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  1. Ohohoh! This makes it sound like we are going to need special ash saplings to make the shafts for the bear spear eh? Good detective work!
  2. I was doing a forensics examination of the images to see if there were hidden clues but, can we just stop for a second and appreciate how not only do we get amazing artwork that looks like this and then the final playable product looks very much like it? TLD has to be one of the most iconic pieces of game design of the past decade, hands down. Super excited for the event, horror and supernatural are not my cuppa but I trust this will be very well done and a ton of fun. Thank you for listening to the community and not awarding badges for separate days of playtime. I missed the last 4DON badges because I had tons of work to do and couldn't play a single day, I also appreciate the extended availability of the event. Top notch stuff fellas. Any Survival mode update just means a couple more hundred hours of play time to me, triple that if it includes a new region. Also, new gear items? Damn, you gals and guys are spoiling us.
  3. I usually kill wildlife to eat in TLD, if I don't need the food I usually won't mess with the animals if they don't want to mess with me, given the bow is absolutely and undeniably THE superior hunting weapon, it's only a natural choice my friend! I'll give you that the revolver is very good for self-defense, but the bow is not too shabby either. Also I like roleplaying discount Legolas, so there's that.
  4. I feel like there are no inherently "bad" regions, but there are multiple favourites. If I had to pick one it has to Timberwolf Mountain. It's scenic, wild, great hunting, interesting spots, has fishing and perhaps the single most charming building on all of Great Bear, the Mountaineer's Hut. The plane crash site has much less gore than the PV one and the scenery is absolutely beautiful. Maybe it's my own role-play of Dick Proenneke's twin lakes lifestyle talking here, but I absolutely love TWM. Just sit by the porch and face the peak, watch in awe as the blizzards rage on and get slowly replaced by the spectra of northern lights, go out distracted and get chomped on by the wolves. It just embodies what the game is all about. I'm also a huge fan of Forlorn Muskeg, for the lack of proper shelter. PV and ML are also old favourites, HRV is wonderfully sprawling and interesting, DP is an absolute cracker, it's just missing some ice fishing and a slight expansion. Even CH , MT and BR have redeeming features, like the hunting lodge and ravine at BR and the backwoods at CH with cabins tucked in are really cool, I just wish the cabins were less generic looking, you know what I'm sayin'? Forgot BI. I'm learning to love it, pretty cool structure and some very cool spots. Timberwolves are also not so bad if you have enough arrows.
  5. Yeah I kinda agree, I suggested cloth as a wick but I'm not sure it would work either. I suppose rendering the tallow takes firewood and that alone would make the candles "not free", add in some prep time to remove impurities from the tallow and we're good. I know this is OT but ideas like these leave me wanting for mod support, HL dev. schedule is already tight given they always seem to be hiring more and more people so having extra people working on less crucial features would be cool, the modding tools would take up dev time as well so there's that aspect.
  6. I'd love to have candles just for the cool screenshots and base decor, game mechanics notwithstanding. Make it so that the wick uses cloth so they're not "free" and I'm good.
  7. Wow, I've never thought of thunderstorms being rare in the far north latitudes but it makes complete sense, cool knowledge. Thank you for sharing! In regards to the OP, I think friction fire is something I think would make me enjoy the game more. I don't think I'd ever sleep on an inside building ever again if I had infinite firemaking supplies, just pop a protected fire against a rockface and sleep the blizzards away, without match saving anxiety ever crossing your mind for a fleeting second. I'd like that.
