an interesting idea... but I don't really see a need to make things "overly complicated" or "micromanage-y" in this game. If Hinterland decides to expand on it, then fine... but I'm good the current mechanic as is.
  9. To piggyback on @Valuable Hunting Knife's good advice, I'll just add this: Folks only need to map the locations that are on the list in the first post of this thread. If folks read the Admin's original post and follow those requirements, then the achievement should unlock... If that does not happen, then I would recommend folks report it on the Support Portal. - just first be sure you did actually follow the instructions and map the locations listed in the original post.
  10. @Muestereate Don't get me wrong, I don't claim to be great at this game... I wouldn't even say I'm an advanced player (at lest not until I've met all my personal challenges I have for myself regarding this game). However to answer your question: After this thread went up, I did start a fresh stalker run and immediately went out to find a revolver. Once I found one (and a bit of ammo), I went out and tested it on wolf population. I found that even on stalker and on skill level 1 (basic revolver skill), I was able to consistently take down wolves with it. My sample set was 6 wolves using 6 rounds. 4 of those wolves dropped immediately with a well placed shot to the brain, the other 2 were also shot in the head (as far as I could tell) but apparently were not "critical hits." Those I just had to wait a little bit for them to bleed out. One of them that had to bleed out never had a chance to charge so it just ran off when it was hit... while the other one broke off the charge and also ran off when it was hit. I suppose it's possible those two that I thought were head shots could have really been body shots (but as far as I could tell, I was on target) - I can't really know for sure. However, I don't think all head shots are automatically critical hits. That's why I say, as far as I can tell the revolver hasn't been "nerfed," and it still appears to be as effective as it ever was.
  11. @Muestereate In general I don't really go after achievements either, however when I noticed that I only had 5 left (the rest I'd just gotten in the course of playing) I figured I would just bundle up the last 5 into my own personal challenge (with several additional provisos/rules to make it a bit more interesting than just hunting the achievements themselves - to me it's just more fun this way)...
  12. @Humblewoodsman Welcome to the wilderness... though it's clear you're no stranger.
  13. Yeah, I guess it's not for everyone then I suppose. But I quite like it the way it is.
  14. Well, I was able to finish the bottom half of the map, but not without a couple of blizzards to slow things down (as well as one silly mistake that will really cost me in the long run). The stupid mistake came rather early. I'd taken off my outer most layers (as they had been completely drenched and a little frozen from the day before) to dry let them hopefully dry out a little faster. When I went out the next morning, I apparently missed putting my wool mittens back on. As I was finishing up the area just down and along the hillside from Pensive pond, I was informed I had frost bite. Which I thought was odd since I didn't remember even seeing a frost bite risk warning. I did immediately check my clothing and sure enough, I'd been running around for hours outside without gloves. While it's not a huge set back... it will mean I have that much less condition to risk on those occasions I need to risk it. Needless to say I was pretty upset with myself for doing such a boneheaded thing. I've got no one to blame but myself, I clearly became reliant on habit and became a little complacent. It was certainly a wake up call. I was able to work my way over to the area just below Signal Hill, I wanted to see if I could stop the bear's den. I also had to mark that cave on the map anyways. Much to my surprise, there's no bear denning there. By this time it was getting dark and very very foggy, so I opted to just settle in for the night. I'd picked up more than enough sticks should the weather turn bad. Sleeping only two hours at a time, I made it through without needing a fire. I was going to have to head back for more food and water, but I decided to make my way up the slope and finish off the couple of small hills behind the Signal Hill tower. However, by the time I made it up the slope the weather was quickly getting worse. I ended up running for the tower to try and beat the storm. For the most part I managed to get there before it became a full whiteout... unfortunately I had no more food or water. I had to hope that the storm passed relatively soon. That wasn't going to happen though. It was very nearly an 18 hour storm. It wasn't until the morning of the next day before the storm lifted. I knew I needed to head back right away to recover, but I didn't want the trip to be in vein. I did end up mapping out the two small hills just over by the first bend coming away from Signal Hill, but then I knew I just needed to make haste back to the Community center. Since I knew there was no bear denning below, I opted to take a more direct route to the road. Once I got to the road, I only stopped to pick up sticks along the way, but was able to make it safely back to the Community Hall. My condition was somewhere in the range of 30%. It was quite an interesting couple of days. Note to self: check all gear before going out... do it every single time. Also, always have at least 2L of water before going out (I opted for less when water wasn't as well stocked but there's no excuse for not taking enough for two days now). I'm nearly out of charcoal again, so I'll need to focus on gathering up sticks for another long burn. Perhaps I might consider a triple this time, but nearly 600 sticks is a lot to burn in just 24 hours. Oh well, better to have more charcoal at my disposal to try and get this mapping task done with as few interruptions as possible.
  15. @JamieLinux Good day to you as well. Though I don't see the need you seem to have for being antagonistic whilst trying to bow out. I'm not going to engage with it, but I will point it out.