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  1. Does anyone remember ominous music occuring when happening accross certain indoor bodies for the first time? I think I remember Raph saying it never existed in some Q&A but I SWEAR.
  2. Pleasent Valley. I prefer fighting the weather and hunger over Wolves. Also, it kinda feels like rural Iowa; home.
  3. They want the snow particles to still exist but be darker at night, only lighting up when theres a lantern affecting them.
  4. I think they should only be repairable. That way plays HAVE to journey for them and repair them at bleak Inlet, making both maps important even for interlopers.
  5. Isn't that what this part of the forums is for though? :). Keep up the good work!
  6. The whale ribcage at hibernia processing grants those who reach it wishes. Be careful though, it's singing can drive some insane. You have to shoot the lighthouse bulb during the Aurora to deactivate the Brain Freezer first.
  7. Yeah I meant you just expend one of whatever shells you have each day until you run out, to roleplay trying for help and make wolf deterrents more rare at the end. You could try from hushed river valley as well, but maybe you have to take the exit to forlorn muskeg for added challenge if you think you can do it.
  8. By all means! Be sure to post the video in the community creations forum! I'd love to see it. You can't leave the region for a week and if you want more challenge, you have to use one flare gun shell from the lighthouse every day until you run out or the week is over. After the week is up you've technically won but it is a good start to a typical survival run after that.
  9. Crow feathers can be found on carcasses, it wouldnt make feathers too scarce.
  10. @hozz1235, I was gonna take that route but backwards. But Your direction is easier since you start in two resource dense areas and the climbs are more downhill. May I ask why you want to climb into that ravine?
  11. Im guessing it probably moves quite slow. If it can follow you indoors then it probably walks indoors. I hope...
  12. @yoli, You could try practicing ahead of time by playing hopeless rescue or a custom sandbox mode on an easy difficulty where you just move through the maps. Also keep in mind you can start to "leave" before the 5 minute timer starts, if say, you set an alarm for 25 minutes after entering a region
  13. If I know anything about Hinterland's sound design, we're in for some bone chilling tricks as well...