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  1. I always liked how they called it "Moose Kicks" because coffee beans DO look like moose tracks and the caffeine "kicks" you. Nice work!
  2. Forgetting bedrolls Double clicking raw meat to cycle through the sounds (every item has a few sound effects in inventory and It's satisfying to listen to them) only to realize you are now eating it... I've done this multiple times due to my habit to use the inventory as an instrument when I'm thinking. lol. Not having enough coal for your forge to get it hot enough and wasting all of the stuff you already put in it.
  3. The wolves arent scary. Theyre just super annoying because theyre crawling all over the place and even when you use a flare to scare them off they come right back in less than 30 in game minutes. Sometimes they come back before you can even walk away if their pathing messes up. We have a lot of tools to deal with them at least.
  4. Two of the three deaths he spent too much time chasing around rabbits and deer when his first priority should be not dying from exposure. Survival priorities in order are (usually): Situational Awareness, First Aid, Exposure, Signaling, Water, and Food. In his defense, I don't think he equipped any of his clothing either since he still was freezing inside the blue truck in the barn. Also, books make pretty good tinder even though they're counted as fuel in this game. He makes a good point about digging into the hay bales and tearing up the car's chairs for cloth. Interacting with the world is how humans have survived forever. It's what we're good at.
  5. That perfectly emulates that gut feeling you're being watched in the woods... Also it's a really cool effect, you could add a heartbeat once it's in view.
  6. I saved Pleasant Valley and Timber-wolf Mountain for last as well. How did you avoid the aurora bear that's always there? Are they still afraid of flare guns? I decided to just hang out in the cave where it's located since it's actually warmer than mountaineer's hut and I wouldn't have to pass the bear. I had to wait for two weeks for an aurora. Food and firewood was the only real issue.
  7. I save them, but never use snares. rocks are so much quicker and easier. It's always bothered me that the snares look like cedar when you're done crafting them too and you can't use fishing line to craft them. As for things i never do, I never go anywhere without a bedroll and an emergency stim.
  8. "The species that survives is the most adaptable to change." haha I'm in that camp too, but i also think there's nothing wrong discussing what needs improved upon those changes as long as you're not demanding and are open to understanding why it is the way it is now. Most of us post suggestions here on the forums because we love the game, not the other way around. Otherwise we'd follow the advice of just not playing it.
  9. I agree. I have my loose definition of it too, I describe it more like "Player Precision" vs. "Player Intention". If the player wants to accomplish a task and knows exactly how to do said task, what level of precision required for them to accomplish it feels right? Grabbing a maple limb from beach combing? This task is quick and risky, so precision fits nicely with it. Mistakes can be freely punished. Lighting a torch? This task is more about intention. The only risk is deciding whether or not to use it. Accidentally lighting it makes players blame the game instead of themselves since unlike falling through thin ice it doesn't really feel like their fault (even though it is). I also agree that workarounds do not make an issue ok either. For example, on high enough cooking levels it allows me to smash open cans without losing calories. I don't need a heavy can opener anymore! But if I have a knife or hatchet in my inventory (almost always) I have to drop both of them in order to benefit from my cooking skill since it defaults to my tools. Is dropping my tools every time before I eat canned food fun? Sorry to say, but It's not. P.s. people did dislike the new cooking when it first came out, but it has been much improved after player feedback and dev tuning. Now it's a widely accepted feature in the game.
  10. If they were added, they should only occupy the outer sock slot or take up both slots somehow.
  11. I've been there before with this game, It always pulls me back though. Leaving for a while actually enhances your enjoyment of it when you get back. Watch out for spoilers!
  12. I'm hoping it doesn't mess up my faithful cartographer run. As a precaution I'm avoiding Pleasant Valley in my current survival run so I can loot and map it when it's updated.
  13. @jeffpeng, Idk how they do it, lol. I'm always tossing and turning while reading. Being able to lay in a bed (and sit on chairs *cough*) much like sitting in a car would be great for immersion however. Esp. with candles instead of a fire. You could always take a short trip to the nearest cave during the day to chip away at some reading too. (Don't read in the bear cave please, he doesnt like books) Im stingy with my matches as well. You could also go nocturnal and read at night and sleep during the day without a fire if you're pretty well dressed.
  14. And can openers and knives weren't automatically used when opening cans.