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  1. Then they would have changed it... that's my point. This tactic has been well known for years. That means Hinterland is aware of it too (since this is their forum). Also, the reason the Well Feed buff exists is because it was Hinterland's way for encouraging players to keep food in their stomachs (giving them an extra incentive), without trying to force a particular style of play. I felt this was a stroke of genius, as it still permitted the player to chose to play how they wanted to. So, since it's safe to say Hinterland is aware of it, and the tactic was not deemed an exploit... then it isn't an exploit and the systems are working as intended. Now it comes back to the point I've been discussing for months (Player Choice): Here's what I said back on June 5th: The same applies to being able to ration our food how we want to, as well as when we eat and when we fast. It's absolutely player choice on how we use and consume our resources. It would take a lot away from this game if it dictated how/when we can choose to use what recourses we have. I get that you don't agree, that's okay. It still remains that I think a player should be able to choose how they want to play. Just because it's possible to do something folks don't like... does not mean they have to do it. We can choose how we play. That's the player's responsibility.
  2. The first days of the new run were wonderfully rough, but not terrible. I came to at the end of Echo Ravine. I grabbed the two pieces of cedar laying in the shallow cave there at the dead end. I immediately started heading towards Crystal Lake, grabbing all the sticks I could reasonably get without diverting too far off course. I quickly picked over the Fishing Hut. I did stop by the Mountaineer's Hut just to drop off things, and for whatever clothing I might find. I did find a few beat up clothing items, but not enough to help much. I did fortunately find a hacksaw (but in really poor shape), so I opted to head out immediately for the containers on the bluff. Hypothermia and frostbite risks were rising fast. I didn't find a body or hacksaw by the container, but as luck would have it the hacksaw didn't break. I now have enough clothing to keep warm in the hut (during the day anyway), and food enough to hold me over while I get my on my feet. That first night I had a nice roaring fire going (good thing too... a blizzard hit sometime after midnight), and managed to get a decent start to my water supply. I used the first fire to get all my canned goods cooked as well. The next morning the blizzard blew over, and I was out collecting sticks again. I bagged a couple of rabbits and noted rubbed trees between the Mountaineer's Hut and the Landing gear... I'll keep that in mind for later. The second night I was just barely able to keep from freezing without a fire... just barely though (was ready to start another fire, but the morning started to get a little warmer before that was nessisary). That was an important step to start my stick stockpiled. I'm going to need to start building up charcoal soon. I already had 11 pieces from the fire the night before... but I'm not ready to start mapping yet. Tomorrow I'm going to have to push for the summit. Though I'm going to need some tools if I'm going to keep this hacksaw from getting busted. I could just set my sights on seeking out the other containers first, but it will both take too long and I won't likely get even one more container open given it's single digit condition. Yeah, if I'm going to get this run off to a healthy start... I'm going to have to risk the summit tomorrow and at least lug down the best of what I find up there.
  3. @Hilayla What I've pared down as my bare essentials kit is generally: Whatever clothing I'm wearing 1 standard bedroll 2L of water (which for me is a comfortable night's sleep and plenty of water for the next day) 1 night's "stopover" food (bare minimum to get a good night's sleep - used only as last resort) 1 bandage 3 unprocessed lichen (as they are "lightest" when not crafted into wound dressing) 1 knife 1 pack of cardboard matches 1 torch (to make best use of said cardboard matches) ***Optional, but ideal*** 1 piece of emergency coal 1 fire striker (as emergency backup in case I absent mindedly use my last match, and to enable ignition source selection for lighting aforementioned torch) 1 magnifying glass (to take advantage of clear skies for "free" fire) 1 lantern (fully fueled when possible) 1 set of fishing tackle (for emergency repairs or fishing) 1 pry bar 1 recycled can 1 Defensive weapon (revolver preferred - fully loaded with six rounds when possible) The kit does vary of course based on what I've managed to find (so end weight does fluctuate a bit), but this is generally my ideal setup for roaming. Anything else I may need is always sourced from whatever region I happen to find myself in, and stored at whatever "stopover" points I setup (documented in my journal).
  4. @alillybitzz1, Welcome to the wilderness.