  8. Hi @TitanTreks! Welcome to the community! The first question has been answered, but just to give you more details: Specific clothing pieces affect your sprint bar differently, as a general rule, the animal skin clothing is by far the heaviest and the most taxing on your mobility, you can check the sprint reduction via an icon on the clothing item being displayed at the menu ( the sprinting man pictogram, specifically ). The lookout at CH is indeed an indoor location as far as cabin fever mechanics are concerned. CH has plenty of pretty cool locations to set up shop, I absolutely love the fishing camp for it's outdoor crafting table, there's fishing a couple dozen steps away, there's beachcombing ( which is good little bonus for sapling and scrap renewal ), tons of firewood climbing the hill towards the bear creek campgrounds and the bear comes close to your door, so you don't even have to search for him for a good hunt. I also love the Quonset more and more, the wolves are not so bad(you can draw them to the ice if you're not confident in close range shooting) and there's space to store your stuff, close by fishing, Bear and Moose right by the backyard and DP is a stone's throw away. People are adamant on jackrabbit being a good base but I'm not a fan at all. Cheers and welcome!
  9. Yeah, both survival and story mode have adjustable difficulty, so you should find your footing first and see which difficulty you are most comfortable with. But honestly, I'd say just play survival and try the different difficulty modes. Pick the one that kills you every single time you're starting to have fun. If you like survival games, Pilgrim is not for you and Voyager is also way too educational. Start with Stalker which is reasonably difficult and has every single lootable item available, Interloper is more balanced mechanics wise and more fun to play IMO, but it cuts a huge chunk of the items in the game so it would deprive you of guns, high level clothing, good tools and so on.
  10. Humm, I did not know about this thread until today so I'll chime in with some of my favourites. Some absolutely bang on lists here, but here's mine. ( I'm also in IT, btw ). After filling out the list from the top of my head, I suddenly realize the number of extensively played games decrease as I age, less time and less enthusiasm for console gaming. PC Games Mount and Blade ( Native Warband and mods, still waiting for the pendor and LOTR mods for bannerlord, this is my biggest time sink, even more than TLD ). Psygnosis' Metal Fatigue ( Oldie ) Railroad Tycoon 2 ( also old ) Stardew Valley Warcraft 3 ETS2 and ATS, great to listen to podcasts with. F1 from Codies Assetto Corsa - though I haven't touched it in months AOE2 and 3 Xplane11 ( MSFS2020 now, of course ) KCD (brilliant) Modded minecraft, I'll throw it in as well. Not a fan of vanilla but back then I played a mod called Terrafirmacraft. The Elder Scrolls Series ( Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim ). Excited for Skywind, check it out. Civilization 5 ( Edited to add ). Consoles Genesis Super Monaco GP Streets of Rage Sonic ( 1,2,3, 3D.. tons of great games ) Mortal Kombat, 2 is specially good but many decent games in the MK franchise. Revenge of the shinobi Yu Yu Hakusho: Sunset Fighters ( Yu Yu Hakusho Makyō Tōitsusen ) Winter Olympics Lillehammer '94 Street Fighter 2 : The new challengers FIFA 96 SNES Chrono Trigger ( hands down ) Internation Superstar Soccer Deluxe The Legend of Zelda : A Link to the past Super Mario World ( and kart ) PSX Metal Gear Solid Chrono Cross Vagrant Story Harvest Moon - BTN RE2 and Resident Evil 3 Gran Turismo 2 FF7 and FF9 PS2 Gran Turismo 4 God of War MGS 3 Shadow of the Colossus PS3 MGS 4 Uncharted I and II F1 2013 Red dead redemption PS4 The Witcher 3 GTA 5
  11. To the OP, I get exactly what you're saying @Niev. There's this amazing curve of... quality to this game. Meaning, the early experience is phenomenal and gets you on edge and addicted quickly, it compounds with the amazing ambiance, the incredible visuals, the beautifully crafted sound design ( one of the strongest points of the game, IMO ) and interesting survival and crafting mechanics that take a given level of progression (in-game and player skill progression) to achieve. The first experience is just brilliant and makes a mark on us. After you get your game set up and your playing skill increase, you start to find the game to be easy and that early dose of adrenalin is suddenly gone. This is where the people that usually post here diverge, because you can find new ways to enjoy the game or it kinda grows stale and repetitive, which is why many ( myself included ) try and find challenges to get that early game fix back, but to be honest, you're just fiddling with the game mechanics at this point, the game is never the same again after you conquered it. So I can see the whys in your post and I agree that the usual steam gamer will drift towards other survival titles after a few hours in TLD. Hence why the developers have put a ton of focus on improving and finishing story mode, I guess this is the 'canon' way to play the game and this is how they cater to this target (and much larger) audience, structured gameplay and storytelling. Posts like yours help Hinterland immensely I feel. I think I'd love to see your late game ideas implemented ( or at least considered ) and I can see the general idea behind improving and building upon the general state of the late game. By now, I feel like every change and addition will have story mode as a primary driver and that's great, any new content is absolutely great past my 800hrs of gameplay. But having fresh takes of feedback is always refreshing to see and given HL's track record of usually hitting the marks with their careful game balancing, I'm pretty sure many of these ideas float around in their brainstorming sessions. Never hold back on feedback, just keep the long posts coming.
