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  1. I really liked hopeless rescue, you can even do a survival mode run starting in Broken Railroad to up the distance traveled.
  2. I wonder whats in store thats going to add more "Canadiana". Is Raph starting a book club event?
  3. Ive seen a pack of 6 on "low" wolf settings.... 4 i very common, and the norm on stalker. On stalker you also cant have any meat on younor theyll literally hone in on you from accross the map. They also don't even pick up bait and ignore campfires on voyageur. I've been pounced multiple times cutting up carcasses while a fire is burning. When charging theyll now charge you at an angle too in order to dodge your bullets and arrows.
  4. I noticed this too, but I dont really know which I prefer. This one has more exaggerated but less efficient movenents and the previous one felt more flat and therefore fit he painterly style better. This one seems to be an in game 3d animation filmed from the side.
  5. I love this idea but I think it should unlock after the main campaign has been completed. One issue I see is that the menus are actually their own optimized maps seperate from the game world. They have their own weather and geometry to make them use less processes. The "Camera" even gets frostbite etc haha. In order to implement this, they would have to chop up and optimize each location and code it to work seamlessly.
  6. I'd save sprinting as a last resort, you're burning calories you wouldn't have if you would just pass time. I recommend saving the nighttime for cooking and boiling water since if you cook your food so that both slots aren't staggered you can squeeze in a short task that requires light like mending. While the tea is cooking you can actually prepare more tea from the ingredients. If you're just boiling 2 litres of water you can read an entire hour from a skill book while waiting. Wood chopping is a task that always needs done too. Also, if you pass time till morning, pass only enough time so that you can sleep it back.
  7. Easy to see color. Maybe on pilgrim they could come in different hues in order to allow people to make art?
  8. Yeah I was stuck on this too, look for something in the back right of the church.
  9. Probably to encourage players to think strategically about them.
  10. The one part that irked me is he didn't have his survival priorities straight, he went chasing deer (literally, like without a weapon) on day one and died of exposure when he should know by heart that exposure will kill him faster than starving or anything else. The hay bale was a nice idea and we do have the ability to break down a lot of things for resources now. I also think the team that filmed this video should have given him a chance to get acquainted with the controls first and helped with his visibility issues.
  11. In survival mode you can find polaroids, notes, and buffer memories in reawakened technology to put together more lore within the story. You can also do a little detective work with some of the corpses to figure out what killed them.
  12. hey @ajb1978, do rock caches block wind? Do we have a possible wind break for fires or players? I personally really like the survey list and polaroid to help with faithful cartographer. It reminds me of that game We'd play on the forums on trying to locate screenshots. And the lore on the cards is great to make the place feel even more lived in.
  13. Be aware you can consider switching out to different clothing to fit your current objective. Climbing Timberwolf Mountain?: Focus on light weight and wind protection, bring coffee to drink at camfires in order to both reduce fatigue and heat up! In Timberwolf Territory?: Focus on clothes with protection or intimidation buffs. Bring a revolver, it's essential! Hunting?: Dress warm and use objects for wind cover and bring firewood to light as you harvest them. If you're a quick hunter and quartering m, then windproofness might suffice instead due to its light weight. Forlorn Muskeg?: Waterproofness and wind protection.
  14. Being compared to a classic card game feels... fitting. It's a very quiet, strategic singleplayer game with replayability. If both games aren't for them, so be it. Plenty of others will gladly brandish the torch. I just wish they would've given it a bit more time.
  15. The point is the cans have too few uses individually while having a too high spawn rate. The number of in-world uses can stay the same by increasing uses by the same amount the rarity has changed. Itd make the can more exciting to find while technically making it no less scarce.