  5. Stubborn, that's clearly what I am... I've started again! Same personal challenge as before (I know I've spoken about my personally applied parameters for FC before, but I don't think I really outlined all my goals for this push I've been on - so I suppose I will take a moment to review). Main objective is to survive for 500 days ("Will to Live"). In order to make life more interesting, I'm adding the following objectives and provisos: 1. Achieve Faithful Cartographer, with additional conditions. Start a the run on Timberwolf Mountain. I may not leave a region until I have cleared 100% of the charcoal map. Specifically, no smudges on any part of the main map area, and clearing as much around the edges of the map area as possible. When going to another region I may only carry my most minimal kit (generally 13-18kg of what I consider to be just the essentials to nomad). This forces me to start over relatively fresh and reestablish myself in each new region I enter. (I suppose once I achieve this - this particular thread will end, since that's the subject I started it on) 2. Once I have achieved "Faithful Cartographer," I will then concentrate on, "It was THIS BIG." I will begin this endeavor with fresh water ice fishing. Even though salmon are the only fish in the game that are capable of naturally being over 5kg... I want to test to see if the bonus to catch weight that begins on Ice Fishing level 4 will boost the Small Mouth Bass up over it's natural 5kg max. If possible, I want to gain this achievement by catching a freshwater bass instead of just grinding salmon in Coastal Highway. If that bonus works as I think it does, then this should be feasible (unless the bonus still respects the weight limit). In either case, I will not be permitted to go salt water ice fishing until I've reached fishing level 5 and I've spent at least 30 days fishing fresh water at level 5. (I just realized I'm going to have so much lantern fuel!) 3. Assuming I've not managed to achieve it while completing the other objectives... next I will concentrate on, "Wrapped in Furs." I will not be permitted to earn the achievement until I have pelt crafted items in all possible clothing slots. I will only use the bearskin bedroll to earn the achievement if I am wearing: a rabbit skin hat, rabbit skin mittens, a wolf skin coat, bear skin coat (plus a moose cloak in my inventory - that's my "extra blanket"), moose satchel, two pair of deer skin pants, and deer skin boots. 4. Assuming I've not managed to achieve it while completing the other objectives... next I will concentrate on, "Skilled Survivor." I don't have any ideas on making this more challenging... so I guess this one is just going to be pretty straight forward. So in the event I never really articulated what the entirety of my personal challenge is... here it is [Addendum] It's been my standing rule for these attempts that I don't use any badges.
  6. If you told me you had to use that rifle on that fish to land it... I would believe you.
  7. It's not impossible, but it does require careful aim once again. It seems the hitbox for rabbits has gotten smaller. It feels like it's closer to what it was before the Redux update when the rabbit hunting was (at least I considered it) severely Nerfed. Since Redux... I've had stones that never even made contact with the rabbit, but they would get stunned anyways. It felt really cheap to me. Having to take careful aim again is a very welcomed change for me. As for other animals... I haven't noticed any difference yet.
  8. @turtle777 I've been working on Faithful Cartographer too...(I just died from stepping on an instant kill spot with only four regions to go). I also have a lot of self imposed challenges/restrictions to make it extra difficult. I've met with tragic fates for both my two earnest attempts at the achievement. One was getting stuck in the terrain (which sucked but it was admittedly my own fault). This second time, which ended today... I found an instant kill spot (with only four regions left to fully map). It is momentarily frustrating to have to start from scratch each time, but all in all I'm enjoying my more "extreme" version of Faithful Cartographer. oops, I misread the last bit of your post. Edited to match the context.
