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  1. @OuttaSite, When you get better clothes you could also try sleeping only with a fire after sleeping three hours without one. The early hours of the night arent as cold and it saves three hours of nightime firewood. This reduces firewood consumption at night by a third but is pretty risky.
  2. You always have a chance, this game is just great at that. Mountaineers is livable, but going there with better clothes is highly recommended. Some fires can be warm enough but they require a huge amount of firewood to maintain and be high enough temperatures. Firsthand I've been trapped in a loop of "gather firewood, dont freeze, repeat" there. If you have a hacksaw, storm up the mountain as soon as you can, or come back with better clothes. Or live in a loading screen cave until you craft some clothes.
  3. Most likely you froze in your sleep. Never sleep in the Mountaineer's hut for more than 4-5 hours at 100 percent condition, and never more than 2 hours at a time if below 50 percent. Just getting enough firewood to sleep is a real challenge there. Sometimes even a fire isn't warm enough in stalker mode. Theres a big hole in the roof that you cant patch up.
  4. I have this issue too, all of the chargers do, some are louder and others are like dog-whistle high pitched. It seems to be from to the transformers inside them. Old Tv's make a very loud high pitched noise when on with no picture too. Not to mention my desktop speakers hum a very low pitch if left powered on. I did say that I can believe it interrupting an REM, but more likely than not it wouldn't do anything to enhance any of your actions. I'm sure it'd wake you up. But you'd probably just be subject to insomnia and a headache, or have an unknown source of irritability. I know that strong magnetic fields can mess with your vision/balance.
  5. I dont want any buffs to the character since humans dont seem to be as sensitive to changing electromagnetic fields as animals. But I do think at the very least it could intertupt an REM cycle. It should wake you up if youve been asleep for longer than an hour with the message "A mysterious sensation has awoken you" would be pretty cool and useful. Or maybe just the buzz and flicker of electronics if you're around them would wake you.
  6. Anyways, on topic: I drink too, but water or tea. Something I never do while playing TLD is listen to my own music for whatever reason. The wilderness sounds and intermittent songs are too much of a treat.
  7. @ajb1978, Thanks for explaining in depth how it affects gameplay. Appreciate it!
  8. From pleasent valley farmhouse towards the barn you have plenty of deer in the field with no wolves, the river can serve as a guide back home if you hit a blizzard. Also from the farmhouse if you follow the road and go right after the bridge theres a derelict shed in some woods where you can hunt two more deer and take shelter from the cold. Hushed river valley has some interesting hunting grounds if you're in for a challenge.
  9. Dont forget the draft dodger's cabin. Perhaps a friend of ol' Jeremiah? I also wonder if we'll meet that one lady with piercings too.
  10. @ajb1978, does the day length multiplier make you freeze slower? I mean can you travel further without freezing due to time passing slower? I suppose you could probably complete a faux hopeless rescue in less than a day in that case.
  11. The color blue is perceptibly more harsh and glaring than red and hinders night vision. I know that deer have trouble seeing red light but can see blues and violets just fine. If wolves are similar then this means a blue flare/white light could possibly be more disruptive to them since it would mess with their nightvision and be a visible color. Also, something ive noticed, if you have a red light and a blue light, try reading a book in the dark with each one, the letters are much more crisp when under the red light. The blue light makes the letters look fuzzy.
  12. Watch out for those roof bears. The Northern, Urban cousin of the drop bear.
  13. Ah darn it, I accidentally skipped the closest one while counting. Lol. Actually being honest.
  14. I hope not! (at least commonly) There's a whopping 10 wolves there! I've seen 6-7 in current versions of the game before though. Commonly it's more like 3-5. If dead wolves stayed dead longer I wouldnt mind so much, however.