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  1. I soent 3 weeks waiting for a snare to catch a rabbit and gave up on that quest. lol.
  2. Fluffy may be confirmed as not dead, but it was never confirmed where exactly she was. The only evidence we went off of was the wolf in the ice cave appeared alongside her disappearance.
  3. I actually stopped picking up plants until I actually need them, I harvest one region full of them and stop there. If there comes a time i need more I will get them and it would be like its own little mini interloper mode in the process.
  4. It can't be a coincidence that Fluffy returns on the first map that timberwolves make a debut in Survival Mode. Maybe she's like the den-mother Matriarch of the pack? Also, the fact that we need to access the region from two others and complete tasks all while avoiding the Timbers makes this sound like a challenge only for established or crazy players. If this is the case, I'm liking this approach to the new regions! The reason I say this is that we've already got enough regions to "start" in, but only a couple with clear goals and challenges. Timberwolf Mountain and Hushed River Valley are the only two on that list. Timberwolf mountain is an awesome story of climbing a mountain to discover a plane crash and hushed river valley is a maze for the bespoke moose satchel. All the other regions don't have a focused defining challenge in them (unless you're in interloper and need to access a forge, or on a quest to find prepper caches). That isn't a bad thing, we need areas we can set our own intrinsic goals and get a foothold in. But maps like Timberwolf Mountain work so well because they get the player to stop and prepare for a big task, and even while they explore Pleasant Valley, they feel that mountain looming, waiting, begging them to brave its heights.
  5. Yeah, burns were my main concern. I guess I'll have save up to buy a kettle as well. Thanks for the reply. It's funny because the coffee costs 1/21 of the mug, but you get 5 mugs per cofee can in-game. Which means you make $143.62 dollars in mugs per coffee can you buy! Which means you make $3,016.02 in hinterland mugs if you buy 21 coffee cans. That's 105 mugs, for the price of one!
  6. This was really cool to see, I appreciate all the research gone into this. Of course season and location will change these numbers widely. I can see beef jerky is also weirdly expensive wherever you are! lol. Hey, at least the proceeds go back to these developers and their future crafts! I want one too, but I'm unsure of how practical a metal mug is for me when I usually microwave my tea. Okay, silly adulting question: Do i use a stove top with these? Or should I make tea in bulk using a seperate container? I don't own a functional kettle and am unsure about reheated overnight tea's safety.
  7. My only suspicion was that it had more detail in the icon than the other survival mode icons. @stay puft was the one to specifically say it was maybe the challenge mode icons, (actually before i stated they dont fit with the suvival ones) and then @dbmurph22 built on it by saying that making it a survival difficulty would be kind of redundant since we already can. So i think it goes to the marshmallow man. And D.B Cooper/Murph pretty much nailed down the reason. In the next aurora a delivery drone will crash next to you, filled with junk mail and one stale granola bar at 67% condition.
  8. I agree, it makes those items special. theres one item that is renewable with the warming up bonus though! which brings me to: @Dominique, carry some pre-cooked birch bark tea with you for a renewable way to buffer cold-emergencies. Birch bark is really easy to get once you know where to look! I think the tea or soup provides more of a psychological buff against the cold anyways. Theres just something a good cup of tea irl hits that boild water cant.
  9. I didn't say they'd have to be removed, just reduced. Remember that each individual timberwolf would do significantly more damage in that mode, and your most effective weapon is a bow. Interloper is characterized by its lower amount of wolves.
  10. Your concerns are completely valid. We are all pretty attached to this game. Sound is getting pretty disorganized. New systems and mechanics have all benefited the game so far. Occasionally a system temporarily messes things up before they are tweaked through player feedback. The new cooking activity comes to mind. That said, the devs are really good at adding layers to the game without destabilizing its core.
  11. Slightly on topic, their store page is set up really pretty. It feels like a an introduction to the crafted beauty of the game. If that makes sense.
  12. 😮 THANK YOU! I supposed I just had one of those blind moments. "If it were a snake, it'd have bit you." that's what my father would've said. XD
  13. I'd take the bow or rifle any day over a flare or torch! I agree, loper packs should be reduced.
  14. I agree, @ajb1978, They're dangerous in much different ways. Timberwolves are harder to avoid but less "deadly" if you have the resources to deal with them, while lone wolves can possibly give up stalking you. So I'd say the Timbers are less deadly in the short term but force your hand to expend precious resources and therefore are deadlier in the long term. That's really cool how they wait outside for you. That sounds like a great storytelling element! I don't think they should be able to "puppy guard" at point blank, however.
  15. I think they have a place in survival mode, just not every map, and not omnipresent like in story mode. They'll lose their magic if they're too common. They practically force combat, so maybe gunsmithing was introduced alongside them for a renewable way to counterattack?.