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  1. Hushed River Valley still has much to offer. It is as rugged as it is rewarding, though you need to pay attention to unravel all of it's mysteries and claim your just rewards.
  2. Thank you for taking the time to answer the questions.
  3. I agree with the sentiment, it's what I do when I play 'Outerloper' as well, just make up the rules and go. The issue is that we have two health regen aiding teas in the game now, and they differ mechanically when it comes to condition recovery as you set up a custom game, the herbal works with disabling at sleep condition recovery, the bark tea isn't disabled when you disable at rest condition recovery. It's not game breaking in any shape or form, this was more of a request to see if hinterland can look into it and adjust the custom mode toolbox accordingly, given it could very well have been something that was overlooked or whose impact was not planned on the update. If this is how it is going forwards, I'm fine with it. Cheers!
  4. We understand this is a fringe game mode with a minuscule public, this makes the effort and attention is even more appreciated regardless of the outcome. Thank you for looking after the entirety of the player base. This is one of the reasons Hinterland got a customer for life in me.
  5. Just drop some in a container if it becomes too much of an issue. But then again, I only player loper and deadman, my stick piles never get that big anyway and usually I only drop 50 or so in a container in case the game suddenly becomes more difficult ( the opposite has happened... ). I don't like the hassle of picking them up one by one so I only drop if a container is unavailable.
  6. Any plans to add toggles in the custom mode toolbox for some of the new features? I'm talking specifically about the healing powers of the birch bark tea. Many of the more adventurous players play a custom mode dubbed "Deadman" on which there is no condition recovery at all, except for the 15% per stim. So it's a game of risk-reward of travelling to get the stims versus the 15% per use you get. The tea kinda ruins this balance, given it is indeed a renewable resource you can get in every single region. The herbal tea already doesn't work when playing Deadman, so it's just like any other food item, my understanding is that the bark tea should work similarly. Other than that, no qualms. I love the update, specially the revolver and new sprain mechanic.
  7. Wow, just caught up on your adventures. Haven't played the update since the release day and boy, did they just wreck deadman with the bark tea, huh? You can make a very convincing deadman-lite ( barkman? ) mode with the new features but it just lost that appeal of "once my health and stims are gone, they are GONE" that the original deadman had. This makes me sad. Still, I guess it's a foregone conclusion that regular loper players are a small minority of the player base, and Loper+ adventurers like us are an even smaller niche. I'd just like them to provide options within the custom game structure to parametrize the new features as well. No reason it can't be done, other than the target audience is very small.
  8. Removing the campfires is more about preserving the beauty of the scenery. It would be great if we had the option to clean the visual pollution.
  9. My 700+ hours in TLD beg to differ. Maybe it's just not the type of game for you, and that's fine. I can relate to that, I bought two others copies for friends and they do not take interest in this game that is the absolute number one in my steam library. Saying nothing relevant has changed in three years is quite a stretch but this is a free world and everybody is allowed an opinion, I disagree strongly with your progress assessment as far as updating the game goes, but then again, expectations are very much are one's own. Maybe buying a game in alpha is something you should reconsider in a future opportunity. Cheers!
  10. What more can I say? Sprain system, very intuitive and works beautifully ( goaters, beware! Just got back from Goatwolf Mountain, I feel sore ). Adressing the sprains? Even better, there's the option to treat the pain or tough it out paying a price in skill proficiency with weapons. A use for birch bark, awesome and gives me a blue'ish gray mug to improv base décor, 10/10. Improvised rags was requested by many so hooray, I probably won't use them since there's rabbit stuff which is better and more stylish. Maybe I'll use the rags if I'm roleplaying a hobo. New fluid animal movement is awesome, I shot a bear and he booked up a hill pushing from the hind legs and looking, well, like a bear fleeing from a threat. Wolves stop and pay attention, and even their sprint has a little build-up acceleration that looks the part. New sound design ( you guys can't sneak sound improvements without us noticing ) is fantastic, with added ambient noises ( specially at night ). Improving perhaps one of the strongest suits in the game. Again, bravo. And that majestic revolver... Man, in a short time I hunted a bear, deer and rabbit with it. It's not as good as the rifle to hunt ( as designed ) but still feels phenomenal to use. The draw speed is what fascinates me, it's quick as you'd expect from something that may save your life in a split second decision, makes a glorious noise, the modelling and texturing looks superb... It's effing awesome, it's what it is. I'm a devout interlopist but I will make a custom StalkerLoper just to live with it a little longer. Awesome stuff, 10/10 guys.
  11. Thnaks for the update, can't wait to get home and enjoy it!
  12. Yep, this was my last feat as well, took some good 3 years to get it. This is heavily dependent on your playstyle, since early game I torch travel a lot and prioritize reading the firestarting books I usually get towards firestarting level 3 relatively quickly, so I don't grind because firestarting 3 is already great for the small duration bonus and no requirement for tinder. That said, there's nothing wrong with grinding if having all feats is something you covet. Not everybody can or wants to sink 700+ hours(I did) into this game playing regularly, so these people would never get the feat if they didn't grind. PS: The feat is not that good to be honest, I don't remember ever using it since I got it.
  13. Excellent stuff! Gave us plenty of insight into creative process that goes into the game, without spoiling or giving away anything juicy about the forthcoming update. You've answered to the wrong Dan though ( I'm Dan_ , because I'm very creative when it comes to forum aliases, and Dan was taken... ), but thanks for the info. I guess as long as Unity doesn't make progress towards enabling better performance on that particular console my fourth TLD copy will have to wait for a bit. Great stuff, thanks for taking the time to answer so many questions. Here's some big moose kicks, on me.
  14. I loathe wasting meat on any of the animals I put down, so I always make a point to harvest and if possible cook all the meat I get. Suffice to say everytime I killed a bear before the cooking update a boring and repetitive harvesting and cooking marathon ensued. The new update solved this beautifully with the ability to collect firewood and have multiple items and on multiple campfires to accelerate this process, while cook-harvesting the rest of the meat. Honestly, I think this was the single best change Hinterland has done to the game since I've been playing it ( Circa 2015, Desolation Point Update ). I respect the OP's patience to give it a try but you'll eventually get used to the cooking times so keep at it(plus they'll go down dramatically as the cooking skill improves). If the long cooking times ever become a problem, move somewhere with a six hob stove. Problem solved.
  15. I assume they want to keep support fully online in case any game breaking bugs or issues stem from the update, it would be hard on the team to demand full support on the weekend. It would be sweet to have it erady to enjoy on the weekend though. I'm curious to see if Interloper will get the revolver, the flare gun is already my close combat weapon of choice. Interesting to see if the revolver mimics this functionality or if it brings anything else to the table.