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  1. Just finished playing EP4, I won't spoil anything but as a survival mode enthusiast I gotta say: This is the first time I truly enjoyed playing the storyline. Well freaking done HL! Can't wait for the conclusion and also for Blackrock to be in survival mode.
  2. A bit late to the party but I finally got my hands on Ep4. Enjoying it so far, though I must confess I was a bit reluctant to go into wedgie cave the first time around hahaha. Love the mix of wolves and timberwolves we got so far.
  3. Excited for episode four, but I won't even lie: I'll be trying to climb that big rock as soon as I get to it. ūü§£
  4. Two tried and tested ways: Shoot it from outside the detection range. Not very hard to do if you got good aim, just make sure to not have anything stinky on ya, otherwise it's detection range is quite large. If you headshot and get a critical, you drop him on spot. If you hit and make it bleed, wait for the bleed out timer. If you miss, the bear will just run away. Easy money. Shoot it from a ledge, fallen tree, fishing hut or any inacessible spot for it's pathing. If you shoot it and it charges ya, just move enough on the ledge/hut/tree to break the chase and the bear should run awa
  5. Hmm, if you can replicate that you might want to submit this to the technical support section. I've been doing some long term time in HRV with my oldest tenured survivor and slept in the Ice caves many times over the past couple weeks, no issues finding spots for my bedroll in any occasion. This might be a bug, so I'd recommend you to spawn a pilgrim character there and try to sleep in the caves, if you're unable, please consider submitting a bug to technical support. PS: HRV is an amazing region, it surpassed TWM as my favourite a while back.
  6. I loved the old UI style, it had quite a lot more personality, though it lacked in usability compared to the modern one. Same thing about the central HUD, the one that replaced the four bars, loved that thing but the current UI is better. What I feel was truly a downgrade was the change in some book covers, the Frozen Angler for example had an amazing cover art and it was simplified along the way. The frontier shooting guide also had an amazing art with the hunter carrying a rifle on his shoulder.
  7. That's exactly the way to do it. You go down to the ravine basin and then transition into the top part of Bleak Inlet. You'll need to deploy a rope to get down from the top level and make sure to go the the Echo One radio tower and collect the note with the access code for the cannery workshop door. More often than not, you'll find a rope hanging outside the lookout tower in BI. As a side note, I gotta say I've grown to like Bleak Inlet and honestly I love it right now. The Timberwolves are not bad and having the ability to fully heal your tools using only a single piece of scrap metal i
  8. Got a couple simple ones: Weight is mostly irrelevant, if you're not climbing any ropes anytime soon use it as a resource, load up on sticks as you travel and just drop them at a convenient location ( a cave, fire barrel, safe house, anywhere! ) , allow the amazing re-spawn mechanics to work, pick up the sticks and new ones will show in place of those in due time! Carry a buffer of sticks for emergency firewood and as some wise LongDarkians before me said: ABS -> Always be stickpicking! If you have to climb some ropes, drop enough sticks to make it and just carry on, you'll eventually
  9. That's absolutely your best bet. As long as you have your bow and bedroll, there's not much that can pose a threat in loper, firewood is plenty almost everywhere and wildlife is sparse compared to stalker, but still plenty of game to be had even disregarding wolf meat. Plus, the climate is really mild on the early days, so much so that finding a decent coat will make the afternoons really warm. You gotta take advantage of that, minimizing condition loss is key to maintaining mobility. One thing I'd echo is that you absolutely need you tools and bow to have a sucessful run when you are ine
  10. What a pleasant surprise, this thread takes me back in time. How does the game feel after such a long hiatus? I returned to Great Bear this week after a three month hiatus myself, and I've been enjoying this great game once again.
  11. Just my uneducated two cents here, but I'll never understand why other players would want the modding to be limited in order to vet out silly or out of the element mods, like huge full-autos or my little pony skins. The skyrim example is perfect, there are all sorts of terrible and silly mods alongside the ones that add to the ambiance, gameplay, etc. Why not just use the mods you deem worthy of your attention and let everybody else enjoy their own stuff? To each it's own. If mods were ever officially supported I'd really like to try changes in some of the core mechanics, like crafting, f
  12. Just stopping by to say I truly appreciate the diary, I know it's not easy to find time within a busy work schedule ( + keeping the little people at home studying and behaved ) to make these. I also appreciate immensely the survey, it shows HL has a commitment to always making the best possible product. I truly believe that Survival mode DLCs would be hugely successful. I own 20 or so games I purchased personally and still play on my Steam library, I've purchased DLC at some point for every single one of them that have it available. It is a valid way for the established player base
  13. Yeah, that's pretty much standard procedure when you're unarmed. Just gotta make sure the wolves do not close the distance and you can even walk close to trees and natural obstacles to make their pathing more difficult. As long as you're not super fatigued or massively overencumbered you can easily outwalk them. What I usually do is throw rocks to draw the wolves away from my path and put myself into favorable angles so if they detect me I can just keep going on my merry way. I also need to do some test runs to see how well can I throw rocks at charging wolves and hit 'em, that would be
  14. That's amazing, thanks for sharing! I've been hanging to the crampons but only wearing them when climbing ropes to avoid struggle damage, this removes the need for micromanaging gear and gives a buff to the protection bonus. I'm 100% happy to trade the earmuffs for more defense. Great job HL!
  15. I guess this is a reference to Mr. Alan Lawrance, one of the former Hinterland Studios 4 knights of TLDpocalypse, alongside Raphael, David and Marianne. Maybe Alan liked camping at the place, it is a pretty cool spot after all. I'd love to know the history of the names for the locations and also how the team at HL evolved through the years. Hopefully we get a Hinterland backstage deep dive, like The Simpsons Behind the Laughter or something of the sort in the future.