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  1. I ended up choosing "male" in the poll given most of my starts are with the male character. It's mostly an immersion thing where I can relate to being there in GBI while playing Will. That said, the voice acting is better for the female character and the dialogue is better scripted IMO, so I end up playing the female character when doing challenges and test runs. I like 'em both to be honest.
  2. Hey @stratvox, glad to hear you made out of that hairy situation safe and sound. Wishing you a quick and complete recovery my good sir! Also, great points on the temperature drop. It really brought a more pronounced PVE feel to the game, much like the very early alpha versions. Combine that temp drop with more scarce clothing options and greatly reduced wildlife to boot, we could have a phenomenal PVE where is truthfully challenging to stay warm. Loved it!
  3. Ditto. If there is decay programmed to wood matches I haven't noticed over a few 500 day loper saves.
  4. Sent you a PM. Happy syrup hunting!
  5. Well, it was a fun experience even though I could only play for a couple of days. Finally got both badges, the 25 day one was pretty quick to be earned and quite pleasing to strive for, I had a lot of fun fumbling with the weapons ( ended up forging a ton of arrowheads and reverting to the ol' trusty bow ) and travelling around. I can see the point of people complaining about not finding enough syrup, my first and longest save was created as soon as the update hit, I've found 4 bottles across six regions. Then I created another save and found locations with high probability of spawn chance for syrup and just did the grind. Not the most fun I've had in a saturday, if I'm honest. Still, it was cool to experience the game from a different perspective and I still got to do the loot and scoot, which I love. Thank you for organizing the event! EDIT: Multiple saves work just fine Maria, I don't think it's possible to find all 25 syrups in one game, given some of these are random spawn chances in containers.
  6. Looted Moutain Town ( all the big buildings ) and proceeded to ML, still haven't found a single bottle of syrup yet, but tons of the ketchup fries. I assume the syrup is supposed to be a rare item. Anyone else with the same experience?
  7. Wohoo, took a break from work to play it for a couple minutes. I think the loot balancing is pretty good, will give a challenge for newer players and some entertainment for the grizzled veterans. Ketchup fries sound delicious (well designed packaging as well), and I'm already loving the colder inside temperatures. Can hardly wait to get to mountaineer's hut and check how much colder it is now.
  8. Awww... I understand the need to release the event on a monday, so any eventual hiccups can be fixed within business hours but man I would love to play the event in this rainy, cold and miserable weekend. 😆 Excited for any new cool features that the event might add!
  9. With the possibility of disabling birch bark crafting, the old style deadman is possible and doable. If you ever decide to take up the challenge again, please document and post it, loved reading your survival stories on the forums. It was like a daily ritual for me!
  10. This is insanely detailed, absolutely love it! Amazing job at the mountaineer's hut recreation and camp office as well, great to see someone so talented and passionate about both games, if only I could like your posts more than once.
  11. Well, I'm no expert ( not like Kimiota, for example ) in the game but Interloper is really easy once you get the hang of it. As long as you weigh in the risk-taking it's really hard to die, that or you take an ill prepared survivor to bleak inlet with only a few arrows to his name. 🤣 I agree that any potential rewards have to be carefully set up in order to not spoil the game balance. In all honesty, there are many ways to "game" the mechanics and make the game considerably easier ( looking at you skills tree ). The engraved hunting knife would be a cool addition, I always wanted Jeremiah's knife skin to be in the game. Having an endgame exit of the island would be cool as well, but I suspect it is something that is coming with the conclusion of story mode. Also, agree that any kind of scavenger hunt would preclude me from watching any streams or even visiting some of the forums here, no value in losing the feeling of unravelling the mystery at first.
  12. Pretty much what she said afterwards, her BMI and BF% were approaching dangerous levels and incurring the risk of organ failure ( much like happened to several other participants throughout the years of the show ). She would have been pulled on her next med-check a few days after, at least this is what the medical crew told her. As for Nathan, dude was a resilient SOB as well, shame his shelter did go up in flames even though he expressed that possibility during the series. Even more impressive considering he is the first dude in Alone history to not bring a ferro rod to the show ( there was another dude in season 2 who lost his ferro rod and successfully made friction fires for tens of days, in rainy british columbia no less.. ), dude was driven for the desire to buy his own land and live peacefully off-grid. I commend his hardship and skills, hope he gets another shot sometime. Maybe he could push to day 90 or even close to the centenary mark but with the bountiful of food that JJ had, no chance of winning. One caveat I have for Nathan is that a Moose came strolling through his camp on the first few nights, so he had an area with Moose to harvest, maybe his tracking and hunting skills lacked a bit, I'm not sure.
  13. Woniya was a freaking badass in the show, her detailed explanation for the design objectives was mindblowing. She strikes me as a very intelligent and well spoken person, shame the editing hides much of their true personalities and focus on the rollercoaster of hardship and joy that is costantly presented to the viewers. SPOILER ALERT! Spoilers from Season 6 and 3 below!!
  14. I was not aware of the Fenn treasure hunt before reading your post, thank you for inadvertently sharing this amazing piece of trivia! I've got some googling and reading to do now! The endgame idea is appealing but the treasure hunt is even more appealing gameplay wise in itself. Imagine if instead of finding an out of Great bear, the hunt leads you to a rare item like a native-built cloak made from the hide of the legendary white stag, it offers special abilities ( reducing your detection range for wolves as a stealth enhancer, or better weatherproofing for example ) or a prized bowie knife or proper felling axe with increased durability and artsy design?
  15. A bow drill ( friction fire ) was indeed present in the original roadmap for the game, though I'm not sure if it still has any relevance to how the devs approach the game nowadays. I love the maglens and use it almost exclusively to make my fires, specially after you get decent crafted clothing and are able to easily warm up in caves. However, a way to make friction fire would be an awesome addition to the game. Yes you can pretty much wait out for a couple days, in any region and any difficulty and have a small time window where the sky is clear and the sun shining to get that maglens fire and harvest that bear or moose, but it'd be awesome if it was possible for your survivor to turn into a complete badass and survive from natural sourced materials and clothing(already possible) only.