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  1. @acada,Even when you get the "smashing can causes no spillage" perk your character will still automatically use any tool in their inventory and dull them, it is frustrating. Be sure to drop all tools on the ground if you plan to smash a can open.
  2. I recommend holding onto at least 2 while you travel. They are good for making life saving tea or boiling water inefficiently, but in a pinch.
  3. It sounds like depression. You're living in fear and anxiety from a serious threat along with the added isolation and a lack of routine from social distancing. Don't feel guilty for feeling the way you do, it is totally valid. Don't feel guilty for craving human interaction when you identify as a "Hermit" You are a human and our love of solitude only goes so far. After all, you often visit this COMMUNITY. I've battled depression almost all my life and a few things make me feel better: Don't nap! I know you really want to but keep your sleep schedule consistent. having a non 24 hour sleep cycle will only make your feelings of vertigo and desynchronacy worse. It also wont do favours to your immune system. Go outside. Do not stay indoors all day, your yard is perfectly safe from the virus. UV light kills microbes and youll get mood boosting vitamin D. I recommend at least an hour total, especially mornings and sunsets. Go out there with a portable speaker and play some nice songs as you enjoy a tea or a book. Don't use this time to look up news or browse social media!!!!! This is special time only for you and your family/pets if you let them join. reconnect with the "Now" to escape from the "What ifs". Do something productive every day, Something as little as a chore will help you feel accomplished and actually will release feel good chemicals when you're done. Pick up an art: Doodle something, learn an instrument. And lastly, treat yourself occasionally. Do what you can to add a bit of "Normalcy" back into your life for a moment. It may not be an efficient way to survive, but if you lose your will to carry on with life, your stash you've been rationing wont last you any longer. If you take care of it now you wont have to get a therapist to deal with the mental scarring (which i guarantee will be in very high demand once this is all over, you are not alone, people are losing jobs, those with jobs are being stretch to the limit, and the more social people have lost almost everything that makes them happy.) Stay positive @kristaok, i have high hopes that this whole thing has good effects too. People are becoming more aware of their close communities and are being more considerate to others, like vulnerable populations, theyre learning good hygene and new skills out of boredom. We'll come out of this with more artists and a new appreciation for our current society. Businesses are also developing infrastructure to work from home at a rate faster than before. Don't let this new world break you. Much love. Warm tea.
  4. If one is near civilization, it would be very easy to find themselves a water bottle, it can be assumed the player has been picking them up off-screen during thier jouneys. Do you really want the maps to be covered in plastic litter only for you to have the "immersion" and extra time spent looting them? Every couple seconds is like a whole minute in game so walking over to pick up a water bottle and time spent managing them could potentially take up even more crucial time in a day. They pull from the reservoir and not the basin. So it is no different than stagnant tap water.
  5. Mild Spoilers: I guess the quarantine in Perseverance Mills has failed.
  6. Thanks for bringing up a point about how the situation could be unique for each developer @DaveMcD. I'm not a fan of ports and reselling games on multiple platforms; but until game streaming leaves its early and rough experimental stages it is still very much an acceptable and common business practice. There's been tidbits about Hinterland making a switch version and I wouldn't Imagine GFN is a very good thing to have pop up after such an investment. It also just upsets me when a big company like Nvidia acts like they don't have the resources to contact developers directly before doing anything with their game, or rather they don't think they have to. That said, I totally understand player's frustration with Hinterland but I think the blame is less black and white than "Greedy developers want to double dip"
  7. It's pretty hard to notice yes. I haven't tested to see all it could do personally since I dont need it. However, maybe it should dampen those too. Small things can make a big difference for some people. For example, games that add a vignette to the edges of the screen strain my eyes, and so do games with forced depth of field outside of cinematics, as well as motion blur. For a majority of people it doesnt bother them. But Hinterland has proven to take extra concern with the accessibility of their game and I applaud them for that.
  8. I didn't necessarily mean to reduce it. If they're sitting the average desk distance away from the monitor on a PC I'd recommend it higher, like 85-97 FOV but if they're playing on a console and it's couch distance away than 80-85 would be good enough. Too low FOV makes the camera bobbing worse because it's like walking with binoculars on. But too high FOV can make general turning of the camera sickening due to the warped picture at edges of the screen (because a 90+degree image is being flattened.) So it really depends on how close they are to the screen and their preferences. I know some people who feel gross unless the fov is like a wild 100+ degrees! But in any case FOV is not going to fix root of the problem. Maybe the "dampen camera" option is bugged or simply not enough
  9. @Veruschka, what is your Field of View Set at currently, and how far away from the screen are you? The further you are the lower your FOV should be and vice versa. I know its not a solution but hopefully it can help reduce your sickness.
  10. Electrical fires from the Aurora are possible. Canada does have wildfires but not really in the winter I dont think.
  11. I think that's exactly what they were, but it seems their experience of being exploited by the mainland and left for dead after the Collapse seems to have strengthened their resolve and radicalized them into something a little more dangerous. As for the main topic, I think Astrid seems to be at least partially related to the natives? I may be jumping to conclusions though. Or maybe they're use is being avoided to prevent representing them incorrectly or being accused of profiting off of their culture.
  12. He was consistently shooting the lungs But in this game only headshots are special.
  13. Cold weather is especially dangerous to children, Elderly, the homeless, and yes, people with mental illness. These can overlap too such as elderly with dementia wandering off and getting lost or falling somewhere. I have a grandfather who doesn't have a mental illness, but he took a fall on some ice while clearing his driveway and didn't get up until he came to much later. No one knew until he reported it later.
  14. My condolences, being in the presence of death unawares and looking back on it in hindsight can be a bit of weird feeling, I know. We are kinda trained to see death as this big loud thing (metaphorically speaking). But it can be just a whisper. There aren't always the telltale crows like in TLD.
  15. It is pitch black, you are likely to be eaten by a Grue.