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  1. it took me about 10 runs before i made it past day 10. i feel im pretty knowledgeable with the maps and terrain, but not so much the spawns. on my current run, i am at day 17. i have a knife, hatchet and arrows made. waiting on the bow. i struggled with the cold at first, but that is the most important. ive spent entire days just collecting sticks and firewood ao i can have a full sleep fire outdoors. once you can safely get established (without frostbite) i heard it gets a bit easier to plan out strategies. im hoping to get my bow soon, and start a long journey
  2. many of you are probably familar with the show Alone, or other shows where a group of people try to OUT survive each other. since this a single player game, would it still be feasible to have a tournament set up by hinterland where the challenge is ramped up and anyone interested can join in? obviously there would need to be "dates and times to participate" so everyone has the same playtime. thoughts?
  3. I do not think this is an "issue" to be addressed. The player should be paying attention to what they are doing.
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    The current snow shelter, on all modes except for interloper, are fairly warm or safe. I would mind the "look" of a tent or upgraded shelter, but without the temperature differences. Which then goes into the "why make a change that doesnt actually change anything". But could you imagine a tent in this photo .... it would complete it.
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    the next best thing, the blinds are cool. 15 sticks, 5 cloth to get started .... and 1 stick a day to maintain them. I sleep outdoors, next to my cabin until I NEED the cabin.
  6. no. i started when it released on game pass. and fell in love.
  7. Thanks for the event. I had a good time chasing down syrup. The only changes to the event I would have made are: 1. Allow players to adjust difficulty (harder) 2. More chance of syrup spawns for those who want to try and get the syrup in 1 run. Otherwise, loved trying to stay warm.
  8. you no what, i didnt pay attention to if it had a door or not (i definitely didnt close the door) but i do tuck myself as far back as possible.
  9. I searched the forums but could not find a topic on this, so I'm starting one. Having spent 300 days on my Main Survival game, I'm finding myself just bored doing the same routine day in and day out. I like to make bases, and after discussing with a streamer, the idea of Displayable Collectibles came up. We already have collectibles (notes, polaroids, etc) and it would be cool if we could display them. or create trinkets, or make things in the houses "movable" so we can personalize out little homes. Thoughts? Manic is the only one not allowed to reply jokes
  10. 100%. I've received and also given as much help as i can. its a good community
  11. I've shot bears & wolves and they have chased me down to the cabin, but once i step inside they just go away.