  9. So far, this thread has sort of chronicled my first two really earnest attempts at trying for Faithful Cartographer (and then some, considering all my own self imposed challenges on top of the more or less straight forward objective). Well today another disaster struck, and this time it sucks even more than the last one (when I got stuck in terrain). This time I was finishing up Mystery Lake... I was making my way up high next to the Dam. I had just come across a very well hidden cairn and I thought, "Oh, if there is a cairn here then we were meant to be exploring up here." I was traversing a narrow rock ledge, trying to clear off as much as possible connecting over towards the dam itself. Then I was instantly killed. The death text said I fell... but I did not. I just found one of those instant kill spots. This run is done. I won't lie, I sat there starring at my screen in disbelief for almost 5 minutes. I know I didn't fall because I could still make out the slightly pulsing background of where I died "behind" the black screen...and I was indeed still on the ledge. I'd only ever come across one other instant kill spot, and that was a long time ago when I was trying to goat around to the distant waterfall in Broken Railroad. Both of the failures of these last two runs were terrain hazards, getting stuck between a rock and tree I could easily accept... because that was 100% a misstep on my part. I can't really say the same about the instant kill zone. However, I suppose I got a little too into exploring, and I guess I was too close to getting to a place I "wasn't supposed to go." It's still a real kick in the teeth though... but I'll take my lumps and start again tomorrow I suppose. I guess the bright side is, I don't have to wonder anymore if Crossroads Elegy would have affected my progress or if the old map would update or not... as I will have to start from scratch again now anyway. The encouraging thing is that these last two runs were not ended by any failure in my performing survival tasks or dealing with wildlife. I'm not sure what lesson I can learn from this particular death though. Since I have no idea where other instant kill spots are located (and exploration seems like a core element of play in Survival Mode), all I can really do is avoid that particular spot and hope I don't find another one. It is a bit frustrating, but I accept it.
  10. @micah6vs8 All in all, I think the game improved very much with this update (and the patches that followed). As with every update, the game over all continues to get better and better. I think the Hinterland team deserves all the support that we can give them.
  11. @stay puft Yeah, it would seem reasonable to be able to dispose of them. I kind of feel the same way about campfires. Knowing they are permanent is the reason I almost never put down campfires, even when it would be really advantageous to do so. I just can't bring myself to clutter up the regions. As a result I only put down campfires in very specific types of locations. So I'd certainly be in favor of being able to breakdown ruined show shelters and burned out campfires. That being said, I think I understand why the snow shelters are setup the way they are... Seems to me, the idea is that the snow shelter is not meant to be a long term shelter under any circumstances. Which I think is why snow shelters are effectively ruined after four days of neglect (that's assuming good weather). This way, while you need it... you have to stay on top of daily repairs, then when you are done...break it down and move on. Yes, that means we are guaranteed to loose two or three cloth each time we pull up stakes (since reclamation isn't 100%). While it does suck to not be able to tear it down after it's ruined, I suppose it does reinforce the idea that we have to pay attention and stick close to it, or risk losing a carefully chosen snow shelter location. I guess the same could be said for campfires... but since campfires themselves don't really cost anything, I wouldn't see any harm in being able to get rid of them if a player wanted to "pack it out" as opposed to having to leave it behind to clutter the landscape.
  12. While I can respect your opinion... it's an opinion that is not shared by everyone. I feel there comes a point where there is only so much micromanaging that can be done before it stops being fun and starts just feeling like a slog... I see what you're driving at, I really do. However, I just don't think it would be very fun to have to be pealing off clothes every time we enter an interior location... then piling them back on to step outside. For the sake of role-playing in a few runs, I've done it as a personal rule (even kept separate pairs of outside boots and inside shoes). Let me tell you from my experience, it gets really old... really fast. I didn't mind doing it as a role-play thing (because it was entirely my choice to it), but I really would not find it fun at all if it were a forced aspect of the game. This is kind of in the same vein as the individual that wanted to micromanage every aspect of fire starting in hyper-realistic terms... and I felt the same way about that: There is only so much micromanaging I want to have to do in a video game. That's why I don't enjoy and won't play most of Sid Meier's games.
  13. I love them all. There's no choosing just one for me either.
  14. You could manipulate the key-bindings with third party software too... in that way you can "double" bind a key, but honestly it's easier I think to be more cautious when we play. If we are paying close attention to what we are doing, it's far more unlikely for folks to misclick in the first place. I've had to learn that the hard way, but learning to be careful and deliberate has served me well in getting better at this particular game overall. While I don't consider myself an advanced player by any stretch, I have spent a very long time with the mechanics over the years and find they all work really well if we are willing to practice and apply a little "trigger discipline" (referring to that index finger on the mouse button ). I find this approach works very well for all mechanics in the game.