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  1. @jeffpeng, Just before Forlorn Muskeg was a thing you could get into the classic main menu screen. You could pick up a shovel and interact with items but not doors.
  2. Build a house out of bricks and don't let them in by the hair of your chinny chin chin of course! It's a great mod idea for the future at least.
  3. Right, I wasnt looking at it from an interloper perspective where you need one lit almost constantly. Beachcombing can supplement your supply but I dont count beachcomable items as renewable since the risk is so high and amount is so low. Its renewable but unsustainable. Replacing the cloth component with a single bandage would work. You get two bandages for each cloth so it would effectively reduce the cloth consumption by 50 percent.
  4. I agree, but if we didn't have to do it for four survivors it'd take less time in the long run.
  5. I'd say keep cloth and oil, but add tinder requirement. I think someone on here did the math and the burn time to oil ratio is more efficient than the lantern. Of course at the cost of a match. I miss brands too.
  6. Definitely feels like a bug. And yeah, arrows and revolver shots seem to pass right through stuff occasionally.
  7. Hope this answers your question Increasing shutter speed and lowering frame rate can help make the strings clearer.
  8. I kind of feel like they slightly raised the base wind penalty. I've been below 15 kilos and a -13 degree celcius windchill almost stops me in my tracks. Anyways, this skill is much more useful when you put it in a challenge mode perspective. If you're trying to get the best time you can use Blizzard Walker to curb the RNG of wind directions slowing you down and Straight to the Heart to make your coffee and stims even more effective! Combine those two with Snow Walker and you'll be flying across the maps.
  9. @atomic, your favorite spot was where I was almost certain the rope could be placed.
  10. I've had mine go up while sheltered by the wind in a little hut at Thompson's Crossing. I'm guessing Ice Fishing huts work too. I've only seen it go up during blizzards but you can be sheltered from the wind and still get it.
  11. Cool stuff. I like the inclusion of a solar storm and eclipse on top of a 3 year winter. It makes it feel more like The Long Dark's premise. 500+ years later the viking age WAS actually put to an end partly because of a mini ice age making further colonization of Greenland and the Americas difficult; however, a lot of other factors play in like diminishing trade and trouble with the natives.
  12. My favourite recent shelter is the community hall in Thompsons Crossing. Lots of storage, able to find bed at night, a 200 kilo wardrobe and plenty of other containers. When it's time to craft it is just a trip to the Barn or Farmstead. Bleak inlet has a really nice outdoor shelter in the cannery with lockers, fire barrel, and a strange Half-Life 2/Gmod vibe to it. I just wish you could occupy the Harbinger vessel...