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  1. Oops, forgot to mention that I'd like a mod that makes meat stored outside by the player susceptible to being scavenged if it's not in something sturdy like a car trunk or bearproof storage container. Thanks for letting me know such mods exist tho, I havent really looked at what's available right now as Ive been waiting until they've been supported by the devs.
  2. I love those suggestions! the ability to move objects could be a little broken as some loot is hidden behind some boxes but I think it could work. Right clicking could make them move much like you can other objects and would limit your character's ability to sprint with them at least. It also affects your carry weight already too so moving boxes should immediately encumber you to max. Another thing is the ability to move or pick up those small plastic/metal containers. A craftable bearproof locker for outdoor meat storage (only holds meat) would be nice too, or maybe a single
  3. ai too was expecting him to be camped out in some corner. Although I'm pretty sure Molly was near us the whole time... So I wasn't looking too hard.
  4. Yep! Their capitalization on the Capcom and Telltale issues was really well done and probably helped them through pandemic development a lot! If you do give in to playing the story mode, I'd wait a couple days for any hotfixes to come in. Also episode 2 and 3 are wayy better than episode 1. EP 2 has really good mystical storytelling while EP 3 has such a great feel to it, along with side quests done right.
  5. This is great news. :3 The animation looks top notch! The lady on the phone sounds really playful with Mackenzie. Perhaps to lighten the mood among convicts and corpses. Perhaps Mackenzie might be tempted to move on from Astrid? Also, did anyone catch that Skyrim reference? Hehe, it has to be. He's finally awake.
  6. I have similar thoughts, an hour of cutscenes makes me think most violence will be in the cinematics while us players just need to focus on keeping Will alive during gameplay. Probably through stealth and mobility. I dont think the game will don shooter mechanics this late. If they did somehow make fully animated game world humans that can immersively patrol, take cover, and fire then I'd be quite surprised! Doubly so if it made it to survival mode. The last time they mused about something like that was wayy back in like 2014-15 and I think it was a good call that they did drop it.
  7. Please someone save us from imperial units. I've lived in the US my whole life and while my estimation and visualization of the imperial stuff is good. My math abilities for it is terrible. Vice versa for metric and if I was just exposed to real world metric measurements every day I could master metric easier. But I just have video games to train with and those dont work well for guesstimation training. Fov inconsistency messes up distances and we havent fully conquered thermal feedback in games yet.
  8. The best UI was the one just before console versions were relessed. The updated radial menu and recent tweaks has really made this new one shine however.
  9. Speaking of half lives and the Long Dark. I wonder if Coastal Highway is some vague reference to Highway 17 in Half Life 2.
  10. Actually it'd be fine if they implemented it with a way to prevent such a thing from happening as well. Perhaps bear proof containers etc. It'd just mean early game the player would be storing thier food inside and in trunks of vehicles in early game and then once they get a bear proof container they can store it outside safely. The player would probably have the container set up before they reallly lost much food to spoilage.
  11. Does anyone remember ominous music occuring when happening accross certain indoor bodies for the first time? I think I remember Raph saying it never existed in some Q&A but I SWEAR.
  12. Pleasent Valley. I prefer fighting the weather and hunger over Wolves. Also, it kinda feels like rural Iowa; home.
  13. They want the snow particles to still exist but be darker at night, only lighting up when theres a lantern affecting them.