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  1. Just finished playing ep3 and what a ride! I'm a survival junkie first and foremost but I liked the flow of ep3, I've enjoyed the side missions a lot this time around and the end left me wanting more, the last section was really interesting and enjoyable and the ending had me in shock. I was left wanting for more, so congrats on that! Kudos on the PV's map changes, I always liked it as it was but you guys and girls added a lot more interesting stuff ( hooray for derelict homestead's woodstove! ) without making the zone lose it's wild and harsh appeal. Question: Will I be able to keep Astrid's inventory for the next episodes?
  2. I've also got to say I really like the wolfpack mechanics, a bit wonky sometimes with the animation for changing directions but I've got my pride scuffed, it's almost guaranteed you'll at least take some clothing damage when facing a wolf band. Couple that with the hindrance of carrying someone on your back and you've got a whole new level of feeling vulnerable. They also look much cooler than the regular wolves, less devil'ish but still fearsome in numbers. I also like how their growling and howling comes at a crescendo from a distance, the old surprise super loud wolf bark was annoying and kinda anticlimatic, the timberwolves announce their arrival by building the tension up. Love it. Well done Hinterland.
  3. New voice acting work from Jen Hale, episode 3 already has me excited! Love the thought process behind Lost and Found, I was already convinced I should spend some time this weekend ferrying stuff from PV to avoid it getting deleted. Thank you Hinterland boys and girls for being considerate of our save games, I know it seems silly but I kinda get emotionally attached to my long term survivors, I'd hate Will F. McKenzie to lose the precious items he's been stockpiling the last two years of his life at GB. PS.: PLEASE MAKE THE LOST AND FOUND BOX INTO MERCH! I'd love big boxes like that to organize stuff in my tiny apartment, branding and color are looking good on those.
  4. Apologies if this has already been answered but, I've got loads of stuff scattered all around PV, should I worry about containers being removed or cleaned in my survival save? Can I just run to the road and dump all my stuff and be safe? Excited for episode 3, I've always liked playing as Astrid more as I love her voice acting btw.
  5. One major caveat with the last update I have is with the fire interface, birch bark begins with a 'B' you know. 😁
  6. Amazing, that's how you actually make progress in conquering the game mechanics. Very well written as well, thank you for sharing! As for locating food, remember that ALL teas contain valuable calories and you only get the healing effects when you finish drinking them.
  7. This looks a lot like Milton Basin, on the way to the Rocky Refuge. Beautiful weather and great shot!
  8. I thought I was the only one doing this. I've got all intact firestrikers in my long term survivor, they're like my lucky charms just like my crackers.
  9. Yep, it's crazy how much fun you can have when you're playing outside your comfort zone. I've been slowly getting back into the game and playing some birch assisted deadman lately, crazy fun.
  10. What's up man, any chance you can continue documenting this run? Was reading in awe as Keg thrived at the skeg!
  11. Thank you once again for taking the time to answer the questions. I've got a sort of OT one: Did you enjoy your recent trip to Iceland? Did any TLD applicable inspiration came up when visiting the land of ice and fire? There are plenty of absurdly beautiful natural sanctuaries worldwide ( the Canadian wilderness being one of them ), but Iceland strikes me as somewhere mythology would've easily developed in the olden days of civilization, natural beauty and the juxtaposition of volcano and blizzards would've had a profound effect on people. I wonder if creative people in modern times get the same pump of inspiration from seeing nature nowadays.
  12. I second this passionately, I know Trapper's inside cell is bigger than the outside frame of the house, but if Hinterland redesigned the map to make the cabin transition-less it would be awesome. Even if it meant the inside or outside had to be changed, it's THE building that epythomizes early alpha TLD ( best bed, FTW ), it could get some more love from the devs. The Mountaineer's Hut is also my favourite place to be in TLD, nothing quite like watching a blizzard while sitting beside the warm fire.
  13. In fairness, I think this is just stage home décor, they just spawned a bunch of doggos to take that screenie. I doubt there will be that many wolves in a single spot, so my comment was pretty much in jest. Excited to have timberwolves in the game, I feel like wolf struggle damage was diminished compared to the olden early days. Hopefully, these can one-shot you even when you're rested and fur clothed and are used to guard the loot rich locations of the maps.
  14. Whoa, you're wearing my coat there buddy. With Ten wolves in front of my porch I'll never feel lonely again in TLD, thank you Hinterland boys and girls! Haven't had the chance to play the game much lately but I'm really looking forward to episode three. Cheers!