  12. Not to be pedantic, but the same could be said to every single customizable parameter in the game. That doesn't lead to any productive conclusion or valid feedback when assessing features, qualities or quirks of the game, which I presume is the ethos behind the official forums, no? If we go back to the OP, it is presenting a rare situation in which the game demands a non-practical amount of time to be spent IRL in front of a black screen. The only way to circumvent it is through an exploit. I'm pretty sure HL will want to take a look at these whenever they feel it is possible, given their packed dev. schedule.
  13. I think it is safe to say that work hasn't been "normal" for quite some time now and having been experiencing the same boatload of zoom calls and remote work in the past six months for sure have taken a toll on me and the rest of the team I work with as well, Imagine getting voice acting done amidst the travel regulations, or coordinating with remote people to build screenplay and do creative stuff? Tough stuff. I don't think anybody of a healthy mind would desire HL to overwork or crunch towards a self-imposed deadline, if anything, redux showed us that you folks can tell a very compelling story when you work at your own pace and strive to achieve ambitious design goals without compromising on quality or scope. This year has been a massive outlier for everyone, I'm just glad everybody at HL is healthy and safe. Oh and amazing artwork as always, that black rock and background could be an amazing poster. Wouldn't mind hanging it out of a wall at my living room.
  14. Agreed, clumsy mechanic in an otherwise very well balanced sandbox. The status quo of the cabin fever implications are pointless. You can as shown and explained in this thread, bypass them by harvesting clothing items and cancelling the operation before it is complete. If a new player is unaware of this, he/she might just toss that save aside or even let go of the game altogether, where's the fun in waiting IRL hours on end staring at a black screen? My suggestion for eliminating cabin fever altogether is simple: Give all indoor locations variable temps, make the rickety and poorly insulated cabins have worse thermal properties than a warm cave. This way you'd need a fire when it gets cold, regardless of being inside or outside, but you'd still get the fire duration bonus when outside and that might make camping more attractive, that and the fact that you would need to procure firewood and leave your comfy cabin every once in a while. A real reason to be outside, dont'ya think? Winter's embrace has shown a preview of this by dropping the temps, I'd say take it further and make indoor locations not so OP. Scale the inside/outside temp delta with difficulty: Pilgrim : stays at it is - Inside temps are fixed per building, buildings provide good warmth regardless of outside conditions. Voyager : buildings get huge positive offsets. Compound this with the current best clothing set available and test the weather models to ensure you'll get a cold night every once in a blue moon, regardless of clothing. Stalker gets medium sized offsets. Loper gets little to non-offset, again depending on the building. The Farmhouse in PV should be warmer than Skeeter's basement and so on. They could make each building even more unique this way. The Hunting lodge has a six pot stove with a moose and workbench? Give it non-sealing windows and say it is badly insulated. Custom : You choose.
  15. Saplings are renewable through a semi-hidden mechanic in the game: Beachcombing. Go to Any region with a coastline ( CH and DP are best for this ) and random items (there's specific items depending on difficulty) will be brought to the shores by the tide. Birch and maple saplings are quite frequent, last time I tracked my beachcombing haul I was averaging more than one sapling per week. Oh, it's also a risk-reward type thing where you can fall through the ice and freeze your bacon while trying to get the items. Good luck!